October 19th, 2016, 1:20 pm

I want Wiz to be more in the plot...
We all know what happened the last time I
said that (I'm looking at you Oliver)

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This is what happens when I get off topic! I was supposed to draw Daisy's job, but, now I can't yet, cause I made a story in this chapter (That doesn't make any sense) Oh well, I'll draw it later! Poor Daisy though. She never gets drawn, and the only times she does get drawn is when I feel like making Vay miserable. (And, we all know how much I love making Vay miserable.)

Eve's eyelashes keep disappearing and reappearing. LoL.
Even though I drew Sans on this page to help me remember, I once again forgot Papyrus.
Pinkeevee222, October 19th, 2016, 1:20 pm Reply
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Eevees on this page :
Vic* (I had to change his 'hair' color to his fur color, because I know that if I left it as his scruff color, someone is going to say "DERP, IS HE A FLAREON? DERP HERP")

Attention Aquamarine's owner! Aquamarine's template has been deleted, and I can not access it. So, I can not put him in this comic. Or any comics after this one, unless you send me another link to his template. I was like, halfway through drawing Aquamarine when I realized that his template was deleted. I had to switch him with Swiftrun.
Pinkeevee222, October 19th, 2016, 1:29 pm Reply
@ECendercreep.SnakeyLeafeon: No I actually never thought of him as a Flareon, But, it seems that eevees with Vic's features get confused for Flareons a lot in comics.
Pinkeevee222, October 21st, 2016, 11:18 am Reply

once more time great job pinkeevee222
@umbreon led: Thanks!
.-. Why eve is like worried, she knows what happen when blizz get angry?
@Dunno: That will be explained next time.
Swiftrun appears to be missing a tail in the 8th panel.
@3fangs: It's behind him. Like, right behind him, since he is facing towards the "camera"
Awesome Comic Pinkeevee222!
Hai Just a reminder, pink, my comic comes out today! yay! wait, this is advertising? oh yeah.... uhm.... *slowly backs away and sprints*
I had a crazy idea, honest trailer for S.S.E.C.
Stupid I know.
Anyhow, I think August's personal crusade is about to get a boost in legitimacy.
The guy in the last panel is Wiz, right? The master of sammichs...?(Its really difficult to remember who is

And again you did a great job, Pinki ;)
I swear if I get a digital drawset I will also try to make a webcomic! Your comics are one of the reasons why I want to do this! I really, really like them :)
TIP @Plaguelord: try writing out a plot, its actually REALLY fun, especially if you get a group of friends to help you. My plot idea came from us saying random things, then making it SLIGHTLY serious.
@Raini01: Haha! I know this feeling! My brother and myself sometimes make random jokes were we start with a topic we talked before and push each other to keep this joke alive until we cant stop laughing or we realize that we had to do other things xD

But we also sometimes talk about story ideas and stuff like this and think about new content and if the idea is good or you need to overthink it.
Haha, I think I have to talk with him more xD

Thx for the tip! :3
@Plaguelord: hey you call her pinky too. This is now an official thing. Her Majesty, Daisy, queen of the flower fields, has made it so.(heh wouldn't it be so cray if Daisy turned out to be a guy? Lol :3)
@cccviper653: Shortnames for the win \o/

Uh...oh...uhm...well...I hope that Daisy isnt a guy >___>
Because then I would need to delete some pictures from my PC... ;P
Nevermind...its Wiz...sigh...
I should read the creators notes more often... >___>
This is awsome!!! I luv these comics.
Not a flareon, but judging from his looks, he'll probably evolve into one.
@Pinkeevee222: How could you forget (one of my fav characters) THE GREAT PAPYRUS? This reminds me, I'm planning on drawing undertale characters on random art and I need some ideas on who to draw. Nya.
pink eevee U really inspired me to make my own comic. Even if I can't put mine on computer u should so keep going and I hope to see Saturdays
Finally! @Pinkeevee222:i went to school! Finally i got to see the latest comic!
Hahaha I totally did not just notice that it's BELL as in bellsprout
@Smart person: oma i just noticed XD
Hello Internet Hi, I went out searching for a Eeveelution Web-comic and I found this, I LOVE IT!!!
@NymphTheSylveon: Same way.... BESTIES!!!!!!!
@cub6: remember your pic change it
@Bowsergiant : neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......... sorry....
@cub6: Thou shalt not forget the flicker for you are the flicked. If thou wouldst complete this task thou shalt receive cake!
@Silver the Eevee: Again, Um, why WOULDN'T I?!?!? You are like, the best! *happily eats cake.*
@cub6: yay! Did you like it?
@Silver the Eevee: *super sarcastic voice* no, I didn't like it.

@NymphTheSylveon:lol same
@NymphTheSylveon: Welcome we all friends!
Wut Pinkeevee Is it me or does it feel like your character look like a slyveon
@GPSRADAR: Which one?
@Pinkeevee222: he means your profile pic
Wiz I love Wiz sooo much! :3
pink just a update heya pink rember the fanfiction im writing its gonna be outside the pc with only pokemon and a few of my ocs
As always I love these comics great job @Pinkeevee222!!
@Bowsergiant : Thank you!!!
I feel bad for the really dark colored eevee because Vic punched him in da face!
Some day some one is going to find these comics and make a movie about them! You know I might do that actually! S.S.E.C movie, I'm going a haft to find people for the voices!
So you now upload twice a week??
@Shadowborne: Yup! Only for October though.
@Pinkeevee222: That's good enough for me (for a month at least)
In the second panel Eve's nose (i guess thats what you would call it) is a little to big. Makes it look like a Mule.
@JanixTheGlaceon: Nah. Eevees have very cat-like muzzles (that's the impression I get, anyway), and Eve's muzzle in that panel is pretty accurately sized considering that.
@Pinkeevee222: im just going to say this but i would of been the person to do that
Unknown plot Moon: Happy Haloween! YAYZ!
Orca: I'll go get my costume!
Somewhere not in the PC...
Kinkajou: *in rapadash costume* So? What do you think?
???: I love it. You look beautiful.
???: *kisses Kinkajou*

What will become of this mysterious pair? and do all the others have secret romances? or not?
@Everyone: Pinkeevee said not to roleplay.
@Everyone: sadly and proudly, bk I love the books, ik who the characters are from the plot, but don't post that on a Pokemon comic site, idc if you post it on a WoF comic page tho, love the plot also
ima be a charmander fer hallows! yayz *blows airhorn *
I'm a grim reaper!!!!
@Bowsergiant : awesome!!!!!!1
im sorry!

[dodges shadow ball and flamethrower.]
@WickedUmbreon: yeah, you bet your sorry funny tho
@Pinkeevee222 *checks desc. of Vic*
so I'm guessing at first YOU thought that Vic was a Flareon as well until you decided to change his 'hair' colour :P
@ECendercreep.SnakeyLeafeon: No. I never did. But, I have realized by several comments that I should not try to confuse people, unless needed. (Which is why I never draw the sun anymore)
@Pinkeevee222: ah, I see.. okie then 030
Crap. Okay, I don't have the template.


I just died.
i cant believe i missed the last one
ps eve is still my second favorite
You know what, I think the Sky is a sylveon and is OBSESSED with slaying dragons, it would make sense
@NymphTheSylveon: Sky is an eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: will sky EVOLVE into a Dragon slaying Sylveon

Edit: Im sorry, i think im obbsessed with this sylveon thing
The first panel... I like it... in some way! LOL I don't know why but whatever. I'm totally looking forward to tomorrow! I want that comic! (Ps I'm thinking of making my own.
Has anymon found Sans yet?? I can't find him!
I would be an Umbreon for hallowz *blows air horn*
@Silver the Eevee: ima be a charmander *random person in the background* WHOOP WHOOP!
Yayyy! Yay! I'm back! I left a long time ago as Vaporeonrox, and I'm back now... Yay!!!'m actually Eevees_R_Awesome, but I changed my username and got a new account because...of obvious reasons. And @cub6, yes, I still remember you from a while ago, even though all my comments from my old account were deleted when I deleted my old account. I'm glad to be back! Yay! And I'm sorta saying the same thing as @Belladomah.
AACK! I successfully made it, but I couldn't upload anything cause it was "too much space" so I deleted it. Sorry guys :,( oh and btw sorry for late!
@Emojikitten: You have to upload your comics to another site and use the image's url to upload big files to Smack Jevee comic sites.
Oh and sylveon... I have one thing about your profile picture, ive seen that comic online before. When the Sylveon stuck a bomb on him and he blew up... SORRY FOR SPOILERS or whatever I don't know what I'm talking about.
Are you talking about me @Emojikitten: cause you'd be right
I love how wiz looks, I really do hope he gets more envolved with the story
@Pinkeevee222 Double upload today?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Actually, this comic was uploaded on Wednesday.
@Pinkeevee222: Lol, i thought it was only saturdays
Where the devil is sans
Wiz and eve There should be wiz x eve that would be cute Also is wiz bigger than eve

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