One he was Dusk


April 29th, 2017, 10:15 am

Darren is in the
master eevee list,
if you want to
know who he is.

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Urg. I think I'm getting sick. Apparently, having a diet only consisting of candy, soda, Chinese food, and hot pockets is bad for my health.
I want to sleep more, but I have commissions, homework, and other stuff to do though, I guess I'll just have to push on.

Anyways, um, what to say that's comic related, um, oh. Harmony's mad now. Lem, I am sorry for what is about to happen to you.
Pinkeevee222, April 29th, 2017, 10:19 am Reply
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Wait so... Harmony told Dusk she had found a replacement for him... but Dusk was a replacement for someone else? So Harmony has a replacement for a replacement? Oh, and First!
@Potatichu: yeah that would make sense
Oh wow Harmony is becoming much more interesting than before! but she still a jerk (Oh wow im one of the first)
@Black lucky cat: she alway has been interesting you just never saw it ever since they mentioned the lab i been looking at her in a different way
@detective unknown: no I just find her more interesting,it's just me though
@Black lucky cat: alll i got to say is yolo
Very nice I like it Even though I dont have emotions(oh wait never mind My comupter Gliched)
Amazing comic page, as always!
Harmony Being Harmony in an non-happy way that's all.. (why am I crying :c ) Harmony is being mean though.
I got a weird idea. Is Blizz inside the plane Bolt was holding in the last header?
Also, Melody is angry... I think. And WHY DOES MELODY HAVE THAT WHITE OUTLINE?!!!!!
@Mariam: she is shivering
@Mariam: What do you mean "Is Blizz inside the plane Bolt was holding in the last header?" those are either the paws of a new character or Melody, maybe Somemon else, But most likely not Bolt.
Look at all the headers in this chapter @Guest: I think that jolteon in the headers is Bolt or Swordblade. But I'm not sure if that glaceon's Blizz. I couldn't find other glaceons in the eevee list, and he CAN'T be Doctor Felix... So he's Blizz (still not sure about it) I thought that the jolteon was Bolt, but now I think that it's Swordblade.(Bolt's eyes are purple and that jolteon has green eyes)
She just wants her brother back! *Tries not to cry*
(Stares at a mean guy called Darren in real life)
My dad's name is Darren.
@LavaBidoof399: My dad's name is Darrin
@Gusty Mc Guestface: my dads name is not Darren! :3

@Skylar101: *Nervous laughing*
noooooooooooooo! Leeeeeeeeeeeeeem!
crippling depression

@Pinkeevee222: Hope you get better soon!
hello soccer game so i'm late
Ohh its going down
@Disbelief asriel : im yellin timber
@Topkek: You better move
@Shaede The Black Eevee: You better dance
@Skylar101: if i must...Lets make the night
@Guest: you won't remember!!
@Guest: I'll be the one! :D
@Guest: You won't forget!!
@Guest: Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhh ohh ohhhhhhh
@Eve da cutie: timber
@Skylar101: The bigger they are,the harder they fall
@Skylar101: The biggity boy's a hot diggity dog
@Skylar101: I have 'em like Miley Cirus,clothes off
@Skylar101: Twerking in their bras and thongs,timber
The tension is so thick, that it's clouding the air.
yo zappy i'm the one who's made the umbreon requests
@Zappy the Raichu: also i made a request on the last art thing u made can u check it and put it on there plz i was hoping u would a ton.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Good job umbreon-kun.......
And the flower finally decided to take the right side! :D This page answers a lot of questions I had(and opens a lot more)! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just when I thought Harmony was a complete jerk...
Poor innocent Lem is going to get hurt and he'll turn away from all the troubles that come with girls forever! Lem with a boyfriend is a happy Lem! :D
@Lem Defendant: Don't worry. She doesn't touch him. Words are much more deadlier, after all.
Slap her neck? @Lem Defendant: um... I don't think... nevermind.
harmony:"uses tackle on lem" oh lem defendant "sticks tongue out"
... I still like harmony...
Oh such cliffhangers U3U"
This is very sad
@Fansomething: This whole chapter is sad, sadly.
@Pastaplayer: Harmony's SECRET
Waitt what??? What?!!!??Things for me are all shuffled help!
Random ssec question The leader of LKD... Is it Stan? I mean, he probably knows John and he's a "devil". And in the 2nd comic call "Levin, kevin and devin (sorry, forgot the number of the comic) John sounded like he was afraid or intimidated...Was it Stan that was bothering him?
@TalkingEevee: (the fact she hasnt responded makes it true by default)
Hello @Pinkeevee222 I was wondering what the timezone for the clock that tells when the comic was published is?
(Im currently in AEST) which is In Australia and is a BIG difference to some countries. Thanks :)
@Cloney: SSEC updates on Saturday 10:00am -2:00pm Eastern time (American time)
@Pinkeevee222: cheers!
Could someone tell me that alt text please? :)
@anymon who wants to join my army to take down Harmony Eevees and Eeveelutions Pokemon of all kinds, I ask that you join me to take down Harmony and save Melody from her evil sister. WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST HARMONY AND FREE LEM AND MELODY WE SHALL FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT AGAINST POKEMON LIKE HARMONY AND THEN WE SHALL MAKE PINKEEVEE OUR PRESIDENT. Here is my plan we shall wait till midnight and then we strike we'll use a Aphorous with static to paralyze her and then take her to daycare and make her nice. Then we all eat POKEPUFFS!!!!! So who's with me.
@Bayleafeon: In my opinion, Melody is at fault here and thus deserves to feel bad. Harmony is obviously the victim so she's allowed to yell at her. What a wonderful family
Heh @Lottos35: Dont you think tina wired this comic to make you think that? Harmony's obviously still a total douchebag, Melody was trying to help but clearly made things worse. It was in good intention, unlike Harmony's selfish desire for dusk to replace the gap in her soul that darren left.
@Bayleafeon: I want to join *salutes*Im ready for action!!!
I know about ALL the lab stuff pinkeevee222 I know this story it's all comes together one thing I can't put my finger on is Darren is he her first mate or is he someone else I want to pinkeevee222 just watch out I am coming to spoil the story ahahhAAHAHAHHA *no period !*
@detective unknown: Darren is Harmony's (and Melody's) brother.
Well that got deep.
(Get better and take it easy!)
once apon a time the person who made this comment was too busy reading Archie Comics to realize there was a new SSEC MEANWHILE IN SSEC EXPOSITION!!
Hi I'm back
@Pinkeevee222: Hey.

I just realized something, and that's rare.

You... you are... *how do I say this without looking mean or stupid* a collage student.. wh- who does so much for people... even though all da hate swarms sometimes.
Who has amazing drawings and I pretty much imagined myself looking like when I am your age.. well.. besides the drawings.
Who... who spends all of your time, answering asks, drawing comics, doing your homework, *if you don't procrastinate* and doing commissions.
how do you stay alive, is my one question.
Do you even have free time?
But my point is, thank you. Thank you. And I think I am speaking for most people. Thanks for sacraficing your time.
To us.
@PokemonGodzillaPerson: I agree, Thank you so much Pinkeevee222!
@Luklu: Yea! We really appreciate you Pinkeevee222! We love what you do for us!
Eevee Wow giant bad blood
Forgot to say this last week, but the reveal that Harmony didn't send the 'vees to the lab dropped the "darkness value" of the backstory by like 100 pts. Just saying, them being sent to be experimented on by their MOTHER made it sooooooooo much darker then just they were experimented on.
@42Meep: That's good! I don't want the backstory to be that dark ^^;
@pinkeevee: I love ur art!!! so cool
I think I'm going mad. I saw a centipede in my kitchen, nowhere to go and poof its gone. I think I'm hallucinating. ?
@Pinkeevee222 Oi Whens the next comedic , funny not so serious comic? I NEED IT
@Danks Sensei: Actually, a funnyish comic is going to be next week, just to break up the tension before the real juicy stuff happens.
@Pinkeevee222: oooooh DRAMA O3O
sad ;-;
Seriously can someone please tell me the alt text? My wordpad decided that it didn't feel like it.(It WAS working a few weeks ago)
@trixethecat: ALT TEXT: Darren is in the master eevee list, if you want to know who he is.
@Skylar101: thank you ssssoooooo much!!!
Harmony and melody were mostly using "him" and "they" while talking together in the last two comics. i'm confused
Sad moment now, my sister had this really nice and awesome boyfriend, I really enjoyed him being around, my sister enjoyed him, it was great. But then... He made a mistake that I won't say what it was, and the consequence was that they broke up. I lost my only way to see him, and my sister got more grouchy, its pretty sad, this comic brought it back up... (sad face) :(
@LavaBidoof399: Sorry... :(
hi lava bidoof399 your the author of funnyish eevee comics, right?
that actually happened to my sister t0. she had a boyfriend named ace and they were huge nerds, and then my sister thought he said women were stupid but he said want to come to my house? and they broke up. ace was a great guy, though
If this has a connection to the meanwhile comic or another comic, I am bad at connecting two things together. if info was given in a previous alt text, I am bad at remembering things. So I don't really know how to feel about this.
@anymon who wants to join my army to take down Harmony I think some of you misunderstood my previous comment I know Melody did do something to make Harmony angry but Harmony is just naturally cruel and she acts heartless while Melody tried to do the right thing. Maybe it is Melody fault but Harmony did some very cruel things and I just don't like how she is terrible to everymon. So yes I do understand how it was partly Melody fault but I think in Melody the good outweighs the bad.
@Bayleafeon: Sign me up! *General Evana requests a spot in your army!* Please? *Gives puppy dog eyes*
@Bayleafeon: I request a spot also pweasssseeeeee???????
@Bayleafeon: AND I HAVE A LEVEL 100 MEWTWO!!!!!!!!!!!
Oooh and If you want to join my army just tell me We always could use more mons :3
@Bayleafeon: I want a spot pwease :3 pwease pick me *salutes*
hugs lighter eevee
Are you going to do another "Meanwhile..." with Sona/Sky (IDK which) in it soon?
@Luklu: Ah, yes. The next meanwhile comic is going to be about Sora :D
(And YAY I finally found the bravery to comment! X3)
@Guest: I'm pretty sure the sacrifice was volt
So, I am new to this comic and read through the archive once, and I can gather that some one did something horrible, but I am not sure what. Could someone explain the entire thing to me, or at least provide relevant links to the comics in question? Also, where is this "master eevee list" anyway?
@sirintellegence: I think this comic has a lot of information available if you're looking for it (such as on the author's tumblr, plus there are a lot of hints in the alt text on several pages), but I'm honestly hoping that it will all eventually be spelled out in the comic itself, because there's some digging required if you want the whole picture.

I'm not 100% certain about this but maybe the author could clarify?
@Nashew: Oh, yeah. You are correct. Everything will be clearified in the comic eventually, but, as of now, if you want more information about it, you have to read the alt text and look at the tumblr blogs.
Lem? What's going to happen? LEM NOOO!
Pinkeevee what did you do?! Lem is sooo cute... if Hamony does something... Ima KNOCK ANY Harmony she has in her!
(-_- im too nice)
But seriously. Don't kill Lem. I mean, he hasn't doen anything. YET. All you did was scream for him and told him to leave you alone Harmony.
What a temper person. Tisk, tisk tisk.
@Pinkeevee222:Don't you dare touch Lem, Harmony.
Thats it.
Stop reading this.
It's over.
Holy arceus just leave me alone.
Melody is still adorable even when she's crying and shaking and all.
I blame your art style, haha
HEY! @WiispNightmare: I like her art style!
@Skylar101: So do I, it wasn't saying her art style is bad I'm saying her art style is the reason Melody still looks adorable even when she's crying.
Hi I wuv ur comics!
@Dragonflight: Thanks!
who is darren
what is a master eevee list? is that even a thing?
@guest 2: The master eevee list is a list of (almost) all of the eevee/eeveelution characters that will appear in the comic.
@Pinkeevee222: YOU ARE THE BEST ARTIST EVER! YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!! Also, I just checked the character list and FREAKED THE F*** OUT! NEW CHARACTER! YAY!!!
Darren is Harmony and Melody's brother
@Pinkeevee222: that diet sounds BEAUTIFUL.
@pinkeevee About that thing you said about words hurting more than actions....will The word bubbles stab him? That's both
@The epic robloxian: Word bubble stabs are words hurting a character in a more visual form. Though, I don't think there are any word bubble stabs in this chapter (I should really put more funny comics in this chapter)
@EvanatheEspeon sure you can lead the psychic types *gives you a collar with a dusk stone* This shows your rank in the army this one means Commander *Leafeon whisles and a Bayleef comes charging in* Have fun Commander Evana *rides away on Bayleef*
i came so late... grrrr anyway, this is an interesting new verse to the composition of the hidden storyline...
i like the way its going
ps thank you pinkeevee for making these awesome comics
You know after everything she did Melody is still cute
Hi everybody Hi everybody!I am too young to make an actual account.*uses pouty face*I am trying to keep Oliver from trying to type.... *lightly pushes Oliver in closet* Well that is taken care of. *looks proud*
By the way Umbreon-Kun????!?!?!?
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words stab into my body hurting my soul... I love special word bubbles ^v^
Awww poor Lem :( But Lem is just so innocent please don't hurt him :(
@Eve da cutie: Eve I got out of the closet* looks proud*
@Oliver U3U: *pushes Oliver back in shuts the door tightly puts a lock on and builds a barricade* Get through that!
I am so confused I thought Harmony was a jerk huh gesse not :T
@EEVEES!!!: Trust me, she is a huge jerk.
Yay I finally hacked my brother's computer!!!
Oh me too. Also Pinkeevee I'm kinda getting mad because I have no idea what the charters soundn like so could you make a website that has the voices on it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Shadow eevee aka shiny eevee: Why would you get mad over that??
I don't really know how the characters sound like, I think that people should make them sound like whatever they want them to sound like. ?
you are the best eevee comic author on smackjeeves!! :3
@Dragonflight: Yep she is the best!Oh and Oliver STAY IN THE CLOSET!
@Eve da cutie: lol, he came out of it a long time ago.
She is a good author for comics.I didnt want to disappoint any other authors on smackjeeves so I just said good.
@Pinkeevee222: okey.. silcer realy gave a looooooooooooooong reply
rick is darren's replacement, dusk is rick's replacement, and lem is dusk's replacement. damn god, harmony, how many replacements can you fricking have?!
When I read this, I feel like hating dusk and liking harmony.
Can someone help my stupid brain and direct me to the master eevee list or the background eevee list (preferably the master eevee list)
NEVERMIND!!! I FIGURED IT OUT! (nervous laugh) sorry... stupid me...

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