October 5th, 2016, 1:18 pm

Denny will appear in the comic. 

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From Saturday's livestream .
1. Dusk x New new 3DS
2. Blizz x Not Daisy
3. Vay saying objection to Blizz x not Daisy
4. Flame x corn
5. Trainer x pokeball
6. Volt x mirror
7. Dusk x sylveon body pillow
8. Night x science (It was too PG 13 for the stream, so, I had to censor it)
9. Dusk x apple juice
10. Dusk getting beat up because he was 3 timing new new 3ds, Sylveon body pillow, and apple juice.
11. Vay and Nego luv~
12. Anon x Anon
13. Dusk saying hi
14. Dewey x Daisy
15. Clef x Adam
16. Oliver looking at Clef x Adam
17. Me!
18. An OC named Harrison!
19. The meme lord official love child of Dusk and Oliver, Denny ©. COPYRIGHT Pinkeevee222 2016 COPYRIGHT. He's mine, you can't have him.
20. Apple juice, Orange juice, grape juice
21. Card board cut out Furry Dawn, by Wiz (Or rather, by Pinkeevee222 impersonating Wiz) This is 100% PG, unlike Night x science.
22. Espeon x Umbreon from the Eeveeolves and Steve the shiny umbreon
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Way Better Than My Drawings
Saw this on DA, looks good!
@Cdoom85: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222:Im still crying in the corner ;-;
@Pinkeevee222: this is just mest up
When u get noticed by Eevee-Senpai
@SilverNinetales: yes


(Which one X3)
I did a double take when I saw the update... Then remembered. XD
I should have seen my face.
Why cover nights face? Do you want se of us who dont know to go flip through ask-ssec until we find nights lab where we actualy see night?
@42Meep: Didn't you read the description? It was too PG 13. I couldn't leave it up. Night was doing something very naughty.
@Pinkeevee222: ... Wait what? Night doing something involveing science, was too PG13. I am comfused and not shure I want to know what your dirty mind came up with.
@42Meep: Trust me. You don't want to know. It was so PG 13, it almost crossed into the "R" zone
Denny is amazing.
i was there, lookit me going places!
tfw you realize Pinkeevee most likely used the ref you drew for your friend Harisson
@EeveeEon: XD I know, you drew his ref.
Sexy Cardboard cutout is sexy cardboard cutout
@Zoruaeon: pervert
STEVE (no explanation needed)
Anon x Anon I Wonder who are those anons also wut
My requests: Daisy X Dewy, Nego with Vay, and Trainer X Pokeball, oh wait, and Dusk X body pillow.
Just came from my nightly run. Got chased by dog. But i came here saw this page and smiled. Btw it was a fun stream.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: wait is your profile picture from pocket chibi :O
@Pinkeevee222: Hey, you should draw a shiny gardivor [cough with orange hair and a hoodie cough] and have it somewhere. [cough not my cool idea of that Pokemon cough]
:3 skool sux, you should make a comic- nvm. Is there soda of a kind in there?
@Draconic-Wolf: Red tauros? That's the closest thing I made that is equivalent to soda. But, otherwise, they don't have soda brands, just stuff like "orange soda" "grape soda" "ginger-ale" "fruit punch" etc.
@Pinkeevee222: oh mah gosh! red tauros!
Woah dang man there are a ton of ships
I wonder why
@Midnight-fox18: people liked ships.
Loaffffffffff the rannnnndddddoooommmmneeeessss

Can u add a secret hidden ppap in the next comic? ( Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) :-) lol
@Guest: I have no idea what that is, but, since you said "Ppap", and the first thing that I thought about was Papyrus from Undertale, I'll put a hidden Papyrus in the next comic.
@Pinkeevee222: OMG YASSSSSS!!!!
*accidentally hover my finger over the comic since I'm on a iPad mini, reveals "I SWEAR ON THE NANCHO'S I JUST ATE THAT HE WILL!!!*
Who will and you ate what?
@FirstTimeTypingOnThisWebPage: Did you read the whole thing?
Where? @Pinkeevee222: What are the Eeveeolves?
Oh... Denny... I got confused at the "nacho's I just ate" because didn't notice it was the part of the sentence, and didn't notice the Denny part(because of the Capitol sized sentence)...
SORRY ): ;-;
@shinyeevee123: I know, It is so beautiful.
Objection!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3R8tkvlAlk
Because why not?
Hi it's me Rex raptor but I changed my name so ya -_-;(derp)
@RexTheUmbreon: um, raptor and umbreon are different, so, why the fudge?
@cub6: well I was a umbreon the whole time but when my trainer told me about tyrantrum I made my name "rex raptor" but since my name's rex and I'm an umbreon so i said why not change my name to "RexTheUmbreon" (still derp) -_-;
@RexTheUmbreon: k.........
I requested night x science and dusk x apple juice
@Eeveez_R_Awesome: oh um, we both wanted the same thing.................... cool.
I did this at best buy and I am cub6.
I am still at Best Buy and that guest above was me. XD LOL.
@cub6:(slowly claps)
So fanta flavors, if so I like teh orange sodaz
@Draconic-Wolf: Pineapple Fanta is obviously the best.
I just started reading warriors cats by Erin Hunter and I love itttt :')
Wat Since when did dusk have a body pillow?
@Umbreon fan : It's actually Wiz's
Wheres Sora ;-;
@DaMexicanSylveon: Sora? She's only in the meanwhiles. And for this, well, nobody requested her because she was too secret. BTW love your profile picture!
@cub6: Bruh... Thnx ;)
@DaMexicanSylveon: Hey there handsome second account ;)
Excuse me but is Oliver a girl? It kind of seems like it...
@Guest: Well Oliver Is Gay And He Likes dusk.
I'm making a guest comic so... @Everyone
I'm making a SSEC guest comic and I need to know ppl from the stream who came.
Pls send a ref if you wanna appear
Again read to day light
Night x Science
WTF ! part 3 WTF IS THIS ! (O_O)

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