Ball Puzzles


May 28th, 2016, 12:15 pm

It seems like everybody loves Vay, and ignores most of
the other main characters. (Including me) I can see why,
but, that's bad. So, to combat this, I'm going to Lock 
him again in the ask blog (cause, no one is asking Blizz 
anything) And, put the spotlight in the main comic 
on Bolt, because, he is the second to least developed 
character out of the 5 main boy eeveelutions, and, his 
character arc thing starts the soonest. 
FYI. The least developed is Flame)

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YO! Tina here! I didn't get to draw the 3rd comic this week, mostly because the secret took me 3 days to do, the Dawn secret thing (Which I have to finish) and, school.
I use to change the menu thing at the beginning of every new chapter, and because I have time, I'm going to try to start doing that again.... Does anyone remember that? Please say it in the comments section if you do! I also use to draw background eevees I used in the comics on the headers, so, I'll do that if I don't decide to use a theme for that chapter's headers.
Um....oh right! I'll upload an extra comic in Wednesday, or Thursday each week IF I have time. Probably not this Wednesday though, because I have a lot of art trades to do(Well, that, and because I'm graduating High school, but, no one cares about that).
The Design contest's entry period is ending on MAY 31st! Any entries sent after this date will not be judged! Thank you to all who has submitted their entry! The judging period will go of for the whole month of June!
Just in case, BG eevee means Background eevee.... also, how many stars are in the header?
Pinkeevee222, May 28th, 2016, 12:15 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:24 am Reply
Oh, I almost forgot! If you want your already accepted background eevee to appear in this chapter, comment below with the eevee's name
Pinkeevee222, May 28th, 2016, 2:26 pm Reply

Horray!!!!! The comment section is clean again! May this last for the next 10-5 minutes!
Lol wut @Darkstripe AF: we're the he'll did blizz get the flame thrower?!?!?
I meant hell stupid autocorrecter
Wait, why did you change the top?
@Crazyumbreondudegirl : Once upon a time,
There was a Lacario. The Lacario was like a skunk, he lifted up his flap, (because he was mega) and out came a spray of stinkiness! Then, he met a beautiful Eevee at the park. She was lonely, and had a cute little feather boa. She approached him. He said, ”how do you do?” and she replied, “lonely.” All he could do is stare into her beautiful hazelnut eyes. He also felt sorry,but of course he was lonely too. She asked if they can be BFMs (best friendmon) and he said yes! Over the years, they grew more and more fond of each other, and soon they found themselves in a romantic relationship. She loved him, he loved her, and to think he used to be a skunk! PU! Soon he proposed, and she said yes, after a million kisses! Soon Lacario became very sick, and he was gonna die, his last words were, ”if we ever have children, tell them my story….” And then he just died, she touched the spike on his hand, and felt a glow, weird. Oh, and yes did she cry! She cried for 3 long days and nights! Then, one day she looked in the mirror, she looked different, extra furry, and fiery! She looked like her uncle Brucellosis, she yelled, “oh no, im uncle Bruce! But, before she could cry, she realized something, she was mega! When she touched Lacario, she must’ve turned mega. DOUBLE WEIRD! Later, she felt something by her side, it was a Mudkipp! He bit off her hair, he must’ve had super water-biting powers! She screamed and yelled in terror! Later, she felt another thing by her side, before she could yell, she heard a soft “espie” she looked, and there was an Espeon kit by her side. She whispered, “I’ll be your Mommy.” Soon the Espeon (Dawn) grew fond of her, and Eevee had a litter herself. And of course she listened to her husband’s request, she told them his story. Sometimes they laughed, sometimes they cried, but Eevee didn’t care. She loved them, the Espeon,Lacario, and the kids. She was a lover, a dreamer, a laugher, a heartwarming girl. Lacario was happy in his grave, knowing that everything was growing fond of him.

The End!

may you like this.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: this is not what the comment section is for, and it's kinda cliche, but good characters.
@Darkstripe AF: wow I wonder how many times Flame's flamethrower got stolen....
Hi! Wow not many comments...Good job on the comic!
@Wolf: HI! and, Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: Another clean comment box!Awesome!
@Pinkeevee222: I think there is 3 stars.4 if you count that eevee if it is famous and i dont know why i just said that.
Edit:oh wait i see 7 now

Great job on the Comic.
I understand and Congrats on High School. @Pinkeevee222:
I understand if you can't post a Comic on Wednesday or Thursday, and congrats on graduating on High School, and i see 7 Stars in the header.
Wow, okay, the first two panels'... uh, scenery? I dunno what I would call that... looks really good.

Edit: I'm actually super happy about Bolt being a larger focus, btw. Probably my favorite character besides Oliver.
Oliver4lyfe @ShadowIrorriM: Oliver is my favorite eevee too! :D Also, I like the dolls that Eve or Bolt have
Why Vay is popular

He a independent Vaporeon that needs no lady
And yet he has a crush on Daisy
EEEE! The comment section looks so small!!!
(I'm so weird.) (Edit: well, it was earlier...)
I can never get those puzzles either.
I know exactly how Blizz feels in panel 6, been there, done that, now that puzzle rests at the bottom of a 20M deep hole full of gasoline and fire.

Congrats on graduating high-school!
I feel ya Blizz. I gave up on those puzzles ages ago.
There are 7 stars in the header!
...Do I get a cookie? :3
Or did I miss one?
@Midnight-fox18: How do you see seven?I only see three.
Puzzles are very difficult sometimes yet sometimes they are very annoying

I Guess.
OMG!!!She changed the Title,cover,Thingy i dont know whats it called.
@SFXUmbreon: It's called the navigation menu.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh ok!I didint notice that you are on right now.I love and hate those puzzles at the same time.Cause im really good at those
Yay im early!
Those puzzles are difficult! Once you get one in the hole, the other one moves and it's just frustrating! Anyway, these comics are really funny! =D
So many!! So many people are on right Now!!!err 3 i guess i mean 4
Five now 5!!ok il shut up now
@1_Violet_1: BURN BURN BURN!!!
Blizz's face in the 6th and 7th panle reminds me of Chara.
@Zappy the Raichu: chara? Whats that
@SFXUmbreon: Form undertale.
@Zappy the Raichu: Oh ok.I dont really play undertale cause (no offence)I hate that game.
Well I hope Blizz returns flames flamethrower. Also Poor bolt fell of whatever he was on on the page header.
that's my question. why....just was a beautiful puzzle ;~;
@wolf so.... Are yah new to this neck of the woods? I can show you around (and possibly experiment on u to give you pokemon powers like me)
I would've burned the puzzle before I even started....

Do u hate ball puzzle thingys too, Pinkeevee?
@Konix: You can! Just go on the SSEC homepage to read the rules.

um... for your second authors note thing is Yuhi ok?
@MaskedUmbreon: Yup! I was actually about to put her in this comic, but, then I remembered that a ton of other people have been waiting for ages for their background eevee to appear.
Ha, I was born with pokemon powers, being an umbreon (or eevee then). Only catch is im not allowed to use them on yowl, growl, or yelp... which sucks...
Yay Yay a new comic! :D
Congrats on graduating!
@DragonetLaboratory: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: Jet the Dective Eevee
@TucKiD: You are not Jet's owner. You are a guest. -_-"... Ar least I think you arn't, since I forgot to put down the name of Jet's owner in the master eevee list.
@Pinkeevee222: I am the owner :D I just didn't feel like signing in
@TucKiD: Really? Okay then! I had a feeling you were, because the username was familiar.
@Espyius: Zarya and Winston
@BowtheSylveon: Use the template (somewere in the rules), and then he'll be accepted.
i do the same with a similar pluzzle when i done hhahahahahahah
how can i be a background eevee?
@Cobait: Read the rules and fill the template out.
@Pinkeevee222: congratulations about your graduation and...

You told me that Reshki (my Background eevee) is as useless as Eve (I mean he has no job...) What can I do to fix that? .-.
@TheSpanishOne: Really? I don't remember saying that (I mean, it's kinda mean to call someone's Character useless)
You can't really add a job after submitting, actually, I don't even remember mentioning jobs... did I? Because, I'm not suppose to. Only people who wanted there eevee to have a job from the start can get them.
@Pinkeevee222: I forgot what a template is (derp)
@Pinkeevee222: thanks :D
I read these comics with my cousin!
@Konix: Yeah, but you have to use the template.
I graduated as well, so yay! *highfives pinkeevee*
@SkunkWitch: Yay! Congrats!
I know this feeling. It's like "Hey! I just finished this wonderful comic!" *computer crashes and shuts down before I have time to save it*
@Pinkeevee222: No, I mean she has no idea her wish will come true... (Woah, that was pretty mysterious, by my standards. (Aaand you killed it.))
I thought flame only have a blow torch, where did Blizz get that flamethrower?
@Hsowa: he stole it from Flame.
@1_Violet_1: Ok!I steal their guns and use shadow ball cause thats the only dark type move i have.
I can!!! @The Midnight Eevee: I can teach you dark type moves!
Really? @SFXUmbreon: Really?yay im so happy!!!!
@The Midnight Eevee:Where there you go.You gotta change your name now since your not an eevee now
@SFXUmbreon: Ok now my name is just midnight
@Midnight: What'cha gonna be Umbreon Espeon or maybe Sylveon?
@Zappy the Raichu: Well im an umbreon now.If you see the time those comments are posted,its at night so yeah (derp)
uh... I cant even get one in the holes after 5 hours so he's lucky...
haha You changed the top area for the webpage
Eevee His name is Pluto

Nature Naive
House Greenpaw
Gender omg look at the first non comment title word.
He is quick to flee
and he really is just a crazy guy...
:D @Leafeon237: I remember that drawing from the submissions!
@CookieEEVEE: I reposted it so she wouldn't forget it. :)
Better spend 3 more hours repairing it then 3 more hours solving it
@Pinkeevee222: Hey Pinkeevee plz go to this link(he looks sloppy cause it's hard to draw and color on MS Paint):
@BowtheSylveon: I had to draw my submissions and my profile picture on Paint also. It was very hard!
@CookieEEVEE: It's HARD,but FUN!!!! :3
@BowtheSylveon: SO true
@CookieEEVEE: Wait you made a background Eevee too?! What's it's name?
@BowtheSylveon: I didn't make a background eevee but i made a submission for the characters.
@BowtheSylveon: Did you make a character? (I made 5 I think I went overboard)
@CookieEEVEE: YES-Wait do you mean a background Eevee?
@BowtheSylveon: no i mean the character submissions
@CookieEEVEE: Then I don't get what you mean by character submissions. (I'm ten,but I don't know what you mean. *^*)
@BowtheSylveon: Go to home page and then scroll to the first news and click on the 137 comments or something like that and then look at the websites
@CookieEEVEE: Oh now I get it! I have actually NOT made a submission!
@BowtheSylveon: I like how this shifts farther and farther right and it will eventually be one character wide. Lel.
@42Meep: who is deleting my comments to here!
@SFXUmbreon: Its very rude!
@SFXUmbreon: And who deleted the comments section glictch?that was fun!>:(
@SFXUmbreon: and now we must make it back again!
@Espyius: Phlogistinator is fair and balanced. 10/10
dango I only just noticed that. ITS PERFECT SYMMETRY! :3
@Konix: yeah
@Wee: Hello :D (Wee is secretly me because I was writing a comment on my phone and was too lazy to sign in)
Those things are so frustrating
Maybe we could get a reveal of what the eevee detective agency is about? I'm kinda curious about Archie's files.
@chimy19: Hmmm... okay. This chapter is too short anyways. I'll add a comic or 3 about them at the end of it.
Glitches @Pinkeevee222:

Did you notice the Glitches, with some comments.

@Pinkeevee222: Yay! Thanks!
I wonder that aswell @chimy19:
I wonder that aswell, mabey just mabey we could get to know the EDA better.

@Konix: Lets keep on replying untill the profiles are just a little dot XD
@slyeon is cool: WHY IS SYLVEON SPELT LIKE SLY-EON YOU FORGOT THE "v". Sorry i just can't let it slide. You understand right?😆
I'm not commenting as much any more. I wonder why?
THIS IS MY NEW FAVOURITE WEBSITE!! other than email...
@Konix: Ya Totally YOLO! Let's see how small this can get (haha how low can you go?)
@CookieEEVEE: Make it a dot!
@Konix: Yea yolo!
@SFXUmbreon: Highlight the comment to reply buddy!!
@SFXUmbreon: S
@SFXUmbreon: W
@SFXUmbreon: A
@SFXUmbreon: G
@SFXUmbreon: Everybody join in all you got to do is highlight the smallest comment and you can reply!!!!!!!
@SFXUmbreon: Im in! (puts on glasses)Swag!
@Midnight: what the?who put the comments here!
@Konix: LOL
@Guest: hi
@MaskedUmbreon: Eyo folks
I changed my comment @facecafe2: I noticed what happened so I changed my comment XD
@Raini01: okay, sorry I didn't delete my comment yet. Little busy. I'll delete it now though!
Hah @Konix: this is so funny!
@Konix: yeah!! Go glitches!! (jk)
@CookieEEVEE: Then keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@CookieEEVEE: Join the glitch then!!
@SFXUmbreon: This is so funny nobody tell pinkeevee!oh wait.i think she might know already XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@SFXUmbreon: Who cares anyway though.
WAAAAIT!I put who cares in the name instead of SFXUmbreon but who cares!!!
@Who cares!!!: W
@1_Violet_1: Ready to go!
@SFXUmbreon: A
@SFXUmbreon: T
I like it !!!! @SFXUmbreon: I like how this is just shifting over to the right like its about to explode and the profile filter backgrounds are destroyed and the comment section is destroyed and glitched!But WEEEE WE ARE FREEE FREE TO COMMENT WHATEVEVER<WHENEVER,HOWEVER.NO LAWS STOPPING ME!!!!!!!!!!!
@SFXUmbreon: I also like that the comment backgrounds are destroyed to XD
@SFXUmbreon: No this is where it stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it wont mover to the right anymore or shrink! NOOOOOOOO
@SFXUmbreon: wait i might be wrong LOLOLOLOL but still i might be right
@SFXUmbreon: Looks a little like its going to the right but it stopped shrinking :(
@SFXUmbreon: Even sad faces cant fit in the comment box !!!!!!!!!!
@SFXUmbreon: Can I join,too?
uuugh how do you make your picture? on here
@Konix: Okay!Chooooooocoooooooolaaaaaaaaatessss :D
Me want Choooooocoooooolaaaaaatessss
Bloody knife Knife @CookieEEVEE: Ok now somebody tell pinkeevee shw gonna blow up!litterally i have a giant shadow ball ready heheheheheh Im going to get a knife now.
(pulls out knife and sees blood on it)
Oh my god!
Hey Midnight you came over to my house and used a knife right?
@SFXUmbreon: Yes but i did not kill anywun i prowmiwse.I think i saw Lune holding it to
blizz it was just a teddiursa puzzel.
@CookieEEVEE: last time a had a glitch i fell through the world straight to the wall of flesh in terrari(ps i like this game)
Ok......This is Messed up,@Pinkeevee222,I think you should make a new rule:Don't continue a gilch comment train.Giltches in the comment section happens,it's fine,But it's not fine to continue.If you see one:Break it with a longer comment.Plz this is the reason I don't comment here a lot anymore,I don't want my relevant comments to get stuck in a virtuall smackjeeves Missingno.


Don't let this happen again...
@Darkstripe AF: Well, I could always delete a comment, and bring the glitching to a stop, but, I have already given up trying to stop them. (Most of the people that usually make irrelevant comments are congregating over there anyways.) I'm just waiting for someone to do something super stupid that will make me turn off comments all together.
Cause, Wynaut?
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry on behalf of me and Bow The Sylveon... We were having a conversation and well it got out of hand and a BUNCH of people replied. But you have to admit, the glitch IS pretty funny. :3
@CookieEEVEE: It's not your fault that happened, the people wanted to see what would happen if they kept on replying. And, It's not really that funny.
Hey PinkEevee!Is Dawn still here?If yes/no.I don't think that she's a furry I mean she's far from being a furry.Because I like to draw some female animal characters when I was still young that I didn't know that they are furries.They are the reason why I know how to draw/draw pokemon.Well...It brings back memories and I know all about them(almost)
Here they are(the one I draw when I was little) and go search them in the internet:
Lola Bunny(From Looney Tunes)
Penelope the Cat(From Looney Tunes)
Minerva Mink(From Tiny Toons)
Fifi La Fume(From Tiny Toons)
I miss them so much that now I started drawing pokemon and anime all the time TTvTT.Have you ever watch the movie Space Jam?
@Reyna178: Dawn will only reply to comments made on the last page, but, she is still here.
And, I know she isn't a furry, I know because I drew furries before I knew they were furries too.
I actually have the movie Space Jam on VHS (The VHS is a very ancient technology that was used before the DVD replaced it.)
Your drawing style actually reminds me of Looney Toons, so, I'm not surprised that you drew them when you were little.
@Pinkeevee222: i saw your youtube channel. it has your name on it just without the 222 at the end. it really REALLY needs to improve. just being honest!
@slyeon is cool: Oh! That isn't my Youtube channel! What a coincidence, cause, just a few minutes ago, my brother showed it to me and said someone stole my identity, or something. I don't mind though.
Here is my REAL Youtube channel-
Hmmm... I should upload more Youtube videos... -_-"
But, I'm too busy to finish all of the ssec 'animations' I planned.

Also, I don't Ship Sonic and Shadow. SHADOW IS TO COOL FOR SONIC!
@Pinkeevee222: I apologize for being part of glitch in the website... And I'll try to be LESS stupid when it comes to stuff like this.
@LittleMoons: Im sorry to i was over reacting when that glitch happened
@Werewolf kid: flareon's name is Flame
Idea So I thought of an idea for something you could use eevee acadamy for Pinkeevee! (or use this idea esleware I don't Realy care) use E.A. to show us other parts of the PC like stores or other commonplace items of modern civilization. Show us more about the everyday life of the Mon, and less this big important main Mon stuff.
@42Meep: Eevee Academy doesn't take place in the PC. And, why would I make another comic just to focus on SSEC side characters? If I wanted to focus on them, I can just make a one-shot comic, or a whole chapter about them.
@Pinkeevee222: Yay! You deleted the glitch! :3
lol @Pinkeevee222: not be be mean but I agree with blizz that is a stupid puzzle
I have a feeling ssec is going to update rignt about now..
I know @Pinkeevee222: the number of stars is ...
Phantom : 3 !!!
Mangle : shut up Phantom that was my line
Phantom : sorry mangle
I can't believe it! My background eevee made it to here! I'm soooooo happy! Thanks!
Am back because this comic had been on
Favorites and it didn't let me use the
star count i counted four hidden stars in the header.
who is the back ground eevee
Stars I see 4 stars.

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