lots of walking


October 22nd, 2016, 9:11 am

3rd floor: Blue
2nd Floor: Orange
1st Floor: Yellow/ Green

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I really need Daisy to do something! I swear, I'm gonna make a comic about her one character trait. She's worse than Flame! I can't do anything with her! Literally! At least Flame does things! Daisy does nothing! NOTHING EXCEPT BE IN THE CENTER OF THAT STUPID LOVE TRIANGLE! Heck, Even Dewey has more potential than she does now! I like complaining! I even made a comic about how bland she is 3 years ago. Yes. 3 YEARS AGO. That's it! I'm gonna tap into her "Strongly Defiant" trait. She can't stop me. Levin. Your wish is finally going to come true.... well... after Eve evolves, since I need to do the Daisy, Vay, Blizz arc first... and, Eve evolving kind of ties into that arc...
Pinkeevee222, October 22nd, 2016, 9:11 am Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:47 pm Reply
Eevees used :
(Lol, Pizza-mia, it'sa me, Mario)
Should I give Wiz normal eyes, or Vay eyes??? I'm leaning more on Vay eyes, but, IDK.
Pinkeevee222, October 22nd, 2016, 9:14 am Reply


You finally added the papyruses!!!!
@Person: Yup! I remembered this time! *Triumphant pose*
Who's ready for Hallows? *dances*
:l @Person: found 5/9 :p
Wow @Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: I found 7/9 1: top panel (idk if it counts)
2: panel 1 next to wiz's computer
3: panel 3 behind the wall
4: on the gray floor in panel 4
5: panel 7 clear in the gray wall
6: panel 8 very clear between eve's ears
7: panel 11 by eve's tail in the crowd (lol)
And thats all I found.... actually nvm i found 8/9
8: panel 3 above the pirate eevee's head in the orange
Sad daisy
She has no character
@Guest: exept for the secret agent thing.
=/ I only found 6/9 Papyruses'. UnderTale is very popular now for some reason.
@GryffindorBuckle: That's better than I did, I got 4. *Is Laughing* *Laughing turns into sobbing*
@GryffindorBuckle: Me to -_-
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I got 3... *sobs*
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I got 3... *sobs*
:l @SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: I <3 the way u make the eyes. THERE SO CUTE!!!! ^_^
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: On my Profile pic?
@GryffindorBuckle: I think I found five...
i think eve is going to have the power to evolv to any eeveelotion and back to any eevee
Yay!!Mia!!! If only I should have change Mia's personality that she likes boys...oh,well

There are only 6 Papyruses and Pinkeevee said 9 hidden Papyruses...Ahh,Now I get it make 9 upside down so it would turn 6...correct?

I think I found not Daisy(aka Basil)
@Reyna178: Nope. I have a guide with all 9 papuruses circled. There are definitely 9 of them. (And, I thought Mia did like boys.)
@Pinkeevee222: Well,I did said or reply "you can do whatever you want from her".So it's your choice.
My question has been answered :)
Yay another one
I've only found 7/9 ;~;
I'm so close yet so far and im too lazy to keep looking...
@Pinkeevee222: I found 7 papyruses!!!!!!

Edit: I found my iPad and brightened the screen so, 8
@cub6: I brigened my screen and only got 3........
@.The_Sof.: oh- sorry! It's probably because my cousin helped me, um, I need glasses but I never got them, so, um, yeah.
Haha guys
I found 7 Papyruses!
Boo Yah!!!!
@Guest: Plz do not brag. I only found 3...would you mind telling me where the others are?
@EvanatheEspeon Hey
I won't tell u exactly where they are
But some are really hard to see. Like they're really transparent.
NYAH HA HA HA~ ...... .3. i found em all~ *wiggles butt*
woop I found 7 now on to pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky ( even though I had completed it twice )
Pinkeevee was right that there 9 hidden Papyruses I think I had found all the Papyruses.
Question, Hey pinkeevee222, is the one papyrus on the cover count as one? I found 7 so far and I'm so close but so far away! :/
So close...7/9...ugh!
Where are they...must...find them!

Hm...Idk but Wiz and Eve are looking so cute together :3
@Plaguelord: May- maybe she forgot or..... lied. *super super times a trillion quiet*
@cub6: Or Im just blind... *Sad music*

But I will never surrender! I will find them!!! >:I
@Plaguelord: I found 'em
@cub6: .____.

*Sitting crying in a corner...*
@Plaguelord: Yess!! That's the spirit!!

And when the night is cold and dark,
You can see, you can see light!
'Cause no one can take away your right
To fight, and to never surrender!
I found 6
How old are Wiz and Oliver? Wiz looks supah-young. HOWS HE SUCH A GREAT ARTIST
@Guest: Oliver is 13 years old, and Wiz is 12 years old.
Title: Lots of ~walking~ talking.
*huff* I'm here! Sorry... so much homework *gasp*
Anyway, I found six so far. I may double check
Wait- With the help of my brother, I found another one
Aw man! I expected Daisy's job! Oh well this is good enough. Thanks for the great comics pinkeevee222!
Found them all.
@Pinkeevee222: is it okay if I advertise this comic? it's okay if you say no.
@cub6: YES! Please advertise! I have no idea how to do it! ^^;;
@Pinkeevee222: N- nice to know!
This comic should be titled "Papyruse Hunt". Lol :3
That is what everybody is doing, i mean, i bet no on e has even read the comic .
@cub6: I-I read the comic! I-I just thought it was funny the there were so many Papyruse comments... (Oh Arceus what did I do wrong now)
@LittleMoons: (you didn't do anything wrong, my one of millions sons.)
@cub6:You lost the bet cause I first read the comic and resisted the hunt! NYEHEHEHEH
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: it was a joke... um, so, nye nye nye?
@cub6: I did I did I love this comic to much! *starts dancing awkwardly*

From Bowsergiant
Uggghhh, I only see 8 papyruses (NOT including the one in the header) ;~;
Hello everybody it's me I'm back!!!!! @Pinkeevee222: i feel bad for you because you wanted flame to have more potential and now it's daisy!
@Bowsergiant : No, no, Flame isn't that much of a problem. Now, Daisy has been a problem since the beginning of the comic!
I only got 6 papys. Nya.
Does this "Pizza"
happen to belong to AssassinPerson

Or has another person named their Eevee Pizza?
@WiispNightmare: I don't know. Maybe check the master Eevee list... Hmmm... Then again, it is pretty hard to find.... Oh well!
9:11AM. 9:11. Mein Gott, Mann! What a event...
Daisy I have an idea maybe you should do one about Daisy almost spiking her secret (her being a secret agent)sorry I'm repeating this Absolet: still thinks it's a dumb idea Me: quiet u
@trixethecat: that's the thing. I don't want to do anything with Agent Lea. I just want Daisy.
Is it really so dark there that that eevee had to roll up it's eyepatch?
@Turtwigsfire13: No, I just didn't want to put the eyepatch down.
hmm, I could only find four papyruses... :p
haha, awesome
ok cub 6 were down to our last pokemon your shiny lvl 100 flareon vs me a lvl 100 umbreon

>:D lets see who wins

ME:*mutters* filthy human

cub6:what was that !!!!!

ME:nothin ;o_o
@Rex The Umbreon: okay one thing, no role play I'm all against that.
@cub6: its ok i understand
I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THE PAST HALF HOUR AND I CAN ONLY FIND 8 INSIDE THE COMIC... *angry breathing* anyone else have any luck?
*seeing that your senpai is in the corner fills you with DETERMINATION*
omg notice me senpai!- i mean hello papyrus i um didn't see you there.....
*you see senpai walk away you fangirl*
Out of the corner of your eye you spot her...

Mia Eevee

She's following you about thirty feet back...
I finded 7. -heart breaks
I found 5/9. Can u send the link to the circled papyrus?
@Pinkeevee222 I did some research and I found out that the Pokemon Mew really can telaport in and out of someone's PC and transformed into a Pokemon in that box so there's a chance you could have a mew and not know it. Wonder if it's in your PC?
@Kanto forever : It needs to know transform to do that. Why do you want a mew in the comic anyways? I'm probably not going to put one in.
Pinkeevee did wiz likes eve? Means he is being so sweet in the last panel...saying "bye bye" with a blush uhm I am just asking as one boy calls me like that and after some days I got that he Really likes me....is wiz too have a crush on her?
@Sugar: Wiz does not have a crush on Eve. He is just nice in general. Then again, who knows what will happen with them in the future.
I only found 2 pappys )=
I think you should give Wiz Vay eyes
another idea Pinkeevee oooooohhhhhhh me get it so what if she's just a good girl ya know all shy and kawaii Absolet: better than your last idea Me:(cries in a corner)
@trixethecat: NO ROLEPLAY
slip up? why are there two floor threes?
@QuasiKiller RS: fixed!
why? glaycion why do you have a snow hat it's like 80 degrees out!
noooooo I am such a Nube I only find 4

this is how feels I bet
noooooo I am such a Nube I only find 4

this is how vayporion feels I bet
@Pinkeevee222: w- wait. Does the one on the header count? If it does, I got all of them!
8 Papyruses I've been Listening to Bonetrousle While Looking For Papyruses I haven't read the comic yet to busy looking for Papyruses.
Pinkeevee222 Could You Put 9 hidden Sans in the next comic
@Yuki: Sorry, no can do, mostly because everyone is talking about the Papyruses instead of the actual page ^^;;
wait.. are you confirming that eve is going to evolve or are you saying she might

@Guest: Eve will evolve. This has been confirmed for a long time. When she will evolve is another story.
@Guest: Im a guy and I hate girly things...and I dont know WHY, but Sylveon is one of my favourite Pokemon :D

Plz dont ask why...plz...just dont do it xD
@Guest: You hate sylveons NO NO NO shamz on you person sylveon is da best eeveelution eva!!

From Bowsergiant
WAIT!!! Would you count the pupyrus (<~~~ not spelled right) at the very top?
Never mind it is spelled right :T
@TheRandomEevee: no, it's pAp
@cub6: ._.
Hidden papyruses I CAN ONLY FIND 4
one on the first third 4th and 11th
Pinkeevee! Is it just me or Eve's fur color is getting lighter and lighter.Look at old comics where Eve's fur color is seems dark and the new comics is lighter.
@Reyna178: I actually have been using the same color for Eve for a long time, but, I did make her fur lighter at one point. But, Thank you for actually noticing that, most people don't realize that characters actually have different fur colors.
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah,I always check if the their colors are different so maybe it could be part of some connection....I guess...And how many eevees or eeveelutions like chocolates?
@Reyna178: hey, hey, hey, don't go spilling secrets in the comments section (Now look, I have to take precautions to delete evidence, unless you are willing to edit your comment). Vay, Dusk, Flame, and Daisy likes chocolate. A lot of the other eevees like it as well. Bolt doesn't like chocolate.
@Pinkeevee222: What!?Bolt-kun doesn't like chocolates!?So I guess he likes "Sour foods",Blizz likes "Sweet foods",Flame likes "Sweet foods,Dusk will "Happily eats anything,Vay likes "Spicy foods",Daisy likes "Dry foods" and Dawn likes "Sour foods",plus, John likes "Sweet foods"...right?
@Reyna178: Yup!! That's right! (I think)
I found 4 of the papyrus'es! Also, are we gonna hear about Wiz's dream or not?
I found all nine papyruses (papyri?)
Could only find seven.. it's freaky
Also..... @Pinkeevee222: If I could fav this comic again, I would. This is the best. The art style is amazing, and looks like it takes a lot of work. Thanks for this amazing comic a thing Pink! Keep up the great work.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Ah, Thank you! :D
Ugh I found 8/9

unless the one on the cover counts, then i got em' all!

Papyrus: Gotta find em' all!
NYEH HEH HEH I only found 6 papyruses unless the one one the cover counts then I got 7 and can I be in eevee academy plz my name could be P.G??
Nyeh heh heh I NOW FOUND 8
Does anyone want pie?
Nyeh heh heh! Papyrus FTW! I think I found all nine! Nyeh! But Sans is de coolest.
First I found 7 then 6 cri
Where's Sully? I like your comics and everything but the layout of the top bars is killing me, it must be capitalised! (I don't mean to sound rude)
@Mike Wazowski: I can't capitalize it. It is set to use only lower case letters, and, I don't know code well enough to change it.
@Pinkeevee222: If eve is younger then wiz why she like the same height as him or is this some coincidence that they are eevees!
I would ask why there are hidden Papyruses but who's asking questions around here anymore.
I've forgotten what's fun about Halloween a bit I haven't celebrated for about 5 years
I found 8 Papys Nyeh heh heh!
where is the last one?
sans: I guess it's just an impasta
Papyrus: Sans!!!! stop cracking jokes or I'll be bonetrousled
me: not what I wanted. *Face slap*
Hello, Ms or Mrs Pinkeevee222 i have a question:the trainer looks like dawn.is it really dawn or just a random trainer? i wonder what eve will evolve into....
@Ruby the Braixen: The trainer is their trainer, not a random trainer at all (I think). And, Dawn can be seen right beside the trainer in their latest appearances.
why does Flame like pokemon "corn"?
@Ruby the Braixen: That is plot related, and, I can't spill the beans.
@Pinkeevee222: okay! Flame's corn thing is just a mystery!
You know why @Ruby the Braixen: but if you dont, replace the C with another letter between "O" and "Q"
@NymphTheSylveon: i would NEVER type such a word!!
6/9 Paps
pls add more eevee comics ilove them
I ship Eve and Wiz because of this comic now.
I found all of them
I thought you will never answer my question,Pinkeevee!
PAPYRUS I found all of them papyrus
Meow Guess who found ALL the papys.........

I DID!!!!!! Booyah booyah booyah
omg I found 8/9

@Guest: oops 6/9 :3
@Guest: actually 7/9
.. 6/9
Lol @...: lol me 7/9
Hmmm @Pinkeevee222: Ya know what pinkeevee? I think wiz should have the eyes he already has bc I like him like that bc it makes him look cute!
Aww... i only found 7 ;-;
Don’t worry @Ashwi-San: hey. Don’t worry! Lol I got 7 asb well and still felt a little bad but it didn’t matter because Dusk my Umbreon told me that nothing matters more than a Pokémon plush.
i only found 3 paps...:(
@Pinkeevee222: i only found 7 were is 8 and 9??
@Guest: There is a guide to finding them all in another comic.
Hey! @Pinkeevee222: so you made these comics huh? I love them! Sometimes I take screenshots on my phone and then copy it. I even use the right colors! Like, what the muk? Lol I am a big fan! I collect Pokémon plushies and guess what! I got all Eevee evolutions!
( including sora my Sylveon ) My other Eevees names are the ones in the comic! Bolt Dusk Flare ( oops I thought Flareons name was flare, not flame and thought it was a girl not a boy) Vay ( also made girl ) Blizz Daisy Dawn and Eve. Too bad I got one name wrong but at least the rest are correct. I also named my self Pinkeevee223 because I am a huge fan of you, but I did not want to copy your name completely, so I put a 3 at the end instead of a 2. Sincerely, Pinkeevee223 ( lol real name is Riley) PS: Make a Comic were Dawn and Dusk kiss! Lol!
@Guest: lol me too
@Pinkeevee222: wtf is a papyrus
papyruses @Pinkeevee222: i found all of the papyruses
@Aireon: what the Muk? Chu found them all? Well Golduck yourself.
noooooooo i only found 7 ;~;
Lol same thing! @Guest: Y halo thar! Why look at that! We found the same amount! I have 7 you have 7! Lol! Earlier I saw dis guy called Golden Vaporeon and he only found 6! OMG! LOL!
btw love ur stories sry i cant spell lol 2 lazy
i found 9/9 paps *wink wink*
1st papyrus panel 1
2nd papyrus panel 3
3rd papyrus panel 4
4th papyrus panel 7
5th papyrus panel 11
6th papyrus panel 15
Ha! @Golden Vaporeon: hey Golden Vaporeon! Guess what! I found one more papyrus than you! I found 7 you found 6! Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
@Pinkeevee223 : it isn't a competion i was just tryin to help others with how many i found by naming the panels
It has been two years and I have yet to find all 9
I know @Pinkeevee222: lol I know right? The only time I saw Daisy was when I saw the comics rainbow farts and web
I found them all :p

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