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This chapter is too long!
I just wanna get to the Harmony
drama already! URGGGGG
*more complaining*

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They are all weirdos if you ask me. Because of certain events that happen in Zeon's quest, I am not going to put the eeveelution names down in the following headers.
Hmm. That reminds me, I should really reply to the many PMs and deviantart notes I am procrastinating on replying to.
Wanna read Zeon's Quest?

Edit: Oh right, so, in Eevee academy, Zeon's eyes are green, but, they are actually brown, I change the designs of the characters a bit for eevee academy, like, Max usually does not wear his Naruto headband in the series that he is in and DJ does not have headphones in the series that she is in.
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UPDATE! Bolt, Flame, and ????'s character sheets are now updated!
Pinkeevee222, January 22nd, 2017, 9:22 am Reply

Wow I am so late.... anyways come on out everyone *throws all her pokeballs in the air with her pokemon coming out*

Minccino: Hey Emolga! *turns to emolga*

Emolga: Hey Minccino! *turns to minccino*

Buneary: *blushes* Hi Pikachu....

Pikachu: *sweat drop* Uhhh... Hi Buneary

Pachirisu: *trips falling between minccino
and emolga*

Oshawott: Hey there Sni-

Snivy: Whatta ya want?

Oshawott: Er....
@OLO.....: So... what was that compersation about?
@Pikachu: meh just to reference my favorite pokemon and pokemon ships wich DOESN'T include emolga x minccino
I just love how Dusk is cheering up Bolt x3
Zeon's a cutie.

So is Bolt tho.
TBH if you're not a weirdo, you're doing something wrong.
amd i stopid
@Guest: Nope! :D
@Pinkeevee222: HEY PINKEVEE


If Dominic is an Albion eevee

@Eeveelution: No, sadly. Albino eevees are registered as regularly colored eevees in the pokedex, unless they are a shiny albino eevee, which Dominic is not. The trainer was super happy and excited when he was hatched, but, was really disappointed when she realized that he was not a shiny.
@Pinkeevee222: I would be super happy if I got one, they still seem rare and would make me happy hatching one.
@LavaBidoof: They are rarer than shiny Pokemon, but, people don't tend to use them for battling, since they have many vision, hearing, and skin problems, unlike shiny Pokemon.
@Pinkeevee222: I guess that makes sense, but people don't hunt for shinies to use them competitively, they hunt for them because they are rare.
@LavaBidoof: Breeding a shiny eevee, and then boxing it is a waste though. The trainer wants people to know she has a shiny. It's rare, and everybody knows that it is rare, so, she is going to use it for battling, so people can be jealous (she doesn't have one yet). Not for competitive battling though, she isn't that good of a trainer. Regular trainer and gym battles are all she does. She'll also use the shiny eevee for Pokemon contests!
@Pinkeevee222: True. But I still want one. lol
Jolteon is my favorite character Are umbreon and joteon friends? Umbreon seems to be nicer around jolteon
@Black lucky cat: Dusk seems to change his attitude towards a person depending on who they are
Nice comic i waited and it was worth it like always
Both the second to last and the last pannel remind me of math apps class.
Bolts face in the last panel....
@Pinkeevee222: HEY PINKEEVEE

did you get that eevee named JEREMY from he man!?!?!?
@Eeveelution: ..... I don't remember... did I??? Is he a background eevee? I think I named one of the newer eevees I hatched Jeremy, so, I don't think I'd accept a background eevee named Jeremy.
@Pinkeevee222: I don't think he's a background eevee he isn't in the background eevee list. it says HE IS AN IN GAME EEVEE

His nature and characteristic are just like Jeremy's from he man
@Eeveelution: Then it's just a coincidence... a really cool coincidence.
WAIT @Pinkeevee222: You make the eevees based of the one you have in the game????
Uh @Pinkeevee222 when thy gonna actually GET to ta store?
@Sylveon : the next page.
Just so you know... I plan to make my own eevee comics (you inspired me to:) and I plan to name each character the same as in my game of pokemon sun, but I got my sylveon via trade and its name is eve and I can't change it so I just wanted you to know and not think I just stole the name.
@LavaBidoof: Oh! I would love to see your eevee comics when you are done with a few! Eve is a really common eevee name, so I don't mind.
@Pinkeevee222:I will make sure to show you some! Just don't expect the best quality... But they still will be Funny! LOL (also, flareon is my favorite eeveelution) :)
@LavaBidoof: I like flareons too!
@trixethecat: I know, for some reason, it only includes part of the text for the link and doesn't work without all of it, time to do this again!
@LavaBidoof: thanks it looks great!(^^)
@trixethecat: Thanks! I will post 3 more when I finish them, after those, I will put the rest on deviantart.
@Pinkeevee222: I have decided the main roster of my comics, if you want, I could show you a list. (Sorry for using this as a way to show people my comics, It started with the Eve name thing and it wound up to this.)
AY i just read through the entire comic till here! Cant wait to see waht's next :3
Oh, so Blizz's face wasn't actually very important.
@Zappy the Raichu: It wasn't important at all, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: LOL!
Do what I do and embrace the weird, embrace it!
@X man: AMEN to that! Also, your picture of pikachu is adorable!!! :)
@LavaBidoof: thank you
Hey Pinkeevee, in one of the panels, Dusk's rings are missing on his arms.
@ComputerPaperBird: No, his rings are missing in 2 panels, I was super lazy, and I didn't want to fix it. But, don't worry, I already know that I forgot to draw them.
@ComputerPaperBird: also, haven't you seen the umbreon umbreoff comic?
Do i have to draw my background eevee?
Once that happened to me =_=
OH MY ARCEUS Pinkeevee, you are the absolute awesomeness of the highest awesomeness. And Im da prank queen. Yep. Uh huh.
Maybe Bolt is a weirdo but who in the world isnt a weirdo? ^^

Also Bolt is a cute weirdo ;3
@Plaguelord: I agree. Blizz is being a mean Pokemon to Bolt, just look at his face in the first thing. So cute. Mew mew
@Plaguelord: No one! Nobody in the world isn't weird! :)
Your art style and them walking on all fours this whole page looks a lot like mlp... Welp, time to grab wetfaces' flamethrower and torch the place. Doot dee doo dee doooo. :p

@EeveeHearts333: Me and Roblox don't get along. Minecraft is better.
Minecraft @Pinkeevee222: I agree.
@Pinkeevee222: YAAAS! Minecraft for da WIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!
@LavaBidoof: it doesn't work
That reminds me of when my mom told me nobody is normal and we all have problems. I once told a kid that to cheer him up, but he took offence.
Pink you missed your chance to have bliz say baka for no reason.
@X man: Blizz doesn't know any Japanese, nor does he watch anime. So, saying that would be out of character.
@Pinkeevee222: ya still seems like a missed apertuneity to me, everyone knows baka least my friends that don't know Japanese or watch anime do.
@X man: Okay, okay. Even if it is drastically out of character for Blizz to say Baka, and he doesn't even know the word, I agree with you. It was a missed opportunity.
@Pinkeevee222: don't worry about it too much, this is partially what the comments are for!

the comment section is about questions to
@LavaBidoof: yup
@LavaBidoof: Won't link me
I tested it, it works! :)
I know this was already done but... Why not have a petition or something to see who is the most popular character, (a lot more people read this now)
@LavaBidoof: I'm too lazy to make more wallpapers, that's why. (a very stupid reason, but, meh)
@Pinkeevee222: Understood. We all need to be lazy at sometime.
It is rude to claim a person "weird" Blizz.
@EeveeHearts333: Hey! You're a day younger than I am!
The new character sheets are great!
@Silver the Eevee: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: Y'welcome
@Pinkeevee222 is ???(sylveon) coming soon because some of her bio is up?!.
No, not for a long time @trixethecat: Her bio has been up for a year, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: !!!!!! Sylveon is a "her"!!!
@Kittykat: Hmm? Well, I call her a her. She says that she's a he, but, she is obviously a she.
where did blizz get crumbs of food on his mouth
@eeveejamer: From eating food.
@Pinkeevee222: oh i wandered where he e the food at did he eat it in his room or at box 1
@eeveejamer: It's up to the reader to think of what food he ate, and where he ate it. Just know that it has been on his face for the whole day.
This comic made me check to see if I had food around my mouth. Of course, I had chocolate cake icing around it.

I ate chocolate cake 6 hours ago.

what level is Oliver?!?!?!?
@Eeveelution: Level one.
@Pinkeevee222: huh, my blueberry slushy somehow teleported from my mouth, to the screen.

On a completely unrelated note. It's a damn good thing level doesn't represent age. Let the shipping resume!
@Pinkeevee222: Wait so Oliver is 1 or 2 levels below Bolt or something?
@Kirbyrocks5 : ...
Oliver is level one.
Bolt is level two.
@Pinkeevee222: AND HE GOT SENT AWAY FROM BEING TO DANGEROUS!?! Man, he must have the perfect ivs and the best egg moves.
@LavaBidoof: Ha ha ha, that wasn't why he was sent away, it's actually a myth, because one of the most dangerous eevees in the PC disappeared almost the same time that he did, lol. The eevees made the connections when Oliver came back, so, they just assumed that Oliver was that eevee. Oliver just rolled with it.
@Pinkeevee222: Ohhhh. Well, that makes this more interesting. Also, am I the only one that thinks its weird that eevee is the only one out of its evolution family that can't learn hyper beam?
@LavaBidoof: IT WORKS!
LOL I was wondering what that was on his face!!! xD
@CookieEEVEE: Awwwww your profile picture is so cute!
@Eeveelution: Thanks!!
@CookieEEVEE: I remember you! Have a cake in celebration of your return!
You actually have the sylveon in game in your main team!?
I have a very important question for all of you!

If you were being tickled, what would your reaction be? Mine would be along the along the lines "NO! Stoppit, leggo! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha stop stooooooooop pleeeeeeeeehhheeeeheheheeeeaaase *cry/whine*
@Silver the Eevee:shoot fire at there face from my paw.
@Silver the Eevee: personally I would punch them in tha fase but if not available them kick em in ta gut it always works *smile*
@Sylveon : @trixthecat: Fairysnuff. All the people who have ever tickled me are are huge and can restrict me easily
@Silver the Eevee: that still don't mean you can't shoot fire at their faces! All you need is this *hands u a fire stone*
@trixethecat: but I wanna be a Umbreon
@Silver the Eevee: oh in that case u can just use cut on them so here *puts u in a forest* wait until nighttime then fight a zigzagzoon. It worked for my in game Umbreon
@trixethecat: b-but what if it knows tickle?
@Silver the Eevee: what if it doesn't know tickle?
@trixethecat: mmmmnnnnnnn ok but I've never been in a proper battle before, could you lend me a paw?
@Silver the Eevee: sure but let me get my in game Leafeon.Her name is Winter.
@Silver the Eevee: OK I'm here. Silver I just have a few questions before we begin: what level are you on,what moves do u have,and what time is it?
@Winter the leafeon : I'm level 14 and I know tackle, shadow ball, sand-attack and bite my highest stat (I've heard my trainer say once) is attack, closely followed by HP and defence and I have above average speed too
@Silver the Eevee: oh and its ten pm where I live now
@Silver the Eevee:great and I see a zigzagzoon nearby! Okay here's the plan. I'll go and get its attention. Then when it comes, I'll use grass whisper on it. I'll fall asleep so u can attack. *imagine this happening*
@Winter the leafeon : ok but I don't wanna hurt it too much
@Silver the Eevee: don't worry, when u feel like you've done enough, I'll take over. So, let's do this!
@Winter the leafeon : Hmmn'kay ummmmmmmmm how do I start?
@Silver the Eevee: well it's asleep now so, what moves do you know?
@Winter the leafeon : well I can't use shadow ball so I guess I'll start wiiiithhhh, Tackle! *crashes into tree* ooooowwwwww my head...
@Silver the Eevee: aim for the zigzagzoon
@Winter the leafeon : *sniff* well I tried to...
@Silver the Eevee: don't worry too much. U haven't had much practice. That's why Trixie asked me to help. Since he's still asleep. It will be easier. But if u want to practice alot more, I'm open to help.
@Winter the leafeon : Okay! *uses tackle on you*. Oof, was that a good hit?
@Silver the Eevee: *gets up with little trial* yep. Now try that in the zigzagzoon. You'll do great!
@Winter the leafeon : Ok! Tackle! Oh crud it's awake what do I do now?
@Silver the Eevee: *uses grass whisper* go ahead
@Winter the leafeon : Bite *nomp*, Tackle,*thud*. (A bit later) Ow! Winter I think it got a hit in.
@Silver the Eevee: wanna continue this on the next page?
@Winter the leafeon : This is why Roleplaying is not allowed in the comments section.
@Pinkeevee222: sorry. I don't roleplay so I can't really identify roleplay
@Pinkeevee222: DOKI IS 100% SYLVEON RIGHT?!
@Eeveelution: As of now, Doki is an eevee, sooo, no.
@Pinkeevee222: SSSOOOOOOOOO

she can change to eevee from sylveon and sylveon to eevee?????!!!!!
@Eeveelution: ..... what? She never evolved.

(I knew I messed it up)

I hatched her in game sooo I did not want to evolve her until I knew she was definitely a sylveon. I won't evolve her
At the beginning of this, Blizz is just going straight to the point that Bolt is a weirdo.
When are blizz,vays and eve's sheets being updated?
@shinyabsol42: Uhhhhhhhhh...... I dunno.
I like how blizz didnt scramble to take of the food, he just left it on his face XD
@NEONtheUMBREON23: He is too stubborn to wipe it off infront of them, he is going to try and get the food off when they are not looking, lol.
Awwww.... I loved how dusk cheered up bolt Ow- ( also Awsome comic as always :3
Ohhhh... So it was food all this time, huh? I never thought of that :P
I think I preferred the old Bolt sheet just because of the pictures. I like that Troll and Wimp are there though.
(how is the chapter too long? And what is "Harmony drama" ? the comics are great so far! what are you complaining about?)
@LogicalJoe: The next chapter is about Harmony, and, I wanna get to it, but, I have to finish up this chapter first. *sobs* I should have put that chapter before this one! *sob sob*
Oh well.
@pinkevee222 r u glad it going back to school in a few days ;-)
@trixethecat: Yes, and no. Yes, because I get to draw the comic more, no because of Homework.
@trixethecat: wait you're still on Christmas breaker!? I've done nearly half a term already! Mrrgrrrgrrrr, this so unfair *pouts like a child*
@Silver the Eevee: h don't worry it just means we'll get out earlier for summer break than her *pats ur head*
@trixethecat: I get out for summer break in early May.
@Pinkeevee222: that's not fair!
@Silver the Eevee: Lol, it is totally fair.
@Pinkeevee222: What?! How is it fair!!!!
@Silver the Eevee: It's fair because I am in college, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: mhgrmnrr still don't think it's that fair... *turns away* S'not fair 'tall
@Pinkeevee222: gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
*paws turn into fire*
@trixethecat: Settle down no need to set people on fire! But next time don't pat my head like that, it's embarrassing. (Thanks for tryna comfort me though)
@Silver the Eevee: oh sorry I have anger issues. *paws return to normal* also, sorry for patting u on the head (^^)
@trixethecat: It's fine :3 (I have a bit of an anger issue two, but there there ain't nothin' 8 years of therapy can't fix)
Plz make more comics
@Pikachu: If I had a dollar every time someone told me this.... I could go to the dollar store and buy candy. MMmmmmmm candy.
@Eeveelution: whoaaaaaaah did you count them all yourself
N/A Please develop that N/A eevee
@Weirdo: I already did, if you are talking about the character sheet. They are not an eevee, they are a sylveon, and, I will not update their sheet until they appear as a main character in the comic (IDK when that will happen though, I might make a chapter about them).
@Pinkeevee222:r u ever gonna make a sheet for Oliver
@trixethecat: Maybe, maybe not.
2 thing 1 finally bolt gets some revenge
2 thank you pinkeevee for being awesome
Comics @Pinkeevee222: How many comics do you post each week
@Diamonwarrior: One.
Ok @Pinkeevee222: THX
@diamonwarrior: O ur new here! Welcome to the world of Stupid Short Eevee Comics or as we call it SSEC. I'm sylveon and I can be ya tour guide if u want.
Comics @Pinkeevee222: would it be ok to write a written version of the comics
@diamonwarrior: It would be okay.
@Pinkeevee222: thx
My friends all say I'm cute sometimes, but I'm not cute I'm tough and scary. RAWR
D'aaaaaawwwwww @Silver the Eevee: *baby voice* What a cute widdle rawr
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I-it was not cute! I told you I'm strong and scary. RAAARW
Okaayyy..... @Silver the Eevee: *still baby voice* You be awl strong and scawy den <(>w0)>
@Shaede The Black Eevee: S-stop using the baby voice as well.. Hmph....
Never @Silver the Eevee: ur too cyuute! *baby voice* :3
heya, sorry for asking, but do you watch..*whispers* talking kitty cat on youtube? *flutters away mysteriously*
@Pinkeevee222: pinkeevee, you inspired me to make eevee comics. Soon ill post it on smackjeeves. Can you please see it and prove if im worthy of eevee awesomeness
@Kittykat: Okay. Send me a link, and Then I can see it!
@Pinkeevee222: Isn't the Harmony Chapter for 5,000 fanz?
@LogicalJoe: Um, the 5000? Fan Harmony chapter is not the next one. I said it is a Harmony chapter because it is about Harmony, so, this next one just happens to be one of the many chapters about her. Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it, This next chapter is a chapter with Harmony in it as a central character and conflict point, but it is really about Lem. So, technically, it is a Lem chapter. Who is Lem? Well, he will be introduced in the next chapter, but, I did explain who he was in a comic in the chapter 'Dusk is a dunce' somewhere.
@pinkeevee Is there a way to see the ending of zeons quest or will i have to forever wonder what happans
Comic Comic Comic Comic Comic UPDATE IS TODAY! Waited a whole freaking week for this woohoo!
It's late I already put my Pokémon to sleep (they're so cute when they're snoozing) I like to share this with them but not tonight!
your comics are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@eeveelin: Thanks!
I LOVE your comics!!!
@Pinkeevee222: plz do a snivy one day!!!!!
Oh and my name is Chloe
Dude did Blizz just say dude?
Is it just me,or is the comments line not straight?
Oddly enough, I don’t recall a comic in which I saw Bolt happy. This is nice.

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