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July 1st, 2017, 3:01 pm

Dusk loves Naruto, and has watched all of the original,
but, he stopped watching Shippuden during filler hell.
He has read One piece up to a bit after the time skip.
and he has read only a few chapters of Bleach.
If you ask him which one of the Big 3 he likes the most,
the answer is FairyTail. (Even though that isn't part of
the big 3, lol)

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See. This is what happens when I get too distracted by Discord on Friday. Ha ha ha *sob* I'm working on the 200th comic(s), don't worry~ They will be here next week! ...... Maybe....(Juusssttt, If I am on red, or offline, try not to talk to me , aaanndd, if I start talking, try to discourage it, please???? I have absolutely no self control. Ha ha ha *starts sobbing in the corner*). Also, I know eevee academy's site looks glitched. I am going to update it later, like I did with this site.
Anyways, here is a guest comic! By Mia!!! All of her art is super cute!!! And, if you want to see more of her comics and art, here is the link to her
Deviantart- http://reyna174.deviantart.com/
and her comic, Eevees! - http://eevees.smackjeeves.com/
Pinkeevee222, July 1st, 2017, 2:51 pm Reply
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DUDE. I cant believe what you did to the home page! AMAZING WORK! KEEP IT UP! <3
@Guest: Thank you!!!! lol
:D @Pinkeevee222: there should be the LKD graffiti in the background again :D
I like you new art style(also the old ones).
@Guest: Ha ha thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: i think the character site is a bit buggy to me o.o
@RifurDaLonely: It's buggy for everyone! I need to finish drawing all the character sheets before I start fixing it.
@Pinkeevee222: what did he say gomu gomu no
@lucario: Pretty sure thats a attack in one piece? not fully sure dou
@lucario: =3
@Pinkeevee222: Good, i was afraid that it was buggy!
@Pinkeevee222: you are super cute!!!! Mew mew!
@Guest: its was a collab just to let you know though I do like the art styles.
wow Like like the change up top!
@9rainbowtails: Thanks!
So cute!

And I like the new change up there!
@BowtheSylveon: Thanks!
Seriously I woke up at 3:01 and I spent an hour reading the questions people asked rip ;-; and what happpened to dusk and blizzard
Wait wait wait for me it's 4:13pm and for pink Eevee it's the central time so I'm early! :D
@Guest: Actuallyyyyy, I'm late ^^; I'm in Eastern time
@Pinkeevee222 also can I make fan art because I already did Kevin but I felt like I should ask >~< any way I love the shading this comic is so adorable
@Pinkeevee222: I love the new look at the top Mari!

Also @Reyna178: you did a great job on the page Mia!
Yes!! I finally came early enough that I will not drown the the sea of comments! Yes! Take THAT! Erm.. I mean...

I really like this comic so far, especially when the plot kicks in. To something so random, the plot actually works really well.

...I would of said something 2 weeks earlier, but looking at the comic 4 hours after it was released seems to be a bit too late...
Awww! Is byootiful
My art is worse than this... In fact probably worse than any drawing in the world.
I thought I recognized her art style!
@Pinkeevee222: Nice new profile picture! Quite the improved design!
this is what happens when you disturb weebs
nice change!
Yeah! Fairy Tail is the best!
@Nintenduck: r u talking about the name I put?or referring?

love the new art and stuff!!
I love how it looks now, but the characters thing isn't working. Are you remaking it or is this just a glitch or something?
OML this new stuff looks incredible! :D
@ArionArts: Oh my Lattes? What does OML stand for?
@PixelOtter: generally, it's "Oh my lord"

I prefer it as "One miniscule lattice"
yayy new mari is beauty!
preparing a party for the 14/7? :)
All I know about Naruto is that they decided to name someone Yamato, if you don't know what Yamato actually was/is, Google it.
This is beautiful!! I love Blizz's reaction after the part when he meantioned Dusk's reaction lol
I like the new Mari or Tina
I see new shtuff. Makes me want to eat some orange sherbert.
@cccviper653: Lemon is better
@Silver the Eevee: ur face is better :v
@cccviper653: I'll take that as a complement
Finally im early on a comment yeah. ;)
There dead
No offense because I love SSEC, but… I waited for about two weeks for a guest comic?!XD
@Guest: lol, technically one week.
@Pinkeevee222: I am working on it
I don't get it
@Guest: Only weebs do~
@Pinkeevee222: AREN'T WE ALL WEEBS!? Lol

(I am...)
@Skylar101: i am a weeb i like too much anime and watch right now im watching fairy tail and my fave character is Erza which is why my name is now Erza instead of Sango i don't really care for her now derp :p
Um.. The new design looks awesome, but the characters disappeared and guest pictures look like X-s
Thanks!!! :D @Mariam: And, I know about the characters. I'm not touching that until I finish the last 3 sheets. The guest icon problem might be just on your side, but, I'll try to lower the size of the file so It can be fixed.
T-the homepage....
Glaceon you are so screwed right now that I won't call you by your name!
What's One Piece?
@Guest: Google it.
Return of jiggly? Remember comic #29-Stampede? At the end there were unown saying "we will be back". Will the Jigglypuffs return?
Why isn't the character page loading
@Pinkeevee222: eevee academy is broken plz fix it idk why but maybe it's just my iPad. Is anyone else facing the same problem?
First of all... @Erza: Yes, everyone else is facing the same thing.
Second of all...
Pinkeevee222 clearly states that she knows that eevee academy looks glitched. She is fixing it.
@Pinkeevee222: please make more comics about how dumb Dusk is!!!
Your should totally make a special comic where we are all included in as different Pokemon. Please tomorrow is my birthday
I'm in California visiting my mom for the summer so it's actually 9:09
this is the reason why i like this series so much
Love the new schtuff! :D
I especially love the new guest profile pic, it's just like how you drew us anons in Dusk's blog!
Brainless eevee hey i finally can log in thank you pinkeevee also how do i change my avatar picture. XD
Brainless eevee u know what never mind i like this look.
never mind how do i change it help please.
What is umbreon saying ? But on the bright side at least i'm going to make comics. yeah B)
Pure umbreon, On super smash bros i got u on a poke-a-ball
on the first try.
Tina, why does the art look different that it normally does?

(ps I love your comics and I'm not judging the comic it's just its different than what I'm used too)
This is not drawn by Pinkeeevee222. @Guest: It's a guest comic by Reyna178.
@Mariam: ya sure?
@AShinyFemaleEevee: I've been wondering that too.
OMG! Ok. 1 I knew Blizz was going to do that.
2 I knew that because I read ALL your comics. (o. 3 your comics are sooo good!. 4 whats your secret?
@Pinkeevee222: lmao
"omae wa mou shindeiru"-Umbreon

By the way, These comics are like, the only thing that make me want to use Leafeon and Glaceon in my Platinum play-through. Biggest downside is that my eevee is male so I can't just thrust it into a Daycare with another normal type and get an eevee egg for the Leafeon. Also I have a feeling that the reason why there are so many Eevees in the PC is because someone wanted to Masuda Method a Shiny or something.
wow dusk is awesome and also i love these comics im sad i wasnt on this site for a whole year and only like four new comics to read srry plz make more
Dusk your scary and cool .Your comic is great and awesome.
@Pinkeevee222: YOU'RE AWESOME!!! Seriously, I really need to take more time to appreciate you!
@Pinkeevee222: YES, ONE PIECE! I LOVE that anime! AND MANGA!! Especially the manga, with more PG language :3
Dusk is my favorite, by the way. For 3 reasons:
-He reads One Piece.
-He is a VERY very special snowflake.
-He is one of my favorite Pokemon, Umbreon.
who is the eevee in he title
Yay someone else knows what Fairy Tail is :D
It's astro!

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