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May 24th, 2016, 8:01 am

Oh! A story! nice!
See, sometimes a slip of
the paw gives nice things.

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Thanks for 500 fans! I never thought I'd get 500 fans (or over 9,000 page views, or 100 fans), so, thank you again!!!!!
Anyways, I found the papers I wrote for Dawn's secret (finally), so, instead of a comic, how about you guys post a comment with only the name of a character, any character that has appeared in the comic or will appear in the comic, and Dawn will tell you a secret about them. Remember, only comment the character's name. No extra things, or else she will not answer. This is only for people who have accounts (For obvious reasons), and they can only do this ONE TIME PER ACCOUNT, for ONLY ONE CHARACTER EACH.
Also, remember, character design entries for the contest will end soon! (May 31st) this is your last chance!
As I said before, the top 5-10 design (Chosen by our anonymous panel of judges) will get drawn by me, and then the public gets to vote on the one they like the best! If you want to become a judge, PM me!
(Disclaimer: By becoming a judge, you pledge to look at every single drawing, and vote fairly, not by how good the drawing looks, but by how good the design is. You also can not submit an entry, since this would be a huge bias.... even though I already picked an entry that will bypass the judging stage, and even appear in the comic regardless if it wins the public voting or not, because how fun the character looks... don't worry, the one who wins will also get to be in the comic! But, that one design *sheds a tear* So many comedy options.)
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*Example comment (Don't write anything here)* Poodove.
@Pinkeevee222: Poodove? Oh yeah, Poodove is the most smartest, funniest pokemon in the PC. Under those bulgy orange eyes, is a pokemon of many layers... Yeah, I'm just kidding. Poodove only thinks of pooping on things. As of now, his goal is to poop on every eeveelution in order. I swear. If he dares poop on my nicely groomed fur, I'll snap him in half.
Are you the dawn who answers these comments? @Dawn_da_beautiful: no really. Oh yeah, does any body like my little pony? *hides in dark corner* *sobs* *lowers voice* o ok
@Crazyumbreondudegirl: I like MLP.
I swear, if that eve is oliver...
@Pinkeevee222: This is pretty much like the story of my yonger life a few centeries ago. Oliver you gay why don't you just ask Dusk or Dewey on a date or something. Also who's the Absol? Nya.
SFXUmbreon:I remember a absol exporting corn which its name was lune and i think thats the same one.Maybe not though
Lune:Thats my name!(Eyes turn red)(Sees the future)Yea that absol name lune is dead soon
@SFXUmbreon: Uh... that absol isn't Lune... and, Lune isn't going to die soon. You should really check your future vision.
@Pinkeevee222: thats because you never make her die grrrrr
I'm confused @Pinkeevee222: is the Eevee with da rainbow scarf Oliver? Because Oliver has da same scarf. I think....
I'm confused @Pinkeevee222: is the Eevee with da rainbow scarf Oliver? Because Oliver has da same scarf. I think....
Great job @Pinkeevee222:

The Comic is amazing.

And btw when i asked what software you use to draw, nvm about that question because i found out by clicking extraz, i should have thought about that earlier.
@Pinkeevee222: You speak spanish?
Im not a guest, im in my cellphone
Sorry for my B A D english
@Konix: Yaaay Spanish power!
@Pinkeevee222: Remember when we had to vote for our favorite characters?Well...Dusk has more than blizz so is that gonna change?
@Pinkeevee222: I have a question if Oliver was friends with Sora or whoever he is way older than eve right Also is Sora eves mom
sky sky
@direct: ? Oh, um, sorry but, there is no one named 'Sky Sky' in the character list. Also, you are a guest. That annoying weird colored eevee said only people with an account can get answers.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: wow you have an account. Weird coloured eevee? Lel
Vay! we need to discuss a octopus!
@HarrisonButterGem: Vay does not approve.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: please tell me this dosn't count as vay's thing.
@42Meep: Not at all.
@Pinkeevee222: whew *wipes sweat from forehead" because that would have been a waist of one of our valuble ask-dawn-secrets.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: ok. I'll get a Kracken
@HarrisonButterGem: Vay does not approve.
Plz @Dawn_da_beautiful:
Can you give Vay these fishy crackers?(dont know how to spell it but whatever)
I forgot that eevee's name.I think its nego.Well whoever it is vay will now he/she will like it
Dusk @Dawn_da_beautiful:

Dusk i like to know a secret about Dusk.
sky @Pinkeevee222: skkkkyyyyyy even though it would ruin the mystery, so i hope the secret wont reveal all we need and want to know about sky, and only a little bit so we will have a clue :D
@Yuvalis: I'm pretty sure that sky left a bit befor the "lab" incident, which meens posobly even Vay and Blizz (the youngest of the main mons at "the lab" wouldn't know him/her. So Dawn (who was born AFTER the lab) defiantly wouldnt know sky.
OMG GUYS MY THERORY IS CORRCT!!!! First, Oliver is eevee 1134 who sora gave her egg to, which meens: two, EVE IS SORAS'S KIT!!!!
Wait... If Eve is Sora's kit, and sora was breed to produce more eevees with her "odd powers," then the futer ssec mon bit on the askblog were eve changes eeveelutions to conceal what she evolves into after what is presumed to be Bow confronting her for "hipnotiseing" all the boys causing her to evolve. But, my therory is that in reality, eve was useing her "odd power" she inherited from sora to change eeveelutions, and she discovers this power after being confronted by bow's posse.
@LouLouBaBa: Well, since Daisy is my sister, and we spend a lot of time together, I read her thoughts a lot. She obviously likes Blizz, and, maybe if she confessed sooner, they would have been dating by now. Though, it's kind of too late now, because, now Blizz likes another girl. I don't know her. I think her name is Basil? Or something? I never met her. Which is weird, because he almost never leaves the pc. Oh! Sorry, but, apart from that, There's not really much to say about Daisy. I mean. I love her, but, she's kind of boring. I mean, she's not even into talking about boys! Just flowers.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: I guess you can't read agent Lea's mind THAT well, or you'd know she found Sky.
@Zappy the Raichu: Bow? Oh! She is a very kind eevee. She loves to help newly hatched female eevees get use to the pc, and is all around a good Pokemon, she is very pretty too. (Actually, a particular girl eevee has a crush on her). But, she really dislikes Eve. Apparently it's because, all of the boys fawn over her? I don't know, I never noticed. Then again, Eve is pretty quiet around me and Daisy.... I think it's sad though, because they use to be such good friends... She likes Clef, but, there is not much to say about him. He's actually pretty dull, the only thing he thinks about is impressing Eve, which, says a lot about his character.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: I'm ALSO Bow!!! (Just not an Eevee)
@BowtheSylveon: Really? That's so cool! Now I know 2 Bows!
Umm @Dawn_da_beautiful:
SFXUmbreon:Umm i think i see you made a dawn account which is not bad but it might be...
SFXUmbreon:Light shut up!I was gonna say..
Light:We will Murder you!
SFXUmbreon:Thats it time to put you in a ocean fire boy
Light:(Gets pushed in)Noooo!
SFXUmbreon:What i was gonna say was It is that it would..
Light:I will not die!
SFXUmbreon:Do i have to throw you in with Vine in her room and lock it?
Light:(Blushes)Umm no
SFXUmbreon:OK then shut up.I was gonna say that its kinda funny that somebody makes a account of their own fictional Character
@SFXUmbreon: OH! Yeah, I did! Because roleplay comments like yours are VERY ANNOYING and I did not want to be a hypocrite by role paying as Dawn with my main account. Plus, it's easier to find the interesting comments, than skimming through a bunch of my answers to random questions *smiles*
@Pinkeevee222: Is that proposed to offend me?or is it no offence
@SFXUmbreon: ? No offense at all.
Well why didint you say so!
I could of stopped roleplaying but putting a bunch of other accounts would fill the comment section up.Hmm ill think about it.
I never thought it would be annoying but i didint know i was being a hypocrite because i was making my own characters up.
(I made them up earlier before i saw your awesome comics so that is why i have some same names with your ssec characters)
Holy screaming, jump-out-the-window f**k.
In the ninth panle you can see a shadow of Vay and that absol dude fighting.
@Zappy the Raichu: oh yeah. Vay could be part of Lea's organisation or something like that. (He is a cop)
@Theory maker: I theorize he used to be, but he quit (likely because nego) and Dasy took over his job.
@Midnight-fox18: Vay? Well, He use to have very dark thoughts, but, he doesn't anymore, I guess it's because of Nego, oh, and Doki. Before he.... well... um... before he did something that made him have to go to the critical care unit in the Pokemon center, I did read his thoughts. Something about a laboratory? I don't really know what to make of them, but, he was ranting in his mind over and over again about Blizz and an Absol... I didn't know he knew another Absol who wasn't Lune, then again, Vay seems terrified of him... He seems to have frequent nightmares, and sometimes goes into Blizz's room to sleep (Which, I think is adorkable). I don't blame him for doing this, since his room is so dark. Though, it's kind of odd, since he hates Blizz, or rather, he's jealous of him. He has a huge crush on Daisy, which happened after his... critical care Pokemon center thing. It kind of happened overnight, since he never showed any interest in Daisy before, which I thought was odd. I like teasing him about it, I mean, it's not my fault he's such a dork about it (Also, it's the best way to blackmail him). He did confess to her, but, she never answered him... actually, shortly after that, he went missing for a year... huh. now that I think about it, I wonder where he went.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: wait, vay did somthing that landed him in the critical care unit, or doki?
@Guest: Oh? You guys don't know about it? Well, maybe if you find, and snoop around Pinkeevee222's ART BLOG she barely uses, you'll find out what I'm talking about. Cause, I can't say more than that.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: link plz
@42Meep: ehhhh? You think I'll give away the link that easily? Well, usually I would, but, if I do this tome, a bunch of people will post it in the comment section, and everyone will find out. Which is bad. So, only the few dedicated people who actually follow my art blog will see it, and any comments regarding it will be deleted, cause its that big of a secret.
*intense tail-wagging*
bang the awakend eevee @Pinkeevee222:i must say.....this is worse than eeveelution sqaud/es/devianart
who? @Dawn_da_beautiful: who's doki?
Oops @NegativeZero: I'm the same person... and also not a guest... Its been bugging out for me.
OMG i just died
@NightmareMagala19: This sweet baby! She is so adorable, but, mother doesn't remember her name, even though she knows every other eevee name by heart! She really likes Dusk, but, obviously, he's not getting the hint. The dumb tard. Blizz, and most of the other icedrop eevees are very protective over her, because, you know, she is the only girl in their house. It's kind of odd though, because, she seems fine about Dusk, Bolt, and even Flame, but, when Blizz left her with me, she started to cry. After that, I noticed that she avoids me. Actually, it looks like she also avoids Daisy, and the other girls. I did ask Oli about it once, but, he never told me why. Oh, speaking about that, Eve would be the perfect candidate to learn how to read, but, Dusk and his stupid self... urg, whatever. Her thoughts are as pure as her heart *smiles*
@XlvMckaydvlX: THAT STUPID PERVERT! WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HIM!? Wait. No. You just want to get me angry, well, I will not get angry, so there! I haven't heard one bad thought going through this guys mind yet, but, I'm still looking! I can't believe he's going after Daisy, one of my precious sisters. GRRRR he makes me so mad! I recently found out he is terrified of small spaces, so, you bet I'm going to exploit it HA HA HA! I also know where he keeps all of his pervy magazines. I would burn them all, but, as a 'Yaoi Monthly' premium subscriber, I know how hard it is to get some of the rare ones. I can't believe he fooled everyone with his 'timid act', That sleaze ball.
@SkunkWitch: Huh? Why do you want to know about my "little buddy"? Hee hee. Oh, okay, I know he's older than me, but, whatever. We talk a lot, and, let me tell you, he swears he likes Dewey, but, he is obviously in love with Dusk, even when I was an eevee. Ha ha, I remember he use to wear this cute rainbow scarf, and cling to Dusk like glue, it was so cute! But, He seems to hide from Dusk now, I don't know why, and, I didn't really ask why. For some reason, he stays near Eve a lot. Apparently, as a bodyguard? I don't know. He seems more like a friend to her than a bodyguard. Why does Eve need a bodyguard anyways? Well, I think it's just Blizz being over protective. Oh! Did you see Oliver's tree house? I don't know why he sleeps so far away from the rest of us, but, it's a great place to store some 'Yaoi Monthly', if you know what I mean. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Oliver couldn't mate with
Dusk, they're both from greenpaw
@Guest: Oh no, oh no, I never said Oliver wanted to be Dusk's mate, I just said he likes him. Oliver can always switch houses if he really want's to be Dusk's mate, which, I don't think he does.
@Guest: well, I'm still not sure, but I think He's also a guy so...
@Dawn-da-beautiful: Question: What the others think of you?
@Evelyn the eevee: They all love me, of course!
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Nice hair btw.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Why, thank you~
The secret @Dawn_da_beautiful:
Is there a dawn secret?
I want to see your secrets!
but i cant ask cause im a guest.
Are you lying about everyone liking you?hmmm
Flame Flame as well.
poor oliver that all happend to him? ... thats so sad *hugs oliver* X3
@T-H-E GUY: Vay's story is worse.
I'm still amazed by how dark the backstory is for this comic.
Levin, Kevin and Devin
Levin is really mean to everybody. He is especially mean to Daisy. Then again, he did have a crush on her when she was an eevee... well... until Blizz forbade it. He is also really scared of Oli. I don't know the details, but, it ended up with Levin having huge scars down his back. He covers them up with a F.U.R. tank top. But, I know my Oli could never do such a thing!
Kevin seems like the most sensible one of the trio. Which, is to be expected because he is the oldest. He has this huge crush on his "Boss" which really surprised me, because, I didn't know LKD had a boss. She must be quite the looker to get both Kevin and my twin to like her. Speaking about John. Kevin doesn't like him, which is to be expected in a love triangle. But, he won't do anything to my cute little twin when I'm around! Which... is not often, but, hey! At least I try!
Devin is the youngest, and he is always doing all of the hard work. I mean, it's not like he complains or anything, but, still! I makes me sad to see him carry 4 full boxes of whatever, when Kevin carries one and Levin carries none. Just between you and me, I heard he wants to leave LKD, and switch houses. He's too scared to do it right now though, but, I'm rooting for him! He dislikes Dusk, so, maybe he'll go to the Light Fire house? I wonder who he has a crush on...
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Wait wait wait.. You can SWITCH houses!?!?!
@Zappy the Raichu: Yeah? But, you need the approval of the leader of the house you are switching from, and the approval of the leader of the house you are switching to.
I feel Like Its not fair for the little eevees
@The Midnight Eevee: Why?
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Because they need TWO leader permission and if they really want to switch,its up to the leaders.They might say no and the eevees dont have a choice but to stay if the leaders say no
@The Midnight Eevee: Of course! It's like if you ask your parents for something and they say no. If the leaders feel like you are better off in the other house, than you can switch.
Quick question about the rules @Pinkeevee222: What's the list of characters we can ask things about? Obviously, we can't ask about Sky, but what about Night? Sora? Any other mons in the series that seem mysterious?
@chimy19: You can ask Dawn about all of the characters. (Yes, even Sky)
@Pinkeevee222: but everything's from Dawns P.O.V. yes?
Thoughts: well this is a lot to take in, just like all secrets, but this one sheds light on all sorts of aspects I never thought possible, and clear's up so many questions I had, but brings to light several things that make so little sense, who is Sora? what is her connection to night/dusk? is Oliver really Sky? If so why doesn't dusk recognize him? What is the "Centre délevage"?Why are Vay and the Absol fighting? and what exactly is this dam lab?

(edit) wait...OMA, "Centre Délevage" means "Breeding center" in English, THAT MEANS MY FIRST SUSPICION IS CORRECT, THIS IS ONE HUGE BREEDING FACILITY DESIGNED TO UTILIZE THE SPECIAL POWERS OF EEVEE'S AND CONTROL THEM! That is a touchy subject to get into...yeesh.
@Blitz Striker: I think the lab is a place where they do unauthorized brain surgery.
@Annoying Guest: Nope.
@Blitz Striker: The shadows in panle 9 are Vay and that absol dude.
@Zappy the Raichu: yah i noticed that now.
Fan Art!!!!!!!

@LittleMoons: Wow! Thank you!!!!
IM BACK! And PinkEevee you have outdid yourself (almost said slef) keep up the great work!!
@KayleeTheEevee09: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: Just my usaull questeons when do we get LKD or Nego (and maybe Scull) back cause it's been a while so I'd like to know. Nya.
@Pinkeevee222: ur welcome
OMG IS THAT SORA?!?!?!?!? (the Eevee he made friends with)
OMG Eve is Sora's kit!! COOL!!!
@Black lucky cat: Kit?oh now i understand!its kid not kit cause kit does not make any sence
@The Midnight Eevee: "Kit" Is the term for baby fox, since eevee and its evolutions are based on foxes, people call the babys kits
Centre D'elevage is French for Breeding Center.
@Zappy the Raichu: I thought it said central daycare. If It's in french, that lab must be in Kalos, as it's based on france.
... @Zappy the Raichu: I've got thoughts about this... but ok
@Blitz Striker: Oh? You guys know abut Night too? I thought he was a secret. Anyways. I don't know much about Him, since he's always in his dark room of science what's its. Since he is a dark type, I can't actually read his thoughts, which stinks, cause, I really want to know why he hates me, I mean, he likes Dusk and Vay, so why not me! It's not fair! I bet he's just jealous of my beauty. hee hee hee. Oh, but, it's kind of weird, I mean, how did Dusk clone himself in the first place. Maybe the trainer accidentally did it? I mean, Dusk doesn't even know how to tie a knot, how can he clone himself!?
@Dawn_da_beautiful: I thought only dusk and Vay knew about night. You're better informed then I thought.

Ryan: just to say, I am more awesome than you.

Jelly: RYAN! No one cares about who you're more awesome than!
@Dawn_da_beautiful: well you've been super helpful, thank you so much.
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Yes he can, he tied a knot in th ask blog once.
@Raini01: what?
@MaskedUmbreon: OH! NEGO IS SO CUTE! I LOVE PINCHING HIS LITTLE CHEEKS! He is a bit slow, but don't tell Vay I said that. I mean, unlike other eevees his age, he doesn't really have any concrete thoughts, if you know what I mean. He can only speak human, so, only Vay and Night can communicate with him. Dusk said something about a translator, but, the only thing Dusk gave him was that collar. It's very pretty! It shines like a rainbow in the light! Oh. But, do you guys know why Vay keeps Nego hidden from Harmony? I think it's sad that the little eevee has to stay in Vay's dark room all of the time. Vay is always busy doing his jobs, so Nego is usually alone in there. He started dropping him off in Night's room a lot recently, but, I don't know, I feel like he should get out more...
What would happen? @Dawn_da_beautiful: What would happen if somebody said your ugly?Just asking
@The Midnight Eevee: They are just jealous of my beauty, so, they are not worth my time.
Oh @Dawn_da_beautiful: Oh Ok!Can you really ready anyones minds execpt dark types?
@The Midnight Eevee:
Because dark types are immune to physic attacks, including mind reading.
Of course i know that!thats why i want to be a umbreon.But i wanna ask an umbreon how to be happy in the night cause its hard being lonely with no trainer
@LittleMoons: I was just asking if she actully could read minds
@Dawn_da_beautiful: WOAH WOAH WOAH HOLD ON A SEC! I just realised you said Vay AND Night. Night can speak Human!?!?!?!?
Dewey. Nya.
@Devin17: I don't really know Dewey that much. He's pretty quiet. He usually stays in between the beach box and the forest box, in the flower garden with Daisy. He also helps Daisy in the clinic, but, we don't really use it much. Oli likes him, or rather, he claims he likes Dewey, but, he did the exact same thing when he was dating Stan, so, I don't believe a word he is saying. I also know that Dewey is scared of him, because Daisy told me some time ago. The Ice drop eevees bully Dewey because he likes flowers, but, I think it's cute.... now that I think of it, I should go and snoop around in his head a bit...
i was gonna post this on the last comic but didnt cause no one would go back and read it why was leafy acting so nice suddenly? Didn't they just almost kill that eevee (remembers pokemon cant die in pc) or uh knock em out or... WHATEVER? wait.... could this be the reason vay has reaction to leafeon? (this was very poorly typed)
Scull <3
@Zoruaeon: Ha! Who do you think I am, I won't ever read the thoughts of my beloved! That's just plain rude!
@Dawn_da_beautiful: What if he doesn't like you...

@Evelyn the eevee: PFF. I doubt it. I mean, he had a crush on me ever since he first saw me~
(OOC: Actually, he thought she was annoying back then, and only started liking her after she evolved, which, is also in the other comic series.)
What other comic series?
@Dawn_da_beautiful: That, and he's a dark type, therefor you can't read his mind, even if you wanted to.
@MinecraftMinun: Shhhhhhhh.
This is juicy art
OMA That was amazing I'm in tears!
I just realized something, Eve is a reverse harem.
omg i cant believe it!! <3
i supposed that eve and oliver was the two eevees that sky are looking for!! this story is fantastic
suponia que los dos eevees que sky estaba buscando eran oliver eve. no puedo creer que acerte! esta historia es fantastica!!

escribi ambos comentarios por que como no se mucho ingles puede no entenderse bien
i wrote both comments because i dont know very much english <3.
@Cobait: I know a little bit of spanish
@Dawn_da_beautiful how about...Blizz! He's got to have SOMETHING up his sleeve! (or fur) Like the green flame stuff they come out of his eyes when he's mad
Theory review time!!! So this basically proves that Oliver was the friend Sora was talking about and that Eve is Sora's kid.
@facecafe2: I think so too.
.......... @facecafe2: ................
@facecafe2: I said that.
@42Meep: oh...
Sorry about that.
@facecafe2 You might be right
Does anyone notice that Oliver is wearing the pendant Eve found in the treehouse, is that where a Oli sleeps or what? If it is than why did he say I dunno?
@Meh: Doesn't want to give away the game (or plot) I guess. Nya.
@Meh: that's what dawn said in this comment section, he sleeps in a tree house.
WAIT A MINUTE.... Dawn can read thoughts?!??
[ Thia makes me seem blur doesn't it]
@SylviaSylveon189: many physic types change, but it's considered very rude.
@SylviaSylveon189: I can mind read to!but I only do it in private or somebody does not mind(get it?Mind read.and they dont mind)(Sigh)
Wow I have just pieced everything together I think I'm correct Hopefully. But anyway the secret thing that Dawn will tell us about an Eeveelution I want Dusk's secret please.
This page solidifies more unconfirmed beliefs to me, and shows some of the ones I already had were indeed correct. Yeeesh.

Anyway, gonna post a second comment for dat juicy secret. Don't normally like to post two in a row, but this be an exception. ( c: )
@ShadowIrorriM: Why did you just... Nevermind
@Lilly : That's the joke.
@ShadowIrorriM: Oh yes, Dawn is the most beautiful and amazing eeveelution in the whole PC, she could be a liiittttle... impish sometimes, but, that is to expected, as with all Pokemon Contest stars. Her beauty knows no bounds, and every Pokemon she meets instantly falls in love with her.... unless he's a CERTAIN HOT- I MEAN STUPID LUCARIO ON IRON ISLAND WHO THROWS RANDOM RIOLU EGGS AT YOU! (OOC: This happened in the other comic series) ... Oh... Did I say that out loud? Tee hee?
pink eve ....OMA @pinkevee22: i LOVE OLIVER me:OMA ALIVER KIESEE MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE U UWU(hxfygvb7s6yudhbgnxkjcdv7byhjx,n.idcuhbxuysdctgxb)
@Gore N the GUYS: Adam? You mean that eevee in Light Fire who wears the Arceus thing around his neck? Sorry. I don't really know much about him.
@CookieEEVEE: same I'm so sad
So Harmony was not the one who gave birth to Eve it was Sora?
@slyeon is cool: Yes.
@slyeon is cool: well we knew harmony wasn't her mom because of the family tree that was released on ask-ssec (the askblog)
And once SSEC reaches 700 fans, the next secret will be.. let's see... Blizz! I'll be looking forward to that!
I hope I'm not copyrighted Dear Pinkeevee222, is it ok that I use Sora as my profile picture? I wasn't sure... I just drew a picture of Sora and liked it... I'm not sure if it is ok. I'll change it if not. :D
@CookieEEVEE: It's totally okay!
Jelly: I don't really care. Can it be l, oh, who should... I vote for Blizz. By the way, Tina, can I ask who Blizz has a crush on? We haven't seen her/him yet.

Ryan: And, in case you've seen Jelly's comic, do I look awesome?
Umbreon cardboard cutout
@cccviper653: LOL
@cccviper653: Umbreon... cardboard cutout? Wha???? Wait... how is this thing on the character list!???
@Dawn_da_beautiful: yeah, I wanna know his secret to getting so buff. and his smile is great too. he's everything anybody would want to be.
K, answer is (look at the last comic)..... Goofy
wass up guys
@facecafe2: Oh? Do you guys know who that pokemon is? I sometimes hear Dusk say that name in his sleep.
Ok, so now that I've finished freaking out...
*Growl yells in the background*
Hiss: Shut up!!! Go play Minecraft or something!!!
Dawn can u bee my frend
@Forever Alone Jimmy: Maybe.
Iwant more to the comic I want more to the comic and i want to be in it, but i want to look like eve but a shiny and a blue bow and blue eyes.
i want to be in it can i be in the comic?can i be a shiny eevee,but a blue bow and blue eyes?
@Erin: Plz don't leave comments like this in the comic section. It is annoying and rude.
First of all, you have to have an account to send in a background Eevee.(Assuming that's what you're going for) If you were going for a main character... That's just REALLY rude, as pretty much only the author can put in main characters. Now if the author actually ASKED his or her commenters what else they should put in the comic, that would be a different story.
Second of all, Pinkeevee already stated that she won't accept shinies as background Eevee's.
Last of all, this is just plain rude. Don't just put a comment in a comment section just to try to convince the author of a comic to place your character into the comic. There are people who actually sent in a background Eevee and are waiting for it to be shown. Please show some respect to the author of this comic. Thank you for reading this. (P.s. sorry Pinkeevee if you don't mind that comment.)
Let's try not to yell at the guests.
*Strange, ghost-like, guest-like, figure hovering over shoulder*
@LittleMoons: did it feel like I was yelling? I didn't think I was too harsh. Cause if it was, sorry about that.
Hello I speak spanish
@Konix: hi! I don't know much Spanish, only the few key words that Dora the Explorer taught me. ( getting a D in Spanish 2 didn't help).
Eve evolving In the ask-blog when future eve got asked how she evolved there was a picture of clef with others evees! Eve will evolve soon
@Lord of pineapples: lol got to see that
I posted this earlier but people keep ignoring it so I'm reposting. @Lord of pineapples: If Eve is Sora's kit, and sora was breed to produce more eevees with her "odd powers," then the futer ssec mon bit on the askblog were eve changes eeveelutions to conceal what she evolves into after what is presumed to be Bow confronting her for "hipnotiseing" all the boys causing her to evolve. But, my therory is that in reality, eve was useing her "odd power" she inherited from sora to change eeveelutions, and she discovers this power after being confronted by bow's posse.
New:so basically my therory is eve DOESN'T evolve, she just discovers her "Odd powers"
@42Meep: I kinda thought that too either way I can't wait!
@42Meep: I actually posted this on an older comic but it was late so no one saw it, just so you know
@Theory maker: Really?
@42Meep: Why does everybody say kit its KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@The Midnight Eevee: we are sort of using sora's terminology. And other reasons, which I don't actually know (someone who dose please chime in)
"Kit" could also be a baby cat, just as "Pup" could be a baby dog (and other members of the Canine family). It is actually corect to call a baby eevee either pup OR a kit, but since Sora refered to a young eevee as a kit, that is the general term people have chosen to use.
@The Midnight Eevee: a kit is a baby fox. And most of the eeveelutions look like foxes.
@Lord of pineapples: Where is it i wanna see it! can you leave a link please?Thank you
I just re-reread the entirity of SSEC, I stayed up till 2 somthing am...
Hey! Dawn! I have a secret for you!

Bella's real name is bamabella

Cam. Actually is a father to a pack of golden doodles mom is Chloe

Aj. Ran away once. Probably mated with a wolf...

Also I like Espeon. I saw one one and was immediately loved it.... That's why I loved Espeon . I love the. Back story. I also say you should be. VERY happy you aren't shiny

I almost cried when I saw Espeon and umbreons shiny . Screw you dusk!!! Don't go around and play PERMANENT pranks on us!

Bella: I want a biscut.

Aj : FOOOD!!!!!

Cam: meh.
I would also like to know what you do in you free time. Coz we never see u
Do YOU or FLame subscribe to Yaoi?

Does this make you a perv too?
@Guest: PFF. Girls can't be perverts, what are you talking about.
(OOC: Did I ever say that Dawn is a giant hypocrite?)
I suck at playing Minecraft on my Xbox1 I was really good at it but now I've somehow managed to become terrible at it.
Ether way. What do you do in your spare time?

Also seriously! Be happy you aren't green.
Yes, yes. I did it too I can't redbone anymore I has da extremely rare case of dumb
@Pinkeevee22: Thanks!
hello,hello do you speak Spanish not sure. I give up?
HOLA I don't speak Spanish.
I do!
:3 @Konix: Hola :D
Luxio: Dawn, you has anymon ever told you that you have a beautiful gem?
Dratini & Goomy: *snickering*
:D Hi Dawn! I'm Sora (Sort of I guess)!
who read my diary
Because I forgot to say this earlier, did anyone notice Oliver's fur is darker and his tail less, uh, floofy (?) the longer he's at the lab?
I'm way late, but Dusk
Its Days Like today that I wonder why 10 people use my phone
Dusk: so can I borrow your phone?
Me: No!
I wonder I wonder if the Eevee of the Story is Oilver or a other Eevee, and i wonder what the next Comic will be about.
@Dibowac12341473013777778: It is Oliver and Sora.
Ok @CookieEEVEE:


Btw your profile pic looks nice.
:3 @Dibowac12341473013777778: Thank you!

No Problem.
Thank you captan obvious @Dibowac12341473013777778: Thank you captan obvious. It is oliver and sora. *It's not like we've had hints for AGE'S and this comic if finaly confirming this info or anything.* (everything between asterisks (these things *****) is sarcasm)
Hm.......listen chap @42Meep:

Hm...., listen chap we all have different questions others have the same questions, and the qustion i have asked may be Obvious but i do not regret asking it.
? @42Meep: ...?
P.s. you spelt ages with an apostrophe and captain wrong and finally wrong too...
@CookieEEVEE: I blame no autocorrect on the comment box and my small mobile keyboard. BTW I tried to comment from my 3DS once. Got really fed up with waiting for it to load.
@42Meep: ok...
aww Eve was cute when she was younger. Oliver looks awesome in the sixth panel, I like how you drew him so detailed.
To so is oliver the eevee with leafeon or not so if you are ¿????????????????????????????
:D I know a name! Flippy!
IT'S SATERDAY! (cheering in background) but, I thought Pinkeevee said two comics this week, three if we get the secret comic. (TTATT) But whatever she probably was spending her time doing more important things like studying for finals or spending time with family. DON'T FORGET TO LIVE YOUR LIFE PINKEEVEE!!!
What kind of secrets does Blizzard have???030
Sorry Sorry I meant Blizz stupid auto correct @Rainbow Flareon:
@ 42Meep
I agree, it's important not to get pushed into doing things for your fans so you can enjoy other things
*MIND BLOWN* holy crap. so eve is soras kid and oliver is kind of a friend/uncle/brother to eve? jeebus
@Dusty Maku: ... I literally said that twice, and alot of people have said that this comic. I wish people read the comments before repeating what's already been said. Sorry if this is rude I'm tired.
No on the comic meanwhile is that slyron she's say the ts going to be fine I don't think so :3
Friends EVE and Dusk can u be my friends plz?
Did anyone else notice Sora?
I kind of like how the bitter oliver is . hes kinda like me as a young eevee
did anyone else notice very young eve playing with bow in panel 14?
Wow, seems like Bow didn't hate Eve when she was still very young.
Wait... So Eve....... O.o, i totally get it now
Is it... @Pinkeevee222: so is sora a girl, or was the eevee with purple pink eyes was miss drawn with eye lashes?

Sorry if this is inconvenient!
Is it?... @Pinkeevee222 Is Sora a girl or did you accidently drew the him/her with eye lashes?
@Asken: I knew what I was doing! Wow! *admires own comic page*
>~<' @Pinkeevee222: sorry! I thought that sky and sora were the same! Super sorry!
The eevee is oliver and the egg hatched into eve, one of the silhouettes from the "was forced to watch" could have been Vay, the necklases, his scarf burning.
I think Oliver is eevee 1134 and eve is the egg he had with him
Hi! I like this comic it makes me smile when I am down and so do all the rest (especially dusk is a dunce comics) annnd I am an idiot
Hi! I like this comic it makes me smile when I am down and so do all the rest (especially dusk is a dunce comics)
was that Vay's shadow in the pic "I was forced to watch" ?
I feel like oliver could relate to the song 'Phoenix'

also, thinking about actually putting this to music, aka composing a score for it... what do you guys think?
*mind permanently explodes*

if the thing is still active... Doki
im a little confused so 1st it looks like hes blushing towards dusk however someone said hes not gay SSECnd i dont think oliver got sent 2 the lab 3rd his eyes r slowly getting darker 4th even his fur is getting darker 5th a replacement 4 wut? 6th how did sora get the egg? i mean, obviously she laid an egg, but *whispers* who did it? *talks normally* ok and there are things im aware of so 1st the absol is the head guy SSECnd (i had 2 do it, ok?) he met sora after the lab turned her into a girl 3rd it seems like the shadows of the ppl/pokemon (not sure which mayb even both) in the 9th panel are someone important (not sure who tho) 4th the egg is eve and was given to oliver from sora 5th eve doesnt realize the story is olivers life story
@Guest: I don't know all the answers but to 1 he is gay I'm even sure the author said so and for 4 I think as you could see he got a neckless when his fur made a more drastic change but the rest I'm still trying to figure out
Cool I am now starting a new ship Oliver X Dusk
I think that one of the silhouettes are vay because I looked really close and saw his hat... @Pinkeevee222 can you confirm this?
One of my favorite comics out of all of the SSEC so far
I reread this and realized Oliver is the eevee!

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