August (part 2)


July 23rd, 2016, 8:51 am

There are 3 Pizza people
you'll see randomly
in this comic (that 
are not in the PC):
-Pizza hut girl
-Papa John Guy and
-Dominos dude (hasn't
appeared yet)

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Hey guys! A user named RealFlareon is writing a SSEC Fanfic! Check it out! It's really cool! It's like a Mega theory! The first 2 chapters are up, and a third is going to be updated later today, I think.
I liked last week's Ms paint background better. I shouldn't have added green to this one..... Oh well.
Do any of you now see why Bow doesn't like Eve? No? -_-"
Anyways, I totally forgot about announcing the winner of the design contest!
Anyways, Drumroll please.... *starts Patting legs ferociously*

Total number of votes each design had:


These designs will also become characters in the comic. These designs were chosen with the "mod's" personalities in mind

Luca's Pick-
Luca says- This looks so awesome! I don't know why it only got seven votes!

Astro's Pick-
Astro says- Um... Well, I wanted to pick the eevee but... it seems like no one liked that one, so, I just picked this one... sorry...

Tracy's Pick-
Tracy says: This dude looks COOL! Mari said that these characters can appear in either SSEC or Eevee academy, but, I'm gonna make sure this dude appears in both!
Pinkeevee222, July 23rd, 2016, 8:51 am Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2019, 4:40 pm Reply
Oh, I almost forgot! Background eevees used:
(eevees with * next to their name are not background eevees)

Eve*, Oliver*, Friday*, Leon*, Adam* Dill* Jed*, Eon*, Satoshi, August* Larry*

... wait... I just realized that there is only one background eevee. Hmm.... Instead of 'background eevees' used, then, I should start saying 'eevees used.'
Pinkeevee222, July 23rd, 2016, 12:34 pm Reply

Are there any comments yet? Or am I the first?
@DragonetLaboratory: Nope your not the only one around here
@Pinkeevee222 : And Eve why...Mia don't worry boys will like you even those who are at our pc/house
Mia: TT_TT No boys will be my mate and the girls are pretty nice to me
???: ...?
who likes waffelz

I can now see why Bow hates Eve.
I've been up since 4 waiting for this and a few other things. man being the eldest sibling suckes sometimes, I can't wack my little brother and sister and Thar's nothing to do, any one else have a similar problem? Oh, and the comic is amazing I manly like it because of the charactes thar so colorful.
Poor Oliver
@guest: why is your name guest? dude.
is there gonna be part 3? @Pinkeevee222: hype
@crazyumbreondudegirl: Yeah, there is. Part 3 is the last part, and it is waaayyy longer than the first 2.
@Pinkeevee222: Cannot wait for it!!! =3 the 6th panel...he looks dead...
@BowtheSylveon: He does look like he's dead, doesn't he? I wanted to change it, but, I felt like a small detail like that didn't really matter. (also, I was lazy)
@Pinkeevee222: Looking through this comic once...i cant find any of those pizza people
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: wuuuut? You don't remember the whole deal with vaporeon paying for and taking the pizzas in front of the trainer? Then the trainer is all like, "'s totally normal bro." and then everyone was all like, "lolololol."
@cccviper653: I do remember I said I didint think that she meant in diffrent comics
Well I guess Bow is ether to stupid to understand that the rep will be protected by lots of eevees so Vay will be on there good side or doesn't know that Eve is the rep.
Larry reminds me of Pot Dot (mostly just because of the pot though) which, probably, nobody else around here has heard of.
Are those dudes in the last panel stalking Oliver?? ._.
@GryffindorBuckle: Yes. Yes they are.
@Pinkeevee222: how many eevees are protecting Eve? I counted 5.
@Pinkeevee222: why?
@42Meep: Well, Oliver was acting... weird all day, and, August thinks he is related to the case that she is following, for... several reasons.
Why is Eve protected and called the rep?
@Black lucky cat: Eve is the Eevee representative (rep for short cuz that word is too long) and there guarding her because she is the Eevee representative, or to get on Vay's good side.
it honestly seems to me to be a mob of the background eevees guarding Eve, what a beautiful sight.
i want that attention...
Oliver! Run!
@LittleMoons: have you forgotten just how powerful Oliver is?
My design is luca's pick, my fav mod :D
I want nachos too
Where is the pizza people?Tell me please
Pizza hut girl- Comics # 22, 23, & 24
Papa Johns Guy- Comic # 142 (#166 in the archive)
@Pinkeevee222: Oh i didint know they were in separate comics. no wonder i never found them in this comic but THX
Oliver knooooooows. I can feel it. That's why he didn't go with Eve because I'm absolutely sure he would've gone with her. Y-know. The way he is.....and....everything
...... :P
I'm kinda glad that the Vulpix got picked- made me a little sad how unrepresented it got in the votings. It has such a simple, yet effective and unique design. It was my personal favorite, at least.
@pinkeevee Wow, a lot of the designs I liked for picked...
Also, I hope Oliver catches them and kicks their buts
@ShinyUmbreonNamedHiss: hissssss

Go Oliver!
Why are they following Oliver. You never mess with Oliver
DUDE!!!! i saw adam, from the comic where eve, used oliver shield or somethin! oliver literally should be a main character!
@derpbutt312: he (sort of) is. More important then other characters like Dawn.
@42Meep: ya, i know, but he should have a character sheet thing
Firstly are all those vees are here to protect Eve from either love struck boys or jealous girls *coughcoughbowcough*
Secondly Oliver is being stalked. I feel sorry for the stalkers
Thirdly RIP Adam. Rest in pizza
More Advice Ok if I was to get a good computer and have all the digital art tools then what are some programs I can use? I know about Gimp and ones you have to pay for, but I would like something that is good and free.
@SmileySkitty5678: Fire alpaca is a good program! I just downloaded it, and, It seems to be amazing for drawing stuff. They have a new version called MediBang, I might also download that, because, apparently, it's really good for making comics.
There is also Krita, but, that program is too complicated to understand.
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you!
Pinkeevee your comics are amazing,when's the next comic coming out? You should read thes comics called Eevee and Frank,its pretty good.*gives you 3ds*
Confuzzled. Who are Luca, Tracy, Cloud and Astro? Uhh... Are they online friends or relatives or sumthin' in real life? I'm not good at keeping up *-*
@RainbowFatcat: It doesn't matter if you know who they are or not, so, don't worry about it.
@RainbowFatcat: It doesnt really matter if you know them or not but if you want to know check this out
Sad. I'm using Safari on my phone, and when I trie to check the winner's drawings it said "pinkeevee222's album is password-protected." ;-; I've been waiting so long for this, and now THIS happens...
@Guest: Really? Then, I'll fix it. Thanks for telling me!

EDIT: Fixed! (Hopefully)
Thank you! @Pinkeevee222: Yup, it's all fixed now! Thanks!
Larry has a pot on his head.

In other news, I just got my first Pokemon game for the DS (not on an emulator) Pokemon X! Yayyyy!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: #pkmn diamond version.
guys i wrote a song in the rhythm of grease the musical Black star, you saw me eating bacon alone, without a dream in my heart, without a meatbal of my own.

Black star, you knew just what I was there for, you heard me saying a prayer for, a meatball I could really care for.

An then something appeared before me, the only thing my arms could ever hold, I heard someone whisper 'abracadabra'. But when I looked, that star turned into a gummy bear!

Oh, oh, oh...

You better shape up, 'cause I need a meatball, and instead I got a gummy bear. You better shape up; you better understand, to my heart I must be true. And this gummy bear and I are through!

We go together like dogs and bats, like bats and dogs. Remembered forever, as a rotten rotten rotten ugly-ugly boom de boom de boom.

Well- a well- a well- a huh...
tell me more, tell me more, where did it all go wrong?

Tell me more, tell me more, was the gummy bear a joke?

Tell me more, tell me more, where is my sodding meatball?

Eating bacon dreams ripped at the seams, but oh those eating bacon nights.
The beginning of the song is about how I wish for someone to ship, since everyone else ships someone (such as Sam x Night, Rainbow x Ryan, Ben x Tori, etc.). The middle is about the wish coming true, only later turning out to be a mistake for us to be together. The end is where I am dreaming again for the actual person I am waiting for to come.

Okay, to tell the actual story, Shadow and I both have a crush on each other and don't know it. When this all started, we went on a couple small dates, but figured that we weren't meant to be. And I still dream about shipping Shadow.
hunger I want pizza...Anyone have any recommendations?
@NEONtheUMBREON23: yeah. bacon.
At first glance,Larry head looks like a car!XD
Mari, how on EARTH did you make that header on MS Paint?!
...Am I the only one who thought her headers were drawn on Paint Tool SAI?
LOL the last eevee is a bit of a pot head not sure if hes kid freindly X3 Hah ahaahah
THEORY TIME!! Larry is that kid we saw outside of the Pokemon Center in comic #142 (#166 in archive) which means, Vay and Nego aren't the only ones with the ability...

Probably not ture, But Hey!!! That's Just a Theory, a SSEC THEORY!!!!!! Thanks for reading!
@Zappy the Raichu to lazy to logi: wait... Did you just steal my catchphrase! You should be ashamed JK
So Pokemon go is slowly but surely consuming my life, even when it gives me blisters on my feet, and I can seem to find nothing but Drowzee's.
The eevee on the right side of eve in panel 3 i was like "omg its ryu in eevee form"
Pinkeevee222, how close are you to finishing this comic? As in, is it close to the ending?
Still at the start?
Somewhere in the middle?
Veery close to the end?
@DarkBeam: I have no idea! I'm not even done writing it! I think I know what's going to happen at the end sort of, but, I still haven't drawn storyboards of the Sylveon coming into the comic, and, I still haven't drawn story boarded how *Censored* happens, two major things that need to be settled before the end. So, I think I am still at the beginning. But, I might be somewhat close to the middle.... As in, half way to the middle.... maybe.... I don't know.
Hey, not sure if it's been brought up, but I can't see who won the design contest?
@SillySkiddo: Nevermind! Problem on my end! It's all good.
Whos Larry?
Kid: let me OUT of here! Aura: I have a better idea. *starts playing super smash bros* selects werewolfkid* kid: you better not get me killed...
Found this comic on Google and I love it. Finally finished all of the Previous comics and can't wait for more. Also, got a Smack Jeeves account and favorited it!
Strange Pinkeevee I think Oliver is thinking about something maybe there's something wrong
Dub? hey PinkEevee,
i was wondering if i could do a comic dub for some of your comics.....plz reply soon
@Emerald: Well, these type of discussions would be better to have via PM, email,or through deviantart notes, don't you think?
Yeah it probably would
Such a fan Pinkeevee I'm a fan of your comics please let me be a fan of yours
@Shiny eevee 1134: Thanks! but, you don't really need my permission to be a fan.
Hey pinkeevee its a bit odd that EVERYTIME I breed a male buneary with a female eevee I always get atleast one female (Sometimes on my first 5 eggs,one of them hatch a female,well sometimes I got 2 females and I am honest to what I said).But why can't you atleast hatch one female(not being rude okay?I'm just askin/sayin)
@Reyna178: Well, You must be lucky, because, when I was breeding a male buneary with a female eevee, I never got any females. (And, I still barely get them). Maybe you just keep on hitting that rare 12.5% chance of your eevees hatching into females.
@Pinkeevee222: Then again,I just breed another male buneary(Caught in Eterna Forest) and another female eevee (Caught in Trophy Garden) The first 4 eggs hatch two females eevee (The 1st and the 3rd egg).I was like "wut..." on my 1st egg that hatch a female eevee and on my webcomic that I improved the story it was about my eevees,right?Well, the 4th egg hatch into a female and my cousin help me name her,Amber(The espeon and one of the main characters of the story).Like you said I am lucky to hatch females eevees.
why is eve being so heavily guarded
Again, who drew number 15!!!!
whelp I will be back in about two weeks, cya.
Why do I get the feeling that Nego is going to appear in the next few comics?
When are you posting your next comic???
@Starlion1111: Updates on Saturdays
Is it just me(I think it is), or did anyone when they were young think r.i.p. meant something else( I thought it was rest in pieces)>:T
@Pinkeevee222: when's next comic ;-;
@Pinkeevee222: I love oliver
Oh my God,Eve.
Look at the naruto run in the seventh panel

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