January 14th, 2017, 11:30 am

Flame drags Bolt over to the absol, frequently.
He also drags Bolt to the bookstore, a lot.

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I drew a lopunny.
I am done drawing all the Eeveeolves! Now, onto the Zeon's Quest group!
Pinkeevee222, January 14th, 2017, 11:26 am Reply
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Lol XD
Absol used Weirdo Insult on the opposing Jolteon!
about jolteon @Rinji Sakura-Kun: If jolteon is still being trolled by the troll and the wimp spirits, could that have negative implications to what would happen to someone should they insult him. He may be level 2, but any paralysis stays until healed at a pokemon center. It would be fun for his temper to just suddenly flip and have him paralyzing everyone for their cruel treatment to him.
@shiny umbreon: Pokémon cannot be paralyzed while in the PC, they will be instantly healed. Then again, this comic isn't exactly COMPLETELY true to the games
Derp Lol Blizz's face and that stare though.c:
@EeveeHearts333: I did, for several reasons, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: another speech bubble stab XD
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Yup. Another one. I like the look on Bolt's face.... It is kind of cute! Mew
So Bolt's asexual?
@MinesterHi: Naw, he is just not attracted to that stuff. It doesn't give him pleasure or anything. The Lucario one wasn't anything bad, but the Absol thought he'd react, cos he came here to bye stuff for Flame.
@Ace: Actually Pinkeevee did say that Blot was asexual.
This is not how I saw my day going, but OK.
@X man: Hey! You changed your icon. I like it.
@MoontheUmbreon: oh thank you, actually this is the only one I've had. I couldn't get the icon to work for a bit, but it's working now. And thank you again.
Dat lucario...Pinkeevee222 you are the ultimate artist.
Wow this whole time I thought his name was Volt and @Pinkeevee222 is the absol a boy or girl?
Volt is another character, but, @trixethecat: The absol's gender doesn't really matter, does it?
@Pinkeevee222: well in my Pokemon altra sapphire game, my most prescious Pokemon is a female absol with a mega so I was just wondering
I'm just waiting for a issue of them magazine ta say "issue number 666"
OMG Bolt, u r such a weirdo lol
The Lucario has a shakeweight, doesn't she? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Keep up the Good work i really enjoy your Comic :3
Nice comic nice job i like this comic

I HAVE A QUESTION about the eevee academy characters

Sam=team fable
Max=the eeveeolves
Zeon=zeon's quest
Eve=stupid short eevee comic


(I was thinking maybe sora was from tl mission)
@Eeveelution: Sam is not from team fable, Ruby is. I thought I wrote what series the different characters belonged to in the author's comment of the comic page that they were introduced in.

Ok then what series is sora rj sam and dj from??????
@Pinkeevee222: you took your time drawing that lopunny?~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) btw, bolt seems too innocent to even like playpoke why would absol know what he'd like anyways?
@Pinkeevee222: i justed that dusks experssion never changed xD wow that dusk like yaoi too
@Darkstar29: yup he's bisexual I think (the ask blog told me so)
@Silver the Eevee: good to know kek
Vay How come there's only a few vay comics I'm confused
@Hellen : A few Vay comics? A... few Vay... comics??
I am confused.
Not including Dusk and Blizz, Vay has been in the most comics out of all of the eeveelutions. I have to physically stop myself from making more comics about him.
Ya Got The Wrong Eeveelution, Absol. It's Flame You Should Be Showing This Stuff Too XD.
MARI!MARI!whos the ??? eevee?TELL ME!is like gonna be a NEW mon????my mind is shrounded with questions XD
@TrixieTheVaporeon: it's Doki
i don't sleep..... ,0-0, WHO LIKES POPPILO!ya should cuz its cute AND THE EVOLUTIONS R AMAZ! =P derp
@TrixieTheVaporeon: hey trixie the vaporeon it's me trixe the cat!!
Popplio @TrixieTheVaporeon: I do I chose Popplio and got through the game in 3 days now onto the post story " WTF Lusamine!"
Dusk: That Sylveon is hot!
Lol I remember that comic like it was last weeks
Whoa. I just noticed that on the covers there was a "female looking" lucario, when they usually look male, and a "male looking" lopunny, when they usually look female.
0-0... mind bending...
@MochiEater23: Gender equality!.......... I guess.
Is Bolt dead? Is Dusk the illuminati? Why am I asking these questions? (honestly i have no idea) Find out next saturday.
Okay, I'm kinda new here but...someone please tell me what the eeveeolves are!
@sans_da_eevee: THE EEVEEOLVES is a series on pinkeevee's deviantArt
Is Bolt really that innocent?
Lucario and Lopunny. Yup, someone did their research. All the Lenny faces indeed. I'm so proud of you.

OK so let's see here. Bolt is a furry, but doesn't like furry hentai. Maybe he's the furry equivalent of a human being a furry! Damn, what would that be called?! This has never been a thing before! IT DOESN'T EXIST! PINKY!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!? You've turned this totes adorbs comic into a perverse exploration of fantasy sexual categories. What can this even be called?! Furry liking a human. Homosapien, homosexual? No. Human, furry, hummy, hummus, hummer? Furry-Hummer... Hmm, IDK, you invented it! You name it! I wonder what the reddit hivemind can come up with though... I'll save that for later.

Bolt's innocence though, the internet will make short work of that. Poor thing.

(Insert R2-D2 scream here)

Edit, just noticed the expressions corresponding to the magazines. Blizz really likes the gurl but doesn't like the boi. So his attraction is no mystery. Dusks on the other hand... Muahahaaaa, my fav ship holds water after all.

(PS, you should totally print out some real yaoi monthlies. Just sayin...:3)
Does anyone else absolutely LOVE IT when the characters bodies are drawn like stumps?
What is stareeee?

*braces self for the comments calling me stupid for not knowing something that was probably obvious ;-;*

(oh wait this isint Youtube)
@Werewolf kid: A long stare
How much does the Play Poke magazine cost...?

Just asking for a friend... >___>
I am so dumb What does asexual mean?
@trixethecat: You are not interested in sex or sexual attracted to men or women.
@Pinkeevee222 will you ever do another character design contest?
@Wondermuffin06: Nope! But, If you want a background eevee, PM me!
@Pinkeevee222: is there going to be a Sylveon next?
Are you selling real copies of those masa tines? Because I will gladly buy them, you can sell them as SSEC merchandise. PLZ I WANT THOSE MAZAGINES!
@Yayorkif : I don't think I will be able to draw the things in those magazines.
@Pinkeevee222: awwwwwe. :c you could... Attempt to... And stealthily drop a link to your attempt on e621 or something... :3 kekeke
Hey, I like your Lopuuny
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that secong magazine tho
@the the: I like the first one more.
@cub6: I like em both *goes into weird reverie thing daydream and blushes*
@the the: *growling* how do you people MAKE THAT FACE!
@Silver the Eevee:
Just search lenys face and it will appear , copy paste and there is it , that is only way
@the the: *eyes light up (not growling anymore)* Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are a god/goddess (not sure if you're a boy or a girl. I is une Boi.)
@the the: it's far superior to the other one. Mmph
Are there any adult eevee or eeveeloutions in the pic and how old is night
@Guest: I actually have no idea who counts as an adult. If we follow Human logic, the only adults would be Dusk and Harmony, but, dogs (the animals that I am basing my eevees off of) are fully grown at 2 Human years max, and, Pokémon in Pokémon games are sexually mature at birth, so, I guess every one is an adult??? Or, at least everyone over 2 human years are an adult (including Eve, I guess) wait, maybe Eve counts as a teen then?
This is confusing.
To be fair, he didn't want to be there I really want to see what bolt would be attracted to ;3
The starlight looks quite pleasant @Pinkeevee222 how did you do it?
@Night the fear: Lots of overlay layers and dots.
I keep reading:


Even though that's clearly a R. Lol
I hope you remember @Pinkeevee222 do u remember when I ask to make theme songs for ur characters?
@_sylveontheinteomaker_ *looks up stareeee* nope still don't know what it means.
Sorry but can you tell me? Something in my mind might click .
@Werewolf kid: Stare
@Pinkeevee222: dose ur profile eevee (Mari) have a background story
@Sylveon : She does.
@Pinkeevee222: cool can ya share with me please? I'ma tryin ta make a background story for me oc
Okay, but, it's not like a normal backstory @Sylveon : Well, she was an orphan, and I adopted her like.... a few years ago, in 2010 or 2011, when she was like, 4 or 5? She is 12 now, so, I guess 5??? Don't quote me on that, I am bad at math. She has a brother, but, I didn't adopt him, someone else did. I don't really know what happened before that, and, it seems like she has forgotten most of her life as an orphan. Star, my old pokesona, taught her how to draw, and, yeah. stuff. Pretty ordinary, I guess. No tragic backstory or anything (unlike the other 'mods'). I could go into more detail, but, I would rather not do that in the comments section. Really, I don't think any of this will help you, so, I'm sorry if it didn't.
@Pinkeevee222: nah don't worry pink ya did help in a way. Once I get a full background story, I'll summarize it all up for ya!

And pink I think she would've been 7 or 6 when u adopted her.
Text bubble: if you look here we see a lucario female! If you look here you see a loppuny male!
Is there going to be a,Sylveon?
@Guest: yay there's sylveons! I'm one myself*shot* I no thats not what ya ment
The sylveon's name is June, and my birthday is in June.... Mew
@Pure umbreon: that's kinda strange cause my birthday is in June... meow
@trixethecat: My birthday is better than yours cuz my birthday is in November
@Silver the Eevee: TRIGGERED!!!
@trixethecat: Eh
... People r just weird with magazines these days.
Bolt is asexual. Easy.
@nahgahaga: Hmmmmm... actually, it isn't that easy at all.
@Pinkeevee222: Is it that he is just really innocent/has a very low smex drive?
Whenever you get to Ms paint How do you do the font? Do you draw it?
@hyperborealischarmander: I type the font. That's all, usually.
Is there ever gonna be a Pokemon with a mega in ur comic or dose the trainer not have one yet?
I've come to a thought I remember @Pinkeevee222 saying that she finished the outline of this comic BEFORE sylveon was released. Hopefully that is true because then we can eliminate sylveon from our list of what Eve will evolve into.
@Night the fear: Ha, no, I started the comic before Sylveon was introduced. The plot about the lab came afterwards, and, the outline for the whole comic is not even finished yet.
Lol its okay Bolt I'm asexual too. I feel ya. -_-
I still don't know what stareeee is *puts on mirror armor so people don't stare*
lol @Werewolf kid: It's the word Stare, with a bunch of e's at the end of it.
@SilverGlaceon787: Yay! * throws more confetti*
@Pinkeevee222: Happy birthday SSEC!
@Pinkeevee222: *gets a birthday cake and MOAR CONFETTI* C:
3 things 1 what bolt's feeling right now
2 bolt is Asexual? cool
3 my offer still stands
If u could evolve into 1 eeveelution, what would it be?
@trixethecat: vaporeon
@Patrick : everstone
@trixethecat: Flareon Duh
@cub6: everstone
@trixethecat: Umbreon
Can u do this plz Request: Soup Store by Code Ment
Blizz is the one calling and Dusk is Buying Clothes in the SOUP STORE...
I don't feel like logging into my account When are going to finish all of the character sheets
@May_vee: I guess I'll finish them when people stop asking me about it, but, then again, switching the 3 new sheets back to the old character sheets would be easier than making a bunch of new sheets.
@Pinkeevee222: please please please please please don't do that! We're sorry pllllleeeeeeaaaaaassse don't undo the new character sheets *puppy dog eyes*
Happy New year! Forget about trump think about China!
Why is dusk so... how do you say it... like a statue..?
@Evelyn the eevee: also I missed those murderous things for the talking (sry but I forgot what their name is)
@Evelyn the eevee: cuz he likes both magazines but he doesn't have the same 'wide range' that blizz has
@pinkeevee I dont think bolts ever going to get the paper at this rate XD
Plz answer. is there going to be a sylveon?
@Guest: There has always been a sylveon ever since the first "meanwhile"comic. "She" was just not with the other eeveelutions.

Omg now I feel stupid about the whole *stare* thing.
I was so DUMB
"Hey guys what does stareeee mean"
"A long stare"
"Ha yeah ok I get it, i look dumb cause it was probably obvious but seriously what does it mean! *laughs like Patrick from Spongebob*
I am saddened at this mistake
I wonder how Flame would react if Absol tells him... or does he already know?
@Pinkeevee222: absol is a boy because bolt cant talk to girls but bolt can talk to the absol just fine
Yeah? @Sky207: I said that he was a boy like, a super long time ago.
Zeon’s Quest Group? @Pinkeevee222: Zeon’s Quest group? Weird. Also I’m a big fan L0Lremember me! It is me! Riley!
has anyone ever heard of the saying
"sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me"
yeah its not true
I'm confused. Is jolt bisexual or is he asexual? I would like to think that he likes girls sense he can't really talk to them but that's just my guess. I would really like to know.

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