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June 10th, 2017, 11:12 am

Rick was devastated when he heard
what happened to the eevees, and,
he blames himself for not doing
anything to stop them being taken.

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There you go random guest, I drew a snivy, lol. I hope it makes you happy~ I love these Dusk headers~
Sooo, like, on the Discord group chat, we are starting events, like movie nights and game nights and stuff. And, if you attend these events, you get points to win prizes (Which are mostly just drawings from me and chances to get eevee characters in Eevee academy, and extra background eevees (without answering the questions) at the moment, plus chances to get free eeveelution plushies.) If you have any ideas for other prizes, you can DM me on Discord though. And, I guess I'm going to hold a giveaway later on on here, Deviantart, and Discord (not tumblr, they have lots of giveaways already). Hmmm. Oh. And, I am going to upload the next eevee academy comic tomorrow, cause I couldn't finish it on time. *coughBlamemydadcough*
Patreon- www.patreon.com/Pinkeevee222
Discord group link- https://discord.gg/DUg3uR7
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Is Stan #1 the leader of LKD? Sorry it's kinda random but I'm curious
lol, no. @Sapphire: The leader of LKD is Levin. That's why his initial is first, lol. Though, I guess Kevin acts more leaderly.
@Sapphire: who the heck is Stan? ? I'm quite sure the lkd Eevee are Levin Kevin and Devin
The snivy is beautiful
@9rainbowtails: Thanks!!
When will the jigglypuffs come back? They were hilarious.
@Nintenduck: I am working on a chapter about them.
@Pinkeevee222: Awesome!
@Pinkeevee222: PUFFFFFFFFFFFF!
@Pinkeevee222: Really? YESSS!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: how many comics are in a chapter
@Jeffrey: It varies. Usually 8-15.
@Pinkeevee222: so 18 WEEKS until the dusk chapter ? Also I am a patron
wow poor Lem...
Wow. Rick is such a good friend to Lem.
Hmm... *is contemplating whether to join the Discord chat or not*

It's nice to have friends, especially ones that can tell when you are upset and want to help.
@littlekirby61524: discord is a good outlet for emotional support, most of the time
These headers have been cool, I just read through them all.
Poor Lem. Why does Harmony have to be so mean?
Lem is such a cutie~

Btw, when are you gonna change Eve, Blizz and Vay's bios?
@Guest: I dunno ^^; Hopefully soon.
When is pinkeevee222 shop going to open
This is why i love Rick. Also Harmony is a butthole for making Lem cry.
@Skylar101: truer words have never been spoken
@Skylar101: when you look up "butthole" or similar in the dictionary you just find a pic of Harmony.
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry, I meant their boss, not leader. What I meant was is Stan the one that yelled at Mike, Tike, and LKD to be quiet in LKD episode 3 because he was upset that John hadn't visited him?
Poor Lem...
hai :3 is Rick a buneary? he looks like a buneary...
Yeah he is
@.The_Sof.: YAAYYYY i was right 4 once in my life!!!
I don't think I've mentioned it, but I really like Lem's eyes. The color is awesome.
Nice Snivy, pink! Very snazzy :3
Dang. I missed the movie lol
Hello @Pinkeevee222: Can we go back to the es peon trying to strait my main man vay out because I really want vay to get his dream girl!,,
@Coltonvap: Sadly Dasiy {i think thats how you spell it idk.} likes Blizz sence they wher eevees soooooooooo Vay good luck with that.....
Duh @Guest: I know that! I really want vay to get with daisy I'm not stupid
@Coltonvap: trust me he wont
Undertale death music for Lem and a lollipop
@Pinkeevee222: Why did the Eevee telling Lem to go back to the box have the Eevee neck fur around his waist?Also, are you gonna make a comic where they find out about Nego?
@CamerynEeveeGirl: That "Eevee" telling Lem to go back into the PC is actually a Buneary, search it up if you don't believe me.
Awwwww.Rick is so kind to Lem.I want a friend like Rick.
too bad I can't entend the events for fun
At least Rick is more friendly to Lem Then Harmony and I hope Harmony will start loving Lem again
Mwhahahahaha @Pinkeevee222: can you plz draw a random Pikachu in the background plz thank you if you are
Omg thanks you!!!!!!!!!!?
And the freckles are a nice touch
And sorry I was impatient I was really excited
@Pinkeevee222: Is the colour of their text based off the colour of their eyes?
@Silver the Eevee: Most of the times, yes. Sometimes it isn't though.
Is rick an evee (just dosent look like one)
@Guest: no he is not. He is a Buneary
What if Lem gets a grudge against Harmony?
THE FEEEEEEEELS!!!! ...I love it...
Why does harmony love Dusk so much but not the rest of her nice, loving children its just not fair its SO HATEFUL!!!!!!!!!!
@Drackularua: Harmony loves Dusk because he almost looks exactly like the first Pokemon she ever fell in love with.
:/ Anyone have suggestions for my pic or show it stay this way
@Bird is the word: Peter Griffin
Ahh! the emotions! the feels are so stong!
...I still feel bad for Harmony owo;
@Pinkeevee222: omg thanks yours! And sorry I was impatient I was hyped dabs??
I am sorry this is kind of off topic but... @Pinkeevee222 This reminds me A lot of Warrior cats! Like how there are leaders of the houses (Clans), and basically Deputies, Kits, and Daisy is a Medicine Cat!
@Leafyyay: Warrior cats is the best. I am so excited for the movie.
@Pinkeevee222: Did you see the leaked image? It shows they are doing The Prophecies Begin.
Rick, all I have to say, is thank you. For helping out poor Lem. Thank you.
Sorry I haven't read your comics lately! I have been caught up on feeding my daughter and working on my comics. Your comics are awesome! I'll be here more often! Promise!
Awww That's so sweet! I ship those two but they only seem like buddies
If buneary looks feminine. Why does rick look so masculine?(get that he's a male but still)also is Rick depress?Not telling you to change your art style but I just want to know these questions(longest comment yet).Im curious.
so cute I kinda fell bad for lem but still this is cute asf
lem is lucky he has a friend that is there to help him
Wait is sora dawn cuz in the flash back she has a golden bell with a purple string in one of the comics...
No @Rainbow Eevee : that is a different soothe bell. Sora/Sky's soothe bell is damaged and Dawn's soothe bell is not.
On the 26# one.
WAIT @Pinkeevee222: they are making a warriors movie when i must know what books or books is it based off AND HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS
@Bayleafeon: It is based off of The Prophecies Begin, but no release date is found yet.
First of all Rick is such a good father to Lem and secondly Lem is adorable :3
Awww the snivy is so cute pls draw an oshawott someday

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