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August 12th, 2016, 1:30 am

Funny thing happened, so,
Sylveon was suppose to appear,
starting like, now.
but, I scrapped all of the
"Meanwhile in Kalos" comics
she (and Flame) appeared in.
Except one, I think.

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*Troll Face* Yes. Frozen. LOL. I know about half of you are sick of it now, but, I really like this song (and, the fan fiction made me want to draw the eeveelutions as eevees) So, the reason why this is uploaded early. Well, I wanted to do commissions, and then I messed up on one, flipped a table, and started working on this instead. Now its done and I don't want to wait until Saturday to upload it, cause it looks awesome.
Sorry for the super early update. I will try harder to be on time next week.... probably.... unless I start being sad that I'm not uploading on Saturday this week and magically draw another page... probably won't happen though.
Blizz, you can't build a Snover. They are living pokemon. Your not like Elsa. I will not allow you to dream to become like Elsa, because, If you do, I am 98% sure that you will Freeze everything. Good thing you don't know any ice type moves.
I love drawing snow now. Why haven't I done this before? BLIZZ! GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR AND MAKE IT SNOW IN THE PC!
You can't? Oh right. The great PC blizzard of 2014 hmmmmmm..... oh well.
Awesome SSEC Fanfiction!: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12063694/1/The-Bond-of-Brothers
Pinkeevee222, August 12th, 2016, 1:30 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:47 pm Reply

@Pinkeevee222: I finnaly get to read an ssec comic on Friday instead of Sunday, though this I got to read at 5:36 PM cause I live on the other side of the world. Also first and wait is that Blizz and Vay when they were young or is it Oliver? Nya.
@Devin17: It's Blizz and Vay.
@Zappy the Raichu: Thanks for that. Nya.
@Devin17: uggggg oh hard is it to get fist comment
Everybody say a bad pun when you comment


SPREAD THE WORD! @cub6: #SaveJelly

Don't ask why. Just check Pokeart Collective's newest post from Jelly.

On http://pokeartcol.smackjeeves.com/comics/2243751/groudon-nyan-cat-perfect-sense/

Please press +fav.

- cub6 #savejelly
:l @cub6: yeh make a SNOWY pun XD # sans puns
Probably wold have done the same thin instantly feel bad because that's how I am, also I never liked that song. I mean you can like what ever you won't but I have a little sister so that song for weeks was half my day.
:-: 3 people comments ;-;
Pinkeevee are the eevee with the spiky head and the one who looks a bit red Bolt and Flame?
@Dusk Plush Gang: I believe so,
Poor Blizz...;~;
Omg why do everything in this comic so flipping Kawaii Eeeeeeeeeeee da feels. Blizz, Bolt, Flame are super cute in panal 13 LOOK AT HOW SAD THEY ARE.

Panal 11 that is SO Blizz
@Theory maker: I know right there so kawaii
You updated it on my birthday! *miniture celebration*
The second panel looks too adorable! Awwww
poor blizz ;~; *hugs the 4th wall trying to give blizz a hug*
THIS IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU MADE THIS SONG SOUND GOOD
Well... Now I know why Vay has no frill around his neck...
Cuties is the only word i have.
I call first >:3
@Pinkeevee Hey pink do you play tfm? Transformice.plz reply :3
@Werewolf kid: I played it once, a few years ago.... and then I never played it again.
Hisss... Frozen....


OMA! Blizz! You're bleeding!
Hey Pinkeevee Can it be a Pokemon variant or fusion for the contest? I'm expecting not but I'm curious.
@SmileySkitty : A contest? The contest ended a long time ago.
@Pinkeevee222: the Design contests I thought it said August 31st was the deadline?
@SmileySkitty : wait I just looked... Ok never mind then XD sorry
Looks like Vay should've turned into a glaceon since his heart is ice. Awe.

~Cuz he's, cold blooded, check it and seeee. Got a cold at -103. Cold blooded, cold blooded, yeah!~
@cccviper653: xD really 😆😆😆 I get it *laughs*
Did anyone notice in the first panle Dusk, Bolt, and Flame have a map?
@Zappy the Raichu: A map of Sinnoh to be exact.
@Zappy the Raichu: I think there planing to get Sora back.
:l @Zappy the Raichu: the scene that says do you want to make a snowver? It has a troll face in it
Frozen might be the very bane of my existence (for various reasons). But this was cute and interesting, love these little flash back comics.
I'm looking at this and realizing how much vay looks like oliver.....
oma he does look Oliver! @9rainbowtails: Like 'secret-five-very-emo' Oliver!
Uuuuhhhhhh Vay looks like a different pokemon....
WAIT WAIT WAIT THAT SOUNDS OFFENSIVE sorry i mean like a normal type eeveelution or something *blushes* *hides in my shadow* *dissapears*
Fixing my song hate me freely but...
there you go i should be doing other things that are important thats why i am in my basement trying not to turn on the tv and watch the olympics
Oh there was a girl in a running race who beat the world record by 14 SECONDS
oh my god stop *cries*
Oh! I really like the extra shadowing you put on this strip keep it up!
I just finished reading the fanfic of this fanfic, and oh my god It was amazing, but I fell asleep at 4 in the morning so I just finished reading the last two chapters, and the ending! what a cliffhanger eh? Any way I liked it. Also oh my god poor Blizz, dusk, Sora, and the rest of the Eevee.(sorry terabl memory can't remember thar name can't remember any ones name 'sept a select few)
I'm so confused... Is Vay in the tree? I was fine all up until panel 14 then I just got confused. Is Vay in the tree? Did Blizz see Vay leave the tree? If Vay isn't in the tree, who's in the tree? Is it a flashback? I NEED ANSWERS OR ELSE I WON'T SLEEP AT NIGHT! (Slightly overdramatic but my point still stands...)
Better than Frozen
@Original_Mango: right 😑.
@Original_Mango: frozen. Still a better movie then clash of ages.
Wooooooooooooow so kawaii and the oooooooolllllllliiiiiimmmmmppppjcs⚽🏆✨🎇🎆🎉🎈🎊🏆🏆🏆
😮 @Pinkeevee222: wait...... the eeveelution wearing the black ribbon bell, must be night. And the look on his face in panel 13, dusk has that face a lot soooiooo! Are ideas..... are..... TRUE!!!!! (Night is dusk!)

(My spelling sucks)

and.... done with the crazy. 🙃
Jelly: EARLY!!! YAY! SO NOW I DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TO DO THIS!!! (/kill jellybeanier)

jellybeanier died.

Era: I ma have made Shadow get mad at her because I blamed her for breaking a vase he made that took months to finish, and Jelly and Shadow both have a crush on each other. When he got mad at her, it was hard for Jelly to take. Wow, I better apologize...

Sam: (/set spawn point jellybeanier 0,0,0)

(set jellybeanier's spawn point)

Night: SAM!!!
2 things 1. someone saw frozen
2. why are they looking at a map of sinnoh
Huh. Vay didn't have the floof as an Eevee. That explains why he doesn't have the neck fin as a Vaporeon.
EH makes sense
Hahahaha hahahahaha!
OMG!!! This is a really good art style, just saying, I love it.
'boat the wallpaper Um, hello, Pinkeevee, sooo...
Where can I get that Vay wallpaper that is mentioned in the extra? If it is a link, i can't seem to be able to open it...
(love your comics soo much)
You are sooooo important
Crazyumbreondudegirl: no you're not
Shut up
Cub6: hi
@SomebodyNotImportant: Hi!
I don't like the wallpapers (since they are old) so, that is why it isn't on the Extra's page. But, THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT THE EXTRA'S PAGE! (I don't think anyone looks at it)
Here is the link to all of the wallpapers:
(OMA. That isn't even Sora's final design anymore. I really have to update these)
@Pinkeevee222: hi, umm, I like you're drawing and the shadings are sooo neat. I can never draw like that. if you hav time, can you PM me on how to do that?

@cub6: Okay! I actually made a step by step picture on how I did this page (Kinda). So,I'll PM it to you.
@Pinkeevee222: Ive read the extras before!Since nobody talks about it i didint either cause i thought they would not care.
Waiiiiit. Dusk has Sky's belll
Waiiiit, waiiiit, I saw a troll face when Blizz began the song...Cheeky Pinkeevee. Anyway, that;s Sky's bell dusk is carrying. That means by here Sky is already gone. And Dusk looks so determined...Or Night. Sorry. Anyway, I think they're planning to rescue Sky! Vay looks like Oliver...WAit. Night is blushing in the Can somebody tell me why, if only a little. Vay is soo not furry. The loss of Sky, maybe?
@Moonmoon: maybe it's because he's sorta shy and excited at the same time
@Moonmoon: oma your right thar is one thar.
@Moonmoon: I Don't think night is alive yet.
I actually sang this when I realized it was Frozen.....
The real parody should be titled:
"So I Heard That You Like Mudkips?"

Anyway, great page as usual.
That moment when you realize you have only commented once on the entire series, and you've been reading since episode3. That's me.... XD
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: The Purple Rippon is Sora's, and Dawn wasn't even alive back then.
Waiiiit... Is Dawn missing or something?
Coz her bell is here but she's not.

Also No, wouldn't be the first time she went missing welp 😐

AJ: haylo! Bella? Y u so grumpy?


AJ: (squeakily) yes.

Cam : HAYYYY! Wassup bu- nope. She's grumpy. I'm leavin. ( The Wild Cam Ran Away!!)

AJ: :(
Um...can I...can I voice act this, please? It's okay if you don't want me to.
@I am me.: You can.
(I mean, a bunch of random people are doing it on youtube anyways, so why not.)
Kiitos paljon! Thanks a lot!
pinkeevee senpai notice me!!!
@anonymous: You have been noticed, anonymous person number 472. Congratulations! *pops confetti canon*
Me @Pinkeevee222: HI KEVIN

vay why you do this do blizz? whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!? *does other overdramatic things*
Spreading @GummyBearier: #SaveJelly! Did I do it right?
#savejelly @GummyBearier: what's wrong with jelly
dick >:T ... swatchu are
Makes enuf sense for me if she wasn't born so.. Meh. (Maybe she will pop up later )
... i love your comics!!! make another one soon alright!!! I LOVE EEVEES!!!
i found a thing? hey pink eevee (mind if i call ya pinkvee?) i think i found a youtube channell o yours i just dont know if its ... yours... mind if i get a yes or no on this question?
@bluryfever: What's the Youtube channel's name?
Uhhhhh @Pinkeevee222: Pink Eevee and it has a lot of shadow da hedge horg videos .... I'm startin ta think it's not you but eh
Ps @Blury: I'm using ma tablet to write this that's why I'm guest now
@Blury: In case you didn't know, you can log into SJ from your tablet too.
@Blury: It's not her YouTube channel.
@Blury: Her youtube channel is called scruffy eevee
Does anyone notice the map I think it's to escape or find sora
@Pinkeevee222: I think I am the only one who stopped what they were doing and googled a "instrumental Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" and progressed to read out the comic of the tune of... well Do You Wanna Build A Snowman... man I must have a strange life
@Diggy Daggit:
No, you're not alone. I started singing along too...
@I am me.: :I
Shortest Characters Get the 2 shortest male characters and put them in Elric (Fullmetal alchemist) and levie (Attack on Titin) costumes
(warning this coming has concerned profanity, so to the easily offended don't read!)I find that I like to read this with upbeat music when I read tis. I just reread the entire thin and I was listening to Yoshi's island obstacle course. Also just noticed that some of the Eeveelotions like dusk use to be d**ks, tell me I'm not the only person that noticed.
For the full judgmental, don't read this @X man: you are kinda right

DARE: make a bad pun

Ex: what is brown and and rhymes with snoop?

Dr. Dre
@cub6: yes I'm not the only one that noticed! Also bravo bad pun achieved. Hers mine, ahem.
You can tune a piano, but you can't, tunafish!
Also if you won't to now what that's from it's dragon Ball z.
@shinyeevee123: why so many emojis? Ya know, people on computer can't read them, I'm on tabley

I'm back so did i miss anything or no because pinkeevee439 and stareevee are my brother's😭 I love your comics pinkeevee222😂 also
How did you get that pitcher😃😇😒😪😯😩😠😈👿😧😢😬. 👺😦😢😬😈 😦😬👹😭👺😵👾😣😜😒😴😪😏😖😌😥😣😷😌😪😌😜🠘£ðŸ˜œðŸ˜œðŸ˜¥ðŸ˜ðŸ˜¶ðŸ˜«ðŸ˜“😛😯
@Pinkeevee222: can you maybe start posting the comics a little more often I love reading these and i'm pretty sure everyone else does too if not that's fine... but if you can that would make us so happy!
@Umbreon :Definatly even though you are me
@Umbreon : I'll start posting these comics more than one time a week when I actually get paid for doing it.... Which might never happen.
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: The artist? What are you, some kinda noob? @Pinkeevee222 come smack this foo. :P Also, yeah, he is super cute. He and Oliver should plan some pranks on Dusk for some reason...
I'm scared because tomorrow is my last day of the summer holidays and I'm going to high school
@Dusk Plush Gang: this is my second week of school,

@cub6: three replys already, any way really? I haven't gone yet hmm strange but it's school right.

Go Hobby Hawks.
@Dusk Plush Gang: Tomorrow is also my last day of summer break.
...I happen to be going into high school as well XD
@Dusk Plush Gang: not Shure if happy to learn new things and hang with friends more, or sad summer and lazy time are basicly over.
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: more because the author\artist Pinkeevee222 likes to make Vay miserable. Don't ask me why.
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: no. I literally commented on Pinkeevee's comment that she kept forgetting Vay DIDN'T have it while she was drawing this page.
Back to this. @shinyeevee123: This is why we can't have nice things.
@42Meep: why not 😭 please can we have nice things
Just realised eevee Vay is normal Vay but brown and with a few cosmetic changes.
Also, everymon is walking on all fours here. Did someone (likely Vay) not come up with the bipedial in the PC idea yet?
@42Meep : Nope. Not yet. Oh. And, they are not in the PC. They are somewhere in the Sinnoh region. Huh. I should have put that somewhere in the comic. Oh well.
@Pinkeevee222: THIS IS WHEN THEY WHERE ESCAPING THE LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add shiny eevee Please add some shiny eevee or shiny flareo (blaze)
@Altas: Sorry. No can do. The eevees who appear in this comic are either eevees from my Pokemon games, or fan made (non-shiny) eevees. When I get a shiny eevee, I'll put him in the comic.
Pinkeevee222 how do you draw so well Could you make a tutorial please because that would be great thank you and bye>\\\\\\<
Does anyone know how to get a comment background please tell me soon!
@Greeneevee222: Hm......(Sage-like mode) Slow Down,Young Eevee,you have forgotten than only members of SJ may have this so-called 'Comment Background'

(Normal mode)Ok in a nutshell,you need an SJ account to have an picture(Avatar).Guests aren't really privegiled to a lot.

You probably have reasons why you haven't made an account,and over time I've learnt to respect that.Since I have a lot of comitments to run on SJ.I don't have to constanly comment on SSEC.
Well then... You have the best comics ever... But I'm leaving smackjeeves for this outrageous pice of magiCRAP....
OmG I hate frozen...but the way you did this...I love it
Meme face prob I saw a meme face in one of the panels. Why? Are you joking us, or are putting it for the sake of memes?
Meme face problem I saw a meme face in one of the panels, but why? For fun? For the sake of memes? To joke us?
@Anonyvee : Why does it need a reason to be there?
@Pinkeevee222: hi pink long time no see. You've inspired me to right story's thank you also the story I'm working on now is called "Ender Tale the shield of Ender"
@Pinkeevee222: oh and sooooooooooooo kawaii 😆😆😆😆😆😆😍
Cub6 okay sorry if I got ur name wrong
@Anonyvee: nope, in fact, I think I should capitalize it, hmmm.....
Is this when vay lost his scruff? Is that why he is hiding in a tree to avoid the others? Is that why he is grumpy?
Please answer me!
I know @Eeveez_R_Awesome: I know I know I know I still want the bell
who else noticed the troll face in panel 5
@Sylve the sylveon: HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT?!?!?!?!?? DANG YOU BRAIN!!!!!
@Sylve the sylveon: What TrollFace??
@TalkingEevee: look closely at panel 5 in the right bottom corner.
@Sylve the sylveon: oh....Wow...I'm blind._.
Need better glasses...
@TalkingEevee: your welcome.
Can you add me eevee his name is shy ray he has a blackit over him if he is seen he get really big he has pink eyes a purple tail and a hat he love eve he wears a rose and if he get mad he start turning in to a ball and rolling he like to play game like a Wii u and his best Wii u game is pikmin 3. He has a pet winged pikmin plus add him I worked on this for so
Lot my eyes hurt pls.
I'm a banana
So I'm guessing the bandage at the back of Blizz's head in the first panel means that they already went into the the lad,escaped the lab and lost Sora?
@.The_Sof.: Some more evidence is that Vay's ruff, the fluffy neck thing, is gone and Bolt's eyes are purple.
Stop being so mean vay!
blizz has amnisa and in frozen annas memory is earased so this verzion is perfect(this is lazy)
It's weird how Ja- I mean Vay used to be nicer before he became, well... a grump.
@Pinkeevee222: i love it
Pinkeevee, tell us more about the great PC blizzard of 2014
This is sad cute and funny so many emotions aaagh
Is the most yellow eevee Jolt?
Okay, so Vay is in his room because he didn't want to be the runt anymore
So if Bond of the Brothers is cannon,Jay/Vay can turn into a human,Blizz has super strength,Whimp and Troll come from Bolts eye color,Sora can turn into any eeveeloution,Flame can turn invisible and Dusks eye color can change and the reason for Vays lost frill is because of his power to change into human form? Someone please tell me this is right....
The reason Vay lost his frill is because when Vay got the human genes in him he shedded his fur and he had an unnatural gene causing the frill to never grow like it was supposed to
Bolts face
So I just read first chapter of BOTB and Harmony be like “MAH SON WILL NOT BE GAY!” I’m I’m like Harmony chill yeesh
Straight faaaaaaaaace Dusk keeps that straight face. And later he's probably gay.
@Pinkeevee222: I am not sick of frozen frozen-4-life
Is it just me,or did Blizz loose his spots?
@Pinkeevee222 Is Vay always this harsh?
Hey dusk.... do you wanna make fun of booooooolt it doesnt have to be boooolt. Dusk:GO AWAY BLIZZ!!! Blizz:ok i hate u duuuuusk
I never get sick of the song :)

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