Dusk's room


March 11th, 2017, 4:15 pm

Hey, isn't that hat on the bottom of the shelf from the ask blog?

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The comic is late because of Dusk's stupid room. I officially hate drawing Dusk's room. GO CLEAN IT UP YOU LAZY BUM! I'm glad that he sleeps on the roof.
The flareon in the header is the best flareon character I made. Waaayyyy better than Flame.... Even though I keep on forgetting how to spell his name...
Funny thing though, like, He was the first flareon that I actually focused on, since, the first flareon I made was a side character, the second flareon died in the beginning of the series (Idk why, he just did, lol), and, the third flareon I made (Flora) wasn't really focused on much. I want to see if I can develop Flame's character more so he can be better than this flareon, but, It's proven to be kinda hard, since I don't really have a grip on Flame's character yet. But, don't worry! I had the same problem with Blizz, and, now he's one of the most developed characters in the series! (Even though some people still think he's a Dusk clone, lol).

I'm planning on having another Live stream, but, I guess I have to do it after Spring break. Hmmm, but when?

... Why did I put an apostrophe in glaceons???

My Patreon will go live tomorrow! So, I guess then is when I'll upload the link to it.
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My Patreon Page is up! Check it out, if you want!
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I like it so much when the comment space is not full. ^_^
But not for long. -_-
Dusk in the last panel be like "I have a major secret I can't reveal..."
You may have had difficulties drawing Dusk's room, but it came out amazing! The angles are on point and you can really tell what his personality is like when you see all his stuff like that!
So I guess that we know Dusk's power now...
Dusk teleport us back to staplers back cuz that was easy!
Swift probably wants his hat back...
For some reason I feel like the tm for psychic, under neath the picture of Harmony is meaning something.
@9rainbowtails: CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME!!!!!!
@Pastaplayer: No, he doesn't know Psychic.
Wow, how long has that jar of mayo been there?
Whats going on here?
Good freaking goodness @pinkeevee! That is a very good room! I feel sorry that you had to draw that.
Edit: wait. Was Dusk ever trapped in that room? Cuz the claw marks next to his bed looks like what prisoners do to keep track of how much time has passed.
Is Dusk the leader of LKD?
Wow I don't get this comic buuuuuuuuuuuuut I was super surprised that soras a guy but when ever I dub I'm still gonna has a girl voice!
@Meow123: Sora's a girl.
wait a second So Dusk wrote those storybook based on his life. He was the eevee with the blue ribbon and the silver bow. And with one of the experements, he gained the ability to teleport objects (since the move teleport the user can only teleport THEMSELVES).
I thought Dawn was / is a leader?

No? Ok. (Would be cool to see dawn as a temporary leader tho)
How come a dark type can learn psychic? It's SO UNFAIR!
@Guest: Why is there ground/flying types?
TMs TMs Everywhere...........
Walt the minute. Dusk learn psychic for Dawn. I don't understand
@Pinkeevee222: I have one question. How many people favorite your comic?
@Umbreon21: 770
@Pinkeevee222: *eyes opened widely* well anyways I'm one of them.
@Umbreon21: Yay! Thanks!!!
@Umbreon21: ME TOO
Have to say, you did a really good job on the room. You really captured the mood of it- I especially love the lighting.
Dusk owns a tripod and a camera? Is Dusk a YouTuber?
Ohhh. I get why Blizz thought that. He doesn't remember.
I think the most concerning thing in that room is the jar of mayonnaise.
all I can ask is this... Why are there tally marks on the wall? Why does dusk have that shirt? WHO HAS A JAR OF MAYO SITTING IN THEIR ROOM?? when can dusk teach me how to solve a rubix cube? and that is all I can ask for now. he also needs to teach me how to draw... and learn psychic.
So many comments... In 1 hour.
please respond @Pinkeevee222 Is Dawn pretending to be Sora? Because in the comic were Dawn gives Dusk a TM, she was wearing a purplish ribbon with a golden bell. In Storybook 1, the eevee was wearing a purplish ribbon with a golden bell. Some think that was Sora. So is Sora important to the brothers at all or was she just the mother of Eve and Oliver's friend? But she has to since the eevees in the storybook changed their names and Sora changed hers. So the big question is: WHY DOSE DAWN HAVE SORA'S BOW/RIBBON?
@trixiethecat: The trainer gave Dawn that soothe bell. Dawn isn't impersonating anyone. Those are just the colors the trainer wanted her espeon to have.
I was looking for about a half an hour for the ask that had the alive hat in it.
The glowing eyes of eye fire are back!
Dusk, you shouldn't leave mayo out like that. I like Dusk's room. it's... homey. He should get a new bed though. No wonder he sleeps on the roof. Hay is so spiky and itchy.

Woo patreon. All the mon mons to you!
I have an Eevee of. His name is courage I have an eve oc on draw cast. His name I courage. He is a baby shiny Eevee who is blind. He can only See his dreams while sleeping. He was found on the floor crying in th woos by a glaceon name grace. A few years later grace made him her own child. The reason why courage (that's his name) was found crying in the woods, lot when he was like 2 months old is because his parents got burnt to death by flareons. This is why courage is so scared of flareons. He heard the cries and screams of his parents. *drops mic*
Probably not at all relevant that there is a glitch move called TM29... Right?
@Pastaplayer: Gligar, Gliscor, and Landorus
Ok...this is a little bit scary .___.
Sorry... but I don't quite understand, can someone please explain? The move teleport only moves the user right?
@Guest: Yeah it is.But I don't know that that is really true.Can someone google it?
@Eeveechy: yeah only the user
@Guest: is this version of teleport like just for Dusk from the lab?
I see the drawing from the secrets comic
Wow I didn't know Dusk REALLY got theTM for psychic!Well the more I am stupid the more I learn :)
@Pastaplayer: wait so physic is glitched?!
Loving the comic series These comics are nice
Those markings on Dusk's wall are pretty freaky. I'm guessing those were from marking the days since he last saw Sky? Pretty sad, really

That notice board with all the papers pinned to it are rather intriguing as well. Perhaps also related to Sky? Maybe Dusk was trying to track them down?

Also, ayy lmao OPM shirt.
@Pinkeevee222: Did you delete the first two comments? If so why?
@Skylar101: I deleted the first comment because I said that I'd delete any comments saying that they are first comment, and, I don't think I deleted the second comment.
Don't Mind me Don't mind me pinkeevee222 I'm just browsing through the internet
Response @Pinkeevee222: k
@Pinkeevee222: pinkeevee, on your SJ account you say your name is Mari. But on your Patreon account you say that youre Tina. How is that possible? (Please answer if you want to. If not, oh well.)
Lol, only since I go on her tumblr I know this @Kittykat: lol. Mari is her 'pink eevee' Tine is her real name.
Why can't Rick be a co-leader for green paw? He was one of the first brothers and Dusk should REALLY have a assistant.
@night the fear: I know right?And Dusk should have an assistant for sure
:/ Yep me bored and sad
I still cannot join PinkEevee222's Discord :C and PinkEevee's Artist skills are getting better awesomely
p.s when is the Stream p.s.s Notice me PinkEevee222Chun
p.s.s.s did @Pinkeevee222 Chun notice me yet :C ???
I have a account Well I have a Patreon Account
@Pinkeevee222: How many pages are left until the next meanwhile?
@Skylar101: It's either the next comic, or, we have 1 page to go.
@Pinkeevee222: You said meowth was in the last page of this chapter
@Skylar101: Yeah, but, I want to get to the Harmony chapter, so, I postponed it.
this is why I say that nothing is final until I put it in the comic, I am very indecisive.
Good job Good job on the comic.
Huh @Pinkeevee222: anyone else notice that there is a sylveon doll in dusk's room?
Next Comic So What's the next comic gonna be?
@FriskDaPro: I dunno.
Will you ever continu the majic eevee comic cuz i want you to cuz it was fun
@Guest: ????
I do not understand.
@Pastaplayer: I was thinking that too, but, Majic sounds like magic, and, no magic has been shown in eevee academy yet.
@Pinkeevee222: I think that they were using magical as a complement
SORA AND MIKU Both sora and miku mean sky both sora and miku have the same nature and characteristic miku is immune to Dusk's poisonous sweat steel types are immune to poison sora was sent to the lab in kalos miku first saw dusk in kalos both sora and miku are in love with dusk sora's eyes are pink and they turn blue sometimes and miku's eyes are blue and they turn pink sometimes

@Skylar101: lol
I'm confused what is dusk planing please tell me @Pinkeevee222 (jeopardy theme plays)
@darkgreninja: Sorry, only people who read very carefully will understand what's going on.
@Pinkeevee222: So I read it and to things 1 dose dusk leave blitz behind and 2 I noticed TM29 so what dose that mean
P*ssed off trying to get svg gold and went 25-0 (brutal) and didn't get chameleon camo
@blackops3 pro2017: Really sorry for that whent free for all got 30-0 and f*ucking got assist suicide and didn't count as. a nuclear
@darkgreninja: (triggered)
@blackops3 pro02017: Yes i got triggered
Boi @Pinkeevee222 who are those eevees? BG eevees? You forgot to say their names if so

-Cybokat (as a guest due to laziness)
@Guest: I said who they are in discord, I think that's enough.
!!!!!!! WAIT just a minute they said those TMs brake after one use! That means he didn't learn it! And also @Pinkeevee222 could you at least give us a tiny hint on what this means?
@MinecraftVee: A hint on what what means?
@Skylar101: Sky is an eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: i know sky is an eevee but when he evolves into sora does his gender change? Does his gender change depending on what he evolves into?
@Skylar101: Sora is female in all of her eeveelutions, this includes eevee.
@Pinkeevee222: does that mean sky is a girl?
@Skylar101: Sky was defiantly a boy.
@Pinkeevee222: oh does that mean his gender CHANGED when he was used at the lab?
@Skylar101: sky is a polysexual genderfluid attack helicopter who uses yhe / yhey pronouns
@Skylar101: Sky and Sora are seperate
In anime, there is one episode where a pokemon teleports an egg, so it's possible that dusk used normal teleport.
@Mariam: I try to not use anime logic, unless needed.
@Pinkeevee222 I ment a hint on what's going on with the hole teleporting thing
@MinecraftVee : There has been several hints, throughout all the comics. Not about just Dusk, but, about all of the male eeveelutions. If you pieced together all of the clues, it is very easy to figure out what's going on here.
@Pinkeevee222: What?? Dusk stealing psychic for Dawn??
@Sylveonawsome: Please read what Blizz said again.
Wow there are so many good comics on smackjeevees including this, littleLunaTheEevees life, and Pastas life! And those are only the ones I've read!
@Guest: tfw you're advertising your own comics
@Guest: yes because *says sarcastically* apparently I made SSEC. Seriously I just like those comics
Are u drunk @Guest: sir this is the po-lice sent by boss we gun haveta confescate all da marijawanahs sir no resistance pliz give it up
Every time I hear "spring break" I think of purple guy. #ineedanewobsession
Dusk's eyes: Yellow
Blizz's eyes: green
Vay's eyes: Sky blue
Flame's eyes: Orange
How about Daisy And Dawn?
Eve: purple
Vay: sky blue
Bolt: red and blue
Flame: orange
Dawn: none
Dusk: yellow
Daisy: yellow-ish orange
Blizz: green
Miku: pink
Sora: Sky Blue
Oliver: red
@Skylar101: the eyes change.
@Skylar101: Wow! You got all of them correct! *claps*
@Pinkeevee222: Why do their eyes glow? Did they gain that from the lab? But Daisy wasn't alive yet so it can't be. And plus Dawn's eyes don't glow so she misted something, but to sum it up
1.What happened so that their eyes can glow?
2.Why doesn't Dawn's eyes glow?
Wait... Dusk isnt smart enough to solve a rubick's cube... or is he? ;)
@Konix: top 5 trash poster on the discord?
Can you at least post 1 early? Please? If not, that's ok. I was just asking. Also, can you add a Ditto that is disguised as an eevee but it's a shiny and their owner catches it? Does someone have recolor? If someone does, check out all my art I have posted. My account is shadow p someone does, check out all my art I have posted. My account is shadow paw.
@Pikachu: Pinkeevee will never put a shiny in the comic
@Skylar101: I spotted a shiny eevee in a Black comic. Black comics are plot comics. You know the one with the espeon? The espeon with creepy glowing green eyes? Well, there was a shiny eevee in the cell neighboring the espeon.
@ShinyEeveeSpotted: That is an exception, she will not except shiny bg eevees
:( :( :(
Interesting. Great comic, its really interesting what is happening in the comic.
@Leafyyay: Dusk cloned Night himself
@Silver the Eevee: whoops...
@Pastaplayer: Yeah I know but one thing I make it censoredish so yeah it better Tha saying the attual thing
Dusk's Shirt Dusk has an Oppai Shirt? Really, Pinkeevee222? You know what that means in Japanese, right?
I do know what it means. @EnderStaffExe: If I didn't know what it meant, I wouldn't have put it there, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: O MAH GOD WHYYYY
@Skylar101: What can I say? Dusk love him some Oppai.
He didnt use the tm
I think that's a different sooth bell @Pastaplayer: Sky's sooth bell is all beat up
@Skylar101: This is correct.
PINKEEVEE TELL US THE SECRETS NOW AND WHAT DUCKS BECOMES SMARTER ALL OF A SUDDEN WWHAT!!!!!!! P.s I won a 10,000$ lottery ticket I'm realy lucky ♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧♧
/\ /\
• •
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: Dusk was always smart. He's just very good at acting stupid.
@Pinkeevee222: I KNEW IT!!! There is no such thing as a dumb umbreon.
Dusk used lol! Teleport stuff despite logic! (Aka: Dusk used screw logic!)
@Pinkeevee222: the eevee glaceon and flareon you drew on deviantArt are cute

Are you going to draw the other eeveelutions?
@Skylar101: I will if someone commissions me to do so.
What a second yesterday was someone's birthday ahh yes it was natiichnal pi day yes anyway how smart is duck so does thus mean that eve might still love him I mean come on eve go tell how he fells and so everone does not know how smart ducks is. :3

Also this dude my roommate keeps on yelling do it now do now I'm thinking about caling the cops on him.

Also I'm making comics so I need to change my user name
Ok I am redoing what i think the darn plot was since I cant view the ask blog stupid school proxi firewall... Ok, when Dusk was sent to the lab, he was turned into a Umbreon, which he gained Psychic powers and was a dark type. After he escaped, he felt very lonely, so he cloned himself to create Night, then evolved him to see the results. Dusk called him a mistake because he did not gain the Psychic powers. After this, Blizz was struck with Amnesia, so he forgot who Night was and that Dusk was a Dark-Psychic type! Remember this is just a theory and I have no access to the Ask blog!
@Leafyyay: Dusk was not turned into an Umbreon at the lab, he evolved after a battle with a random trainer. And Blizz got amnesia when they were escaping the lab.
@Zappy the Raichu: darn it... D:
@Leafyyay: But Dusk being part psychic type hasn't been disproven.
It might have been disproven. @Zappy the Raichu: On Dusk's first bio, his type was only 'dark'.
@Potato lover 345: :T. Oh well.
@Skylar101: Wow Skylar101 You all correct!! Here your super star For You ;)
@Sylveonawsome: :D
I think I found a secret(the evil mom that separated the two severs)
@CombatantDock75: Severs
@Pinkeevee222: Why the bad shirt? :( And does Dusk know Japanese?
@Pastaplayer: Or he's like my friend, very attracted to the point he has heart attacks just being around girls
What @Silver the Eevee: WTF do you mean Imm going to pull ducks ears off if I don,t get answers
1. Why is dus smart tell me

2. If ducks is not part with the lad than how was he born.

3. Explain this lab thing too me.
@Guest: 1:He pretends to be dumb 2: Harmony gave birth to him 3:Harmony put them in an eevee lab because she was jealous and kind of a terrible mother
the next comic is coming out tomarow right?
Pinkeevee222 please make me a background eevee because you did say this "Well, I only let people make pokemon characters if they have a very good reason! (Actually, it is because I am a pushover) But, I am accepting background eevees (NOT eeveelutions) for a limited time. (You can only get one if you have a Smackjeeves or Deviantart account, and read the rules!)

Pinkeevee222 you did say you could.

Or I can just paste every litel thing on the things you said on these comics p.s SECRETS TOO.
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: No.
Pinkeevee222 please make me a background Eevee because you did say this."Well, I only let people make pokemon characters if they have a very good reason! (Actually, it is because I am a pushover) But, I am accepting background eevees (NOT eeveelutions) for a limited time. (You can only get one if you have a Smackjeeves or Deviantart account, and read the rules!)
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: NO.
@Pinkeevee222: Lmao
SHE SAID NO! @Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee:
Also how do I become a background eevee tell me please
I DON'T EVEN- @Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: O MAH GOD SHE SAID NO!!!!!!!!!
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: Ok, so, I am kinda sorry for the um... whatever it was that went down in the comments section, but, to get a background eevee, you have to have a Smackjeeves account, and favorite the comic. Ok? After you get a smackjeeves account, comment somewhere that I can see it, and, I'll tell you the next step.
@Pastaplayer: lol. Don't worry, I'm just deleting most of the comments.
What is that
@Pastaplayer: what you just said
@Pastaplayer: They have not gotten to that step yet.
@Pastaplayer: no you said punctuation issues. Am I'm only 16 and u know that's mean.
@Guest: You don't have an account. That is why. Please. Stop spamming the comments section.
I find it funny that you seem to not read everything I write before posting all of it.
@Pastaplayer: no you said he had issues where he puts his punctuation and that's really mean.
Ok I'm sorry happy now but that for the info.
Omg this comic thing is mess up because I am spelling ever word right.
See there it goes agin read that comment.
Pink Eevee could you please explain what the whole concept of the lab is cuz I have no idea what it is.
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: I am not explaining anything right now. It will all be explained in the comic in due time.
Okay now okay now think Eevee usually too many comments because I've been reading these in order and they really do not make any sense so I don't think people are really going to appreciate that I'm sorry to interrupt like this but I'm just telling the truth I must not tell lies.
@Shadow the eevee aka shinyeevee: You read through the entire comic, but did you pay close attention to all the details that are in the comics? You have to pay close attention in this comic to understand what's going on.
Oh but I do I'm just saying the latest comments that pinkeevee222 deleted also night text club who wants to join.

What we do is that at night somewhere around 8 o'clock we start texting about are theories about stupid short Eevee comics and what does it mean so come and join me just say your name and your in.
Oooooooh secrets
Wait so some eevees dyeded there fur?
yeah they do sometimes..........
WAIT IS OLIVER A GIRL OR A BOY!????? I can't tell because it says that Oliver is a boy but Oliver likes a boy.SO! is Oliver a girl or is Oliver ya know one of those boys who likes boys.......................
@Guest: lol
@Pinkeevee222: What I need to know this is Oliver a girl or a boy who likes other boys?
@Guest: He's a boy.
@Silver the Eevee: so Oliver likes other boys then............. wow
@Guest: Wow?
/:-( some jerks in their truck just broke off a huge part of my tree
@MinecraftEsp: Wow why?
And are youz ok?
@Guest: don't know and I guess I'm ok:-(
*sigh* I wish comic was today
@Guest: ikr?
WAIT i thought to day was saterday!!!!!!!!!!! cuz all the comics come out on saterday!!!!
Comics usually come out at 10:00am to 11:00am.
@Zappy the Raichu: what time zone lmao
@cybokat1865: The North American time zone I guess cos that's were Pinkeevee lives I think if I'm remembering properly.
@Zappy the Raichu: BUT IT'S 3:13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE COMIC SHOULDE BE OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Pastaplayer: comic number infinity and beyond.
Wait is Dusk going to use that move to go back and save sky
Well​ that's what I think he wants to do I am very sure of it. I think :p
Guys my new name is FlowerEspeon hope people see the comment USING CAPS SO PEOPLE CAN SEE SORRY
The "glitch" TM29!!!
@Shaede The Black Eevee: But, it's not glitched
@Silver the Eevee: do you know about glitch moves?
@Silver the Eevee: well, I think my first theory is wrong, but some moves have glitch versions including tm29 but I think he just didn't use the tm.
Um... If the TM29 Dusk used to learn Psychic was an old Sinnoh one, how is it still intact is his room? Is the crack hidden under the notebook, or is it a different TM for the same move?
UH IS THERE GOING TO BE A COMIC OR WHAT! because i have been wait sooooooo long. is it even going to be today
@EEVEES!!!: Oh you poor impatient little thing... even if it'll take days, just wait and it'll eventually update.
@Lottos35: but isnt it always on saturday. like we already have to wait a week. NOW ONE MORE DAY!! i dont get it man.
@EEVEES!!!: Yes, always on saturdays, however-- there were enough times that the artist (@Pinkeevee222) takes a bit longer to make the page.
@Pinkeevee222: why isn't it today. we waited all week. when ever you post a comic i think -i cant wait till Saturday-. well... its saturday... and theres no comic :(
@EEVEES!!!: Don't worry, sometimes things pop up and either
1)It's postponed
2)It'll be here Sunday
3)We have to wait another week.
where is the new comix
Now i get it TM's break after use right? But IT havent break yet
Has anymon herd of "Bendy and the Ink Machine"?

Maya Shiraoshy ......Why are violent scratch on the wall?
@Pastaplayer: Mate, stop making excuses. It's obviously his power from the lab...
I don't ship sylveon and dusk ew
i dont get it
Door Why do the leaders doors have six stars on them

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