Everybody Ha-ates Vay~


October 26th, 2016, 2:19 pm

Vay just loves to dig his own grave.

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I got a Sylveon doll and a Pikachu key chain from pokemoncenter.com, and they are beautiful. Especially the Sylveon doll, he looks so cute!
Did anyone here watch "Everybody hates Chris"? That show was hilarious.
I need more Ice Drop background eevees. contact me via PM if you want to get one or two.
(Like, really, I spent an hour looking over the list, and I had to use non background eevees in the end)
Pinkeevee222, October 26th, 2016, 2:19 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:45 pm Reply
*crying* I just lost about 4 more Ice drop background eevees due to people deleting their templates *sob* Why cruel world! Whyyyyyyyy!
I mean, I could just start downloading the templates, but, the master eevee list is a much faster way to access them. hmmm... What to do?
Pinkeevee222, October 28th, 2016, 11:27 pm Reply

... ...does it say yolo repeatedly in blizz's eyes in the panels 11 and 12?
@Raini01: Can't say! (And, I thought this comic moved on from people saying "first" *Sigh* I guess not.)
@Pinkeevee222: awwww... ok fine.

Also, who said first? I totally didn't. and if i did i would TOTALLY not edit to make it seem like i didn't. *innocent face*
@Raini01: Too easy xD
One and zeros xD binary code
@Raini01: I think it's either snowflakes or binary code. Now I wish I could read binary.
@PixelOtter: if its binary, its only two numbers. the ability to read binary, plus to be an amazing guesser for what 1s and 0s are hidden are skills needed to do that.
@Raini01: well i no it has to start in 1, i really need to ask my older brother how it works, he nos
@PixelOtter: the binary in blizz's eyes don't mean anything, they're just random ones and zeros
0_0 @Raini01: OMG IT DOSE!!!!!!
@Emojikitten: I love your profile pic! I can't find a good one. TTnTT
DANG IT I was almost first.
@Emojikitten: sorry, i only commented because i saw it on DA, and then came here. I posted my comic, at like, the same time so i was online.
Dang it I'm sorry glaceon please don't be mad at me I was just mad
Well, changing wallpapers or painting the walls DOES take a lot of work! It's a perfectly valid excuse!
@thebradyiceeevee02: your icon was like, PERFECT for that comment. XD
@Raini01: Oh! Um... well, that's just me being me!

Glaceon! You faker! Vay don't worry, your still my favorite character! Not that you would care anyway.
Were you doing something different with the way you drew eyes this page? Aside from the obvious differences in Blizz's eyes.

They seem more... crisp on this page compared to others. I like it.
"Murmurer?" I think you meant just plain murmur in the third to last panel.
@Koren: NO! HA! YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT! I CHECKED THE DICTIONARY BEFORE WRITING THAT WORD (and a bunch of others)! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (I think it's the England land spelling if it)
My brain tries to understand Blizz...

ERROR! Brain.exe doesnt work anymore!

He has two personalities or am I just confused? We will see in the future if Im right or not...
And @Pinkeevee222: As I can see Daisy doesnt have much screentime in your comics. Maybe because of this it seems like she has a boring character. Why dont you try to give her more chapter were she is involved in or maybe which is focusing on her?

Just my two cents... :)
@Plaguelord: Oh, Don't worry! I'm working on several chapters with Daisy in it (I was just drawing one, actually)
@Pinkeevee222: Oh nice! Cant wait to read them :)
@Pinkeevee222: wait, can u add bolt 2? i hardly see him anymore ;(
Okay, it's not that I don't like the whole 'Blizz Isn't really an idiot' thing. (I actually quite like it) But seriously though, is there an eevee in the box who actually is stupid?
@Hoi: i dont think so. dusk is actually smart, but he doesnt show it. id say harmony is stupid for being a jerk to sky (who is sora) bcuz if she accepted him, dusks name would still be night, soras name would be sky, and dusk wouldnt hate harmony as much as he does
I really like the backgrounds

Blizz be a computer robot who replaced the real blizz and is trying to be him and is super smart but doesn't show it because he doesn't want to be found out
I do exactly what Blizz dose, over anilize my problems, and I usually just act stupid to fix them, that or I wing it.
I fell like Lune (who was with Bliz in ask SSEC) is one side of that mental argument. And what WAS Vay doing?
@42Meep : Vay was taking care of Nego at that time.
pink eevee I used to watch that show it was funny but I like The Bernie Mac Show better
@trixethecat: Who's Bernie Mac? Is he related to Bernie Sanders? Derp.
"Everybody hates Chris" was part of my childhood.
pink eevee I got a question for ya do u draw these on paper and then computer or is it all hands on deck
@trixethecat: I have a Wacom drawing tablet, so I just draw everything on that, and, it draws on the computer for me. But, I use to draw stuff on paper and scan it on to the computer when I didn't have a tablet.
@Pinkeevee222: How much did your Wacom cost? Im actually looking for a drawing tablet for myself.
@Plaguelord: I got mine on sale, so about $70? I have an old model that they don't make anymore though, so, that doesn't help. Um, the cheapest Wacom tablets cost about $100, I think.
@Pinkeevee222: Ah! Ok...
But 100$ doesnt sound bad...I will take a look on it!

Thx :3
To think this was all caused by a laptop going splat. Blizz the opportunist!
@DuskHunter: But laptops are life. :c

I simply cannot live life without my gadgets and Internet. Take away my phone? No biggie, I can still call my friends and draw with my tablet. Take away the tablet? Ok, I'm upset, but I can just go out and buy a Wacom. And I can still talk. Take the Internet connection? -panic mode sets in- Take the laptop? -ERROR ERROR ERROR dies-
@espeon8812: Aye, I feel yah mate. Take a person's laptop or PC away from him/her, then it's a sure fire way to destroy someone's life. xD
@DuskHunter: oh so i guess i dont have a life (tho i already new that, no need to remind me) ;^; i access this comic thru the school ipad
Blizzes eyes just say Yolo XD
His eyes are saying 10110100110 because he's actually smart!!!!!!
Poor Vay...Wait,Blizz is analyzing something!?Don't worry Vay,atleast Dusk likes you,even Bolt,Blizz,Izzy and Nego loves you,too....(Especially Doki~)

Wait...Now I understand...Blizz,are you talking to yourself!?Angry Blizz and the So-Naive or Dumb Blizz...
@SilverGlaceon787: you know dusk is also acting, just go check the tumblr
@1_Violet_1: Blizz isn't smart. But, he does think he is smart.
I can't believe it, both Dusk AND Blizz are just asking dumb! *GASP*
@PixelOtter: no, Blizz is really dumb.
@Pinkeevee222: oh. well, i gotta tell ya that it fooled me. i thought he was smart. wait, wait, wait..... it says “act stupid”, indicating that hes smart, but pretends hes not. or mayb im just overthinking this
Thank you, Pinkeevee222! Hello, Pinkeevee222! I love your comics and they keep a lot of people (including me) entertained. You are a wonderful artist and comic maker, so I suggest you keep up the great work. Thank you for making these comics!
@NightSpirit: Thank you for reading my web comic!
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG @Pinkeevee222: I was so happy when I realized u saw it and replied. YAY!!!!!!
Man, Blizz is getting her detective on!
Actually Blizz is getting HIS detective on
@Guest name: thats so like me i correct people a whole lot man this makes me sound like a butthead when i type and read this
No homo XD
Poor vay tho...

That sylveon tho ¬w¬
Everybody hates Chris. OMG I loved that show! There needs to be shows like that again. Just good wholesome family humor.

This page though, it leafes me confuzzled. Is blizz not really a happy go lucky idiot and he's just cooking up some big evil plan under wraps. Though he really does seem nice since he cared about not making everyone mad at him.

Makes me wonder if dusks happy go lucky idiocy is also a facade.

Manipulative eevees everywhere! Walls can talk! Aliens are always watching you! Break out the tin foil hats boys!
Pinkeevee who do you draw your comic
@1224lovesylveon: uh... I guess I draw my comics?
@1224lovesylveon: Another victim of autocorrection? xD

I think you mean "how do you draw your comic", right? :)
@Plaguelord: Ehhhh? But I just answered that question.
I guess I have another question to add to the FAQ then!

Uhm...as I understand now I think he/she wanted to ask you what you are using to draw your comics...
Blizz is a robot!
I think he's just the outer shell of two people (Pokemon?) working inside him. Or maybe he has three personalities. But all I can say is he is a robot controlled by two or more things.
@Guest: Not at all. Blizz isn't a robot.
Was Brandon added to the Master Eevee list yet? Sorry for asking cause I tried to look for him in it to see if he was there and I didn't see him...then again I can be blind to things sometimes.
@ShadowWarrior05: ..... I don't remember. Was he? .3.
Wait- so if I am correct I can make an Ice Drop Backround Eevee? Just making sure because the submissions are closed and you asked for some Ice drop eevees...
I wanted to make an Ice Drop Backround eevee before but didn't have an account so now I actually have the chance to if I'm correct
@ShadowPhoenix: You can, this week only though. But, please at least try to make it look like something I would want to draw. (PM me when you finish the template)
Uhm..pinkeevee did blizz likes someone? I know that this Question is not related to this chapter but I just wanna to know ...
@Blizz's gal: He does. Her name is "not Daisy" (not really, lol)
@Pinkeevee222: wait noooo u just reminded me of the love triangle i forgot to keep track of
ok whats up with blizz
@eeveeleo: nothing at all. Blizz is acting completely normal.
We just unlocked his thoughts.
Ah, I see, so Blizz's secret is that he's actually a robot, hence the freaky words that are popping up in his eyes.

And with that, I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
this is the most emotin that Blizz has show i belive or atleast from what ive seen
@scobeeca: Oh, this is just the beginning *evil laughing*
@Pinkeevee222: when SOMEONE does SOMETHING to (INSERT NAME HERE) he gonna have some FEEELLLLIINGGSSSSSS.
@cub6: Wear HEELIES SO YOU DONT HURT YOUR FEELIES!!!!!!! Haha lol this my new motto!!!!!

From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : that was really dumb.Really.
@Guest: iz jus from spark, so take a chill pilll yo.
@Bowsergiant : wha-what?!?! Ho- how did you know I JUST uploaded that to my iPad and a couple of other comics of Pokémon teams?
@cub6: Team instinct all the way bro I just know!!!

From Bowsergiant
@Pinkeevee222: Blizz has both a light and dark side just like Bolt.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: kinda, but, not really. There is no light side.
@Pinkeevee222: I'very been analysing a lot of comics and this one is kind of very interesting considering as very creative.
Anyways I just came here to say hi and I have a only bad side too C=
Hello Pink eevee it's Mali from 11th grade long time no see
@Mrogers: WAAAAAT!? Mali? Yo dude! I thought you got abducted by aliens or something! (Not really, but still, you literally just disappeared) Can you contact me at Scruffyeevee@gmail.com?
Hey @Pinkeevee222: did you get my email ?
pink eevee U wanna know who Bernie Mac is... look up his show The Bernie Mac Show I think he died though
im a new fan (just last night) but still why does it say that everyone hates vay i mean thay didnt act like thay did
@Guest: Hi! And, you'll see, not in the next comic, but soon. They really don't like Vay.
@SilverGlaceon787: Actually, I don't think that Eve is going to be a Glaceon, Sylveon, or Espeon. From what I remember, it was said that Eve's evolution will be an eeveelution that future Eve wasn't shown as in Ask SSEC.
The ones she wasn't shown as are Umbreon and Jolteon. So those are most likely who Eve is going to evolve into.
@ShadowWarrior05: Jolteon was shown.
@Zappy the Raichu: really? Huh...well i can be blind to a lot of things..but I checked again and don't see Eve as a Jolteon...
Are you talking about when Eve had her ears and fur's ends pink? Cause I'm pretty sure that's her as an eevee
@ShadowWarrior05: She's just not as spiky.
@Zappy the Raichu: But she has the eevee neckfur
I guess it would make sense if she wasn't as spikey but wouldn't the neck fur be different and not be like an eevee's?
Then again, who knows? She could be seen as either in that picture. At least we know that she may be an umbreon (I kind of feel like she will be an umbreon because, y'know, dusk
@Pinkeevee222: Do you need a template? 'Cause I'm lazy and don't feel like doing it, plus, I have collage. .3.
@cub6: I do need a template. (In the rules) If you expect me to draw your Eevee multiple times in the comic, drawing him once is the least you can do.
@Pinkeevee222: oh, never mind, laziness has taken over mu, plus, I have a test coming soon, *flips page in book*
At least Blizz isn't a TOTAL idiot.
I mean, okay
can still subit a aic drop background eevee?
@aloha: are you getting an account in the next day? If your answer is no, then no.
PLOT THICKENS well this was an info bomb if i ever saw one, and it explains so much about Blizz that i could never understand at the time.
also nice touch with the digit code in Blizz's eyes, must have taken a lot of work.
I completely forgot about latest comic.
....Blizz isn't a Mary Sue, is he...?
@SlapShap: No. He isn't. The closest character to being a Mary-Sue in the comic is Eve, I reckon.
@Pinkeevee222: what would make Eve a Mary Sue?
@Guest: Eve has many male admirers, and everybody likes her except the girls, who only dislike her because all the boys like her. She is also sickly sweet, and she basically gets almost everything that she wants. Every time something bad happens to her, something good happens to her right after. She loves attention, so she acts cute, caring and sweet most of the time, and this just amplifies the affection that she receives from the males. [spoiler alert] She has a super tragic backstory, that she doesn't even know about,and imence powers that she doesn't know about yet, from her father. Speaking of him, she is also technically an orphan.[spoiler end]

I repeat. Eve is the most likely candidate to be a Mary Sue. She might even be a borderline sue.
@Pinkeevee222: dang this spoiler sounds kinda like the eevee from ES
Lol Aww.. I feel bad for Vay
@Pinkeevee222 Twitch?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: I make one for twitch plays pokemon, but, I have not touched it in a long time.
I felt like crying when I read this part... I dint know why...
@cub6: I wanted to say this from the very first time you mentioned it, but, I really doubt that you are in college. -_-"
@Pinkeevee222: She did tell me how old she is in Silver Eevee's livestream, I think she actually is in "collage."

I think it would be more believable if she spoke with better spelling like a college student. XD (@cub6: Not trying to be mean or anything, just saying that it's spelled "college." My grammar and spelling Nazi side always takes over when I read anything. :P )
@espeon8812: Yeah, you see, I really doubt that a 25 year old will constantly say that they are 25, (Because, she did mention this fact in a comment before) only kids and tweens do that, like on YouTube video comment sections. For Example; "Hi [insert YouTuber name here]! I love your videos! Also, I'm 10, lol". Also, because I am in college myself, I can safely say that college students don't say that they are going to college, they say that they are going to class. but, that's just nit picking. Anyways, 25 is pretty old for college. Like, even if you take a year off before going to college, you'd graduate at like, 22 or 23 if you'd graduate 'on time'. She could have still went to college a couple of years late, or just be one of those repeating seniors (cause, if she can't spell college correctly, that is a plausible option, not trying to be mean). And, that is why I am really on the fence about if she really does go to college or not, I mean, she could just be a 12 year old who faked their age, and wants to keep up with that persona by saying that they are that age (I know I did that before I was 13).
I can see a difference on the way older people comment compared to younger people, and, it can honestly go either way. But, the only reason why I say this is because she uses commas. The way she comments besides that fact points to her not being a college student, but a middle school or elementary school kid.
I am very noisy when something piques my interest.
@Pinkeevee222: Interesting observations. I suppose I can't really argue with that, seeing as you know more than me. You're in college, I'm in middle school. XD There's a rather large age and experience difference there.

I'm not saying that cub is lying, I'm just going to end on the thought that I have no idea what her actual age is.

You're not noisy, just curious. Any person would ask lots of questions when something interests them. :)
Yeah, I doubt that Cub is in college too...
I've noticed her age change once or twice on her profile before. I remember that her profile said that she was 17 a month or so ago, at most. Sooo...
@Midnight-fox18: Oh. WELL THEN. :T

Good catch.
SO blizz is really an over analyzer? Cant tell if im dissapointed or intrigued
This comic gives me something to look forward to every week, Thanks:D
comment num 137 ! (hehe, did I lie or not? >:3) I keep being busy lately >~<

anyway, +1 like to vay :3 I don't hate you vayyy (I guess(?))
Vay! Yay I don't hate Vay.. I just kinda feel bad for him :<
This is probably Gonna keep me wondering all night XD
did anyone notice the 1 and 0's in blits eyes?!
its really weird and its kinder making me think that he isn't a pokemon :(
@ShadowClaw: i think its to show hes thinking in a smart manner
I think I'm no obligation but...... how do PM someone????

*makes nervous temmie face*
@Evelyn the eevee: If you want to PM someone, go to their Profile page, and on the top right, you'll see "contact info" under that, if you click on the icon with the two people, you automatically get sent to a page where you can PM that person at.
@Pinkeevee222: Create an imagewhere they are all bg eevees
@Konix: I have already done that. But, because you suggested it, if I do draw a comic with only bg eevees, your two probably won't be in it.
@Pinkeevee222: Why did you do this to Vay?
@EvanatheEspeon: I love character development. The more hardships a character faces, the more satisfying it will be when they overcome these hardships!
@Konix: she has already done that

From Bowsergiant
pink eevee Hold the litten Blizzard used to be a leater! Why isn't he one now. Also did u hear that the final starter evolution is confirmed which one are you picking
Bliz auto correct don't you just hate that
what's up with Blizz's tail in the first panel?
@Ali the espeon: i was about to say “ew its like if blizz just stole vays (oml vay was about to autocorrect to “gay” x|) tail or something” but hes wagging his tail (i think)
wait blizz has two spirits in his body?
Theroy time! I think the second voice(introduced as Lune in the ask blog) is a side affect, if not direct influence on the lab. He also takes over whenever Blizzard gets pissed.
When he got huge I laugh
I saw the comment in the newest comic and decided to have a look for myself, and now I'm starting To think Blizz has an Alter ego of some kind. The bubbly, cheerful Blizz were used to... and the serious, more mysterious one who seems to be the blue text in Blizz's thoughts
New eevee How about a eevee named Navy?
uhh... arent vay and blizz twins? y is vay acting so mean?

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