Bday break~


July 15th, 2017, 8:00 am

I'm so old now. TT_TT
I'll delete this next week

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I say that, but I spent almost all of Thursday drawing character sheets and Tumblr asks. ^^;
I have to stop not updating/ updating late. TT_TT

Actually, one of the other reasons why there is no comic is because I lost my tablet pen, and found it at like, 6 or 7pm.

Oh right, Also, we had to move the ssec Discord group, thus, beginning the long processes of me replacing all of the links everywhere! The old SSEC group is apparently called Spicy Emolga now, and has no affiliation with the comic~ Everyone is invited to join the new group, and, yes, I do mean EVERYONE~

If you want to know why we had to move, I can tell you the whole story, because, the explanation in the Spicy Emolga group isn't really the best, and, I don't mind telling it to others.
The thing that is making me sad about moving at the moment is that now the instant link is not "My Taco" anymore...
And, here is the questionnaire!!!
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Hweeer happy birthday!
@WildfireK: Thanks!
@Pinkeevee222: happy birthday!
@Pinkeevee222: I know it's late but happy birthday
@Pinkeevee222: my birthday was on the first
Oh wow! How convenient! My Mom's birthday was yesterday too!
And happy belated birthday to you too!
@Franchska The Fennekin: Thank you! And, Happy late birthday to your mom!
@Pinkeevee222: its funny because it was also my moms birthday sooo ... All the birthdays!!!
@Random person: pfffffft I went to two bday celebrations yesterday and one last Saturday so happy bday everyone above
Happy Birthday!!??? @Pinkeevee222: Also, I looooooove SSEC!!! I can’t even tell you how much so.... HAPPY BDAY!!!! (Hopful Apples party of yo-yos before dancing apples yay)
I understand, and happy birthday! :D
@BestBuilder101: Thank you!
@Pinkeevee222: You're welcome! Hope it was/is full of great times!
Please explain why SSEC Became Spicy Emolga.
@HarrisonButterGem: PM me, and I'll tell you~
have a happ late bday :D
@HollyTheFluffyCat: Thank you!!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
happy late birthday, by the way the cake is a lie ;3
Happy late birthday!! You deserve a break, you've made a wonderful comic series. Well done! * Pats on back *
Happy birthday Pinkeevee222
Happy bday!
- Happy Birthday, Pinkeevee!!
Happy bday
Happy the Birthday May your day of your coming into existence be merry!
Yesterday was my brother's birthday :0 also happy 19th birthday Tina! ^w^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA @Pinkeevee222: *Throws Eevee shaped confetti everywhere*
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday. *Hands over cake with an Eevee's face on it.* Ta-Da
Lol Lol my cousin's bday was yesterday too. I send all day at the hospital and I now have stitches in my eyes. Halp
Lol But anyway happy b day Child
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy 19th birthday Pink!
Happy late birthday!! :D
Happy late birthday Tina!
HAPP-A (late) BIRTHDAY TINA!!!!! Your comics are awesome!!!i just wanted to say happy B-day and keep up the great work! :D
@Pinkeevee222 HAPPY BIRF DAY I gif you birfday cat

|0 . 0|
\ ^ /
I promise it looked less derpy when i typed it in
happy Bday! I love love your art and comics
you`re awsome
Happy Birthday!
Oh, yesterday was your birthday? My sister's birthday is today! :D
Also: happy (belated) b-day! :D Hope it was a cool day for you! :D
BIRTHDAYS!!!! @Pinkeevee222: Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! My birthday was actually a couple days before, haha.
Happy birth day tooo you!
I really don't have anything to say so I really don't know why I'm commenting but can you give me a step by step on how to change your appears on your comic's. And do draw your comic's. Also happy bday
Happy B-day (*≧∀≦*)
Late happy birthday happy birthday! *falls*
I really don't have anything to say so I really don't know why I'm commenting but can you give me a step by step on how to change your appears on your comic's. And do draw your comic's. Also happy bday
Watch battle Scars
One more happy bday for the pile!
It's really inspiring for me I like its
And happy bday pinkeevee222
Have a wonderful birthday pinkeevee!
Understandable have a good day
Happy birthday Pinkeevee!
Happy birthday pinkeevee!
happy birthday then!!
Oh.. well.... @Pinkeevee222: HAPPY LATE LATE BIRTHDAY! You are... 17? 19? Dunno lol
Its ok Happy Late birthday
I'm late, sorry about that, happy (late) birthday!
Happy B-day!!!
I like bdays but you have the best birthday.
Whoa, wowza happy birthday Pinkeevee!! I know it's a bit late but I just got around to checking SSEC. May your week be filled with fluffeh Eevees and tasty foods, especially Hot Pockets
Sorry for the late comment, but happy belated birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also, Happy Birthday To The Many Others That Have Birthdays On The Same Day As Mari.
HAPPY BDAY TOOOOO YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! (srry im late!)
I know im late, but happy late b-day!!!! Your awesome!! (first time commenting, but have been reading comics for a long time now)
Happy birthday
Happy birthday NYA!!! :3
Sorry I'm late but happy birthday
Ok guys B-day girl is happy, buuuuut it has been at least 3 days since she announced her birthday. I an pretty sure she is too busy with SSEC and EEVEE ACADAMY to say, "Oh wow! Thank you!
And Im tired of refreshing the page and seeing people just saying "Happy birthday bla bla bla!!" No offense. None whatsoever.
Edit: Nvm i forgot she is taking a break XD
But still.
Sorry for being late, but... @Pinkeevee222: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Ugh *bangs head on random desk*
Herpy birthduy ( I'm spelling badly on purpose I'm sorry :P )


Also, I'm NOT doing this for a reply from Pinkeevee, I'm just being nice. :T
Awesomeness That comic Is sooooooo greaaaaat! it looks like something stupid but inside something going wrong (like blizz(hey blizz means blizzard its laaaaazy(saying human who named charmander charmy and vulpix vulpi(yes I love write this () things ( I'm from Russia and some words I don't know)))))
Mine is June 14th :)
I think it's broken again pinkeevee
@Pinkeevee222: why did you need to move servers in discord
i know i'm late but happy birthday pinkeevee
I just read every single comic, those highlight comments and all of the first comments on each comic.

Pinkeevee, you just created a new fan and someone who has a huge problem now (Really, I read all of them in one night and now it's 6 AM T-T)
Ok Im done (leaves the room forever)
im confuzzed okay.. soo.. theres a yt channel called scruffy eevee rite??, and I just wanted to ask whos runing the comic is it mari??? or.. someone else also btw whos running the YT chaneell -w-
also hppy bday ;D
Happy Birthday tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuu
Happy late b-day @Pinkeevee222: happy late b-day u and ur comics are amazing I have been reading ur comics ever since I can remember and when I'm sad I either remember or read ur comics
How? How do you not be a guest?????
And change ur profile pic
My b-day was July 13
@Umbreon_protector: Ok first make an account by clicking sign up.

Then go to email to valid the account.

Then after u do that go to log in and then click submit and there u go.

To change your pic just click your photo and then click account go to the bottom and click your photo file chose one then click submit.
(your comics are very good and you are not a turd face)(maybe)
I have not bveen on this page for a long tiem.
I know i'm twi weeks late or something, but happy b-day!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday! I hope you had fun! (Eating cake)
Bday @Pinkeevee222: Meh bday is June 11th
Thanks Thank u brainless eevee I'll do it later
Happy Late Birthday Pink! Love ur art!
@Pinkeevee222: so cute!!!,by the way 'punches sonic'
@Pinkeevee222: ow that is pain'cries'
@Pinkeevee222: random face ( • 3-) (wut am i doing
/.'•~•'\ ????
/v v\
You are so close to my bday! July 29th ill have to remember to say happy birthday to ya!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday

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