July 9th, 2016, 3:01 pm

The next comic is going to be about the eevee detective agency!

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Fresh from Ms paint! ...
Lazy backgrounds are lazy.
I honestly have no idea what I'm drawing. I just want to finish up this chapter and go to the next, cause, in the next chapter, !spoiler alert! Bolt talks about the lab !spoiler end!

I forgot that the characters usually call eachother by their eeveelution names, and only realized they were calling each other by their real names when it was too late.
Also, I believe this comic shows why Vay says in the askblog
The winner of the design contest will be announced on the 14th, along with 1-3 '____'s picks'.
also, drawing a comic while watching YouTube videos is a very bad thing to do if you actually want to upload it on time.
And, finally, Pokemon Go is awesome! (Too bad I'm too lazy to actually go outside of my house)
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Yay!!! New comic!!!
:l @facecafe2: if the only 1 that can say 1st
first what up yo' Glaceon = me
Vaporeon = my brother
He's a foot shorter than me, but I'm younger
Let the shipping begin... Or is it just me?
@MaskedUmbreon: YEAH! I SHIP SNIVY X CHESPIN!!!... oh, wait, wrong comic... uhhhhhh...
@MaskedUmbreon: aren't they brothers?
@Tomodachipk: And yet, Devin has a crush on Eve. Still got anything to say?
why does ohii chen or umbreon-kun or dhgfhjsbhdf have a girl hair
ok Tina you got to clear things out with how come Dusk has a derp switch all of a sudden he's a smartalex and the the moment you know it he's like a monkey figuring out how to open a banana
poor Vay XD I can kinda relate I'm shorter than my older brother and the youngest so...I kinda feel your pain Vay.
SAME! @ScruffyDeltaNexus26: *highpaw*
@Raini01: *Highpaw*
:D @ScruffyDeltaNexus26: high paw
@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: vay is only 3/4,s the height of unbreon
:D @Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomicslover/myself: and I just realised in the last panels unbreon is just like :D
@Espyius: out all the things you could of said you want tacos? This isnt even about tacos xD
Lel. Bliz, Vay is not your arm rest. That's mean. Also the alt text tells me we may find out about how goes the search flame inevertently started for Night.
O.M.A. @42Meep: OH MY ARCEUS I JUST NOTICED! In panel 8 Vay has the eye flame effect thingy. Like Bliz and dusk do, just Vay's is almost invisible due to it almost perfectly matches his fur color.
@42Meep: He had it before in the "Ordering Pizza" chapter.
*slow clap* it's byodiful byodiful.Hahaha like the comic.
Oh Vay...
*sigh* Vay...well you do have a point...Dusk didn't have to do the burp...though that made everything more awesome!!!!
Era: (burp)

Sam: (burp)


Ryan: You guys don't need to burp either!

Jelly: Whats more upsetting is that Dusk STILL has Donald Trump hair!

Ben: How is that a problem?

Jelly: I HATE TRUMP!!!

Rainbow: [He does have some bad ideas...]
TC (human): hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Blaze (Charizard): *thug life glasses* #lol
Glace (Glaceon): Lol.
Streik (Gallade): Amusing.
Trevor (Trevenant): OMA, THATS AWESOME!
Shadow (Human): Funny. And, Trump looks kinda funny, but I don't stay in one place for long.
Spike (Lucario): GG. To funny.
Angel (Gardevior): Gross!
Omega (Human): Slightly amusing.
Comics @Pinkeevee222: You should start coming out with more comics every week im am so eager to read the next one every time!
@Pinkeevee222: great comic, as always. Also, I looked at the header, that's you with a birthday hat, did you turn 18 recently? ;)
I thought about getting Pokemon go, but after seeing videos of it... I have second thoughts
It's fun! @Guest: I got it! butt..... it makes you do the forbidden.....

go *gasp* outside!
@Guest: Ha ha ha ha No.
@Pinkeevee222: What is yaoi
@Guest: guy x guy
Man, Vay. I feel your pain. I'm at tall as Edward Elric....If you know who that is, You probably know why that isn't good. *sigh*
Jelly: I don't know who that is, even though I do pay attention to anime!

Shadow: You don't watch stuff like Dragon Ball Z, though, you just watch pokemon.

Jelly: LIE!!!

Ben: (takes out DBZ poster, points to some character): who is that?

Jelly: ...AHHHHHH!!! I DUNNO!!!
@ClapHappyAlchemist : Thats what this reminds me of, the constant rage that comes off edward whenever someone calls him, short, pipsqueak, tiny, little brother, small, ect.
Lol poor Vay. I feel that way, but opposite. I am way taller than all the other girls and their moms. I'm like, freakishly tall compared to everyone on my GRADE, including boys :(
@ShadowStalker1128: me too, I feel like, the BFG, (if you don't know what that is, shut up) I was always wondering if somebody was as tall as me, and I was also wondering when somebody will point out Mr.Vay's shortness, and like, don't feerl bad, *gives him mntn dew with doritos* now go in the basement and play video games
I know how vay feels

Imma shortie too

Almost everybody I kno my age in family is taller than meh
@Aura9301: remember Vay is fully grown. He is just a runt so he is small. I didn't even know egg laying creatures COULD be runts, but they can, I have multiple sources saying Vay being a runt is 100% possible.
This is probably why Vay prefers to walk on all fours.
Jelly: Maybe.

Jacksepticeye is the best!
Only the best of friends use each other as armrests

Hey guys
Why did the eevee run away when it moved to a new house?

Cause it didn't have adaptability
@jellybeanier: Get it? X3
@crazyumbreondudegirl : M'kay, I'll explain it then.
The joke was about two of eevee's possible abilities, run away and adaptability. The eevee's ability in the joke was run away, which is why it didn't have adaptability.
@Midnight-fox18: ohhhh...
@Midnight-fox18: when you explain, it ruins the eefect
crazyumbreondudegirl: ha ha ha!
LOL!! I am totally Vay!
ya know, my brother does have pokemon go, but I don't, *laughs and then cries* any way the day it came out it BLEW UP!!!! anybody who knows about this game, join the discussion (including you, pinkeevee222) and I vote pinkeevee222 leader of the clan!!! (I am a huge fan, but since I have NO email I can sign up with in smackjeeves, so I cant press +fav) im hopefully gonna download it on my ipad. today my family went to the movie theater, and like, my brother got like, 20 things. if anybody knows what im talking about, help, if you level up eevee, which eeveelution does it become?!? (because there are no stones)
Read that top part on Evolution.
That should answer your question.
not really @LittleMoons: but thanks
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Espeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, most likely?
@LittleMoons: well, I was talking about Pokemon go, because there is no stones and such. But thanks for your support
Haha! @Pinkeevee222: Bliz, just... THATS FUNNIER THANK CABOOSE (Red vs Blue)!! Vay, suck it up. Be glad you're short, you can pull off Johny Cage's Nut Punch move on any male Eevee! Dusk, Bolt, WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING?! (Don't tell me they're gay... Please...)
@BWM: no, i think that they might just be trying to hold back a laugh.
@jellybeanier: Oh. Thanks. Makes more cents (get it?) than them being... Gay... *covers ears with a pillow. (I'm not against people liking their own sex, but sometimes it makes my stomach flip.)*
Also, who is manning the sound system?
BTW, does anyone here have a YouTube account? I would love to check it out if so. (Besides PinkEevee, I already found hers)
@jellybeanier: if anybody is a kid, do not check this:
@crazyumbreondudegirl: oh, yeah, i tried to subscribe, but for some reason i couldn't. but it was cool.
I have one @jellybeanier its called Dusty Maku
@Dusty Maku: cool. i subscribed.
hey wadda bout mine?!? @jellybeanier: what about the music?
"heh, no you aren't"

...aaaahh haha



Hey Pinkles. Congratulations. With how often you update, your consistently good story, and wonderful humor. It's official... YOU HAVE THE BEST WEBCOMIC EVER MADE!!!

Also: welcome to the oldfart club very unimportant and irrelevant header guy. There's chips and soda on the table over yonder. (wink)
also.......poor vay ;~;
It's fine that Vay is height conscious
I'm sure it's just a STAGE
I really want to punch Blitz in the face.
But Dusk and Jolteon are AWESOME here!!!
i dunno if anybody is gonna agree with me... @Black lucky cat: ....but dusk and bolt were always awesome....

so shut up
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Well im complementing them. Also

I love dem both X3
Oh so that's why he walks around on all fours most of the time. Because if he's on all fours it's harder to measure his height standing up. That or it's some odd reason that will be never explained.
Vay needs that growth potion most cartoons have xD
Why didn't Vay say anything to while Biltz was armresting on him?

Well I guess you can say...
*put on sunglasses*
He was SHORT of an answer...
*random voice screams:YEEEEAAAHHHH!*

But seriously I feel you Vay,IRL I was WAYYYY shorter than my age(that's was when I was 11) however,purberty kinda elimated that problem.

Maybe we can give Vay some new shoes that will make him taller(that would be a comic to see) Or Strech him!(Worked in Dexter's Labortory,but when downhill)
@Darkstripe AF:
If there's a labratory involved, Vay will disappear into a puddle the minute anyone suggests it to him. :3
@Darkstripe AF: when you said YEEEEAAAHHHH! you forgot the BBBOOOYYYYYY!
Lab So eve is sora's daughter and if dusk marries eve that would mean that sora would be dusk's mother in law and if Oliver married sora that would mean that dusk would be Oliver's son in law which is strange due that Oliver is younger than dusk
@Cat: I think night is dusk and sky is sora[some one a long time ago posted something like this]

Sora sky theory @farmergirl139: I'm sorry to burst your bubble but sora can not be sky unless there were 2 mon named sky as on the ask blog sky was harmony's niece/nephew while most evidence point that sora was harmony's child. Dis is just a theory though
Hello Advice Hey I was curious about making a comic of my own and I need some advice. I can't do digital drawing because my computer broke ( ;-;) and I do drawing on paper and just take a picture of it.
well... first you need a smackjeeves account @SmileySkitty5678: then you need a good camera
BTW HTH are you commenting right know subscribe or like that channel or its vids. if you need more advice. (my grandpa does a comic in a lot of newspapers)
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Thx!
crazyumbreondudegirl: *puffs out chest* whatever and whenever you need, crazyumbreondudegirl will be there for you!
Girl: hey!!! that's my motto
Nooo! Bliz, That's just mean!! Poor Vay! My brother sometimes uses me as a arm rest. It's so annoying!! -_-
@GryffindorBuckle: Mine too! My cousin attempted to as well but......

He quickly regretted it
Wait. Maybe the Dusk in that one is the sylveon. I forgot his name but maybe. I don't know
Dusk I don't think would say that at all...
@aabobb : I didn't understand you. you talk in blobs.
i try to play pokemon go, but it keeps closing itself out when i try to get my starter.
@J-bot: I know my brother was trying to get in to servers, but it crashed, so.....
to make a long story short

my ipad is RIP
I feel ya, Vay every. day. of. my. life.

Silver: *dies of fangirlism*
Sad days for Vay. Nya.
so funny ok ok so i didn't noticed that vay was short(tell him that i said that)but but that was funny(tell him for reals)
Dusk hair I like dusk's hair because it makes him look cute
@Cat: His hair kinda looks like Donald Trump's hair..

Me: *rips hair out of a wig* for crying out loud!!!!
Crazyumbreondudegirl: hey! I was gonna do that
Me: oookayyy do not talk about trump!!!
Fang: last night I had a cizilized with all of you remember
Me: yeah *nods head super fast* yeah yeah, you said that even though *huff* trump is a meanie, we canot make fun of him!!!! right, right!?!?
Fang: *smacks face with palm*

narrator: does anybody like MLP? *sobs* okay, I guess I'm the only one
@crazyumbreondudegirl: I like MLP.
@crazyumbreondudegirl: okok I get it!
@CookieEEVEE: wat?
@Pinkeevee222: at the top it shows a boy with a party hat on saying <-----old does that mean it's someone's BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? :o
@CookieEEVEE: That's Pinkeevee222 and her birthday is the 14.
@Pinkeevee222: what was your starter and first other Pokemon
hey, guys i posted a new webcomic series to give info on the new FNAF Sister Location game. Check it out and Co-Author if you want to help!
i wanna co author!!! @jellybeanier: I just dunno how to
@crazyumbreondudegirl: you need an account.
it won't send verification email!! @jellybeanier: it just wont *sobs*
Does Dusk remind anyone else of Sans? Or is that just me?
@Sup: now that you mention it...
You know..........................I always forget Vay is short
where are vays neck frills where are vays neck frills
@sylveon: Vay doesn't have it.
@Pinkeevee222: (cause she's too lazy to draw them just like Sylveon's ribbons. But you didn't hear it from me. Oh wait, who am I replying too? Cheese it! It's the fuzz, let's scram outta here Jack!)
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey pinkeevee do you have a boyfriend?
Happy Birthday!
*throws cookiez and confetti*
@SylviaSylveon189: Thank you!
happy birthday!!!!! @Pinkeevee222:
crazyumbreondudegirl: yayy!! does that mean we get special comic?!?
Fang: no.
me: why not?
fang: because she probably wants to relax and...
girl: eat waffels
me: waffle rain!!!!
crazyumbreomdudegirl: cocoa rain!!!

narrator: happy birthday, pinkeevee, we all love you

Luna: DO you have a boyfriend?!?~
Thank you!
And, no. I do not have a boyfriend, and, will probably continue to not have a boyfriend until one can meet with my HIGH standards. Which are:
1. Know what a Pachirisu is.
2. Tell me which show is best show (Digimon, Pokemon, or Yo Kai Watch). They have to choose the right show.
3. (optional)Get me a cute teddy bear (Preferably from Build a bear workshop)
and 4. Likes Anime, and puppies.
Oh, and, not be a butt head. Cause, a lot of boys are butt heads.
So far, no boy I know has met these standards.
@Pinkeevee222: pokemon will always be best!!!

I have standerds too

and number 4 is important
Happy birthday! *gives 70 cookies*
@Guest: Yay! Thank you!
I Simply don't understand this comic but somehow I do
did vay's neck frills get cut of
@Pinkeevee222: Are Vay's eyes glowing in panel 8?
i have the answer!!! @Dusk Plush Gang: probably cause he got embarrassed, ya know, since blizz can do that, since they are twins, so yeah.

oh yeah, does nego's human dna have to do with vay, cause if it does, why doesn't blizz have it?
@crazyumbreondudegirl: His eyes were glowing just before Blizz showed up So i don't think that is the reason that thay were glowing.
@Dusk Plush Gang: they were glowing because he is short

@crazyumbreondudegirl: maybe thay were glowing because he was angry sorta like Blizz.
:3 Dusk hair looks like trumps hair lol. But it would be funny if vay was in a shrink ray :3
@Shiny ever 11433: you just gave me an idea

How fast can you say 'pink-kay used a shrink ray to shrink vay, yay yay now you say'
happy b-day, hope it was great for you.
whens the next comic coming out I'm dying I must see it
In panel 6 did anybody notice Vay's eyes glowing cyan. Dunno what that is but we may find out later... dunno :I
@Diggy Daggit: BTW It was actually panel 8. And yeah I noticed it.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday even though your birthday was yesterday!
Happy birthday! @Pinkeevee222: happy birthday even though your birthday was yesterday!
@Guest: Thank you!
2 things 1 vay is basacly is basically behaving like me when i was in my welding course

2 is dusk trying to seduce vay because look at his face
happy birthday @Pinkeevee222
@eeveeleo: Thank you!!!
@Pinkeevee222: Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy another year of awesomeness for you!

Did you get anything cool,Did you sit down and relaxed and do what we have all been blessed with:Watch TV.

Or did you meet up with CaptianSparklez in minecraft?(Oh wait,I maybe did that) But anyways,Hope you enjoy your the rest of your week!
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry if I missed the party but happy birthday and keep up what you are doing... now excuse me I have to inhale some memes
poor vay hes so sensitive QAQ i just wana hug em and cuddle em and make him feel better XC
Vay's head and eyes were glowing in the 8th and 9th panels. plus i just noticed that vay has fur on his head instead of it because of Vay's "Human Genes"?
Its funny how vay is the shortest here when vaporeon is the tallest out of all of them at 3'3
What happend to glaceon
why dusk hair look like dawn hair?
I swear my BFF does that to me all the time even though she's half a centimeter taller than me.
Dusk im sorry for those who love dusk but his hair is sooo stupid but as a punishment or saying that is thet you made him cute when he said "Heh, no you aren't"
tell way i fell sorry for him
help i ship it
I know I'm three years l8(Literally) But I have to say I am Vay in many ways(Especially in height)

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