Filing cabnet


October 1st, 2016, 9:01 am

Well. I guess we now know who wears the pants in that relationship.

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Livestream Link!!!

I will be drawing
•Eevee Academy page #11,
•Stupid Short Eevee comic page # 157, and maybe #158, and
•maybe finishing up a commission.
•If I finish 3 of those 4 things, I will be taking requests (as in, you guys can tell me what to draw, I can draw anything (including your ocs), oh, but no NSFW. Actually, let's keep the stream as PG as possible.
Pinkeevee222, October 1st, 2016, 7:51 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:44 pm Reply
The live stream was AWESOME! Thanks for coming, Everyone! Oh, but, I do have 2 announcements, that I will repeat next Saturday.

1. NO ROLE-PLAYING IN THE COMMENT'S SECTION. I said this last week, and yet, afterwards, I got more role playing than I have ever gotten before! Why is this? How does that make sense?

2. For the whole month of October, Stupid Short Eevee comic will update twice a week to celebrate it's 4th anniversary! Stupid Short eevee comic will now update on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Next Wednesday, I will upload all of the glorious requests I got in the livestream
Pinkeevee222, October 2nd, 2016, 10:23 am Reply

@Pinkeevee222 : Hey pinkeevee I had make a Guest comic for you and...Hellooo Bolt-kun~
@Reyna178: Really! Wow! Thank you!
@Pinkeevee222: i didint get to do a request ;-;
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Really? Well, a lot of people were requesting a lot of things at the same time, so, sorry! TT_TT.......
@Pinkeevee222: ;-;...
I totally got of bed and checked the previous page to find the live stream info at 10:00, then just kept pressing latest comic till it apeared at 10:01
PAPER WORK! . shuffles papers all around . PAPER DAY! . signs contracts . PAPER WORK DAY!
Love it ^.^
when your in school...
Oh, I tried....
Well, now I really want to open the filing cabinet.
Never Open Filling Cabinets...

Thay Will Eat You.
Filing cabeeenttttssss
@Pinkeevee222: you lied
Hey I'm fan Hey pinkeevee I can not wait for the next one!!!!!
What is in that cabinit. Is it somthing personal
Wow I've never pulled an all nighter just to read a comic before. I am impressed.
@Chaoslizard88: I did that the first time I thought of making a PMD comic
meeeeeeh i should be doing work like homework and MATH HOMEWORK ON WEEKENDS ISNT FAIR waaaah
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I know i have over 50 math problems! [Chucks papers out window] hmp
Hey pinkeevee what's in the filing cabinet?
@Shiny eevee 1134: I'm guessing it's the troll and the wimp
the devil
@cyclonesally: so thats were my master went...
What's rong with the filling cabinet?
@42Meep: it could be all of Flame's Poképorn bu-doon-cchh, no but seriously I don't know.
The stream was great it was nice talking to everyone.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: it was nice (-: ( I was TheSof ) I left early though to for park cleanup (at scouts)
@Pinkeevee222: that was awesome! Thanks for hosting it!
@cub6: I can't watch the steems on my phone and that's all I got.
@X man: Oh, I feel sorry for you.
@Pinkeevee222 Just insert this quote about the filing cabinet from the game I play :
"Secrets get our weapons wasted"
paperwork is EVIL!! Also bolt is adorable
Hello I have brought an other song for you all the KING OF THE NIGHT will be here all night.
If a eevee plays pikmin the eevee will play it a lot
@Pinkeevee222: OK then, no role play? Challenge accepted...

[puts on sunglasses and walks away from an explosion]
i love your ssec pinkeevee
@love: Really? Thank you!!!
Nice comic pink eevee
@dark knight222: Thanks!
@ThePsychicDawn: YAYYY!!! *dance party*
you have 608 fans time to upload future comics pinkeevee!
@.The_Sof.: You know, I would, but *sniff* That random guy who unfaved the comic just *sniff* shook me up so much that I just can't *sob sob sob*
@Pinkeevee222: It's okay... *pats back.*
@Pinkeevee222: yay!
@Pinkeevee222: All hail glory to the filling cabin-

[breaks off and turns around]

[walks off for no reason]
@Pinkeevee222 dusk hast the same hairstyle as the Pokemon master Red!
In fact they have a lot in common. Like in the Pokemon adventure manga Red will do anything to be better than Blue, but in SSEC Dusk will do anything to be better than Blizz. Mind blown! PS Dang it I missed the live stream! Ugh! When is the next one? PPS Red also cought an eevee that could temporarily evolve and unevolve. Is Sora based of Red's eevee
@Kanto forever : OMA! He does (Kinda) I didn't even notice! The next live stream will probably be a year from now, or something, cause of my roommate. Sora is probably based on Red's eevee, since I read that whole arc of the Pokemon adventures manga years before I made Sora's character.
bolt sounds like me during my internship
File file, I file during class, file file FILE.
@cub6: you made this?
@NEONtheUMBREON23: yeah.

Edit: oh wait, it is:

For some reason it expired or something
Oliver and sora are my favorite
I should do the love child I promised

Where should I send it in?
@JadeDregon: You are!? Cool! You can send it to
Can I ask dawn something? If so then :
Dawn, what do you think about this?
*shows her the furry dawn cardboard cutout *
Moon: *still in the box*
Kinkajou: MOON! I KNOW YOU ARE UP HERE! *smells Moon's box*
Moon: Crap.

To be continued...
espeon x umbreon why can't umbreon like espeon?

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