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March 4th, 2017, 12:23 pm

I already started drawing comic #200...
It's about Daisy, lol. I almost never 
draw comics about Daisy.

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Do you see that jolteon in the header? He is the only reason why jolteons are not my least favorite eeveelution anymore. Before him, all the other jolteons were not really well written, and, I found them to be boring. But, When I was writing Zeon's quest, he was my favorite character by far (unlike in ssec, where I have no idea who my favorite is). But, alas, when I read Zeon's quest again recently, I noticed that I made him too OP. I have to nerf his abilities when I get back to writing it.
Wanna read Zeon's Quest?
While your at it, Wanna read an awesome Fanfic about SSEC?
Oh right here is the link to the official SSEC discord group chat, if you missed it last week:

No. Orangeman is not in the comic.
Pinkeevee222, March 4th, 2017, 12:32 pm Reply
Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 4:16 pm Reply

Wow, Dusk is so scared of Blizz that he's crying for Harmony XD
He should've paid for the things first *sigh*
@Pinkeevee222: I have a watch umbreon named Hakasai, should I send him over to help bolt out?
@LavaBidoof399: Don't worry, Bolt has them under control (kinda)
@Pinkeevee222: Many people are asking about the eye colour, is it because it changes based on mood or is it a joke?
It's funny either way and it really expresses them more, yellow for confusion and green for "Oh it's on" with blizz staring at dusk XD
@Some random snivy: i dont think yellow is confusion so much as agression or anger
Huh. Is that how they got in trouble in the first place?
Yellow eyes, green eyes... stop messing with each other, you two!
@LittleMoons: Red, blue, green, and yellow... OH.ME.GUSH.
@LittleMoons: Oh, hello friend. It's me, Jolteon!
@LeafeonComics: Hello! Fancy meeting you here!
@LittleMoons: I know, total random stranger that I TOTALLY don't know. ... That was sarcasm, in canes you can't tell.
@LeafeonComics: Sarcasm is my life. <3
@Pinkeevee222 , I have a problem!! So, you remember the SSEC story I was writing, correct? Well, I came into my room earlier on today to find one of my families dogs had eaten all 3 pages. 3, back-to-back-covered-in-writing pages of SSEC goodness. Gone. Digested. That took me like a week to write and edit! Now, I'm back to the drawing board. Literally. Well, it wasn't a complete waste. I had wanted to fix some parts of it, and I guess I've been given my chance.
At least their not causing any more property damage.
*sigh* Blizz, seriously man? All you had to do was not cause any trouble for 30 seconds, and what do you do? You punch Dusk in the face. Why would you even want to punch Dusk in the first place?! What did he ever do to you?
@Potatichu: Well, Dusk is more popular than Blizz, and that made Blizz angry.
@Pinkeevee222: Blizz must have powerful jealousy
Well, It has been building up for the whole day @Silver the Eevee: Blizz just wanted to punch him once, he didn't know it was going to escalate.
@Pinkeevee222: Fair enough, though he can't expect Dusk to not punch him back
@Pinkeevee222: ALMOST 200 COMICS YASSS
Bolt seems to be getting better at being assertive.
@ShadowIrorriM: also aggressive. My friend loves bolt he made different people that doesn't look like them though he made vay a girl lol!
As i predictec, they were going to fight

In comic 100 there was a meowth looking through the window in bolt's room

@Skylar101: I need to see that
@Skylar101: The meowth is going to appear in the last page of this chapter.
Dusk......why are you calling your mom NOW?!?!?!?
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: And she's not gonna respond
Because Dusk gave her a broken back
Dusk, you only have yourself to blame.
@thebradyiceeevee02: Yup...or maybe she recovered by now..
Orange man ? I'm thinking of Dayshift at Freddy's (sorry xp that's probably not what u mean)
This is like me and my brother
@Silver the Eevee: Same here
Especially during the COMMERCIALS
*Blizz farts*
This reminds me of my life.

Me= Bolt
Sister= Dusk
Brother= Blizz
Bolt be like: "Can't I leave you alone for TEN SECONDS without you raising a fight?!?!"
I can relate to this, I tell ya
@EeveeHearts333: Thank you, and, don't worry about who Tina is.
what is roung with Blizz I mean he can punch Dusk but Dusk can't punch him? I mean. Like w-why? -_- never mind!
@EEVEES!!!: This is how male brotherhoods work
pokemon Who in da comments has pokemon duel because I do ( I got a flygon in my first box :3 )
@mangle shadow slash : I have it! I got a Ho-oh! I think.
yes @Pinkeevee222: I'm saving up for my favourite legendary reshiram
@mangle shadow slash : I actually have Ho-oh AND either resiram or zekrom lol I forget ( not trying to brag just making a statement)
click toatally not a virus
@Yayorkif: it's a virus
SO PINKEEVEE @Pinkeevee222 how many fans does this comic have now?
-764 fans
--36 fans remaining until Dusk's secret is unlocked
Is eve dead Is eve dead because I hadn't seen eve in the comic for over (possibly)100 pages
@CombatantDock75: Eve was in the last chapter. You should be asking if Clef is dead, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: I think Clef starting digging down and fond the mole people. And he's just chilling with them.
@Skylar101: None of the characters have died.
@Pinkeevee222: i know

But where is fred?
@Skylar101: Fred is probably in the basement with all of the other green paw eevees.
... or, he's transcending time and space.
Your my favorite comic maker You by far best comic maker by far that's a compliment to you.
@Eevee kid: Thanks! :D
Can sora turn into orangeman if she tries hard enough?

Also been meaning to ask you why did u name a sylveon after a kingdom hearts character
@cybokat1865: No.
I can't say why because it is pretty obvious.
QUESTION ABOUT VAY @Pinkeevee222: Will he be miserable forever or will he get happier and more friendly in the future?
@Skylar101: He does in fact get happier over time.All characters will get happy endings, especially Vay. (Well, idk if Sora or Harmony will get a happy ending or not, so, meh)
@Pinkeevee222: Sora deserves one, and depending on the next chapter Harmony might deserve one (in my opinion)
eY biG b0$$, cAn i haVe a pizZa plz?
Awe come on you crazy kids. Play nice or bolt will have to go to the tm section of the store and get thunderbolt. Shock therapy solves all. :3... :'c
punch dusk
Great Comic.
@AShinyFemaleEevee: No Roleplay.
Dusk's face in panel 11 is so adorable
Wow Blizz... you make Dusk scared enough to call for Harmony.....
That smile on page 13
Plz make a snivy when you make a new comic p.s. My names Chloe and I love your work lol
I hope you make a snivy
@Guest: The trainer doesn't have a snivy. So, I can't put one in the comic. Sorry
I thought Dusk hated his mom? Don't think I didn't notice that Dusk to night transition! I did!
@Black lucky cat: there is no Dusk to Night transition, there is only Dusk.
@Pinkeevee222: I'm crying like a beast
@Pinkeevee222: panel 12-13 the eyes go from red (dusk's eye color) to yellow (night's eye color)
@Black lucky cat: Dusk and Night are separate people, but night is a clone of Dusk
@Black lucky cat: I know. That has happened several times before. Why are people just now noticing it?
@Pinkeevee222: The first time I saw it is when Dusk was getting all mad at Harmony
@Silver the Eevee: I believe that that was actually the second time.
@Pinkeevee222: wasnt the first time when Dusk stole Flame's magazine from Blizz and Flame, as they were fighting
@Meloncat: I noticed all of them, including the time dusk was talking to dawn about the light in the forest.
But im just 10! maybe the snivy belongs to the trainers bff and it's visiting
@Guest: What does being 10 have to do with anything? Only the trainer's pokemon can enter the PC.
and ive been drawing my own comics so plz p.s. I'm crying like a beast so plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The snivys name is cloverleaf and he has a bandage e on his left arm and he has hair covering his right eye plz plz plz plz!!!!!
Awnser me!!!!
@Guest: for arceus sake, pinkeevee will NOT answer you.
@Kittykat: shut ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Guest: ......... *cringing intensifies*
Oh and cloverleaf is bliss bff so friendly hugs
@Guest: Who is Bliss? I know who BlIZZ is but not bliss..... smh....
@Pastaplayer: I ment blizz
@Guest: suuuuuurrrrreeee
hoi I love your work, thanks for making this!
:-( My grandmothers dog just died Lucy was my best friend I rescued her when she was a puppy and I did not get to say goodbye I now am crying
@MinecraftVee: sorry about the dog
Pink eevee 222 answer me
@Guest: she will not.
I'm 10 so leave me alone!!!!!! Pussy kat
@Guest: lol. You said pussy cat. Oh. I mean. Don't call people names.
@Pinkeevee222: What's funny about pussy cat?
@Silver the Eevee: Tom and Jerry.
@Pinkeevee222: Wasn't that Tweety Bird? I tort I taw a puddy tat?
@Pinkeevee222: sorry but she was getting on my nerves
/:) $$)
LOL! I knew Bolt shouldn't have trusted Blizz!
I'm going to change my guest name to "Shimmer the shiny eevee" because now I like eevee more then Pikachu. I'm not trying to copy anyone!
Bolt is so cute! You are a great artist Pinkeevee!
*sits and smiles* Blizz: Punches dusk
Dusk: stares and punches back
Blizz and Dusk: derp face;gkance at Bolt
LOL so funny
/me dabs
Pink eevee 222 did you hear my ideas??????????¿
@Guest: I didn't. Tell me then again, please. Oh. If they involve adding another character, I don't want to hear it. (I already have characters that I might not even need, I don't need more). If your ideas are theories about what is going to happen with the characters in the comic, that is more likely to get implemented in the comic if I like it.
@Pinkeevee222: my ideas are about unvoa Pokémon aloan Pokémon and eevee and new eeveeloutions
@Pinkeevee222 is there gonna be a Sylve Sylve? :3
@GreekGirlyPokemonLover: There will be a sylveon in the future! She is very cute~
@Pinkeevee222: Doki?

Is she the future sylveon?
@Skylar101: No. lol, Not Doki. Like, I have been drawing Sylveon and posting the drawings on my art blog (Which is full of SSEC spoilers) so, like, 100ish people know about her. I think. At least, that's the amount of followers I have.
@Pinkeevee222: art blog? OwO whats dis u speaks of
@cybokat1865: You have to dig deep in the ask blog to find it. Look for reblogs.
@Pinkeevee222: I found another way
@Pinkeevee222: that sylveon on the 2015 eevee day pic? Is that the future sylveon?
@Skylar101: Maybe???
@Pinkeevee222: their is a Minecraft sever i want to tell you about. It's name is cubecraft and address is Also, if you want to friend request me my username is wolfy1738.
@Pinkeevee222: yay!! :D
And somewhere between time and space...there is Arceus...looking down on the earth...facepalming .___.
Oh dang, now that's a good Eeveelution fight.
Pink eevee 222 I love your comics I even draw my own you I'm spirit me
@Pinkeevee222 has Zeons quest legit not updated since 2015 or is it a patreon thing or is my browser doing a stupid?
@cybokat1865: I am going to finish it after I finish SSEC. Doing both of the series at the same time was exhausting. It might become a patreon thing if you guys want it to be.
@Pinkeevee222: oooohhhhh, lol. Honestly, i am fine with waiting cuz i dont know how 2 patreon... But yeah the cliffhanger at the end killed me thats why i asked, i may or may not have binge read the whole thing in 2 hours hahahahahahah im not crazy
Also, dont. Nerf. Dustin.
He is lé best.
@cybokat1865: lol, Okay.
@Pinkeevee222: f-f-finish SSEC? Is that even possible?! :O
@cccviper653: Well, it will probably take 10 years, but, yeah. It will end eventually.
@Guest: No. the trainer had to go to Alola for alolan Pokemon to appear. As of now, there are no plans on sending her to Alola, since the island challenge seems to be for only people who live there, and, there are no gyms (then again, I haven't completed Sun yet, so, idk.
And, we already have eeveelutions and eevees.
@Pinkeevee222: can you at least make a snivy on deviantart that'll make me feel better
@Guest: Are you going to commission it?? If yes, then, I will.
@Pinkeevee222: yes
@Guest: Ok. A full picture costs 300 deviantart points. I think.
@Pinkeevee222: thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kisses "3
I wanna update my picture for my account. Please tell me how people. I'm new. I love PinkEevee (not inappropriately eww). So can I make a pic for my account off of google or something? Or is it complicated?
@LittleLunaTheEevee: You made a smackjeeves account, right? All you have to do is go under account settings and change it.
@LittleLunaTheEevee: Go under the my account option, scroll down, and click change avatar
Um did it work? Didnt work.
ill try again
It was five seconds.

puffs @Pinkeevee222: i was rereading the comic from the beginning, and i saw the panel with a jigglypuff saying "we will be back" in unown. WHEN WILL THEY BE BACK?
@Mythicalvictini: Depends. If you want a comedy centered chapter instead of a plot centered or character development centered chapter, I can put the one I have scrapped in after the Harmony chapter. If not, the jigglypuffs won't appear until Devin joins Eve and Oliver.
@Pinkeevee222: Wait? Devin is joining Eve and Oliver? Did u just reveal unknown plot!?
@Pastaplayer: Hi! Remember that you are banned. Please don't comment until I un-ban your account. Anyways, you are new, so, you don't know, but, there is an Ask-blog where I draw SSEC characters in. I drew Devin along with some other eevees on there, so, a lot of people already know that Devin is joining Eve and Oliver. *sighs* I guess I shouldn't put spoilers in the comment section.
@Pinkeevee222: does that mean Dominic and Izzy are joining eve oliver and deven too?
@Skylar101: Sorry, can't say. Please ask that question on the Art blog, and, I will give you a proper answer. (With comic sketches, maybe)
@Pinkeevee222: Yay! I like devin :3 also, i wanna know more about Oliver... Does he allow the nickname Ollie? :3
@cybokat1865: Dawn calls him "Ollie". But, he thinks it's embarrassing, and will glare at anyone else who calls him it. I'm thinking about making an Oliver chapter, so, you might see more of him.
@Pinkeevee222: Do. It. Hes probably my favorite character heheheehhe
@Pinkeevee222: you should do an Oliver chapter after the Harmony/Lem chapter
@Skylar101: Ummmm... after the Harmony chapter is a Blizz chapter. Then a Bolt chapter, THEN, an Oliver and Eve chapter, where we get to meet Anny, Oliver's ex. Anny is pretty cute, I dunno why Eve is so scared of them. Hmm... I could move it up, since after that is another Eve chapter (well, it's more of a Daisy and Vay chapter as well, but, meh.) hmmm... I should move that chapter up, or put a chapter in between the two. Maybe a Flame chapter? I never do those *ponder ponder ponder* Hmmm, yeah. I'll put it after the Harmony chapter now, I just realized how I can connect it to the Blizz chapter.
Hello! I'm new. Great comic. Hilarious. Keep up the good work!
Springtrap: Yeah!
Springbonnie: Cool.
Who let you 2 outta the safe room?
Springtrap: Uh...
Springbonnie: Let's get outta here!
Okay then. Like I said, great comic!
I did it I read every single thing on your tumbler for ask-ssec..... do i officially have no life yet? High school is 2 ez 5 mezy...
@Pinkeevee222: are u gonna do comics every Sunday? And are u starting to watch Inuyasha?
@Sango: I have always updated every Saturday, and, I have been watching Inuyasha for years.
@Pinkeevee222: I love Sango and Miroku they're funny but why whyyyy I won't say what's in the last part because it would be a spoiler
Zeon's Quest Header Yay! Dustin is in the header! Also, don't nerf Dustin. It's going to be fun writing with this much power in Dustin. Plus, I like the Red Tauros. It adds a nice touch.
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee What level is rj?
@Skylar101: I dunno. Probably a high level, since his dad trained him.
Amazing cómic pinkeevee222!
@Sylveonawsome: thanks!!
Umbreon use psychic Umbreon can use psychic he's an dark type i dont know what is umbreon attack, i only know that umbreon can use psychic. and Espeon AND ALL GLEACEON IS A GIRL YOU ARE TO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! and there are boy and girl pokemon fairy type are. girl and all espeon are girl i like all youre comic.
@starshine: Yes. Umbreon can learn psychic, but, only by TM, so, I don't think a lot of umbreon would know it because of this fact. Eeveelutions only have a 12.5% chance at being a girl, so, I really doubt that all Espeons and Glaceons fall under this 12.5%.
I must be lucky @Pinkeevee222: I have 1000 girl eevees
@Skylar101: isn't the total capacity of Pokemon you can hold in the PC capped at 930?
@Pinkeevee222: I have 3 Pokemon games (you can get eevees in) I have girl eevees in all 3 (I think I'm gonna count them later)

When I said that I have 1000 girl eevees I didn't mean I actually have 1000 girl eevees
The last panols position (winking face)
@darkgreninja : ???
@darkgreninja : thats what i though too. ;)
@GreekGirlyPokemonLover: me to
@darkgreninja : Eh?
@Silver the Eevee: @Pinkeevee222 spend 5 minuets looking at it and look the "position"
@darkgreninja: Nope, still don't see anything other than fighting
@Silver the Eevee: Try to take your of the fighting and think of something else aka (69)
@Pinkeevee222: i keep my screen on low brightness so i can only see Dusk's rings and eyes and it looks so wierd!!!
@Mythicalvictini: That sounds cool!!
Is vay and daisy going to get married in the future???
@Fansomething: Pokémon do not get married. (Unless human intervention is involved)
Hey I made a new comic. They are called LunaTheEevee's Life. CHECK IT OUT PEEPS!
Guuuuuurll!! Awesome comic! Keep up the good work. I wanna make comics to! Is it hard??
look I would rate this a 5 star but i don't know my moms username...... or password
umm yeah its hard
me Luv THIS Comic WUT IF this is based on Real Pokèmon HUW are u seeing this? THis turning it in comic?? -BoxTheEevee

Huv cookies?
bolt is cute when he is angry
That last panel reminds of something....
my cat slapped me in the face with his paw..... I feel ashamed.
When are more comic coming
@Leanoraann: Every saturday
why is there a hole in the wall?
@Black lucky cat: Refer to the other page's context clues.
What time will the new comic come out
The new comic comes out today i think
Yeah cuz today is saterday... right?
Yeah it is saterday
@Guest: It will never be saterday, saterday does not exist. Saturday however does
Dat position remindes me of something

(Could it really be wat imao am thinking?)
My guess is that bolt will be punished when she sees the trio because ...wait DID BOLT HAVE HIS MENTAL BREAK DOWN WHEN HE HAD TO KISS THE SECURITY LADY !?!?!?
I think ... i should ask when do you end the comics and eve evolves into a sylveon i think and i believe i am correct because the team does not have a sylveon yet... at least for now maniac yell na im just messin with but i think im right about the sylveon thing though...
And i turned ten last week on the forth
@Fansomething: cool I turned 13 on the third
@Fansomething: eve is most likely to evolve into glaceon than the other eeveelutions
@Skylar101: really cause when i was nine i was looking at images where i found eve evolve into a sylveon i think pinkeevee222 wants to keep the reveal a secret for now...
@Fansomething: I'll be 15 in about 8 months and 6 days
Update Update now pls
Where do you live though?
@Umbreon21: Stalker
Dat face do
XD XD XD XD Blizz x Dusk :3
They are doing a sexual position :O
Lololololol Dusk and blizz r always fighting y @Pinkeevee222222
@Pinkeevee222: u must continue that FF(fanfic) or I Wii DIE. Its the only good Pokémon story that an't a comic I've Read!!!!!!!!!!!? Plus I have a shet lode of idears so u need new comic idears tell me
If you can, please update Eevee academy.

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