Copping and Mailing


September 10th, 2016, 11:48 am

Uh... Well... um...
(What to write...)
Oh! Jay and Lea
know each other!

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Split has appeared in the comic once before, but, he never got introduced. I redesigned him a bit, cause, I felt like it. (And, because the fanfic had such a cool description of him)
Also, the location of LKD's hideout has been shown before.

Anyways, time to talk about background eevee JOBS. When someone is making a background eevee, they can give them a job. Background eevees with jobs are 30% more likely to appear in comics than the regular background eevee (as you can see, Lyra has appeared several times because I know that she has a job, so I am more likely to pick her as a background eevee for a comic), and after they appear doing their job, are more likely to appear in a comic again than a background eevee without a job. (They are also more likely to have speaking parts) The two background eevees who appear in this comic both have jobs (Lyra is a mailvee, and Nichel works with LKD as a transporter), all the eevees in the detective agency also have jobs (as detectives, of course). Now. I never said anything about jobs because only people who have enough imagination to think of giving their background eevee one without even knowing that background eevees can have jobs would get a background eevee with one. And, no. If your already accepted background eevee doesn't have a job right now, you can not give him or her one. (Except if I feel like giving them a job, which is unlikely.) Now, Background eevee submissions are closed at the moment, but, when they reopen, I will explain background eevee jobs more.
Pinkeevee222, September 10th, 2016, 11:48 am Reply
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Those are some... CREATIVE words...

(Lol golduck yourself XD)
Hahaha Split looks so mad. Well you do need to follow your superior's orders don't u but there's always a good reason to get mad.:| Any another great comic Mari.
4th yes! I love you comics pinkeevee222 oh and what dose lkd stand for
@farmergirl139: Thanks! And, LKD is an abbreviation for 'Levin Kevin and Devin'
@Pinkeevee222: wow you are such a troll
I like how the button on the eevees green hat changes expressions. lol
noooo I tried so hard for first comment
Is Vay really a cop or he just ate more Fishy Crackers?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Vay is really a cop.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh...
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: OMA! Your profile pic. I can't handle it! XD
Hey PinkEevee! I really like your comics, but when is the background eevee spots going open? (Idk what to call it)
@Flaamee: Background eevees are only available to people with a Smackjeeves account. As of now, I have no idea when background Eevee submissions are going to open up.
@Pinkeevee222: I foregetted, how do people send in guest comics? Is it the same as sending BG Eevees?
@cccviper653: Yeah. You just have to PM me the link.
@Pinkeevee222: Ok, just for future reference btw, I don't have a comic ready yet. I do have some amazing ideas for a couple though that'd have you poopin pokeballs for a week! Imma wait till have a drawing pad or scanner before I try to make fancy arts because my hands aren't steady enough to make free flow lines. If I want to make something look good, I have to use the curve making tool on... GOOD OL MSPAINT! :D But I won't subject you guys to that kind of eye burning, pixelyness.
"Golduck your self" i need to use this to stop using bad language much lol.
Lol "He best be cray"
Pokemon puns
Lol I checked This on PS4
@Lol cub6 on PS4 : and now I am on laptop
@cub6: and now I am on ipad
@Pinkeevee222: That's a great idea about jobs, but even if I could enter a job for little wisher, I don't think I would. She just likes makeovers and matchmaking.
Is it bad I can totally imagine wisher seeing dusk and eve going towards each other and wish mauling dusk, giving him a quick makeover, and running away to hide and watch.
@Pinkeevee222 I just looked in your deventart gallery and why did you stop making "the randoms" stuff??????
@Kanto forever : Because, I'm too busy planning and drawing this comic to work on my other stuff. I really want to draw "The eeveeolves", but, the comic takes priority.
Why? Just why? I just looked at the home page and it you already have 500 fans and dawn's secret was 400 fans. Did we do something wrong?
@cub6: Dawn's secret was part of Eve's secret.
@Pinkeevee222: OH YEEAAAH!!! I remember Dawn answered the question! Sorry!
What is going on in here what is the meaning that Kevin is wanted!
@shiny eevee 1134: Yes he is Wanted. I thought this already was explained (Well... It was explained vaguely, but still)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW Lyra you so cute! X3
Pinkeevee you are a giunuis. heh golduck your self hehehe
Awwwwww..... I wanna see blizz Hes never in the comics
@AwesomeBrownies: He was just in one, 2 weeks ago.
Wait, The Mailvee knows where LKD's Hideout is and hasn't told anyone?!
@I Can't Think Of A Creative Name: The customer's privacy takes priority.
Idunno, I like the Bad Cop idea.
@Pinkeevee222 what is "piotiy"???
No I missed it! Well the Fillers done for now at least. Oh and hello nice to see everyone again.
@X man: Sorry dude, but the only thing that is in this chapter is filler. The next chapter isn't though.
@Pinkeevee222: that's fine but one thing. THE NIGHT KING HAS ARRIVED, hears a song.
Hi! Hello, Pink Eevee! I would like to know, do you announce the people who's Eevees are accepted? If not, can you tell me whether or not my Eevee Ginji was accepted? Thanks!
@EeveeRanger: Oh right. I have to put the rest of the eevees I accepted on the master eevee list..... but, I'm soooooo lazy. hmmm..... Meh. I'll draw more comics instead.
@Pinkeevee222: hey pikeevee how many espeon and sylveon in your comics?
@Altas: 1 sylveon. 3 espeons.... As of now.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm making a note of this.
@Pinkeevee222: 3 ESPEONS?! the only 1 i can think of is dawn!
@Pinkeevee222: yo pinkeevee when are you going to exist in comics?
@Altas: Pinkeevee (aka, Mari) is never going to appear in the comics (and, If she does, she is not going to interact with the characters). But. Tina, the creator, has made several appearances. One of them more recently than the others.
lol luv it keep it up oh and GreenEevee you found a computer
@Guest: Hi
@Guest: hi
muk you and golduck... either it's a natewantstobattle reference or it's just a coincidence
@eeveeleo: .... That song is beautiful *crying tears of joy*
I think I know that only one eevee evelotion knows the meaning of life! It's..............Daisy, because she just stays out of things.
Tina, you seem so...


Your replies to some comments just give me a 'Good god these people are stupid, will they ever shut up, stop asking stupid questions, please get a brain and get out of my comment section' vibe.

Any reason?

Or are you always like this?
@LionelPyroar: That's kinda a mean way to put it. I actually like answering questions and commenting in general. And, the people commenting are not stupid. (I can't say the same for the comic itself)

Hmm... I guess I just like to get to the point? Maybe? IDK. I probably was trying to type replies to questions quickly so I could start reading the new set of Warriors books I just got in the mail, or because I wanted to draw something and, If I waited, I wouldn't want to draw it anymore. But, I also want to answer questions and reply to other comments as quickly as possible.
this is really bad guys like i didnt wanna say it was bad but its like so horrible please stop making them!
@JellyBeanier.: ????????
@Pinkeevee222: It is someone else pretending to be the orginal Jellybeanier and framing her.The dead giveaway is the misuse of a comma and a Captial 'B' in jellybeanier.Ignore this commentor.
@JellyBeanier.: I wonder how long it'll take for that flame war to be forgotten, now that there's ANOTHER stray jelly-copy account running around and hating on stuff?

Well. If it's so bad, then leave.
@espeon8812: I don't think it's gonna stop anytime soon,word on the SJ-street,is that the first few commentors she lured in with that one attempt to get attention backfired(BADLY) and now someone put a link somewhere so that noob guests or whack commentors on crack who just like to bash on authors every now and then,can see it.Weird thing tho,when you check these commentors profiles,it's like they only came to SJ to cyberbully Jellybeanier.(No fav's or other recent comments)

Sorry @Pinkeevee222 for saying this on your Comment section,but a goood reason is that we all need to be aware that there's a witch hunt going on.Not saying that Jellybeainer is truely the victim(She did pull a lot of strings to get attention and it makes her hard to defend her)But this kind of behiavour is highly unexceptable.So All commentors are now aware of this mess and I ask you this:If these guys start going on other comic's and pretend to be Jellybeanier,stop them immediately.(These guys mostly run when experienced authors question them)

I won't say anymore(I have wasted too much of your time),you can check Jellybeanier's(The Real one)Profile can do a quick skim through her comics if you want to know what happened.(Main Source,however was deleted by my request)
@JellyBeanier.: ... Are you freaking serious dude?! PEOPLE, PLEASE STOP PRETENDING TO BE ME! god... And these comics ARE pretty cool, @Pinkeevee222.
Well since I'm only 11 I don't want to post my PMD comic but I'm letting you all know I'm making one!
YAY NEW COMIC!!! I've been waiting all week for this.
Do eevee's all have individual rooms(houses) or do they just sleep wherever
@Blue120: All of the eevees have rooms that they sleep in
@Blue120: lol
I love Vay! He's my fav character
@Pinkeevee222: do you have a boyfriend?
@Altas: What the heck?
@Lottos35: Don't worry. This is like, the 3rd time someone asked me this.
@Pinkeevee222: just asking hihihihihi
I get bored because I do not watch TV for three days (my tv broaken)
@Altas: I don't. Nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon.
@Pinkeevee222: lol same
Once was a two eevee they was twins the live on different planet called ps_d the to eevee play with there mom and dad they met a eevee they became fast friends but they was attack buy pikmin the brother saved his friend his friend mom die the 3 eevees had found a ship to leave they say goodbye they landed on earth a boy found the 3 eevees and took them to a pound they was happy the brother was a family member of the eevees he grow he was so shy he had a black hat to hide he fall in love with eve he was not shy when he had seen eve.the next night he seen eve hurt he took her home and put her his bed he when to the shop to get some water he got her a ice cream when. Sso Woke up she was hurtled so bad the boy heal her aandgive her the ice cream she ask who ears you he said shy ray but you can call me ray he toled her what happen shy ray fell a asleep she kisses him no his head and made a note for him when he woke up he found the note it said thank you for healing and buy me a ice crteam.He seen eve play need her in roses the play and play they was attack shy ray save eve he took the pain he faint he told eve he was ok she was fine.he woke up for the rose and he wear rose and he love the rose he saw eevee she ask is he ok he said yes she kissed him on the lips he covered himself with his hat.dusk saw eve he said hi she said hi shy ray sister came and four legs he told eve the truth he ask her do you love me she say yes.dusk said nice story rhy said it true and started crying eve went to look for him she couldn't find him but a tree move it was shy rhy he had the mom of a of a morder she loved him. Shy rhy took eve to the fair they had fun eve had 6 mew doys to play with and shy rhy had a new hat it was pink like his eyes eve wanted to get on a rollercoshers he didn't what to he Todd her he is scarce of heights he went on the fast he said it was fun the had eat a pizza shy rhy when home with eve he put her in bed he what to his room eve woke up at 5:00 am dusk saw her and ask were were you eve said at the fair dusk ask took you there there she said shy rhy dusk was mad he said why she said she wanted to go dusk kisses on the lips shy rhy saw the halt of it eve saw him shy rhy ran away Crying.Eve was mad she Todd dusk look want he do dusk didn't care eve sad that shy rhy ran away. Shy rhy was crying it started to rain he found cave there was esyeon name esy cave she mindcrot him to be her boyfriend he said no but he said yes eve found him in the cave saw sledging with esy she was sad he saw her he try to she wait or help esy had him in her spellmind eve was so sad she didn't come out her room dusk came in she didn't talk to him for 5 day dusk felt sad he went to find shy rhy he took eve with him he found he shy rhy saw he said help me esy said go away dusk he told shy rhy that eve love him shy rhy was free dusk told shy rhy to run and tell eve he said bye in esy bf I will see you sometimes. He told eve that eve was sad shy rhy said I will go with you to see him
This is the start of a love story it is for pinky and all I will make some more
@Eve lover: Thank you for sharing your story, but, can you please use punctuation marks next time? Oh and, next time, post it on Wattpad or, not here. You can just put a link to your story in the comments section.... Please?
I hope you like my little story there are 3 parts of it I will make more
Thank you I don't know want that link is plus send me the link to see
Guy this story was make with me and pinkeevee comics her comic are so cool
Um... I'm so sorry Pink Eevee, but what is the 'Master Eevee List'...
@EeveeRanger: The master eevee list is the google docs spread sheet I have with every single eevee, their nature, characteristic, house, gender, etc on it. Including background eevees. Most people don't know about it cause I barely talk about it, but, it gets updated and used frequently.
(Oh snap, I forgot to add August and Larry to the list... Meh. I'll do it after I add Eve)
hey pinkeevee? are you really just a pink eevee or like... an evolution of an eevee? also can you actually put you (the pink eevee) in the actuall comic?
@ARandomBuizel: Mari is a pink Eevee. (Or else, my username would make no sense). Pinkeevee is never going to appear in SSEC. (But she will appear in Eevee academy)
@Pinkeevee222: eeeheeeemm....
Do you like minecraft?
Do you know steve / herobrine?
Do you know notch?
And last one do you know enderman/ender dragon?
@Altas: I love minecraft!
I know of Steve?, Herobrine, and Alex.
I know who Notch is.
And, I know what an Enderman and an Ender dragon is (Even though I am too terrified to off peaceful mode)
@Pinkeevee222: hard mode is hard. even when i mining there was soo many creepers
@Pinkeevee222: try building your house in a tree. If you have to make a jump to get in it's mob-proof.
@Pinkeevee222: Are you a human? Or a pokemon?
@Dic head: da fudge , ok now answer my question. Do you have brains?
I mean seriously?
Do you think she is a pokemon, really nigga?
@Altas: that's not cool.
@Altas: Holy crud, calm down...
@Altas: ok dude chill
@Dic head: sorry, im to stress to answer it.
And sorry for all i said
@Altas: ok i forgive you bro
Because im altas
@Dic head: hehehehe i just want to see people reaction soo i just change my name (LOL just a prank)
@Altas: its still me (Altas)
Hehehehe dont worry people its just a prank i dont like to fight but i do it if i must
@Dic head: What with the language also **** is really really racist
I love Minecraft 1build a house 2 make some items your ready
@Pinkeevee222 Rad Comics PinkEevee Thanks For making these they are awesome
@Red9999: XD i read the meme on ur pic whered u find it
Everyone know memes right?
@Altas: *sarcastic voice* No. Nobody knows and loves memes. No. Nobody likes pokemon. No. Nobody has a life.

Of course people know memes. *rolls eyes*
@cub6: *Poker Face*
@Altas: *derp*
@cub6: not all. my little brother dont know memes (he is 3 years old)
@Dic head: den he dos nt lik pokeman an haz no lif
@cub6: They see me rollin. They hatin
@Altas: not hatin
Did anyone at school?
@Altas: yes, I hat it
Good job its kinda funny oh right i want to apologize about being kinda rude in the last comic but good job
to be a bad cop you gota have some pb and J with that baseball bat
@OmegaGeguz: true, true. But..... I hope you ain't onenna 'em.
@Sango: Calm down, it'll update tomorrow.
sorry Hey Tina sorry about being a ass before and nice job also my name is Jayson so you don't have to call me nightmares and yes it is spelt j a y s o n instead of j a s o n well my Chromebook is dieing sorry pinkeevee
@Nightmares: I don't think you were an A, everyone has little outbursts and bumps in their life but you learn from them and that's what matters. :D
@memorycrushking:Thank you (8
Goodnight from Rancho Cucamunga!
"Go Golduck yourself!"
Nice job pink your good at drawing but not as good as my sister but still you'll get better but it is way better than the first one you made the first comic oh boy
@Nightmares: Um... Thanks? But, I usually draw better than what you see in the comics. (I mean, I got a four in both AP 2D and AP drawing, so, I at least think I'm adept at it) It's more like, I'm developing my style, and that is improving.
I'll probably redo that first comic later on. (It burns my eyes)
F**k The Police
*is not caught up because of school*
*catches up*
*pulls out collection of letters*
I think I just figured out who Jay is! He's Vay's secret spy name because since Daisy has one so should Vay! and I'm 49% sure Vay was in the agency at one point (meaning he quit) because it said so on the source!
@.The_Sof.: ...what. no, i dont think so since (once again, according 2 the story that i might as well give u the link 2 ) jay was his old name when he was an eevee but he changed it when he decided to be a vaporeon because he thought it would look normal since vaporeons have no hair and he had almost no hair from the halfmen syrum which is y nego has human genes, y he can read (maybe write) and talk the human language, y he has no neck frill, and he is able to turn into a human (1 who has no clothes (ew))
@Guest: bond of brothers isn't cannon, also this post was from a long time ago
Vay's Badge Why is Vay's Badge a star now? In an earlier comic, it looked a lot like a shield.
@dusksensei0: Vay has multiple badges.
Vay's Badge @Pinkeevee222: That makes a lot more sense
...... why am I doing a commet?
i remember in a header split said “no i am not a background eevee u twit”
that bat that split is holing..... reference to stranger things?
:D lol split just did what i do a lot

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