~you break your mother's back


June 18th, 2016, 11:18 am

That eevee on the header is not Dusk.
But, he looks like him, right?

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If you do not know who Amanita is, don't ask me, Google it. The design contest finalist drawings haven't been finished yet, but, I only have 3 more to draw, so, I'll try to finish them by the end of today. If I don't, I'll finish it on Tuesday.
Pinkeevee222, June 18th, 2016, 11:18 am Reply
Advertisement, November 18th, 2019, 11:16 pm Reply
HEY YOU GUYS! I finished setting up the design contest voting thingy.

To vote, go here- http://goo.gl/forms/Wa9E7AHNg5TykTmR2

This is to prevent bias. Instead PM me. You can say if you drew a particular design when the contest is over and when the winners have been chosen. On the next comic, I will put up a few of the judges comments (Without exposing their identities, of course.) Cause, I want to see what happens.
Pinkeevee222, June 21st, 2016, 12:50 pm Reply

I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I am, because lets face it, the witch had it coming.

Also Amantia is a genus of over 600 deadly mushrooms, that's all i know and google seems to know.
first of all: why is the samoraut smiling?!?

Does anybody body have a PS4?
i'm Iilan192
@crazyumbreondudegirl: i also didn't sleep, i swear i slept for only 5 hours, i fell asleep on the couch....

my eyes hurt
Dusk Shall Be FREE!
I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for Harmony or be glad for Dusk.
Be glad for Dusk, of course!
Why wouldn't we be happy for this wonderful random umbreon to be free from the oppression of his mother?
(Plus, the pokemon center should fix and heal Harmony till she feels good as new, sooo...)
@Midnight-fox18 and @Pinkeevee222:I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the Pokemon Center can heal Harmony of her broken back AND her meanness! Like she suddenly becomes a nice kind Mother to Dusk!!!!!! That would be a surprise~
does any body eat waffels? TELL ME NOW.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Yeah DUH
Dusk's Manly Tears Of Joy And FREEDOM!

I'm going to stop commenting now.
Wow. I agree with you Rainbow...should I be happy for Dusk or sympathetic for Harmony?
@Pinkeevee222: Who's that Eevee in the header?
@BowtheSylveon: I can't tell you who he is. But, he was very important.
@Pinkeevee222: AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
@BowtheSylveon: I WANTED TO KNOW TOO!! Aww... I'm sure he'll show up later in the series tho.
@BowtheSylveon: I know who but I won't say (I say this because I have seen dem eyes) for 1. Spoilers 2. Might be wrong 3. You probably figured it out because this is old.
@Pinkeevee222: going to take a pot shot in the dark here and say night, just cause why not.

Oh and nice touch with the dunce hat.
I thinkz its night
I thinkz its night
So this is....Amanita... @Pinkeevee222:

So the word, Amanita means Mushroom?
@Dibowac12341473013777778: Amanita is the Bill of unova
Um... @Guest:

Um...i don't recall anyone named Bill from unova the only Bill i know of Pokemon, is the on of the Manga but he is from Johto?

But after some research i found a person named Amanita but that person is from the Manga.
Bill from Kanto, the creator of the P.C. Loves collecting Pokémon.
His Unova version is Amanita.
... And that's all I can figure out, 'cause I'm just putting together context. I've never played Unova.
Well @Guest:

Well i did play Pokemon White it takes place in Unova, but... i did not comeplete it for other reasons.

And after some research i found out that Bill created the PSS (Pokemone Storage System) of Kanto and Johto, but Amanita is not Bill or any version of Bill, Bill is Bill and Amanita is Amanita, well i believe that atleast.

And i also found out that Lanette created the PSS of Hoenn.

And Bebe created the PSS of Sinnoh.

And Cassius created the PSS of Kalos.

Idk who will create the PSS for the Alola Region.

Anyways have a great day.
FREEDOM! Dusk is finally free from the horrid dunce cap and also revenge at its finest.(Great job!)
@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: I feel a little bad for Harmony...(Plz don't hate me cause I feel bad for Mother...)
@BowtheSylveon: why do you feel bad for her?
@Zappy the Raichu: Zappy,she's a Pokemon. More than that,she's a parent. Pokemon need to be respected,even if they are very mean. Dislike me if you want to,but even Harmony needs love.
@BowtheSylveon: she sent innocent Pokemon to the "lab" all because two of them loved Dusk and the others tried to bring justice on her.
@Zappy the Raichu: What? Oh yeah...the "lab"? I don't get it.
@BowtheSylveon: the "lab" is a awful place.
@Zappy the Raichu: Oh. I did not know that.
@BowtheSylveon: yeah, and remember, the main mons were literally sent to a lab to be experimented on, BY THEIR MOTHER! (Harmony)
@BowtheSylveon: I think they torture pokemon in the "lab". I really don't know.
Good for you Dusk! XD
Sweet victory. XD
Dusk have completed his mission Dusk have done his mission to hurt his mother.

I also chose Oshawatt.
That is a very very cute Samurott.
I need to hug it!
YES!!! YES!! yes! Finally harmony's gets the pain she deserves!! at least for a while
Let us All Rejoice!!!!!!!!
*Shoots Bags of Marshmellows from a Rocket launcher*
Marshmellows anybody?
@Darkstripe AF: Rocket propelled Marshmallows (or RPM For Short)! Best Idea EVER!
@Darkstripe AF: let us rejoice with the power of marshmallows!!
@Darkstripe AF:

I would like some Marshmellows.
@Darkstripe AF:
SFXUmbreon:ME ME!also dusk,why you so random?!?!?! XD XD XD XD
@Darkstripe AF: AMEN!!

yummy marshmallows!
@Pinkeevee222 Why you put "brake"
@Konix: I put "brake" because The title for this comic is actually the end of this Chapter's title, which is "If you step on a crack~"
Dusk For President! Vote Dusk For President!
@Dusk Plush Gang: you suck
@SslllAtthi: Please be nice in the comment section.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I Hate Your Faces
@Athi :
Calm down, *foriegn swear*
Also, how can you hate my face if you haven't seen it?
Unless you're that creepy kid with the camera.
If you are, go away, I filed a restraining order.
@I am me.: I live on a moon.
@Athi: You Can't live on The moon
@Athi: look a hater
@Guest: your a hater NOW TAKE OFF LIKE A 7 47
@Athi: Nope...
@Athi: That's no moon
Wait if u live on the moon, do u live on moon's head?
STOP!!!!!!!!! @SylviaSylveon189:
@Dusk Plush Gang:
@ others involved
PLEASE STOP! We can't fight! First of all, Pinkeevee222 will be mad, and secondly, we will all just leave feeling worse inside! It doesn't matter who started it, just that PLEASE, let it end now, before this whole thing spirals out of control. Please?
@LittleMoons: I wasn't fighting
All I did was make a Star Wars reference :P
@LittleMoons: I wasn't arguing I know he doesn't live on the moon I know the real him.
@LittleMoons: stop sticking your ugly face into other people biusnis I'll make you take off like a 7 407
@Athi: Woah,You don't have to Be like that,we are a friendly comment section.This isn't the place were you can start a flamewar...

And before you give me a:"Shut your ugly face out of other peoples business" Look at some commenters like:Kalpauf,pokepokepoke and stareevee and etc.

They thought they could Run their mouths and get away with it.We dealt with people like them.DON'T and I mean it- Don't makes us deal with you.
@Athi: You have no evidence that LittleMoons' face is ugly
...Unless you stalk her... *le gasp*
@Athi: You do not want to be like stareevee just saying that name gives me the shivers.
@Athi: I don't want to keep the fire burning, but Athi, if you are going to be mean to some people who are just playing a bit of character support in the comment section, I don't know... I just can't take it.
@Athi: athi now you're just being like harmony.
I HOPE HARMONY DIES FROM THIS! (i feel my sins crawling back)
@Konix: I know!!!!! *long sigh* Every mon needs love...
@Pinkeevee222: who's the other eevee in the second panel?
@Yuvalis: Lem.
@Zappy the Raichu: I had the same Question and now thinking about it makes sense.
@Yuvalis: That would be Lem.
I don't think I ever drew him IN a comic before, but, I did explain things about him here---> http://stupidshorteeveecomic.smackjeeves.com/comics/2133578/chatting-part-1/
Jelly: wait, if the trainer's in nimbasa city, then... HOW MUCH LONGER UNTIL SHE GETS TO FREAKIN KALOS!?
@jellybeanier: Don't worry. she already got all of the gym badges. That was just the Pokemon center I was at when I started up my black 2 game.
@Pinkeevee222: oh, okay. but when does she get to the league, though?
@jellybeanier: She is too afraid to challenge the elite 4.
OMG @Pinkeevee222: IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!
so that's what he meant I thought he was gonna break mother nature cX
@Darkstar29: fiu
The more you know Amanita is a type of fungi that contains 600 types of species of agarics your welcome everyone who doesn't know what Amanita is
@Pinkeevee222: at least you got better at drawing people :)
Dusk is so lucky because he's free from his mom, I'm jelous
HES FREE! *sets off fire works*
@Espyius: My Guess is it would explode harmony's Back
@Pinkeevee222: So if Harmony has dies, Amanta will replace her? That's scary
No, Amanita is the woman who made the Unova PC.
She's like the Bill of Unova.
@I am me.: because Amanta gives out eevees
@CookieEEVEE: I don't want Harmony to die, even if she was so mean...
@BowtheSylveon: mean is a understatement.
@Zappy the Raichu: What do you mean, "understatement"?
@BowtheSylveon: I mean she's pure evil.
@Zappy the Raichu: Oh. BUT I CAN NOT STAND A POKEMON DYING,EVIL OR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:|
@BowtheSylveon: if harmony dies, most of the eeveelutions who went to the lab would probably be happily eating darkstripe's marshmellows the back of a pink fluffy unitato who poops rainbows and wears swag glasses
@SylviaSylveon189: *frustrated sigh* I KNOW,JUST IF HARMONY DIES-fine. Let's put it this way. If Harmony dies and all the Eeveelutions are let free,I'll be half happy,half sad. You see,a Pokemon dying would kill me. Even more,an EEVEE dying,don't expect to see me commenting happy stuff for a while. I know Harmony is evil,but I like Pokemon,good or evil,and I've got feelings toward each one. Each feeling is different at the moment. On one paw,I'm feeling happy for Dusk. On the other paw,I'm feeling very sympathetic for poor Harmony. (Plz don't kill me because I feel sympathetic feelings towards Harmony...)
@BowtheSylveon: As I can agree on your point of view,you can't expect Pinkeevee to draw some "Mary-Sue" Eevee is gonna give Harmony the Philsophy.Or drawing me smacking her so hard,Chuck Norris would be inpressed.Nope,that would ruin the flavor of this comic(Damn,I sound like Clian now) Even if Pinkeevee does that and make Harmony change,She will still have a pass sins haunting her(in the form of a Haunter LOL)Besides,it either this imperfect mother or incest (Dusk x Harmony)
Congrats, Dusk. Harmony had it comin'.
I'm like dusk when my brother goes some were
(He is annoying)
Alright, Dusk. Seems like about right time to rejoice. Why don't we YOLO with some more skittles? *Sneaks number for MassDeliveredSkittles under invisible table*
@ClapHappyAlchemist :
Beautiful, so beautiful.

*cries a manly tear while clapping*
Random: "Harmony, you deserve a cookie" *in mind:* 'a poisoned one' *goes to dusk* pay up, it costed me a fortune

Emma: "seriously Random?!"

Random: "what?"

Emma: "..."
About the header eevee... Is that Night? Wavy/curly tail...yellow eyes.... I dunno. I'm just guessing. Also, I love that Samurott. That's one of my favorite starter evolutions.
@FastFlameTyper: possible, although night is weird, in more ways than one. We only have one image of an eevee night, assuming it is the same night, and not dusk who named his clone after what he was gona change his name too. (See archive 41)
@FastFlameTyper: I think it's Night.
You can tell things said in human are in human because they are put between asterisks (*these things*)
If this universe follows cartoon logic, won't she be healed by the next few pages?
@Littledc: That would be true in some instances. But, because this follows cartoon logic, she will not be healed until I want her to be... Actually... I don't think I ever drew her healed... hmm.... I have to fix that.
@Pinkeevee222: sounds like that's going to be a pain in the back. I am terrible with puns.
@Guest: Wait,Wait,I got one,I feel Harmony got Backstabbed by her son.I really feel there will be a crack in this relationship.*krcitune chirping*
Its a good thing I had discover something.Before the lab event.
Blizz use to be agressive,but sometimes calm to soften his mood and loves to eat all the time
Vay's name use to be Jay,he is always happy,likes to cheer up Doki when she is sad and he is the best friend of Blizz
Flame use to be scared,shy,quiet,doesn't want to go near anymon except for his brothers
Bolt use to be useful,always help those in need
Dusk real name is Night,calm,smart,doesnt like Dawn(but now he had change),loves Sora(Sky's original name...maybe)and the twin of Sora
True eye colors
Dusk-yellow(his calm self)
Bolt-red and blue (his useful self)
Flame-dark orange(his shy and quiet self)
Blizz-green(his agressive self)
Vay-light blue(his happy self)
Looks like Vay and Blizz switch nature or something.Blizz had an amnesia because of what had happen in the lab.Their eyes change colors to show their original self.
Dusk-Red to Yellow(Night)
Sora-Pink to SKY blue
Bolt-Purple to Red and Blue
Flame-Dark blue to Dark orange
Blizz-Blue to Green
Vay-Dark blue to Light Blue
That's Dusk original self (Night) is the eevee in the header.
True name of Dusk is Night
True name of Sky is Sora.
*claps hands*
I could never have figured that out
I think most of it could be true though
And that blizz's secret is that he had the nature change with vay
@Reyna178: I still personally doubt Sora is actually Sky, and that the name "Sora", rather, is a red herring.

I'mma sticking by Oliver being Sky until it's proven otherwise :L
@ShadowIrorriM: um... please send archive 149. Dusk clearly refers to a pre-lab Oliver, who, therefore, can not be sky.
@42Meep: Number 149 in the archive has nothing to do with either of them.
@Reyna178: Pinkeevee said it was not dusk in the header but i dont care (mumble mumble)GOOD JOB!
@Reyna178: Actually, about the Dusk and Night part, from what I think I know Night is a clone of Dusk
Mia:Clone did you say?Sometimes clones can be the same.So,I guess Dusk is the same with Night.Dusk is just pretending to hide his true self by changing his name and decided to become stupid.So Dusk more like Night original self is smart have yellow eyes,calm and likes Sky even he is in his original self.
Ace:I don't think you are the real Mia.The Mia I know is naive,jolly and hasty
Reyna174:Ace,that IS Mia.
@ShadowWarrior05: this HAS BEEN CONFERMED BY THE ASKBLOG!!! This isn't new btw, this was concerned in the "nights lab" arc of the dusk askblog.
@42Meep In Archive 146 I think, Poker Face Fail, Oliver was having flashbacks of him and Dusk/Night and he had a Silver bell. Somewhere wayyyyy back in the comics, we had seen Dusk holding a silver bell as well. Also, in Archive 41 proof of that as well.
Beautiful, just beautiful. :'D This page is bringin the heat, and the laughs.
If only there's a plot twist that Harmony finally given up and she will have lost her memories or have an amnesia or something.She is now shy and lonely(lonely nature doesn't mean angry or agressive as always,lonely can be shy or sad who had no friends).Dusk might be happy about this...but Harmony is much more better when she is on the other meaning of the nature lonely like I said before.Harmony crying in the inside but will Dusk help her?And then after some few months Harmony evolved but still haven't recover her memories.Decided to find a new mate or do something else.But....I am not the author of this comic.
Little do the humans know what da pokemons do in the pc....
@Pinkeevee222: Where will the winner drawings be posted to vote?
... :D I think this is rude, dusk. WAIT WAIT WAT?!?!! How did Harmony break her back after the step?? A banana peel?

Aj: FOOD? ( comes running but hits the couch)

Bella: maybe he got some sense knocked into him.

Cam: I dbout it, he is so hard head Ed has head Is made of steel because when he took a MRI he hit the scanner! ( mri's are magnetic)

Aj: wait? What did I run into? (dizzy) woah. -falls-
@Guest: harmony broke it because dusk stepped on the cracks
"Step on a crack, break your mother's back"
Amanita is the kid in the pot???
@Guest: that's some random dude
In Archive 146, an eevee was wearing a silver bell. And Dusk was wearing one too. I believe the eevee that was with Dusk in that comic was Oliver. The one that was being shown in that comic the most. Then the whole thing about Dusk and night sorta befuzzles me still... I think that's why in Archive 123, the pendant reacted to Eve's presence. I think the Egg he took in 146, is Eve. That's why he's protecting her and whatnot. Lol its just me guessing.
SFXUmbreon:You finally get it?FINALLY! I GOT IT WHEN I READ IT!!
Light:Calm down geez
SFXUmbreon:Im not impressed with the identities of these pokemon human mixture things.Im heading back home to eeveelutionarya BYE!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: so long SFXUmbreon
Light:From now on i get to talk alot untill SFX comes back!

Lune:you know we are still here right?

Light:yes but SFX is gone an....

Lune:GO to your room!i will be talking now!
@FastFlameTyper: see secret 5/6 (archive 162)
Wow, there's a pothead hanging out in front of the Pokemon Center.
Love the Samurott.
We need more Samurott like her.
Do any of you like my new pic it's Jeff the Zombie and dusk the umbreon plush

I will change it back when Pinkeevee Uploads the next comic. :)
@Dusk Plush Gang: its super cool man!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!! I actually knew for quite sometime but SOME PEOPLE don't understand.
Light:hey have you seen dusk?oh.You dont see anyone in the comment explaning the comic except Pinkeevee so please dont narrate the story unless you are the owner of this comic or reply to the people who dont know.
Thank you for your time.
I have a feeling (please dont get mad is this sounds stupid) that the eevee in the header is night, Dusk's clone i think.
@TreeckoFleaCo: I got it from the ask blog
Why Why
why @Why: why why why why why why why do some people not like waffles why why why why why why is your name why why why why why do i speak this language????????????????????
@Pinkeevee222: Where will the winner drawings be posted to vote?
Lune:Hey cookieeevee,Whats your favorite type of cookie? I always wondered.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I like chocolate chip AND cinnamon AND short bread.. All my favorites.
Lune:oh,i will tell SFX when he comes back.Im so booooooored!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Why are you bored?
Lune:there is nothing to do where i am.
Lune:Ima get SFX Back right NOW!(Creates portal and goes in)
SFXUmbreon:But a lot of these people have no intelligence!!!!!oh hi cookieeevee!
SFXUmbreon:atleast your here still!

Lune:This does not help my boredom at all.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Uhhh so... What are you guys busy with?
SFXUmbreon:Nothing at all.I just want to be done with this school year and get summer on!!! GET IT ON!!!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: My school was done last week.
SFXUmbreon:Lucky(mumble mumble)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Lol! But my school started a bit earlier
SFXUmbreon:Oh.Where is light im gonna beat you up for fun!!!!!
SFXUmbreon:he has done something that i will not take the sorry from him.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: like what
SFXUmbreon:(Drags Light)why wont you tell her light?
Light:(Sighs)I broke Lunes Espeonite.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: OH NO!!!!!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: tut tut Light tut tut
SFXUmbreon:and now he does not behave himself
Light:Whyd i have to be a flareon
SFXUmbreon:You asked to be one for your birthday.Plus your not even a fire type,you turned out to still be a normal type with fire moves XD
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: hahahaha!
SFXUmbreon:HE need surgery or the pokemon center to be with i forgot her name umm dusks mom i literally forgot her name
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: You mean Harmony?
SFXUmbreon:(whispering)ive been mining and trying to find a espeonite for lune
SFXUmbreon:thats why i left to eeveelutionaryia
SFXUmbreon:thats where i left.to mine some stones.untill Lune dragged me out of there.its also where i live
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: wow...
Trainer: Hey! Where'd he say he found the mega stones?
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: OMG!!!! THEY DISCOVERED- oops i'm not supposed to tell you... I HAVE TO GO!!
Trainer: DID YOU TELL HIM?????????
No!! I almost did. Bye
SFXUmbreon:oh o_o I was doing chores.is your trainer mean to you? umm ok bye!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Nope just over protective :D
I love her!
@CookieEEVEE: oh ok.Im just going to post like this umless i use my other characters cause writing SFXUmbreon in every comment is hard work.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Yeah that's what I do for me and my trainer
@CookieEEVEE: oh (Sighs)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Why you sighing?
SFXUmbreon:I dont know
SFXUmbreon:the freak was that
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: HI SFX!BYE SFX
SFXUmbreon:oh brother
Wiz:yea brother!
SFXUmbreon:are you kidding me!
@CookieEEVEE: They are familly aswell.(Whispers)they kinda annoy me
Wiz:hey SFX i learned how to summon my weapon!
SFXUmbreon:Ok thats great(thinks in head)I dont freaking care about our weapons
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: WAIT WHAT WEAPON??
@CookieEEVEE: Well My family can all summon weapons wen we want to but yo got to earn it by feeling some emotion stuff.everyone has a weapon.just some cant just summon it.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: ANYWAYS... I have to go... BYE!!
@CookieEEVEE: BYE!!!!!!!


long convrseation..

crazyumbreondudegirl: i want to meet liiiigghhht!

Me: yeah and "lune"

crazyumbreondudegirlman: ok, we can invite you over foorrr..... *looks in cupboard* umm... make beleiv
e donuts?!?!

fang: yeah because *speaks louder* Cubbo (me) ate the last of the REAL donuts

Me: eh.. who cares ANYway?!? *flips hair*
Fang: whatever
crazyumbreondudegirl: yeah *eats mini tire* these are better
Girl: wat... '-'
crazyumbreondudegirlman: sorry..
Luna: *swing door open* hello!
Fang: LUNAA!! *kisses her*
Me: i hate that they are together..
crazyumbreondudegirl: why, because you wanted fang?!?
Me: *blushes* nooo..
Girl: EEWWWW!!!
Fang and Luna: *both blush* sorry..
crazyumbreondudegirlman: it't OK
ME: *sneers* no it's not

narrator: oh um i'm here, world! join my friends in stupid little comments! luna is fang's girl friend, by the way.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Hey what 'bout me? :(
which people do you want us to meet?
crazyumbreondudegirl: *perks up* new people?
Fang *nudges Tiana* hey remember when we used to do chant-a-thons?
Tiana: why wouldn't i?
Fang: yeah, remember You, Diamond, Luna, and i used to do it all the time? *asks everybody*
Diamond: let's do it!
Luna: yeah!
Tiana: what are we gonna chant?
Luna: meet the guests *starts chanting*
Tiana: meet the guests (chants)
Fang: (chants)
Diamond: (chants)
Narrator: and they had their chants, there you go, cookie eevee
Do you two know how to PM eachother? Sending PMs would be a more efficient way for you to chat with eachother. :3
@Midnight-fox18: (here's one for episode 7)Uh, guy's that's not a planet, it's a space station (I call it the death planet). Nya.
@Midnight-fox18: you cant PM somebody here and sorry for the long conversation
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Actually, you can PM anyone as long as they have an SJ account.
@Midnight-fox18: oh ok let me check
I think I commented on this page before, but can't remeber if I did, but meh. Any way there are so many comments its like star wars all over again. Nya.
@CookieEEVEE: SO DO I! Nya.
@Devin17: I also hope that I, maybe, won... But that's unreal.
@Pinkeevee222: Do you use the computer to draw the comics or a drawing tablet? I want to know this because drawing on a computer usually shows the pixels very clearly and I don't know if I should get a drawing tablet. Thanks!
@CookieEEVEE: i give my luck to alot of people, but directly to you because you were the only person who told that you like waffles

(i have good luck because we had a raffle at our library, and something like 70 people submitted for a stuffed dog, including me, i won, that meant a 1 out of 70 chance)
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Yay!! I just HAD to reply to the message...
@CookieEEVEE: A lot of drawing tablets can allow you to draw on the tablet while the image is displayed on your monitor. So, if you like the monitor image, like it seems you do, but don't want to draw with a mouse, which I assume you do, it's probably a good idea.
@ShadowIrorriM: ok thanks.

@crazyumbreondudegirl: Fang: sorry, crazyumbreondudegirl got ahold of my PC, do any of you have Overwatch
@crazyumbreondudegirl: oh ok.. I was going to eat that cookie... but anyways i'll eat a WAFFLE instead. If you want this waffle... I need that cookie. :l
@CookieEEVEE: look up above for what i replied to you...
i'll have the waffle
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Oh I didn't refresh the page... zhere you go
hands waffle
@CookieEEVEE: *actually snarfs down a waffles*
yum, oh thanks, but i'm full, i already ate a box, seriously
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Oh well...
have you ever tried chocolate chip waffles?
@CookieEEVEE: yes, yes i have
@crazyumbreondudegirl: they are really good
@crazyumbreondudegirl: they are really good
@CookieEEVEE: yes, but i ate 1 last night and my stomach hurt afterwards, i like your new picture
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Thanks!
no prob. @CookieEEVEE: do you have a PS4? or overwatch, check it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOf1XXinvZsy4wKPAkro2A
@crazyumbreondudegirl: cool. My friend has a ps3. I also have an xbox 360 and 1...
@CookieEEVEE: *smells waffels* yum! i smell waffels! want one? *put out hand with a box of waffelz* you're always welcome to have my waffelz *opens a vault full of waffelz* i call this 'waffelz vaultz*
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Thank you!!!!!!!!
@CookieEEVEE: WOW! your new pic. is as cute as a bunny! i just went to see finding dory! SPOILER ALERT!!! just kidding! *hands 2 boxes of waffelz to her* you earned it!!!
@crazyumbreondudegirl: THANK YOU!!!!!!
*Scarfs down*
@Guest: Oops I didn't sign in :(
@Guest: spam spam spam spam
@Pinkeevee222: Hey pinkie I had an idea, which is that you could make some more smakjeeve comic files and put some of the other comics you've made in them so us on smackjeeves can read them without having to go to a diffrent sight.
@number12: I could do that, but, I want people to look at my other sites and I am very lazy. It would be better for you to go to Deviantart, or Tumblr, than for me to go through the lengthy process of making an "Art stuff" comic, (when the content is already view-able on another site) just because someone doesn't feel like going to another site. (Besides that, since starting SSEC, I haven't worked on any other comics besides things for Deviantart groups, and Eevee Academy)
@Pinkeevee222: After the first three designs and number 9 aside, where are the rest? It feels like the remaining 6 are a lot weaker, for a design contest based on visual design and not story. It's like the judge who would only pick masterpieces was waved aside after the (kind of coincidentally) the first three got picked and you all began judging on wether or not you liked the pokemon and not the designs themselves
An eevee with a jirachi hat and face patern, a shinx with a scarf, a skitty with a ribbon, a vulpix with some purple stripes and a microphone, a sylveon with a small bracelet and a small flower patern on one ear?...
Were there really no other contenders? Because it's hard to believe with 69 entries only four had some decent design?
It feels like I'm voting for the pokemon as well on the the poll and not the design.
Also quite coincidentally were 3/10 of the designs eevee's and eevolutions or something? 4/11 if I count your personal pick of the umbreon with tiara.
@zjolthildnt: I pick the first three and the jolteon,the sylveon,the vulpix and the machop because I like their design not the pokemon....HONEST!
@zjolthildnt: Well, If you actually looked at all of the designs, most of them had one accessory, and some of them didn't have any accessories at all. A really good design was so close to making it, but, It was a few points behind the others, which, I thought wasn't fair (Which is why I did the wildcard, but, that did not work). Mostly all of the designs were most likely drawn by... younger people. And, if you actually see all of the designs (Which I am going to put up after the winner is picked) You would see why only 4 (actually, 5) designs were strong. A lot of the designs were actually eevee and eeveelutions. Even though I said you can use any Pokemon. Plus, the judges mostly picked designs that were drawn good, so, even if a design was good, if someone drew it badly, the judges wouldn't give them a high score.

Anyways, you shouldn't really complain about the designs, unless you actually drew one that made it in.... did you?

But, I actually like all of the simple designs! the first 3 actually took me HOURS to draw each, so, if one of them wins, they probably will not show up in the comic much, compared to if one of the simpler designs win. Especially because I would have to keep on looking back at references.
Hiss: Hi guys, this comic is great, yes, I have tried chocolate chip waffles. It tastes like... hey Growl, remember when I ate all of the waffles and you asked why.
Growl: yes...
Hiss: i kinda used them for a science experiment
Growl: i was gonna eat those for breakfast
Hiss: it was for science
Growl: but I wanted my waffles!!!
Hiss: if it makes you feel any better, I saved three and made them into chocolate chip waffles, which I then ate
Growl: *tackles hiss but hiss runs away, diving into the nearby water and turns into a vaporeon*
Growl: no faie!!!
@ShinyUmbreonNamedHiss: high five for waffles!!
I honestly feel like dusk right now.


@Blitz Striker: good job, i got 90%, i was free about 1 month and a half ago.
the fact that dusk is this happy about breaking his own mothers back is a sort of laugh/monster! type of moment
ANYONE WHO WANTS TO, EITHER COMMENT HERE OR ON MY WEBSITE: http://sylviascomics.smackjeeves.com
@Espyius: you teach 'em you book! (That's a complement)
Hey has anybody seen Midnight? I miss him
no you are not
@eeveeleo: no who is not?
@Guest: CIRCLEZ are Beautiful.
@Pinkeevee222: CIRCLEZ!When i was scrolling the internet(I did not know about your comics at that time)You answered somebody question that they could not draw and you said use Circles.I thought it was nice.Then he/she asked you its working but i still need a bit of work,You went derp mode a said Circlezzzz. I think
Yup i see it right in my face. You look so derp
weeeeeee Mangle runs into the room " I defy the laws of physics and cartoon physics" snowwy slides into the room and yells " EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP " and everyone falls over
aay lmao @Pinkeevee222 you brake your mothers back?? typo :(
@once again still leafeon237: I already explained this, so I am going to copy-paste my answer.
I put "brake" because the title for this comic is actually the end of this Chapter's title, which is "If you step on a crack~"
So, it is completely intentional.
@Pinkeevee222: ok srry LOTS of comments and words im kinda too lazy to read every bit of it xD ok!
HOORAH!!! Freedom! *fires off Fallout MIRV and shoots it with a Halo battle rifle, and throws grenades into the fire I made)HOORAY DUSK! YOU'RE FREE!
well, Harmony got what she deserved, but she shouldn't die, even if shes a bully,nobody deserves to die. (thank you for your words of wisdom to me pink eevee,)
Dusk is awesome...(shakes head violently) Focus Evana. uh, Sylveon...pokemon can't die.
@EvanatheEspeon: then can you explain charmanders pokedex entry in the anime, "some people say that if the flame on its tail goes out, It dies" (I can't remember)
@sylveon: Good point. If it weren't for the fact that pokedexes can be wrong and did you read the Alt text in one of the meanwhiles?
@EvanatheEspeon: yeah, but pokemon can't die in a PC, they can in the real world, which Harmony is in right now.
@sylveon: good point.
The eevee in the header is night because of the long tail.
@Guest: I believe that the eevee in the header is Darren, because Dusk looks like Darren. Both theories are plausible.
@Pinkeevee222: Amanita is a mushroom.
@Eeveelutionslover: When you googled it, did you remember to put "Pokemon" after Amanita? *mutters something*
Plz if u want @Pinkeevee222: Can u make a background girl eevee named Sky plz
@Sky the Eevee: Please read and understand the whole comic before asking me that. (I only say this because I have a character named Sky already)
Amanita Pokemon @Pinkeevee222: Nevermind but about Amanita shes a scientist from black and white with a dream pokemon Luma. Aslo thank you for making this in unova I went crazy because Black and White was off of Netflix. I have read all ur Stupid Short Eevee Comics Love 'em keep up the Amazing Work.
Omg i just realized Dusk is burning the dunce cap haha
I just Googled what "Amanita" means, its a mushroom XD
She deserved it.

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