Don't drop the chalk


May 27th, 2017, 10:38 am

This comic has been postponed like, 4 times. I am not joking.
I am glad that I finally uploaded it. The next Dusk sensei comic
I think is a field trip.

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WOW! I have so much WORK to do *starts sobbing*
Commissions, art homework, comics, other things, WHYYYYYY!???
I blame my tendency to procrastinate... among other things *glances at strict parents*.
Anyways. Oliver is up to his Oliver shenanigans again. He seems to act "semi normal" If Dusk isn't totally focused on him.
SSEC Discord group chat!-

Oh riiiggghhhht. Why are we having a comedy comic now? Well, there was a vote on Discord a week ago to choose if we continue with Lem or have a comedy comic this week. They picked comedy~
Speaking about that, I need to make another questionnaire, so, stay tuned!... If you want, that is...
Pinkeevee222, May 27th, 2017, 10:46 am Reply
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Hey, you posted a funny comic like you promised! Thank you Tina. [Do my compliments please the great Scruffyeevee?] Also, first.

Classic Oliver
Oh Oliver... *shakes head*
Oliver likes that butt
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Wooooooooow...
Oliver is fantastic.
Woh Well uh... I don't even know what to say at this point.
Woo! Go Oliver!
Yaoi! D:< Wait he wanted to look at his ass? ?
@Guest: Don't worry, Eevees and Eeveeloutions wear pants in this comic. But yes, yes he did.
@Guest: yes,yes Oliver did.... :|
Oh yeah because he gay
@Eevee: I will neither confirm nor deny this statement.
@Pinkeevee222: Tina I think you comics are the best plz don't stop makeing them and why dose Oliver like seeing dusks butt dose she like him
@Pinkeevee222: Tina is Oliver a girl some people are saying Oliver is a boy
@Jeffrey: Oliver is a boy
@Silver the Eevee: what he looks like a girl welp thx
@Jeffrey: His hair is long and he's afraid to cut it
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Eh? His hair looks a lot like mine. I don't count that as long
@Silver the Eevee: Long for an eevee
@Shaede The Black Eevee: he wears earrings tho
@Pastaplayer : I know loads of guys who wear earrings
@Pastaplayer : Same as Silver. You don't have to be a girl to wear earrings.
Oliver @Jeffrey:Oliver is a boy as it states in one of the comics oliver is a male (boy)
A Reply: @Pinkeevee222:
Dusky more like Duster am I right lads
@MemeFrisk: you play undertale???
@Poketale vaporeon: Hello. Have you seen a young Eevee with an irregular coat?
Respons @Poketale vaporeon: yep I do
@Eevee: Oliver is defently gay
@Glaceon knows all: He's not the only one. *stares at a certain eeveelution...*
lol XD
also i'm 13 Xd WHY ME
Omg... Poor Dusk...
That's not the type of thing you should teach in school, Oliver.
This whole page... it's just so beautiful! XD
Wait Oliver is a boy I thought Oliver was a girl
I was reading through this comic again. And on the meanwhile of the chapter dusk is a dunce I saw that Olivers number is 1134. When that number is turn upside down and then flipped it spells; hell
@9rainbowtails: So I really am the ONLY ONE who read bond of brothers then. Oliver is not a good eevee, just sayin.
actually... @Enderstar: Bond of Brothers is a fancomic. Unless the theories were confirmed by pinkeevee, and some were.(Also we already know Oliver has been through a lot)
The name of this page Don't drop that chalk

OlIvEr DrOpPeD tHe ChAlK!!!
What are krickentune noises?
@Potatichu: Krickentune is a Cricket Pokemon
@Skylar101: Oh, Ok, Cool, thanks!
Wow Oliver... your hella gay side for Dusk has completely shown....
@Guest: Turns into Oliver to insult him
NEW FAVOURITE PAGE!!! I rlly love the expressions on those student eevees and Oliver is so fantastic. He has the right idea. Artwork is amazing Pinkeevee!
This is why I love Oliver
OLIVER!!! HOWS IT BEEN? We missed you!
@Pinkeevee222: Oliver's such a Miroku (leacher/pervert) from Inuyasha
@Pinkeevee222: when are you going to finish the song battle scars on YouTube are you even going to make the rest of it
@Jeffrey: oliver aint a perv, he just like his bum. it's not like he rape
@volcanicash0098: no not that the song
@Jeffrey: ok good :D ( don't know what I'm writing ) but WATCH IT
@volcanicash0098: I can't it says safari can't open it
@volcanicash0098: I can't it says safari can't open it
Dat girl is like 'I want dat ass'
@Demy_the_eevee: uhh that's not a girl...
Dusk Sensei is back! Yay!
WAIT A MINUTE! How does Oliver know about aterial blood gas?

Also why do people think that Oliver (male name people) is a girls
@Silver the Eevee: Actually.. it's a gender neutral name.. I have a friend named Oliver, she identifies with female pronouns (she's cis)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: oh. I thought it was the male equivalent of Olivia
@Shaede The Black Eevee: But my point still remains, why do people think he's a girl?
@Guest: Because 1) Gender neutral name
2) Sexual preferences
3) Long hair
4) Pink eyes
5) Earrings
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Fair enough. But in the first page that he's in it say he's a boy
@Guest: @Emojikitten: People often don't catch things like that, they are ignorant
@Shaede The Black Eevee: But it says he's a boy that's a fact that was shoved in their face, how do they ignore it?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: if they want they can go back to the beginning and read all of it
@Pinkeevee222 Ynow the puple and black reminds me of that amulet
Dat poor blue eevee does not like what he sees he's like?
@Pinkeevee222: i realize something about the header of each page... all through this chapter the headers are telling a story!!!
@Sky207: nope it's a song look its adventure time every thing stays
hmm let me guess.. "dat booty" xD
@RealBoxTheEevee: what is up with oliver?
@volcanicash0098: "dat booty" That's what
OMG oliver i love you so much.
M A N D O N T Y O U J U S T L O V E G A Y S T E R O T P Y E S ! ! ! !
@slyeon is cool: No, I hate gay stereotypes because they are entirely untrue. (almost non of my friends are straight btw)
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Well, they're somewhat true in some cases. My friend is probably one of the most flamboyant guys you'll ever meet. But I don't like when people are like 'You must be (insert thing here) because you're (insert thing here)'
@Silver the Eevee: That's why I hate stereotypes in general.
Poor Dusk, if only he had the heart to tell his friends no... (silent laughing)!
Do you guys think Oliver and Dusk secretly don't get along? Maybe that's why Dusk is so generous...
Do you guys think maybe Dusk and Oliver secrerly don't get along?
Do you guys think maybe Dusk and Oliver secretly don't get along?
OMG *ok call me hetalia trash* but when I saw that aura I imidely thought "Oh shit he's gone Russia on us RUN!!!!
watch this now!!!!! * mic drop *BEEP BEEP!
This is not a freaking drill bois! The fanservice train has just slid right on into the station! I made a laugh just like Oliver's before I even scrolled down far enough to see it. Oh you're too good to us! Just wait until Jun 1st for a little somethin somethin to clear. Don't ever think for even a second that you didn't earn every bit of it.
CombatantDock76:Omg they're so cute
Oliver's face in the second panel. I love it!! MEW!!!
Dusk Sensei~ I Wanna Go To An Field Trip~
@Pinkeevee222: hehe, I haven't been on this site for quite a while haven't I! Man... anyway keep up the good work!btw did you already start using the Eevees we submitted to you? I would really like to see the Eevee I submitted to you! thnx very much!
I Figueroa it out Oma I no the plot for I figured every thing out oma pink evee u are a genius but I recently started ssec a few mounts ago (April) anyway I can't wait for u to add more to the plot and to the side plots and relly olover u be perv
@pinkeevee222 Can i draw porn of Oliver? No? Ok :(
@Eevee: As her, uh, second in command, yeah, let's go with that. I officially grant you permis... aha, not really, that's up to her and judging by her replying to a comment below yours, she must've skipped over yours. No smexin it up in this shizzle my home dawg, foo. :P
Innocence Why is Oliver look sooo innocent in the first few panels? Why????

Am I the only person who noticed you spelled Kricketune wrong?

Well rip grammar
@Cool Dude: .....
*looks at google* GOOGLE!!! I TRUSTED YOU!!!!
Google: *shrugs*
*Flips table*
When the one who is roleplayjng is actually the creator

Rip all the rules now
@Cool Dude: Truly, the world is coming to a cruel end by the fluffy pink paws of death in a physical form.
I love it thank u for this gift of humar! I'm going to make u a background eevee I hope u will like it!
ps:i am starting my own comic ting on smackjeeves
@candy the sylveon: what is it called?
I mean okay
*runs away*
(grabs m16) die you gay eevee (repeatidly shoots oliver with incendiary ammo then explosive ).
Oliver laughs, the bullets bouncing off of him, useless. He smiles as the explosive hits next to him and doesn't go off. He then proceeds to blow a kiss to @UMBREONS DA AWESOME:
@Pinkeevee222: (dodge) and eve was there and it hit her then she fell in love and then oliver ran away and he never came back cuz she still chases him to this day
Oliver, unfazed by having a female in love with him, showed Eve a very hot and smexy picture of Dusk that he "found". She instantly came to her senses, seeing how much smexyness was radiating from the picture. Eve sits down and starts looking at the picture, mesmerized. Oliver proceeds to blow another kiss at @UMBREONS DA AWESOME: before the picture's smexyness power overtook him and he starts being mesmerized by it as well.
(Why am I RPing in the comments section? lol, I dunno. I should stop.)
@Pinkeevee222: dodge again this time it hit's flare yeah i'm dodging this guy no crap i'm not trying this is for umbreon everywhere
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Oliver remembers the important task at hand and continues a full auto barrage of sweet kisses in your direction. You realize you're getting tired and can't keep this up. You give in, knowing that you're manly enough to not sway his way. POP! A kiss smacks you right on the mouth. Y-You're strong! You... can fight this! This! this... Something churns deep inside you. You begin to feel light, like you could be blown away by the delicate breeze. You've discovered your true self, and it's all thanks to that hunk of fluff staring at you dreamily. You start to drool.

The end.

Wow, haven't RPed in a looooong time. Let's never do that again. In short. Oliver will always win cuz he is the most awesomest ever!
dude i said umbreons everywhere and i was dodgeing them effortlessly fool @cccviper653: drake sheild they all it drake miss drake is unnaffected me:wait idea everyone including dusk and students not oliver though: what me:get to the town of moon pool every one go go go evry one :got it 1 hour later me :evry one here evryone: yes me: good now in the dojo of the shiny rayquaza and ninetales and a regualar and shiny absol for safety evryone: got it 1 minute later they are safe and lived happily ever after
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: *sacrifices you to Oliver* nyehehEHEHEHEHEH *You lose. Game over.*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: you uh went to the wrong dojo and sacrificed someone else aka my decoy and you never knew
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: *Game is still over. You cheated, and there's only one dojo with a SHINY RAQUAZA THAT'S NOT HARD TO MISS*
@Shaede The Black Eevee: all dojos have shiny rayquazas throws a dat boi meme you cccviper and silver at oliver and runs.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: I don't mind being thrown at him. Bye!
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Oliver traps you in invisible unbreakable chain and makes a force field Oliver starts throughing infinit kisses you doge the first 1000000 trillion but soon give out BYE BYE?
@Oliver powers by smexyness: i'm unaffected the kisses don't work cuz i'm not gay and after a love letdown i never loved again so no effect (quickly adds invincible invisible cankill anything in a bullet mod added and breaks chain) olver can't see me (takes the m16 out of pocket puts explosive ammo in) now you will die oliver and shoots his head and it explodes and also shoots you everyone:YAAAAAAAAAY.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Oliver ducks and then throughs infinity sylveons at you level300000099908998898789988977909898799878987898789789889998908778007777 a a trillion hold you back with unbreakable chains sereasly unbreakable and Oliver runs and takes eve running super fast but making sure the picture doesn't break Bye bye? Oh and Oliver thanks you for the wepon
@OLIVER IS BAE: i said i killed him
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Ah but that was Oliver the 5th this is Oliver the first. don't ask? Oh and moon blast making sure it's you?
@Oliver is Bae: (shoots all the others)this is turning into mobile strike turbo kill event.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Are you 6? Cuz I think you're 6
@Silver the Eevee: why the hell do you think that
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: You act like a six year old
@Silver the Eevee:( screw you
@Shaede The Black Eevee: i am a modder on my game (puts mlg mod and gets shades see you later you suckers (fus ro dah everyone into a prison cell except the comic creator.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: *punches the bars down* No
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: This is absolutely idiotic. Nobody likes a character without weaknesses. No personality. Besides, I'm pretty sure nobody you're replying to/replying to you likes you very much.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: also, questoin. are you new its kinda obv which way oliver swings the bat and who he swoons over. almosttothepointwhereit'salmoststalkerish.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Why are you trying to kill Oliver anyway
@Silver the Eevee:( rly why are you asking i don't know hes messing with a umbreon thats what.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Doesn't really warrant death
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: The umbreon's name is Dusk.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: i was saying a umbreon in general like any umbreon plus silver idon't like him doing those eyes and trying to be scary though he just looks dumb
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: It's just a natural facial expression
@Guest: no when we do it it doesn't make your eyes disappear plus the purple eye makes him look really dumb and he's messing with a umbreon in my book it warrants death
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: his hair is making a shadow
slaps @Guest: in the face he looks dumb and i don't like idiots
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: You must really hate yourself then
@Silver the Eevee: nope i don't feel much but humor is something i enjoy dont hate myself
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: You aren't funny
@Silver the Eevee: i was saying i enjoy humor
(shoots @Shaede The Black Eevee) didn't mess with you i shot you :) when umbreons fight and do stuff like this it's legal on me:} same with flareon vaporeon glaceon and jolteon fighting if leafeon glaceon and sylveon fighting (does kill sign) but i am one the fighters (shoots silver the eevee) i'm a murderer mainly cuz of the japanese song insanity it made me go crazy :) i like role playing
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Weirdest reason for going crazy ever: 'because I listened to music'
@Silver the Eevee: what a murder song make murder sound better

shaede the black eevee no i watched videos

silver the eevee screw you i went to college for free

pastaplayer what the heck
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: First of all, don't assume what my umbreon forme looks like. It's basically the same as the eevee forme, but with out the extra fluff. Second of all, you cannot kill a shadow. So the bullet went through me. Third, if you call me a hypocrite for making an invincible character, remember that there's some serious flaws/weaknesses, but I just won't tell you them. And shooting someone is definitely messing with them.
Yay Micha's back. Also: YES DISCHORD IS LINKED TO SSEC. ps. your such a evil yet ingenious vee Oliver.
I love panel 5, their faces just look so epic (and funny)
m @Guest: also I posted this at 10:04, so hooray for sleep deprivation!
EVERYONE USED...!!!! @AShinyFemaleEevee: LAST BEAM!!!
I made my first comic! Not trying to steal fans, but I made a new comic (it sucks) you guys should check it out. Here's the link:
@Emojikitten: I will check out your comic.And don't worry because when we try something new we aren't always perfect at it.
@Eve da cutie: Thanks! I hope you like it.
@Emojikitten: ??? it was a good comic Emoji.
Dat butt tho *covers eyes*Oliver why do you like Dusk's butt so much?I mean we eevees all have butts.Oliver look at your own butt.
@Eve da cutie: You ever try to look at your own butt? It's difficult! Can't quite get the right angle you or it deserves unless you record yourself with your phone propped up against the wall or something... It's much nicer to look at the one of your crush's. Now shhhh, no more questions. They're cute and must be shipped for eternity.
@cccviper653: you're right looking at your crushes butt is nicer (my crush got some booty)
@Pastaplaye: Your right tho.My crush is a boy but he still has a nice butt.I made my crush bend down to pick up my fidget cube and he farted ? He has a nice butt ? Mmmmh dat butt lol.
@cccviper653: Lol not if you can do magic *waves both hands in the air like rainbow* By magic I meant look at your butt in a mirror or if you have good head reflexes which I have.
me:i' fighting him off but i need help calls heart and michael and drake me: can you help micheal:fine (uses dark void) all: theres a jolteon and glaceon down there
@AShinyFemaleEevee: No role-playing
@Pinkeevee222: ur smexy
@Your true senpai: You wanna get noticed? Cuz that's how you get noticed.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Y'know there's something about you I don't like..Can't quite place my finger on it though
@Silver the Eevee: @UMBREONS DA AWESOME: same.. Being gay isn't a bad thing
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Yeah! Gay to be gay! Not really, it's a terrible life! But woo! Booties! And yaoi shipping! Shun the bigot! SHHHHUNNNN!!!
@cccviper653: i swear there is something wrong with that andrew boi.
@Guest: cccviper is named andrew
@cccviper653: Boys have the best booties
@Silver the Eevee: are you gay?
@Silver the Eevee: is it because i'm mlg or i took a guy's line from a meme or that i think gay stuff is messed up or even love i rather just hang out alone by myself in life with no one but my imaginary friends:|
@Silver the Eevee: all of them
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: It's because you think gay stuff is messed up. What's wrong with being gay?
movies @Silver the Eevee: movies is why and what makes it worst is double and bodil on their one game where there is a plastic d*ck and they do dumb stuff like put it in a microwave.
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: That's just a game. It doesn't mean that all gay people do that
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Also. What? You hate gay people because you saw a movie?
@Silver the Eevee: no what i really don't like is those comic ruiners called KISSING AND BOOTIES JUST RUINED THE MEANING OF GAY
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Being gay means that you are smexually attracted to people of the same sex. What couples do is up to them
Why does Dusk looks feminine?(body anatomy)
@Guest: pokemon can't have chest fur now it's chest fur except on dawn she is a female
@Guest: I'm very bad at drawing bodies... Don't worry though! I'm working on it!
When I look at the title art .. I then think

"Why would Dusk have the bell?!"
"Dawn is always wearing that.."
And "Dang.. it just got deeeeeep"
When I look at the title art .. I then think

"Why would Dusk have the bell?!"
"Dawn is always wearing that.."
And "Dang.. it just got deeeeeep"
Oooo slyiver (Oliver) looks sooo hot!
@Pastaplayer: I am sorry...For I am a Flareon!
@Pastaplayer: *turns into Flareon* I could burn 'em
@Silver the Eevee: i don't mess with anything but those who mess with umbreon flareon jolteon glaceon and vaporeon are who i kill
@Pastaplayer: What's an ABG?
@Pastaplayer: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he forgot the letters c and d
@Pastaplayer: I can become Umbreon. *changes into Umbreon forme* @UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Mess with me now, ******.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: black eevees become purple ring umbreons and no i won't fight

@Skylar101: lol. Sorry. That was my fault ?
Oliver is just such a fun character to RP as, I couldn't help myself. I'll start enforsing the no Roleplay rule again next week.
I'm new, but you are an amazing artist and you should keep up the awesome work Pinkeevee222!
@xFactor100: thanks!!
@Pinkeevee222: don't listen to him im a fan i read the comics alot i'm just doing this to mess with people and have fun
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: Well thanks for giving me a reminder of some of the awful junk that's happened in my life. I'm glad I brought you happiness
@Pastaplayer: Going through my profile trying to dig up ammo to use against my gayness. What a sorry and close minded individual.
@Pinkeevee222 Is it possible to ban guests? Cuz that Umbreondaawesome whatever face is a real clod on everyone's happy parade here. k thx. :3
@cccviper653: There is actually. But, I don't ban anyone unless I absolutely have to.


@cccviper653 As a guest, I'm not entirely sure how to change the profile, especially if it's not one I picked out, but ya know, it's not really that big of a deal once you think about it, cause there only there to better identify a profile user, and to make them more recognizable. Kind of makes sense a little...
@xFactor100: im talking about cccviper not you
@UMBREONS DA AWESOME: oh... sorry.
trying not be a perv but I agree with evil eevee
guess whos back back again says whos back tell a freind guess whos back guess whos back guess whos back just finished my month of tests DX but imma back and smarter XD
oliver never change
@Pastaplayer: A B C D E F G. He said that it was their ABGs he left out three letters
@Pastaplayer: Don't go down to an idiot's level, they will beat you with their experience sticks
Dusk looks so cute also did dusk gain a couple of pounds?
Hey pinkeevee if you don't mind me asking when you made Oliver did you expect people to call him gay?
When Oliver drops the chalk innocently Dusk picks it up.Then Oliver glues the eraser on the floor and when Dusk tries to pick it up Dusk might be like "This is magic,I CAN'T GET IT OF THE FLOOOOOOOR!!!!"
Help? I can't see your comic on either my phone or my computer. do you have anything I could try to do @Pinkeevee222?
olvier likes dat booty of dusk's
JUST STARTED READING YOUR COMICS I just started reading your comics and I love them SO MUCH. I am obsessed with Eevee evoltions. On my third day of reading them I reached your leatest comic, don't drop the chalk. KEEP WRITING THESE COMICS I LUV DEM. BTW, Vay is by far meh fav Character. then comes Dusk :3
Oliver's a psychopath, btw
Oliver is a cruel creature.

Aside from Dawn
it's alsomeh bday today, on June 2nd.

Yay me.

@Anonymous: Happy birthday *random confetti from nowhere falls from above onto you*
@Pastaplayer: Hmmmmmmmmmm
PERVERT COMFIRMED (Im talking about Oliver)
....I just realized.... my crush's name is Oliver
@eevee(guest) Do what you want with your life though you can get in trouble.
I AM A HYPNOTIST!!! What ... you know what fine AShinyFemaleEevee says about the mind prisons are true! And, yes, I can do it online. But, I've only been targeting her, but she has a strong mind.
@Ditto: *drags Ditto away from AShinyFemaleEevee*YOU WILL NOT HURT ANYONE TODAY DITTO!!!!!
Oliver are you still trying to get over Dusk?But I understand why you like looking at dat butt tho ??..Haha......???
Me: I wonder when I start getting obsessed with cheese,oh yeah,when I was 5 (-_-') I also thought of a name for my cheese(if I have one)Cheesyi XD
He's going super saiyan
@Pinkeevee222: dat buttcrack doe
I'm going to think of Oliver as a Female because I will not acknoledge that he's a creepy gay male I prefer a WIERD female instead
This.. is going to have to be a part of my Justice comics.. which is a Five Nights spinoff story with AJ, Bella , Cam , Scout , Gunner, And bear as anamatronics.

And the four workers.
NightGuard (NG)
Matt( Who is gay, and likes phoney)
Phoney (phone guy)

Sorry PInkeevee. But don't worry, my comics don't go on the internet..

Aj,Bella,andCam and my other comic "Friends " with my friends and I as Eeveeloutions...
Maybe one day..
I want Oliver as a pet so cute and cuddly
@Pinkeevee222: it's the butt trick
Why can't Oliver just go to prison .He can get all male eevee(lutuons)butts for free.
Dude... @Guest: Just let Oliver be free ;-; He is funny, and perv...*minds* Pervy XD
Uhhhhhh... WHAT!?
Dusk Sensei wait, there is more?!

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