June 11th, 2016, 9:51 am

Two weeks ago, I said that Vay is going to start appearing less... but then, I realized I had a 3-5 chapter arc about him, Blizz, and Daisy coming up really soon. An arc that can not be moved due to plot reasons... Why do I do these things!

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Finally! John has been finally introduced! He lost his title as my favorite eevee a week or two ago, but, he now has a chance to reclaim his throne, cause, I'll be drawing him more than my new favorite eevee for now.
Anyways. The top ten designs have been picked! Even though I told the judges to not judge how good the drawing is, it seems like some of them did exactly that anyways.
Since I had so many designs, I decided to accept 3-4 out of the 10 top designs. Next week I am going to put a poll up with all 10 top designs for you guys to vote on the one you like the most. Voting will go on until July the 4th. After voting, 2 or 3 other designs will be chosen with the titles "Luca's pick", "Astro's Pick" and/or "Tracy's pick" These designs will all become Minor or Major characters (NOT main characters) in SSEC, along with the one chosen from the public voting. (These will be picked with the personalities of each mod in mind)

So, I picked one that bypasses voting and become a character in the comic. This is "Pinkeevee's Pick". This design did get enough judge points to go into the public voting round, but, I didn't want to put it in the voting round because I felt like it wouldn't be fair to the design that barely made it in. I think the reason why I choose this design is because I am very biased about this eeveelution, since it is my favorite.... I think... So, without further delay, Pinkeevee's pick is...
If this is your design, or you know the person who drew the design, DO NOT SAY IT IN THE COMMENT'S SECTION.

Speaking about the comment's section... no, I'm not even going to say anything about it. Just know, that this comic was COMPLETELY DONE on Monday of last week. So, I could have uploaded it on Wednesday. *Sarcastically says* I wonder why I didn't upload it.

Wow. That's a long wall of text....
I'm gonna eat waffles now.
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John is so cute!
I can obviously tell dusk hates his mother but everybody already knew that.also the last panel,dusk is all like THUG LIFE!
Dusk is Dawn's older brother.
Harmony is Dusk's & Dawn's mother.
John is Dawn's twin brother so
Dusk is John's older brother.
so Harmony is Dusk's & Dawn's & John's mother.
Who else is Harmony the mother of?
Is this right?
@9rainbowtails: I think all the eevee's except 1-2 who are the fathers of them.
@Gothimo: and nego, eve, non eeveelutions, night, sky(?), Sora(?).
Harmony is the Mother of most of them
Except a few
@9rainbowtails: Harmony is mother almost all the eevees and main eeveelutions
@Theory maker: except eve.
John Has a HALO.i saw this already in Pinkeevee's website so yeah XD why do i keep putting XD hmmmm?XD
who is that background eevee?
Two weeks to exams: and one of my teachers, gives me an ISU, that is super long, and i have one week to hand it in finished and on time, else I fail the class.
Well, this is quite the day for breakthroughs for me.
Can he fly?
He probaly can cause he is
*plays the john cena song*

I rather like the new character. Can't say I'm a fan of floaty wings on characters however, but I do think that the halo is pretty cute.
I made an O.C. with floaty wings once.
It was a telepathic, flying pencil.
No joke.
It's JOHN CENA!!!!!!

(It was necessary X3)
@Midnight-fox18: Reggie: And reMEMEber...

@bluefiredragon: i remember u and ur fight w espeon it was hilarious especially “git gud”
Well That Was Predictable.
Yay, a new Umbreon!
@DragonetLaboratory: New umbreon?You mean eevee cause we had dusk forever

I believe he's referring to the "Pinkeeevee's Pick" character.
@ShadowIrorriM: ohh then why didint he comment on pinkeevee's pick character?oh wait he might not have an account buuut im gonna go watch some videos so ByE!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Pinkeevee said that if you made the character or you know who made it Don't comment who made it or that you made it.
@Zappy the Raichu: I didint make it and i dont know who made it so yeah.
...cracks your backs As expected from Dusk well....GO BREAK HER BACK DUSK! Take your revenge.
Dusk has no regrets
@Konix: Awesome profile picture! It's Amazing!
:D Well i saw this Comic twice now first time on Deviantart and Second time here on Smackjeeves.

And i see now that Umbreon really really hates his Mother but we all know why.

And great job on the Comic Tina, you have put alot of effort in the Comic to get it done on Monday, so anyways have a great day.


But i guess i should limit commenting for um... reasons.
@Konix: You Are Welcome.
mother nature or their mother?
@Darkstar29: Their mother.
Bruh I feel like I'm the only one who reads the description lol
BTW nice comic!
@Person: Well your not!!!
Hey pinkeevee, were they good? Good waffles?
@memorycrushking: Nope. The waffles tasted horrible....
I'm still going to eat the rest of them.
@Pinkeevee222: Syrup makes everything better.
@memorycrushking: Pfff. I used brand name syrup, and it did nothing to help. NOTHING!
Here! *starts raining home made waffles on pinkeevee *
@SylviaSylveon189: "IT'S RAINING" waffles "FROM OUT OF THE SKY" waffles "NO NEED TO ASK WHY!" -Raining tacos, (But with waffles)
@Pinkeevee222: you use brand name? no wonder they taste awful.
*hands home-made syrup* here I just made a batch recently, haven't tested it yet, but the recipe never seems to fail.
@Pinkeevee222: to fix tho waffle problem! Use a berry flavor surope then put whipp creams on top of that then add some real berries and if you want, add more surope! ((I completely misspelled that but oh well))


Rainbow: [Oh, not again...]

[] means thoughts. Rainbow can't talk with her mouth, but she is able to talk to us in thought-speak (like in Animorphs).
@Pinkeevee222: You could solve your comment section problem by banning the right people.
@Nashew: I know, but, that would be really mean
@Pinkeevee222: I feel like the people who deserve to be banned, well... deserve it. Give a warning first maybe.
@Nashew: he has a point, giving warning's to people before punishment can give time for adjustment, and if I'm over posting i can easily cut back.
Well about that. @Pinkeevee222:

Well... like Nashew said about the ban thing, giving people a warning first would be well helpful.

I myself have banned people in some communitys and well it solved the problem but it didn't gave me alot of satisfaction as there is always the chance people might be banned again its like a endless cycle, but this is just my experience of banning people.
John, John, John. You told dusk not to do something that would hurt the person who sent him and all his (notable) siblings to a lab to be experimented on. Did you Realy expect him not to do the thing?
@42Meep: also the alt text says that Blizz Vay and Dasy are getting a story ARC, not chapter, arc, that will be filled with plot. YAY PLOT!
@42Meep: I read alt text from last comic. wait... HEY!!! MIKU IS AWESOME!!! (#LUVSYLVEON)

In my opinion, banning is the same as simply ignoring a problem rather than trying to fix it.

Not to say it doesn't have its uses in extreme cases, but, I have yet to see anything in these comments that really warrants something as big as a ban.
Dusk you savage.
@Pinkeevee222: Well I geuss Dusk really hates his Ma and I can see why, also love the comic. Nya.
@Devin17: i hate her too.
@slyeon is cool: SUPER HUZZAH!
Oh Dusk...AND JOHN IS ADORABLE!!!!!!! I have a suspicion that John loves Harmony,and what would he do if Harmony did ACTUALLY break her back because of Dusk?
PinkEevee... You still post your comics on Sundays here in my Country.TTvTT
Me too
So we BOTH get comics a day late D:
@SylviaSylveon189: ... OR A WEEK EARLY!
No a day late when this comes out on sat, we get this on Sunday
@Espyius: ...What?
@BowtheSylveon: how do you not know about karma?!?!?!Well you will get to it
Hey Pinkeevee,Whats your favorite food?
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I'm willing to bet not store brand waffles.
@42Meep: yup
@Espyius: Karma is a Hindi belief, along with Moksha and Samsara. How do I know? My Dad was born in India.

Edit: he is not Hindi himself but I know these things.
John:dont step on a crack or youll break mamas back!!!!
Dusk:(Savage-mode activaded)
Dusk:stepstepstepstepstepstepstepstepstep contined...
Background eevee:doesnt give a shit...
come on umbreon itll work eventually 〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)&a mp;#12316;
@Dusty Maku: What now
Pinkeevee do you have an instagram? (to lazy to log in)
@memorycrushking: Nope.
Step on that crack! Break Harmony!!
@Pinkeevee222 Ok so this chapter is about Bolt and you mentioned that Dawn is the least involved character so will the next chapter be about her or someone else...
woo yeah, pinky picked a bre! :3 With just a few more bre's on the net, we will dominate all cute/cool things! Everyone must join the Eevee master species or faint! It's the rei-cough-right thing to do and you all know it!

The next comic might consist of mother in a mangled wreck of fur and bone due to Dusk's square dancing antics but that might be too violent for most of the fans here. :P
@cccviper653: Um...What?
john is so cute it should be illegal
@RioBlitzle: Agreed, Oliver and hopefully Dusk (heheee) are gonna have a field day with this guy.
Pink eevee, can John fly?
@Guest: if he is john cena
is anybody gonna watch finding dory? if so, tell me hoe excited you are

I meant how, stupid autocorrect.
when are you gonna update eevee academy? *starts crying*
@crazyumbreondudegirl: I'll upload the next page of Eevee Academy when I get tired of drawing SSEC again.
Breaking backs @Pinkeevee222: more like unbreon will break his back. LOL!
Nooooooo @Pinkeevee222: nooooo, you must upload eevee academy!!! I wants more dj!!!
@ShinyUmbreonNamedHiss: Well, the next page IS almost done. I just have other things I have to do that is more important than finishing it.
lol @Pinkeevee222: he broke his mothers baaccc... wait nvm because he got punched on the eye so hahaha karma
@Guest: true thats is karma
I want friends on the PS4, my thinger is Iilan192. please add me. I'm on 2 hours a day, 30 mins. at a time, I'm talking to anybody here.....
FINALLY! We meet John:)
oh! hello again im pretty sure you'd know which guest this y the time this comment is read.......
aj/bella are shaved aj dosent care but bella is proably sulking in the bushes with embarrassment ...

cam is not cream antmore! I thought he was cream but...... that was thrugh about puppy to 1 yr old that I was around him a lot.... I saw a new pic of him yesterday and he is BRIGHT BELLA GOLD! looks just like a male bella! soooo imma just pretend I never sawdat pic ... coz that wat set him apartfrom bella mostly........... ~thinking~......... .... those were the good old days... when cam was young he'd allways greetaj and bella in the morning and bring aj and bella a ball ocasiionally.... our other 2 dead... pomerainian mixes didn't care.... ~sniff~ I knew Brodie sice I was born.... oly thing that kept em apart was the fence acroos the back yard ~sniff~ Brodie and buckshot... poor babies... ..... I tear up thinking aboutthem...
fence.... kept aj/bella and cam apart. Brodie hid nder th back porch steps and buckshot is Houdini and probably was on the porch or trying to dig a hole under the fence... I bet aj helped buckshot coz of his TINY paws.
yo pinkeevee have you tried REAL maple syrup? It's soooo good.
Maybe if John didn't tell Dusk then he wouldn't have stepped on the crack that much. Dusk is such a rebel
Lol Dusk's mom does diserve to die after she did all those evil things and stuff it's just duh bad stuffs okay
Hey pink eevee What's going to happend with Eve?!
In the fifth panel John looks so confident that he's right its adorable.
:l @Espyius: hey I wonder what happens if you give unbreon and glaceon an Xbox 36 cuz I know unbreon and flavoring love the internet.
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: gaming console not made by Nintendo don't exist in the pokemon universe.
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi:

so many spelling mistakes..
@Pinkeevee222: what is more important than eevee academy?
crazyumbreondudegirl: except ME of course!
crazyumbreondudegirlman: that's enough bragging, son.
girl: shut up you dork...
and Pinkeevee222, sorry....
me: it's ok
girl: I wasn't apologizing to you, you, umm... I don't have an insult! GO IN THE CORNER AND WATCH NEMO FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!!!!
Karma is also the magic in the Sims that lets you torment or help them
I've been playing too much...
I knew it!
Lol I think I'm ok with his moms back lbeint broken >:3 Lol I think I'm ok with his moms back lbeint broken >:3 heck maybe he should put her in a room with black purloins's with hammers that are about to break mirrors under ladders! Uh no. Eh just let rayquaza mangle her
I want friends on the PS4, my thinger is Iilan192. please add me. I'm on 2 hours a day, 30 mins. at a time, I'm talking to anybody here.....
@Konix: Why don't ya draw comics about an eevee that was special and had a crush on some other eevee and they went to a special mission? Just giving a little idea for ya.
@Evelyn the eevee: Or story
@jellybeaner: what's the link? and I will check it out if you have a PS4 and you are going to friend me at Iilan192

do you have overwatch or LBP?
@crazyumbreondudegirl: ... I am very sorry to say this, buuuut... I unfortuantly do not have a playstation 3/4, XBox (any of them), or WiiU.
idea: @Konix: 3 dogs are sleeping
1 dog is glad
another dog is sad
the last dog was mad

the glad dog's name is blu
the sad dog's name is ryu
the last dog's name is flu

blu jumped in the pool, as happy as he can be
ryu jumped in the shade, so he can cry whenever he wanted
and flu stayed inside, dreaming of killing little foxes

Alyssa goodermont (crazyumbreondudegirl)
@Konix: Why not draw something about a Pokemon who dies but doesn't die and then becomes a snubbull
@Konix: are saying you want to Co Author SSEC? I'm not saying she will,but if Pinkeevee says no,don't feel bad! You can always make the guest comic,I was gonna but now I don't feel like it anymore. That's still a very awesome privilege to have! The only reason I don't want to anymore is because I've got 6 comic sites. If you want to co author one,just tell me.
@Konix: You could be a lot of help,though my style is drawing with paper and pencil and coloring with colored pencils.
Hey pinkeeveewe we are all inspired by some comics to draw some comics here is the comic I'm inspired and its powerpuff girls D!
@Reyna178: Oh! I read that one before I started SSEC! It's awesome!
@Pinkeevee222: Hello! I have ANOTHER link for you! It's take 3 of you-know-what. It's also on a template, but it's much neater than the one on MS Paint. Here it is:
ok i dont get it? why is bow in love with clef? in love,loss and poke magzine we see him trying to win eves heart with a DEAD RAT! thats 100% disgusting! bow you have some wierd taste in men!
@slyeon is cool: One word. Cupid.
@slyeon is cool: I know you are talking about the EEVEE Bow, correct? Cause I'm a BOW, too... AND I WOULD NOT LIKE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO WIN SOMEMON OVER WITH A DEAD RATTATTA!!!!! (Ack I can't spell!)
Midnight where are you!(sniff)
Jelly: yes, yes it is. (sniffs). I was abandoned in Sploder City when I was just a little puppy. I was alone and scared at first... but then later I realized that they got rid of me on purpose, mostly because they found out that I would be the next Jellybean Queen, and they hated jellybeans. So, later on, I went to school; met Era, Tori, and Duncan; graduated; became the Jellybean Queen; got a minecraft world; met everyone else; and all that has led up to today.

Era: my dad, Professor Barronco the 3rd, is pretty rude to everyone, including my friends, but then again, he is still the leader of the rabbid army.

Ryan: My mom doesn't like me because I like waffles and pewdiepie, and she doesn't like sam because he is a hacker.
@jellybeanier: DUUUUUUUDE

@jellybeanier: you go to the top of your webpage....
you highlight the top words....
while it is highlighted you hover over and right click...
press "copy"....
go over on here....
and post a comment..
in the comment...
right click....
tou will see "paste"...
post it...
let me enjoy.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: oh okay.

SFXUmbreon:You didint know how to post links!!!!(Laughs)
Light:Ok not even im dumber than that!
Fresh:(Walks by and looks at SFX and Light)(Walks away)

SFXUmbreon:(looks suspiciously at jellybeanier)
Lune:so much capital screaming these days
Ryan: jelly left in a raging fit, and told me that if she is made fun of or whatever like that anymore, to call my uncle tender dragon over, just a warnung
dawn has a twin
Hey, I'm kind of new to this but I read all of the previous comics so I kinda get the feeling of everyone's personalitys and whatnot, but can anyone tell me the times that these are posted? Thanks you!
@ClapHappyAlchemist : Hi! Stupid Short eevee comic updates between 9:00am-2:00pm EST every Saturday.

I Have Been Up All Night (UK Time Zone)
@Dusk Plush Gang: have you ever played Pixelmon?
I love this comic, and you're one of my favorite artists! Keep up the amazing work, and thank you for making this awesome comic =)
@Cilantro: Thank you!
John= john cena
I Love Dusk... (skips off using baby-doll eyes)
When I see dusk in the last panel all I can think of is cotton eye joe
@Pinkeevee222 WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME
:D @Konix: cool i like mlg stuff
R.I.P dusk mother...(giggles)

sorry dusk dance is so funny I not joking

dusk:you have a go again buddy

me:no no no enough

dusk(same silly dance)

me:(Laughes and choke food)

dusk( stop dancing and goes to bathroom)

me(chokes badly and throw up)



john(pass me and go to the crack)

john:why umbreon-chan why don't you care your mother(cries)

me:Really? J
umbreon-kun is so naughty.....
who is the back ground eevee (im going to ask this everytime i see a back ground eevee that you don't say the name of)
leafeon so serios John is actually my first name? does anyone here like roblox xd?
oma if i were dusk id totally do that
i just realized bolt hardly shows up anymore

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