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August 20th, 2016, 7:04 am

So, I guess you can see why Daisy likes Blizz and not Vay.

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Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
Pinkeevee222, August 20th, 2016, 7:04 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:46 pm Reply
*COMIC UPDATE* Sorry! No comic this Saturday! It's just that these comics in particular takes a long time to draw (9 hours minimum), and, I just started college and I had to go to a lot of mandatory freshman activity things all day, so, I'm uploading this week's comic on Monday instead. So, sorry! (Also, I have no guest comics right now, so, yeah.) I hope you understand!
*This message will be deleted after the next comic is uploaded*

You know what? To make it up to you, let me tell you something.
The real reason why Vay is a runt is because in comic number 23, Vay stands up, and is considerably smaller than the humans in that comic. When a Great Dane (a type of dog) stands up, it is about the same height of a human (Sometimes, even taller) So, one would assume that the eeveelutions, who are, on average, as tall as great danes are (kind of) Would be as tall as an average sized human if they stood up. I came to this realization after drawing that comic, so, to explain why Vay is so short in that comic (Because, Vaporeons are one of the tallest of eeveelutions), I made him a runt, cause, I like making his life hard. Oh. I don't think anyone noticed this though. (Like, all of the other million little hints and mistakes I put in random comics)
Pinkeevee222, August 26th, 2016, 10:32 pm Reply

MORE FROZEN! Also is that Daisy with Blizz?
@BowtheSylveon: It is!
@Pinkeevee222: That's what I thought! This is how Blizz and Daisy 's relationship started. As Eevees! And Vay never stood a chance because he wasn't social.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm expecting 1 or 2 more parts to the frozen styled comic parts. Nya.
@Devin17: well, yeah it might go from

4 years ago
3 years ago
2 years ago
1 year ago

Then the chapter is over
@cub6: just what I was thinking. Nya.
@Devin17: cool

Great minds think alike 😅
@Devin17: do you care
@cub6: that's a lot of full time crying...
(That's ten years of crying non stop!)
@Pinkeevee222: Oh boy...
@Pinkeevee222: hey... why doesn’t vay have her frill
@BowtheSylveon: noooooooo frozen I hate it
All man this is awesome!
@9rainbowtails: BILL CIPHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cuuuteee! Poor Blizz and Vay
This entire parody is just killing me. Really.
Hmmmmmm Dont worry blizz vay just need more time to clam down,btw maybe vay is stress beacuse he dont know how to be a father and controlling the power poor vay :'(
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Vay, Bolt, and Flame evolved immediately after the trainer got all 3 stones.
@Pinkeevee222: you've inspired me to right story's,thank you also sooooo kawaii
@pinkeevee222 Hi pinkeevee222 finaly i can read a new comic good job :). And were is nego is she already hatching? Please answer my question. Bts im from indonesia hihihi
@Altas: Nego has not been born yet.
@Altas: nego is a boy.
@42Meep: my bad sorry
@pinkeevee222 Sorry I mean he

Jelly: oh, my god...


Sam: ...I want to kill you right now.
How much longer till kalos? The trainer is really behind, because pokemon sun and moon are gonna come out soon.
@jellybeanier: The trainer is going to Kalos soon.
@pinkeevee222 Thanks and this is my first answer thank you very very very much :'). (If some one know crisis action please tell me )
This is so adorable! I love how you are drawing these new comics and I think its cool how you are using frozen in them!
@Pokefan: me too i like the draw
@Altas: Who doesn't?
@pinkeevee222 Oooooo pinkeevee222 one more quesrion how old are you? LOL im still a beginer for a coment
@Altas: Pinkeevee222 is 18. i saw her profile.
@EvanatheEspeon: thaks
@Altas: you're welcome.
Do ya think Vay is jealous of Dairy and Blizz? Yeahhh, probably.
Hey Pinkeevee will Blizz and Daisy be together in the future? *smirk* will Blizz be the mate of Daisy? *giggles*
Tear tear @Pinkeevee222: so sad
stan is a wall

Vay is officially an emo teenager.
It's meh again 🎶Do you want to shoot some rocket launchers🎶🎶🎶
@Kamns Tsmpus:
Phantom : yes gimme one so I can shoot it at mangle
* five minutes later *
Phantom : * DED*
I could not tell if this was updated or a new comic but now i know its a new one
Ah one of those days, I get that way to some times, but I usually go outside, sit, listen to Sad music, than go inside. Also noticed that I don't eat 'sept for diner. And the storagest part is the next day is always a high.
*resigns self to one more week*
Who's excited for Pokémon Sun And Moon cause I am!!!!!!!
@Raptor rex: ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: lol your funny.
@Raptor rex: thank you!! :3
@Zappy the Raichu: your welcome btw do you have a Pokémon fusion thing on smack Jeeves? Or is that someone else?
@Raptor rex: Do you mean "Pokemon fusion crouse 1"? If so, 9rainbowtails was the one who made it.
@Zappy the Raichu: oh well thanks for telling me well I'll be gone for awhile because I'm waiting the year out so I can read about another 100 comics in one go but it was nice talking to you.
@Zappy the Raichu: your cool see ya
@Raptor rex: Excited? Excited?! Excited doesn't even begin to describe it!!!
@X man: yea let's get paaaarrrtyyyyyy for Pokémon sun and moon.
happy birthday to me!
nobody cares...
@Sky207: I care... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! U R AWESOME!!!! BE HAPPY! but not jigglypuff rainbow loving happy. we all remember what happened with jigglypuf and dusk and tm 15... Don't we?
@Sky207: we care, we care.
@Sky207: happy birhtday!!

even though it was 9 days ago!!
Wow I have so many fans I I'm going to pass out um pinkeevee is they going to a 2 years ago😫😱😒
@Pinkeevee222: Remember the comic you made with adam the eevee? and the Alt text in it? you STILL haven't made that comic. if you do not remember, reply to this comment and i will tell you.
@EvanatheEspeon: Please don't mention that Alt text again. I didn't forget about it because it is a major plot point. And, the eevee is already in my game (It has been for 2 years). Actually, now that you said something about that alt text I said to never mention in the comment section, I'm going to have to push that arc back some more, just in case.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm glad you replied! i was'nt expecting you to. it's like talking to a famouse person. wich you kind of are.
The Feels are reals :(
This makes me question Vay's mental health.
I Like This Version of Do you want to build a snowman
I always feel so bad for Vay.
@ShadowIrorriM: so do I.
omg It's almost meh birthday ( 26th August ) and I let it go 10 years ago
@mangle shadow slash : happy bday to you happy bday to you happy bday to mangle shadow slash happy bday to you yay!* pops open confetti popper*
@mangle shadow slash : HAPPY BDAY
Oh I'm sorry do you what me to tell you what my comics title is 😒😒😒
@shinyeevee123: yes please
Hey umbreon is here 😃 *loves it*
Hmmmmmm Blizz x daisy. Or .Flame x daisy .or. Vay x daisy. Who will win
Ever since I started reading this Eevee is my favorite Pokémon,g Groudons my second favorite.
*sniff* So sad.....*wipes away tears with convient handkerchief*
thanks pinkeevee now i feel like i need a drink
@eeveeleo: coca cola,milk,juice all of it
@Altas: lol
@eeveeleo: beer?

@cub6: redbull i want a pair of wings
@eeveeleo: oh come on!!

apple orchard XD
this is so cute!! keep up the great work pink!
Pinkeevee222 How long are you planning to continue this comic series?
@Raptor rex: forever....

PSH I hope
@Raptor rex: Until I get tired of it, or until I finish it. I'm most likely going to get tired of it first though. (Then again, when ever I get tired of it, I just add new things and characters to It, so, IDK)
@Pinkeevee222: The Order of the Circle compels you to draw
@Pinkeevee222: great well ssec fans let's hope she doesn't get tired of this series.
@Raptor rex: Very True HUZZAH
@Silver the Eevee: lol
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: no offense but I think of all guests as kids.

Are you a kid?
@cub6: No I am not
@cub6: Also that vee ain't no guest
@Silver the Eevee: ok,

... Cool
@cub6: I not an Ice type! (I like ice types though)
@Silver the Eevee: what does that have to do with anything
@cub6: I am
@Guest: cool, you are what
@Guest: and don't feel bad, I finally got an account
I will tell you all what my comic titel is ok
Vay spent ALL that time in his room? I mean, I like my room but really?
im doing things I've been staying up all night for no reason
@mangle shadow slash

GET SOME SWEEP then you won't be tired lol
lol @Slashdakillaeevee245: NEVER * flies out of window *
@mangle shadow slash

OH YES YOU WILL *uses psycic*

Bed now
Me: oh COME ON!!!
Cub6: nooo... I wanted to be entertained!!
Crazyumbreondudegirl: aww *whines*
Mari Im making a comic about 3 eevee son that have super powers what do you think I should call it does anyone else have any ideas ?
@Greeneevee222: Eevee lution hero's or the Eevee story I dunno *derp* 😐😐😐
@Raptor rex: yes that's it eeveelution heros : the eevee story! Thx
@Greeneevee222: your welcome just give me the site to your comics so I can read them k?
@Raptor rex: right now I'm having difficuties trying to find the right computer man there so expensive* kicks wall really hard* ouch!
@Greeneevee222: that's fine I'll try to think of a good but cheep computer.hmmmmmmmmm
my heart bleeds for vey .... hes so nice and adorable i don't wana see him sad
@pinkeevee222 hi pinkeevee222 i have a question to oliver from me
me :"oliver,are you a gay"?
why i'm asking this, because i already read your comic #15 (oliver) if oliver a male and dusk then what the muk plus i read your comic #162 (secret5/6) when he say i whas in love. please answer my question why bacause its haunting me !!!!!!!! help me please!
@Altas: He's 13
@Silver the Eevee: What does his age have to do with anything?
@Pinkeevee222: Huh I dunno *Hides in corner* don't kill me
@Altas: I raged about people not knowing this in the comic "poker face FAIL", he is gay.
@Altas: I don't know. Is he? I would love to know. I asked him once, but, he just winked at me and sashayed away.
@Pinkeevee222: hmmmmm... Intresting
@Pinkeevee222: yesh
How to get a avatar?
@Atlas You gotta get a smackjeeves account
@eeveez_R_awsome Yep I also got no heart (my oc has no heart)
@altas Sorry I couldn't see your name correctly
@shinyeevee123: Tell us the title
@Pinkeevee222: Gurl i really like your comics five star for you 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
@Guest: Yay! 😀
@Pinkeevee222: congrats pinkeevee222 oh and hiii love your comics
@Pinkeevee222: I agree such art very eevee
@Pinkeevee222: actually my name is altas LOL



If you're a guest u cannot make comics!!!

*pionts finger* she's lying to US.

*dramactic music*
I have a trick for all of u... I hope it works..... Let's begin what's 1+1? 2+2? 4+4? 8+8? ..... U did all that? Ok now then.... Name a vegetable (Reply to this please, everyone who is interested! u might be surprised }:]
@Werewolf kid: Carrot. I...don't see it.
@Moonmoon: Yes it worked! Apparently it almost always makes people say carrot as the vegetable
@Werewolf kid: potato
@Werewolf kid: cotton candy

So wow
@Pokedude241: I like your comment picture it's really cool.
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: I wanna be an Umbreon but I'm afraid of the dark
Umm Keep up the good work
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: I know but, wait. The why does it say you are a guest
@Pinkeevee222: blizz vs umbreon who will win?
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: you want to know a little secret about the jigglies?
Is dawn born yet and is harmony the only mom?
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: I'm not too afraid of I have my best friend there then I can evolve there done
Frozen made me remember a lot of catchy songs ten songs are going my head I don't even know what 6 of them are called
@Silver the Eevee:
dp you wanna build a snover
love is an open poor
let it snow
icy heart
@cub6: Mainly mmbop and Barbie Girl (you have no idea how much that was sung by EVERYONE at my school)
@Silver the Eevee: sry, WHAT?
Pinkeevee222 Pinkeevee, What country do you live in?
@Raptor rex: United States of Americur
@Pinkeevee222: lol Americur
I am not a she haha haha haha haha omg my brother shiny Eevee has an account 😎😎 also I need to know how to upload comics pinkeevee 😕
@shinyeevee123: If you get an account, you can upload comics.
You should do a version of Let it go when they find out Vays secret. Because in the future Ssec they find out right? I remember in the ask blog they all knew in the future.
@TreeckoFleaCo: I could, but, let it go doesn't really fit any of the characters as much as Do you want to build a snowman does (Except if Flame stops collecting magazines or something)
The SSEC cast will find out eventually, and, I have already planned what will happen to lead to these events (It has something to do with Dawn. Poor, poor Dawn. Heh heh heh.)
@Pinkeevee222: do you have pokemon Go ?
@Altas: I hav it!

Go team red!
@Altas: I do, but, I can't tell you what team I am on, for reasons. (I mean, if you know what my real favorite color is, it's pretty easy to guess, but still.)
@Pinkeevee222: I'll use my psychic powers on you you are on teeeaaaammmm Red
@Silver the Eevee: Sorry, I still can't say.
@Pinkeevee222: Don't worry
@Silver the Eevee: im on team red
@cub6: me too *high fives*
@Silver the Eevee: yayyyy!!!!!
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Umbreon Flareon and Jolteon
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Calm down *Flicks Cub6 in the forehead*
@Silver the Eevee: hey what?

Me: owwww

Ok, geez, I'm sorry

@cub6: Don't be a baby
@Silver the Eevee:
Me: shut up, you're a baby
Fang: don't call people babies
Me: 😶
@cub6: I'm a teenager
@cub6: and who's fang
@Silver the Eevee: ccol, and, fang is a mature nice lad.

fang: hey, gimme back my computer Luna
luna: k
@cub6: coolifloof wadda ya wanna evolve into?
@Silver the Eevee: ala us are evolved
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Everything's a vegetable
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Cool leafleon is my fourth favourite and that was me I did no put my name
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Don't worry here have some cake (it's not a lie)
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: maybe like this:
Trainer: (shoves stone on face)
kinda explains the mark on the face.....
@Guest: No the lab explains the mark on his face
@Pinkeevee222 I think he is, I mean hi DID wink and, what was it, shayshayed? Away. also, CHEER UP VAY
Pinkeevee222 My favorite Eevee would be vay or umbrion cause I act exactly how they would act if they were fused oh and do you read Pokémon mystery dungeon comics on smack Jeeves if so which one?
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: yes, yes, it is.
I need to log in ok oh do I do it also where is puppy@love 😠😃😂😉😞😭
@Guest: I dunno

*spits out milk* *snort* guest *looks toooodaly dumb*
You make the worst comics sorry😭 I don't get it
@stareevee123: I'm sorry that you can't get my comics (I honestly just draw whatever randomly comes into my mind at the moment, so I know it's super confusing). I'll try to make better ones in the future 😊
Noooooo @Pinkeevee222: no no no your comics are beautiful they are the best wth these are one of the most glorious things on the Internet don't ever make them less random *flies away*
@Theory maker: omg why is your name theory maker when freakin GPS dude is making theories *flicks you in the head* come ON. I can easily make a theory but it will LITERALY take two hours because ITS SOOO LONG
😭😭😭 @cub6: owww that hurt whyyyyyyyy TT^TT
Just because my name is theory maker doesn't that it's all I do. And I never said no one else can't make theories. I'm just not good at making names up a-and that's not my fault. I originally intended to just make theories. Why do you have hurt my feelings *cries*
@Theory maker: Don't worry he's sorta mean @cub6: if you're mad at me for flicking you don't flick other people
@Silver the Eevee: okay *sniffs* I'm fine now *sniffs* I think
@Theory maker: *wags tail rhythmically*heal pulse!
@Silver the Eevee: no im not mad, in favt i flick lots people, its my hobbie

@Theory maker: ok sorry, i just get mad

me: wags tail
Theory So as it goes I've found some secret messages in certain parts of the comic that hint that the peace in the vaporeon and slvyon all have some history with the hats being almost the exact same plus it said that the vaporeon was experimented on PS. Love this comic but I can't remember what the eeveeloutions names are
Something unrelated Hey listen to the route 228 nighttime music for no reason whatsoever
@Pinkeevee222: have you ever thought of working with someone else to help you finish up the weekly comics?
@Darkstar29: The thing is, I would do that, but I mainly draw this comic so I can see how much I improve at drawing. If someone else helps, It won't really help me, It'll just make me more lazy.
@Pinkeevee222: always be lazy
@Pinkeevee222: god of art nice draw i like to be your student my master 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
@Altas: Sorry, I'm not really good enough at drawing to be someone's teacher... yet.
@Pinkeevee222: ooooweewww 😔😔😔 ok thats ok
Can you add my eevee his name is shy ray he wears a big paper on he he shy if he is seen he get so big he has pink eye a purple tail he love eve so bad he wear a hat and a rose if he get mad he turn in to a ball and start rolling he like his Wii u he love his pikmin 3 game he has a pet winged pikmin he wear a bow pls add him I worked on him so much my eyes help in a fan
@Eve lover: One of the rules says you have to draw it and also not be a guest
@Silver the Eevee: Correct!
@Pinkeevee222: I like some rules cause if I don't follow them I can't do the thing I wanna do
@Silver the Eevee: the rule don't. Make no secae but im good at make thing out of pipe cleaner I make a enderman with four arms a pikmin a pikmin mask a daddy long leg from pikmin a man with a sword a bow out of a paper clip and a ripper bent a gun with paper a pikmin with paper a mask a enderman with four legs a pickaxes and a axe
@Guest: What does that have to do with eevees pretty cool though
Are the eevees running in the halls wiz blizz dean and don
@Guest: Nope
@Pinkeevee222: then who are the eevees running in the halls?
@Guest: Pete, Blizz, Conar, and Don. You got 2 out of 4 correct!
At least I think you are the same guest.
@Pinkeevee222: I LOVE your comics I just...Love So Much!
Hi Hello
@Stareevee: Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

Hey wait you're the anti comic one. Only two slices of cake for you
@Silver the Eevee: nooo more caaaakeee

stareevee you will get more cake
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Was the cake good?
all cak iz good @Silver the Eevee: it has to be
@cub6: I know
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: Can I please have some cake
Hi I'm new
@Rex raptor: Hi and are you just raptor rex with a different name
@Silver the Eevee: no I just started a chapter ago Raptorrex is my brother.
@Rex raptor: hi bro
@Rex raptor: Oooooooooooooh ok here have some cake it's magic so it'll be any kind of cake you want
@Silver the Eevee: 😃 thanks Om nom nom
@Rex raptor: hi I've been here since the last 3 chapters
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: omg just freakin get a stupid account and PM
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: yes, forever
Pediepie !
@Altas: pewdiepie is annoying
@Altas: Um who's pewdiepie?
@Guest: an annoying Swedish jerk
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: k. Then bug her to get an account
@cub6: I. Am. A. Guy
@Silver the Eevee: sorry
@cub6: *mumbles* Nah don't worry but why you think I am girl?
@Silver the Eevee: I dunno. ima girl
@Pinkeevee222: oh, ok! I look forward for Monday! :D

Will the Fanfiction be updated Monday as Well or still Saturday? (Today)
@Pinkeevee222: NOOOOOOOO!!!
Come on *screaming* NOW TELL IS SHE HERE YET 😠😠😠
Is roasting marshmallows with flamethrower. *raises one to mouth* POW. The heck? *aura sphere hits* ow.... Wth aura lucario? I thought u got taken out!
Fnaf is real... I was just looking at the credits of the amazing world of gumball and.... Someone's name was schmitt..... We have to run the animatronics will be next!
Oh haiii Stan! I'm not crazy!
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: k?😓
cub6 you're awesome! I'm so hyped for Pokemon sun and moon!
@Greeneevee222: cool!!! i feel good know!!! yaya!!1

u r my bff

and pokemon sun and moon,

poor vay...
@JACKtheJOLTEON: I know I feel his pain so bad *cries * WHY HIM WHY NOW!
Hahaha you will all obey me *eats popcorn* 😕😬😡
Hahahahahah finaly i found my corn comis (manga) thank you memeorys
Ohhhhhhhhh pinkeevee guess what 😉
@shinyeevee123: ?
Hey! @Pinkeevee222: I`m thinking of making my own comics.You have inspired me! Or at least an fanfic.
Edit! it is up! Skylers Eeveeloutions is up! http://melancholy0.wixsite.com/skylerseveeloutions I used microsoft paint, so it isnt as AWESOME as yours
@Melancholy Melancholy: Yeah she did that for me too! Three Huzzahs for her HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH
Yes. @Silver the Eevee: The fun has been tripled.
I'm not. A good drawing in not a guest im a pro I know were to find a levee in the game im not telling
My fav levee is the dark one so evil im evil hahahah but he dumb but evil he has a chest on eve
How do I be not a guest I don't how to draw a levee or make a link please make him im not a good drawer
@Guest: 1 you get a smackjeeves account 2 you DRAW the flippin eevee
@cub6:So, so far, you've called me mean baby girl
@Silver the Eevee: oh, sorry, you are nice, smart and very mature

me: hey fang, your mature to, right?
luna: dont get any ideas
No...... Update?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Yup and I think you need to decide on a pokemon
@Silver the Eevee: *GLARE*
Where the update wwhhhyyy... Pinkeevee whyyyyyyyyyy.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
We need your update for make eeveeryone happy
@Altas: Well, I'm not happy (right now), so I guess no one is going to be happy.
@Pinkeevee222: What happens?
@pinkeevee222 Do you know oppai?
@Altas: I have 2 of them, so, yeah. I guess.
@Pinkeevee222: hehehehe sorry some time i do some dirty thing when i was stresssssss..... (Too many homework)
Hey pinkeevee, could you make an undertale themed comic or a comic where Vay or/and Blizz can see us readers
@...: Sorry, I haven thought about any funny things related to Undertale yet. but, maybe (It will probably have something to do with Wiz or Dusk). Blizz already has some kind of knowledge about the fourth wall, but, I doubt he'd be able to see the readers.
Pinkeevee222 hey how do I get a smackjeeves account and kind of paint should I use and I pretty confused what kind of cumputer I need to get? ,-_-
my school started today and it was fun and and I was waiting for a comic so the day would be great ohh is the next comic going to be 2 years ago [just guessing]
I love your comics pink just no frozen I don't like frozen
At all
Btw I am thinking of getting an account
@Umbreon fan: cool, i like umbreons, and....

i hate frozen too
Pinkeevee! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shs0rAiwsGQ

At 1:16 it says Sora!!(laughs)
Pass me the antivirus (new comics)
@Pinkeevee222: Is THAT VAY?
I now imagine Volts voice as Sir caligram from Harry Potter
Daisy she looks so cute and so does Blizz

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