August (part 1)


July 16th, 2016, 11:01 am

Bolt loves Airplaines,
and, the sky in general.

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I forgot how fun it was to do those types of backgrounds (for the header) on MS paint, so, a few more will be done like this! Oh yeah!
Design contest winners will be announced later! Here are some Judge comments! (Chosen at random)
Judge #1.
What I liked: There should be a few 10s, including one of a Braixen. That's pretty well styled, it gives a good appeal. Who drew it? I'd like to say hi to them. What concerned me: There were a LOT of joke pictures. Most 1s are joke pictures, otherwise they're pokemon with just f***ing stars added and nothing else.
Judge #2.
All of them looked great I can see (...some of them looked kinda sloppy but hey I don't judge they tried at least)they tried their best at drawing their submissions and tried putting a lot of effort.
Judge #3.
tough choices everywhere! i had to keep reminding myself that they were going to be drawn in your style if they win, looking forward to the results!
Judge #4.
Majority of the entries no offense have 1 to absolutely no cosmetics or diversity. Majority were either just the pokemon themselves or with a necklace or earring. I was hoping there was more diversity. Other than that, there were a few spectacular ones that stood out of the crowd with great cosmetics. Let's see who will win...
Judge #5.
most of them are eevee's or eeveelutions. I would like to have one that is unique, not just to eeveelutions, but to their species. But i don't like the ones with too much. I like entry number 18. It is cute, has minor detail, but lots at the same time. it has a scar, multi eyes (which I love) a small desire item around it's neck, and a bionic arm that's only for the lower arm. As well as the fact that it has a special item in it's hand.

HERE IS THE LINK TO ALL OF THE ENTRIES! Now, You guys get to see all of them!
Pinkeevee222, July 16th, 2016, 10:58 am Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2018, 4:26 am Reply
Background eevees used: (Non BG eevees have * next to their names)
(P.S. All BG eevees in this comic have at least appeared once before)
(P.P.S. Why do people keep on deleting their bg eevee files? I need them!)
Syre, Archie, Shiko, Maxie,Wiz*, Becky*, Frost, Ali, Sparkles, Cobalt, Jo*, Robin, Leo, Eevelyn, Fred*(LOL), Death, Jazz, Cost*, Star, August*
Pinkeevee222, July 16th, 2016, 11:37 am Reply


Comic looking better than ever btw
me: what's brown and rhymes with snoop? crazyumbreondudegirl: poop?
me: no, Trump.
Diamond: ha ha ha... wai- wha?
Second For some reason I can't help but think Archie is part-Lopunny
WHY DO YOU LEAVE US IN THE DARK LIKE THIS?!?! Mmmmm. August looks cool. For no reason whatsoever.
*cue spy music* I wonder what will happen next?
cool beans. TO BE CONTINUED IN PART II! also, if anyone is interested in the new FNAF Sister Location game, check out my comic Sister Location Info.
hype i got nothin ta say but HYPE FOR PART 2 i like this comic
Just want to say, I always really love how you draw eyes.
yaaaaay archie and maxie are back!!!
im still very proud of their designs :D
@Yuvalis: also happy birthday!
Dun dun duuuuuuuuuun
:) I love to how Archie and Maxie are form the new Pokémon games{not counting sun and moon}
and I love the last part. he looks like he's spying on them:)
Where is August? It looks like a bush. Wait... They mentioned Vay's room... Nego is gona freek out.
Omg @42Meep: Oh my gosh u r so right I just noticed that XD
August looks super detective-y
Guys I have not been looking at the comics as much as I did before....,I think there is something wrong with me...
era: who ships rainbow and ryan? (jellybean craft)

rainbow: (blushing)
No way, that background can't be made in ms paint. It's impossible to do gradients so well like that, especially so many of them too unless you spent as long on it as Dusk takes to solve trigonometry.
@cccviper653: It's possible, just takes a lot of work. There are some people who can do absolutely incredible work with MS paint. Prequel, a sort-of webcomic, is an example of it being used REALLY well.

... at least, I'm fairly certain most of it is made in MS paint. That may or may not be true more recently.
Is that Wiz and Becky,Aawww their so cute together and also Hey PinkEevee I have commented something on your DeviantArt (SSEC 146)
Is August a eeveelution or just a redish- brownish eevee?
August-Eevee is stalking from the bushes.
Can some tell me what happens when you look up yaoi? Please
@Dino: Bad things happen if you look it up, so, don't do it. But, if you are so curious that you can't help looking it up, look up Boku no Pico.
@Pinkeevee222: *Smirk* I would rather go with Yuri and I don't why I like it...So did you see the B-Day gift I made that I commented on your DeviantArt on Ssec 146 (It has the link)
@Reyna178: I did see it! It is really pretty! :D
@Pinkeevee222: I know what boku no pico is about
@Guest: Did you watch it? Let me tell you, Boko no Pico is one of the best anime ever made, I give it a 10 out of 10. I totally recommend watching it.
@Pinkeevee222: did you watch it?
@Guest: I watched all 3 episodes, and then, I gave a summery of all three of them to my friends, cause I was bored. It was hilarious.

But seriously, don't watch it. It will scar you for life. Like, For the next week after watching it, the only thing I thought about was that one missing banana *shivers*... I just...... I just can't look at bananas the same anymore!
Amazing comic! Also the first eevee in the first panal has a moustache lol
Uh guys I don't know of u saw my comment earlier but I'm still stuck in the cyber world... OH SHOOT uh I can't talk any more! The virus seekers are coming! *shoots flamethrowers* of course they have firewalls.... How funny. PLAN B! *runs for dear life*. EEEEE HALP.
@tiberius You think August is part loppuny cuz of the ear tips.... Probably anyway.
So August is the Eevee hiding from them
Wouldn't it be hilarious if the eevee in the bushes wasn't August, but just a random eevee?
(Takes out a sticker that says Plot)
(Sticks it in the header)
OH NOOOOO FLAREON KNOWS X3 ... and look how frigen cute he is
XD @T-H-E GUY: I don't think that's flareon in the bush's man XD it's another eevee and I believe that's august XD
Why do people compete for the first comment? Well, whatevs; btw thx for making this, I started reading this with a friend just to pass time when we were up super late at night; I may have secretly become hooked on it while reading it ;-; This has also let me practice my drawing because I love the style you use so much that I may or may not have been drawing characters in my sketchbook to get better... Anyways, thank you, and have a nice day. ^-^
@Unenthusiastic_: The human race is a very competitive one. Probably what happened was someone who just happened to comment on something first made a big deal about it and now it's a big deal when anyone does it.
Is August a buneary or she's an eevee?
@Reyna178: she might be a mix. I honestly have no idea.
lets just pretend he is not wearing it tonight.
Completely off comic, I had an infestation of flys today. So I used a vacuum to suck them all up, it was hilarious XD
@memorycrushking: I saw someone mod a nerf night finder into a salt gun to swat fly's.
I should've entered myself heh
too bad I'm too self conscious to do art contest stuff
Is August a Bunnary? BTW Today is my birthday or for later people 19th of July was my birthday.
happy birthday!!! @Dusk Plush Gang: happy birthday *gives bunch of waffles* yayyy
@Dusk Plush Gang: HAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!
@Dusk Plush Gang: Happy birthday!
@Dusk Plush Gang: happy birthday :)
Thank you @farmergirl139:
Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday because my auntie and gran and grandpa on my dads side don't really care if it's my birthday.
@farmergirl139: Happy BDay!
Sorry if this is late... @Dusk Plush Gang:
*goes on computer. And sees werewolf kid in It* what the...(aura lucario and werewolf kid are Friends... Sorta.)
Haha! I'm still here! Huehuehue... I still read this, you know.
Glad to see Frost, Ali, and Sparkles again (I did submit them, and I'm really happy to see them used after all.) I'm curious about this new eevee August. Wonder how the bells will tie into the plot. Beautiful job as always, Pinkeevee!
... Pinkeevee who's august and one more thing is the sylveon Sora or Sky I have no idea
@shiny eevee 1143: Ehhhhhhhhhhh? You don't know? Well, I could tell you, but, for that to happen, you'd have to PM me, and, it doesn't seem like you have a way to do that as of now, since you are guest. So, I suggest waiting to find out.
Is august a girl or a boy?
Does my new pic look good I've been practicing my drawing?
Yes @Dusk Plush Gang: it looks good. But I can't tell what it is. It looks like an eye and a Pokemon,s muzzle maybe. And I may know the third thing but I'm not so sure. It looks good though!
@Werewolf kid: It's half of a umbreon. I can't draw the outlines of heads.
Me and aura lucario are different but made by the same person cuz the creator of them is lonely! (No I'm not!) Aura Lucario:* pulls out footage of you talking to the tv at age 11. And playing club penguin on empty servers* (dang it). .~.
XD @Werewolf kid: daz so sad XD
@Dusk Plush Gang: Hmmm....I could first say,your drawing needs some work,nothing without a litte reference will help(I used SSEC for reference,in five minutes I was able to copy Pinkeevees drawing style only refine and reforge into my style,I proably have photographic memory or I have a semi-Sharingan XD) But yes,making a art comic where you post your Art will help,as you can interact with authors around your calibur and will might collaborate with you. I think I should let someone else tell you.I'm just giving you support,that's all!
yoooooo I've finished school but they want me to study through it ... I ain't doin any of that stuff # hate school
Dear PinkEevee I see that at the end of the submissions you added cam. Im alright, but I tried to cancel them because lilly and cam were too much like eevees in this comic.
last minete post
I'm just wondering who drew number 15 on the ssec design contest

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