April 23rd, 2016, 10:44 am

Astro: B-but I was suppose
to be on this header
Tina: Change of plans.
Astro: okay...

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GUEST COMIC BY Jdburr! Here is his deviantart: http://jdburrdoesart.deviantart.com/
This guest comic is brought to you by the letters A & P
Submissions for the design contest are ending May 31st, so about a month and a half left!
Unique characters are more likely to get picked than characters that look exactly like the pokemon (as in, almost all of the ssec eeveelutions will mostly not get picked if they were submitted for the contest, especially because they don't have accessories)
Now I need a new guest comic to save for later
Pinkeevee222, April 23rd, 2016, 10:44 am Reply
Advertisement, November 20th, 2019, 9:20 am Reply
I need 3 background eevees for the next comic, sooo, who want's their already accepted background eevee in the next comic?
(Your background eevee has to have not appered in the comic yet, I know you guys are out there, I have like, 40 or 50 BG eevees in the master eevee list and I have used less than 20, I think.)
Pinkeevee222, April 28th, 2016, 8:12 pm Reply

First? Nice guest comic!! The ' COMBO ' thing made me fall off my chair XDD

you were 1 minute earlier then me.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Oh wow..... I'm sorry.... I didn't even know that :,C

Don't be sorry it was my own fault that i was late.
@thatonewiseEspeon: I spit out lemonade, which made my computer explode and there was a tiny fire, then I had use this, my iPad mini, now my PC is dead
@thatonewiseEspeon: The Definition Of Get Rekt
oooo, hate to see that happen
this is nice, certainly helps cool down the burning utter hate for being betrayed and abused by the actions of a gaming company.

also I looked up "Dysentery" because of the hunger games, now I can never get that death image out of my head.
COMBO!!!! Wait... *looks at header* oh meeeeeeep I'm really excited cus that's the new mod for the ask blog!

@Theory maker: Why is your name made to be, what theories do you make? Sand me link.
Lol,my sister plays that all the time and it seem appropriate
That Eevee in the header looks like my main character:Jetwing's cousin without wings(cuz they have that same smirk/smile and fur pattern) but anyways,this looks Good! I wish I could get my "digital Drawing" equipment soon.... So I can make comics like this!
Why? @Darkstripe AF:
SFXumbreon:So?why you have that raichu on your head?
Light:Looks like its bothering you
@SFXUmbreon: That Raichu is me!
Umm @Zappy the Raichu:
SFXumbreon:Your profiles dosent look the same though
Light:(Bursts out laughing)
Lune:Yea you look nothing like the one on darkstripes head
@SFXUmbreon: Two words. Art styles.
@SFXUmbreon: and he drew it on the computer.
@SFXUmbreon: how about you ask him he'll say it's me.
ok @Zappy the Raichu:
SFXumbreon:Ok dont dont get to mad about styles
Light:Takes out a fire ball
SFXUmbreon(puts the fire out)
@SFXUmbreon: yep,she is my First and only Pokemon...

I remembered those days,when we when to the pokemon gyms,All we did was walk in,listen to the gym leader silly into,we both filp them the bird,and then take out their pokemon with a Discharge or two,Even with Type disadvanges,Man you should have seen Brocks Face!!
really? @Darkstripe AF:
Light:Wait.Zappy is a girl?
OK @SFXUmbreon:
SFXUmbreon:Ok light your annoying me make your own name thingy
Light:I dont wanna!
SFXUmbreon:(Eyes on fire)
Light: OK!
Not fair! @Darkstripe AF:
Light:Its not fair!SFX kicked me out his posts!
SFXUmbreon:But if you do...
Light:Dont say it
Light:(after)I hate you sfx
Luna: Hello, Light! My name is Luna! Who are you?
LittleMoons: *walks into room, sees Luna on computer* wat...
Um.. @LittleMoons:
Light:umm... Hi?
SFXUmbreon:(Walks in the room and sees light)
Light:(Jump out the window)
SFXUmbreon:Umm.. iwas gonna say do you want a sandwitch
I played MORTAL COMBAT!!!!!!!!! With this one character that me and my brother called sherk and he was so OP we killed everyone with him.
The comic is lol
Are guest comics "canon"?
EPIC FAIL!!! Poor Glaceon. I hope he doesn't have to go to the hospital for that. Does the PC even have a hospital?

I think the PC has everything they need.
Its super effective
@T-H-E GUY: Colateral!

That is worth Gold.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: no. Platnum, it's more valuble.
Yep (._.) @42Meep:

Yeah that is true, but i was just saying something people tend to say.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: yes, but also this comic originated as a gen 4 comic, and gen 4 games are dimond, pearl, platinum.
Jelly: I am not surprised that no one has realised that I have been a guest for a while.

Sam: I don't think that anyone cares about you, anyway. (snickers)

Jelly: Shut up. I just need to get my computer updated and then I'll be back online.

Ryan: WHAT THE HECK?! Why is my name Ryan?!?!
Why do so many people roleplay in this comment section?
@Guest: because boredom.
Ha @Zappy the Raichu: yep I get board very easily
Same @Mangle the eevee: I get board when all the online comics I read haven't updated (that's a lot)
Very awesome and CUTE!!!!!
@Espyius: that's why I stoped playing that game ages ago,
Finally I am not super lazy to log in AND leave a comment
@slyeon is cool: Undertale? +1 frend
That nut cracker combo though, reminds me of johnny cage. Nya.
RESPOND Hi guys!
@CookieEEVEE: Kawi picture
THANKS @42Meep: THANKS!!!!! It just caught my eye! :D
*flys up in the air with any other comment section sylveon*

@Dibowac12341473013777778: Not Much! You?
Great @CookieEEVEE:

I am doing great i am about to eat Dinner Spaghetti with cheese and meat and other stuff.
@CookieEEVEE: ...hello?...uh...popcorn?!?
... @Theory maker: Hello? I like popcorn...
@CookieEEVEE: popcorn... Yeah, meep! (I'm supposed to be making theories but... POP-COMBO idunno)...
LOL @Theory maker: That's ok
Wait is the picture that Mon is holding in the header a detailed human Vay?
@42Meep: Maybe~
LOL @Pinkeevee222: Hello!! Please consider my drawing in the contest!😉
Sorry if I'm kind of a suck up, but it took me two WHOLE days so...
I'm a noob *DERP* :I
Bootiful.... *tears up*
@Jdburr: ...maybe poke centre I dunno
Wait what was Dusk even playing?

P.S Final box was hilarious! 😆
@Delta Leafeon: is that werewolf language?
@Werewolf kid: Nope,that's just speical symbols/smilies that can't fucntion on this page....or any page fot that matter...
Hmmm... Mia(OC):*Dirty Minded vision on after seeing this* Does anyone of you watches sexy anime
Ace:Okay!No more anime and manga for you!
Yuki:This is getting ridiculous
Mia:I'm such a perv even if I'm a female
Ace:This is the reason why we shouldn't let our creator(Reyna174) go near her perverted classmates
Luna: UM. UMMMM.
LittleMoons: Did I say you could join this OC fight, Luna?
3DS Bacon peice of frosting.
Wow... Me and my sister eve read this... Wow ... BTW eve would love to make a comic 4 u guys but she is currently grounded...
Did dusk run away in the last panel? Cause his form/sillouhette/shadow/shape/figure/whatever is not there. And blizz must have been close to him cause
1: I doubt dusk can throw that far (it's possible though)
2: blizz was speaking in a normal way and not yelling
3: why the heck am I noticing these little details? I mean SERIOUSLY who notices something like a shadow is not in a comic? It's like this "Me: hey do you see that in the background? A molecule of a cloud is missing!!!" Darkstripe: "Bruh"
Hey kid @Werewolf kid:

Kid i think your going abit crazy, your not the only one that sees that Dusk had escaped, to not get in trouble or whatever, and yeah i noticed aswell his Shadow is not there, and yeah Blizz was speaking in a normal manner, but thing is as we all know Dusk is quite the dense one, and whenever he carelessly throws something, it is bound to hit anyone near the area he is.

Or the shadow is just not in the Comic because,.....TO HECK WITH LOGIC.
You are not alone... @Werewolf kid: I thought that too. Also Dusk probably went to get pizza or something? '~'
Background eevee idea Ok, I know I'm a guest, so I can't submit background eevee's, but could someone draw my Idea and submit it, or mayby pinkeevee will just incorperate it somehow IDK. But my idea is an eevee who the trainer caught because it was injured, and its right for leg had to be amputated. Upon reaching the PC he was shuned by the others, even after vay introduced him to night who gave the eevee a new cybernetic forleg. Basicly an eevee with a mettle leg. Now that I think about it this sounds like the wonter soldier :P. What do you guys think? If you want to make and submit you get to make a name for the mon.
I like the idea!
@42Meep: my idea for the mon's name was anakin. Guess why.
@42Meep: Pretty nice idea, but didn't Pinkeevee say something about no elaborate backstories to background eevees or something like that? Not sure
@Espyius: I am cured by the soda popper. i crafted one by mistake (RIP force pf nature) and then proceded to find three in the next two days, then crafted them all into a random scout primary, I got a soda popper. I found more so tried again. Gues what I got?
dusk just cracked some nuts
@Espyius I know that feeling I opened a case in csgo and I got an smg worth like 3 cents ._.
Ha your comics! The first to last was so funny, I farted.
Please just tell me what he is playing? >^<
Who is Tina?
@Black lucky cat: Pinkeevee's real* name
@Black lucky cat: The Trainer
@Marlows59: Wait, is it? I don't want to give out bad info. Maybe both? Idk
@42Meep: Yes it's both
@Marlows59: OK thx
I Liek cheese
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I liek mudkips, waffles, cheese and ssec =D
@Theory maker: My favorite starter is Froakie, Followed by MUDKIEPZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: same FROAKIEEEEEEEEEEEEE
@Theory maker: Mr. Theory maker what are your thoughts on Pythagoras?
Hey Dusk, you have bags under your eyes. Exactly HOW long were you playing that 3DS?
Hahahah @LittleMoons: LOL!!!!!!!
i really thought this was funny, but if Vay was in the background laughing...that would have made me fall out of my chair. LOL
@SilverEevee: yes yep and yeah that would be funny
Eevee character design contest View my profile for additional information.
Please? I really need help with this!
Hi @LittleMoons: Ummm, sure?
Hello @Pinkeevee222: Hi Tina (I think that is your name) Please look at my drawing and hopefully enjoy it! I am literally OBSESSED with your comics and hope that one day one of my characters will be in your comics! Your comics are HI-LARIOUS, i've read all of them at least 3 times (I like the Meanwhile... ones because of well... look at my profile picture) You are AMAZING at drawing the characters, I don't know how you do it! and keep it up!!!! Thanks, CookieEEVEE!
@CookieEEVEE: Sorry if you don't like being corrected, but Tina is the trainor's name. Mari (I'm pretty sure) is pinkeevee's real name. But maybe I'm wrong and you're right.Soooo,Okayyyy.
I also like Sylveon
I want ramen.
@Zappy the Raichu:
Darkstripe:*starts stroking Zappy's fur*
I think she should stop eating those electric-type enhanced Oreos that are taken off the Poke-comsumtion list.these things really "charge" up a pokemon,get it?
@Zappy the Raichu: um.. okayy geez
@facecafe2: Mari is the eevee that is pinkeevee's profile picture, and the askblog mon.
@42meep: thank you for being courteous. I'm sorry I didn't know that.
@facecafe2: Hi
@CookieEEVEE: hihihihihi,hohoho i'm Santa claus
@CookieEEVEE: Sorry I was wrong. You're smarter than I am. :-)
Chicken: lol nope
Meow: never
Testing to see if my image worked
It a really good picture!
@LittleMoons: the one I'm drawing is gonna be similar to that one but, the eeveeloutions are gonna be in the eevee not just its tail.
Yay :3 (just a substitute until I'm able to work on the one I want to draw)
@umbreon/mega absol dude, your so random. I'm too!
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : Random FTW!
I'm happy that Pinkeevee accept my meowstic,braixen and kirlia for the designing contest.Hmmm I think I'm gonna make another one if I still had time before May 31st,oh wait I do I think I'll pm pinkeevee on May 17(I think) or I don't have to because I've been working on my eevee comics.Still not sure :D
Ummm...guys?Is it just me that Sora isn't Sky or there are two Sky's/Skies(how can I put this through)

Who wants to know more what have I discover?

If don't.Well...that's still okay.
@Reyna178: no it's not just you I have been thinking that a lot.
@Reyna178: I has the answer !!!!
Sora can't be sky since on the ask blog there's a family tree and on there volt and sky are siblings. Volt in the comics call Sora 'cousin'. Sora is probably a child of harmony or her brother as harmony's sister is the mother of sky and volt
@Theory maker: Correct!Well...in the comic chatting part one There's a description that Lem is the 7th and all I count was 6(Dusk,Bolt,Flame,Blizz,Vay,Lem) in the ask blog.So the other one must be Sora.So I was thinking they keep calling Sora Sky its in Japanese.Oh and there are three siblings Sky,Doki and Volt.So...The name of that Mysterious Eevee in comic 99.5 is...Doki!(Ain't I spoiler ain't I!?TT_TT)Pretty clever,right(jk)?And she's the one can only knew about Sky.I believe Harmony's younger sister must have or not appeared in the comic because she is alive.So I was thinking there can be two Sky's or not.
But Doki is a shiny Sylveon!
Someone gave Doki to her on the ask blog!
@SylviaSylveon189: There is a reason why I know her name.I've been watching pinkeevee's deviant art and this what I found out http://pinkeevee222.deviantart.com/art/SSEC-Doki-n-Vay-532270138
Doki's hair is the same as the mysterious eevee and it is four letter word and their are four question marks (????) I believe Doki already evolve into sylveon by now because I've been observing Vay to know more about her.Of course,she IS Vay's childhood friend.Doki knows more about her siblings and that would be Volt and Sky,after all.
Umbreon:You'll live forever here in Shangri-La!!!
(Visits Shangri-la, gets Pokerus) Yay Pokerus FTW!
Since you guys didn't vote I'm just gonna learn psychic. Yay full move set! Now I can train With sans and slam people against walls! And the best part is they can't escape! *cough cough rematch cough cough darkstripe*. >:3
@Werewolf kid: Challenge accepted!

Aww cheer up blizz! *uses flamethrower to warm up burritoes* oh shoot I burned em. Huh? Don't look at me like that... Three minutes later. *is using psychic to fly away but blizz is still catching up* save me!!!
@Werewolf kid: *watches, eating popcorn*
@TheRandomEevee *still flying* hey random eevee does ur profile pic mean u are most likely to turn into a flareon or vaporeon or does it just mean they just happen to be closer to the eevee in the art and I'm just making a big deal out of it? I commented a bunch of times in a row within like 5 minutes
I don't want to be a spoiler all in all.I have made a research to know what secrets need to unravel.I'm still 11 years old,though...but I'm a part of the SSC section maybe that's the reason why I'm a little bit smart.
Sora and Night were kids of Harmony's (AKA, a big dirtbag), and when they tried to escape, she sent them to wherever Sora was before the meanwhile series started. Also, Sam had taken my computer, so that's why I've been off for a while, in case anyone was wondering.
BTW @jellybeanier: Night technically has no parents. His birth is like that of poke 150. Sora was sent to the lab as well as all the main mons besides the girls, as they where born after the others returned from the lab.
@42Meep: Actually, Jellybeanier isn't talking about the clone Night, and, you shouldn't spread info without it being confirmed.
@Pinkeevee222: ok true Sora's backstory is still mostly therory, however we DO know that she knows nignt.
@42Meep: But, who's Night?
@Pinkeevee222: Well, I'm pretty sure that there is A Umbreon named Night, if that is what you mean, but there may be other Nights that we don't know yet.
@Pinkeevee222: Night is a clone of dusk made by dusk, likely as an attempt to clone sky, but he accidentally used his own genetic material. He is an umbreon with a lab under the main box system. This has all been used in the ask blog, however night HAS appeared at least once in the comic. Are you saying that there are more then one night? Because the "under the tree" bits imply a single one.
@42Meep: Not that Night.
@Pinkeevee222: there's more than one?!?!?
@Pinkeevee222: "My favourite time of night is dusk..." I think I know who Night is.
Also I think I know what dusk's powers are
@Theory maker: Really? What power does Dusk have?
He never used them in the comic or ask blog before.
OMG! What!? @Umbreon/MegaAbsol sorry for the freak out, and just to you, do you hav Game Center? If so, ScHiSmFeAr is mine. I lik derpie and stood
Still don't want to be a spoiler pinkeevee's secret on SSEC is still be a secret and a secret is a secret:

Dusk's twin:....(almost known or already known)
Mysterious eevee from comic 99.5'still under the tree:(known)
Sora:(almost known or already known)
Oliver:(almost or already known)
Sky's true gender:(known)
Eve:(almost known or known for me)
Others...some of them are known for me and some are still working to be known

Mia:Wait...if Sora is Sky she supposed to be related to...um...nevermind
Ace:Then Dusk suppose to be...oh...um...nevermind
Yuki:Then who is the...um...I think that's already enough
Reyna178:Hmmm if ??? was the...oh wait,everybody is watching.
@Reyna178: I like chocolate cakes!
Next person must say something so random NOBODY including themselves sees it coming.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I put a pineapple pizza in a jar of mashed potato's but it exploded cuz i didn't check the date.
@Zappy the Raichu: Perfectamundo!
@Pinkeevee222: The comic is tomorrow, and if you don't have any backround eevees (that have not been used yet) mentioned, you can always just pick random eevees. Just saying.


@chimy19: Yeah, but the less I have to color and outline, the faster it can come out, right? So, it's a win win situation... kinda... not really...
@chimy19: *gasps*
Cookies for me!!! Btw I am the real Santa Claus.
Hey Pinkeevee may I please make the next guest comic?
@BowtheSylveon: Depends. Are you going to do it digitally? If not, are you going to scan it with a scanner/printer?
@Pinkeevee222: Probably scan it with a printer.
@BowtheSylveon: Y U Change Your Profille Pick!?
@Zappy the Raichu: Oh no! She did what? The world's comin to an end! Quick everybody to the Zapmovile!

*Zapmovile explodes randomly*

Dang it......to the invicible Pigeot!

*Invicible Pigeot explodes randomly*

Dang it....
@Darkstripe AF:
LittleMoons: I GET THAT REFRENCE!!!!!
Luna: *clap.*
@LittleMoons: wasn't it from a Lego Batman movie?
@Zappy the Raichu: I changed it because I like to move freely between pics. I still LOVE yours,but I am not using it at the moment. I WILL use it again in the future.
@BowtheSylveon: Omg awesome new icon
@thunderthepikachu: THANKS!!!!! If you want to know how to copy an image, hold down for a few seconds and a button comes on. Push on copy,go to your profile, and click on avatar. Then find the picture you copied,click on it, and BOOM you've got your profile pic!
@Espyius: poop
YOLO Lol combo lol fell off couch reading this! Lol
Dusk's face though. XD
when your waiting for the next page lol
*Jeopardy theme song playing loudly, more intense each time*
Dusk: I love FF7 ohh I'm sorry I borrowed your phone.
comboy: We'll talk later Dusk
I hope the 3ds is ok D:
@Pikabata: /:( seriously?
Pun Guess you can say that's a combo breaker
XD The combo thing though, XD! This is way to funny >_<
oh god dusk just throw the game to glaceon ass
? why does the human in the title picture look like vay?
WTF ! part 2 omg ! dusk can be a sniper pro but not open his eye when shoot ! :D
Oooohhh that’s gotta hurt
Epic Oooof

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