Walking through the city


January 1st, 2017, 1:50 pm

Vay has a lot of water type friends.
Like, a LOT. Blizz doesn't have many
friends outside the eevee boxes.
Dawn and Dusk have friends all over.

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Dusk is very social .
PSHAW! Who needs perspective? I don't!
I think I am going to start putting more PC things from the game in the comics, so that people can understand that the characters are in the PC. (Though, I don't think I ever said that they were in the PC on deviantart)
This page was hard to draw, because I don't have my pokemon platinum game where all of the non eevee characters are at the moment, so, I had to use the characters from the prequel comic to SSEC (good thing I found a sheet with four of the new designs of the characters on it, and the notebook where all of the comics are).
Omg, It has been so long since I drew Heart *happy smile* I had to redesign her a bit, though http://fav.me/d3i3wv4
Pinkeevee222, January 1st, 2017, 1:45 pm Reply
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Hi Hello I like it I'm first sweet but this is a cool comic
Survey replys @Coltonvap:
As of Now..
The winner is Sylveon with 8 votes, with Umbreon 2nd and Glaceon 3rd.

And the epic loser is ...
heh lol
Wow cool
Third! Wooo Made it Third! Plus awesome comic, like always Mari! Or PinkEevee222, depends on what you want to be called
I get it so u named the luppony Cream because u like Cream the rabbit from the Sonic universe right!!!
FIRST...of all: Happy New Year ^___^

I really like Dusk. Maybe he is sometimes a little bit dump, but he is still a nice guy and a good friend. Keep it up Dusk °^°
But I didnt know that Dusk knows the move Taunt xD

Also isnt that the page with the most non-eeveelutions by now? I like them :3
(Especially the shy girl(?) Slash...too cute <3)
Quite interesting how Dusk can manage being a leader and having an extremely social life
@EeveeHearts333: so, what's ya point
Why am I a floatzel! why am I a floatzel? When did I say it was okay to make me a floatzel, when!?

I'm just kidding but my name is Xavier tho.
@X man: I have a uncle named Xavier
@Sylveon : that's amazing tell him I said hi. Oh and happy new year.
@Pinkeevee222: OMG

@Eeveelution: The party has nothing to do with the eevee characters, nor does it advance the plot in any way, so, no.
@Pinkeevee222: oh ok (but it would still be funny to see what would happen)
@Pinkeevee222: I mean...can't you do the party comic and make the other eevee characters break into it and ruin everything? Most likely Blizz is going to ruin it...
@Kirbyrocks5: The eevees tend to stay in the Eevee boxes. But, more importantly, I do not want to add anymore unessasary filler to the comic. Every chapter has a purpose.
I like all of these characters. Makes this comic colourfull.
OMA I Love The Luxio And Shiny Shinx!
@Mkpokegirl: THAT'S A LUXRAY
@Eeveelution: Oh Yea. Sorry. I'm Use too Luxio's. Plus I Didn't Get A Good Look At Her Eyes.
Who's Sandy?
How many Saturdays did I just miss.
L O V E Love it! Dusk has so many friends! Its like in the Teen Titans Go episode called Nean where Raven had the nice curse on her and was being very social and nice XD
Wow Dusk has a lot of friends. And I feel bad for glacey... er... blizz. Sorry! I was writing my comic a few minutes ago. But can't blizz just... oh nevermind
. o . @Emojikitten: . o . its like we posted at the same time XD
It's weird seeing all these non-eevee pokemon in one comic
100% apple juice
Haha first panel
Omg They are walking like normal eevees on all fours
I just started Pokémon sun.
*goes inside of the grass*
*finds a pichu*
*accidentally makes it faint*
*cries in corner*

@cub6: *whines on your behalf*
@cub6: you'll get em next time
@Guest: no role play, please.
@Guest: Nope. I do this for free. But, I might start a patreon or start making merch, cause, I'm broke, and I spend most of my day doing stuff for the comic. 5 dollar keychains and 3 dollar sticker sheets for everyone! *throws a bunch of Key chains and stickers everywhere*
@SilverGlaceon787: It's not like it's a contest, anyone can get them if they fill out the template. But, I am not saying anything about getting one until I am done with the new character bios. If you want one, just PM me, I'll give you the new form to fill out.
Main team members only?!

I call main team members..racism...wait, what?
So the trainer just rotates the Pokemon in and out of the PC? Because I see more than 6 there.
@MinesterHi: Yeah, the trainer rotates them out.
Hmm...Is that Lopunny named Cream?Or is it the Staraptor?If it is the Lopunny,then we both have Lopunnys named Cream.
@Reyna178: It's the loupunny. (I also have over 20 bunearies named Cream, for reasons)
@Pinkeevee222 I've always wanted to know, on ur profile photo the eevee's background is transparent (or no background at all) how did u do that?
@trixethecat: Some art applications let you save artwork transparently, so, I drew the picture and took the default white background off of it.
XAvier is just chill as.
For real, tell me what are those brown things on Blizz face .-. BTW Happy new years
Argh! A Weavile! I hate them so much I can't even... AAAAARGH!!! They're pains in the butt to evolve and have you read their moon entry? How dare they!

Poor Blizz https://youtu.be/rX7wtNOkuHo

So many new characters at once! セーフモードでのエラー起動

I gotta see Dusk skydiving. I'm a huge aviation fan and I'm even pursuing a helicopter license.
@cccviper653: yes but this is not a gen 8 comic this is a gen (I think) 4 or 5 comic also this is just the circle of life
LOL Problem Mr glaceon? (can't remember name, sorry)

His name is Blizz. :)
@StrawBerriJelli: Thank you. ^ = ^
How do you find the eeveeolves I'm just courius it sounds great
I finally noticed why flame is in the main team.He participates in Pokémon contests
Kickin 2017 off right I love seeing how Dusk acts around other pokemon! Also, I think its interesting that our main characters (besides blizz) have many friends outside the eevees!
dont mind? @Black lucky cat: do you mind if I make an OC on warrior cats on roblox off of your avatar RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW??!! bc im doing it now anyways
oh my gud @OLO.....: I would be honored go ahead!
2 things 1 dusk the only reason you are going is because you are an hm slave you only sit back as the rest of your team fights
2 what is that pokemon next to lopunny is it a Staravia or a Staraptor
@eeveeleo: Dusk doesn't even know that he is an HM slave, lol.
She is a Staraptor, I only drew her as a Staravia before, so, I just used a Staravia body with Staraptor colors. I am going to change her design later on to resemble a Staraptor when I get to the part when she evolves in the comics that she is in.
because I was away and couldn't say it at the time, ill say it now.
Happy new years everyone!
(also got a new avatar because sprites are fun)
@SilverGlaceon787: I am on break until the 28th, so I might update twice a week if I make a lot of comics, if I do not do that (which is likely), then the regular update schedule has resumed.
Wow... that was mean dusk!
Dusk:*pulls out a sword*
Me:*pulls out a sword*
Both: both kill each other at the same time.
sorry, couldn't help it. X3
The me version of this comment @Pokemon Legend: Lerina:
Dusk: *Pulls out a sword*
Me: Used sand attack
Me: *grabs trash can lid and hits Dusk on the head with it*
Dusk: *Gets knocked out*
Me: Sorry *Runs away*
@Pokemon Legend: Lerina: it's mean for Dusk to tell the truth?
@trixethecat: it's fine to hurt someone with the truth but never comfort them with lies
@Silver the Eevee: the truth can injure people more than wanted
Sometimes my Wifi stops working and if ssec is the only working page, then I go to to the very first comic and start looking at anything I missed. Once pink reaches a certain number of fans in gonna do a ssec marathon and read all the comics and (very tiringly) read all the comments people posted! Oh I don't mean on Youtube bow in just gonna cover myself in blankets and read them all from 1 to the latest comic she made.
@Werewolf kid:ur brave u no that
Nice luxray
Wait, only the pokemons from the main team is invited... So how come Dusk is going? Because he got invited from the main team? ... Or maybe he WAS in the main team long ago... Tun-Tun- TUN! Hein, just kidding... If he was in the main team long ago, he might've had the chance to beat Dawn.
@Little Ampharos: Dusk is on the main team.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait, what? Since when?
@Little Ampharos: ? Since he was an Eevee. He is actually shown a lot in the prequel comic. The trainer wanted an umbreon, so, she used him for some time. But, right after he evolved, (from full happiness, lol) she boxed him, and since then, she only takes him out to use as a cute cut hm slave. (She also used him when she was evolving Blizz and Daisy, as a backup, just in case Dawn fainted... Which didn't happen.)
@Pinkeevee222: Ohhh... Sorry, I'm a bit slow to understand stuff... Thx tho! (What made dusk evolve? A thouzand tacos?! Lol:P)
AH HA! I found your ask blog when I was going to this comic and found out that, YOU! PinkEevee play Sun
@AShinyFemaleEevee: Does that really matter?
@Pinkeevee222: yes, yes it is.
@X man: Why then?
@Pinkeevee222: people have a thing with knowing preferences of other people. But I still dunno why people find it IMPORTANT
Try and upgrade the other characher sheets!
@Dusk's pet potato: No. *lounges on bed* too lazy.
Happy new year!
I like how dusk has friends from other boxes.
(but if there are that many pokemon in box 2, then how come I only see the three of them in the first panel?)
@somerandomguynumber1: It was 5:00 in the morning and I didn't want to add any Pokemon in the background.
Dusk Seems To Be very popular in box 2
@Pinkeevee222: Hey pinkeevee you should make a comic for S.S.E.C. About all the main characters but it would be like it shows your character pinkeevee drawing the comics and when your in the middle of drawing it. You think to yourself. What if you drew the comics but all the main characters where the opposite gender. Then you remember it could never happen! (I have been thinking on this for two days straight. But I hope you decide to draw a comic just like I mentioned! Just for fun!)please reply back!!!
From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : wait a comic about the comic
Everyone go to pinks very first comic and look at blizz drawing style and then come to this comic and look at the boss drawing style in panel 17 :3
4m I the only won h0o aometimz fogets to chek der speauling Ms take? (Its on purpose)
Hey um @Pinkeevee222, why did the trainer want a Leafeon? I mean mine is pretty OP but the trainer dosen't use her so why did she want one? I think she boxed Daisy because Daisy is to shy to hurt others.
@trixethecat: To fill the pokedex.
@Pinkeevee222:the trainer should use Daisy! A little bit of love and some test runs to show they don't mind getting hert and she's OP like mine!
@trixethecat: The trainer prefers water types over grass types because grass types have too many weakness and, Daisy frequently disappears from the PC box, so, if she did want to use a grass type, it wouldn't be her, since she has no idea where she is half the time.
Who's a good boy? (It's me, I'm the good boy, gimme praise)
Two words pink: BATTLE SCARS
Hey,Pinky.I just noticed that the Luxray have the Shinx's design kind of ears.While the Shinx have the Luxray's design of the ears.Did you know that?Or maybe is it part of their designs?
@Reyna178: That is part of their designs.

I'm serious @Pinkeevee222 it was beautiful
I'm very sorry commenters. I did not hear of this new rule. :( sorrry pink evee

No role play... BUT. I.Still.have. My comics!!
Pretty Good I found this comic a few days ago and when I started reading it I thought it was really creative and really well done I hope you make more like this! :3
@Pinkeevee222 forgot to mention I really like the character design because with the way you make the characters act I think it suits them well
Dusk's right frontal paw is missing in panal 6. Maby its just short.
Ok, I'm crazy, but, Which one is Cream? I hope it's not the Lopunny, or it's Cream the Rabbit.
@CrazyEeveeFan: it's the loppuny
Pinkeeevee222 you have done it you made me cry in a good way with the video called battle scar thank you pinkeevee222

Ps if any of you guy girls want to see it go to ask stupid short eevee comics to see it realy made me cry
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: I just watched it and it gave me goose bumps and I watched it 5 times!!!
From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : I've watched it 25 times now!!!
From Bowsergiant
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: YESSSSSS
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: I came close I don't let myself but DAMN did that my feels esp with Dusk and Bolt
The WIP was really great pinkeevee it made me play it OVER AND OVER again. I still listen to it! Is their any chance you'll finish it? I would love to see the whole version
@trixethecat: Yeah. It might be finished completely by the 28th of January, and, if not then, Probably by the year 2021.
What is all this talk about your YouTube video
@Night the fear: IDK.
Man this strip is top notch pink 10 points

@Eeveelution: *lounges on bed* Too lazy.
Lol Is dusk from the main team and because he is an eeveelution he's put in box 1?
It snowed today and yes finish the video
Dos anyone remember that anon mean bean?
@Werewolf kid: *raises hand* I do! She was really nice! *bright smile*
@Werewolf kid: I remember Jellybeanier (is that right) her icon was a long brunette haired girl with glasses and she was pushing up the glasses
Finish the dang video please I will be your fan
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: Ehhh, I don't mind not having one more fan, less work for me anyways, lol. (Also, you are a guest, not really that tempting)
@Pinkeevee222: You watch swords art online! I just finished it!!!
From Bowsergiant
@Bowsergiant : I do, or rather, I stopped at the first episode of Gun gale whatever online, cause it was boring. I don't appreciate Kirito being a big Mary Sue. Lol, people HATE sword art online, I love watching people rant about it.
@Pinkeevee222 do u have 3ds if u do do u have Pokemon x or y and if so,can u battle me or send me a friend request please I,am lonely
@shinyglaceon123 2: I do, but, I can't give people my friend code unless I talk to them via PM, skype, or Deviantart note frequently
@Pinkeevee222:can I battle u
Yeah it's been fun but tomorrow is the next strip!!!
I love the fact that whenever there are no new comics people tend to lurk in the commeant sections for extended periods of time. don't get me wrong I don't meaan it as an insult. I do it too.

It was harder to type this than you think. The phone wouldn't stop PUTTING SPELLING MISTAKES IN THE TEXT.
internet is a jerk @Werewolf kid: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
*shot* u know it's funny cause I was deleting something and my wordpad just kept deleting WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
Cream the luppony
Jolt (what I'm calling that joltion) get all the ladys with his purple "HAPY NEW YEAR" hat.XD
@May_vee: Not me^^
I like these Comics. They´re funny and I never get bored with them.

(do u mind if i call my eeveelutions after yours?)

PS: Sorry for my bad English - didn´t really pay attention to English lessons (too busy with being bored)...
@Tapu Koko the Deerling: Thank you! ^-^

(I don't mind)
Oh, man. I LOVE that Luxray. And those shiny Shinx are adorable. Great artwork!
Wait...what Hey my name is Xa- nevermind wait what was i about to do?

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