July 22nd, 2017, 9:12 am

Flame: .... You have beautiful sky blue eyes...
*murmurers* a beautiful sky...
(This line has a lot of relevance, lol)

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Depressed Sora is a sad Sora. But, SSEC has a very fun chapter coming up~ Hee hee~ Sylveon is coming!!!
And, I'm going to finish updating the characters section by next week probably.
If anyone knows html... please help. Q_Q Photobucket is messing with everything, and, I messed up with everything as well, and now the archive is a mess and the news page is a mess and I just want to fix everything.
Now. If you all excuse me, I am going to update the Patreon comic, then continue looking for my mouse, because, I lost it a few weeks ago, and I can't find it, and, I just wanna play Minecraft and Stardew Valley Q_Q (If I know myself well enough, it's somewhere under my bed.)

Also, thank you all for all of the birthday wishes~ I couldn't reply to all of them, but, I'm really happy that you took time to wish me a happy birthday, if you did!~
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Well,try looking in the holes at the walls maybe your mouse is in there and not under your bed or else it will die.
@Darvin: preettyyy sure she means her mouse for her computer~
@Franchska The Fennekin: Oops,sorry.Thought it was an animal and not a peripheral.
@Darvin: Umm If you read it correctly it said she wanted to play minecraft and stardew valley which are both video games. So Im pretty confused on how you thought it was a live animal kind of mouse.
@OLO.....: Well,yeah.To tell you something,I'd love to mess with other people sometimes a.k.a trolling. :D
Pinkeevee...You finished this like, a long time ago, since last sunday.
PinkEevee is there a legit pink eevee in ssec?
@Guest: No~
What? @Pinkeevee222: What???? **Dies In Corner**
@Pinkeevee222: Your art style is really good! I wish I could draw Eevees and Eons like that...
@BestBuilder101: Thank you~
@Pinkeevee222: You're very welcome!
@BestBuilder101: same you drawso well pinkeevee!
OMG SLYVEON IS COMINGGGGGGGG and dont be depressed sora :(
Keep fighing sora if your alive you have a reason to be!!!!
I dunno for sure, but .. @Persona~Chan: Im pretty sure its dusk
@Persona~Chan: I did notice it before reading your comment maybe it is Onee-chan.(Maybe some other eevee though still think it's Onee-chan)
@Guest: Onee~chan IS Dusk. Onee~chan is a nickname that Daisy gave to him (In other words the leafeon bc I cant see the character sheets)
I love these comics, no matter how sad and feel-y they get. They are awesome!
@Persona~Chan Yesh it's Dusk
WAIT Since Sora can tranform into sylveon Does that mean she escaped? How did she get out of the room cause the last panel has her with the sky
Well... @EeveeMaster: I believe that the last panel is the start of a flashback.
Is Flame flirting with Sora in the alt-text?
Also, can I write the alt-text in the comment section for the people on mobile? Because we can't see the alt-text of the last comic anymore after you upload a new comic.
Yay whos the sylveon
(Brings out a piece of paper~I trip and fall in mud)
I'm exited to see Duck's reaction to the sylveon.!
@Franchska The Fennekin: He means Dusk
@EeveeMaster21: ik lol
WHY ARE YOU EXCITED SYLVEON IS COMING!? @Pinkeevee222: I thought you hated her.
@Skylar101: Then I started drawing comics with her in it, and, she is funn~
Sora, on the other hand, is still stupid.
ONE QUESTION... Who is the Sylveon??
@Franchska The Fennekin: it's Miku...

Now I feel like listening to VOLCALOID...
Sora seems extra fluffy. :u
SORA WHY WHY MUST U BE SO SAD?????? looking at Soras face makes me extra sad!
good thing this was just a dream

Also, some stuff in this site may or may not be broken because Photobucket.
Pinkeevee can you make a guest star for me? you can make it on devientart i wont be able to show you tho, maby when im 13.
i will give you a invisible cupcakes...
What I think the new chapter is I wonder if the chapter is about when they find Sky/Sora. I want that to happen. It would be so,so,AWESOME
@EeveeGirl: Also, could someone please reply me a link for a song PinkEevee posted, I don't know the name of it but it's about the eevees and the lab I heard about it in a SSEC ask and I wanna hear it
@EeveeGirl: Sorry I keep commenting Nevermind I found the song, btw it's really good
Wait Pinkeevee, you play Stardew Valley too?? What about Rune Factory?
I like the rune factory series... @NFNRstudios: I'm playing rune factory 3 and I just got married with Pia...
(now I understand why everyone loves her...)
Where do I go, what do I do?
@Pinkeevee222: why did you make this so dark?
@Pastaplayer: It just happened.
Poor Poor Sora
@Pinkeevee222: sorry it might be late but why did you need to move servers in discord
@Jeffrey: It was spoopy. So spoopy that I don't wanna remember it or I get super scared.
Dusk=Shadow Sora=Sky Harmony=Devil Ok Now I get it
Do you know undertale pinkeevee if so are you able to draw Vay in sans clothes and nego in papyrus clothes on tumbler or Devinart
What other webcomics on smackjeeves would you recommend? I have a lot of free time.
@Nintenduck:are you talking to me?
Try looking under a couch :D that's where most of my stuff is(besides my bed)
Why am I always late Poor Sora. I never knew Sora had girlfriend and children but I remember reading every page when catching up with this. I'm sorta wondering if Pepper is his lost kit since she's lost like the others but it's probably the male Eevee Pepper asks to play with in that one comic
@Eevee: Actually, I'm pretty sure that "the lost kit" is actually two twin kits. One is Eve and the other is Denny (the winged eevee that we saw in the comic "Dream Eevee"). The male eevee that was with Pepper is actually Blizz as an eevee.
@Sapphire: ohhh that explains everything. I'm so dumb :(
@Sapphire: no the lost kit/kits is Denny but not Eve,cus Eve is Harmonys daghter
the lost kit is Denny and somemon else (i think)
*Me knocks on door*
Me and fans; I love you
Pinkeevee:*shuts door*
Me like him... Mew mew
HTML Ah, coding is easy. All you gotta do is go to a binary translating site and type in. "01001001 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100100 01101001 01101110 01100111" and any tricky bits will be made clear.
@cccviper653: I read this comment, now my brain is fried
@cccviper653: pretty much, yeah. I love your new profile picture btw
@Silver the Eevee: Thanks, I took the new guest picture off of here and reworked it pixel by pixel in mspaint. I figured it's long overdue for me to make my own pic instead of always just pulling something off google search.
@cccviper653: it's amazzzzziiiiiiiiiiiingggggg. I wish I could draw, well, pixel that well!
@Silver the Eevee: I'm a terrible artist too. But anybody can be good if you're just patient with it. This little thing took nearly 5 hours! I did so well because it was something I truly cared about and wanted to be sure it looked as good as I pictured it. Take it one step at a time. Like for this, I removed the left side of the chest fluff from the eevee, taking note of where the arm and supposed neck lines were, while also constantly flipping back to the comic to reference @Pinkeevee222 's art style. I connected the lines, (giving my drawing's arms a little more muscle >;3) and bam, There's a left shoulder done. Check back and forth between the Eevee guest picture, and my version and you'll see where I got inspirations from the comic. The cheek fur, the mouth, the chest fur, the shading are obvious spots. As for the little ear in the corner. It gave me a lot more trouble than you'd imagine. Getting Oliver's shade of brown is incredibly hard. Even color code sites were no help. I had to wheel through the entire color spectrum, adjusting the darkness in close spots and even then I still didn't get a perfect match. It looks damn close but I'm actually a good bit off if you compare the two side by side.
@cccviper653: I could never spend that long in anything, I'm not very focused at all
@cccviper653: Why is Oliver there?
@Silver the Eevee: Cuz he's cute and awesome and likes Umbreons or at least Dusk as much as I do.
@cccviper653: I am with agreement
Question i ask myself ever day
@eeveeleo: same :(
@eeveeleo: same. Mew mew
@eeveeleo: I ask myself this question because I have terrible short term memory
@Silver the Eevee: same here with the short term memory
one day i picked up a book and then i sat in a chair and i placed the book on the table next to me and then i was like"where did my book go?"
@Guest: pfft
Just remember that there is only one you. You must be the best you you can be. Lifes a big ass rollercoaster and ya just gotta see it through to the end. Trust me it'll be fun and scary but that's why they're called thrill rides
@memorycrushking: yes that true but im useless i have no purpose. Every day i ask myself those questions and they always give a reason to ask why was i even born
Sora you'r still alive and you are alive for a reason, so fight, fight for your life because if you give up, then you wont have a chance of finding your kit, family or friend.
so as long as you live, you have to fight for the life you have now, because you only have one, so make the life you have count!
ps this is a speech to all of you that feal like giveing up
you cant give up on your life, because your life is only one
@Guest: amen
Spoopy Wow What Did She See? :\
@IAmEeveeGamer123: That's in the next meanwhile!!
@Pinkeevee222: What does spoopy mean?
@Silver the Eevee: Its a cute/funny way to say spooky
@Pinkeevee222: oh, ok
Eve will evolve into... Starts with F or V or J or G or L or U or E or S and A or L or O or E or M or S or Y and it ends with some letters. For more info check this link:
Or visit this page: To wait until it comes like normal people. Also you can make theories.
Heh, well @Konix: I think I know what Eve evolves into. She is like Sora--she will be able to transform into different eeveelutions. She comes from Sora, because that egg you see in Oliver's secret is Eve. She has powers inherited from her real mom, Sora.
And remember
Its all a theory.
(Srry i was looking at youtube again)
@Franchska The Fennekin: Lol I do know in what she'll evolve exactly
I HOPE IM NO SPOILER if i am just say so I will delete the comment
y'all missed the golden oppurtunity for the

smh kappa
Question: Is the new chapter the one with Dawn and Blizz?
@Guest: I think it's about Miku.
@Guest: she said the sylveon chapter was next, sooo
Damn, I know that I'm bad in English and I just wrote sh*t in the last PM. But that's no reason to, well, don't answer my last PM ):
And, well, good comic.
Who else notices sora has the same scar and eye color as the espeon in the comic aftermath
Also sora don't give up your family kit and dusk are still alive
whoever thinks eve is harmony's kit is wrong she is sora's kit because oliver adopted her from sora. eve is the lost kit because denny i think is still at the lab.
you can do it sora ........ and don't give up.
Is That Eevee dusk (The flashback shown with yellows eyes)

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