Trip Cop Trip!


November 4th, 2016, 7:23 pm

That picture in the ask blog.
It was a young Harmony and
her two siblings.

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Early update! Lol.
Vay is getting pushed around by level one eevees.
Ahhhhhh. I just love making him miserable.
Aaaaannd, I spelt President incorrectly. Wow Pinkeevee, good job *sarcastic clapping*

Don't worry guys. 2 more comics until the next meanwhile, hopefully.

Do you want it to be about Sora, or Blizz?(Unlike last time (When you guys chose Sora over Oliver), if you guys choose Sora this time, Blizz's meanwhile will be lost.)Sora's meanwhile will be the same either way

Comment below!
Pinkeevee222, November 4th, 2016, 7:23 pm Reply
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first! sorry about the first thing, but I would like to see the next meanwhile about blizz. (otherwise it'll be lost) plus, galceon is my favorite... that has no relevance, but I thought I would mention it. blizz for prez 2016 please!
I want Blizz's meanwhile.
Blizz's meanwhile Blizz seems more interesting than sora so I pick Blizz.
@ScruffyDeltaNexus26: Blizz, because I don't want to never find out!
Also, why is there a puddle instead of Vay at the end?
@Suuune: Vaporeons can turn into water. Vay seems to do this when he is upset by something.
@LittleMoons: keep calm and turn into water

Blizz please!!
Blizz. Never going to give this up
Idk I was listening to "Mad World" By Gary Jules and then I saw the pictures where Vay was on the ground crying and the song said "The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had." And I just sat in silence. Wow. Poor Vay.
@Sonyca2012: Actually I think this comic and that quote pretty much go together too well...
@Sonyca2012: Also I vote Blizz.
Blizz Blizz's meanwhile, all the way.
Poor Vay
I like sora but i dont want Blizz to be loss so Blizz
huh. I am not late.
@Kittykat: Don't worry about him, Only people on Deviantart would vaguely know who he is.
I feel so bad for Vay...and I thought Wiz was a Green Paw Eevee? Or was he an Ice Drop Eevee? I'm not sure.
@StrawBerriJelli: Wiz is an Ice drop eevee, but, he wants to be a Green Paw eevee. (Of course, he would never admit this out loud)

Explains a lot.
This might sound a little bite cruel, but a few weeks ago an annoyind boy made me trip so i standet up and fudgin punch him in the nose that he started bleeding, so he god mad at me and he tried to strike me but i dodged him and took him to the ground and i started to kick him untill he was litteraly fainted.
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: welp now I know why you chose that picture for you profile
@.The_Sof.: Aye
Blizz please.
For some reason the buttons under the comic are missing
I don't know why. Does anyone know?
@Me: Fixed! ( I think)
I think I knew why @Me: Because yesterday was under maintenance
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Yeaaaahhhh, that only counts as one vote to Sora.
@Pinkeevee222: I just wanted your attention xD
Awww,in the last panel is that chibi Jax,Mike,Tike and Wiz?Because they are so cute!!!So kawaii!!!But where's chibi Bolt?
@Reyna178: Chibi Bolt will probably appear in the next chapter.
@Pinkeevee222: Yay!And I choose Blizz BTW.
That's one way to escape confrontation.

...He's not going to get sucked up by the grass, is he?
Blizz duh. Btw I'm more than sure blizz already won the vote. I only saw one vote for sora. :( oh well. More blizz. Have I said blizz enough. Blizz would say NO.
Technically its two for sora. And I choose Blizz! Blizz! Blizz! Blizz! BLIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: please make a blizz meanwhile. after the last few pages i started to really like him :D
Poor Vay,if Doki was here she would have help him,I guess.
@Reyna178: I don't know why, but I doubt that.
Vote Blizz 20xx, or else!

Poor Vay, so lonely.

Woulda been hilarious if the new laptop broke before even being used.

P.S. you can't trip a quadruped by blocking just one foot. :p
LOL @cccviper653: You're right! Because they still have 3 points of contact

Also, that laptop isn't new, it was seen here:
@cccviper653: Both Mike and Tike did it at the same time. (Was I suppose to draw both of them tripping Vay? I thought showing only one would get the point across)
@Pinkeevee222: Error, admittance of mistake avoidance defected.

In the initial fall, only one paw is folded up, having been tripped. The other front paw is straight. Vay's back, towards the rear, is pointing upwards, meaning both rear legs are straight and not tripped.

In a typical quadruped walk cycle, such as that of a canine, both rear and front legs don't move together at the same time. Meaning if one of the front legs were tripped, one of the back legs must have been the other one tripped. But since both rear legs are obviously straight, the action of Vay falling on his face after one paws motion being blocked is impossible.

Further impossibility lays in the fact that he's a quadruped to begin with. Have you ever seen one trip? As soon as a leg gets stopped, they just put it down and walk over the obstacle with another leg if possible. Plus he's clearly sad and walking at a very slow speed. Even if he were sleepwalking, he should've been able to avoid falling at that speed.

Then there's also the low center of gravity to consider for canine type critters. Unless his legs were actively being stopped from moving mid step, such as with a bola for example or even just suddenly stopping them on his own, his momentum from such slow walking wouldn't have been enough to make him fall.

Scientifical conclusion of science (Sponsored by the Dusk for permanent teacher campaign), the circumstances of Vay falling on his face don't add up in the slightest.

Gotcha Pink. :3

Heh, heh... heh... No kill pls
@cccviper653: ._. .....
Nope! I Didn't get any of that! :D
Oh, but, I do know that the way Vay got tripped doesn't make any sense. Buuuuuuttttt, I feel like I can get away with it, because of the nature of the comic itself.
@Pinkeevee222: you're right, this comic is a silly place. Plus it's yours so you can do anything you want with it (if first approved by me of course). We'll just mark the reason for vay tripping under "Stupid Short Eevee Legs."
Guess, I'll be voting for the majority, and that's Blizz On another topic, why won't Vay fight back?
@DuskHunter: The same reason why Dusk didn't fight Blizz!
@Pinkeevee222: lol I get push around by like grades 3,2,1 and I is in grade 6 like lol
I can't blame any of you voting for Blizz. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! People don't like passing up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With this being said, I also vote Blizz
VAY! Are you okay? And to those mean
eevees, leave him alone! Why do these
things to him? And pinkeevee, that's
just wrong. Leave Vay alone.
@EvanatheEspeon: I won't~ Besides, If I leave Vay alone, you'll never see him, just like Daisy. I don't want him to become a Daisy.
@Pinkeevee222: what's wrong with Daisy! She is my favorite character and that's coming from a person who likes flareons
@trixethecat: Daisy never appers in comics. And, she is not funny, so, I can't make funny senerios with her in it. (Which is why she is never in comics)
@Pinkeevee222: ... i just had a very weird thought of vay becoming an actual daisy.

Flower pokemon for everyone :D
Pinkeevee222: k. I can't help it. I like Vay. A lot. Also, I haven't seen Dusk lately. How is he?
@Guest: Well, he just got a super wedgie from Blizz, so, He's doing bad. Real bad. Everything hurts.
@Pinkeevee222: *laughing my ass off* (Sorry Dusk) Anywayz, does Harmony still exist? Hee hee...butts. Wedgie, butts. hee hee. So funny keep up the good work. And on a side note, plz do da next comic soon.
@EvanatheEspeon: harmony=in pokemon center for long time still.
Blizz or Sora?
I'll take Sora!
On a side note, I vote for *drum roll...* BLIZZ! Mostly because of the majority thing. I would like to see Sora again.
@EvanatheEspeon: Funny thing. The next Sora meanwhile doesn't even have Sora in it. LOL.
@Pinkeevee222: nice.
Blizz Please stop
I like vay a lot He is my favorite
You can't liquefy away from your problems.
Pinkeevee, do you hate Vaporeon (the species)?
@Guest: Nope. But, then again, all of the vaporeon in my eeveelution series gets ra*** in some way and has a kit from that. Well, except in the Eevee island and Sam the Eevee series.
Hmmm.... I don't hate vaporeon, but, I do love drama. Every main character is going to experience emotional turmoil like this, Vay is just the first..... And the one who experiences it most often. (You should see what happens to Dusk, like, the only thing that is keeping him sane right now is Dawn. *evil smile* ah yes. I can't wait to crush him.)
@Pinkeevee222: this is a different guest, but now I'm scared!
@Pinkeevee222 OK people so we just learned that every character is going to get crushed, my first reaction: GRAB SOME BUTTERED POPCORN!!!
@._. : or pretzels
@Pinkeevee222: Mike and Tike's design changed?
@cub6: Did they? IDK. The only thing I think is different are their colors, but, only because they first appered in a dark place. I'll look into it.
Blizz's meanwhile please!
Blizz for the next meanwhile
pink eevee Poor Vay,!!! I new a girl and everyone picked on her because um, let's say she grew bigger then the others they said some all full things to her. Also I pick Sora for the meanwhile
@OmegaGeguz: Maybe? I have to update the apps first.
poor vay
Blizz Why do you have a thing against Vay? Really, I love him, but he seems to get into trouble all the time...
And I would like Blizz, because I hope Vay will be there to..
@Vayyyyy: I love Vay, actually. But, that is just his character. He is a loner, but is expected to lead. That will give some interesting results, don't you think?
Just remember that everything will get better for him in the end.
@Vayyyyy: Vay is emo
Blizz for President 20XX #IVoteForBlizz
Hello. I've been looking at the Master Eevee list and for Dawn, it says: "Alert to sand" Is it supposed to be "Alert to sound" or is it just like that?
@StrawBerriJelli: lol. Alert to sand. Thanks for telling me, I'll change it right away.
Edit: I mean, I'll change it as soon as I remember to when I am on a computer.

i vote sora!!!! SORA FOR DAYYYYYSSS!
I vote Blizz. We could get some interesting information
i love vay I'll fell like him if he's gone for the rest of the seires
I vote sora! Sora! Sora! Sora!
I vote BLIZZ! I mean, he is super mysterious, plus there will always be another Sora comic!
Sora sora SORA Sora the sylveon I vote Sora!!!!

From Bowsergiant
Too many guests! I vote Blizz. I bet the other voice is Lune the Umbreon. I am a hypocrite.
You know how the legendary dog tri are revived eevees from ho-oh? Well how do you think dusk or maybe you would look like revived like that? (It's an ask blog question, I don't know how to submit it the proper way)
@Yayorkif: trio
@Yayorkif: Don't know, that trio didn't look like eeveelutions when they first died... :I
@Yayorkif: that's just the prevailing therory. There is no canonical confirmation of this being true.
I feel like that eevee with the bandana likes GTE (Grand Theft Eevee)
Well if we will lose blizz's meanwhile but not soras, then i choose blizz
Who is the pikachu in the header?
wait was this Wiz's dream? does that mean Eve's dream will become reality too?
Ehem @Guest: Wiz clearly states: "Well, kinda I was in box 5 looking at the 'ocean' so I can learn how to draw it, when some really mean eevees came up to me and-" When he screams, "hey! I had a dream like that too!" And when eve says her dream was about Oliver, necklaces, rainbow scarf, GLOWING, that mean it was probably Oliver came and helped Wiz, or something, and had the scarf on...... and so on. I'm too lazy to explain it and Ima take a shower now. ~Bye
@Guest: This wasn't Wiz's "dream". His 'dream' happened sometime before comic #187 (archive).
Eve's "dream" was basically all of the events that happened in the chapter "Power Puff Vee".
I WANT BLIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!!!
Who has the skills to draw a dabbing sylveon?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: I do. I can make you one, it'll take a while.... do you want it on two or four legs? (I'm better at drawing four legs) YOLO
@cub6: four legs
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: okay! I'll PM you when it's done!
@cub6: Ok then! anything i can do to give back the favor?
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: can you draw Flareon? It doesn't matter what it does. Daz all I want. If you can't den don do anything.
I know stuff probably happened to Vay that was awful but why is he always so mean? The best emotion I've seen from him so far is boredom(aside from his time with nego)
@Silver the Eevee: He isn't mean, I think. He is just super grumpy. Oh, he is mean to Blizz, but, that's only because he is Jealous of him. (For obvious reasons)
@Pinkeevee222: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thank you I thought he was mean
As much was I would love to know more about Sora, Blizz seems to have captivated my attention at the moment.
So I vote Blizz...
Blizz.. I vote Blizz Shouldn't like, Flame, Bolt and Vay get a special comic to themselves (i know they already did, but maybe one with a secret this time)? Dawn and Umbreon-Kun (I like saying it that way :3) are sort of close. Daisy and Blizz.. well.. you probaly shouldn't think about doing it.. they're worlds apart. Maybe even universes apart. Also, I feel like you should make eevee bond more with Flame, Vay, Jolt, and Dawn. Umbreon-Kun and Blizz are already close to Eve..

Thank you for wasting about a minute of your life reading this,

A random human.
SECRETS!!!:D @Guest: yeah there are comics about them and secrets! Check out secret 1 (flame), secret 2(bolt), and secret 3 (vay) in the archive! :)
Blizz Because we have so little info on him. Like the voices in his head or the fact that his eyes change colour twice (green and blue with binary). Or about lune, or maybe what he was gonna tell vay (in comic 162). So many questions :D

Btw i was theory maker but i changed my name after getting to lazy to write the theories down (doubt anymon will care bout dat tho)
I can relate vay... That's how I felt today! But I couldn't turn into a puddle.
Erm...I vote for Blizz. Even though I want both.
Lets see if this works... BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!! BLIZZ!!!!
i vote for blizz
@Pinkeevee222, I've been a huge fan of you series since the 3rd comic, and i need to ask a favor. Is their a character from you series I could borrow for mine? Credit will be given, and if you say yes, it would mean the world to me. Thanks, Breezy.
@LeafeonComics: Thank you for reading my web comic! Anyways, You can borrow any character that is not a main character!
In a game would you be a bard ninja or pirate?
@Silver the Eevee: Commas do wonders, don't you agree?
@Pinkeevee222: take this example
Let's eat grandpa.
Let's eat, grandpa.
@Pinkeevee222: sorry yeah you're right I was in a rush what I meant to say was Bard, ninja or pirate
@Silver the Eevee: Bard Ninja sounds cool though

I'd be all. Jdjkejsjjfirnf j brisket in bfifbfijdidjekwjfjfjj Dunedin Henri f Jenner Irene Rudd ah my enemy shoriyuken!!!

That was NOT racism,
that is what would do and that is how I sing
@Silver the Eevee:

Silver! I missed you! I'm actually Eevees_R_Awesome except my old account was bad so yeah...hi!
@StrawBerriJelli: Hi missed you too sorry I didn't respond sooner school was very existent. Have a CAKE
@Silver the Eevee: *eats cake* :D Thanks!
Awww I feel so bad for vay... *pats* vay
1#comic Has any one remember the first comic? Asking questions. My favorite. But, how does bolt really sleep with spikes on his butt? Pinkeevee222, you have improved so much in your comics! Keep up the good work! :3
Pinkeevee222: I guess if you dont draw daisy anymore, she does not exist now.
@Shiny sylveon person: No, I still draw her, and, she's going to make an appearance in the next chapter, so, she still exists. I just have to find a way to make her less boring.
@Pinkeevee222: yep, got it.
@Shiny sylveon person: I think Daisy apeard literally last comic
@Pinkeevee222: can you make another comic about eve?
@Shiny sylveon person: Well, I don't think I have another Eve comic planned for a long time, but, I can put a one shot comic with Eve in it somewhere.
Poor vay! *runs up and gives him hug*
I'll be your freind.
I read that fanfic and I thought it was really good, kitchens 3 came out today. I never understood the plot in this comic because it is way to confusing. The fan fiction can give you a basic understanding. Anyway, the character from the fanfic 'Jay' is 'Vay'. I never realised until I was looking in the master eevee list and saw that Doki's side was that she liked Vay. There are a few other things that add up but still.)

(Yes I know anything in the fanfiction could/is not real and just theory but it really explains the basis.
Sora!!!!!!!! I want sora!!!!
Rip vay
How old is wiz and mike and tike
Thanks I was crying today, and then when I saw this I stopped, thank u Pinkeevee ;w;
Poor Vay always suffering I wish I could cheer him up pinkeevee but I can't and pinkeevee can u tell Vay that I'm sry for him please pinkeevee
Poor Vay he don't get no love. I feel bad for him. To bad I can't give him a hug. Also I choose Sora. I wonder what's gonna happen to her next...
@guest the guest: You know, I can tell that you are the same person voting for Sora multiple times. Jeeze. Guests like you are the reason why only members can get background eevees.
@Pinkeevee222:how did you know????? I had a diagram and everything!!!!! U know 2 much
Oh god of course I'd have to choose Blizz
JK Sorry Blizz but I LUV Sora, she's so kawaii!
I'm sorry Blizz... You're awesome and all but... I choose Sora XD (@Pinkeevee222 P.S tell Blizz and Sara they are both awesome and don't tell Blizz that Sora is my favourite character in the whole comic and he is my second favorite XD)
I have a question about Greenpaw.

Why is Daisy not a leader? Is it because she is younger then most of them? I like the idea of having her as a leader instead of Dusk, it might not make her as boring. Dean said the two oldest eeveelutions are the leaders or something right? That's why I think it is because she is to young.

Maybe have like a mutiny. It's up to you.
@HughMungus: I think it is because a leader needs to be tough and the only time Daisy is tough is when u step on her flowers (that's what I think but don't bet on it)
@trixethecat: and Agent Lea moments, which don't "officially" exist according to Daisy.
I VOTE SORA 2016 Secretary Haha lol I vote sora For the meanwhile mostly because I want to see it and mostly because sylveon is my favorite!!! ️ALWAYS LOVE EEVEE
From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : Lol, Sora isn't even in the next "Sora" meanwhile.
@Pinkeevee222: wait wait wait wait wait so why is it called "Sora's" meanwhile when she is not in it????
@trixethecat: It advances Sora's story line. That is the only reason.
@Pinkeevee222:I get it. Also, Absolet says hi
The next sora meanwhile I might be able to put all the pieces together and figure the story out! Nah I just like th comics!!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahaha I just realized Wiz's face in the last panel was like " Nope nope nope so much nope"
I choose Blizz. He's awesome.
Blizz for president.He's da BEST.(:
Hi pinkeevee222! I was wondering what you use to do ur art. And which type of device u use to make them. Thx!
@NightSpirit: FAQ!
See you on the other side of the wall ;-;
Nachos I got my nachos and where did blizzard go o hi vay (becomes puddle) so cool can u teach me how to do that
I love this comic! It helped inspire this one:
YAYZ! 17 now! YEASSSSSSSSS! So happy. actually 17 a month ago but couldn't remember to post it. DECODE!


What does it say? No hints. This is fun you win prize if you gets da right answer.
@EvanatheEspeon: It's EVANAIS17 or Evans is 17
Is this true Can sora change into different Pokémon because she was an espone in one comic with the same scar
As for who should get meanwhile, (Pinkeevee's not gona like this)
"Why not both?"
*Party sounds*
Lol Poor Vay he has a sad life and turned into water bc of his upsetness (Not a word I think)
Vay! (wait! is that an option?)
I'm doing this now, because I won't be able to do it after 4pm cuz I'm going camping for the weekend.
The Votes so far ARE IN!! Here are the current standings:

Votes for Blizz: 44
Votes for Sora: 11
Write-ins: Vay with 1 (Oh, hey, It's right above me)

Some of the votes were pretty intense... Some just made me crack up.
PS 42meep, this vote is just like any other election; You either vote for one or you don't vote at all. (Plus, It wouldn't work because the Sora storyline is, like, completely separate... so, yeah)
What type of dessert does everyone want me to make next? I have a thing with with pie and cake so it won't be them but please tell me then you will receive said virtual confection
Ummmmmmmmm I want blizz no, Sora no blizz, haven't seen much of his, but soras has already gripped me hmmmm errrrrrmmmmmmmm errr. Bzzzzzzzzz.

Ok fine think I want blizz's
Ok. I swear I'll stop hyperactivly commenting after this comment.

Should I get a smackjeeves account?
@Silver the Eevee:

yes you should. I need to PM you. And you can stop having that annoying 'guest' thing after your name. And you can change your avatar.
@StrawBerriJelli: how does pm work?

Edit: After a bit of thought I'll ask my mum if I can get one. Wish me luck with dealing with the 500 questions that come with it!
pinkeevee222 Try to figure this one out:what is 1+1 2+2 4+4 8+8 now name a vegetable
pink eevee Was the vegetable carrots??
@trixethecat: this sounds awfully familiar
@Silver the Eevee:(grins evily) I wonder why………………………
they forgot about that ability
@eeveeleo:What ability I thought they turn invisible in water not turn into it
(has nothing to do with comic) can you pm me when background eevee submissions are open?
@JupiterJones: Okay!
When is the new comic coming out
@Dark_vee: Hopefully today (If I finish it on time)
@Pinkeevee222: thank arceus! I've been staring at this comic strip since 10:00 and Lilly is starting to think I'm crazy (which I am but I don't want them thinking that)
Whos that Sylveon on charackter list?
@Yoloo: The devil incarnate.
@Pinkeevee222 how do you draw these comics I them so much the are the best comics ever
@redeevee22: I draw the comics by drawing them, I guess ^^;. Thanks!
morning First thing in the morning:wake up and not even say "hi" to anyone.....argue with Briant about the starters....walk to tablet.....see that u haven't updated yet...cries in a corner with Vanessa patting my back
Poor vay... I see what he feels, I felt thathat way before...

Vanessa:I realize why the Eevees in the background don't have any faces. It shows that they don't really know the true Vay so there faceless (or undone) so Vay you shouldn't care what they think about you cause they don't know the real you. ( I put Vanessa instead of me cause it was her thought not mine)
I LOvE vay O'A'O you wana go trike i sware ill wreck ya face, chew ya up and spit you out texas style son~ come on Tennessee lets see what you got *growls*
Poor vay!:(
I really feel for vay one time in school I said hi to some year 6's and they slammed my head into the gravely floor thing on the playground
Tike=:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Please make it Blizz! Sora can wait, but not Blizz!!
*twirls around like a ballerina towards Tike and slaps him*
@Guest: lol

Wanna kill tike ......
Or just kick him ......
pinkeevee222 Pinkeevee you gave us the feels and now I'm ragging on Tike
@Pinkeevee222: SORRRRARAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
This should be fun (Cub6 and strawberijeli)

Am I a boy or a girl? Use my comments to find out.
@Silver the Eevee: female/girl since u talked about baking and none of the boys who I know (who are alive) bake
@trixethecat: Sorry I'm a boy
@Silver the Eevee: knew it! *dances*
Oh i pick blizz oh i think you should do a sick episode like blizz takes care of eve or vay gets sick and blizz tries to take care of them
Tike is soooooooooooooo mean! :( :( :( :(
@Pinkeevee222: sora
Found the dude that owes Archie 5 bucks
In the last image I couldn't stop laughing
@Pinkeevee222: SORA
bad tike bad

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