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September 17th, 2016, 9:51 am

Flame doesn't have a job. This is because the trainer brings him out of the PC at random intervals of time, so he couldn't maintain one.

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We have a real problem with Flame. His character is so bland that I don't feel anything when I try to crush him. NOTHING! It's horrible! I need to revamp his character (again), but, I have no idea how! Because, he doesn't have a personality except being a Pervert (Then again, that was my fault for making him a pervert in the first place)! This is very troubling. If I can't think of anything, that means that when I crush him emotionally (cause, Every eeveelution will eventually get crushed emotionally), it doesn't have any impact! Its horrible! HORRIBLE!
I mean, when I was revamping Bolt's character, I wanted to make him into a mega nerd, but, that didn't fall through, and, I instead gave Bolt half of Flame's old personality, so, now Bolt's character has way more depth than Flame's character, and, Flame, despite having so much potential in the past, is wasting away.
So, I need help.
What character trait do you guys think I should give to Flame to make him more interesting?
Pinkeevee222, September 17th, 2016, 9:51 am Reply
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If I get 600 fans, I'll release 30 random pages from the big binder of SSEC comics I have.
Pinkeevee222, September 18th, 2016, 7:39 pm Reply

@Raini01: Sorry, I'm never first XD

anyways, love it! although who could blame the trainer? FLAREONS ARE THE FLUFFIEST AND CUTEST POKEMON EVER
@Raini01: Flareons are my 2nd favorite pokemon A. because when ever I have one its always proves powerful and a STAR B. ITS SO FLUFFY AND HUG-ABLE!! I'm glad I met another flareon lover!
@Black lucky cat: I love Flareon it is my fav pokemon!!
@Flareon madniss: My fave eeveelutions:
Ok im 2 tired 2 type so bye
Yay im finaly early!
Rip pinkeevee 2016-2016
Died cuz couldn't do muk with flame
Also flareon looks adorable in the 9th panel, nice job as always!
I love Flareons!I'm a big fan of them!They're cute!Flareons can be use to battle any type except water,ground and rock!I love fire-types,love flareons!I use a fire-type pokemon to defeat a ground-type pokemon!Three of them!
My Top 5 Favorite eeveelutions:
1. Flareons
2. Glaceon
3. Sylveon
4. Vaporeon
5. Umbreon
@Reyna178: I Love flareons too! There my 2nd favorite pokemon, I have a flareon Jack, hes the first pokemon I raise to level 100, hes the best pokemon I've ever raised ^u^ (He killed my mewtwo 3 times when i tried to catch it)
@Pinkeevee222: what will Eve evolve into, and if anyone in the series were to have a crush on Miku when she is introduced, who would it be?

Also, sorry about the guy who said your comic sucks. I think your comics are great. He/she is just a big jerk.
@jellybeanier: Eve will evolve into a Lucario. (Not really)
Actually, a new character is going to have a crush on her. He is going to be introduced with her (I think).
And, It's okay, I actually had no idea what that guy was talking about
@Pinkeevee222: oh, okay. I actually shipped blizz x miku.
@jellybeanier: Well, that's a coincidence, cause, I was thinking about making Blizz have a crush on her, buuutttt, I don't know if I'll actually do it.
@Pinkeevee222: Also, when will you update Eevee Academy?
@jellybeanier: Well, I was planning to update it on the 15th (Because, the next page is half way done), but, I had homework to do, so, I'll probably update it on the 1st of October... maybe.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh...



Jelly: ... What just happened?


Duncan: help me...
Birthday comic!!!!!!!!!!

It's meh birthday to day.
@Zappy the Raichu: Happy birthday!
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Happy birthday!
@Reyna178: Thank you too!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: I got chocolate cake(For real)!But...too bad...we're in a different country...
@Reyna178: ya..


Duncan: NEVER!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: happy birthday, Zappy!

Duncan: Here's a cake that I did NOT just steal from Aqua!
@jellybeanier: Thank you three!!!!
*shoves cake in mouth* yum!
Duncan: the cake is chocolate, just to let you know.

@Zappy the Raichu: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
@LittleMoons: THANK YOU FOURTH!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu:

Ryan: here, want a waffle?


Ryan: SHUT UP, BRO!!!
@jellybeanier: I have for breakfast basically everyday SO YES *chomps waffle out of Ryan's hand*
@Zappy the Raichu: this is OLO speaking How do I make an account on this?
@Guest: Step 1: go to the main page on smackjeeves.
Step 2: click "create account" it will be at the top of the screen.
Step 3: fill in the form thing.
@Zappy the Raichu: this is OLO speaking How do I make an account on this?
still @jellybeanier: STILL WHO DA FUDGE IS RYAN?
@OLO..........: Ryan is an enderman who loves pewdiepie and waffles.
Oh.. @jellybeanier: Oh... so its Ryan da enderman XD
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Expect a virtual present from me later!
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@Zappy the Raichu: Happy Birthday From all Meh eevee Plushes as well :)
@Zappy the Raichu: Happy Birthday from me and my eevees.
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@Zappy the Raichu: happy birthday here *gives you a ticket to Hawaii* gtg working on pmd comic :)
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Ps. I go to Hawaii at Christmas with my grandma and grandpa sometimes (the other times they take my cousins)
@Zappy the Raichu: happy birthday bro, from the... KING OF THE NIGHT have a song,
@X man: Thank you ten!!!!!!!!! And I will listen to it.
Make Flare like Bolt: Timid. But not AS timid as his brother, just a bit like him. Make him mischievous! Fans will like him being shy at first, then opening up to his naughty lil personality. I mean, c'mon, in this comic he's being mischievous.
What about making him a bit vain and cocky?
@Pinkeevee222: I got an idea!Make Flame shy and quiet at first!Shy boys are cute!*Hugs Flash my flareon*And after that when girls like him...ignore them!Just like Danny(My vaporeon)did!Or he was forced...and after that he became calm or serious and girls will like him!Or make him unlucky!Yeah unlucky!Being unlucky may be bad but sometimes at the end it could be good...MAYBE...
@Reyna178: Holy Muk thats perfect (the unlucky thing)
@Pinkeevee222: i know this is harsh, but try making him lonely. Not completely, but just enough to make it noticable. or do the 20 question challenge. think of 20 random yes or no questions, and never show anyone. pretend that flame is answering a true or false quiz, and fill it out. Never tell anybody the answers, but it helps A LOT. i did it to all my SN characters!
@Raini01: huh.. maybe I could do that to my characters... Aqua, do you ship Jellyqua?

Aqua: NO!!! NEVER!!!

Jellyna: YEAH!!!
Sam: Anyone want a hot dog?

Sam: No one more sexy than SAM ENDER!!!!!!!

Everyone else: SHUT UP SAM!!!
@T-H-E GUY: Well Flareon IS literally HAWT sooo :P
WHAT EVEN??! XD WHAT???? . dies of laughter of the Aqua Sam and Jellyna and duncan comments by jellybeanier .

Jelly: well, funny role-playing is what we do best.

Duncan: not really...

Ryan: cheer up, bro.



Jellyna: I love you Aqua.

Aqua: AHHHHHH!!!
Wait a mintue... @jellybeanier: Wait a sec WHO DA FUDGE IS RYAN??!!
Also.... @OLO..........: Also the fact I forgot to mention that Aqua is like before katelyn ( as in the katelyn who punched travis ALOT ) on Aphmau's channel which I think is in MyStreet season 1
Before.... @OLO..........: these were WAY long ago so im so sorry bout that... But jellybeanier I made a story on the comic 'Dusk's Manga?' so check it out if ya like!
@OLO.....: btw aqua kill me if you like bx I think jellyqua is cute yet hilarious
Flareon are very fluffy
Maybe LKD agent/Spy? Yeahs! Flareon should be kinda evil... But also not evil like LKD hired him to be a spy buuuut he's not very good at spying so he's like:

Dusk: hey flareon!

Flame: Hey dusk I'm not working for LKD just so u know hehhrheh totally.... We're I mean I'm not gonna go get a lot of rare candy hidden by the big tree... Heheheheh oops FLAME AWAY!!!!

*flies away on grappling hook and gets caught in a tree
Perhaps Flame can be very prideful, yet prone to having his pride hurt very easily?


Aqua: its just a prank, bro. Geez...

Jelly: ... I don't know them.
POKEYMAN! @jellybeanier: . A wild OLO appeared! . Me ( I'm the OLO ): OLO! OLO OLO! Everybody else: . crickets chirping . Me: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!! . throws cake at everybody . also ik its not april fools day XD
WHOA Okay, I just had the most INSANE theory.
What if Dusk wasn't actually Night, and Sora wasn't actually Sky, but its the other way around: Dusk is Sky and Sora is Night. Sora just has feelings for him so he took his name (some movies are like that) and Pinkeevee has been misleading us all along!!!
Also, Flame should be like the devil's son. Everyone thinks he's so adorbs and angelic and talented, but only a few actually know his true personality.
@Moonmoon: oh Mai arceus yes and if the devil's son (or reincarnation) it could mean that he brings sin where ever he goes and that give pinkeevee a good depressing backstory so she can emotionally rip him apart
@Moonmoon: So.................. like false prophet from twich plays pokemon? (sorry that interpretation of flareon bugs me)
Well since Dawn hates Flame, you could make Flame's personality the oposite of Dawn's and he hates girls and loves porn because he was/is to shy to have an honest conversation with a girl and so he felt never would get a girlfriend and decided to just stick to porn....this comment is pretty long....
Bruh :v poor Dawn
Flareon Honestly, build the perv aspect more, never enough perv :P

But maybe something different to add about him could be... ok, so you know how in the last airbender, exceptionally powerful firebenders could create lightning? Well, what if Flame is the Eevee that the trainer takes out frequently because he's just so uniquely powerful compared to the other Eevees of their respective elements? He even knows Thunder! Totally unique to him. Because of his shocking amount of uniqueness, and because no one else (as far as we know) in the pc doesn't know electric attacks, he could try to be a mentor for Bolt. (and get him into funny pervy situations between lessons) OH! Since lightning is kinda fire on steroids, It'd be neat that after learning to harness electricity, he learned fire blast too! They'd be a super unique duo and completely unstoppable bestest friends forevs.
@cccviper653: @Pinkeevee222 must not've liked my idea cuz she replied to the guy directly below me so she must've seen my comment.
@cccviper653: It's more like, I don't want to reply to most of these comments, since I might be sketching all of the interesting idea's out. (and, not showing favoritism is hard)
@Pinkeevee222: I know I know, I was just foolin around. :P I wouldn't want to keep you from pumping out more pages with endless ideas. Speaking of which, got any ballpark estimates on when you plan on taking your next break and putting up guest comics again? If I know when, I can procrastinate till the last possible second like a boss and bum rush it off my computer, straight into your mail box! :D Hopefully you don't mind mspaint masterpieces.

Gawd, I can't get over the faces in panels 5-7. Freakin priceless. Do you ever have a hard time keeping your hand steady as you draw faces like that. I couldn't do it. Every inch of lines would = 10 minutes of cooling down from a laughing fit.
@cccviper653: That would be
You could make Flareon secretly bald; this makes him to be highly insecure and ignorant of how relationships work; this causes him to develop his perverted mentality
@Doug Rattman: ... How would being bald cause that?
Dawn and Flame are absol-utely adorable! @Pinkeevee222: OH MAH ARCEUS DERRE SO ADORABLE!!! (Flame and Dawn)

What is in that header?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Thank you! and, my tablet didn't want to work, so I drew a random stick figure for the header.
Personality You could give him a sad backstory like what happened with Oliver and Dusk and Harmony in an attempt to build empathy for him among the crowds, but if you already have a coherent plan for what happened to him (And I'm sure you do) and it ain't sad or feels breaking enough then I dunno LOL.

(Biggest single run on sentence ever^)
Hi Guys! And happy birthday Raichu! Lucky Raichu! My birthday is on a Thursday this year. But I just wanted to say these comics are wonderful, inspiring and very intertaining! If I never saw this, my life would be as dull as a pencil. Thanks pinkeevee for the wonderful comics!
@Emojikitten: Thank you seven!!!!
don't worry i love all eeveelutians the same way dont you gays
Flame Since flame is good at lying, you could make him very smart and sly, or clever. That could add on how he can easily lie out of situations.
FlamePersonalityIdeas You could build on his good lying skills and make him even more sly. You could also make him have a crush on Lune, which is why he was too shy to buy the corn from her (stupid idea I know). Maybe just give him a crush from when he was little and whoever he liked was into corn which is how he got into it. Just brainstorm a bunch of bad ideas (like I did above) and you might find a diamond in the rough.
Ideas for Flame: honestly the only thing I can think of after a lot of back and forth debate, Would be to turn him into a sort of sly snake like character, helping this is his connection to Lune, and the whole transparency ability. I would try to capitalize on his prevention's while also an air of mystery to his personal life, and OMG I just turned him into the character of Usui from an anime I like...

Just make him a sly smart character. Oh and i feel the timid nature conflicts with his character.
The Flame-ing issue. Perhaps he's insecure? He might lie to look confident, and he might be perverted because he doesn't think he can have true romantic love.
@Pinkeevee222: he could be one who is very devious.
You should give him a bad perverted event, like accidentally watching Snorlaxes mating, after which he no longer has any interest in perverted actions. But since that has been his entire life, he becomes lost, not knowing who he is or what he wants in life anymore.

Cue journey of self discovery!
meh gerd o.o how did i just read all the comics made here
When your ex boyfriend gets another girl.
@Pinkeevee222: flame should be the flirter that always gets rejected
@GalaxyMew13: Aw, yeah. That actually reminds me of Sam-

what? @jellybeanier: what..........................................?
MUSIC TIME!!!!!!! @OLO..........: . grabs a gutair and starts playing it . Whoo! I cant help it if I make a scence.... Sam: . Hits her . Me:OW!!!! . uses overheat starting a fight with sam . DUH DUHN DUHN!!

Uh @jellybeanier: me: 0_0 *uses sheer cold a 1 hit K.O move*
The battle: @OLO.....:
Sam hit OLO!
OLO used overheat!
Sam turned into herobrine sam!
OLO used sheer cold!
one hit K.O!
OLO wins.....
(cuz sam got knocked out)
Battle anybody? @OLO.....: Guys I have a full team of lengendaries! whoever can defeat me wins 100,000,000,000,000 pokedollars!
@jellybeanier: lol I know someone like that
Blacky: *pouts* not funny, I don't get rejected all the time
Starshine: lies
*they run off*
he should be lazy and laid back
U know like a slacker
Pinkeevee is Eve just pretending to like umbreon, cuz Eve, well, she looks like Eve does not like umbreon well I'm not trying to be mean to him but who would want to have a crush on him he's an "IDIOT"
@Shiny eevee 1134: She has a crush on him. It's not pretend at all.
@Shiny eevee 1134: I have a crush on dusk. I only mentioned it a few THOUSAND Times.
For Flareon's trait.. Hmm.... Right now Im in a Undertale fanzone( Really deep... I thinks i've only been productive for watching thoses videos.... Anyway) So Im gonna Maybe make him courageous? (Y-You know... C-Cause Flareon is Orange And an Orange soul
In Undertale means courage.. R-Right? Wait... Do you even play Undertale?
sorry i was at disneyland, so late.
@cub6: how did it go?
@NEONtheUMBREON23: fun, thunder mountain RULEZ! Also, I like how they started putting the decorations up
flareon is not too large?
flareon no es muy grande? jajaja
@Cobait: nope.
@Pinkeevee222 You just made a poll about a year ago saying what we want to be added in the comic and the winner was probably PMD SSEC (I am not quite sure) so will that be soon ... or are you still working on it??? (I haven't commented in this comic for a long time)
Hi! @Shadowborne: I have actually been thinking about that recently, and, I have no idea how I will go about doing it. Don't worry though. I'm working on it.
@Pinkeevee222: I have an idea! For Flareon, that is. Make it that he may have a split personality disorder. One have of the time he is a perv. Other half, he doesn't remember that he was a perv. Or, make it that he has some type of other disorder that makes him able to resist his emotions when confronted? And, for the first one, he starts getting bullied by everyone else and he doesn't know why. Which leads to a mental *public* break down. How do you like it?
@Anonymous: Daisy already has the split personality thing, and, I have no idea what the second idea was, but, I will use that mental public breakdown idea..... maybe.
@Pinkeevee222: I know!I have an idea!Make him bump into something and after that he lost some of his memory and what was his doing and he became serious,calm,smart and a bit naughty after that.He is being naughty to the girls and they don't like that.And being smart,serious and still a perv,some boys might avoid him and some would rather hurt him.You can crush him when his serious or calm at the same time make him depressed!Make him unlucky!And his trainer is worried about him...but he refused because he doesn't like girls who want him to be back in his old self.Plus when I said he could be naughty or you can make him lonely...can you add some or a pokemon that patrols the PC as a police or guard?If yes Flame could be could be the bad guy...I guess and he has a rival which sometimes make him scared when seeing him/her.He could get hurt or bruises from his rival when his rival is doing something mean to him.
Personality idea @Pinkeevee222: you could make flame fine a crown one day and then he will becom a narssist.
.sigh . Sorry dawn.. It's like me and my brother at poke mon cards and everything else

Last time he got a full art
why does Mari hate Flareons? My flareon can use lava plume.
@Pinkeevee222 uh ya... pinkeevee on your old YouTube account you forgot to finish the albicurcue song (just saying)
@Kanto forever : I know. I want to redo the whole thing, but, I am too busy.
owwwhhh... So that the reason why Dawn hate Flame. At least skull is verry good to clam down Dawn.
#i like trains
@Altas: I like trains dided years ago.

#i️ Dogs
Wake me up
Wake me up inside
I cant wake up
Wake me up inside
Save me

(Did anyone know that song?)
@Altas: I love the song
Wow that was cool you should make a date for vay and daisy ha fancy dinner and make them kiss i feel so funny for dawn never have hugs
@Yexel: Daisy and Vay do not approve.
@Pinkeevee222: you could use that idea to make them miserable, which you seem to like. You could make it a prank someone pulled on them.
@42Meep: I cant, because they wouldn't do it in the first place. I have to make events that match with their personalities.
This just shows that favortism can hurt others...
Star: hypocrite
Blacky: agreed
*pushes them under a table*
@Pinkeevee222: make Flame really socially awkward, even though he really wants too talk to people, he's to shy, and can't think of what to say.
@Pinkeevee222: You need to turn Flame into an idiot. It's always better when you emotionally crush idiots.
Moon: Flame that's just wrong.
Orca: Agreed.
Kinkajou: Flame you pervert.
Evana: *Shoves everyone out of sight* Shut up.
@Everyone: agreed
Blacky: *pops up* stop touching me!
Star: *pops up too* yeah, you messed up my fur
*pushes back under the table*
I thought I said SHADDUP! I was trying to talk to a sane person here...
@GalaxyMew13: Moon: Hello GalaxyMew13!!!
Orca: Flame is a perv.
Kinkajou: *sleeping*
Blaze: Hey, people!!! can we please calm down before Evana shoves us of a cliff or something?

I thought i shoved you out of sight. *Puts them in a large box* there. that solves that problem. Hopefully. Sorry about them. Now, what were you saying?
@Everyone: actually, Pinkeevee said on the ask blog that Flame isn't a prevert.
that is it Pull yourself together what is wrong with you so what Flareon is more cuter than Dawn are plenty more people could endure with yourself and stop crying on your boyfriend's shoulder you're going to get him smelling like tears
make flame a "bad boy" but childish make him do stupid pranks mess evees day up make him agitate the leaders and just be childish!!! And make him a little snitch. this would be so funny....
Flareon Well I love flareon because...
1. Fire is my fav common element
2. I love eeveelutions
3. He's fluffy, reminds my aunt's pomeranian
I got an idea. Turn him into a prankster that would pop in at random times.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: yes, do that.
Maybe his Personailty could be like, shy, gentle.. and a scaredy Cat? I honestly Can't Imgiane Him being with LKD or Pranksterish.
Or Maybe, he could be like Umbreon Kun or Blizz..
Also, A Comic Idea...
They Meet the shiny Verisons of themself then something happens.
Like they fight or eat dinner together and live happily ever after.. (JK)
And we Need his backstory ;3;
Thank you for wasting you time reading this comment..
Your welcome ;3
@PixelOtter: Hey, hey, we don't need alt text getting uncovered here.
@Pinkeevee222: oh my arceus what?
Idunno, I kinda agree. Flame is more floofy.
Guess what guys! I just wasted 10 seconds of your life
@Kanto forever : no, you just wasted 2 seconds of my life
Wow that flame so greedie man flame is a mean dude never be friends with him no way
Pinkeevee222:oh ya i drew you a picture im gonna send it to you to imstergram is your name the same or different.and do you have imstergram i really wa t to be friends
@Leafareon: I don't have an Instagram. If you want to send fan art, you have to send it via the Stupid short Eevee comic Tumblr blog, "ask-ssec".
Wow! you are getting better at this, keep going :D
@Pinkeevee222: hmmmm.... maybe... make flareon, like someone? like maybe.... (whispers quitly)

[ Alyssa the Umbreon ducks down in a ball, and yells at a absol.] Hayden help me over here!

[ Hayden the absol just stares and walks away]

[ Alyssa swears and starts digging grave] Im sorry! dont hurt me!
@WickedUmbreon: i just made an account! yay!
@WickedUmbreon: Great
Yo prankster gangster
Me: hey gay gangster that is a prankster.
Fang: that's not nice
Girl: I'm very sorry, I don't know what got into Cubbo (me)
awww dawn is so cute!!!!!!!
Oh! You should make him actually sensitive and caring, maybe is only a pervert to hide his own emotions.
You know what it is
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow
@cub6: good to know! ^_^ nice to met you!
@WickedUmbreon: hello! No one usually cares about me because I am a dork and a geek, and I do random stuff like try to watch Alvin and the chipmunks tuned in a deep voice volume. *turns on indigo league Pokemon* *pets my dog* it us lif.
@cub6: well i is knows grammer really wells. and a dorks. ^_^ [holds up old black cat] and dis is lucky!
@WickedUmbreon: yeah! *jumps out of window* *falls* I'm ok! *lowers voice* not really....
Maybe you can make him a mega introvert, and his trainer his only friend, so hes very possessive of her. His introversioness could be why hes a pervert, little interaction with others, especially girls -u-
Hey pinkeevee Why don't you do Flame "accidentally" fall from somewhere random and "accidentally" kiss Daisy in front of everyone apart from Dawn
@Evelyn the eevee: it will make vay sad ...
@Evelyn the eevee: it will make Vay crawl into a hole while Nego uses his wallet ( that he leaves inside of office, by mistake) to buy so many pizza boxes and Dawn would find out and Nego will not be secret anymore.

@cub6: Dawn already knows about Nego, and, Nego doesn't understand the concept of money yet.
@Pinkeevee222: oh really? And, Nego, money equals pizza. (Lel, 2 lazy to put the equal sign)
@Pinkeevee222: um.. maybe just make him a badass? idk
@Guest: actually, not just a badass, a badass LIAR.
@Guest: A badass with a motorcyclie! (actully a normal bike) [chews on popiscle] YA! :3
Moon: GUYS!!!
Jolt: Omigod what is it?
Moon: Kinkajou said a bad word!
Kinkajou: I'm gonna kill you.
Jolt: *Sighs* this is what it's like to be the only boy.
Blaze: How long can they keep this up?
Jolt: Probably hours.
Kinkajou: *carrying a chain saw* MOON! I SWEAR WHEN I FIND YOU, YOU ARE SO DEAD!
Moon: *Hiding in a box in the attic* hehehe.
Pinkeevee222 Did the trainer knew that dawn have boyfriend? Means that she have a love interest ?
@Yo!: Not yet.
Did the trainer have a collection of Eevees?
@Huh: No. She doesn't collect them, she just breeds them
@Pinkeevee222 Fan: Hmm? It's already made.
@Pinkeevee222 Fan: ya mean, "when are you gonna upload the new and probably finished eevee academy" si yeah, don't assum.
Awwwww...oh um... i feel sorry for Dawn because Flame is SUCH A BRAT...sry dawn
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Cub6 how am schtuffs
@Silver the Eevee: *tips hat* how ya doin?
Here's a question that for some reason no one has asked. Pinkeevee, how did the brotherhoods get there names?
Here's a question that no one asked @Zappy the Raichu: what inspired you to come on smackjeeves
Here's a question that nobody has ask. @cub6: because I wanted to fav this comic.
Now why did YOU want to come here?
Hey! There is another question that no one asked, nor cared about........ @Zappy the Raichu: oh, because one day I was searching up "eevee comics" on Google, then I pressed the link the comic, 'The Eevees' and checked out Smack Jeeves because that is what it was on. I looked at the comics it recommended for me, and SSEC popped up. I stayed a guest for a while because it never send the validation email, (I used to be crazyumbreondudegirl) and then one day, it appeared. So, I like overwatch, so I got the logo as my profile pic. Just Google what Overwatch is.
Hmm (rubs chin) i wonder how dusk is doing at the dojo?

Its brobably on fire.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: True, true.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: Blacky: fire? I like fire...
Star: *slaps him and runs away*
I daily check to see if youve updated! I love your comic!
@Warrrrriorrrrs: Thank you! But, you don't need to check daily. A new comic is put out every Saturday.
@Warrrrriorrrrs: today its gonna update,

..... friend?
Flame should be that one guy who *roasts* people. Like me!

Okay, in all seriousness, I have no idea
Oh boy, one more fav and then you get the magnificent number also known as 600!

Oh, Flare would probably a timid guy (like his nature suggest), who'd immediatly flee from even the slightest sign of violence pointed at him or anyone very close by. He'd probably be very difficult to bargain with when someone needs help

EDIT: Two people stopped being fans...
@Pinkeevee222: 600 FANS!!! YES!!! (CONFETTI)

@jellybeanier: Thank you!!!
@Pinkeevee222: (everyone parties)

Aqua: I got cake!

Jellyna: (Kisses Aqua, because she's happy)

Aqua: ...AUGH!!! (runs out of the room, w/ cake)

Ryan: Bring the cake back, bro!!!

Sam: big deal- she has 600 fans.

(Everyone stops what they're doing.)


(Everyone starts hitting Sam.)
Era? @jellybeanier:. walks into room . Hey everybo- WHO IS THAT??!! her name is Era? Well hi Era my name is OLO
@Pinkeevee222: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: your walcome!!
@Pinkeevee222: congratulations aswell \°o°/
@NEONtheUMBREON23: 600 FANS!!!!! That's like, a lot of fans!!!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: and that is for you! (Sry, I just did it last minute, so, no nose....)
@cub6: Thank you!!!
@Pinkeevee222: yep. Your welcome!
@Pinkeevee222: CONGRATULATIONS!!! YAY! PARTY!!!!! *throws everything I have in the air*
WOOOO!!! Someone blast the music!
@NEONtheUMBREON23: *blasts it*
They're like Kids Being Hurt. always wanting attention
why does she love the flareon more? its all a matter of the floof my dear watson ;3
Love Flareon's face here XD
My biggest question is what are the badges on Dawn for? Or are just random ones.
@Pinkeevee222: Flame should be a ATTENTION SEEKER
cute @Pinkeevee222: flareon and dawn is so cute!
For some reason, Dawn's face in the 10th panel reminds me of Todomatsu from Osomatsu San.
Which will i gonna choose Flame or Dawn?
maybe u could make it so that in public, he has an amazing “innocent cute act”. obviously the others no that hes a pervert buuuut, maybe hes gotten so good at lying from the cute act that they dont no just how big a perv he is. he should be a good artist so he can draw his dream girl. oh! annnd he should get all his “corn” from LKD cuz he does shady business with them
and maybe you can make him sensitive when some 1 judges him about it but he can talk back and hide it. but then he could have a phone and some 1 from the comic finds out his password, borrows it, looks at his search history, sees how big a perv he is, and exposes so much to every 1, and he simply cant hide his sensitivity. and maybe he does something big so that pokémon wont show it to their trainer and/or their mom
sry had 2 edit so it said “finds out his password”
I knew this would happen. I knew the day would come... I have to decide if I like Flareon as my fav eeveelution or Espeon... AGH THIS IS TO HARD
Poor dawn.
@SSEC rules!: flame is a jerk
Mi favorito es bey o bley se me olvida el nombre
Poor dawn

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