Puddles and Nachos


November 12th, 2016, 7:20 pm

I never draw the sun (for reasons) so, I drew the sun!

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Sorry that the comic is late today On the bright side, this chapter is almost done, and we can switch to Bolt and Dusk soon! (And Blizz, but, Blizz is Blizz, so, meh.)
Why did I put an apostrophe in Nacos?
Pinkeevee222, November 12th, 2016, 7:25 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 21st, 2018, 1:09 pm Reply

Sorry Blizz He is so mean to you. FREE NACHOS AND SECONDS!
@Emojikitten: I mean, Vay kinda has a legit reason in this case.
@ShadowIrorriM: I'm sorry and you can hate me for this, but vay is SOOUUUUU cute when he is mad!!!

**WIshes Nego and vay an Happy life**
**Vay ignores, but nego waves**
**Throws sans hat on vay**
**Deals 99999 Damage**
**Takes vay and nego to my house**
@Emojikitten: I can get behind that
@Emojikitten: Yeah vap is mean to blitz but he's just being vap and he was sooooooooooooooooooooo sad that he was mad at the same time that he did make the nachos soggy!
@Emojikitten: RIP Blizz nachos
Soggy Nachos XD
I can't feel bad for either of them that bolth suck, at least hear and now.
@X man: did you just say they both suck?

@JupiterJones: no I didn't mean it like that, it's just thar bolth being jerks to each other.
I actually really like Blizz in this strip.
He shows off that he cares for Vay here. In my opinion the reason most people don't care for Blizz is that he never shows off any emotion other than HERP DERP LOL! Yes I know it is fake, but still. There needs to be hints on the outside, and not just a thought bubble.
Did you get your avatar on google cause' if you search up glaceon you can find that on the internet and you need to get permission from the owner and if you don't it's actually illegal... if you did get permission then forget I ever said any of that! O3O Oh if you didn't than no problem! I'm sure the owner wouldn't mind
pinkeevee So who won the meanwhile war??
@trixethecat: Blizz won
Nachos!!! Nooo! Why did Vay do that for?? Blizz was being nice to him... S-so why? Vay isn't... THAT mean...R-r-right? He's my favourite pokemon! :c
Nooo the nachos are soggy but I'll still eat them because nachos
@Dark_vee: same here
@Dark_vee: same here.vay is my fav eeveelution
Them nachos are ruined.
@cub6: Can you dry them?
@StrawBerriJelli: maybe a hand towel...? ugh, worst day ever...
Never. You must not put a dent on perfectly made nachos.
Umm... Pinkeevee, what happened to the whole " Girl Greenpaw Eevees all teaming up against Eve" thing?
@Guest: Do you really want Eve to get beat up now? Why????
Oh. But, that is coming. Not anytime soon, because I constantly add more chapters on to the comic to develop characters,(and to avoid Sylveon) but, it's still coming.
@Pinkeevee222: NO I DIDNT MEAN THAT!!!! I was just a curious little Skitty, that's all
In the header, is that the sun from teletubbies?!?!XD
Now i hate vay cuz he killed nachios >:c

Btw: Wheres sora's comic?
@Pinkeevee222 can you put Wes and rui from pokémon Colosseum in the header in the next comic?! Pretty please??!!
Who is that eevee with the shades?
"Why did I put an apostrophe in nachos?" Was just about to comment about that.
@Pinkeevee222 please can you do another flareon one And could you be able do dubb the on youtube
When does 166- come out?
@TheNOTfunnyguy(JK): be patient
Ooookkkaaaaayyyyyy there was no reason for that
Orca: *no longer a puddle*
Moon: Finally. We was waiting.
Kinkajou: Yup.
Blaze: *sleeping*
Stone: Yo.
@Everyone: no role play, plz.
@cub6: Alright.
That Slav squat by Blizz
i do not like sylveon.. sorry.. its just SO much more STAND OUT from the rest.

the rest were just so much more SIMPLE DESIGNED and so SOFTLY COLORED and much more INTERESTING than ¨uses its ribbons to calm other pokemon who are fihting down¨

and its just so much more detailed.
i just doesnt FIT with the eeveelution family. ¨you evolve it by playing with it¨ pfft sounds like friendship to me
ESPEON is a LOT better than sylveon too .. competitvely and overall design and backstorywise too. sylveon is just a BIG ripoff of espeon´s evolution method. it just feels like an espeon´s mutated ¨ponies and princesses sparkles glitter and rainbows" personality sister
{this is the same guest that rants on sylveon}

bella: why are droughts cold??

cam: i dont know. at leas we get our fur back

aj: .wrapped in 3 jackets and a blanket.man.. winter SUCKS


cam: except for back in 2010,,,


aj only tiny flakes last year and ice nothing good just cold an sorrow.

bella. my water bowl froze... the rusted one

cam oh.. thats why.. it, rusted
bella: YES YOU DIMWIT>-<
@Guest:NO ROLEPLAY if I can't do it....no one can!!!!!!
I wish we could have 357 pages more to focus on Vay-Bae before the meanwhile
Apostrophes Nachos has no apostrophe. Unless I'm mistaken for some reason.
Oh never mind. lol I see you commented on your apostrophe.
VAY STOP BEING AN ASS Blizz Your adorable I love you X3
@Black lucky cat: Who doesn't now, am I right?

Well, to be honest, basically everymon here cares about the nachos more than Blizz himself
rip nachos



@JupiterJones: Yaaaaaaay! Matilda!
@Silver the Eevee: Nope thats annie
@Shinyglaceon123: oh everyone I asked said Matilda! But Annie makes sense
My Arceus, two of Blizz's cherished items have been destroyed back to back. The PC is going to implode, everyone grab your shstuff and frikafrackin RUUUUUN!!!

Also, I bet I know which version you're getting thanks to "reasons." Moon or bust!

In the next page you should put your friend code so everyone can harass you on your ds
@cccviper653: Make it THREE of blizz's cherished Items!

On the ask blog, Dusk recently burned his giant pile of burritoes
@Pinkeevee222 Your the best author ever and i love your comic there the best
@Shinyglaceon123: thank you!
Sorry if I'm late... Nachos... are made of tortilla chips dipped in cheese. Both are, like, really dang good, especially out in the wilderness, when you're not giving out free donuts until Sunday.
Mmmm... chips...
I do NOT like it when the chips have been left out to rot, are dirty, or WET! They're bad! They're too mushy!
Prepare for a pickle/ and make it triple/ to denounce the evils of good foods and tech/ to make ourselves a pain in his neck/ it's Dusk and Vay (don't forget Jake and Eon)/ Team Eevee burns burritos at speed of light/ Surrender now or get ready for a food ruining fight/ Yeah that's right!
Am I the youngest person here? (I'm 13)
@Silver the Eevee: Probably not. A lot of 9 and 10 year olds read and comment on the comic, so, you are near the average age, which is like, 14-15? I believe.
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you! <3
@Silver the Eevee: actually Silver the Eevee, I'm 12 also do you like Silver the hedgehog?¿????????
@trixethecat: yes I do
@Pinkeevee222: i am 9! I llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee your comics!:)
Blizz lost his nose
Fifth panel
Thank you for being awesome! I already have two comics, but I have decided to make a new comic that was inspired by your own comic! I already have some characters in mind, so thanks for the inspiration!
@Pinkeevee222 Your comic are the best but will there be a secret 5 or another meanwhile
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: Well, for one thing, I said last week that there are 2 more comics before the next meanwhile.
Then, I said that the next Sora meanwhile doesn't have Sora in it. (Which is why I assume you want the meanwhile in the first place)
And finally, Blizz won the vote, so, he is the one getting the next meanwhile sooo, no Sora meanwhile until next year, probably.
@Pinkeevee222: 3 things 1 will there be a secret 5 and 2 what happened to umbreon in the cave and 3 please can you subscribe to nucularkid 509
Secret 5 was released. And, if you looked at the comment section of the comics that came before you found the comic, you'll see it (in fact, it isn't even hard to find, it is in the archive, for Pete's sake.
I am not obliged to answer any questions regarding what happens to characters in between chapters, or how much time passes between them either. Since Umbreon left the cave in between a chapter, I feel like you should make up your own theories on how he got out, even though I know exactly how he got out, but, I feel like acting like a butt head at the moment, so, I'm not saying how.
And, no. I have no idea who that YouTuber is, and, I don't subscribe to people just because someone asks me to. I need to enjoy a youtuber's content for me to willingly subscribe to them, and, this usually happens from me finding the YouTuber on my own.
@Pinkeevee222: Ok fare enough
@Pinkeevee222: can there be a secret 6????
@Shinyglaceon123: There was already a secret 6. It was the comic about Eve & Oliver.
@Pinkeevee222: Im only asking this 1 more time But will there be secret 7 8 or 9
@Shinyglaceon123: Read the FAQ. (And, read the archive, while you are at it)
@Pinkeevee222: sorry for asking u to subscribe nucularkid 509 aka my YouTube channel im just low on subscribers anyway my channel bad anyway
@Shinyglaceon123: Really? How many subscribers do you have?
@Pinkeevee222: also my videos are S**t i dont know why i started YouTube
@Shinyglaceon123: meanwhile I have 2 and have done nothing
@Shinyglaceon123: Secret 5 scares me it makes me upset. :( = T_T

From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : When you realise half of the inappropriate stuff I put in that comic, You'd be even more upset.
@Bowsergiant : is it that Halloween special yeah that did leave shocked when Oliver ticked it send shivers down my spine
@Shinyglaceon123: no. The Halloween special was a meanwhile. Secret 5 (6) is something different...... How did you get those two mixed up? Then again, they were pretty similar.
If I was hungry enough, I would eat soggy nachos( they don't taste that bad, just imagine soggy chips)
I'm hoping that with Blizz as the main character, we can see more of Dusk's serious side. It would be interesting to see Dusk ans Blizz talking stupid to each other while their thought bubbles actually have a meaningful conversation and analyze the other.
Can you put Wes from Pokemon Colosseum in the header in the next comic pretty please???????????

@Guest: Sorry, I'm drawing the moon for the next header, and, after that, I'm planing to do themed headers again for the next chapter.
@Pinkeevee222: he doesn't have to be in the header I just wanted to see him in a comic like you did with papyrus I'm curious to know what he would look like if you drew him
@Guest: Okay then, but, since I never played Pokemon Coli what now, I need a really good reason to do it. So, what is a really good reason to put Wes in the comic, over PMD characters and Pokemon ranger characters (aka, the side series characters who's games I did play. Yes, I have played Undertale before)
@Pinkeevee222: because Wes is badass (well it's the truth) I like Wes and I like your comics so wynaut both I just want to see him in one comic that is all
He can just be in the background NOT TALKING ABOUT THE HEADER

(I relly suck at coming up with good reasons I just relly want to see him in one....just one)
@Guest: not a good reason, dude. Gotta have a good reason, cause, my butt head self doesn't want to deal with bull at the moment.
@Pinkeevee222: did someone make you mad?
Me thinks it was that comment about sucking
A d**k if it was I'm sorry it made you mad or was it the stuff on that long comment at trixethecat if it was that I'm sorry about that to :( (if I had a smackjeeves account I would be a fan of your comics)

(Well Wes is a Pokemon character and the comic has Pokemon characters in it. Pokemon Colosseum is part of the side series)
(Starts to think Wes will not be in a comic cuz I can't think of a good reason and my reason is not good enough:()

I JUST WANT TO SEE HIM IN A COMIC AND SEEING HIM IN A COMIC WILL BE THE ONLY THING I'LL EVER ASK FOR STUPID SHORT EEVEE COMIC!!!!!!!!! it was going to be the only thing I was going to ask for anyways
@Guest: No one made me mad. I'm just sleep deprived. Probably. And, I want to draw, but, I have to do homework instead. I really hate homework.

Ok, since you can't think of a good reason, and I am feeling more generous than I was last night, if you can get 5 non guests (this can include you if you get an account) to say that they want Wes in the comic, I will put him in the comic. Sounds easy, right?
@Pinkeevee222: If people like wes it should be easy
@Guest: ok I vote to have Wes in the header
Should I get a smackjeeves account? Say "aye" if yes.
@Silver the Eevee: Aye
@Silver the Eevee: aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye aye
@Silver the Eevee: aye
Absolet: really Vay really. The boy stands up for u and ya destroy his incident nachos that's low even for me
Hmm well sh** why didn't Blizz just tell Vay the truth in the first place then none of this would've happend right?
@RexTheUmdreon : Blizz will tell Vay eventually, but, like, not in front of the 50+ eevees in their house.
On February 1st 2017 who challenges me to pokemon battle on omega ruby
@Pinkeevee222 By the way I love your comics
@Guest: Thank you!!!!
So pinkeevee how are u? Sorry if it is personal but I want to push aside the comic strip and focus on the genius behind the comic
Well. That's a first.You brought this on to yourself. @trixethecat:
So, the real reason why the comic was late this week was because my roommate got me sick, so, I basically had to draw the comic while having a high fever, which wasn't fun. Hmmmm, and then, I had to stay up all night to write an 8 page essay for my English class, which I did not start until Sunday afternoon, cause I was watching Pixelmon. Oddly enough, I didn't fall asleep during class the next day. (Which, I usually do) I have been thinking of Nego lately (cause, the comic is literally almost all I think about) like, he should call the few Pokemon he knows by cute nicknames, like, 'Sunny', 'Darky', and 'Pervert' (...Long story). But, I have also been thinking more about Bolt's character, because, he's a cutie, and I don't want to ruin him like I did with Dusk. You'll see when stupid Miku comes, Dusk is a jerk. Like, more than Blizz type of jerk. It's horrible. He has a good reason, but, he doesn't tell anyone this reason... BUT WHEN HE TELLS MIKU, THAT **** SAYS THE MOST SELFISH PEICE OF TAUROS SH- sssssugar honey ice tea... Yeah. Ice tea....... Anyways, back to Bolt. So, he like, 'jogs' 3 laps around the Eevee boxes every day, so, does that mean he is suppose to be buff? Or, lean? Idk. I need to study that more. I saw a super skinny white lady jogging, like, the tiny branches on the trees were thicker than her limbs. But, I don't think he is suppose to be that skinny. Oh, also, another reason why the comic was late was because I didn't want to draw it earlier, cause I didn't have any funny parts in it until I added the nacho bit. So, I instead worked on a video that I just started making. IDK how long it's going to take to make, but, it stars Bolt, and, he is my favorite main character at the moment, so, I guess that's good for me. (I mean, the last video I attempted to make was about Miku, and she is stupid, so, drawing her happy made me internally angry.) Oh. I keep on buying tons of candy, and instantly regretting it, cause, eating tons of candy apparently makes you sick of candy.… I did not know that, and, yet, I still buy more candy. Why is this? I bought a whole bag of Swedish Fish, cause I saw some random guy with them, but, I hate Swedish Fish, so why would I buy it??? I did eat the whole bag, but, at one point, I started putting sour patch kids on the Swedish fish to nullify the flavor. It worked... But, then I ran out of sour patch kids and...
I should stop.
@Pinkeevee222: wait are you in university or college
@Shinyglaceon123: I am.
@Pinkeevee222:oh dear archeus what did I start???!!!(bangs head on desk)
RIP Nachos, 2016-2016
I got a strong sense to sing "Hello darkness my old friend"
@Guest: Okay. I'll back you up on that.
POOR VAY I feel kinda bad for the guy, he tries so hard. ( vay is one of my fav characters.) VAY VAY POREO VAY VAYPOREON. I speak Vay.
@shinyeevee11: I'll probably never show what he plays on his 3DS, and, I don't accept characters from guests (especially shiny characters)
@Pinkeevee222: my friends i told them that your SSEC are the best But the dared my to ask you have you had SEX blame my friends not me please im Sorry
@Shinyglaceon123: No. I haven't.
Neither has Mari, or any of the tumblr mods.
@Pinkeevee222: thats why i somtimes go on website where you can chat to people just trying to get new friends
@Pinkeevee222: My friends dared me so please dont take this as a joke and the reason i asked this because they threaded me to beat me up so can u answer the question please
@Shinyglaceon123: Why would your "friends" treaten to beat you up? That is not what friends do. You should get better friends.
@Pinkeevee222: thats why i somtimes go on website\Games to try and get new friends cause My friends are rude as F**K are thats why They Dared me cause there F**KING B**CHS i really should stop
@Pinkeevee222: and also to read funny thing aka Your SSEC cause they are the best in the world
I dont know why im saying this but who a virgin
@Shinyglaceon123: If you are talking about main characters, the virgins are Bolt, Flame, Blizz, Dawn, and Eve.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait so Vay and dusk Has S*X 0-0
@Shinyglaceon123: Yes, they both have had smex before. (You are forgetting somemon else, but, whatever)
@Pinkeevee222: Sora and Oliver?

Edit: waitaminute DAISY?
@Pinkeevee222: i also ment sora and oliver and Leafy
@Shinyglaceon123: Vay literally has a kid that has been the only non main character to star the askblog.
Hold the pichus DAISY out of all the main characters in the universe did "stuff" with another guy!!! I thought it was Dawn and whos the guy????
@trixethecat: Can't say~
If you ask her on the ask blog, she might answer though~ *Evil smile*
@Pinkeevee222: someone needs to unlock her first.
Also do u have a YouTube channel????
@trixethecat: I do have a YouTube channel.
Is it just me, or does this comic get weirder and weirder every week like my math class?
why NEIN not he nachos
Hi Eve is just standing there when the nachos were soggy. EVE! YA DONT CARE ABOUT THE NACHOS!!!!!!!! Ooooooor, maybe pinkeevee didn't have enough time to make eve react to the soggy nachos. But, as always, I am usually wrong. Bye bye
@Shiny sylveon person: Actually, I was too lazy to make Eve react.
@Pinkeevee222: I told My friends what you said Then they something ligit Rudeness over 9000 But im not going to say so i said no then one of my "freinds" gave me a black eye
@Shinyglaceon123: Why are they calling me rude when they gave you a black eye? It's better to not have friends at all, than to have friends that hurt you.
@Pinkeevee222: i deleted a comment cause they didnt call you rude they told me to say very very very rude
@Pinkeevee222: and worse thing i was in crutches so they took my crutches and also gave me a nose bleed
@Shinyglaceon123: umm... no offense but it kind of sounds like you're just making this up now
@facecafe2: That is what I am thinking, but, If it's real, we shouldn't take any chances! *heroic pose*
@facecafe2: I had crutches for 3 mounth i only got out of them last night
@Shinyglaceon123: Yeah, for one thing, that is called bullying, and, you should tell a teacher or counselor about that before they kill you or something. Anyways! yeah, just, please stop talking and hanging out with them. Like, really. I mean, You'll probably not listen to me, and just keep on commenting on what they have done to you, or not tell anyone else, but, really. Like, If I were you, I'd run the fudge away from them, Tell my parents, and get transferred to another school. Oh right. If they read my comic as well, and your just not going to do anything about your situation, tell them thanks for reading them for me! (That is, if you keep talking to them.)

I will not put anymore further input about this in the comments section. If you really want to talk about this more, PM me.
@Pinkeevee222: sorry
@Pinkeevee222: By any chance what dose PM mean
@Shinyglaceon123: PM means private message. Just go on my profile and you can see a button that says it.
@Pinkeevee222: 1 i am going to take your advise 2 i can now defend myself cause i only got out of crutches last night and 3 ill stop commenting about what happens between them
@Pinkeevee222: Do U have PS4 Just asking if you do add Xx_MlGFaZeBoY_xX please ps your the best
@Shinyglaceon123: I don't have a PS4.
@Pinkeevee222: ok. But if you werent lazy, Eve would be like, "NO ONE DOES THAT TO NACHOS"
Soggy nachos "NOOOOOOOOOO! My nachos! They are soggy!" I would do the same thing as Blizz if someone did that to me. But, if its someone I hate, I would kill them. LITERALLY.
Ok so I'm gonna get a smackjeeves account! Luckily today is my Birthday!
@Guest: Also I can tell that you are the same person acting as different people. Grow up and get a life that does does not involve screaming insults at people and punching them
@Silver the Eevee: sorry M8 i just dont like people giving hatetrid to other people
@Shinyglaceon123: Not talking to you you're ok it's unnamed guest I'm pissed at
Nice comic
@derp: Thanks!
Nooo The nachoss!!!!! Poor Nachos! D:
@Guest: Sorry but no I know what it's like to be bullied by people like you I won't shut up til I drown you out completely
@Silver the Eevee:just calm down everybody please (nervous smile)
@trixethecat: you're right. Sorry but I just can't stand people like that
@Shinyglaceon123: thanks
@Guest:why can't we all just get along?????
@Guest: Thanks! ... I think?
@Guest: dude you just said some comments up above That you hate pinkeevee
@Shinyglaceon123: That was another guest. I have the power to delete all comments on the website that belongs to a person, and, since this comment wasn't deleted along with the other comments, this is a completely different guest.
@Shinyglaceon123: I did not leave those mean comments I would never do that I thought about changing my guest name anyways
@Guest: sorry you had the same name my bad
Don't Worry guys, I deleted all of the mean guest's comments and banned him. (He still might be able to comment, but, whatever.)
I changed my guest name it's still me the one who asked if wes could be in a comic

I like eevee and it's evolutions so that's why I changed it to eeveelution
@Eeveelution: You should get an account :D
@Pinkeevee222: @Shinyglaceon123 are you ok that person was pretty mean
@Silver the Eevee: Well I haven't got a account on my phone but I fell ok now thanks for asking
@Silver the Eevee: Well I haven't got a account on my phone but I fell ok now thanks for asking
Ey HEY GUYS! Do you remember me? I havent been on the comic for like 3 months and so I forgot everything. (The characters names. What's going on. My OWN username. All the moves I had. Time is running out. Run. Illuminati.) and i have to remember it all(5 seconds later) done!
@Werewolf kid: Hi and just to remind you espeon knows TM 15
@Shinyglaceon123: thanks for reminding me. But now I need to remember MY moves. Lets see here... Psychic, shadow claw, Shadow ball... Mm what else? * puts chin in palm* hmm... *shining metal almost stabs me in the chin* oh yeaaaah metal claw. Loll! Hehe.. Ehehheh. He he... Uh.. Hehehe *puts paws over heart then curls up in a ball at the thought that I almost died to my own metal claw*
@Werewolf kid: Hey! Your back! Hi!!
@Pinkeevee222: haii!!!
@Pinkeevee222:idare you to ring 07873378425
@greninja: Too bad I'm a professional truth and dare chicken. I never do dares, and I always pick truth. So, *bawks, and waffles away*
@Pinkeevee222:well it shinyglaceon123 number I'm his best m8 and I'm not the guy who bullied him I defend him when he was bullied
@Pinkeevee222: I'll give you a secret shinyglaceon123 he said your profile pic was is the worlds cutest thing,
@greninja: A lot of people say that it's cute. (it's not true though). But, more importantly, why would I want a 11 year old kid's number? I don't even have MY 11 year old brother's number.
Anyways, it is super bad to put someone's number on the Internet. They might get prank called, or something.
@Pinkeevee222:good point but he ligit been saying your comics are amazing cause in school when I go to go over to him he's reading your SSEC and he saying he going into university to be a comic designer cause he looks up to you
@Pinkeevee222: And befor we had a sleep over and he was up till 5:00am doing comics so when I asked him he said pinkeevee inspired me
@greninja: hello again shiny glaceon. How are you doing!!! You can this to your bullied friend.
@facecafe2: I know he didnt tell me untill Wednesday so I had know clue what happened untill I saw him with a black eye and he told me
@greninja: wut, I thought you said that you defend him from bullies. Isn't that weird???? Haha haha.... ha.
@facecafe2:yeah I did but I didn't know untill Wednesday
Read the funny scene in an emotional-ish narrator flash-backy type voice :3 Oh and also pink, i think your drawing has improved! (Not that it was bad before) oh and heres a funny little scene. [You sit up on your bed. You have not actually slept due to your mother making the mistake of letting you have your phone in your room but its morning now so you gotta deal with it dontcha? You get up to look out the window. And you grab your charging phone. You think of the past. Good times. Bad times. Odd times. Scary times. Stupid short eevee times. Poor times. Rich times..... Wait stupid short eevee times? "Shoot! I forgot that comic! Ill check it out now before I forget..." You hurriedly open your phone. you think to yourself. *hmm pink must have made like 50! As you get to the page you notice there are only about 10 *you briefly blame your brain for exaggerating* (oh well thats still a considerable amount :D) You take the time to read them and then you decide to comment on your return to the site,but then you realize you forgot what you used as your anon username! You take a moment to remember...it comes to you.... *werewolf kid... My name is werewolf kid...*] END SCENE
Yo.. Let me be honest... I got WAY to into writing that XD
ok blizz it's your fault for leaving you nachos on the ground
@eeveeleo: That's so true
Blizz's face on the 5the panel is so pure and cute, dawwwwwww
The little green voice in blizz's head needs to DIE. oh wait. Is it something like bolt? (Except you can't see them?)
@Werewolf kid: too late for that
Hey pinkeevee! U can delete any mean comment as u please!!! So your like the arceus of the comment section (gasp deeply and dramatically) Illuminati Confirmed!!!!
@Pinkeevee222 is the comic after the next one blizz's meanwhile?
@Eeveelution: Yes, it is.
@Pinkeevee222: YAYZ!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: I hate you pinkeevee.

Just kidding! But still. I wanted more Sora.
@Turtwigsfire13: Btw ITS REALLY FUNNY LOL XD!!!!!!!
Yay! :3
heh I thought glaycion was a girl!
@Guest: People think Glaceons is a girl because glaceons are usually girls in other eeveelution stories (because, they look like a girl, apparently) But, let me assure you, this glaceon is 100% male.
Its my birthday today! But, no one cares about today except for my friend who is annoying but awsome. This is the saddest birthday of my life ;(
@Kittykat: Happy birthday!!!!!!
@greninja: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Amazon didn't get me my moon yet. :c I'm gonna suffer crippling Pokemon deprivation. What makes it worse is my brother got sun today also from Amazon when he ordered 3 days ago while I ordered 2 weeks ago! Plus ya know, both being shipped to the same address. Logic! Where you be Foo?!

Who else didn't get their version on release day from Amazon?
@cccviper653: Same I've been waiting for sun I ordered it 2 weeks ago to arrive on the 18th but nope it hasn't arrived yet and also I want my ashgreninja
@Guest:Why Amazon no like us!!!!
@trixethecat: Amazon likes me, I got my game yesterday. LOL.
@Pinkeevee222:scratch that why Amazon no like ME!!!(still waiting for that thing I got)
I feel bad for Vay........ Actually I also feel bad for Blizz.... NACHOS ARE LIFE :p
(' 3 ')
Lol Lol the nachos are soggy
@Pinkeevee222: Do Mike and Tike know about Nego? If they don't, what do they think Vay was doing during the meeting (they were exchanging knowing looks, and I want to know why)?
@Sapphire: As of now, only Dawn, Dusk, and Night know of Nego. They might have thought that Vay was reading corn or something.
@Pinkeevee222: I like nachos!
blizz x natcho @Pinkeevee222: blizz and natcho kissing on the tree k i doule-s i n g
Shut up All of you need to shut up I'm having a hard enough time taking care of all this crap and I have a son to raise so will all of you stop saying things about me and you wonder why I get mad,I have been rejected several times leave me alone! Ps- nego says hi
thats what you get for hurting Dusk
Glaceon -_-? I like how Glaceon really accepts Vay as a friend.He does'nt give up on Vay even if he is mean or does'nt play with him.He is so nice to Vayporeon cas i never seen him mad at Vay .Well i wonder what will happen next?
Blizz don’t eat those nachos
I thought Blizz had two tails for a second

Wow I’m smart

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