Deceiving Police


February 18th, 2017, 10:18 am

I'm working on Flame's character now. You know when I said that I ship Flame and Sora? I might make him like her, cause, Flame has very strong feelings towards a certain event, and, having him like Sora will develop his character more because of the strong feelings he has towards this event.... and Dusk.

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*Crying* Bolt's first kiss... this is a momentous occasion (Even though she only kisses him on the cheek)
Anyways, I might start a patreon, because, I'm broke and putting out comics every week seems like a worthy reason to get one. Plus, I can make Patreon people get comics a week early, and give them previews of comics to come, and, If I get enough money (like, $50 minimum), I can start making Eevee merch! Like, at first just Key chains and stickers, but, who knows, I might be able to make bags and plushies in the future.
I didn't upload the comic last week because my computer died, and, I had no access to a charger, lol. Also. It died on Friday, when I was playing Minecraft instead of drawing the comic, even though I knew that I didn't have my charger and that I should be drawing the comic. I would say that I'm sorry, but, It seems like the vocal majority of guests only care about me uploading every week, soo, I'm not sorry.... I really wanted to do a livestream this week, but, that happened, sooo hmm... maybe in two weeks?

Oh, Here is a poll you guys can do, if you want. I call it, what do you want me to work on this weekend?-
The thing that has the most votes is what I am going to work on for the majority of the weekend, and anytime I have free time in the week. If I work on SSEC or Eevee academy, you might see an early upload. If I work on the PMV, it will get done faster, and, If I work on getting a Patreon, I can start making merch and drawing extra comics for them sooner.

And, If you don't know what the "battle scars" PMV is, here is the WIP of it-
(I am bad at spelling, please don't yell at me)
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You know what??? I quit with this comments section. How the cheetos can you guys spam it SO much that my computer has problems with the page???? In fact, WHY does this comic's comment section have over 800 comments! That's like, *counts on fingers* 4 usual comment sections combined!
Pinkeevee222, February 24th, 2017, 5:52 pm Reply

Pinkeevee, your comics are amazing!
@Kittykat: Why, thank you~
@Pinkeevee222: oh ya, I can't favorite your comics because my email account is not working.-_- But when it does I will favorite your comics. Plus, your comics are amazing and I read and reread comics all the time.
SHIPPING @Kittykat: agreed

I'd actually hate to kiss that Conkeldurr XD
@SilverGlaceon787: I don't make any money from the comic at all. I think Smack Jeeves gets all of the ad revenue.
OOOOOOOHHH!!!!! @Pinkeevee222: Oh my gosh! This is so worth the wait! Also, The Jolteon is complete! Name is super pie, moves:thunderbolt, shadow ball, hyper beam, and pin missle. Hasty nature, but I couldn't get that requested characteristic cause I started to run out of space for eevees. (Reply if your happy about that!)
@LavaBidoof: Very nice, very nice. *nods in approval* If you still have all of the eevees, you can wonder trade all of them away. It'll be funny to get an eevee named Super Pie, lol. It's just so random.
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah it would be, but funny thing, I checked my pc, and before it was only 8 boxes, now its like 16 boxes!(also, for the sans,eevee, I might just settle for a normal eevee cause it's soooo hard to get a shiny...
@LavaBidoof: Wow. That's a lot of eevees.
@Pinkeevee222: I meant that 8 boxes just suddenly appeared, its weird... But still nice. I have 3 or 4 boxes full of eevees, which is still a lot, I think I have more than 100 eevees.
Also, I'm gonna make a eevee that will be the strongest out of all of them. What shall it's name be and what should it evolve into? Edit: strongest out of MY eevees.
Hooray! Just made my account! Like my picture? (And yes, this is the LavaBidoof)
@LavaBidoof: Are you using masuda method?

It's supposed to raise the changes of finding a shiny it's also effected by the shiny charm

(your gonna have to hatch more than 100 eevees more like 1000 or more)
@Skylar101: I would use the shiny charm but its hard to get, also I do use the masuda method
@LavaBidoof399: the strongest should be an umbreon named Hakasai
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Ooooo! Fancy name! I like it, thanks for your comment, I always want to put one pokemon in isle level up or whatever its called, but I can never who will be the super overpowered pokemon! Also, do you like my profile picture? (I put 399 in it cause that's bidoofs index number)
Here is another eevee comic, it's been a while since last made one...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Thanks, the one saying WHAT! Is the umbreon of my comic, Ummmb
@LavaBidoof399: Hakasai
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I will give the over powered umbreon that name, but I never said it would be my only umbreon.
@LavaBidoof: oma thats so much i thought i had a lot 31 eevees 1 girl all have em wish (i tried so hard (not really i went on bulbapedia ;p)) so 1 full box = 30 pokemon the 1st box i named eevee box and the 2nd one i named forever alone
Super pie has come to save the world
@Pinkeevee222: I love your comics I check every day for new ones and this one is good
@Howie The Wolf: Thank you for liking my comics, but, you don't have to look for a new one every day, I update on Saturdays.
@Pinkeevee222: I check here everyday for new comics, AND new comments!
So if I'm correct, there is a cactus named Charlie
Any idea why?
@thebradyiceeevee02: I think that her name is Charlie and the name tag is placed near the cactus....or this is Stupid Short Eevee Comics.
@night the fear: Charlie is the plant (and, he isn't a cactus, I just don't know how to draw plants, as usual).
@Pinkeevee222: Don't worry about it, I can't draw people that aren't cartoony or something like that! It just ends up a mess!
Hm, I wonder where Bolt went?
@ShoopDaWalrus: Agreeded. To bad I pretty much broke!
@Pinkeevee222: I love this comic.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Me too! And I love your profile picture!
@LavaBidoof399: Thanks!

Also, why is the Bidoof in your profile pic melting through time and space?
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I don't understand what you mean.
@LavaBidoof399: It looks to me like your Bidoof is half in the background, and appears to be sinking.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: nah. He's just lying on the ground without a picture background so the focus is just on him and being adorable.
@LavaBidoof399: He is Absol-utely adorable
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Puns! That was... Thundershocking. (LOL!)
@LavaBidoof399: Yessssss

That pun was....
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: LOL! Maybe in this happiness, I should take a Azelfie!
@LavaBidoof399: That reference is en-lightning.
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: Ack! I made a smeargle on my art!
@LavaBidoof399: I couldn't Ka-los about my rank in the battle chatueu.

I think, at least purrsonally, people will get this.
Lo Troolollolololol
Poor bolt lol
@Skylar101: Sorry I couldn't get the characteristic that wanted, at the time for some reason I only had 8 boxes and I was running out of space...
@LavaBidoof: It's ok

I'm breeding for shinies too
@Skylar101: 135 eevees so far... No shinies... YET!
Excuse my english but what it "Pucker Up"?
@Pinkeevee222: Oh...
@_SylveonTheIntroMaker_: it means make a kissy face, I'm gonna kiss you
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: He can't... He has to do this for dusk and blizz..... (dang it! Auto correct is so annoying!)
@LavaBidoof399: I know
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: About the run thing or about the auto correct thing? Or both? (Bidoof is adorable)
@LavaBidoof399: Autocorrect (:3)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom nyoom
r u doin this because its clos to Single's Sufering Day?
@sylveon: No. but. It is a cool coincidence, like last year.
pink it took me 3 count'em 3 HOURS TO REALIZE IT'S SATURDAY
What's the use in feeling blue?

( I'm sorry I had to)
@.The_Sof.: Don't u know I miss her toooo? What's the use of feelin, what's the use of feelin, what's the use of feelin, aaha, aaha, aaha,*derp Steven universe lol*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: that will be all
@Melon Cat : can u believe it? Not just one diamond, but two!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: What about a third?fourth?fifth? :3
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: it's from Steven universe they only mentioned 3 diamonds there's 4 and one was smashed out of the 4
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I know -_-
@Shaede The Black Eevee: There is something called "Imagination"
@LavaBidoof399: uh... there's multiple pink characters
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: we were quoting a show
um wt heck hes so blushy lol XD
wait your selling comixs! OMA YAY!
that was me up there and bc I LOVE YOU COMIXS!
@Pinkeevee222: Oh no!
Oh bolt your such a dork!
@Pinkeevee222: Bolts first kiss so cute!(I haven't been kissed before! No fair!)Nicely done bolt!
From Bowsergiant
Well that could blow Bolt's cover.But I'd like to see him try to make an excuse to that Conkeldurr why she should not kiss him.Or at least trying to evade her.*JTK smile*
Omg im crying right now. This lady kiss Bolt :D XD
Nnoooo!!!Bolt's first kiss!?...Okay!I'm done here!...

Well,at least it's funny...
@Pinkeevee222 Wait where did bolt get the mustache at? Why does Staplers have mustaches?
@Bayleafeon: He bought it at another store, not Staplers.
Hey guys let's just forget about this diggitydaggit stuff... please... guys. He told me at school that is was him *mumbles* stupid Scott...... and he said he will leave me and this comic alone. He never apologized, though. I wasn't surprised about his actions. If he had a username named ScottInfinity or Heyitisawesome (because those are his other usernames on other things) because he is a big jerk at my collage. So yeah I hope he did not lie to me and if he talks trash to you again please tell me so I can report him for cerbullying at my school.

Thank you, and I am sorry if I wasted anybody's time~
@cub6: Lol, I already forgot about it. But, I was super happy that I won that argument, since he never replied back *swaggers*
WAIT PINKEEVEE @Pinkeevee222: ummmmm

I thought bolt couldn't talk to girls
@Skylar101: He can talk to girls, but, he can't TALK to girls. Hmm... that sounds confusing... So, like, he can't really have or start conversations with them, but, in extreme case scenarios, he can talk to them, awkwardly at best. (The conkeldurr doesn't even look like a girl anyways, despite all of the makeup she puts on.)
@Skylar101: She looks like a dude so he may not be thinking about that
Bolts face on the last panel is full of fear
@Pinkeevee222: What website will you be selling them on? I can hopefully buy them (IM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR COMICS!!!!!
First kiss I was waiting for this moment. Thank you! *bows to pinkeevee222*
LOL! So so so funny! I love the part where it says "Pucker up!" is SOOOOOOOO funny! I KNEW IT! YOUR COMPUTER DID DIE! P.S. Sorry that happened.
P.S. I have a SYLVEON in Pokémon moon!
@Pikachu: lucky
@Emojikitten: It's actually not to hard to evolve eevee into Sylveon, just raise it's affection in pokemon care or whatever, have eevee know a fairy type move and level it up! I can send you an eevee of either gender if you like.
@LavaBidoof399: I can't catch an eevee! I haven't seen a single one...
@Emojikitten: I can trade you one. I have over 100 of them.
@Emojikitten: On alkla island, near a cowboy- like town, in some grass, there are EEVEES glore! In Pokémon sun, I looked there and found 4 EEVEES !!! Now, I have a Sylveon, a leafeon( it evolved in the grass type trail.), and 2 eevee that haven't evolved yet
@Pikachu: Yaaaaaay!
@LavaBidoof399: Latest update: 1 of the EEVEES evolved into an Espeon
Can you give me a hint on what the next comic's going to be about please?
@Pikachu: It's going to be about Bolt crying, because his first kiss was with a random Conkeldurr.
@Pinkeevee222: Well, at least Bolt looks FABULOUS!!!!
That's what bolt likes! He doesn't like twinks/jocks. He likes muscle/thick! I wonder if the Absolute perv sells any magazines like that. :D

Also, about Patreon. I got...ooooh a little 100 dollar bill with your name on it.
@cccviper653: Oh come on! How do you have so much money? I barely even have a dollar!
@LavaBidoof399: I wouldn't be surprised, I have $242 in my allowance. NO JOKE
@diamonwarrior: OH COME ON!(Then again, I don't have a job...)
@LavaBidoof399: I don't either
@diamonwarrior: Oh. I guess it's cause the money I have is just spare change people drop.
@diamonwarrior: I know, but a bigger lol is that people even drop special edition coins! LOL!
@LavaBidoof399: Most of time people don't ven know if the coin is special editon
@diamonwarrior: Say whaaaaat! (DANG IT AUTO CORRECT! IT CHANGED WHAAAAAAT! INTO EASIEST! ARRRGH!) But also, a guy dropped a coin, I realized it was a special edition coin, told him that he dropped the special coin, and he didn't care! LOL! HIS LOSS! LOL!
@diamonwarrior: Dude. Why that Icon? THAT MEME IS SO WRONG DUDE! WHY!
@EvanatheEspeon: You tell me. (That game creeps me out)
ATTENTION! I will trade a kartana for a bidoof! This is an amazing offer as long as the bidoof doesn't have a bad nickname!
And No, this is not a joke. I really will trade a kartana for a bidoof! No tricks, no bad name, just a fair deal (the kartana's name is last one cause it was the last one I caught out of the four, I will change its name if you want me to!) Edit:P.S Kartana has one of the highest attack stats in all of pokemon!
@LavaBidoof399: Attention! The kartana is now up for grabs! Get it before it's gone! P.S its name is didntRun because it was a roaming pokemon but it didn't run away.
@LavaBidoof399: Still up for grabs! If you didn't know... Kartana is a ULTRA BEAST EXCLUSIVE TO POKEMON SUN!!!!!
Can someone please trade with me? I really want a bidoof.
why!! bolt wwwhhhhhyyyy!!!!! for some reason I'm just freaking out maybe its because he didn't take the tag off his mustache or because he lied this is a terrible turn of events
I'm not sure if I'm a robloxian or a mincraftian but I'm I think I'm more in the middle like passive unless I play minecraft/roblox with my little brother
does anyone like that if they do say passive if they don't say aggresive
and pinkEevee222 please make a comic on um at least on how about wensday [ I was looking at the things about saying please for the comic to come quicker ] will you thank me for saying this??? not trying to brag
@fansomething: Wednesday? Okay. I was going to update the comic today (Sunday), but, if you want it to be updated on Wednesday instead, that's fine.
@Pinkeevee222: *Wednesday
@Pinkeevee222: do it as soon as possible I'm ok with that
@Pinkeevee222: Seriously, pinkeevee222, Eevee power rangers! GO GO EEVEE RANGERS!
@fansomething: *Wednesday
The vaporeon you made is cute and Bolt is cute in general (no homo)
I wonder So that's what happend to your computer? I wonder what the next comic will be
@OmegaGeguz: I have to set up everything, draw the banner, put the rewards, etc. I don't really know how long it's going to take to do those things.
@Pinkeevee222: ya know what, we don't even need rewards. Make it purely a donation page. I think all we can ask of you is to not disappear without a trace and let your amazing work die unlike most comic/story creators of the web. The most recent being speed boost torchic's Pokemon mysterious dungeons comic which also happens to be on this site. That one really hit me hard. It was going so nicely!

Hey, maybe you could interpret where the story was going and complete it since the author has clearly lost time/interest in it. Cubone x Pichu forever!
@cccviper653: Really? Well, I guess I shouldn't put a lot of rewards, since they will take away time that I should be using to draw comics... Hmm... but, I should still have a few, like, early updates. People like early updates.
Wait, Speed Boost torchic stopped updating? I didn't know that. Awww, and I really liked their comic... Don't worry though, as long as I have people interested in my comics, I won't disappear without a trace!
question time okay do you think in a future comic you could explian how eevees get selected to go to differrent houses (or brotherhood)i have been wondering this for a while. Also ssec is awsome and i love the occasional anime/manga joke. and blizz is my favorite character
@person in need of assistance: That would take several comics, but, Okay, maybe.
what the... -_-
@Pinkeevee222: I fell sorry for you.
Kissing this Conkeldurr...nightmares for the entire life .___.
@Skylar101: Cloud from final fantasy? (I missed a lot of good games when I was young...)
@Skylar101: Urrrrrrmmmmm...Hmmmmmmnnnnn...nope!
Very nice. I like it.
... @Pinkeevee222: lol bolt's first kiss it's soo sad
@Pinkeevee222: Three words for a comic: Eevee. Power. Rangers.
@LavaBidoof399: you are a genius (also your bidoof is adorable)
@Silver the Eevee: Thank you! But seriously, Eevee. Power. Rangers!
@LavaBidoof399: Red=Flareon Yellow=Jolteon Pink=Sylveon Black=Umbreon Blue=Vapoureon Green=Leafeon
@Skylar101: OH! It's Wes! The main character of pokemon colosseum!
@LavaBidoof399: CORRECT! *clap's*
@Skylar101: Yayyyyyy!!! :):):):):):)
@pinkeevee what's your favourite shiny Pokemon apart from the eeveelution and eevee ps mines probaly greninja
@darkgreninja222: Duurrrr...uhhh..... Shiny Alolan Vulpix, or, Shiny Chimchar or Shiny Buneary.
@Pinkeevee222: Shiny spiritomb or shiny latios
@darkgreninja222: shiny kitsune
@darkgreninja222: I mean shiny ninetales lol
@darkgreninja222: Umbreon, eevee, sylveon, mega Gardevior, and nintales
@Silver the Eevee: I said no eeveelutions but shiny nega gariboir looks cool
@darkgreninja222: It's in a funeral dress
@Silver the Eevee: a funeral dress for the funeral... Of their opponents!!!!!!!
@Silver the Eevee: they said other than Eevees lol
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah, well I included them anyway
@Silver the Eevee: shiny umbreon is boss
@Shaede The Black Eevee: High fives!
@Silver the Eevee: but not sylveons...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: What's wrong with Sylveons?
@Silver the Eevee: everything....
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Is the bow? Or the fleeeeeesssshhh riiiibbooooonns? Or their godlike power? (Should I be a Flareon, Umbreon or Sylveon when I evolve?)
@Silver the Eevee: they have no real power (u should be flareon but best of all don't evolve at all)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (it'd be nice you didn't insult mah friend) Oh I'm gonna stay an eevee for a while yet, I have awful luck so finding a fire stone is out of the question, I'm scared of the dark and I never see my friends at night, and Sylveon might be possible but I don't have a trainer
@Silver the Eevee: nope no sylveon I'm gonna have to disown u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Wait! Nonono! I'm sorry I'll be a Flareon or an Umbreon
@Silver the Eevee: I'll get u a fire stone I know somemon but not yet lol
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Can I choose between Umbreon or Flareon?
@Silver the Eevee: welll the comic has 2 umbreons and me who can interchange between eeveelutions
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Okay. Since Flareon has the highest attack stat I guess it makes sense, and I can cook my food and cake more easily!
@Silver the Eevee: yup also its fluffy and warm
@Shaede The Black Eevee: and my RAWRs will be scarier
@Silver the Eevee: when u evolve it tell u the secret to roaring
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *tail starts to wag* Yeah?!
@Silver the Eevee: when u evolve u can also FIRE ROAR
@Shaede The Black Eevee: HECK YEAH!
@Silver the Eevee: also ... *holds up brush*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Huh?! I don't need my f-fur brushed!
@Silver the Eevee: u will when u evolve but u won't need baths anymore
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I haven't evolved yet, and who said you could brush my fur?
@Silver the Eevee: I've been holding on to it after Freon evolved
@Shaede The Black Eevee: You owned Freon?
@Silver the Eevee: still do lol she submitted to me a while ago
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh. Do you own me?
@Silver the Eevee: I don't technically own u until u accept me as ur master lol
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I think we should start a new thread, the comments are getting thin. Oooh, so you adopted me, but technically you don't own me?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'll have you know that one of my flareons happily mated with a Sylveon!
@LavaBidoof399: I'm sorry for ur Pokémon
@Shaede The Black Eevee: True that shiny umbreon I abboss
@darkgreninja222: do you mean adore? Also, umbreon is my all time favorite. Look on the next comic's comment section to see proof of why umbreon is awesome.
@darkgreninja222: Shiny mew
RAWR (I'm getting better, maybe I'll scare the lady into not kissing bolt)
@Silver the Eevee: honestly, no better
@Shaede The Black Eevee: b-B-but I worked really hard...
@Silver the Eevee: not completely
@Silver the Eevee: (was continuing previous conversation that got too thin)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (sorry) So do I have a leash for my collar?
@Silver the Eevee: do u want one?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I might need one. I don't care much if I have one though, just making life easier for you
@Silver the Eevee: ok I can make/get one
@Shaede The Black Eevee: ok, hmmmm what colour?
@Silver the Eevee: green
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Ok rope or one of those auto longening ones?
@Silver the Eevee: what do u want
@Shaede The Black Eevee: hmmmm, rope
@Silver the Eevee: ok so u accepting me as ur master?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: What?! No! Just makin'life easier for you
@Silver the Eevee: ok but when ur ready
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Nuh-uh, nobody's gonna be MY master!
@Silver the Eevee: *raises eyebrow*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *raises eyebrow back at you*
@Silver the Eevee: pffff
@Shaede The Black Eevee: pfff all you want you won't ever be my master
@Silver the Eevee: that's ok but remember according to Christianity ur going to hell (I'm an aitheist)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: first off, I'm not sure what religion I am. Second off the bible says that is you accept Jesus you won't (my parents are Christians). (The reason I'm not sure is because no one today was there to see the big bang or the story of genesis, no one knows for sure)
@Silver the Eevee: so ur agnostic
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah. Anyways lets get back to less sensitive subjects
@Silver the Eevee: ok
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (the comments are on a diet again) *throws a balloon at you*
@Silver the Eevee: the balloon awkwardly floats back to u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Check the bottom of the comment section for continued
Oh no
I'm doin this again... So, if anyone guest the song name and the person that sung it, I'll tell u guys a HUGE secret about me.
"Shoot me down. Of course I'm the sinful one here. But now I've found, a reason to feel no fear."
If none gets this right by Saturday, no secret 4 u!!
@trixiethecat: (Nightcore) karma
ur smart u know that @LavaBidoof399: congrats @LavaBidoof399 you've figured out the song!
I am actually 2 commenters 1 being @trixiethecat, the 2 one being @Nightthefear
@trixiethecat: GAAAAAASSSP!
*GASP* @Silver the Eevee: *13274959484880683818384948374839393939711205425783758585858686868685859576467858566556575 7575669009642115689097543323848979683725369953260083216995145567075216806868591738595849485 85 times*

@Skylar101: Bidooooooooooooooof! (Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp! Times infinity Lol)
@LavaBidoof399: *gets in time machine and go's to the time before the planets and half the universe was even created*

And thus I have been gasping here since before time

@Skylar101: Infinity is still more! Bidoof! (Gasp times infinity cubed)
@trixiethecat: GAAAASSSSPP!! (times 2)
@trixiethecat: GAAAAAASSSSSP! (Times 4 (I will outdo you))
@Silver the Eevee: BIDOOOOOOF! (Translation: Gaaaaaaaasp!)
@LavaBidoof399: yep it's true. Raise ur hand/paw if u want to know why I have 2 commenters.
@night the fear: *Raises right paw*
okay, you asked for it @LavaBidoof399: well I first made Trixie the cat 4 my comic so I used that. But later I made my main OC Night the fear and wanted to talk with that but I still wanted to talk with the name Trixie the cat, so I just used both.
Hey pinkeevee222 do you find it od that daisy's fav food is meat an she's a garden type
(A) yes
(B) no
(A) Idk :3
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: Daisy absolutely hates eating vegetables, it makes her really sad, So, not really.
Can you add me as a leafeon named nico also could you make a new house called shadow fang and my friend a flareon named blaze it will mean a lot to me also I'm back after I can't go on games or electronics on sundays -_-
@Leaf the snivy: Nope, lol, sorry. If you ever write SSEC fan fics or something, you can add those characters and that house in yourself.
So my friend lance reads these too he might become my co author if I figure out how
It showed a pic without words but with words it no show COME ON!!!! I might just use the story on the comics and it will suck COME ON!!! Anyone help
Comments hi lance
It hates me WHY WORLD WHY!!!!!! Sorry for spamming comments
Hello everyone
@Lance the Lucario: how ya doin
Like my new avatar lance
@Leaf the snivy: Solid snivy 1... That could actually sell like hotcakes.
You like mine?
@Lance the Lucario: You like mine profile picture while on the subject?
@Lance the Lucario: Bidoof! (Yaay!)
I like you're avatar
@Leaf the snivy: *Your
@Silver the Eevee: thank u
I cant wait for merch! also poor bolt. we lost a good one. lets bow our heads for bolt.
Well this is kinda valentines day themed kinda
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: Kinda sorta maybe?!
Wait does she know it's bolt?
@Minecraftvee: No
Hey @Pinkeevee222, try to guess how long someone (I don't know who) shiny hunted a shiny raquaza in pokemon emerald by soft resets!
@LavaBidoof399: a year
@Silver the Eevee: Yep! Guess how many times soft resets someone did for a shiny natu! (And number of phases if possible) (no, I do not know what a phase is)
AGGGH! I can't keep it back! It was 209,779 resets and 25 phases! (It hardly is any different than a normal in colour, here is a link to see a comparison!) (@#$% auto correct! Natu is not math!)
@LavaBidoof399: Natu is math, Just as Pie=Nyoom
@Silver the Eevee: Woops. Meant to say: NATU IS NOT SPELLED M A T H!!!
@Silver the Eevee: Also, for how long it must have took, was it really worth it? (I mean, come on. That shiny kinda sucks.) Edit: IGNORE THIS COMMENT! IGNORE THIS COMMENT!
@LavaBidoof399: How dare insult the bird kiwi fruit!
@Silver the Eevee: Wait, the colours are based on that special fruit? Wow. Okay, forget that last comment, that idea is BRILLANT! Also, I'm glad they put some thought into it. I really like natu :)
@Silver the Eevee: And sorry, I did not know that before. The Lava Bidoof loves kiwi!
@LavaBidoof399: *picks you up and throws you*
@Pinkeevee222 do you want a free shiny kyrem on Pokemon x to transfer to Pokemon sun/moon plz
So since I am bored.... I am going to......

Draw fan art and never finish it.
I needed this. My pet snake just died no more than 5 minutes ago so this kinda cheered me up
@Guest: Oh... I'm sorry for you... I know the feeling, I had a 2 pet guinea pigs and a rabbit that all died...
Lol guys I just realized that only 2 outta 10 comments are about this comic. Lol. But seriously, people just come on here to have conversations and/or say something random has nothing do with anything.
Not like most of us do not care. I actually LIKE reading comments from random people. Lol, mainly the stupid ones.
It's not like I have never made random comments, I mean, lol, I have had numerous conversations in here. Not about stupid short eevee comic, and only a few about eevees.
Lol also I saw how many people in this comment section spell stuff wrong and have wrong grammar. Lol. I always do, but anyways.....
People always role play, too. Lol. Pink always tells people to stop but...... *whistles*
Again, I take up so much space in this comment section, but, not lately, cause, I draw a lot more and have some, um, more, uh, 'personal' stuff to handle with. *clears throat*
Edit: this took up so much space T-T sorry, Pink! '3'

G'day, and have a good life.
@cub6: Sorry, it's just that there are some things other poke fans need to know and this is a very convenient way to tell that stuff. Also, sometimes 1 thing leads to another and...
@LavaBidoof399: lol never said it was bad, love ur profile by the way
@cub6: Bidoof! (Thank you!)
I think I know what's Vay's favorite color...It can be seen like everywhere!(Meh,just saying)
Holy cripes, PinkEevee, your comics are awesome
@sans_da_eevee: .Her Comic are 1 mil percent awesome
Awwww yeah This comic rocks! Also, i had no idea you had a youtube channel till now lul you should put that somewhere if it isnt already... im probably just blind x3 Anyway, 11/10 would komik agen
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Well erm *throws rubber ball at you*
@Silver the Eevee: blocks
@Silver the Eevee: smirks and throws ball back *Shaede used Fling!*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *Silver used protect!* Hey!
@Silver the Eevee: what's ur move set ?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Double edge, baby doll eyes, protect and Close combat
@Silver the Eevee: Eevee can't learn double edge or close combat
@Shaede The Black Eevee: eevee can learn double edge, eevee also cannot learn Psychic or fling.
@Silver the Eevee: Eevee can't but umbreon can fling is because I threw something at u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: you ain't an Umbreon
@Silver the Eevee: I'll allow evolution moves also look at me
@Shaede The Black Eevee: An eevee with Umbreon markings, oooh since I have a Flareon tail basically I'll have flare blitz over close combat and flamethrower over double edge
@Silver the Eevee: Kk
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *uses flamethrower*
@Silver the Eevee: jumps over flamethrower
@Shaede The Black Eevee: hmmph, you avoid everything...
@Silver the Eevee: lvl 67 sucker
@Silver the Eevee: done a lot of grinding
@Shaede The Black Eevee: hmmph *grumbles something sort of offensive*
@Silver the Eevee: what was that?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *uses baby doll eyes* nuffin...
@Silver the Eevee: eyes glow red
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Eep! I-I didn't say anything, honest!
@Silver the Eevee: so cute when ur scared
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'm not and I'm not scared
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Lava Bidoof 399 used... SUPERPOWER! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
@LavaBidoof399: get out *uses swift*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: uses protect in front of Lavabidoof. Don't be rude!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Over powered by AURA SPHERE! (LOL, Bidoofs can't use it, but lava bidoof can!)
@LavaBidoof399: picks up bidoof and throws him pls just go away
@LavaBidoof399: Don't
@Silver the Eevee: Okay.
@LavaBidoof399: OW! Hey I was right in front of that!
@Silver the Eevee: ACK!!! So so so sorry! It's a bit of an instinct...
@LavaBidoof399: *Flamethrower!* I'm fine now.
@Silver the Eevee: Ow. We even now? (Sorry again)
@LavaBidoof399: Maybe
@Silver the Eevee: Cookie?
@LavaBidoof399: all your sins are forgiven
@Shaede The Black Eevee: those attacks are for being so mean to silver eevee!
@LavaBidoof399: what are u talking about
@LavaBidoof399: Meh I'm fine she's just teasing
@Silver the Eevee:Ooooh. Sorry then. BUT DON'T YOU EVER THREATEN SILVER EEVEE!!!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: I'm fine, I can handle myself
@Silver the Eevee: Okay, it's just that you seem like a really awesome eevee.
@LavaBidoof399: Not just awesome, FABULOUS
@Silver the Eevee: Right, FABULOUS!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: how about don't assume plus I have an item that prevents perish song we are buds
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *does buds pose with Shaede*
@Silver the Eevee: lol (slips an item that prevents songs from affecting u to u)
@Silver the Eevee: sshhfghkhhjhh
@Shaede The Black Eevee: ???? (Pose!)
@LavaBidoof399: aue the worst I've done to him is give him a bath
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh. Sorry. Cookie?
@LavaBidoof399: *says quietly and guiltily* chocolate cookie?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: SHE HAS A WEAKNESS!?
@Silver the Eevee: chocolate is my only weakness
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Of course!
@LavaBidoof399: *nom nom chocolate*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Well you blasted me with hydro pump...
@Silver the Eevee: but now ur clean
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah, I didn't want to be clean...
did anyone notice the conkeldurrs name is charlie?
@shinyabsol42: I think that's the plants name.
@LavaBidoof399: well I can change between different eeveelutions and my vaporeon knows hydro pump so I used it to clean Silver
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah, she basically pressure washed me clean
@Silver the Eevee: yup but bubbles too
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Bubbles! I love bubbles!
@LavaBidoof399: and warm blankets after
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *goes red* don't tell him that part!
@Silver the Eevee: Awwww... Cute ^ω^
@LavaBidoof399: I'm not cute! *mumbles something rude*
@Silver the Eevee: U need a hug?
@LavaBidoof399: no..
@Silver the Eevee: K... BUBBLES!
@LavaBidoof399: bubbles?
@LavaBidoof399: let's just say that Freon is gonna get "burned"
@Silver the Eevee: I could tell him what Freon did >X3
@Shaede The Black Eevee: that part might have been slightly fun...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oooooh. Cool. POSE!
@LavaBidoof399: what?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Lava wants you to strike a pose!
@LavaBidoof399: *poses with you*
@Silver the Eevee: Pose pals! :)
@LavaBidoof399: YEAH!
@LavaBidoof399: u mean as different eeveelutions?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: just pose!
@Silver the Eevee: flashes different evolutions but they all have same colours and markings
@Silver the Eevee: ITS POSE TIME!
@LavaBidoof399: *smexy pose*
@Silver the Eevee: oh I'm good at those
@Shaede The Black Eevee: bet you I'm better
@Silver the Eevee: POOOOOOOSSSE!
@LavaBidoof399: *poses* how's this?
@Silver the Eevee: It has POSE POWER!
@LavaBidoof399: What's that?
@Silver the Eevee: Lol I don't know. POSE!
@Silver the Eevee: I'm a girl... I can be naughty
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'm a boy, I can be naughtier
@Silver the Eevee: *suddenly we're all anthro!* neheheheheheh *strikes impossibly smexy pose*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *Poses on the CEILING*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (What's that?) *Strikes an even smexier pose*
@Silver the Eevee: (standing up) aya in anthro mode I have bewbs! Hope ur not vulnerable to nose bleeds!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (I can't stop laughing, which is bad because it's past midnight where I live) Well I have pecks and a six pack!
@Silver the Eevee: we should move this conversation before it gets too inappropriate
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yes I agree
@Silver the Eevee: Kk where should we move it?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: the default, you teasing me
@Silver the Eevee: I mean another site to continue posing! Or can u not handle all this? *gestures at body*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: oh uh sure what site? Pfft, I have a girlfriend
@Silver the Eevee: eh not dating till I'm over 16!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Me neither, we just love each other
@Silver the Eevee: anyways I'm too far away
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I know, also I'm a teenager you aren't
@Silver the Eevee: yes I am pthththth I just haven't changed my scratch profile info yet pthththth
@Shaede The Black Eevee: How old are you then?
@Silver the Eevee: 14
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh cool! When are you 15? Also you're two years behind, really?
@Silver the Eevee: yeahhhh *poker face* next year
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Haha! I'm older than you!
@Silver the Eevee: but I'm 3-4 years above my age in math and still straight As in all other classes so age don't matter lol
@Shaede The Black Eevee: What type of genius are you?!
@Silver the Eevee: the best kind
@Shaede The Black Eevee: the best I can do is a grammar school..
@Silver the Eevee: LOL, I pose on walls now! (Also, I'm screwing gravity!)
@LavaBidoof399: smiles and poses with legs spread apart with arms resting on chest
@Silver the Eevee: what, u jealous?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: no *mumbles something offensive*
@Silver the Eevee: *grabs silver* what was that?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: OW! Hey leggo a me!
@Silver the Eevee: welp what did u say then?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Nothing! Ow, OW!
@Silver the Eevee: (anthro form has different moves!) Shaede used Doubleslap!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: OW! Stoppit!
@Silver the Eevee: what did u say then?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *defiant silence*
@Silver the Eevee: I'm gonna give u another bath
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Don't care, I didn't say anything
@Silver the Eevee: Want me to go get a warm towel?
@LavaBidoof399: no... (is lying)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Poseing in the air!
@LavaBidoof399: *posing
@Shaede The Black Eevee: AAAH-PLOP! Ow... Gravity kicked back in... POSE!
Hello? Silver the Eevee? Shaede The Black Eevee? (I'm lonely now... I think I'll go learn explosion...)
@LavaBidoof399: I'm playing Pokémon and um silver is asleep
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh. Understandable, I'm still trying to hatch a shiny eevee. 5 boxes of non shiny eevees so far...
I think this conversation can be continued tomorrow
... Want a Kartana? I have one up on gts for a bidoof.
I DON'T SEE A KARTANA 4 BIDOOF IT THE GTS @LavaBidoof399: If you had a kartana in the gts either someone got it or there is a problem
@Skylar101: Oh! I'm sorry you may be disappointed, but hey! How about this, I pick up the pokemon, then I put up a new Kartana and tell you right before I put it up! The wanted pokemon will still be bidoof. (Mainly because I like bidoofs, and I want to beat the elite 4 with only bidoofs!
IT'S OK @LavaBidoof399: i already have a kartana i just went to the gts to see if it was there
@Skylar101: Okay! I can understand that. Plus, if the kartana isn't their, then someone traded with me! Now I should have a bidoof!
@LavaBidoof399: sorry, I live in Britainland so I'm about 6 hours ahead of you
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Uellow *mumbles something*
@LavaBidoof399: *yawn* mornin
@LavaBidoof399: Also just cAll me Silver
@Silver the Eevee: K, I can't talk now, at school. Talk to you later! Bidoof!
@LavaBidoof: ok see you soons!
@LavaBidoof: pls don't learn explosion *cry face* I don't want you to explode!
@Silver the Eevee : I won't! Plus, I have already decided on a move set for me! :)
I LOVE YOUR COMICS also what is your favrout sandslash or vulpx.
@Silversloth0506: vulpix it's so cute and also it evolves into nine tails which is strong and beautiful
I fell bad for bolt cuz what if the mustache falls off
@Pinkeevee222: you have hit a comment milestone! This comic has over 400 comments!
@LavaBidoof399: I think we might be responsible for that
@Silver the Eevee : LOL, that's probably true! *Bidoof Lol face*
@LavaBidoof: @Shaede the Eevee: *Strikes adorable pose*
@Silver the Eevee: *Strikes a pose in the air!*
@LavaBidoof399: hmmlh, no fair! And no! I don't want a hot towel! I'm not a pup! (The towel part on is a lie)
Hey, Pinkeevee, do you have like a base for your Eevee drawings? Like a certain style for how you draw so flipping amazing?
@sans_da_eevee: If she says she won't tell you, will she have a bad time? *Megalovania starts to play*
@LavaBidoof399: ya wanna bet a BONE on it?
@sans_da_eevee: LOL!
@sans_da_eevee: Yup. Circles. Lots of circles.
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah, I saw that in Ask-SSEC, but my school is being a butt and restricted the website.
@sans_da_eevee: don't I know it.
@Pinkeevee222: By the way, PinkEevee, I have some drawings of the SSEC characters and whatnot, but how can I get them to you? My school is a butt. TTATT
Hey, @Pinkeevee222: I just got my comic series started, can you please read them and tell me what you think?
I told my friend about this comic She said she would take a look at it asap and she might see this comment if she does then thank you!
Update Update plz
@Emojikitten: Meeeehhhhhhhhhhh, I have homework and class. I'll update on Saturday. *eats chips*
@Emojikitten: srsly chill
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Any more O's and they would break out of the text box and flood the screen!
@LavaBidoof399: they already did
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I haven't drowned in Os yet.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I have a page with everything set up to make an account, should I? *Strikes an incredibly adorable pose* I won't get in trouble, will I?

Edit: I have one! Though I have to validate it...
@Silver the Eevee: Finally back from school! So you have an account now? Cool! Can't wait to see the profile picture! (I'm curious about pokemon art for specific things.) (Also, I kinda only made my profile mainly for this! Lol!)
@LavaBidoof399: ha! I'll have one tomorrow I'm not supposed to be up and my kindle won't let me do the stuff
@Silver the Eevee: Also, just in case you ask... My move set is eruption (cause I have to have a fire type move) hyper fang, superpower, and either swagger or toxic (I can't decide between the 2, help on deciding please?) (Also, my thing didn't know fang was a word! Lol!)
Wait... How does swagger even confuse an a opponent anyway!?!?
@LavaBidoof399: lookit mah swag! Opponent: the HECK did those sunglasses come from? (My thing makes me shout HECK ha)
@Silver the Eevee: Swag powa!! I wonder if the move comes with music to go with it?
@LavaBidoof399: the sounds are the moosic
@LavaBidoof399: swagger
@Silver the Eevee: K, thanks! I felt like adding swagger, but I wanted a 2nd opinion! (Again, How does swagger confuse a pokemon?)
@LavaBidoof399: I have answered you question above also look through other comment above (all done in a stupid voice, this comment, not the others)
@Silver the Eevee: sorry, I finished that comment BEFORE I read yours.
@LavaBidoof399: You are not forgiven!
@Silver the Eevee: pancake?
@LavaBidoof399: HOW DO YOU KNOW MY FAVOURITE FOODS? Fine, I'll have some pancake
@LavaBidoof399: *gives bidoof weird look* fangs are sharp teeth
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Don't scare the Bidoof!
@Silver the Eevee: yay make my drawing of u ur profile pic
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'll try but I'm not sure how
@LavaBidoof399: Why are you even helping Shaede give me bath, huh?
@Silver the Eevee: I just wanted to know if you wanted a warm towel, in case shaede does give you a bath.
@LavaBidoof399: W-well I don't want one and Shaede can't make me take a bath (that whole comment was lie)
@Silver the Eevee: You seem pretty sure that shaede won't see that comment.
@LavaBidoof399: *gulp* Yeah well, s-she doesn't scare me!
@Silver the Eevee: But what if she gives you a bad time? *megalovania plays*
@LavaBidoof399: What'll she do? Hit me with the furbrush?
@Silver the Eevee: it's made special with metal to get in the tangles... it goes right through fur so I could hit u with a fur brush as a legitimate threat
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *flinches* Nononononono! I'll be good! Please don't!
@Silver the Eevee: lol just read this conversation btw I scare u very much admit it
@Shaede The Black Eevee: No you don't...
@Silver the Eevee: heh... of course...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: You don't! If anything I scare you
@Silver the Eevee: I train at a karate dojo
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I have an orange belt at least in 3 different martial arts
@Silver the Eevee: pffft I helped CREATE a karate move for Villary's studio
@Silver the Eevee: HIIIYAAA! Pouncing Tiger!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *catches you* HIYAAAA! *throws you in the floor*
@Silver the Eevee: this move catches the wrist and swiftly moves behind to get u down on the ground
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *struggling* grrrr...
@Silver the Eevee: (this move forces u to the ground)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *kicks you off of me*
@Silver the Eevee: u don't realize how this move works do u lol *takes out metal fur brush*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Eek! C'mon! Please! I've been good!
@Silver the Eevee: while ur on the ground starts brushing ur fur lol
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *sigh of relief* What are you doing?! Stop!
@Silver the Eevee: heh not gonna SERIOUSLY hurt u, not till u evolve. *keeps brushing*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: heh... Could you stop?
@Silver the Eevee: almost done... *starts on tail*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: (sensitive tail) OW! *squirming and struggling* stop doing that!
@Silver the Eevee: *finishes and gets off* there u don't want dread locks do u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: awwwwwww... My tail looks so neat...
@Silver the Eevee: I know
@Shaede The Black Eevee: but I liked it messy...
@Silver the Eevee: *ruffles* there messy but not gonna get caught in low hanging branches or stuff
@Shaede The Black Eevee: thanks, What now?
@Silver the Eevee: GO FIGHT LIKE A SAVAGE
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I fight like a savage anyway
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Uh oh... *MEGALOVANIA PLAYING AT MAX VOLUME!!!!!*
@LavaBidoof399: TURN THAT DAMN NOISE DOWN! (Sensitive ears)
@Silver the Eevee: Sorry! *turns the music down to a good volume*
@LavaBidoof399: *SMASHES MUSIC*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: You're the best
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Ummm... You do know the music is working like undertale right? Where the music is coming from nowhere but still plays?
@LavaBidoof399: *face goes scary* I'll just smash you then...
@Silver the Eevee: Don't!!! I'm friends with sans!!! He will give you a real bad time!
@LavaBidoof399: *eyes glow* then I'll have a nice challenge...
@LavaBidoof399: 4 at once never done that before, *voice changerS* it should be fun...
@Silver the Eevee: I'll call reaper sans.
@LavaBidoof399: 5 dead bodies, wonder how much blood a skeleton has left?
@Silver the Eevee: ........... First, their not here yet, second, if you even touch reaper sans, you instantly die unless he decides not to kill you.
@LavaBidoof399: I wouldn't touch him...
@Silver the Eevee: He also CAN'T die.
@LavaBidoof399: *scorches you* shut up
@Silver the Eevee: Actually... I just got a new ability... Flash fire!
@LavaBidoof399: *hits you on the head*
@LavaBidoof399: anyone can die, trust me I know *evil smile*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Who'd you kill?
@Silver the Eevee: I don't kill, I... um... ur not ready to know yet
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *scratches at you* why noooooot... I'm not puuuup
@Silver the Eevee: as in u can know when u die... not for those with faint of heart... or a heart at all...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: okaaaay... *keeps scratching at you anyway*
@Silver the Eevee: we can just say it has to do with my ... special psychic
@Shaede The Black Eevee: No I mean that he can't die at all. He doesn't take damage.
@LavaBidoof399: everyone has a weakness it just hasn't been exploited yet
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Like you and chocolate *laughes and mutters something*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Well for him it's that if the Impossible happens and he does die... He instantly comes back to life and sucks the life out of the killer.
@LavaBidoof399: I thought I knocked you out
@LavaBidoof399: I am already dead... I never was REALLY alive also certain poke are under my protection
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Like me! * mutters something rude*
@Silver the Eevee: *rolls eyes*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *sticks tongue out at you*
@Silver the Eevee: lol so cyuute
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I'm note cute! *accidentally pulls an adorable pose*
@Silver the Eevee: awww
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *goes bright red* N-That was an accident!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: And I have no idea if I'm dead or not! I once fell into lava and randomly got flash fire.
@Silver the Eevee: *gets out sketchbook to draw the fight because why not lol*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Good idea don't forget that I'm glowing red!
@Silver the Eevee: I carry 2 pens and a pencil at all times (red pen and black pen)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Perfect (just keep my fur white)
@Silver the Eevee: wait ARE U SUMMONING SATAN'S POWER? I'm so proud...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh I could never... That's just my raw anger
@Silver the Eevee: still proud my anger comes in deadly black
@Shaede The Black Eevee: makes sense
@Silver the Eevee: some say it's red, but they just witnessed it through a bloody mist
@Shaede The Black Eevee: fair enough
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Now for the best fight ever!
@Silver the Eevee: I'll just sit back and watch this happen... neheheheheheh.... *totally not being a puppet master*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: ..... I'll call super sonic.
@LavaBidoof399: Oh I took care of him a while back...
@Silver the Eevee: Then I can the glitch master super missingno
@LavaBidoof399: Took care of that too..
@Silver the Eevee: ... I said SUPER missingno, plus, missingno can't die.
@LavaBidoof399: That was the fun part..
@LavaBidoof399: screw sonic, btw I'm on good terms with missingno
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah... Missingno is awes... No... He is FABULOUS!
@LavaBidoof399: he glitched half my Father's brain cells away
@LavaBidoof399: ya living aerodactyl and kabutops skeletons are pretty cool
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Wait a second... Okay, underswap sans is sending us... PANCAKES!!!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: I'm immune to pankakes
@Silver the Eevee: Woooooot! Pancakes are here! Om nom om nom om nom...
@Silver the Eevee: *slaps* ITS A FLUKE!!! HES USING PANKAKES TO DISTRACT U!!!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *sniff* oooooowwwwww...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *muttering many 'words'*
@Silver the Eevee: but... I'm eating some of the pancakes right now? *sniff* why would you think I would do that?
@LavaBidoof399: I don't trust pankakes
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *chewing pancake* why not?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *sniff* (bidoof learned explosion! Would you like to use it when it's out of range from the eevees?)
@LavaBidoof399: pankakes are unhealthy and sap up too much syrup
@Shaede The Black Eevee: use more syrup
@LavaBidoof399: Don't use it at all...
@Silver the Eevee: *sniff* okay...
@LavaBidoof399: Good
... Well that was random.
@LavaBidoof399: is this a good pose? * pulls adorable pose*
@Silver the Eevee: Yaaaay! Pose time again! And yes that is an Fabulous pose! BIDOOF POSE!
@LavaBidoof399: *eevee pose!*
@Silver the Eevee: Pose! Hey I just thought of something! In Poketale, gaster must be a missingno!
@LavaBidoof399: maybe, anyway it's one am where I live so nuh-night
@Silver the Eevee: Good night!
@Pinkeevee222: OMG I love your comics and hope u never stop making them.

P.S. I ship sylveon and umbreon don't judge me. P.S.S. I am 10 years old and I'm shipping XD
@Guest: umm ok
@Guest: She has too many fans to stop making them.
@Guest: eh so what if u ship
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I ship many people... even in real life
@Silver the Eevee: About to make a count k
@Silver the Eevee: for some reason I'm not a shipper. Like not at all. The closest I've come to shipping is with Freon (real life Freon) and chipotle mayo (Fripotle mayo)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I do it to tease my friends
@Silver the Eevee: YAAAAAAAY!!!!
(Also, found out, my Kartana HASN'T been traded yet... I thought people would be rushing for this deal)
@Silver the Eevee: Also, your picture is FABULOUS!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: I know but I wanted a different one...
@Silver the Eevee: Eh, ya did what you could. (Also, why is so hard to get a bidoof? Before people would make jokes with it by offering one for a legendary!)

Edit:(Whoa! This comic has 627 comments!)
@LavaBidoof399: They have gained honour!
@Silver the Eevee: nuuuuuuuuu the pic... it's not the one I made for u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I know... I tried but it wouldn't work...are you angry with me?
Hi I have new picture looking for co authors also hope you like my pic like yours silver
In Pokémon I just caught a shiny dialga lvl.97
And milktank lvl.100 My favorite Pokémon
@Leaf the snivy: If that isn't in X or Y, the you are dedicated. Also, as long as your milktank isn't Whitney's, I'm good with it.
@LavaBidoof399: Do not speak of such things
@LavaBidoof399: *puts duct tape over your mouth*
*Bidoof* (yawn) Morning.
@LavaBidoof399: Yellow
@Silver the Eevee: I'm up! And I'm really hoping I have a bidoof now! Also, if you had psychic powers, what would you do?
@LavaBidoof399: Help whoever I could, and traumatise my enemies
@LavaBidoof399: I have psychic abilities already lol
Diglet dig diglet dig trio trio trio
@LavaBidoof399: *in a trance that lets you do anything to me/make me do anything
@Silver the Eevee: Dancing to catchy tune made by diglets! Diglet dig Diglet dig trio trio trio!
@LavaBidoof399: RRRRAAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
@Silver the Eevee: AHH! I didn't mean to put you in a trance! The tune is just so catchy!
@LavaBidoof399: HA! I finally scared someone
@Silver the Eevee: what did you expect? I'm a bidoof!
@LavaBidoof399: A lava bidoof!
@Silver the Eevee: yep! (Auto correct changed yep to how. Why?)
@LavaBidoof399: *pushes you*
@Silver the Eevee: What are pushing me to?
@LavaBidoof399: *Keeps pushing you* Jump into that
@Silver the Eevee: k. *boing* weeeeeee!
@LavaBidoof399: so you can jump into lava!
@Silver the Eevee: YEP! Flash fire! :) (so warm)
@LavaBidoof399: I wanna get in too! *Runs to jump in*
@Silver the Eevee: Oh! Here! This item gives the same effect of flash fire!
@LavaBidoof399: WHEEEEEEE! *Jumps in*
@LavaBidoof399: (What do you think of my profile btw)
@Silver the Eevee: I like it! Also, since I am a shiny hunter, what's your favorite shiny? I would have to say shiny spiritomb for me.
@LavaBidoof399: Take a guess
@Silver the Eevee: Oh, I should have seen this coming! Shiny eevee. (I should have asked outside the eevee line.)
@LavaBidoof399: Heh (outside the Eevee line is probably Mega Gardevoir
@LavaBidoof399: do you like da song on mah profile?
@Silver the Eevee: I love it! Sometimes I feel like playing a song like that but can never find one!
@LavaBidoof399: Well now you have, it describes the way my friendships happens very well
@Silver the Eevee: I describes how at points of my life when things are trying to keep me down... I say no and become FILLED WITH DETERMINATION!!!
@LavaBidoof399: YEAH!!! *relaxes* this lava's nice
@LavaBidoof399: Lava? Where'd you go?
@Silver the Eevee: Just relaxing. Also, this thing doesn't tell me about comments as quickly. (That and typing on a tablet is hard) Also, it turns out that Leafeon has the highest defence out of the eeveelutions.
@LavaBidoof399: Yup! Fair enough, I just spam refresh all the time. After listening to the song on my profile, did follow it to any others?
@LavaBidoof399: how?
I didn't check, I wanted to reply as fast as a could and the highlight thing was not working with me.
@LavaBidoof399: ok, (you think you own me, but you can't control me)
@Silver the Eevee: I own u
@Shaede The Black Eevee: You can't control me though *boops your nose*
@Silver the Eevee: *bats away*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *boops your nose again*
@Silver the Eevee: *slaps*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *slaps you back*
@Silver the Eevee: *chucks u far far away
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Team rocket's blasting off again!!!!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: ok (what for? If you don't mind my asking)
@Silver the Eevee: going to a park (I just finished lunch)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: okie dokie. Climb a tree!
I found a shiny bid of lvl.28 and killed it with star apt or with close combat
Bidoof srry
Hey silver I found a shiny eevee and named it after you I'm hoping to evolve it into a slyveon
@Leaf the snivy: Thank you! I feel really honoured! You can also make me a Flareon or Umbreon if you want
You're welcome sorry for killing the bidoof it reminds me of lava bidoof I'm gonna restart Pokémon sun because I beat it and after I get my starter I'll name you guys my other Pokémon also caught the eevee which is lvl.89 is on x and y
@Leaf the snivy: Magic!
@Leaf the snivy: Thank you... *sniff* you make me so happy!
@LavaBidoof399: *puts duct tape on your face*
@Silver the Eevee: Mmfmf! RIIIP! What was that for? I'm happy cause he is naming a bidoof after me!
@LavaBidoof399: *ties you up*
@Silver the Eevee: Wait... Your just doing this for fun aren't you?
@LavaBidoof399: *hangs you by the paws* Maybe... and if I am what'll you do about it? *smirks*
@Silver the Eevee: Probably not much at all.
@LavaBidoof399: I thought you could summon people, or was that big talk from a little bidoof?
@Silver the Eevee: No, that was me with a cellphone.
@LavaBidoof399: your the one tied up here
@Silver the Eevee: Yeah, I know, that's why I can't call for someone. I can't reach the phone.
@LavaBidoof399: You're adorable *unties you* wanna get back in the lava?
@LavaBidoof399: OK! *throws you into lava*
@LavaBidoof399: gotta go
@Silver the Eevee: Bye! (Auto correct changed bye to hey)
@LavaBidoof399: You think you know me
But you don't know me
You think you own me
But you can't control me

You look at me and there's just one thing that you see
So listen to me

You push me back
I'll push you back
Harder, harder
You scream at me
I'll scream at you
Louder, L-L-L-L-Louder
I know like my new avatar also love you're profile pic
@Leaf the snivy: *your. Thanks I wanted it to be something else but this was my safetynet
@Silver the Eevee: Hey, when I got my game of pokemon sun (from my extended family), some of my family didn't know I was already getting pokemon sun, so I also got pokemon moon. I plan to do a run using only 1
Pokemon species and my starter. But which out of the 3 should I use for this run? Minior, mimikyu, or stufful?
@LavaBidoof399: neko deko no no ne Mimikyu
@Silver the Eevee: K! I will do the run with mimikyus!
@LavaBidoof399: Good *puts duct tape on your face*
Hey wanna read my comment I had lots of issues
@Leaf the snivy: I've already read your comment
@Leaf the snivy: oooooohhhhhhhh ok
@Leaf the snivy: I'M BLUE AND MANLY!!!!
It's called pmd the escape retry I had lots of issues with it or I could make you a co author if you accept it
@Leaf the snivy: sure I'll accept. How do I accept?
@Leaf the snivy: Wait, do you mean a pokemon mystery dungeon comic?
@Silver the Eevee: YES! So many PMD comics start but then die off! I really want a good PMD comic!
@LavaBidoof399: uh huh *pokes your nose*
@Silver the Eevee: I just checked, a lot of the comics that aren't dead, are usually too dark for me.
@Leaf the snivy: Just curious, which game do you plan to base the comic off?
@LavaBidoof399: it's gonna be my own version plus I play the one with dialga gates of time and super
Me again! The shipper guy
Lol Idk what to write
@Poke-shipper: You kinda came out nowhere.
@Poke-shipper: RRRAAAAAWWWRR
@Silver the Eevee: Also... HOW THE HECK DOES THE FAIRY TYPE WORK!?!? When I play a game and I fight a dragon do I go "oh it's a good thing I have this fairy to beat this dragon" NO! USUALLY IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND! I'm not saying it's bad, but it's matchup with dragon types does not make sense.
@LavaBidoof399: In fairy tales the hero always slays the dragon
@Silver the Eevee:Ooooh. That makes some sense.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Do you like my profile?
@Silver the Eevee: She khasn't said much today...
@Pastaplayer: DANG IT! Auto correct lives only to annoy me! I meant to say hasn't.
@Pastaplayer: I mean that it auto corrects words that I don't want corrected, but when I want it to correct something, it doesn't.
@Pastaplayer: go to my account and scroll down to my avatar.
@Pastaplayer: You are now spaghetti.
Lava bidoof you evolved into barbarrel
You look like spaghetti and it's a type of pasta
@Leaf the snivy: do u know how to reply to someone?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: I was gonna ask that! *grumbles something*
@Silver the Eevee: neheheheheheh
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *grumble* idiot *grumble*
@Silver the Eevee: stop talking to yourself
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *pushes you*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *swears in Latin* (because I know latin)
@Silver the Eevee: anal oe (Hawaiian swears)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *turns back on you* Dumkoff
@Silver the Eevee: u mean dummkopf? I have a Dutch friend and I know what that means
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *grumbles something rude bout you*
@Silver the Eevee: I know a lot more scheisse than u do
@Shaede The Black Eevee: *kicks you*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Bubble gun!!!!!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: What?
@Silver the Eevee: I wanted to burst in with bubbles!!!!!
@LavaBidoof399: have you read the stuff about the bath?
@Silver the Eevee: Yeah. But I still love bubbles! I'm gonna make lava bubbles!
@LavaBidoof399: Don't you dare! *throws a stick at you*
@LavaBidoof399: (she was so mean, I need a hug)
@Silver the Eevee: Awww, Don't worry. *gives you a nice hug*
@LavaBidoof399: and she won't let me dig a hole in the poke centre! *sniffle*
@Silver the Eevee: There there... *Pats you on the back reassuringly*
@LavaBidoof399: Th-thanks
@Silver the Eevee: Your welcome. :)
@LavaBidoof399: *falls asleep on your shoulder*
@Silver the Eevee: *slaps u awake*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Aaaauugh! Oooowwwwww... Why?
@Pastaplayer: ur a scrub
@Pastaplayer: Spaghetti is a type of pasta.
@LavaBidoof399: if you wanna know about what happened with the bath, here you go
Yeah! I found this awesome remix, check it out!
@LavaBidoof399: it's good!
@Silver the Eevee: I first heard it when I watched this kirby is op video.