Under the tree: the sequel


May 6th, 2017, 10:41 am

Drama is going to start to
go down in the next comic.

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Someone is being a tsundere~ Looks like Dean isn't the only one with a crush, lol.
I can't do the 800 fan Dusk chapter as the next chapter, since, I need to make the next chapter funny/cute to balance out all of the sadness and drama and exposition going on in this chapter (And because I want to draw Oliver shenanigans again). So, Dusk's secret will be after the next chapter. Thanks for 800 fans!!
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LOVE your comics also today is my bday :)
@Silversloth0506: Happy birthday!
@Pinkeevee222: THanks :)
under the treee!!! under the treee! @Silversloth0506: UNDER THE TREEE! UNDER THE TREEEE!!! UNDER THE TREE TREEE TREE TREE TREE, UNDERR THE TREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@volcanicash0098: U good bro?
@Silversloth0506: It's always awesome when SSEC updates on your birthday.
@Zappy the Raichu: I know it is AWESOME!!!
Happy bday! @Silversloth0506: I'm to lazy to enter my login so I guess I'm telling this to u as a guest... but whatever. Here's your cake *drops it* dang it.
@Emojikitten: Thanks i love floor cake. *chews*
Why is agust saying How do they look like? did you mean how do they look? SOrry i just got a bit confuzzled.
@Pinkeevee222: you misspelled What its says How :p in the 9th panel
@RealBoxTheEevee: Even the best of writers make mess ups.
@RealBoxTheEevee: That was intentional.
@Pinkeevee222: When I reread the text a few times more, It makes sense now.
@Pinkeevee222: oh...
I love her face when she said " Well. Apparently, Dean has a crush on me~"
YES! I'm one of the first!
(Lol didnt read the comic yet)

Also some mon's are watching them. it can't be LKD because they don't have green or brown eyes.
@Skylar101: Love your new profile picture! Gladion rules!
@LavaBidoof399: Thanks!
@Skylar101: The only eevees I can think of that have those eye colors besides the ones inside the tree are dominic dusk and blizz. But dominic has pink eyes
O_O Well dang August, don't you know everything
Lol, they're still looking for the bells Flame told them he lost? XD

It's been so long I bet Flame won't even remember it.
@Potatichu : Trust me, he doesn't.
@Pinkeevee222: XD

That's gonna be awkward.
I'm so uh u said how do they look like but it's what do they look like. o_o soooooooo yeahhhhhh
@EEVEES!!!: I said that.
@LavaBidoof399: OMG YOUR RIGHT THAT COULD BE A SHINY.... or just a albino like Skylar101 said.
Neither @Silversloth0506: it's an albino!
@LavaBidoof399: I think it is just a albino eevee becuase shinys are EXTREMLY RARE so i dont think that the trainer has one just saying.
@Silversloth0506: you would think after all these eevees, one of them would be a shiny (and I know how rare shinys are, im a shiny hunter!).
@LavaBidoof399: You're a fellow shiny hunter? Yay! :D

Which shiny are you proudest of? Mine is either the shiny Eevee or Ralts, had about 1100 something encounters on both before I found them.
I like how the girls end up with several variations of the "what did we just walk into" face
Something is watching in the background of the 15th panel...
@Noper: OMG, you're right!
@Pinkeevee222 so we gonna be following them now?
No @Night the fox: Next comic is Harmony & Melody again.
What's that thing in the header? Also, there are a few hidden details in this comic...
Other crushes, like Pouli>Vay
In the fifteenth panel I can see what seems to be three sets of glowing eyes
@Pinkeevee222: is dat dominic?
Hai nice comic.Does one of the girls have a crush on August because I feel like it.
@Eve da cutie: No. None of them do.
@Pinkeevee222: Oh ok....
Drama is going to go down in the next comic it says.
Things Wow just wow
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA dean has a crush on me hahahahahahaha and why is a bell in dusks territory BUT STILL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: 'Cause it's his bell
Calling it right now one of the eevee's is going to have a fourth wallbreak
@Skylar101: Oh yeah he does look like Brock..... Possible Brock face: -_-
PinkEevee i have a stupid question, Lem is male or female? Sorry im a jerk
@Guest: Lem is 100% male... he has just been whipped.
Everybody I have to say dusk has died and came back to life *again no period
Who was that white figure in the first panel? Was that a shiny eevee or..Yeah! Im really curious
@Pinkeevee: I really like ur comics! sparkles is my favorite
@guest:your not a jerk for askin a question
Stabbed with undynes spear <_>
CRUSHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH CRUSHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*crawls into a ball* I SHALL wait till next week
I wonder if the characters page will update and include all the eevees in this comic :3
@AbMo: Greg
Look's like I'm late.-_- But anyways this is my first time on smackjeeves with my IPad.
@Umbreon21: So this is your first time eh?Is this the first comic you read?Because you can start at the beginning so you know what characters there are and what is going on -_-
@pinkeevee222 August was blushing when she talked about dean to Archie do I see a sort of triangle or maybe it's just my thinking
Well, he did say everything.
I love you comics!! Continue the great work!
Nego Why is Vay's kid's name Negotiation(Nego) and why does Vay have human genetics? Will You explain this in a comic, also I love your comics!
YES i wasn't late for this one!
anyway you're awesome pinkeevee
Hey can there ever be a girl leafeon x boy flareon??? I just thaught that would be so cute!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
@<3Gamer~Fox<3: eeveelutions 4-
(Mic drop)
insert the song "I don't care I ship it"
I thought the sun was shut down (comic #186).
@Noper: Blizz fixed it, but, he was too lazy to add clouds. So, cloudless Sky for some time, I guess.
@Pinkeevee222 is Larry part bunery cause he has some large ears.
To lazy to log in. @trixethecat: WOW HE DOES HAVE LONG EARS
@trixethecat: Technically, all of them are part buneary. Soooo, yes? Lol.
Lmao "The other one is under dusks bed on the roof"
Can we just take a moment to laugh at that?
Woa In the fifteenth panel, you can see three pairs of glowing eyes
Lol my favorite part is when August is like I've known where they are for months and you guys still can't figure it out?
is august a girl?
@guest 2: August is a girl. But, she does get mistaken for a boy frequently.
@guest 2: That also is the only reason Bolt can talk to August. He thinks she is a boy. Besides that, he can't talk to girls.
More Oliver...? ... @Pinkeevee222: YAY! MORE OLIVER STUFF!!!.................................................................................. ....
Hey Tina...
You need to make a character sheet for Oliver now too if your going to draw more shenanigans with him LOL XDDDDD!!!!! TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
@AShinyFemaleEevee: Oliver and other important side characters will eventually get character bios. (Eventually)
Can you please edit your comment to erase the long EEEEEEEEE? It messes up how mobile users view the comic/ comments.
@Pinkeevee222: Oliver was mentioned. I think the mess can be overlooked. But only once. :3
Hey vay? Lol that rimed. Um are u ever goin to tell daisy you like her? No afence pinkeevee...
Cuz everyone nows vay is u senpi <3
I love u comics bye!
@<3Gamer~Fox<3: He did confess to her several years ago. She never responded.
Inspired Thanks for making these comics! cant wait til' the next one! I think i'll start my own comics! Thanks so much!(PS my favorite characters are blizz and dusk!) ill post link if i make my own comics so you can read them!
I found this and I love it. It's not done yet but I hope you guys can support the people making this beautiful work. The song just matches the story for SSEC.

I was wondering if you happen to stream at all? And if so when will you be streaming next? Thanks!

Also keep up the goodwork on SSEC!
It's game okay I want everybody to think of this question what is different about oliver. Also I'm I a hacker yes or no.
If you tell me why oliver is differ than other eevee than I will tell a secret about my brother or me. So give me the answer as soon as you can.
@Shadow the eevee aka shinny eeve:



@cccviper653: I'm not gay
@Shadow the eevee aka shinny eeve:Baka, those were the three answers to your three statements.

No, you're not a hacker

Oliver is different because he's gay :3

Why would we care about a secret about you or your brother?
GAY AND LEZ IS OKAY @cccviper653: I'm a girl, and I have a crush on a girl. nothing bad, but everyone's like gay and lesbian is stupid!! omg, becky!
@volcanicash0098: guuuuurl, you cray. whatchu say? I can't tell today. These words are a mysterious array. Hooray for gay! Ya know which side a play? Word up G.
well now i have 2 problems
1 how do i get rid of all this anime character in my house
2 how do i stop my sides from hurting from the laughter of this panel
Is august a boy or a girl
@flower12700: August is a girl
Who is it Who is the maker in these comics
@Robot eevee: I think the creator is some weirdo with an Eevee fetish or something. Clearly there are some issues that need ironed out in their very strange life.

PINK EEVEE @Robot eevee: PINK EEVEE!!!
Who is that white eevee?
Why does Larry always have a pan on his head?
Does Flame know where the bells are?Or did he just send the girls on a random mission to get them away?
Pinkeevee if you don't mind me asking where did Archie get his hat from?
@Oki_The_Eevee: I think Archie just got it from a friend or something?If not maybe he just bought it to make him look like a detective or something.
Is it just me, or does SSEC remind me of Warriors? The houses are like Clans, Daisy would be a Medicine cat, There are Leaders and Deputies, and You can't mate with others from a different clan. There are a list of rules to follow, Warrior Code, and Greenpaw would be Skyclan, Lightfire is Thunderclan, and Icedrop would be Riverclan.
Oh so pibkeevee is the maker I would love to speak to her while I wait I will spin my figet spinner
Ok I just read the comic (cause my wifi was down) I starting to see so gay or blushing because if yo see the second last picture the girl Eevee is shocked. ?
ahhh yes Fridays the day were i re-read the whole SSEC series up to the newest and yay back to the tree!! :D (can't wait for tomorrow)
I'm waiting for the next comic.I AM PREPARED TO READ TILL THE END!!!!!
Actually the bells do have to do with the abilitys Augest
@Knowa the know it all: nice name
everyone after this comic: ohhhhhhh
@SonicT22: yep. I love larry and the frying pan
Woah. Hi! I just found this like, a few days ago, and I'm TOTALLY HOOKED! It's so beautiful...
Your art is so good, pinkeevee, mine is utter crap compared to your master pieces. Ik that you are probably way older than me (all my favorite webcomic artists are) and therefore have more experience than me, but I can’t help feeling like I failed as an artist when I see how amazing your comics are.... );

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