May 7th, 2016, 2:00 pm

Remember when Dawn gave Dusk a gen 4 psychic tm?

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Favoritism is bad, Umbreon. ... Ha ha, I am such a hypocrite.
Pinkeevee222, May 7th, 2016, 1:48 pm Reply
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@Espyius: Just wait for it. They are coming.
@Pinkeevee222: welp, time to get the pad locks *nervous laughing*
Poot @Pinkeevee222: Lets hope they don't cause I already like this comment section. Oh and a question, Did this webpage look like this when it first came out
@Diggy Daggit: Kind of. The only thing that is different is the menu, which I use to change after every chapter... I should start doing that again
@Espyius: YES!!!!!!!! But be prepared for some carnage
*stares at the rattling doors of the comment section*
are you? @Darkstripe AF:
SFXUmbreon:finally!the email didint get to me so i could not make a account but...who cares anyways
SFXUmbreon:SO you guys Rock stars now?
(Plays loud Electric Guitar)
SFXUmbreon:Aaaaaand im in to(Takes out grenade launcher and loads it up)
I guess i'm the 4th Comment.

Poor Becky.
Poor Becky Well at least Eve will take to u again(I guess)Dusk also POOR BECKY(*cries infinite tears*)
Jelly: Oh! That's who Glacey was!

Sam: Of course you wouldn't know that. You're too stupid.

Era: You didn't know that before, either!
Drums, drums in the deep.They are coming. We cannot get out.

On the bright side no guest spam!
(Though next week will be crazy)
*franically putting on bedrock armor*
Yes,be prepared,cuz that one second Pink turns on the guest comment,all hell will break loose
@Darkstripe AF: (Puts on Queen scale armor from the Orespawn mod) This may help a little.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: not aganst my 1,000,000,000 damage sword.
@42Meep: The queen scale set is so powerful that it is to all intents and purposes impregnable.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: ... wha?
Oh, relax Becky. You're a side character.
again time to get the pad-locks and a master seal for me (FE Fates reference! XD)
.-. Poor becky

So finally Dusk and Eve make up! YAY!!!
Yay! Comic!
Also I thought Psychic was purple. Maybe that's only when used by Pyshcic-Type Pokémon, though, and Dusk's Psychic is yellow because his rings are yellow. Or maybe Pinkeevee likes yellow and I'm over thinking this.

I was also looking at the moves Leafeon can learn today (thinking of evolving my in game Eevee, Synergy). Will someone please explain how Leafeon can learn Arial Ace? (by TM)
@LittleMoons: Why can beartic? And why can lickytung NOT learn lick (at least in gen one)
*Desperately holds doors shut* SOMEONE GET THIS DOOR FOR ME, I NEED TO GRAB MY ARMOR

*grabs a red tunic*

SFXUmbreon:(Opens the door and Blasts the grenade launcher)
@Espyius: NISLT? What is that?
Has anyone seen my beastone and master seal anywhere?! @Espyius: I need it so I can promote my self to a ninetails and to scare away the guests who are the... Idek anymore BUT WHERE IS MY BEASTSTONE *checks under the sofa*
I has no idea
FOUND IT! @Espyius: the stone was in my pocket this whole time xD and I am not even gonna press the button on the c4... Thing a mah bobber, thing. :p
Poor Becky ;~;
*summons chakra control staff and mangekyo rinnegan activates* ready to take on the things behind the door!
So pinkeevee you only had few female eevees or you still have more?For me my only way to get more female eevees is to breed a newborn female eevee and another newborn eevee that is a male suppose to be they are level 1.And on my 3rd and 6th egg I got females and out of 12 eggs I get 3 females.I already got more than 45 females eevees right now,I used my Pokemon Platinum and my other games almostly except my Pokemon black for making a lot eevees or breeding well...its only for my comic or for myself.Some times I could capture a female eevee or a shiny female eevee by using a Poke radar on the trophy garden.But when I said no more shiny females and all ever wanted is a NON-shiny female eevee.I already got 30+ shiny females poor me.Ive been working hard to get a PokeRadar and this is what I get!?That's why I use my method to get Non-shiny females by breeding a level 1 male eevee and a level 1 female eevee.TT_TT...
HERES MY WAY OF GETING FEMALE EEVEES! @Reyna178: Step 1: Fined a male Pokemon with cute charm.
Step 2: Put that Pokemon first in the party.
Step 3: (in ORAS at lest) Use the dex nav to encounter eevees OR not in ORAS just go in grass with eevees in it.
Step 4: CONGATS! You got female eevees!!
@Reyna178: is it a bad thing to have 30+ shiny female eevees? You do realize just how rare those are, right?
Sorry if this sounds like a rant... ._.
Yuki:Reyna178 is not here,even though,well...she doesn't like shinies shining everywhere and I'm a shiny glaceon(Yuki is a shiny glaceon and a in-game pokemon Her trainer,Reyna178 used her in pokemon black to defeat some dragon-types and she is part of the adventure team that the trainer has)Reyna178's real reason that she doesn't more shinies because she doesn't want a purple vaporeon and a green espeon
@Reyna178: Oh, ok, I understand now. :D
xD awww dusk is so sweet hahaha
*stops blocking the door with random objects*
*notices the clean comment section room*
Hey look! Has anyone noticed that there no familiar guest eevee around here other then us?
I can see my reflection on this comment section. fwoo!

I know how long even simple projects take, that doll house must've kept him up all night. :c and now he's gotta turn right around and go make another one! XD

I wonder how the other dolls will take their new member and what will glacey's personality be like?

Also: I noticed an error in the doll house! the first drawing has lower levels with few, but huge rooms while the second lower detail picture doesn't have those long rooms. also, the second picture's bottom right room is brown while in the top, that same room is blue! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!? YOU PROMISE US A QUALITY COMIC AND YOU DELIVER... THIS!


Also also: that new eevee
Finnaly Yes I finally logged in to my account. That took forever.Oh no the Plushes are waking up.
Also how can I change my picture.
@Dusk Plush Gang: I can make you an icon/oc! To go to my art palace push on my username and push on Bow's Art Palace. You will eventually see your oc/icon!
Wait by can I put a photo as my picture Because I took a really nice picture of all my eevee Plushes and my lucario plush I took the picture a while ago. BTW thnx for the offer of a icon for me bowthesylvion.
@Dusk Plush Gang: Your welcome!!!:D
@Midnight-fox18: man...
@WiispNightmare: You are extremely special
In your own special way
welp im late ... usual
Yes i figured it out Siri Play Fanfare Victory.
@Dusk Plush Gang: I have the urge to draw all your plushys in Eve's doll house.
Maybe Eve could share with Becky... If it wasn't for that every girl mon in green paw bully's her!! I BLAME BOW!!! BECKY BLAME BOW!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: B-But I'm ALSO Bow! :'(
@BowtheSylveon: The Eevee Bow. YOUR THE BETTER BOW!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: thank you so much for the compliment! By the way I did this using a new voice app thing!
The guests... ARE NO LONGER GUESTS!!!!!!!
(When you use ominous voices for no apparent reason)
Good job, not-guests.
All the Plushes from my pic have the same name to the eevees in Pinkeevees comics but have very different personalities. Also Zappy the Riachu if you want you can draw all my Plushes in Eve's doll house.
I just noticed if you look in the dark corner you can see a toads head and a shy guy from mario And my iPad to the right of Blizz.
*fluffs up my nine tails altogether* I am ready for war! XD LOL
@Espyius: (Loads up UGX PP-19 BIZON and buys Juggernog, Speed cola, Double tap root beer, quick revive soda, and every other perk imaginable) Ready!
@Espyius: Cherry cola makes it so you can't see when it zaps. Also, What sniper are you using? Barrett?(M82A1) L96A1? Intervention?
We r ready for teh guest onslaught. Amirite?
I guess so lol! @Umbreon/MegaAbsol: then again I'm just playing FE Fates Birthright in my room! IGOT WIFI ACCESS IN THERE DANGIT!!! XD
Anyone noticed not one guest has commented on this ._.?

Pinkeevee took away the guest's ability to comment.

She said she was doing so on the last pages author comment.
@#403: oh I don't read authors comments that much ^~^" thanks
@TheRandomEevee: Yep!

I don't think many people did.

There weren't that many comments regarding it.

Really odd that no one objected to it, considering how many guest there are here.
@#403: they can be annoying at times :T
@TheRandomEevee: Aside from the RPing, I don't find them that bad, but I understand why people are really annoyed by them.
@#403: some RPs I've seen on other comics were very weird annoying and disturbing so yeah I kinda find them annoying by that. And they make weird comments to other comments/comics too. :|
@TheRandomEevee: Yeah, true.

I do think they should be done in private.

I understand people enjoy doing it, but it shouldn't be done when you're literally tripling the amount of comments per page, screwing up the page itself, and just getting on people's nerves.
@#403: yeeeup :3
@TheRandomEevee: ... Every comment you made that was a reply to mine is posted exactly a minute before mine.

That's pretty impressive.
@#403: I got my moments
I'm relitivly new here but looking at the last couple comment sections I'm with you guys that every thing will be hell when pink turns guest comments on So I'll just hide under a table with my diamond armor and diamond sword (Loads talking sniper rifle from borderlands 2) I'm ready. Sniper rifle: Now your wasting ammo. Me: Shut up Sniper rifle now I just Gotta call the swords of sanghelios (From Halo 5)And I'll be ready. I'm a total nerd for putting three game references in one comment all of them are Halo 5,Borderlands 2 And Minecraft(Stabs himself in the head with Excalibur from terrairia) I did it again. Better go to midgar Final Fantasy 7 Reference if u we're wondering
@Dusk Plush Gang: Don't worry I have a brillant plan

*points to the newly built wizardtower from Clash of Clans*

I'll be your watchtower!

*puts on a wizard cloak(from COC)*
*cue Clash of Commentors theme music*
@Darkstripe AF: Brilliant plan now should I prepare the misile nukes or are that not needed
@Dusk Plush Gang: Not to worry!
*sees a wave of guests*
*throws a fireball at the wave*
*throw another fireball at another wave of guests*
*all the guest staring at him*
*makes Zappy appear in his hands*
*Puts Zappy in a cannon*
*hits another wave*
(Get the reference?)
@Darkstripe AF: I'm going to use bolt cannon
Bolt: Okay
(Cannon fires)
I'm gonna use my prophets bane
@Espyius: I have a UGX PP-19 Bizon. I use it because of it's ridiculous fire rate makes it good for the sweeping of zombies as well as points. I have the elemental AK-12 (Called the Burning Desire) for backup and I have the USAS-12 (since I have Mule Kick and I can carry three guns) so I have a shotgun if things get hairy.
Bruh Da role play ish comin MA GET DA MAGNUM AND SPARTAN LASER (ma fav weapons :3)
*throws chakra control staff and makes hand signs causing it to explode killing 3 whole waves of guests* *yawn* too easy
*rolls of the sofa and wakes up from sleeping* @Dusty Maku:
did i have to roll off -_- i was having a nice dream where i was playing birthright and i-.... er... n-never mind!! Tee hee!!~ *hides under the sofa, as everyone thinks i am hiding something*
@KayleeTheEevee09: >:3
*opens mouth to say something*

Yay, Tacos!!!!!!! @Midnight-fox18:
*Smells Tacos baking.*
What? No way...

(Actually having Tacos for dinner tonight)
Well this comment section is indeed shorter than usual it still needs people to stop posting irrelevant comments
@rave917: That's actually the reason I said irony
Because no matter what, the SSEC comment section will have irrelevant comments
Even if guests can't comment
Oh God the role play... someone end this nightmare!
@rave917: ok,ok..... Maybe we did over did it with the role-play...

Probably because the guests stole our thunder everytime.

I guess when you have the power,you use it.
@Darkstripe AF: to be honest i dont mind roeplaying. i actually love roleplaying! *hides so ppl wont kill me*
I agree with Darkstripe cause every time anyone tries to do role play the guests steel our thunder I used to be a guest but I never stole anyone's thunder but I did try role play as a guest BTW My guest name was Dusk plush
Finally got an account how do you put on a profile pic?
can someone pls tell me?
@Gore N the GUYS: I got confused about that to but anyway go into your profile and then select edit profile an go to the bottom it should say change avatar go into that and that's how you can change it hope I was helpful
@Dusk Plush Gang: okay, thanks
I changed my picture again (Found this on google) Once again, its the same Kitsune in fire emblem fates. She's just so gosh darn cute that it makes me allergic to adorable things (metaphorically speaking on the allergic part) BUT STILL THOU! SHES JUST TOO CUTE!!!!
Besides.... In birthright she's Kaden's daughter. Like i married Kaden on the game so yea. but she has a Blue Streak in her hair since i gave my Avatar blue hair. 1. Because its my first fave color irl and 2. I married Kaden on the game since Kitsunes are amazing (along with wolfskin too!)
I love your comics! I love your comics PinkEevee222! They're the best! <3
@GryffindorBuckle: Thanks!
poor dusk
I love all your comics pinkeevee222 thay are all amazing.
Me: Siri play my favourite battle music
Siri: Sorry I could not find my epic battle music.
Me: I mean play fight on from
Final Fantasy 7.
Siri: Okay.
Me: yes now I can swing my swords and listen to awsome music (Stab swish stab stab swish dodge stab swish kill)
Me: Siri play fanfare victory YESSSS! Victory is mine! Oh wait there's like fifty more waves. Sword Beam (Not very effective) 0_0
But i will tell you guys something.... its about Azura's Song in the game! As she sings her song "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" in Birthright (Hoshido Version) Her life span weakens. This is because its a curse but when singing the song while wearing her pendant! She is sent into pain when singing the enchanted song but naturally recovers instantly. However, she dies at the end of the game by desolving into water (Japanese Version name is Aqua; Azura= Aqua)

In the Nohr Version if the player sides with Nohr in Conquest. She sings the Nohr Version of it but is now careful since she now knows it can weaken her life span! She sings the song at the endgame chapter in Conquest to weaken Possessed Takumi's attacks.

Hoshido Version:

"In the white light, a hand reaches through
A double-edged blade cuts your heart in two
Waking dreams fade away, Embrace the brand-new day
Sing with me a song of birthrights and love
The light scatters to the sky above
Dawn breaks through the gloom, white as a bone
Lost in thoughts all alone"

Nohr Version:

"Embrace the dark you call a home,
Gaze upon an empty white throne
A legacy of lies, A familiar disguise
Sing with me a song of conquest and fate
The black pillar cracks beneath its weight
Night breaks through the day, hard as a stone
Lost in thoughts all alone"

Hope that this helps for ppl who are playing both birthright and conquest like i am! ^^
Also I dont care and mind if you call me a Know-It-All! It was something that i looked up on the wiki!
But for all of those who DIDNT play both games.... (or one of the 2 paths) you're on your OWN! TT_TT'
Doll houses. What's with people and doll houses, anyway? Plushies are all you need!
@M & Rose: I agree with you all you need are plushes. I feel like that would be a given fact from my pic
@Dusk Plush Gang:
Someone gets me!
@M & Rose:
Ohmyglaceon so true
*Realises that this is technically roleplaying, and stays out of it*
Sylveon @M & Rose: I Wish there was a Sylveon, but there is already one in a few of the comics
Okay. The guests are gone for a week, but the Rp for being ready for the guests has began. I'm trying to resist my urges to Rp.

What is worse to you in comment section, Pink Eevee?:
Or Guests
*grabs sniper *
I hav no idea what ur talking about but I'm in
@SylviaSylveon189: *Gets Fat-man*
Give me my mini nukes and im ready
@Zoruaeon: Grabbin an M60, Incendiary ammo, Bile, Medkits, and Adrenaline shots. And a shotgun, just in case.
Hm. I can comment?

Well, in that case I call first guest comment. :3

Lol I'm at school
@Guest: THERE IS A GUEST. Pay no attention to the guest Killing comments Hehehehe (looks nervous)
@Dusk Plush Gang:
Um... I'll try not to.
They were kind of funny.
@Guest: Oh well if you find them funny then read them :)
Rise up, fellow Guests! We can comment once more!
@IMA DITTO: *wakes up and notices*
Darkstripe:There..LOOSE!!!!! Why didn't you guys block the door!?
*notices the commentors sleeping by the door*
Darkstripe:*faceplams and notices more guests arriving*

@Evelyn the eevee:
There's a trailer?
*comences to find it*
@Dusk Plush Gang: Just watched the trailer HOLY ARCEUS I NEED PKMN MOON AND I WILL PICK THE FIRE STARTER Because my first PKMN starter was chimchar. PKMN Platinum Was my first PKMN game I ever got
@Dusk Plush Gang: Chimchar OP. I picked him for dimond though.
@Zappy the Raichu:
arcanine does Not count
@SylviaSylveon189: growleth?
@42Meep: nope.
@Zappy the Raichu: Raikou?
@42Meep: Maybe. But a Tyger Pokemon that's NOT legendary would be nice.
@Evelyn the eevee:
Huh?! @Zappy the Raichu: w-wait did I miss the trailer to see it?! How could I not know until now?!
Well since I now know @Zappy the Raichu: Imma draw your picture since I'm feeling generous today!
;-; My profile picture is so bad ;-;
@Evelyn the eevee: I like your picture!
YYAAAY @Zappy the Raichu: Thanks c:
Why dose thos work now? I'm sorry to inform you all, but over the last few days A few powerfull guests high jacked several imperial star destroyers. One can level a continent with ease so I hope you have some ground to space weaponry and sheilds. And the highest damage Minecraft sword I have ever seen dose 1,000,000,000 damage bost. Also (on a more comic related note) How is the Glacy doll floting. Dusk what did you do? Where dose Eve keep her dolls anyhow? I only see the leafyon one after pannel 7. And why dose eve need such a big doll house. She has three dolls. Amd we know she wont share, the other female eevees don't like her. And why is dusk sleepy? He already gets only two hours of sleep. (Arcive 13) Also I hate the keyboard on tablit.
@42Meep: Star Destroyers Pffft I have a covonnent armada
@Dusk Plush Gang: I was just informed that hey have a force larger then that at the battle of endor, and a few tacticle geniuses, oh amd a sun crusher. HAVE FUN!!!
@42Meep: Star destroyers and all that. Are nothing compared to my covonnent,Swords of sanghelios and UNSC armadas Can level a planet like the one we are standing on or bigger and if I wanted I could blow up the universe.
@42Meep: he's using pcychick.
@stareevee: HALT!!!!!!!!!!
*gandaff moment*

Until you tell me are you that same stareevee that went on a guest hit and run.

If,yes have you changed? Cuz we believe in second chances if you realised the error of your ways...

If no,prepare to witness the Full extent of the Eeveekatsuki(Eevee Akatsuki)
Why gandaff isn't a teacher. @Darkstripe AF: YOU, SHALL NOT, PASS, this class.
@Darkstripe AF:
*She is crying?*
Some shall rise from the ashes like a phoenix again, but some will let their ashes be carried with the rain to the underworld.
shoves *walk into room* "hey dusk I got the grape juice!*sees becky* *shoves eve out of way* "enjoy Becky!" *smaps dusk* u should be ashamed of urself!
What?!? @stareevee:
Just... What?!?!?!?!?
FIRST, you demand information from Pinkeevee, basicly asking of her the impossible, and THREATEN to draw a picture of her DEAD, THEN, you use an IMMATURE and INNOPROPREATE string of words HIGHLY UNSUITABLE FOR THE HUMAN EAR when you don't get you're way, and threaten to SEXUALLY ASSULT HER, AND THEN you come back for advice on how to draw Pinkeevee DEAD, from PINKEEVEE HERSELF??!?!?!?!!? WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM, YOU IDIODIC, JERK-FACED PERVERT?!?!?!?!?!? YOU MAY BE THE SOUL REASON PINKEEVEE BANNED GUESTS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but you are guilty of cyber bullying and threatened seal assult, which are REAL CRIMES!!!!!!!!!! I just can't even... just... What is you're PROBLEM?!?!?!? And just look what you did to me, quiet and shy. No. Just no. You should be ashamed, Stareevee. And I assure you as long as your actions go unappologized for, I will be searching for a way to turn you in as a cyber criminal.
@LittleMoons: that is why we can't have nice things.
@42 (we can't have nice things) M:
Are you saying that to Miss Littlemoons or to Sir Stareevee? I have read back on this incident I bit and am wondering if you side with Sir Stareevee?
@The One Who Stayed Behind: I was saying that Little moons reasons are why we can't have nice things.
@LittleMoons: I......just don't get it,how can stareevee pretend like nothing happend? This can be of three things:

1.Personaltiy Disorder,switching from one personaltity to anothere without knowing it.

2.Two heads in one name,somebody must be using a guest's commmentors name as a meat sheild to throw insults freely at others.

3.Stupidty,proably stareevee is a older person who got drunk and started venting his/her anger on the freakin' keyboard. And now he/she is sober.

Stareevee if you reading this ,respond and explain why you insulted Pinkeevee and then do a 180 degree demeanor change?
@stareevee: Yeah, I can, actually. You just have to ask me to do it on the ask blog, and I'll get to it!
@Pinkeevee222: you are so amazing!!! Even if this person insulted and threatened you, you are still calm and you never loose your cool, everyone RESPECT PINKEEVEE!!! =D
hey sylvie can i make a pun about sylvie the sylveon doll?
@EEEYYYYYY LOL: ......Wat?
Just came back from Canadas Wonderland :0
I hate it when people don't get along in the comment section it makes me feel sad.
Dusk: Hay you've been keeping your phone away from me.
comboy: we'll talk later Dusk. Also who wants me to bring back my Role playing with my Plushes.
@VappieDappie789: Ok I'll start it when the next comic comes out:) if you want you can check the last couple of comics and the Guest named Dusk plush was my guest name and I did some role play
I AM CHOOSING THAT FIRE TYPE IN SUN AND MOON SOON I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!! I think i might name it after my cat Olivia, or maybe after my delphox in pkmn X. Idk what are good names for it that are female for it since i cannot decide!
@KayleeTheEevee09: Rowlet FTW
@Marlows59: am I the only one who's going to choose Popplio? Okay, I'll go back in the "Nobody likes that starter" Box...
or possibly the characters from my FE Fates games Like


or maybe name it Takumi if its a male....

LITTEN!!!! litten is now mah favorite starter pokemon instead of oshawott! . wait, im a pokemon how can I have a starter? ._.
I'm gonna stay up all night (I live in the UK)
I hide my love for Pokemon at school because people say it's for babies it's not though some people don't grow out of it.
Again i need help deciding!!!... I like Camilla, Sakura and Hinoka for some good female nicknames for Litten... but idk of WHICH one i should go with when the game comes (or did it come out already i dont muking know anymore!) like tell of which of those 3 names are best for it if its a female! XD
This isn't one of does names. @KayleeTheEevee09: but I think Kindle would be a good name for a female Litten.
ooh thats such a cute name! @Zappy the Raichu: But since you thought of it you keep the name i dont wanna steal a name from anyone that THEY thought of
like @Zappy the Raichu: ik that i might get a male litten and name it Takumi, but how i try to get female starters is by saving the game BEFORE choosing, get the starter, click yes on the nickname, seeing its gender, and the soft reset the game until i get a female one! I CAN HARDLY WAIT FOR THE GAME! *girly squeal*
Why @Pinkeevee222:
SFXUmbreon:Why didint dusk make Becky the doll house first?I dont think thats fair
@SFXUmbreon: Well, Dusk is very busy at night, plus, he is a big butt head.
He'll probably make one for her... just not as big as Eve's doll house.
Oh @Pinkeevee222:
SFXUmbreon:Oh,ok Favoritism is bad!
SFXUmbreon:Right light?
Light:(says sarcastically)Ugh Yeah
This is a better askblog question but dusk hasn't been unlocked yet :( @Pinkeevee222: what is dusk doing during the night?
SFXUmbreon:Probably wearing that crown from that old comic
Light:OLD!its not OLD!
SFXUmbreon:(Knocks out light)Yes it is
*Punches dusk* *john cena theme*
Oh we can comment again... Pinkeevee, Glacey is super cute! How Dusk is able to make such cute plushies?(I actually have a theory about Dusk and plushies)
*waiting for webcomic theme plays*
I know it's way to early. I just can't help it! :3

I think I might have to write the "waiting for webcomic theme".
@Blitz Striker: Oh uh... TO ME, L4D2 TANKS!
help i need a co-author for my pmd comic
SFXUmbreon:Im early to reply to your comment.LOL why did i even post this comment?
@stareevee: Really? Cool! Can you make my HTML look better please?
Oh wait, sorry, your not a hacker, your a hecker... whats that?
...Red Vs Blue.
I feel so bad for becky!
you jerk. @Pinkeevee222: i am only going to say this once... STOP TALKING TRASH ABOUT DUSK!!!
@EvanatheEspeon: Nope! Dusk is a jerk, and, if he's a jerk, then, he's a jerk. Why would I call him anything else? And, I am actually a HUGE jerk. The amount of wedgies and noogies I give per day is WAY higher than the average person. My give, receive ratio is actually 1:0.
Glacey, slvie, leafy! Iove the names! I want a umbre
@Guest: Well, you are in luck, since Umbre and Espey are the next dolls to appear. (But, IDK when they are)
When floaty floats are happening with lack of TM29...?
lmao I actually really liked this one XD
I dunno y I did that

Lol looks like dusk only likes eve
YAS, you make this even more interesting
becky:wheres my doll house you told you make one for me dusk:sorry i can't make i need to make one to someone so sorry yo becky:waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
aw poor becky

@Pinkeevee222: (yes yes u r)
awww plz gift her dollhouse
@Pinkeevee222: have dusk make a doll house for becky cause that was mean

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