May 14th, 2016, 8:58 pm

I need stable designs each of the eeveelution's rooms.
Oh, they are in Daisy's room now.

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Well, my experiment was a sucess! The real reason I turned of the comment section was to confirm that the guests were not the problem (as I was saying all along), and guess what? I was right! They are not! Last weeks comment section was one of the worst I have ever seen!! Yay!
But really. It was so bad, I turned back on the guest comments 4 days after the comic got uploaded. Why are people with accounts discriminating against the guests? It makes me so sad, especially because that just chases away potential, and current commenters.
I was going to start updating SSEC twice a week, starting this week (since I'm done with high school) But... *shakes head* Nope. I can't. I'll just focus on Eevee Academy.
Also, this is like, the 5th time the comic is late, and hopefully, the last for now, I mean, it's suppose to update at 2:00pm EST at the latest, and, look, 10:00pm EST. That isn't good at all.
Background Eevees (in order, from Panel 8)
Tempest, Breezie, (Not background eevee),(Not background eevee), Lyra, Wee-hen, Mia, (Not Background eevee)

Also, because I know someone is going to say something, I got lazy on panel 10, that is why there are no accessories and things on the eevees in the crowd.
Pinkeevee222, May 14th, 2016, 8:58 pm Reply
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sorry about last weeks comments. *bows* wont happen again. at least I wont anymore.

only going to comment on interesting things from now on.
Agreed. @Blitz Striker: We are very sorry :c
How do you get pic? HELP! @chimy19: I need a know! I've been trying! It won't send verevacation email! @Pinkeevee222 help look at top
@Crazyumbreondudegirl :
-> go to my profile
-> hit "edit profile information"
-> scroll to bottom
-> hit "upload file"
-> browse for the photo you want
-> double click
-> should appear
-> save profile changes
(note some dimensions may cause problems.)
@Blitz Striker: k! Thanks! But ummm... I don't actually need to know that, I just... Um...its just that IT DOES NOT WORK MAN!!!!

Crazyumbreondudeman: *chuckles* time we have U do a favor for ME, can you bug *shouts* PINKEEVEE TO UPDATE EEVEE ACADEMY!!! Thank you for FORMALLY doing that *clears throat*
@Crazyumbreondudeman : I would update, but, I made a character's section instead, so, I think that is a good trade off.
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : well thats how i made mine, sorry but I cant help you any farther, check around the smackjeeves website and see if you can find help for it.
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : well first you need an acount.
So eve is evil? Welp time to grab the pitchforks. *crowd of eevees is shouting* BURN THE WITCH! BURN THE WITCH!

Seriously though hopefully eve won't get hurt
@SkunkWitch: ikr shes one of my favorite, plus there is so much mystery behind her character.
@Blitz Striker: You were brainwashed too!?! Take this brainwashed guy! *Throws pencil and misses*
@Guest: Calm down. They're overreacting.
@Blitz Striker: Vay's my fav. He is simultaneously probably the most flushed out character and the character we know the least about. An I have like the same hair, just not blue.
@42Meep: I like vay to!!!
@SkunkWitch: Bow is the evil one.
@Zappy the Raichu: yep ninja* (my eevee) Bow is lying!!
@SkunkWitch: Eve will get hurt, trust me *Evil laughter*
@Pinkeevee222: YES
@Pinkeevee222: could be good for her character, who knows, maybe we will learn more about her.
@Pinkeevee222: *looks in cauldron* yessss, yessss, burn little eevee *evil cackle*
..... o.e
...did I say that out loud?
@Theory maker: yep....
Ahh... Feels soooooooooö nice to be back

Bella: hai!
can i have a co-author? anyone?
@Sky207: Why do you want a co-author?
Well @Pinkeevee222:
SFXUmbreon:Well at least I am not not the Umbreon thats brainwashed XD
@SFXUmbreon: ... ?
SFXUmbreon:Wait whaaaa?
(Falls on the floor)
Light:get up!!!
Light:ill burn down the house!
Light:(Glares)ill burn Lune
SFXUmbreon:(Gets up)What?Who is Lune?
Light:Your Espeon Girlfriend dummy
@Guest: why are you answering this now that was me over two years ago that comic was discontinued and deleted a long lime ago i was a weird attention seeker back then XD
Are they in a grassy room with a picture of a field or window?
@Guest: Window
Light:So eve will get hurt huh?well
Good job what you did to SFX eve
(Gets knocked out by Lune)
Lune:Hey eve you missed a boy
What these eevees don't know is that since Eve is a main character she gets more attention.
@Zappy the Raichu:
They haven't found the fourth wall yet.
Becky deserves a dollhouse.
@9rainbowtails: yeah lets start a petition for becky's dollhouse!
SFXUmbreon:Lets all build a dollhouse!!!!
@Sky207: What are you looking for in a co-author?
@Zappy the Raichu: look at the last page of my comic. its called pmd the lost warrior.
LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED A CO-AUTHOR TO MAKE MY NEXT COMIC PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Sky207: could you please not spam the comment secion? one or two comments is fine, but you've been advertising and asking for a co-author several times now
@Sky207: we get it..
wait wut All boys are brain washed?! lemme check (looks at mirror and in head) yup squeaky clean theres nothing there (falls over)
Wiz:Why does every boy i see brainwashed!!!
(Sees eve)
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
(Goes trough portal)
Wiz:I think im safe
(Gets knocked out)
Hey did anyone notice? The doll is sad.
Greenpaw alliance Well that was unexpected...
@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: how bout u as my co-author
@Sky207: Go ask people you KNOW to be your co-author instead of asking stranger on the internet.
@slyeon is cool: mind your own buisness cool silveon
bow is cute xd
@Cobait: can u b my co-author?
@Sky207: Ok,ok,listen I'm gonna be the nice guy and give some tips from an experienced author:

1.No Hostility:Seriously,you don't have to snap at someone when the ask something against your idea,cuz the hostility in your previous comment is over 9000.

2.Consider the current situation:
Pinkeevee is dealing with commentors that chase away potential fans,and right now,you within range.

3.Consider the other authors:Some of us don't pefer digital drawing and only use it for other occasions.

4.Consider the author Closely:have you SEEN my webcomics? There are proably authors with more comics,but the fact is I have to update my own comic,run an ask blog with no ask limit,be in the Locker's Forum and Add my Art in Pokeart collective.

5.Don't spam and pester:We are a friendly comment section,so don't let us have to go Chuck Norris on you.The point is to be friendly and if you have to say a lot,then say REASONABLE and REVELENT comments.

6.Get into a community or make one:when you want fans,you have to make friends and do lot for other authors,make a friend,he/she makes a friend,with another friend and make friends with them and there you have it, a community that will have your back.TRUST is the keyword that you must earn and showing your desperate is doing the oppisite

Sorry @Pinkeevee222 if this is annoying but I have to say what needs to be said.I hopes this helps other beginners!
Somthing Kindof/Kindof not random @Pinkeevee222:

I don't know why people do it, I was a gust once, and the discriminatory were -probably-

To all the discriminators:

Why? Yall all -about- were a gust once. So why hate on you're -once- own kind? We're all human beings

talking to myself:

Why do I go on the internet again? Not to start conflict between gusts and users... right... Right?

Why can't humanity get along...
@MaskedUmbreon: I was once a guest
I was quite an odd little guest, that's for sure... .__.
Yuss @MaskedUmbreon: if you're gonna hate, hate the individual person who has ticked you off not everyone with (guest) next to their name!

@Midnight-fox18: I know I'm a weird guest =3 but that's okay, right?
@Theory maker: Definitely!
It's so much fun being weird X3
I know I'M weird, and I'm certainly not a guest.
*Continues sneaking up on sister and friend*
*Also multitasking and making clay berries*
Yup. I'm weird.
=3 @LittleMoons: it doesn't matter if we're sensible, stupid, emo, or weird, because the reason we are here is this awsome comic!
EEEP! TOTALLY FORGOT THE COMIC UPLOADED *grumble grumble* stupid youtube... *grumble*

anyways... what in the muk is bow doing?! Eve didnt do anything! 0-0

UGH! WHY MUST I ALWAYS STATE THE OBVIOUS?! *grumble* muk my smart side for doing this *grumble grumble*
@KayleeTheEevee09: its also clear that.... BOW IS JELLY OF EVE! BUT THATS JUST A- *gets dragged away by invisible force*
I also think that Bow is like this (this isnt any RP stuff): i think bow is ALWAYS like "notice the rest of us dusk-kun!" (dusk-kun, dusk-senpai, wt eves) yet although bow is the lil drama queen eevee she is, she makes it WAAAY harder on eve than it already is (even if its not eve's fault AT ALL!)

@KayleeTheEevee09: I agree, I wonder if Bow hates Eve just because bow might be jealous of Eve. (though that is not true maybe)
I know it wasn't me. All my comments are 100 percent bootiful. People come around for miles just to see my poetic genius displayed here... :3 Also: a big conspiracy is growing against eve. It's not even her fault either. The house was an apology for dusk and the others being such butts to her at the hole. (lol, Holes and butts, lol.)
uhhhh @cccviper653: what are you trying to say exactly?

it doesnt make any sense to me .___.
@Sky207: Sorry Sky, but, ehm...could you please stop spamming the comments section asking for a co-author? We can clearly see your first request, you shouldn't have to trouble yourself by asking repeatedly. :)
Yuki:*looks at panel 5* that Mia.Hmmm...She reminds me of something.Oh,right the triple chocolate roll cake.I should get it ready
Mia:*Suddenly appear*Did you just say chocolate cake!!!
Yuki:Ummm...yes...But you cannot have it yet because I'm saving it for you and Reyna174's birthday on May 17 and May 18 (Reyna174's Mom birthday)
Yuki:So you're here now how about you help me out with the comic?
Mia:Sorry I'm tired today...
Yuki:Oh...okay guess we it will take a long time to get to the comic where Karma is(Karma one of Reyna174's in-game eevee in pokemon platinum)
Mia:*Abrupt stop*Did you just say...KARMA!!!My senpai!!!*runs toward the computer and started painting/drawing*after this comic there will be 2 comics left to get the chapter 2!!!
Yuki:Worth it...
you know... @Reyna178: when ever you say Yuki, it reminds of Yukimura from my Fire Emblem Fates games!
I love all this straight-up Eevee action.

Eeveelutions are cool and all, but Eevees are where it's at.

edit: BUT THIS SCARES ME BECAUSE I THINK EVE IS AMAZING. At least it's nice to see I'm not the only one who's stupidly sadistic towards my own characters.
@Pinkeevee222: One of the biggest problems here are the people who feel the need to comment multiple times, replying to a bunch of comments. In fact, there's one major one and one minor one in this very comment section right now!

(and do not get me started on the role-playing that happens with random characters we don't even know)
@Nashew: *claps* Beautiful, just beautiful.
@Nashew: that was my fault and believe me, i regret it deeply...
Dat header tho... Good to see that my fellow guests ain't the problem here. Well, MUCH of the problem here. Also, Bow is a gigantic phallus. Down with teh Bow!
. Why not start updating SSEC twice a week? Is it because of the commentators or is there a private irl problem? Oh FOR THE GLORY OF GREENPAW!
@Someone: The commenters.
Hmmm what OLIVER is going to do now since he is her protector??????
@umbreon led: Nothing, because he doesn't know about this.
@Pinkeevee222: No I mean he will be there when the eevee do their uprising. What he will do then???
@umbreon led: probably what he did in archive 132.
Wait, wait, wait... So, Bow thinks all the boys have been brainwashed by Eve. Seriously?
And then everyone believes her. C'MON!
Anyways the fourth eevee in panal 7 looks unsure. WHAT IF SHE TELLS EVE WHATS GOING ON! She probably won't but if she did she would be one of my favs =3 I know why pinkeevee wants the story that every female eevees(not every female,I think)must hate Eve...*puts on sunglasses*...This is just the beginning...
Okay... I wonder what is going to happen in the next comic =3 I hope no one gets hurt!
brain washed? =3= I think its just favoritism becky needs a chillio pillio
@Dusty Maku: or she needs a chill strip you just put it in your mouth and let it desolve Chill
Explain to me about "Dusk" Have you guys realise something supspises going on with Dusk. I guess I do. I mean, dose Dusk have anykind of feeling on "anymon" inside that PC box. Becuase he dot many crushes in there, to say the ting. The only one I heard Dusk talking about is "Sky" and little "Eve" but not the other. Okay. I think I thinking to much now. To finish the ting I mean is that. (Which "mon" are you going to pick!)
I am late as per usual I was up all night last night (UK Timezone) and I missed the uploading of this comic :,(
*hides under couch*
@Pinkeevee222: When's the next eevee academy comic coming out? It's been over a month now...
@LapisLazuliEevee03: It's going to update after I finish the character info sheet thingies.
Hm interesting... Alright so Eve brainwashed all the guys now the they are going to work together and unbrainwash the guys ok?.

So anyways i don't mind that the 10 Panel is not like the others, heck i didn't really notice it until i read the info under the comic.
The spelling errors in the description is killing my grammar police head DX
@Super Poodle: Instead of saying that, can you tell me what words are spelt incorrectly? Thanks!
I am very sorry that my fellow... Um... SSCE Commentators (?) have been bullying the guests. Guests are humans, too! I also apologize for yelling at a certain guest by the name of Stareevee and hope I am forgiven. ("We must forgive, even if we cannot forget, for if we dwell on this past hatred we will have just as Dark souls as the first person did." - My awesome classmate)
@LittleMoons: well said sir, well said
I'm a girl...
Thanks though.
@LittleMoons: Yah that got out of hand...I thought we were just joking bad.
EEVEE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET OUR REVOLUTION CARRY US!~ let us flow across the line! and DEFEET ... eve X3
I love this comic! Did you say you were working on another one??? I must read it if so!!!
Well now we know why most of the girl eevees treats her like the plague
Eve is Eve-il :0
I feel bad for pour umbreon,you all think the worst of him.has it ever crossed your mind the auther has a extreme twist in-store for US.
o and ps... I think it's awesome u don't have to be a member to post I think the auther is very kind
I know I'm Bow, but eevee bow could be nicer?
Probably my most favorite comic ever. I mean, Really. This was hilarious.
And what are they gonna do to poor Eve!
..... that moment where i always play Birthright and have my strongest units die -_- FRICK YOU CASUAL MODE IN FE FATES!!!!!!!!!!

I swear if takumi dies on me i will super peeved!!
Poor eve is gonna get ambushed!
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : Yea! and for no reason!
I was right! @Black lucky cat: mm, how did you get yo pic.? I tried but didn't send verevacation email...

@Pinkeevee222: help (look at top)
Crazyumbreondudegirl: noooo! My love!
Girl: wha?
Crazyumbreondudegirl: uh oh
Also: and
The speed that that conclusion rushed to his head scares me. THINK IT THROUGH MAN
Brain washed eevees. doesn't that mean that the boy eevees memories have been wiped. JK I know what it means I was just Trying to lighten the mood around the comment sections because serious stuff has happened lately. On a comic related note. I think that the other female eevees should give Eve a chance. Who agrees with me.:)
@Dusk Plush Gang: I agree, they should really give her a chance, mabe they could become friends?
Also Sorry Guests for being a bit mean last comic it won't happen again I swear. I'm not sure what came over Us can we be forgiven for our sins. From all of the Dusk Plush Eeveelutions and comboy.
@Dusk Plush Gang: On your icône picture... Is thoses dolls all yours? If yes, im jealous...:)
@TalkingEevee: Thay are Plushes thay are part of my role play series thay have the same name as the Eeveelutions in Pinkeevees comic but Very different personalities.
@Guest: wait why wasn't I logged in when typing that last comment also to answer the question yes the Plushes are all mine my brother has a couple as well but they are not in the picture also all the eevees names and what Eeveelution are umbreon Dusk the Sylveon is sky the glacion is Blizz, Eevee eve, leafeon Daisy, Espeon Dawn, Vaporion Vay, Flarion Flame And Jolteon Bolt
@Dusk Plush Gang: I forgive all profiles! I don't have a account idk why
F*** you eevees Your just jealous! But not you Becky your fine
Yay! Pinkeevee222, just wanted to let you know that you make really good comics. The art is great, and the other comic with Sora is very interesting. Keep up the good work!
Thoses girls.. At the same time, I might understand them, All the others boys don't care about them! But, it isn't like it's Eevee's fault... Dang, which side is the good one????
Mia:Yay the guests are now back!!!This makes Me so happy.
Yuki:I miss them so much,too...
This is why I don't comment....
Reyna do us a favor and drop the roleplay. Use the comment section for its true purpose. Which doesn't mean mindless roleplaying.... Lets take a step in a better direction for a better comment section.
Man I should comment a bit more on ssec cause I've only posted very little last comic and nice comic by the way pink. Also are we gonna see nego soon? Nya.
-3- Ummm...PinkEevee I don't think thats Eeveelyn(the second eevee in panel 8)I think thats Breezie and Its like a girls slumber party in there mind if I join in,too?!!I like pillow fighting
@Reyna178: Oh right, Eeveelyn was another background eevee... Why didn't I put her in here too? Anyways, Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: When are you gonna update Eevee academy cause I really wanna read the next comic for it and it wasn't updated in the first which was kinda dissapointing. Nya.
@Devin17: Yeah, you see, the reason why it didn't update was the same reason SSEC had a guest comic that week... at least I think it was that week.... I'll update it when I feel like finishing the page (and, because I'm getting into drawing more SSEC comic sketches, that might not be for a while)
stop beening butheads guys
MORE VAY!!!! I would really love having more Vaporeon. Vay is my favorite character!!!
*Reality Jolt* When Future Eve was available for asks on the ask blog, someone asked her how she evolved. She was startled and did not answer, but a picture, drawn in storybook style, was shown. This picture was of an Eevee with a pink bow on it's ear (Presumably Eve) surrounded by a circle of other Eevees, lead by an Eevee with a yellow bow around it's neck...
@LittleMoons: I saw the sighs too. Eve will evolve in this chapter.
@LittleMoons: One Word....

Impressed,seriously that made this next comic more exciting
@LittleMoons: Wait there's an ask blog o-o *checks to see if there's an ssec ask blog* HOLY MOTHER OF ARCEUS THERE IS
@LittleMoons: ....*frantic note scribbling* and thus another piece of the puzzle was added, thank you mam for pointing it out.
Two things @LittleMoons: one: f/Dawn never apeired, two: "Always in motion is the future" Jedi master Yoda. Translation, just because you see the future dosen't meen what you see will come to pass. The future is always changing. We don't know if the future mon are still in the same future as our SSEC.
HOLY ARCEUS AND MEW @LittleMoons: did I miss that QAQ
Also that means one of my theories maybe proven *smirk*. Anyways who wants to hear my theory (may include plot spoilers if right), it includes sora as well
@Theory maker: *raises hand* I do!
@Pinkeevee222: inkay, it's theory time!

So everyone knows how Oliver was sent to the lab and most people think he's the aggressive eevee that Sora met and gave one of eggs to. Well that egg was Eve and because she was the daughter of Sora, the eevee who can evolve and devolve at will, Eve has the same abilities. The evidence is that on the ask blog future Eve was shown as different eeveelutions. So Eve may not evolve at all, but she will have the ability to evolve.
Pinkeevee, this is just my theory for Eve's powers but I also have an idea of all the other lab powers if you're interested! =D
To other commenters: Comment and reply, tell me what you think.
@Theory maker:
Me too!
Lucario: Dusk you know I like not seeing girls around here
Lucario: You work?
Dusk: I've been doing this for a month.
Lucario: oh what are you doing.
Dusk: Trying to find out who my real mother is.
Lucario: still on that you were made in a Lab.
(Dusk draws sword) Dusk: DONT SAY THAT.
@Dusk Plush Gang:
Lucario needs a name.
@LittleMoons: Every time someevee says that he says 'I'll think about it' Two weeks later 'I forgot about it' also that is what his Owner called him. I knew his owner He was weird His name was WyomingWashington... Yea
@Dusk Plush Gang:
I actually have an Umbreon Plush, too.
His name is Nero.
@LittleMoons: cool that's better than any name that I could come up with.
@Dusk Plush Gang:
I think I comment too much. I'm going to comment less.
wait a minute... @Pinkeevee222:my character's name is Evelyn but yours is Eevelyn, right?
i have something to ask. @Pinkeevee222: i already said it deep down in the coments section, but can you at more vay? (Please dont bug me about spamming, brcause im not, unlike the one person who said they wanted a co-writer. That is spamming)
@Evie the eevee:
Please don't say mean things. I'm sure all of us have panicked and tried to find help from random people on the internet before. I know I have.... O.o
Yes... Let's no talk about that incident...
Anyway, we shouldn't be mean, to guests OR normal users.
@LittleMoons: agreed.
Sorry @LittleMoons: i didnt think that comment was mean until now. I feel really bad now
@Evie the eevee: Add more Vay? Why not Bolt? Or Flame? Or Dusk? Why does it have to be Vay?
Anyways, Sorry, but, the only way there can be more Vay is if I deside to put the Dusk and Vay, Blizz and Vay or Dasiy and Vay chapters after this one, but, I feel like we need more Bolt, so, there's going to be more Bolt.
@Pinkeevee222: makes sense, there has been maybe a dozen or two aperences of him, I think.
YUP @Pinkeevee222: I haven't seen bolt since comic 142
Sounds good! @Pinkeevee222: I think thats a good idea!
@Evie the eevee: Bolt is one of my favourite character yay
@Evelyn the eevee: I think lots of fans of this comic knew that, but for those who didn't, THERORIES GALORE \ '_' /
@Marlows59: hallo ! I haz theories for free if ya want
I discovered something ...Eve + jumping to conclusions + mad eevees = not good ending (for Eve)
@Pinkeevee222 how did you come up with SSEC?
@The Last terrarian : This is answered in the FAQ, under "extras"
Burn the witch burn the witch!
Well... At least Oliver will be there for Eve... Right?
If Eve Brain Washed all the boys Supposedly then she missed a few.
@Dusk Plush Gang: She did. Example of boys who have evaded her brainwashing is Kevin (from LKD) and, Dominic, my newest favorite eevee ever!
@Pinkeevee222: Eve didn't really brainwash all the boys, right?
hey Pinkeevee, can you help me, I'm trying to make a webcomic on smackjeeves but it says that the URL that I put in is wrong, what am I supposed to do?
pls comment back.
@Gore N the GUYS: Hmm... well, does your URL contain any spaces?
@Pinkeevee222: I tried about 5 times, the first time it did.
@Pinkeevee222: okay I got it thanks
Is this the state of Wyoming?!?!
@Lost eevee:
Nope. You're in cyberspace.
@Lost eevee: Wait! That's a state and are you ok you Seem confused?
@Dusk Plush Gang:
@Lost eevee:
First you have to break the fourth wall...
@LittleMoons: wait which wall is the fourth one they are not labeled
@Lost eevee:
The one between you and me.
why do I have the distinct feeling that eve might get burned at the stake?.... hmmm nah
pink eevee wouldn't be that cruel (who am I kidding she can do whatever she WANTS)
@werewolf kid: Hmm... no.
More like the opposite.
Here's a question no one has asked. Pinkeevee why do you when you draw eevee ears not add ear iners?
@Zappy the Raichu: I'm lazy.
Like, really lazy. Oh, and, I do draw them, sometimes.... not in this comic though.
@Evelyn the eevee: the askblog characters seem to imply otherwise, but agent Lea supports this therory.
I think I found the problem. @Pinkeevee222: I think a problem I see in the comments section is RP's. That seems to blow the comment section up.
So, the next following segment is for all of the RPers in the comments section.

Guys, honestly, don't. You can see many people only comment once or twice, spesifically about the comic. That's what the comment section should be. Not a place to RP. There are websites for that. Not every place you can leave a comment is for RPing.
Just... There are websites where you can RP as a pokemon. Carry out your RP's there, please.

I do love RPing as much as the next guy, but you don't see me RP here for a REASON. This is for speaking about the comic, maybe with ideas about the plot. If you think you have a theory for the plot, then go ahead. Comment away. But, this is not the proper place to RP.
@chimy19: hes right you know, this comment section is about the comic, not about unrelated topics, spam, or harassment.

(Ik its old but) #makecommentsgreatagain (I'm so sorry)
@chimy19: Yass
@The Last terrarian: ok,not to be rude,but can you take the comment section a little bit seriously? I mean,you RP'd right beneth chimy's comment on RP'ing is not a good thing,that's low.

At least consider reading some comments so you don't do the wrong stuff...
I think we all know why bow is prodding them so hard to hurt eve. Bow has a crush on clef who has a crush on eve, and as such ignores bow. Simple* logic. Ok no sense but still logic.
Hi I'm new I just started reading your comics and I like it.
@DarkElf107: Thank you! And, welcome to the comments section!
@DarkElf107: If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask, one of the commentator's like myself should provide an answer, or insight onto the current events revolving around it.
Also check out the ask blog for the comic, links on the home page.
Welcome! @DarkElf107: Awesome profile pic!
One thing I love about this comment section is that every one is really welcoming to new people.BTW Welcome awsome person.:)
Thank you for the nice welcome. :)
@DarkElf107: Ooh! Hello, new user! Welcome to this crazy comment section! Sorry I'm a bit late on the welcome...
Not a problem and thank you.
@CookieEEVEE: Thank you! XD
@Pinkeevee222: Your comics are SO HILARIOUS!!!! I've read all of them at least twice!
Me To @CookieEEVEE:
SFXUmbreon:I do that to!I check them again and again and again hoping she would post another funny comic.
probably late juke i'm probably already late for this juke but here it goes
how can dusk get brainwashed he doesn't have a brain
... @eeveeleo: ... .____. maybe magic (you have a point lol)
@eeveeleo: Hahaha
@eeveeleo: Nice :3
Kinda important (kinda) @Everymon

Dratini: We've been trying to withhold our comments, since they can fall under the RP category. But (there's a but) sometimes, when OCs and pokesona's comment, and react in their own way, other people can see an entirely ne light of the comic. I mean, with Luxio's protective and sometimes rude personality-
Luxio: Hey!
Dratini: Let me finish. As I was saying, if an OC here puts in some input, it can change how some read the comic. And now, just to show, some could RP safely WHILE being relevant to the comic.

Goomy: Go Bow! Viva la Greenpaw!
... @Dratini, Goomy, and Luxio: uhh
Character tab @Pinkeevee222: Are you going to add more characters to the character tab? Like Sora, because she is my favourite out of all the characters (because she is a Sylveon and has the most drama).
@CookieEEVEE: Sora's not a sylveon. Miku is the sylveon. Miku will appear in later chapters I think.
oh @Zappy the Raichu: I thought she was a sylveon because she had the bow on her chest and ear which they cut off. She said her name was Sora in comic #89 and she had a bow on her chest...
@CookieEEVEE: Sora has the ability to be any evolution (she?) wants.
Everyone hope that we aren't late today. AGAIN!!!
Every ten minutes I am pressing the refresh button.So I can be early for the comic
I'm going to guess you'r having upload issues pink, or else you forget, both are excusable.
Is it just me, or does Wishes look like they have only one ear in a couple of those panels?
Sorry if someone already asked this.
Meh... It's Sunday I'm going fishin for bay catfish and guess that's a time waster for waiting

Bella: I haven't been to the beach... Imma good girl! I wanna go!

Aj: I see an open car door and its " watch out world here I come!"

Aj: I also heard there are edible shells and edible rocks that run (oysters) (hermit crabs)

@SkunkWitch: actually the Eevees are just being stupid, eve is not brainwashing the boys.
hmmmmm.... Bow is...quite odd...i need to do reaserch.
I feel like b****-slapping Bow in the face.
so there not a SINGLE female eevee (beside dawn and daisy) who doesn't hate eve? ALL of them do, why? I know why some do, cause romance and shes in icepaw, but ALL of them? Seriously?
@Black lucky cat: Oh no, no. Most girl eevees don't hate Eve (Including some on this page). They usually avoid her, so they won't have to be mean to her. Only Bow and a handful of other female eevees truly hate Eve. Usually they act like they don't like her, so they won't get shunned by the other girls.
If all the female eevees (minus eve and the evolved ones) had the same nature, i would say It would definitely be naive...
I just feel bad for Becky idk why I just feel it's harsh if she is asking for a doll house and eve gets one without even asking... prob cuz eve & dusk are close...l:3 but still I just feel bad. Becky: Hey! Why I get no doll house and she does! *stops crying and goes up to eve and destories her doll house* but she pretended to do that in her head so it never really happened... the end that's how they all died! Uh I mean the end! Come again soon!
i did not know that O-o

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