At the meeting...


October 8th, 2016, 12:14 pm

Oliver doesn't like his long 'hair',
but he also doesn't want to cut it.
Meanwhile, Vay loves his long 'hair',
and he wants it to grow longer.

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I started drawing the line art for this page at 3:00pm, and I finished this comic near 5:00am. I put more effort into the small details of this page than I usually do. I even redrew the house logos at 1000 x 1000 px. I want to find more ways to make interesting text.
The header is going to be this way for this month, because I'm uploading 2 comics per week, like I did in 2014.(Though, I think only a handful of you guys were here that time)
Also, I pushed myself to even do a Plushie comic, cause I realized that the last one was before comic number 100.
I'm tired. Wait. no. there is no time to sleep! I have to start working on Wednesday's Page, Eevee academy, and my homework! (Oh snap, I also have commissions to draw)
Pinkeevee222, October 8th, 2016, 12:14 pm Reply
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I was In tears reading this because of the sammich line it's amazing.
Hey everybody! The new Eevee Academy uploaded! *Everybody tramples over me trying to get to it.*
@Dusk Plush Gang: same bro 'DONT BRING MY SAMMICH INTO THIS!!!'
:l @Dusk Plush Gang: getting away with out paying 20 MILLION poke 4 a SANDWICH WTF
yay sammiches @Pinkeevee222 What's your favorite sammich?I like this comic a lot.GREAT JOB!

Oh, I love the geometric orange triangles on the walls in some of the backgrounds! They are amazing!
@Sunset lake: you where not first, but you where close
@1000000000000000000 Chilly peppe: yah, I I think it was gliching out.......
@Sunset lake: (I didn't mean to do double I's)
@Sunset lake: I like your name!
Jealous Sylve is jealous. I only look at this on Saturday, so I thought the extra was it. Clearly I was wrong.
Yay I am early because of it!
@thebradyiceeevee02: um, it updates every Saturday and Wednesday. So, um, don't miss any.
@cub6: Alright, I'll start checking it on Wednesdays, too *muttering* if I have time...
I just looked, and I haven't missed anything...

@thebradyiceeevee02: k! Glad I can help!
Is sylve new
@Bayleafeon: No. Glacey is new.
hahahah eve is a good diplomatic xD
OMG Bolt's face
My wifi broke awhile you uploaded this, otherwise I would probably get first comment
This is so funny
When I look at the eevee academy page there are only 9 eevee academy comics is there a website I'm not looking at where there is more or not because I want to see all of these comics?
@Bowsergiant : There are only 9 eevee academy comic pages uploaded as of now.
Oh, but, I just added page 10!
I love this comic. It is stupid
@EvanatheEspeon: that's the point.
Last panel XD
@Pinkeevee222: who the eevee in the header?
@cub6: Wiz. Though, I made it hard to notice who it is.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, okay!
Simple question... Why isn't Vay at the meeting?
@Sabyka: Whaaaa? He is right there.
Cardboard @Pinkeevee222: that's the cardboard cutout!
@cub6: that is true.
@42Meep : yes, so true.
Hey il be convinced to do anything if someone bought me subway.
??? I do not see vay
@Luca 5000:

But he's right there! Look! He's in the chair!
Caordboard. @StrawBerriJelli: that's the cardboard cutout!
@cub6: NUH UH!!! It's Vay! Mari even says so! Right?
@StrawBerriJelli: Mari is the pink eevee, not Pinkeevee.
@StrawBerriJelli: um, her character's meaning is to kind of have a role to play, knowing certain things we don't, like the whole Sora thing, but also she doesn't know that Oliver is homosexual. He he. So, Vay is not that hot anyway. I mean, if he was, I'd love him, but he isn't. If anybody thought this was a theory, it was not. It has proof. *gets slapped* OKI *drops mic and runs away*
I just noticed that dusk fell back in the second to last panel. XD
@NEONtheUMBREON23: that was the first thing I noticed *beaming*
@cub6: also noticed you changed your pic, that your dog?
@Pinkeevee222 your comics have really inspired me to do more things and from it I have found out I'm a lot like oliver. And from it I thank you and I can't wait for your next comics page!
@Bowsergiant : Really? Well, I'm glad that it inspires you, and I'm happy that you can relate to one of my characters! Thank you for reading!
@Pinkeevee222: did you forget to put the hidden papyrus?
@cub6: I did. Oh well.
@Pinkeevee222: meh meh, even though I spent an hour looking for it meh meh. *shrugs*
When next livestream?
@Bowsergiant: not till next year, I think.
Eve's bow looks new...seriously...look at how big it is on her in the 9th panel...and Bolt looks like he did something with the 20,000,000 Poke used. Look at him in the 11th panel...he looks like he has been doing something bad...
I know right. Sora and eve I think are the cutest. All hail sylveons.
@Bowsergiant: EEVEES FUREVER!!!!
Haha there is a scanning code in the header and it says pinkeevee222 so funny. Hehe
@Bowsergiant : and yeah, hehehehehe
Each of Bolt's appearances on this page, taken out of context, especially when viewing them in order, is honestly fantastic.

About all I'll say about that.
@ShadowIrorriM: *clap* beautiful *claps some more* *tear*
@ShadowIrorriM: I agree with cub it is dutiful.
@X man: yes so- so- *cries* beeeaaauuuuutttiiifuuuuuuullllllllll.
Hey cub you've commented a lot today
@Bowsergiant : meh *shrug* I dunno, I was alone today with nothing to do so, hi. Plus, I just watched Godzilla and thought about getting those hatchimals because I'm so lonely while petting my dog, Cubby.
Yep it is so butiful
Eve in the 8 panel she is cute but upset
@Bowsergiant: I know, so cute! *faints*
What da heck!? For me Dean is kinda harsh he can't just tell Bolt-kun what to do and the other eevees what to do in his own command and Bolt-kun is the leader of LightFire (And even Flame) Dean is just the representative.Don't worry! I know you can do it Bolt-kun~
EXACTLY!! @Reyna178: I've been waiting for someone to say that! Yes!!!! So true! But what I also don't understand why blizz ain't there but eve is. I mean, flame should be with bolt, dusk still has don or whatever, and Vay has..... eve!?!
@cub6: thy king thinks your dog look most adorable.
@X man: thank you! Cubby says thanks!
Honestly sandwiches are priceless.
And... goodnight from Rancho Cucamonga! See y'all tomorrow!
Good 'maro it is a pleasure to be before such incredible people. Let me ask thy a question, have you ever had such a rotten day you sang a song? Well hear is the song you should have sung. have a most amazing week form THE KING OF THE NIGHT.
@X man: I have sung that song before, my house got egged.
@X man: and I think you meant kid of the night, not kind. But thanks!
@cub6: no I meant king I'll fix it.
@X man: oh, OKI!
Why slyve is jealous by the leavoreon doll as it is talking with glacey
um pinkeevee do u think that leafy and glacey make a good match but they are just friends right
@shiny eevee1134: I don't know. But, I do know that a new love triangle has been formed!
@Pinkeevee222:really pinkeevee and also is Sora happy being free instead of sad to be in that lab
-slow clap- Yes... Beautiful... Cutout Vay and sandwiches as excuses to get by a tough problem... XD
Every Saturday all I can talk about are the comics which I love so much.
I SAVED IT! saved the amount of pizzas from the stream! exactly 14707.6457229 pizzas with that amount of money
XD Be nice: Doesn't work. Be Cute: Fail. Give him a Sandwich: YAAUAUAUAUAUSH XD
@Pinkeevee222: When will The Sylvion get into the box?
@Super Tails 213: Hopefully not anytime soon.
@Pinkeevee222: ...what? Why not?
@Super Tails 213: she doesn't like drawing the neck bow thing, or vaporeon's neck thingy.
@Super Tails 213:

........ Hopefully
Um, im lonely. Somebody PM me before I start going insane and start talking to my dog.
@cub6: Hello!
@EvanatheEspeon: *super deep voice for some reason* hello m'lady. *tips hat* (I hope you are girl) *gets slapped again*
Yes cub I'm new but I've seen a few of the comics from before and I just started commenting just recently. Though!
@Bowsergiant : ok. Nice to know! *gets slapped again*
Ok everybody what is the best eeveelution. I have a sylveon and she is da best!
@Bowsergiant : um id say ------------eon is the best
@.The_Sof.: ok
@Bowsergiant : I love the froofy Flareons! *gets slapped*
@Bowsergiant : same, 'sept mine is a guy.
@Pinkeevee222: what is the love of your life mine is my sylveon and cat Connie!
@Bowsergiant: my dog, Cubby, and all of the people who are friends with and like me. Oh, and also Flareon!

Edit: *gets slapped*
What is secret number 1 it won't let me see it
@Bowsergiant : Oh right, I have to fix secrets 1, 2, and 3
@Pinkeevee222: I loves dis comic. Mostly because it's da stupidest comic ever.
*gets slapped* @Pinkeevee222: yeah, 3 is very blurry.
Pinkeevee222: I'm glad I can help you.
@Bowsergiant : your supposed to put the @ sign and 222 at the end of her name to make it proper. (Not like you are not proper) *gets slapped*
@cub6: 38 comments on this page alone -_-;
@Pinkeevee222: don't worry it's not a problem unless he starts talking to his dog, in which case it's gone to far.
Guys loaf the plushies I love them so much I wish I could be one of Eve's plushies....
@cub6: sorry I just forgot to put it there.
@Pinkeevee222: secret 2 and 3 are fine as of what I can see it is just 1.
@Bowsergiant: meh, not like I really cared. *shrug*
I NEARLY DIED OF THIRST BUT A BOTTLE OF Irn Bru SAVED ME!!!!! I went 2 Hours without a drink in the middle of the night.

#Irn Bru
I 'stalked'her as she started this on the livestream
Lefa's back!! Must have been some heck of a walk.
@Thatsmackjeever: Trust me, it was.
@OmegaGeguz: ...ok then
Blot used all that money buying "corn" for Flame didn't he?
I have a selection of Female names if I ever have a daughter.
@Dusk Plush Gang: cute.
Introduction to the plushies Sky=eevee

Look at the first second and third comic comments to find out everything else.
@Plushieplushie: wy is sky an eevee? oh, wait, she wanna be a sylveon, wright?
@cub6: Actually, no, she has no idea what she wants to be. And no, i did not take that name from Pinkeevee222.
@cub6: Also, good guess.
Never underestamate the power of the sammich.
NEVER!!!!!!!! @Hoi: *starts eating sammich, slowwwwwwly*
Thank you, @Pinkeevee222 ! These comics really help when I'm having a panic attack and other issues. :)
Remember to sleep, that's more important than the rest!
The header looks cute, too!
Oh no somebody help me plz secret 5 is getting to my head oh no oh god help.
Secret 5 secret 5 secret 5 secret 5 secret 5
No no no get out of my head secret 5. Why secret 5 why you hurt Oliver like this he was so scared. (Starts crying) secret 5 secret 5 secret 5 secret 5 secret 5
Cub plz help me! Stop talking to cubby and help get secret 5 out of my head!
@Bowsergiant: okay.....

read this:
All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life.

While it may look like someone copied “had” and pressed the paste button a few too many times, this is actually an example of what happens when the past perfect tense gets used back-to-back. The first and third “hads” are the auxiliary verbs, while the second and fourth ones are the main verbs. Stylistically speaking, the sentence would probably be less confusing if written, “He had had a lot of faith, but it had had no effect on the outcome of his life,” but what fun is that?

I dunno, I searched it up...

@cub6: *gets shot*
@Bowsergiant : no the blood the blooooooddddd *cries*
@Bowsergiant : HEY! here's how to get secret 5 out of you're head! Run around in a circle five times, eat a bag of doritos, and read this: FEEL THE RAINBOW TASTE THE RAINBOW YOLO!!! Now you should feel better.
@Pinkeevee222: Is mother still hurt or not.
@Bowsergiant: ??? Of course she is. I would have made a comic about it if she left (Besides, it hasn't even been a week in the comic since she entered the pokemon center).
Is LKD in Icedrop or something? Because even then I can't see it possible to do that much damage to a digital box in a month. A competent coder could fix any damage caused. I think night could do that. Likely how he built his lab.
@42Meep: LKD is in Icedrop
@Pinkeevee222 Can i have a sandwich too?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Depends on what type of sandwich you want.
@Pinkeevee222: I want a cheese sammich :3
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Too bad. I only make non-existent sandwiches, and invisible sandwiches that taste like air. Your choice. You can have as many of whatever kind you want.
@Pinkeevee222: why secret 5 it makes me upset. *starts crying in corner*
@Bowsergiant : If my characters moved you so much that it got you upset, I'm doing my job right! Yay me! *claps and giggles*
@Pinkeevee222: oh ok yay *starts blushing* I'm happy you feel that way. And just remember don't stop because people really loves this comic and love you to and I believe you will hit more then 1000 followers in a few months. *bowser thinks to him self yes she will get to 1000 fans*
Trainer:Rex wats your fav legendary Pokemon

Me: obviously Groudon-_-

Trainer:wat! Garatinas better

Me: garatina would get his a**whooped by Groudon

Trainer:oh really ?

Me:I bet 600$ that Groudon would whoop garatinas a**

*Both watch garatina and Groudon fight*

Me:i-its a tie!!!!

Trainer:no way

Me: OK you get 300$ and i keep 300$ fair?


P.s good job pinkeevee222 keep up the good work p.swhos your fav legendary Pokemon
@RexTheUmbreon: no roleplay, sry.
@cub6: nuuuu iii it's OK D;
@RexTheUmbreon: hehehehehehehehe. Sry again. XD
@Pinkeevee222: It's just that to me Oliver is like my brother. I guess I care to much what can I say. Wait a min in one of the meanwhiles sora has a gold bell with a purple ribbon just like what dawn wheres.
@Bowsergiant : The trainer wanted her espeon to have a gold bell with a purple ribbon.
@Pinkeevee222: you should make a comic where it is just background eevee's and no main characters it would be really interesting because of what you might come up with!
@Bowsergiant : I have already made several comics with only background eevees in it.
@Pinkeevee222: oh really if your talking about LKD then that doesn't count. But either way I'm going a haft to look back.
@Bowsergiant : No. (I honestly forgot about them) I'm talking about the eevee detective agency comics, and the comic with Bow and all of the other girls in it. More comics with no main characters present are already being planned out, but, I have to finish drawing them.
@Pinkeevee222: now I remember those nyeah your right
Hey cub you there
@Bowsergiant : now I am! *thick Texas accent* *gets slapped*
@cub6: Bro this is A big secret don't tell anybody else ok. *whispers to cub "I found where flame hides his corn. He hides it under his bed"* *starts giggling * don't tell pinkeevee222
@Bowsergiant : He doesn't hide any corn under his bed.
@Pinkeevee222: darn it cub
@Bowsergiant : hey, I didn't say anything! *offensive* I wasn't even here! *grump face*
@cub6: I thought flame hid is corn under his bed oops. I had a football game today we won but I missed the kick return and I'm really upset.
@Bowsergiant : sorry..
No touchy That's basically me whenever I get my sub sandwich. In the middle of eating I pull out my gun on the table that notifies leave me the fuck alone please
So sandwiches excuse all debts?...... Good job. C:
For some reason i think of Dean having a british accent
GIT DOWN MR PRESIDENT!!! Your under arrest for a Gud comic.

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