December 31st, 2016, 10:03 am

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So, Mari, as you can see, did not draw today's comic and was instead watching anime all day. So, today's comic will be postponed until tomorrow. The reason why she did not draw it today, or on Wednesday? I think? Is because apparently, it is very long. Don't worry, I'll work her to the bone to finish it. *snaps whip*
@AwesomeEevee360: is this lore?
also no alter text wow
I have and a question for you @AwesomeEevee360. But I don't know if I should send you PM or just sat out loud. Mew
@Pure umbreon: HI!!!!!! MEOW
HI @trixethecat!! MEW MEW!!
@Pure umbreon: HOW R U MMEEOOWW?
I AM AWESOME @trixethecat!!!! MEW!!!
@AwesomeEevee360: Try not to have it end up like the one time.
@AwesomeEevee360: that was weird lol!'accidently shot eve' oops
@AwesomeEevee360: you look coo.. ouch!
@AwesomeEevee360: 'hits sonic' LOL!
@AwesomeEevee360: Boom!!!
Let her watch
I'm with her. All I did was watch anime. And I have no regrets. :1
Lol That's me right there in one comic.
My friends Get mad at me for not drawing my comics and when we meet I have to apologize and say I didn't mean to and that [enter random exuse]
XD This should've been called 'Refusal', but since necessarily this isn't a real comic it makes sense that its called 'Untitled'.

Btw im sorry not for posting in a while. Its just that my mind was drawing blanks about what to say in the comment.

Later peeps!
Lol. To be fair, you diiiiid kinda get yourself in to this. I'm sure everyone said they'd rather you take it easy, but you're like http://img.memecdn.com/no-no-no_o_822560.jpg then anime called and then the whip got brought out. Silly girl, anime is for people who don't draw webcomics. What anime were you watching anyway? Boku no pico? :p
@cccviper653: Hey, hey, Boku no Pico is really good, I watched all 3 episodes. Though, I wish it had more plot. I went to a random anime generator and got the anime Skip Beat, so, I started watching it. Ah, romantic comedy~
I get distracted easily, like, half way through the anime, I stopped, then read the entirety of the Zeon's Quest story I put out. Then fell asleep at 5:00 in the morning. Let me say, I was a genius *scoff scoff, hair flip* But, It is SO embarrassing, like, did I really write all of that???
If I watched youtube videos instead of subbed anime, I would have probably got it done on time. Probably.
@Pinkeevee222: "it's a good anime." I'm completely aware of this. Hehe. Ah, anime. The world would be a lot duller without it. SO KAWAII!~
I have wrestled Evana until she let me out @Pinkeevee222: -_-
@trixethecat: You know, when I appear with every body else (Orca, Kinkajou, Blaze) under the name Everyone? EvanatheEspeon is always the one to shut us up and keep us there. So I legit knocked her out to get into the comments by myself.
@Moon:ur really persistent!
Anime. Japanese. Honestly, The Only Anime I've Seen Is Pokemon. I Haven't Been Able Too See Real Anime.
@Mkpokegirl: Ditto
@Mkpokegirl: Ditto #2
Happy new year
No worries Its ok everyone needs to chill working to much ain't a good thing, i don't mind the comic being on Sunday.

And happy new year and happy early new year.
I couldn't stop laughing at pink's third panel legs.
Hey! Um, happy New year! Sorry was in quite a state there, preparing for the most EPIC FNAF SHOWDOWN IN THE WORLD! FNAF is the best. Pinkeevee222 u r the best comic drawer in the comic world.
Im with mari on this one. I still have all of naruto to watch.
@NEONtheUMBREON23: OMG Saaaammmmmeee
Now i knwo what you do in your free time lul :P
Such savage Luca you savage
My apologies, I was able to respond to @AShinyFemaleEevee on the last strip so here: YES POKEMON DIE!!! Have you not taken notice of the stinkin grave yards in the game! They r filled with Pokemon so yes i can and did DIE
I understand @Pinkeevee222 u really enjoy animes! I like to watch sonic boom but because my mother dosen't like sonic or anything else on tv,i have to watch it on YouTube
Hey twin (@Pure umbreon) how's it going?!
Happy new year
MERRY NEW YEAR!!! And a happy new year.
Question: How will you keep track for the secrets now that "fans" aren't technically a thing?
@Logical: Fans are still a thing, but, only the author(s) of the webcomic can see how many fans the webcomic has. As of now, SSEC has 692 fans.
Gotta be honest...

I actually really love this page. Especially the second panel.
Well it been so long since I seen these comics that I forgot the name of the creator (aka pinkeevee) and all of that because I wanted to watch dragon ball super :(
Happy happy new year, happy happy new year, happy happy new year, happy happy new year!
No more anime anime was made in japan why do you like animeno more anime plz just made more comic.i want to know about all the comic.
@RainbowSylveon: I don't wanna sound like a jerk but pinkeevee dose have a life she dosin just plop herself in front of a computer all her life ya no! That sounded harsh....
Hey guys there is a 87% chance of Eve NOT evolving into a Sylveon!!!! I just figured it out
and now all in waiting :I
and happy new year!
Who's the gray eevee?
@Sylveon : dunno but it seems nice XDwell that's what I think XP
@Sylveon : Luca, Mari's (pink's) 'friend'
Quote quote quote quote
So, let me get this straight... she couldn't draw a comic... but she drew a comic to tell us that she didn't draw a comic?
@Guest: exactly (^^)
@Guest: no that was her friend who did it
i draw those aj,bella&cam comics remember
i put the lil plays on the comment section?

this is like my comics. just more headshots XD and more boxes XC
take a break pinkeevee its new years
I got into the new year 5 hours ahead of anyone who lives in America cause I live in Africa. #bosslikethat
@eeveeleo Shhhh keep yo mouth shut. Don't give pink any ideas (>:E)
"Is anime real?!"
YEA!!!!!!!! it is real
You really love anime...
So, my very first recorded comic from the Vol 1 comic book of "Aj, Bella, and Cam" And "Friends" was inspired by this!

Also... At the time of writing this I have filled the first and second book, and the third is half-full (which as of Vol2 and 3 Aj Bella and Cam was replaced with Justice, which features them along with 7 other characters but as robots (think Fnaf, but four of mentioned characters are staff)
Wh@ the wh@ ?

Ever sees Assassination Classroom? Its good, but it does have some adult language.
You wanna know a good anime?


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