The calm before the exposition dump


April 15th, 2017, 11:14 am

Harmony made Melody cry.
*picks up Zelda master sword*

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The next comic is going to be very confusing, probably. Well... unless you really know how to read context clues.
Pinkeevee222, April 15th, 2017, 11:14 am Reply
Advertisement, May 27th, 2019, 9:38 am Reply
I really really regret not putting "dirty" in front of "mouth" *sighs* oh well.
Pinkeevee222, April 17th, 2017, 6:18 am Reply

@Pinkeevee222: 1ST COMMENT!!!
@Zappy the Raichu: Here for this fight *chews popcorn*
@Pinkeevee222: I came in 12 seconds after it posted XD
@jellybeanier: Wow... sooo impressive... *rolls eyes*
@Shaede The Black Eevee:
That was unnecessary.
@LittleMoons: It is kind of ridiculous the whole 'first' thing, though.
It's reasonable for him to be annoyed. This isn't the Youtube comment section.
@GrovyleGoodbye128: It's a her, but no hard feelings. ;3 (#femalesass)
why is she soo mean to her?
@RealBoxTheEevee: That will be explained in the next comic.
@Pinkeevee222: Aye
@Pinkeevee222: Is sky the reason?
@Skylar101: Melody is the reason herself.
@Pinkeevee222: He-llooooooo? Pinky. Where is MY header you promised? When are you going to draw ME and MY glory?
@Dawn_da_beautiful: Beautiful Ojou sama, I have not finished drawing your beauty. It will at least take me a few more weeks to capture it, so everyone can see your loveliness at prime.
I obly saw the livestream for a little bit, but Harmony looked a LOT angrier
@OmegaGeguz : That's the next comic, lol.
"He's too good for you--"

I see a relationship incoming...
@Pastaplayer: I mean first non author comment.
Once again too lazy to log in @jellybeanier: PINKEEVEE SAID NO MORE OF THE "FIRST!" COMMENT!!! >:(
She made Melody cry... ATTACK *Picks up crossbow*
@FlowerEspeon: Crossbow have some major disadvantages compared to a longbow. *grabs longbow* DIE HARMONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Meh.: Meh.I'd rather use a machine gun.*picks up M249 SAW*DIIIEEE!!!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222 Why is she so upset that Melody said lems name whan shes so mean to lem
@Bayleafeon: Harmony is mean to everyone, but, she really does like Lem... she just won't admit it.
Does melody and harmony have a brother?
@Fansomething: yes. I think
Will Harmony be punished someday?
@Noper: She already has been punished.
Hmmm...I sense jealously over a cetain subject to do with favourability...
Wait on the title it says that somthing faded is it a piece of harmonys good side faded?
@Fansomething: look at the tittle thingy on the comics in this chapter in order.
Dusk chapter? you have 806 fans now so is this dusk's chapter
@PyroEevee: That's coming after this chapter.
The tittle seems... fairly straightforward
@.The_Sof.: I couldn't think of anything else, lol.
thought so, I knew harmony hated her sister
Wait, didn't you say something about Vay's future girlfriend being called Harmony?
@Guest: No.
@Pinkeevee222: whoops, I meant Melody.


*grabs the Master Sword from you and attacks fourth wall myself*
@Pinkeevee222: Why is Harmony so mean to her family?!!!! Oh, and thanks for all the awesome comics! :3
Quick question, in a past comic it was stated that Lem was Harmony's mate, yet only a replacement for Dusk. So does this mean that Harmony actually really does like Lem? Thanks for any repliers!
@Random Person: Harmony likes Lem, but, she absolutely adores Dusk.
Dang mang, that was harsh.

Melody is too cute for harming like that.
Does Harmony hate Lem? ?
@XExoPantherX: How she talked about him, no.

She did say "dont soil his name"
O0O HARMONY YOU DID NOT JUST........... O0O AND for makeing Melody cry *grabs destroyer of galaxys sword that i made my sealf* YOU ANT GANA LIKE ME DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ( sorry for bad grammer)
Now I'm angry! I already like Melody. She's certainly nicer than Harmony!
as of the past few comics Harmony has become a huge jerk
@SonicT22: Harmony has always been a huge jerk. And, It's going to get worse as the chapter progresses.
Will Melody visit the others (Daisy,Eve,Flame,ext.) And will they ever visit her?
@Trixe the cat: I can't say. I know that Harmony will be going to stay with Melody for a while though.
@Pinkeevee222: are you a boy or a girl
@Mudkip1thebattle: girl.
character hobbie change @Pinkeevee222: on flames hobby instead of reading his hobby is more like being a pervert.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh and i know the clues >:3
@RifurDaLonely: ...clues???
Dot @Pinkeevee222: ya gonna use _._._._._. Sword
IS melody okay? She seems to be having problems with doing things like climbing, and she seems very tired
Title @Pinkeevee222: on a scale of 1-10 how big would you say your breast are?
@Dumb potato: wait wth ??? XD
@Dumb potato: Why the banana chips would I say that?
@Dumb potato: <:o IM 10 WHY DID YOU ASK THAT!!!???
@Dumb potato: Why, They are OBVIOUSLY an 11.
@Dumb potato: Hmm.... no matter how I slice this I can't figure out anything to say other than, "Never type those words again perv."
Hi love your comics Your comics are so funny I love dusk he's my favorite character
Pic How do I change my pic
Pinkeevee222 I wish I could meet You in person
I find it adorable how chubby Melody looks on panel 4 lol.
Welp Pinkeevee is gonna fight Harmony -Grab Popcorn-
Happy Easter (early)
Goodnight (yawning)
@Pastaplayer: She is chubby in that one too XD
@Pastaplayer: You do know that Harmony's current 'mate' is her son, right?
Happy egg and chocolate buneary day everybody! Let's celebrate and stuff our faces with pokepuffs and berries! WHOO HOO!!!!
@Pastaplayer: How is Melody the weirdo?
Good morning universe
Chocolate eevees anyone
@Pastaplayer: Oh. Well, that's normal for pokemon. Have you ever competitively bred pokemon?
Its that time again. Ima look for that gold togepi.
@Pinkeevee222 you inspire me so much, I want to write my own comic! Thanks for the inspiration! Love your comics, can't wait to see the next one!
@Flora the Sylveon: You want to write your own comic? That is so cool!! If you ever post it online, I would love to see it!!! ?
Oh, and, Thank you!!
Unicorn 4 you ?
Race Are you black or white? @Pinkeevee222
@Smelly Sock: I'm whatever color of the rainbow I feel like being.
@Pinkeevee222: Ol' fashioned black 'n white ain't half that bad either, eh?
@Lottos35: yeah, but, having pink fur is nice.
that is so mean :(
harmony hates the world hahaha
Hi everyone
@Pastaplayer: S'ok
1.Is the white outline Melody's shivering...?
2.Noooo you made li'l Melody cry!!HARMONY YOU SHALL FACE YOUR PUNISHMENT!!!
Asking @Pinkeevee222: How much do you weigh in pounds? Not the British kind
Why are people asking me such weird questions? @Dat Boi: Mari is about the same size and weight of a regular eevee. I thought everyone can see that. Then again, she stand on 2 legs most of the time, so, I understand, I guess.
So, Harmony is either bipolar or has some sort of split personality disorder (at least, probably) and Melody (whom I have taken a good liking to) has done something that Harmony hates her for and she really regrets. Am I missing anything?
@Hoi: I dunno if it's bipolar disorder or anything, Maybe it is??? The rest is correct though.
Just asking Can I voice dub it on youtube ill send you a link!
@Drago:>: ok!
Thanks! I'll send you the link straight away! @Pinkeevee222: :D
Linkk @Drago:>: i think this is the link.. sorry if it doesn't work.. im on phone okay?
@Pinkeevee222: also do u know how to change your profile picture?
@Drago:>: You go onto your profile, click 'my account' it'll take to a screen full of options, scroll down to the bottom, one of the last ones allows you to change
Thanks! @Silver the Eevee: ty doing it now im such a stupid bidoof.
@Drago:>: nah you aren't. Can't wait to see your icon!
Just @Pinkeevee222: so.. if the link doesn't work my channels name is Dragon Village Girl
@Pinkeevee222: it's Chloe and I just want to know when your snivy will come on devianart and can we be friends?????????? ?
@Guest: Did you commission me to draw a snivy on deviantart? If you did, I will.
And, we can be friends if you want.
@Pinkeevee222: yes and yes ?????????
@Guest: Commissions cost DA points, as in, money. Contact me there if you want to discuss me drawing it.
@Pinkeevee222: idk how to
@Pastaplayer: I think the only traits that are similar between them are their grumpiness. But, Harmony's grumpiness is 10x more powerful than Vay's grumpiness.
I just finished reading through this comic wonderful comic by the way. And decided to hit the fav button. But it is not working. Can anyone tell me why?
@Pastaplayer: I do have an account
@Pastaplayer: lol lol lol
@Pastaplayer: I don't get it
@Pastaplayer: She might not know exactly how either of the two diseases work and thus have doubts when applying them to her character
@Pastaplayer: Happy Easter! I'm agnostic!
Savage level 9000!!!!!
:D We reached the next Secret Milestone!!
The underside is lighter when you turn it around.
I am actually really interested in what happens next xD
there are so many background eevees
are there any evolved ones (other than the main ones of course)
i dont think i can read contex clues ;-; the next comic will be confusing for me cri
@Draconic-Wolf: You are back! ?
Hi!!! Long time no see!!! ? Lol.
@Pinkeevee222: been a whle been busy wtiring stories, inlcuding the fanfic. :3
@everyone If dusk stepping on a crack breaks his mothers back. Hmmm
*grabs dusk and makes him step on every crack possible*

Sidewalk cracks!
Road cracks!
Window cracks!
Wood cracks!
Floor cracks!
Mirror cracks!
Butt cracks!
Crack cracks!
If harmony gets a beat down then I really wish you put a dirty in front of mouth(so the beat down would be more satisfying)
@The epic robloxian: For best results, tap dance on every crack possible.
@The epic robloxian: I would step on ALL the cracks, you don't even know! I would make my own cracks then step on them.

Although Harmony seems like she's been through a LOT she may be awful, but I'm starting to think she has une raisin
@Pastaplayer: That just sounds like someone REALLY doesn't like trees
New puppy avatar aw yeah also everyone in the pc step on cracks! Well almost everyone.
@FlowerEspeon: Aawww the puppy! I wanna hug it but I can't!
@Silver the Eevee: I know right! So Kawaii! And thx:D
@FlowerEspeon: What can I say except you're welcome
@Silver the Eevee: Moana lol
@Pastaplayer: Also you're 11, that's worrying
@Pinkeevee222 You should make a Temmie themed eevee
I counted and you are approximately the 17th most popular comic on Smackjeeves! Congrats!
...ya know if it means anything
@xLollyx: It does actually! ?

One day, ONE DAY, I will get on that main page on the Most popular section, then, Admin sempai will notice me!! ??
Harmony made Melody cry.

*picks up Zelda master sword*
@Pastaplayer: Little far fetched though
*tries to stop melody from crying* *gives tissue*
*grabs sniper rifle* you will be sorry you made Melody cry!
agreed @Eeveechy: i agree but sniper up close doesn't work shotguns do though 'grabs shotgun' DIE FOOLISH HARMONY WHO MATES WITH HER SON SPLAT!!!!! there no more weirdo 'melody sees harmony's headless body' melody:eh no big deal she'll get another eevee
I like how most of you guys assume that Harmony is the evil one, while some of us are just waiting for her to state her reasons xD
How many times have eevees betray vay?
Is harmony meaning her sister isn't allowed to like lem? Also have rick and melody met if so are they ok with each other? sorry if i kinda sound stupid I'm really bad at inferring some things
@Oki_The_Eevee: Harmony doesn't even want Melody to breath Lem's air. Probably for protective reasons. Rick and Melody have met, and Rick feels sorry for Melody, so, yeah. They are okay with each other.
What is wrong with eve currently she's Ben acting kinda mean
@Lava_Wolf: That is not Eve. Like, um, that eevee is Harmony. Eve and Harmony look similar, but, Harmony has a small, red bow, while Eve has a big pink bow.
Time to add to the trend @Pinkeevee222 on a scale of 1-10 is the square root of cheese the equivilante of cow mayonaise on mars if 196 is not a number in plutonian?
The 'No' Eevee's name you said in one of the ALT text is you read the 'no' eevee name upside down number it will make a word.
so i check all of them that's on the meanwhiles
the one that sora name was on the HQ is guys should check it out........
pinkeevee use confusion
eeveeleo became confused
@ eeveeleo: she did say the next comic is confusing but if you know how o read context clues...
also, isn't there a eevee named silver?
@katyiscool: No
the one that apeard ( I spelled it wrong) in comic 94 for dusk sensei day? cuz if there is, I would be happy. ( isn't there also one named jet and amy?)
@Pastaplayer: I got bored, lol.
If I could understand what "context clues" means I would be sooo happy...
@AShinyFemaleEevee: haha... a hyper beam? How cute. I HAVE A DEATH STAR!
@Pastaplayer: hi pasta ? I'm Chloe
Came in late -_- *sigh* again
technically look really hard a pictures and reading very carfully
@ umbreon21: wait, wha?
@ silver the eevee I think there is because I looked ant pinky's back round eevee character page and there was one eevee named silver that appeard in comic 94, so...................... and is in ice drop. hey, isn't eve the only girl in ice drop? because ion lkd part 4, kevin was like " she's the only female of the ice drop brother hood!"
yeah there's a eevee named silver. but you should do a comic with bow but not hating eve. ( is bow just jealous of eve cuz of clef?)
I like trains. you watch the adsmovies?! so do meh!
well duh I watch them
* gasp * GUEST! IT"S YOU!!!! ( the one that said pinky should make a eevee and name it cream or rouge) THOSE ARE SONIC CHARACTERS!
whens the next comic plus if you're gonna make the eeveelutions have a crush eventually u gonna have to make them say it plus i want to see how dusk reacts to a sylveon so add a sylveion then i'll see if he likes sky or a random sylveion named sky more then maybe that manga he made will come true or not
Context clues @Pinkeevee222: maybe you can use context clues to find out who my favorite video game character is
@Tailsthefox9 : Someone from the Sonic the hedgehog series. It might be Tails, but, it also might not be Tails.
Ty @Pastaplayer: thanks xD
NAZE!? I absolutely never will understand Harmony ever, but I do like the fact that Melody actually even cares about her sister (Harmony) despite her extreme hatred towards her own sister (Melody).
Also, one thing I would love to see is Harmony getting trapped in a room with Dusk. Not necessarily because of an antagonist, maybe somebody like Melody basically locks them into a room together, and just says; "I'm not letting ether of you out till you work out your differences.". Sure, It'd probly end poorly, but if they both aren't able to resort to violence, I think it could actually help the both of them. Then again, I can only assume many, many cans of worms would be opened.
love it @Pinkeevee222: i LOVE ur comics make more plz
Woah woah WOAH! Back up! Did Harmony just care about Lem!? No waayy! *Finds it hard to believe* Or she's just trying to keep Melody from touching her family, cuz she hates her and all... I really dunno!!
Adventure Time I know those lyrics at the title of the comics. I forgot what part of Adventure Time it was but I know that’s what it’s from

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