August (part 3)


July 30th, 2016, 10:15 am

This comic was originally going to be comic #132, but, it was scrapped after sketching it, in favor of a more comedic comic. This is why August's eyes change from circle eyes, to anime eyes (I was too lazy to change it)
Go go Laziness!

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Dis comic took forever. The header alone (Which, is still 100% made in Ms Paint) took one hour to do.
Why am I making these comic pages go up in quality? That's bad. Really bad. Oh well.
Why is Oliver burring the necklaces now? Why not before, like, when Eve found it? Or, before Eve found it?
Why is August following Oliver? What does Archie mean when he says that she made up a case?
and, most importantly, Why the heck do hot pockets taste so good!? Mmmmmmmm hot pockets....
These questions, and more are NOT going to be answered in the next Stupid Short Eevee Comic!
SSEC fanfic! Updates every Saturday! (I think)
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i hav a new comic!! Hin, Gung, and Comitta
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Never mind you hot first coment, good job. O3O
Oooohhhh Archie, one day, one day.
@Zappy the Raichu: two day ._.
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im gonna start a new comic called cubby!!! trust me itz gonna be REEEAALLLYYY cute! comes on August 5, and there are 3 characters, Cubby (of course), Even, and DJ. So please check it out out on smackjeeves when you hav the chance

Poor August ;~;
poor August Archie why can you realize that this is a big scoop I mean Oliver is kinda of a mystery in some ways.
Hot pockets just do.
And little does Archie know that he is in a work of fiction...
@I am me.:
He is one of the few characters that does not routinely break the fourth wall.
Go August!Go August!Go!Give me an A!Give me an U!Give me a G!Give me an U!Give me an A!Give me a S!Give me a Tacho!
Jelly: I almost forgot about this comic (sniffs). I was busy watching skydoesminecraft videos, and (sniff) i am about to have a sing off with everyone so (sniffles) we were busy getting the stage set up. You can (sniff) see it on my art comic in (sniff) a few minutes after this is posted.

Era: Something wrong, Jelly?

Aqua: She is really sick today. She caught a cold while we were at camp.

Tori: poor girl.

Shadow: Everyone hope that Jelly gets better!

Gummy: Or make fun of her.
Lol wut @jellybeanier: XD LoL jelly has a cold
I think Oliver buried the necklaces because he wanted to grow a necklace tree
yes @Midnight-fox18: yes he did
@Midnight-fox18: really xD
@Midnight-fox18: yepedoodles
But August is in fact correct!
@9rainbowtails: we just got hints on what one of the unknown "lab powers" may be, enhanced agility. Who has that I wonder. We know super strength is blizz, if I remember right, in comic 100 ftw, flame was transparent. *Checks* yep flame, you can see through hi paws.
@42Meep: vay might have the agility
@Raptorrex: Vay can already shapeshift though. I think Bolt has agility
@Theory maker: hmmmmmm you might be right 030
@Raptorrex: Don't you love that feeling when you're possibly right! I think Bolt has the agility as everyone else already have hints of their powers. that and the fact that he is a jolteon ;)
@theory maker: I do like that feeling its so suspending and intense for me
Archie you need to understand...that you ARE a POKEMON!Pokemon can have powers They can teleport,use psychic,have night vision and other random stuff!
And oh another thing why can't Dusk understand!?I hate him(not too much)he said he is sooo smart in all and didn't know something that matters!Hmph!What kind of Umbreon/Pokemon is he!
Nuuuu! Archie believe him!!! Plz!!! August is a very good detective. He's absolutly right, the Real mystery is what happen to the Eevees who went to the lab... Hmm, Dang!!! I'll never be able to sleep until next saturday... It's like torture waiting for every comic... Like, you know when you come back late chrismast eve And there's a lot of presents under the tree but you can't open the gift yet until the morning? No? Well... this is what I feel everytime i finish reading one page...

(I'm sorry if My grammar is awful, the only excuse I have is; I dont speak english, i speak french... Annnnnd to much useless info about My life, argh, I'm weird._.
@Talking Eevee: August is a female.
Not these dang necklaces again ;-;
@Marlows59: same xD
The plot thickens!
The First 3 Panles make it look like Oliver is a murderur covering his tracks
This was the third part of August. Time to move on to September.
@Nashew: lol
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: what? You ok
@Raptorrex: yes... i guess
@42Meep: no it didint
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: the last frame. Part shrugs at the reader.
@42Meep: ...
How did u do the header? Shading is SUPER difficult in MS paint. (I know 'cause I use it.)
@Silver Eevee: I made a mess of circles, squares, and random lines on an empty canvas. And then I skewed and unskewed the canvas. It's very easy to do, but it is also very tedious.
(This is a remix of Coldplay's song Paradise, called A New World of Friends.)

When I entered the land
I was in a place of sand.
I was looking for a tree,
When a rabbid thing saw me.
It's a new-new-new world.
Very scary-scary at first.
But full of-full of new friends
Everywhere I seem to turn.

When I entered the land,
I was in a place of sand.
I was looking for a tree,
When I met a friendly male bee.
Days go by building in my world.
Meeting others from all over.
A rabbid, enderman, and a girl
Every night, every night, I try to sleep.
Every night, every night, I hear a loud peep.

It's a new-new-new world
Very scary-scary at first.
But full of- full of new friends.
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
It's a new-new-new world
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So whenever I look back to the past,
I know our friendships will always last.

It's a new-new-new world
Very scary-scary at first
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It's a new-new-new world
Very scary-scary at first
But full of-full of new friends
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
@jellybeanier: don't do this here please.
@Zappy the Raichu: ya what he/she said
Rainbow: [Zeri-Chan just loves to sing, and wanted to share it with everyone. Sorry Kakki Arimasu- Chan.]
@jellybeanier: It's spam.
@Zappy the Raichu: ai. I understand.
Is Oliver crying in the fifth panle second picture
@Pinkeevee222: why can't the questions be answerd. =(
@Raptorrex: Cause the next comic is a Meanwhile... I think.
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee there is something that I really don't like Dusk,that could make me hate him but not too much
@Reyna178: Really? What is it then? Hmm...Then again, Dusk is pretty dense and insensitive most of the time.
@Pinkeevee222: Sigh are you sure...for some reason am I the one who notice it or maybe there might be few others.
@Reyna178: I'm sure. It doesn't help that he is acting like that on purpose.
@Pinkeevee222: Its just that he loves Sky so much...but not his mother.Th reason why I hate him is because he just keep on loving Sky and saying "But mother,I love Sky I l love him so much".He still didn't even realize how much pain does his mother to lay an egg.And if it wasn't for his mother Sky and him wouldn't even exist or live.Mothers can give us pain in the neck...but we need to accept them sometimes because they are the one who gave us life.When will Dusk realize without his mother...Sky wouldn't even exist.
@Reyna178: that's true. We should respect our mothers. But then again how would you react if your mother tried to send lover to a lab to be tested on because you didn't want to make babies with her then decides to send you and your brothers to the lab and you have to escape which must be super hard and scary and in the end one of your brothers ends up with amnesia and you all end up with freaky powers and your lover is gone pretty much forever and your mom acts like nothing happened. That kind of childhood seems pretty traumatising to me. Don't forget Harmony has babies like everyday

(Sorry if this seems like butting in this just needed to be said)
@Theory maker: plus one of the brothers didn't escape.
@Theory maker: You are just like my classmates *cries* So do you want me to commit a suicide!?
@Reyna178: Don't comment suicide!!! He/She wasn't even being that mean!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: classmates doesn't even like me much because of my hyperness...But I got a School Paper Production next week,though.
@Reyna178: well if someone doesn't like you for that then there not worth your time.
@Zappy the Raichu: Well my teachers and classmates sometimes only appreciate my drawing and concept but not me.My teachers always told me to practice my Cartooning skills and when it comes to a contest they would rather pick me as a Representative.
@Reyna178: Ya I feel you, I feel like everyone only knows me because I can draw better then them, and also because of my name. I'm gonna end the conversation so it won't be spam.
@Pinkeevee222: oh ok
@Pinkeevee222: when's next comic
@Raptorrex: I am tired of people saying this!! Go to the home page if you want to Know, Don't know where it is? Maybe it's the botton that say HOME on it.
@Zappy the Raichu: ;^; OK you (sniff) don't have to (sniff) to be so mean about it
@Raptorrex: I'm sorry, it just annoys me when people ask when the next comic is coming out.
@Zappy the Raichu: ;) its OK (sniff) I know when the other ssec come but thank you for telling me =)
Rainbow: updates every saturday, Mokengen-San.
You should make hot pockets in a toaster oven. They, and so many other things are great in toaster ovens. Toaster ovens are bae.
@cccviper653: true
August is adorable
Hmm... Thinking back to the comic which was titled "# 100 FTW" There was a question that asked:" Why is Flareon slightly transparent?" (If that was the question) I think Flame has the power of invisibility.
@Guest: He might have it because he actually wanted that power
Can't wait for the next one!! :D
Hmm larrys eyes looks like weaponized 115 from bo2 in other words his eyes are freaking awsome.
My alien derp face. :3:
wait... so u use MS paint?? wow... you r really good! i had it for a long time and still draw bad! u r talented
Theory time ...hmm ...I like this August girl ! I have a feeling me and a few other people who like making theories would get along.
Anyways theory time! So August believes that 6 of the eeveelutions have supernatural powers. This is true! The 5 eldest lutions are most likely to have powers as they all went to the lab along their other currently lost brother, who in the ask blog, according to flame, was Sora. Other 5 lutions were (in age order): Dusk, Bolt, Flame, Blizz, and Vay. Sora has evolution related powers, Vay can shapeshift, Blizz has super-strength, Flame can become invisible, and although there has been no sign of this, Bolt must have enhanced agility. I'm not going to say my theory on Dusk's power as it's probably a big secret. So unless Pinkeevee wants me to say, I will not say it.
@Pinkeevee222: I you could comment on how much of this is accurate then I would be super happy but if you want to avoid spoilers then you don't have to reply or anything. If you want to hear my theory on Dusk's powers just say!

Great Arceus I'm done!
@Theory maker : Actually those powers could be found in tumblr becuase i once saw a answer of what powers the eeveelutions wanted but blizz is the only one that had super strength so he was good.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Blizz is a guy.
@42Meep: i know
Mystery all around... (.) (.)
wait a minute... If IF! the eeveelutions have supernatural powers,eve wanted the power to Transform into any eeveelution,then that might explain why she is different in tumblr with the future eve already evolved into a different eeveelution in every ask.well that just a theory I have but future eve might be different because pinkeevee wants to keep it a secret. but I actually think my theory is pretty accurate.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I think I know what your saying. *mumbles* no I dont
@Raptorrex: check SSEC Ask blog on tumblr you just need to do alot of scrolling
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: oh OK thanks=)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: and your comment picture is so cooooooool x)
@Raptorrex: Np and thx but Konix is the one nice enough to make me this cool profile pic by suprise
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I said this, but, we know eve is Sora's kit, and Sora stated the lab people made her have lots of kits that would get her "odd powers" aka any evolution she wants. We also know Sora was a he and is now a she.
@42Meep: (Sighs) im tired of hearing "Kit" cause that make NO sence just call it k"Kid" cause its literally that.
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: *Innocent look* But, a kid is a baby goat. Eeveelutions don't look like goats. They don't even have hooves! Calling them kids makes no sense!
@Pinkeevee222: (Facepalms) WHY DO I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS!?!?!?!? AND WHY DOES KIT MAKE SENCE!!?!??!?!?!
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: a Kit is a baby fox, and eevees look like foxes.
@Zappy the Raichu to lazy to logi: But they arent (So stressed out)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Well, a Kit, according to the dictionary, is a young fox, beaver, or other small fur-bearing animal. In the Warrior (cats) book series, they also use this word to describe young kittens. Eeveelutions resemble both foxes and cats, and they also have fur. So, it would be appropriate to call young eevees kits.
@Pinkeevee222: (Is really stressed out)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: *Mr. Burn's voice* Exxxxxxxxxxxcellent.
@Pinkeevee222: Whos Mr burn?
@Pinkeevee222: do you like the warriors cats book sierise?
@Black lucky cat: TEH EYES!!!! TEH....EYES! *dies*
@ClapHappyAlchemist : le gasp ! Larry's eyes are fabulous *fabulous hair flip*
@theory maker: *stares in awe of Fabulous Hair Flip* OMA. NO ONE COULD EVER BEST THE FABULOUS HAIR FLIP! DO LARRY'S EYES STAND A CHANCE?!?
@ClapHappyAlchemist : yah well, Larry's eyes may not as fabulous but they beat most other things (hope that makes sense). ;)
OMA!*squeals* Larry! Your eyes are so beautiful!
Larry dem eyes Doe
U got ...umm August tried to solve the case of the 2 bells and night but if Arhie says she not helping, well I mean not much of the deal so, if she's not helping why can't she just forget what happened when she got..... Well scolded, right Pinkeevee
The2bells? dawns bell/dusks Bell?

Alright : It's a multicolored soothe bell
(Dawn needs da soothe bell rings /seems like a serious Espeon) dusk? Well... Dusk is an idiot,why does he care?
WOW!!!!! this is one of the best of your comics[my opinion]. it just looks great
@cub6: To PM someone (easily) first go to their Smack Jeeves page.
On the Far right, there should be a Box thing that says 'Contact Info'. Under that, it says
Send Message: with a picture of 2 guys with the letters PM next to them.
When you click that, you get sent to the place where you can PM people at!
You can also see your inbox, and Outbox!
@Pinkeevee222: thx
The 2bells Pinkeevee when I saw the story of the two eevees I noticed that the two eevees are... DUSK AND DAWN but I'm surprised when I read the story, but in another comic I saw Dusk have the two bells, in another comic I saw Flame disgust about the 3 eevees that want to help find the two bells, instead Flame was looking for a magazine😅. Pinkeevee what does 15 TM stand for? How do u change that thing on like where u show a chacacter like u are a pinkeevee on the side
@Shiny eevee 1134: kkk So to have a pic on the left like pinkeevee's you need to have an account becuase guests cant change it. and for TM 15,that stands for Teach Move Hyper beam. You must be new here arent cha? man i cant stop referencing undertale
@Shiny eevee 1134: Your right with Dusk, but the other ones not Dawn, it's Sora.
i wanna get in theory!!! @Zappy the Raichu:

Girl: wha...
Thx Thxs for the advise I never knew that but I really like her comics when l first discovered that😀
@Shiny eevee 1134: No Problem
and (It does not really matter) but you forgot to press reply
Wat Wait Wat hold on I'm confuse is the the sylveon's name is Sora or Sky, but then why... oh I get it I think
@Shiny eevee 1134: Sora is a Eevee with the power to become any eeveelution at will, and Nobody knows who Sky is!
never knew @Zappy the Raichu: i never knew that but is noight dusk or is the real name night
@Shiny eevee 1134: We are pretty sure Night is dusk and dusk is night but its just a theory.
I wish Pinkeevee I wish I could be in the comic that would be amazing but I can't
How? @Konix: how do u do that
-warning, bias ahead!- I have a theory that people may have or may not have heard of. Remember whenever oliver went 'berserk' because somebody tried to hurt his friends? the red necklace reminds me of that, and once eve wore the pink necklace and that had effects on her. Eve and oliver are blood-related. Yeah, pretty much everyone's heard of this...
@Scorchclaw: Eve wore the pink necklace? what comic number?
@sylveon: She didn't technically wear it per say, it's just that she saw it, touched it, lit up like a christmas tree, and blacked out, seeing oliver in a dream/vision
@Scorchclaw: Wat r u talking about there only friends it's like they aren't blood related if they r I would freak outðŸ˜
@Scorchclaw: Every Eevee in this comic is related.
@Konix: Oh i dont really watch that show
the story i don't remember in which chapter it happened but didn't jolteon turn invisible and didn't eve use one of the necklace
@eeveeleo: i dont think that jolteon turn invisable
... Wow. Seriously? Get a life Flareon! Jeez.
@Konix: um ok?
Hey Guys! I have something to say! I don't think that the flareon from the meanwhile series is Flame,if that flareon was Flame he already knows what Sora(Sky) look likes and he can easily guess it was Sky/Sora all along.
It's not flame
It's a character where volt came from
Tumblr I think
Werewolf kid(in super smash bros):I have no clue who could be invisible.
Aura lucario: same but I'm sure strength is glacé on (dang auto correct that I'm too lazy to fix!)
@Pinkeevee222: is Dawn pregnant yet?
@cub6: ? Um... no? She doesn't even have a mate yet.
@Pinkeevee222: how about Skull *wink wink*
@cub6: Scull is her boyfriend.
@Pinkeevee222: oh yeah.... *cries*
no she's not she's just totally fat
Pinkeevee222 I am a fan of you're work you are my inspiration
@Pinkeevee222: ive just noticed that you get most comments on meanwhiles
My gosh wats going on
Who here has read Percy Jackson the book seriese
im finally back.... i think *sigh* many things have happened while i was away but one major reason is that on the last thursday or so i broke my right hip while brushing my teeth at 11:00AM.. (idk of how i fell in the first place) basically im fine now thnx to my surgery on the friday after that thursday.

so im back once again
@KayleeTheEevee09: good to hav u back

And I seem to see you have evolved

Me: into what? A sylveon, like me?

Fang: no... A glaceon, like me.

Me: NNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
you can see of why having CP like me irl can be like crap in some ways -_-'
@KayleeTheEevee09: hi I'm raptor rex nice to meet you
Awesome the comics are still going!
@Pinkeevee222: you should make a YouTube channel with all your comics but instead all eeveelutions have voices
@Raptorrex: some one started that but quit doing it( I think they got one or two chapters done)
@Rockey the umbreon: what's there YouTube channel name
@Raptorrex: I can't remember , they only made a chapters any ways ( sorry for not responding ....(I kinda died)
I just figured it out!!! I just figured out the mystery. So does is sky, night is dusk because in storybook 1, they make a plan to change their names! So Eve is sora\sky's daughter and Oliver was the one who took Sora's egg! (It shows that in secret 5\6) the "earings on Oliver's ear are actually from the identification tag! *I forgot to mention this earlier, but Sora and Oliver met at the lab that all the eevees got sent to. (All the eevees have evolved except Oliver, Sora, and a few others.
@Stareevee: OMG your eevee is the cutest!!!
These are awesome. When are you releasing the next one?
@Frost Raven: Saturday
Urr Are you going to continue this one or just leave it like this 'cause I sorta want you to continue (but you don't have to)
@.The_Sof.: "August's story" is going to be continued next week.
I love your comics!! Omg! You are so talented! I tried doing my own series about eeveelutions but my drawings arnt as good as yours!! I named my sylveon glory.
Dusk is potato
Dusk + potato = END OF THE WORLD

this is my future HEADCANNON

Pink Eevee I Your comics. As a request (you don't have to do it, just if ur bored cause I really Wut ur comics) maybe do a comic about dusk getting a pet potato and he named it sparkles. Haha that just came to me. PINK EEVEE IS AMAZING IT IS A FACT.
That was me set ^
what is oliver hidding
Why is oliver a boy it seams he likes dusk but dusk is a boy
Idk why but I think an August secret would be interesting :3
Oliver is hiding a big secret from other eevee ,she in big trouble.
und3rs74nding thi2 sometimes things get


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