Mike & Tike


April 30th, 2016, 10:35 pm

Mike and Tike are one of the "wanna be" LKD groups that are in Ice Drop. They offer protection against other Icedrop eevees for Greenpaw/ Lightfire eevees that usually get picked on. 
You may notice that there's a trend, most of the characters in this comic are cowards... scratch that, almost all of them are, to some degree.

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I don't like this comic. Hmm... oh yeah! Sorry for lateness... again. I basically drew 2 comics, and combined them, cause, I want to get to Eve and Dusk quicker, which took like... 12 hours minimum to draw.

ANYWAYS, I'm disabling guest comments next week, so I can see something. Don't worry though, they will be back on, I just wanted to tell you guys ahead of time. (And yes, this is because of the middle/elementary schoolers)

Tootles! *falls asleep*
Pinkeevee222, April 30th, 2016, 10:35 pm Reply
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Shut up and kiss.
The yaoi gods must be pleased.
i would @SilverNinetales:
SFXUmbreon:I would of thrown a shadow ball at oliver if that happened.
SFXUmbreon:it gives everybody a concussion
@SFXUmbreon: Ditto... No pun intended.
Go Oliver!
@Reyna178: yes go Oliver, and don't forget his other accomplishments, like his "dates": https://imgflip.com/gif/13jqie
Yaoi is Very interesting Go Oliver Save Dewey And his beautiful flowers and don't worry you'll get that kiss one day!
Sai,Kai,Tai:WE BELIEVE IN U OLIVER!*Throws confetti*
*Bad ass Oliver intensifies* Sorry had to put that out there :3
Talent ;-; @bri'sshinEevee: So You Wanna Be A Game d
Designer, Funny Thing Is One Of My Friends Wants To Be Game Designer, 6 Of My Friends Are Can Draw. 1 Of My Friends Can Run Really Fast, And Im The Story Writer, But A Friend Of Mine Tries Stealing My Stories ;-; He One Of The 6 Who Can Draw. Why Am I Telling You This, Idk... I Would Tell You On A Account But I’m 12,I Need To Be Thirteen... What Was I Talking About Again?
Why we can't have nice things, and comic stuf. Seriously people!?! Pinkeevee is disabling guest coments because guests have a reputation of doing things that are not what the comment section is for, which is COMENTING on the COMIC! This is why we can't have nice things. Also, on a more comic related note, Dewey actually truly showed up. I think he appeared once or twice in the background before, but he was last named, (I think) by Daisy in archive 8. And EVERYONE is afraid of Oliver. I for one am glad he is finally getting real character.
So... Oliver is homosexual?
@SkunkWitch: Woah,woah,woah,woah....Woah! Let me stop you there,berfoe a certain Raichu*cough*Zappy*cough*wakes up and starts Zapping commentors who ask ridonculus questions:

Yes,Oliver is homosexual.

Yes,you should have read though the key comics(important ones)

Yes,you realised how dumb it is to ask a question like that...

Yes,you have been forgiven.

Thank you,you have been silenced.
Yas the comic finnaly came out I've been waiting for most of the day, anyway why is it not posible to grow rare candies cause that would be the best. Nya.
Probably because they are candy. And I don't think candy can grow. Actually, it has to be manufactured by a bla bla bla bla *goes on for several hours*
@Pinkeevee222: when are you updating eevee academy? Nya.
@Devin17: It's said on her DeviantArt that she only updates every 1st of each month. So if you're in Asia (liek fabulous moi) you gotta wait till 2nd May (because, timezones or whatever you call 'em)
@Devin17: shut up
@Pinkeevee222: i love how dissapointed oliver looks when he realises that its not yaoi
I'm sad that I can't comment anymore next week. Looks like I gotta dig up my old account...

P.S.: Thank you kiss? Oliver you gay-ass whale (you're still my favorite tho)
OLIVER!!!!!!! Has got to be my favourite. Yeah bullies get scared!!!
Also theories
So everymon knows about Oliver's powers ? Actually maybe it's just the bullies who've crossed him.
Aaaaaaaaand... Miserable Oliver looks... I dunno, we've always seen him happy (apart from when he's freakin' vees out)
Yes I knew Oliver was gay. Knew it!!!! I just knew it!!!!!! Siri play fanfare Victory. PS That's From FF7
@Dusk plush: you never read the comic. The whole one. Didya? Cuz oliver is gey. And not only that has a crush on dewey. It was shown in the earlycomics.
@Mr. Nice guy: I knew that I just wanted confermation on the matter.Ive read every comic over like 2 Times.
I just wanted to say @Pinkeevee222: those flowers are gorgeous =D
im still trying to figure out why oliver scares everyone and what the heck made him go berserk on Levin I think?
@Dusty Maku: would you like me to explain (cuz I love talkin about Oliver) or would u rather figure it out yourself(some mons are like that)
Don't mind me saying this, but has anymon notice Tike looks a bit like a girl and you don't really notice it on Mike. Nya.
Oh yeah... @Devin17: actually... Now you've said it, yes he does look like a girl
@Theory maker:
Can't un-see it now.
What the Gello is Yaoi?
...Now I want Jelly...
@M & Rose: do you really want to know?
@M & Rose: male gay story's, i say story's because there are forms of Yaoi anime's that carry a story and character development.
@Blitz Striker:
Doesn't explain much, but I think I get it.
Oliver needs to get his head out of the gutter...
...and into the frying pan!
*Epic sunglasses*

I'm so sorry
@M & Rose: well, I'm here, so... You have Jelly.
YAY!!!!! COMIC!!!!!
Also, I like how in the second to last panel, their speech bubbles combine into one color.
Oliver Is The Best!
oliver will never learn... hes gay, and that there are no gay eevee in the pc.
@slyeon is cool: you never know
Look imma miss y'all I know that in the doge world in my heart, Nikki- chan the glaceon's heart and "fish shirt" or Ethan the polar bear umbreon's heart's and me, E.T the espeon, and yours your favorite commenter/ play/comic

Dogs will be:

AJ: every one's all time favorite complete ratimbusulic idiot the darker furred trouble maker

Cam: the more mature " normal " friendly and helpful cream colored dog

Bella: the practic genius smart and sassy sweetheart that everyone knows this bright furred girl sass say!

Well pink Evee 22 you've gone and wrecked it I for one didn't really like the unbalanced plot anyway! People didn't even like this little play anyways..
I love fan service. Oliver forever!!!
Eh. Eh? EH??? See! Pink Evee I told u soooooooooö
Alrighty then.
interesting ... seems that everyone is afraid of him
Wait how old are these two
I dunno @eeveeleo: but Oliver's probably older
SHUT IT EVVELEO! PPL JUST DONT GO AROUD IVING OUT THEIR AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <UNLESS like aj&Dusk, ore just complete idiots...>
@Guest: ...
Look, eeveeleo was only asking a simple question. There is no reason to yell "SHUT IT EEVEELEO" at them. Now be nice, and respect the other people in the comments section, or else it makes you look like a troll. Thank you for your time and good day.
kiby..do not make fun of mai rage!
@Guest: do not make fun of other peoples questions
like when isaid I don't like it..i mean how like you going on da pot train doop doo doop doooooop... then you just through something like DIS in here?
Man it seems like forever since a new chararter was introduced!

Also sry if i havent been on i was working on schoolwork and stuff
also i found this picture on google for my profile pic. Its a picture of a Kitsune from fire emblem fates! isnt it cute?! ^^
@KayleeTheEevee09: T... That's... KAWAII DESU!!!! *Fluttershy squee*
Thank you! @Derp: I honestly love it as well (even if its kawaii XD)
this comic was pretty good!(as always) when I saw the "what? no thank you kiss?"
I was like lol
@CookieEEVEE: Hallo
@CookieEEVEE: GOOD DAAAAAAAAAAA... Wait... It's actually night where I am now... MEH!!!
KITSUNE isa real name?

I love that name!

what doesit mean?

Its not a real name but ill tell you wt a Kitsune is @Guest: a Kitsune is a fox human hybrid that uses a Beastone in combat in the Fire Emblem Fates game(s) Conquest and Birthright.
Ohhhhhh! Finally! Technology! I've Benin at camp for two days! Yessss! Sweet sweet victory! Ha!
Welp I can see why Pinkeevee is diabling guest commenting next week*coughs loudly*

But anyways,this might be a chance for guests to make an account or do some sort of account-making montage with "Eye of the tiger" playing in the background.Hope to see some new members of this crazy commment section!
@Darkstripe AF:
I just replaced my email!
*tries to get account*
Well {few seconds of piano sounds}
*sheepishly backs away*
@Darkstripe AF: the thing is I can't make an account. due to my parents not letting me.
@stareevee: this is why we cant have nice things.
Question What is wrong with the elementary and middle schoolers?
@Person: They tend to have a bad reputation of acting immature.
It's too bad, really. There are many awesome elementary and middle schoolers out there who don't act this way. But of course, the majority causes everybody in this group to get stereotyped this way...
@Midnight-fox18: which is why we can't have nice things.
@42Meep: Exactly
Agreed @Midnight-fox18: sadly even thou i'm a freshman i am restarting 8th grade math. JUST LIKE ALWAYS!!! (Thankfully im homeschooled) XD
@KayleeTheEevee09: Hey I'm an 8th grader who spell horribly but is taking geometry honers which is like 11th grade math or something like that. I don't like stereotypes. And, "The [forth] will be with you, always" Obi Wan Kenobi force gost.
Unfortunately, even when you are aware of it, the stereotype is hard to stop. When I was a second grader, I was epic, all powerful. My grade was the BEST! Then I became a third grader, and second graders were immature and stupid. And so on, until where I am now. I try to treat the lower grades with respect by asking theit opinions and congratulating them, and maybe playing everybodys-it-revenge-tag with them (YOLO), and I don't let the older grades boss me around, instead making friends. We can break down age stereotypes if we try, but some people don't want to. I guess I'll try anyway, because you have to start somewhere.
EVERYTHING... especially the roleplay....
You can't always get what you want Oliver XD
.... It feels like it's Friday X_X
O-o Why are ppl getting hyped up by this stuff rn?... It's just something that Pinkeevee doesn't wanna tell anyone since she wants them to figure it out on their OWN! it's not the end of the world! Yes I'm talking and looking at you StarEevee!
I guess it's back to the drawing board for me!... Literally I have to work on stuff for the comic X-x
@stareevee: Thank you for calling me a dame~ Your so formal! Anyways, sorry, guests can't change their picture (but, if you want me to, I can change it back to the default human) and, your not a "follower" since you don't have an account, so, if you stop reading the comic, even though I would be sad, It won't really affect anything.

If you want to draw the mascot dead, go ahead! It's always nice to get fan art.

It kinda breaks out of the comment bubble, and makes the site longer on mobile/small computers, which isn't very practical.
Thank you again!
@Pinkeevee222: ...ok, now THAT was an amazing response.
True @Midnight-fox18: also you took the same words outta my mouth xD but eh it doesn't really bother me anymore since I had happen to me a couple of times... When I was younger X_X
Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss is why we can't have nice things. @Pinkeevee222: your argument is valid, and it also dose that on that one askblog page too.
yay! @Pinkeevee222:
SFXUmbreon:Yay we are getting along!
SFXUmbreon:Im getting tired of typing my name its to hard
SFXUmbreon:well...im going to stay up all night like normal umbreon do
@Pinkeevee222: what level is Oliver? ._ . I must know why they are afraid of him is it because he's strong? Or something else.....
@Darkstar29: nah,it's something to do with his*cough* Kyuubi*cough* like personality that is rarely seen and is covered up by his funny Gay personality,I guess after the series of memories he had remembered has allowed him to control this "other" version of him perfectly (unlike the last time he "Snapped")
Lucario: I rule all eevees.
Dusk: No Your Not!
Lucario: danmit!
Blizz: Hah ur Funny now I...
Shadow:Hah (Gun Loads)
Blizz: (Gulp)
@stareevee: ahem,seriously? Do you really have to rant like a banshee? If you don't like it,leave and never come back.I seen 5 five year olds act more civilised then you.I speak for all commentors and CIVILSED guest commentors when I say: "I am royally sick for your bullcrap"

Another thing, again is nice to see you drew some fanart for pinkeevee,sadly you wasted it by drawing her dead,why? Is this you Utimate attempt at cyber-bullying?
Have you stooped to low,cuz things aren't going your way? You are mukken lucky Pinkeevee didn't just flat out delete your comments.
@Darkstripe AF: Well, I could delete, and ban their comments (and, I will later on), but, I want to see what will happen next. I have already brought the popcorn, lets see if this dude explodes out of anger *mischievous snickering*
@Pinkeevee222: Well that's one thing that will cheer me up...*grabs a bucket of popcorn,wearing epic glasses*
popcorn? @Pinkeevee222:
SFXUmbreon:I was eating popcorn when i saw this comment so...This is the movie called?hmm...
SFXumbreon:Oh yeah its the movie called the kid who is gonna explode with rage
@stareevee: Kind sir and/or madam, you should use more punctuation marks, if I wasn't taught in the way of the comma, I'd have no idea what you are saying. Anyways, I don't think I am the son of anyone, since I am a girl. I don't know what a picher is, sorry. Oh, do you mean "pitcher" as in, a container used for holding liquid? I don't think I am in a pitcher, since I seem to not be a liquid at the moment. Sorry.
I don't mind if you hate my characters. Heck, Even I hate a few of them. *coughcoughsoracoughcough* I mean, it's not like you can like everybody, and I understand that.
But, I really don't think You should get an account, since you curse. I'm sorry, but, cursing is a big no no. If you asked nicely, I could have told you in the beginning, but, *shakes head* tssk tssk tssk. Youth today. I mean, If I tell you how, I might be able to get another fan, but, I really don't want more guests like you to get accounts. Sorry, and thank you for your very constructive and helpful comment. I hope you have a nice day!
Also P.S.: @Pinkeevee222: I love your comics, keep up the good work!
@Pinkeevee222: *claps* I am so moved. (Literally crying here) that was a beautiful speech.
*laughing so hard she's crying*
@SFXUmbreon: people doing thiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss is why we can't have nice things. I think I said this already.
I should @42Meep:
SFXUmbreon:I should tell vine to shut up then.And i never saw your comment about saying that so sorry.
Ima knock vine out now
@stareevee: People like you are the reason we can't have nice things.
Your right on the money there Meep! @42Meep: Cyberbullying is just a bad thing for all of us. Plus people who do that kind of fanart is just... cray cray! The last thing we need is having to act selfish and immature to others in the comments! Plus i dont get on WHY young people are even swearing! ITS INSANE!
Yet for some reason... @42Meep: I keep getting insane when i am waiting on FE Fates Birthright rn... STILL! and i am getting a huge lag spike now... Ill be right back i gotta restart my laptop (I dun get why its so laggy now)
@stareevee: I'm sorry, but I highly doubt Pinkeevee222 wants a "good f*ck".
I'm sure she'll accept cookies though. *gives cookie to Pinkeevee* :3
Speaking of cookies.. @Midnight-fox18: on Easter I gotten this cute card with 2 chocolate bunnies on them (one was milk chocolate and one was dark chocolate) and the dark chocolate one said "come to the dark side" and I added "Come to the DarkSide WE GOT COOKIES!!" It was funny so that was the cutest lil card I gotten in my life XD
@KayleeTheEevee09: ...the dark side has dark chocolate and cookies?

dark chocolate + cookies > being a Jedi
Screw it I'm joining the dark side
well it was just a cute lil joke when i did it @Midnight-fox18: so you dont have to do some complicated thinking, i just want to bring a cheerful joke to give everyone a good laugh. cause i'm friendly like that a million reasons that i'm too lazy to explain XD
@KayleeTheEevee09: ...that was just my weird way of joking around. XD
oh lol. My bad! XD @Midnight-fox18: i dont get on why i state the obvious sometimes XD
Jelly: Night, your gay, right?

Night: SHUT UP!!!

Jelly: Anyone who think Night is gay, reply to this.
Yes @jellybeanier: yes he is gay (I don't know who night is but I don't really as long as he's gay)
night: @Theory maker: um... I'm a girl.
@jellybeanier: ...oh... *awkward* uh you can be lesbian ? Or straight? ...or secretly a guy??? *shrugs*
Jelly: Well, Night is gay, Duncan is in love with donuts, bagels, and electric type pokemon (electric gym in pixelmon), Sam is A with one exception (Night), and the rest of us (me, Ryan, Aqua, Sheila, and Tori) don't really care. Era is A little young to understand any of this.
PinkEevee How were you able to get PaintTool SAI? when i download it it's always the wrong one and I keep getting so many things downloaded by it! What's the right download link for it so I can try to use it? I'm just wondering cause Paint.net isnt really good for me. I'm just asking so I don't have the same repeat as last time!
@KayleeTheEevee09: I can tell you if you PM me.
@Pinkeevee222: Aight!
Also another thing to add @Pinkeevee222: to everyone else (and you of course) I cant really draw on a computer (only on paper since i grew up like dat) and that i have homeschool and stuff like dat i might work on my comics traditionally than digitally (yet i am lazy so eeeh... i might start continuing my Legends of Avalon comic soon......... once i finish the PKMN Nuzlock comic!) TT_TT"
@KayleeTheEevee09: You are just like me.Even nobody knows how I'm good at drawing on paper except for PinkEevee.Speaking of pinkeevee when she commented about Sky x Dusk,my reaction was like this.
Reyna178:Its gaaaayyyyy...yaoi!everybody!yaoi!
Yuki:...Its a good thing Ace and Mia isn't here...
omg @Reyna178: we're like twins irl XD
For petesake do you know on HOW much computer paper i am using for my Nuzlocke Comic?! Almost like 1000 paper (maybe a little less than that BUT STILL) I cant believe i am this far into that comic than on LOSA (Legends of Sacred Avalon= LOSA)
Also for those who played the game... Has anyone else played Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, Conquest, or Revelation? I played Conquest but i ask this since you have to play Birthright first and then Conquest! (I hope i get birthright soon)
I LOVE THOSE GAMES SO MUCH!! *fangirl squealing* ok... I'm calm now I was a bit too excited
@stareevee: theories ? *looks* definitely not theories! (Ha I quoted Oliver !)
This is actually true @Theory maker:
Just now...
Me:hahahaha i quoted Oliver lol
*reads the rest of comment ~ '... And I hate Oliver and...'
Me: ... *blows up*
Also swearing is bad >=C there are little vees at present!
@Theory maker: Thiiiiiisssss, wait, I've said this enough already, you know what I'm gona say next so I won't say it.
Sorry @42Meep: ...oh sorry got too carried away there! Will you and pinkeevee forgive me. (I really don't like making people mad)
sorry @42Meep:
Vine:im sorry to
Vine:i dont know what got over me :)
Vine:Can you forgive me to?
@stareevee: If you hate "Oliver and everyone" why don't you just leave? You'll be happy because you finally left the site where they don't tell you how to "change your picture when you're a guest" the commentors are happy because this drama is over, and pinkeevee is happy that her comic section is a little more happy now. It's a win-win. Bye-bye!!!
Ooh! Is that cookies!!!??
@facecafe2: *sticks myself back together* I want cookies!!! And for the record, I like all the characters in this comic =D
@Pinkeevee222: oh mari.... I wonder what you have instored for us this time ... x3 any hints?!?!
Never mind mari I know .-.
@stareevee: shhhh, you're making us guests look bad! Also 'new' ?
Herp a derp
kitsune was Japanese myth name I had seen befre, I loved th name,
kit sune KIT sune (ninetales)
Well if you played FE Fates on the 3ds @Guest: The game lets a Kitsune promote to a NINETALES when using a Master Seal
It is the widest comic ever!!!!!!!!!! &#128007;&#128034;&#128007;&#128034;&#128007;&#128034;&#128007 ;&#128034;&#128007;&#128007;&#128007;&#128034;&#128007;&#12800 7;&#128007;&#128007;&#128007;&#128007;&#128507;&#128507;&#1285 07;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;
@1000000000000000000 Chilly peppe:
I deny knowing this person.
@LittleMoons: well, sorry. But admit you soon do!!!!
Admit it! You do!
@1000000000000000000 Chilly peppe:
And before 42meep says it... this is why you can't have nice things.
What on earth is 42meep
@1000000000000000000 Chilly peppe: read through the comments section then get back yet me on that one.
Jelly: ... The freakin first of may already passed! WHAT THE FUDGE!?!?
@stareevee: uuuhhh... Im assuming this is the world gamous movie in the rage genre? Ok, let me correct a few things. Too many cuss words, and bad spelling.
@jellybeanier: Ehhhh, I was about to update, but, now I don't feel like it anymore.
@Pinkeevee222: I'll just update it later, like, 5:00 or something.
@Pinkeevee222: That's the Sprit! Prove a point that annoying guests like stareevee can't push you around anymore!

Or maybe your just generally lazy to update
@Darkstripe AF: No, I already updated on deviantart.
I just don't like people telling me to update faster.
Actually, I should just set it up the comic to update at 5..... or 3...
@Pinkeevee222: Well then...
Go on with what ever you were doing...It's your comic,your time and your comment section,I shouldn't complain...nobody should..
Sorry pink eevee if my comics take up space I have Plushes with a mind of their own And go under the name Dusk plush.
(Gun Fires)
Shadow: Come Back You Fat little eevee
Blizz: I'm not fat!
Shadow: I'm training you to be strong like a space marine.#Halo.
comboy: Wait you made an account!
Dusk: Yea.
Shadow: I've got you you fat little eevee!
Blizz: I'm not fat!
You now know that you are not going to be awesome person and this the most awesome
wait is oliver ummm.... gay?
is this a reference to mike and ike
what if oliver just save someone and someone just kiss him for some thing
Lol 'Quiet nature' and then... "Like to trash around'
He never talks, and yet... he likes to trash around.

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