March 25th, 2017, 10:00 am

Bolt. Why? Why are
you so good for PMVs?

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So, I was planning to do a Dusk sensei comic, but, a few... events that happened yesterday made me postpone it (It was going to be cancelled, but, my brother liked it, sooo, I'll finish it later.) The Zeon's quest headers are temporarily stopping because I had a great idea for a header theme for this chapter. The first person that can figure out the theme before the next comic will get the template to make a background eevee, even if you are a guest, without having to answer the 3 questions, which have been updated, and without restrictions, meaning that you can get a girl eevee. But, you have to have an email account, or somewhere where I'd be able to send links to you.
If you don't understand what's going on, that gray box that the 3 background eevees are tampering with basically controls the weather and wallpapers in the Eevee boxes.
Pinkeevee222, March 25th, 2017, 10:00 am Reply
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Background eevees used (In order)
Sean (Who probably tried to stop Cell and Konix, but failed)
Pinkeevee222, March 25th, 2017, 10:11 am Reply

I am going to have a LIVESTREAM next week! On Saturday!
It starts at 10:00 am EST!
Hope to see you there!! :D
Pinkeevee222, March 25th, 2017, 3:16 pm Reply

Ohhh new chapter! Thanks Pinkeevee! And you make headers on MS paint? They look awesome! When I draw on ms paint eet looks terrifying.
I like how your art style has changed over the years pinkeevee!
@Zoruaeon: Thanks!
:l @Zoruaeon: Leven! Kevin! Devin! What the HELL r u doing in blizz`s room?!? Also what is that machine?
Wait, who are the new eevees in this comic?
@.The_Sof.: that's not Levin Kevin or Devin...
And T tells you who they are and what the machine is... READ THE COMMENTS!
Just can't get enough of Dusk lol
The eevees just slowly building Blizz Rage
They want feel the wrath
Guess Hm.. would the theme possibly be spring? Gardens? Flowers? The Bolt PMV? (Battle Scars) So many possibilities! ;w;

Edit: Maybe.. exploring? At this point I'm just throwing words at everyone. Whoops.
One questions why his rings were not glowing immediately. Pokémon logic, I guess?
Dusk is such an idiot, which makes him so kawaii.
To lasy to log in I was going to say we'res the stars but now I realize it's probably because those 3
Not the ONLY perk of being an umbreon
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Dusk thinks otherwise.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Dusk thinks that being an umbreon is not amazing.
@Pinkeevee222: Why??? *Inner turmoil*
:D @Shaede The Black Eevee: yes it is + the blue shiny umbreon looks so COOOL!!!
@Gage4008 thestupidshorteeveecomi: I believe that Umbreon is the best pokémon of all times, do not get me started.
I thought this was the Harmony chapter.
@trixiethecat: It is.
@Pinkeevee222: Then where's Harmony
@trixiethecat: I usually draw one comic page not relating to the others in the chapter before that chapter's events start. Did you not notice? Well, I guess this page does look like a conflict that can go on for multiple pages...
I feel like glowing rings aren't the ONLY perk of being an Umbreon.
Um, maybe the theme is looking at the sky? Because Bolt loves stargazing
Umbreon, Umbreoff. LOL. Also, those 3 eevees are so doomed.


and sence it's a new chapter at the end of this chapter will you make a new sora meanwhille?cuzzzzzzz i love love love the Sora meanwhilles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
errr um yeah i think Pinkeevee222 will make a new sora meanwhile at the end of this chapter................... At least i think so............. *makes poker face*
@Pinkeevee222: ummmmm i think you forgot to put a question mark at the end of Blizz saying "what are you three doing i my room!!"
@Guest: Question marks are too tame. Blizz is yelling this.
@Pinkeevee222: Couldn't you have used both?
Now wait, is Dusk afraid of the dark?
@ShadowIrorriM: Yes.
@Pinkeevee222: How did he ever become an Umbreon. :u
Pinkeevee222 who is sky???
@Guest: The sky? It's above you if you go outside.
@Pinkeevee222: I looked up at the sky and I didn't see an eevee just clouds LOLOLOL
hello darkness my old friend
@lolol: I've come to talk with you again
@lolol: Because a vision softly creeping
@Pastaplayer: Dusk absolutely hates the poison that he sweats, and, he can use the psychic powers if he wasn't an umbreon.
@Pinkeevee222: That superpower is amazing.

I want it.

Dusk has my respect.
I'd guess a springtime theme?
That reminds me... Pretty much any pokemon can use toxic, even Minccino! (The pokemon that loves cleanseness!)
YES! I FIXED Umeg Account;
hello ._. Hey pinkeevee! I wanna start a comic with smackjeves but i still have these questions:
-how did you decored the top?
-what is the best program to make the comics? Im testing MediBang
-Should i make a "charater menu " like eevee squad?

Please help;-;
Panel 7 My cousins be like when they enter my room
@Pinkeevee222: Dusk's face is so cute in panel five. The header is adorable too!
Is there a way to get panel six as a background?
Hello Darkness my old frieeeeeeend (sorry i had to)
Let's go in the garden
You'll find something waiting for you
Right there where you left it
lying upside down
When you finely find it
you'll see how faded
the other side is lighter
when you turn it around
@Pinkeevee222: I remember that from adventure time when Marciline sings it beautiful song though. Is the theme relating to adventure time or Marciline's song by any chance?
@9rainbowtails: It is! congrats!
But, Another person already guessed it a few hours ago (I made them edit their comment) Um... OK! I got it! Answer this question correctly, and I'll give you the template!

-What is Nego's full name?
@Pinkeevee222: Negotiation, I think. I was the first to guess correctly though. If you look at the time the comment was posted.
Correct! @9rainbowtails: And, no, that was the guest, Little Moons guessed correctly first, and I told them via PM to edit their comment so a guest could answer correctly as well. (because this was probably a guest's only opportunity to get a background eevee without getting an account.
Anyways, I'll PM you with the link to the template!
@Pinkeevee222: Negotation
Songs @Pinkeevee222: Song lyrics or adventure time
Another guess Is it "Everything Stays"?
Correct! @ChibiAurora:
You are the first guest to guess correctly! Give me your email, and I'll email you the template!
Email @Pinkeevee222:

Hopefully I did this correctly, but, the email is xchibiaurorax@gmail.com

(I don't mind putting it out here where people can see it, since it's more of a second account, so no worries ^^)
I'm guessing the theme is the PMV you are making with Bolt. (I know you posted the specific name of it somewhere if you need it as well).
Blot looks like a pony form MLP.
@Zappy the Raichu: Ha ha, yeah. I think I kinda got my 4 legged style from mlp, a bit ^^;
I will guess the theme with the power of my dumbness:
Everywhere on the PC box
QUESTION ABOUT BG EEVEES @Pinkeevee222: do you expect girl bg eevees?
Dusk doesn't really like being an Umbreon. He wanted to be a Sylveon. That's why he likes them so much. But Harmony doesn't want him to be a Sylveon.
@Pinkeevee222: AM right?
The theme of the headers is the different Eeveelutions visiting the other Eeveelution's favorite places. Possibly in order of non effectiveness as Bolt is not very effective against Daisy.

Also: pfft, the only thing good about being an Umbreon. Someone's gonna get rocked for that. Fire Fire Fire! Rock Rock Rock Rock Rock!
Lol dat reaktion Dusk has ;D
im a bit afraid of glaceon (im not sure if his name is blizz or dusk xd)
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, ok. Sorry
The only perk of being an Umbreon? What about BEING FLIPPING ADORABLE?!
THAT IS INDEED A PERK @Potatichu: IM FLIPPIN OUT (and i cant even do a flip!)
A Dark Type that is afraid of darkness...well played...well played...! xP
Dusk... Grow up. (The most kind way I can put it.)
And, to the Eevees in Blizz's room, RUN.
@Ace: I no longer like Dusk.
Now i know why Vay hate Blizz, just look at chapter 128
@Pinkeevee222: lol plot insite denied :P
I wonder how the other houses are reacting to this!
I know the names Ik the names of the Three Eevees in Blizz's room There names are Levin Kevin and Devin
JUST TELL ME Can I ask you some things here @PinkEevee22? And I know that there is an Ask Blog but they wont give me a direct answer on stuff. So first of all: WHO THE HELL ARE THOSE OTHER EEVEE'S AND EEVEELUTIONS LIKE NIGHT,PEPPER,SKY AND THE OTHERS MANY MORE!! AND IF YOUR'RE GONNA RECOMMEND ME READING THE ALT TEXT OR SECRET TEXT I ALREADY DID AND I DID NOT UNDERSTAND A FRIGGIN THING EXCEPT FOR THE JOKE ONES.. I HOPE YOU WILL RESPOND.. P.S. I actually have a Account but im too lazy to log in, guess who I am,Clue:Iv'e been here for a long time and i think ppl should recognize me
@lolol: left its seeds while I was sleeping
3 questions... why do Blizz's eyes glow green?
In fact why do Dusk's eyes glow yellow sometimes?
Where are all these glowing eyes coming from?
@Reshiespeon: Eevee lab.
... i see a rainbow dash horse toy in the corner o3o
Okay, who wants to help me uncover the dusty, dark secrets of SSEC? Reply to this post and give me either a Smackjeeves account or an email. Honestly I've been trying on my own, but Pinkeevee is too smart. Anyone up to it?
@Pinkeevee222: Then where's Harmony?
@trixiethecat: I usually draw one comic page not relating to the others in the chapter before that chapter's events start. Did you not notice? Well, I guess this page does look like a conflict that can go on for multiple pages...
Are you going to use all the background eevees?
@FriskDaPro: No, I don't think they are. One of the members (Or two) have horns in their head. I think their just random Eevees XD
Reply @xLollyx: ik
@Skylar101: Left its seeds while I was sleeping
@LavaBidoof399: And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains
Hi Hi, I'm TOXICMACHAMP XD and your comic is awesome :P I write a dumb story on ff and every time you post a comic, it distracts me from writing :P

My story is not for all btw... if you know what it mean :P
Dun dah dun blizz must be really mad his eyes and voice are green
Ummmmm @Pinkeevee222:
Hey um can you make another Sora meanwhile? I'm dying to see another one!
WOW!!! Dusk's is pretty amazing light glow!!! That's amazing Pinkeevee222!!!
@Sylveonawsome: Thank you!!
@Pinkeevee222: who is the eevee named sky?
the question still remains.... how DOES bolt sleep with spikes on his butt?
@luna the umbreon: Check comic #100.
My fancharacter http://flamingforges.deviantart.com/art/1490827855004-671804456?ga_submit_new=10%3A14908292 89. Her name is kitsune, but most call her kit. Oops, her eyes are supposed to be blue. Oh well!
Pinkeevee222 can you tell me who sky is Sky the eevee
NO WAY! thier are so MMMMMMMANY more perks of being an umbreon! were fly~ suuuuuuper shmexy and we GLOW IN thE DArK we have soft furrrrrr and were SUPPER COOL! and we can see in the dark an an and even MORE STUFF! QwQ
Blizz's rage factor: Half-full. Slowly increasing.
playing with umbreon
WAITING IS BORING (when u just read all the comics and u dont wanna wait for the next one)
What the can control the sky tell them to make is Rian Monny please do IT do IT NOWWWWW! I also want that high teck stuff I also love you art pibkeevee thank you for making it.
Also before you answer my first question I need you to tell me what comics numbers are all the story book ones because I'm figgering something that has to do with the video that you made I need you to tell me what it was called and please tell me you finished it.
@Shadow the Eevee aka shinyeevee: I don't understand. Um, can you please use correct punctuation?
@Ludwig Von Espeon: They are doing their own thing, probably.
@Pinkeevee222: why does blizz have my little ponys in his room?
@Pinkeevee222: it's me Chloe... 2 things.1 when will you finish your snivy on devianart.2 can we be friends???
Wait so the live stream is tomorrow?
Pinkeevee what are all the numbers comic pages of all the storybook pages I think that hooks my theory right now . ? I'm also putting my thoery up on the comics page in 2hours so grab so popcorn and enjoy.
?????????????????????????????????????????? Don't believe me when it comes down below the storybook. Joke please believe me.
dusk can be so stupid sometimes. ( bolt is my favorite) ___ oh yeah! you should do another troll and wimp one!
yeah I agree with katyiscool
thx. wait- are you the guest that- never mind. anywho, I have a boy eevee character if someone whould like to use it, and his name is eveli (ev- ill)
@Pinkeevee222: hello pink eevee! I am going to make a story on fanfiction.net about blizz and vay. is that ok?
@volcanicash0098: Yeah! I would love to read it, so, send it to me when you are finished with it!
your weird volcanicash0098: your weird. jk. hey, pink eevee probably hates me
Hi Does anybody play rōblox pokémon brick bronze?
@Pinkeevee222: im just asking why is glaceon dose'nt let the three eevees use that thing?
@Ariana grande: They just broke the sky, lol
ADVENTURE TIME!! YAY!! I love that song!!
Let’s go in the garden
You’ll find something waiting
Right there where you left it
Lying upside down
When you finally find it
You’ll see how it’s faded
The underside is lighter when you turn it around
Everything stays
Right where you left it
Everything stays
But it still changes
Ever so slightly
Daily and nightly
Everything stays

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