Lem and Don


June 17th, 2017, 12:51 pm

Lem and Don were the first 2 eevees born
after Harmony sent the other eevees to the lab.

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Lem has lots of friends who support him~ also, MINECRAFT IS AWESOME!!!
Pinkeevee222, June 17th, 2017, 12:54 pm Reply
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@farmergirl139: Agreed!
Minecraft is awesome! Awww, Don is such a nice friend: taking time out of his play for him!
@BestBuilder101: Lem is a guy, but, yeah, Don was very sweet.
@KatFace: Whoops, sorry... Edited!
Yup! @Guest: Lem and Oliver have the same body shape (cause, Im lazy and I make every eevee have the same body shape) and, their color pallets are similar (Oliver has golden tan fur, and purple eyes, Lem has redish golden tan fur with purple eyes)
Idk I like missed 3 weeks so I'm sad and happy cuz I get 3 comics to read, but now I'm late to comment. (So I think :P)
@ViciousVaporeon: you not late but to me Lem and Oliver look sooooooooo much alike right???
I agree minecraft is 100% bae So this isn't the first time Harmony has emotionally abused/damaged Lem? What a a-hole!
For some reason the *Loud cursing from Blizz can be heard in the background* really sets the tone. Anyone else think so? (I might just be crazy XD)
@ViciousVaporeon: no i feal the same
@ViciousVaporeon: aren't we all a bit crazy? if we weren't crazy, we'd be boring

but yea i agree it does
Oliver looks different then lemto me because Oliver has a different hair style and has a ear pierced (I don't want to go too much into detail cuz I'm lazy)
@ViciousVaporeon: no i mean do they look SIMMILER not exactly the same
Oh my god Blizz what the heck happend to you to make you so angry?

I bet it was the three eevees in his room
@Skylar101: It was. He is having trouble fixing the sky.
Wait why lem acting so sad can't we try to have fun and be happy that's he is alway from harmony
@Jeffrey: i think its still wering off
@Guest: k
@Guest: k
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(I'm not sorry) Genjii 199/200 hp
@ViciousVaporeon: *Gives max potion*
srry it took so long
She posted this an hour ago and so many people commented on this.
Remember how everymon is wearing clothes that look like their fur? This means they're getting their clothes all wet. What a gross feeling that is isn't it? Unless these wet eevees are nakey. Oliver is probably sitting in a bush nearby. :3
@cccviper653: they're naked but it doesn't show their gender.
@cccviper653: Maybe he would if Dusk were there
@Silver the Eevee: Lol, you like the same comics I do, and your replies are always neat. I think I love you or something.
@cccviper653: hehe, thanks. I like you too
@cccviper653: It is possible that their clothes are skin tight. Then it wouldn't bother them if ther were wet.
Minecraft memes with earrape?Whom'stve'd
IDK if "sad" covers the extent of what happened there.
Oh yeah gotta use those Minecraft cheat codes! (It's an inside joke)
@Pinkeevee222: Yes, Tina, yes it is. Minecraft is much awesome.
Ahem. Is Dom in fact an eevee? In confused by the huge nose. Lol.
@The_Eevee_Essence: Yes, yes he is.
@Pinkeevee222: YEAH MINECRAFT
@Pinkeevee222: dat world of color doh.
I'm starting to like Don more and more. I hope he manages to cheer little Lemming. (jk I know it's Lem)
Also, I bet the next cover will be "and out"
:3 Yes! Minecraft! Whoo hoo! And this is so cute!
Aww :3 Aww, Lem's so lucky to have supportive friends like Don
@Pinkeevee222: MINECRAFT!!!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in the past couple of comics pink eevee has been writing out the lyrics to "Everything Stays" in the headers.
@Guest: That's because these are themed headers my dear guest
Blizz looks like a girl (YOLO)
@VoiceOfDeath: blizz is gonna be really mad when he sees this.
Does anyone else ship Lem and don or just me T_T
Minecraft...Is...Awesome...I Just Love Getting Killed By Creepers! :3
@RealBoxTheEevee: Me too.
hey do any of you play egg wars because my user name is W3vil don make fun of it and i hate creepers there anying
Don knew why lem was sad without lem telling him. he is a good friend. I like minecraft. thIs COMmenT Is WIerD.
H3lL0 m¥ n@M3 m!S.s!nGn0. ¥0u G0!nG tO D!3! *Glitching Laughing*
is it just me or do Lem and Oliver look SIMMELER not the same?

but do they look simmler or is it just me???
Time to copy paste~ Yup! @Guest: Lem and Oliver have the same body shape (cause, Im lazy and I make every eevee have the same body shape) and, their color pallets are similar (Oliver has golden tan fur, and purple eyes, Lem has redish golden tan fur with purple eyes)
Damn! Poor Lem...it must be really hard for his heart :I
Dusk What if Lem meets Dusk?? Will he be mad?????
@Leonkun: No. just sad. Very sad. Heart shattering sad. He was suppose to see Disk instead of Don, but, I wanted him to be happy.
Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, but Don the Big nosed eevee
Why does Don have such a big nose??????
@Drackularua: Variety~ (How are people just noticing this now?)
@Pinkeevee222: TINA WAS DON THAT EEVEE IN THE BACKROUND PIC WITH THE ONE CALLED "A Lesson Of Love"????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
@Guest: Yup
3...2...1 @Pinkeevee222: MINECRAFT IS AWSOME!
I loveeee your comics
MONCRAFT CHEAT CODES Here are just some mincraft cheat codes. First u must always put / at the beginning of a command. Okay to get u started just do /give then u must have to choose a item to give to u or someone else's if u want more than just use than use the /help text there are like fiftey of them or so. But to get more u just put /help 1 2 3 and it keeps on going. (U got to have cheats on to do this u can also change color text by just using this symbol §) This is for Minecraft loverys and players only. If u want more cheats or u have a question then just ask me. ED DEV GAMER OF EEVEES. THANK U AND HAVE A GOOD TIME ALSO LOVE YOUR COMICS PINK EEVEE (;
Don is a nice friend because when he could play in the water he sat with Lem.AND I LOVE MINECRAFT ALSO!!!!:D.I play Minecraft PE.And I also love playing murder mystery on minecraft.
I'm seriously thinking Don got stung on the nose by a bee, and it swelled, the end.
I know I know 2 facts about everybody including pinkeevee that.

1.u are reading this.
2. U can't say b without touching your lips. Try it u will only say e not b. (:
@ed dev gamer of eve: i can say it with out touching my lips!
Ship it :3 and gayyyyyyy
I have a feeling that Blizz's cursing sound like the screaming guy from "I can break these cuffs".... I need help memes are invading my mind... XD
@Cinnamon vee: this will help you. https://youtu.be/t2eUUHkpvQA
2 More Comics! Happy 198 Comic Pinkeevee222!
@Leafyyay: Thanks!!
Hey what are olivers hobbies
@Guest: Stalking Dusk, Reading Yaoi, and sleeping.
when do comics get posted
@souless: Saturdays
@Pinkeevee222: True, mate. Minecraft is the elephant in the gaming room.
Also, a little parody. Lem needs a hug, hug, hug
Needs a hug, hug, hug is what he needs
(Hey, hey)
Lem needs a hug, hug, hug
If I shared with you his story
What you share yo hugs with him?

(Promise I'll expand this later)
Lem like minecraft rigth?
How can you tell which eevee is which all the time? It's kinda confusing... @.@
2 panels in with don, and I already like Don!
What curse words were blizz using :-*
Big nose right umm Wich one is Don
All the faces I only know how to make =-O :-P ;-) :-(:-):-!:-$B-):O:-*
Minecraft is awesome!
Also,pinkeevee, I love your comics and it's what inspired me to make my own comics!
(But there written on paper) :(
nooooo please make more pages please
@Pinkeevee222: yeah especially with mods btw are you still making pages if so can you text me on my gmail account lucariofan1111 thanks this comic is really awsome funny, and weird
keep forgeting to put a guest name XD
@Lucario1124: She updates on Saturdays.
@Skylar101: i just figred that out thanks tough and not kidding about forgetting guest name XD
ok this comic is making me happy every time i see lem with friends after the last 3 comics
@Pinkeevee222: Do I have permission to make a comic dub of this on YouTube? I will make sure to credit you and everything. Also, I love your work, you are a major inspiration!
@EnderStaffExe: You do have permission! When you upload it, tell me, I'd love to see it~~
@Pinkeevee222: Thank you! I can't wait to see where this story goes later, and I hope that it takes a couple of years before it's over.
..... How old is oliver ?
How old is dusk ?
Is deviant art one of ur posts ( neoluckys crazy meme - eve blizz dusk ) u said dusk is not a virg!in was you joking about that ?
Do you play kingdom hearts ?
MINECRAFT!!!! @Pinkeevee222: heh my name on MINECRAFT is WickedUmbreon!
@Pinkeevee222: MINCARAFT?
Pink eevee who are the eevees in panel ten other than don
minecraft @Pinkeevee222: i agree
don is a genius
@eeveepeace: yeah bro I agree. He does look cute
When? When did you get the idea of making Comics?
Hey i have a question hey can i do a dub on your comic i promise ill give you credit
@Pinkeevee222: Yeah!
@Pinkeevee222: im sorry but i hate minecraft. i call it my crap (because it stinks)

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