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This chapter is in Kalos~

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NEW MAIN CHARACTER!!! I updated the characters section, but, it's broken, ^^;
I'm probably going to reset everything later.
Pinkeevee222, July 29th, 2017, 12:45 pm Reply
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Eyyy a sylveon character!
@ShadowStalker1128: YAS!!! I've been waiting for a few months now since when Dusk called himself the "King of the Night." (100th comic) A new female in... wait. Did it say "Probably Female" in the description?! 0_0
@YellowCat200: "Probably female"
I noticed that too. Maybe this is the introduction of an LGBT character...?
@espeon8812: Did you forget about Oliver?
@Silver the Eevee: I really don't hope Miku doesn't turn out as... the female version of Oliver... 0_0
@YellowCat200: First off: Gurrrrlll watchu talkin' bout? Oliver is the best. Second off: I know stuff, and I think she's gonna be worse
@Silver the Eevee: First off, I am NOT a girl, don't assume genders. And two, thanks for giving me a heads up if Miku does anything... disturbing.
@YellowCat200: I wasn't assuming genders, I say gurl to everyone. Miku does do things
@Silver the Eevee:
@YellowCat200: it's fine, don't cringe
@Silver the Eevee: EYYYY!!! Got myself a REAL SmackJeeves account :D (Note: This account was really only made for SSEC XP)
Also, DERP. I need to improve my drawing skills (Did on CPU)
@Silver the Eevee: SCREW DAT! Drew it on paper. Still stinks though...
@YellowCat200: nah, most paper stuff looks awful online
@Silver the Eevee: That picture on my profile is me trying to draw myself with some Jolteon ears XD (I'm a person that rages a lot and is very active)
@YellowCat200: and I'm a person who can't see well without glasses but refuses to wear them, nice to meet you
@Silver the Eevee: Why rejected glasses? Does it make people call you a nerd? Anyone calling me a nerd usually receives a punch in the face. I'd rather go by "smart." Of course if you didn't like glasses, just get contact lenses.
@YellowCat200: Most people at my school are too scared to insult me, I just don't like glasses
@Silver the Eevee: Errr... WHAT do you mean by "too scared?" Well, if it's because that you are a bully, that's bad. If it is just that you get angry very quickly, welcome to my life.
@YellowCat200: Nah I'm not a bully, it's just that two years ago I had major psychotic episodes, and I'm much stronger now than I was then, so people are scared to say the wrong things to me, even though I'm much more docile now
@Silver the Eevee: Wonder if your psychotic episodes could be tinkered with to make an adventure story?
@YellowCat200: they probably could
@YellowCat200: and @Silver the Eevee:

@Skylar101: Sorry, I sink into conversation easily
@Skylar101: Sorry!
@ShadowStalker1128: NOICE PIC
@Pinkeevee222: I HAVE A LITTLE SYLVEON PLUSH NAMED MIKU i named it after shortened version of Mimicku which is one of my favorite pokemon

@Bayleafeon: I have a Sylveon Plush TOO!!!Except I named mine Yume since it means Dream in Japanese!
@EeveeGirl: SYLVEON PLUSHIEEEEEEES oh and i also named mine after the volcaloid and mimicku
@Bayleafeon: Cool! I named mine after Power Rangers Samurai since it's all about Japanese symbols!
@Pinkeevee222: Hope you don't have a lot of trouble fixing it
Yay, Sylveon! Looks so cute in your drawing style!
-Probably Female
@Turtwigsfire13: Apachy?
(If you don't watch Aphmau, then you won't understand what I'm gonna say here)

Miku's personality makes me think of a mix between Kawaii-chan and the Ghost possessing Kim. I wonder why...
@Guest: I do watch Aphmau, so, lol
@Guest: Yeah but miku isnt yelling ZANEEEEEEEEEEEEE #love4OurLilZuZuNugget
Yay! I have finally met Miku! Its adorable! (Im calling Miku "it" because I dunno what gender it is exactly)
@Franchska The Fennekin: It says probably female.
Lol How long has she or he has finding his or her again mate?
@SirPopGhost: ..............wat does that mean?
new character y3y
Yay! This looks like a good chapter!
Probably female and their soul make is a male and most eeveelutions are male... I'm more then ok with this.
Miku makes everything so fuzzy and magical inside and makes me feel so fuzzy and "creamy" inside even when she's in the region of love
Hey Mari @Pinkeevee222: does this mean the Trainer is going to Kalos soon/now?
@Skylar101: Yup!! Soon!
I already ship her with Dusk.
Lol @Nintenduck: me too
@Nintenduck: I kinda ship her with SwordBlade
A checkpoint in Ssec also Miku is adorable!!!!
Miku finally showed up :) (it's been forever ver since she(or he)'s been hiding behind the cover
SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OML yes finally I love her already!

I knew I would eeeee X3
Youuuu better not let Dusk see you. Or else! But, I want Dusk to be happy. :c but I also want Oliver to be happy. But then Eve will be sad either way. Siiigh, such a love conundrum. And it's all focused on Dusk. I wonder how his happy go lucky attitude will handle all this sudden heavy drama.
Need New Comic and More VAY and NEGO I LOVE THEM BOTH Hey @Pinkeevee222 whens the next comic please needs new already read comic 3 time counting today plus I Love VAY please more and nego comics there so CUTE SO PLEASE MORE VAY VAY VAY VAY AND NEGO I'm a werido oh by the way who is she looking for who's her soul mate???
Edit:and one more thing please make more kalos meanwhiles at least until she get's out of kalos but please more Vay and Nego by the way I'm calm now so no more crazy begging for now (Evil Grin)P.S Vay is Cute when misrable but he's also Super Cute when happy not crazy cop happy just happy or FISHY CRACKERS Happy is nice to so PLEEASSEE MAKE A ANOTHER Comic SOON.
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: new comics come out every Saturday.
@TrainerBlueTube: Thanks for reminding I kinda forgot wwwell I wouldn't say forgot I'm
impatient but who can blame me VAY is the best and he is super happy or sad weird Plus thanks for replying to my comment Pinkeeevee222 sure didn't but wherever actally does not matter.
YAY SYLVEON!!! I LOVE SYLVEONS! Wait.................For some reason I can't stop thinking Mika is Sora..........!
Also....where's her neck bow?
Because @EeveeGirl: MIKU IS SORA'S CLONE! AND HER SOUL MATE IS NIGHT! ha! Im right arent I?
@Franchska The Fennekin: Ummm......I thought Night was the clone........, and it said in one of the "Ask SSEC"s it said that Miku really likes Dusk.
Oh @EeveeGirl: well thanks for telling me
Miku and dusk Probably won't happen but hopefully they get together. . . .well at least hopefull Mom loves dusk and dusk gets scared due to her being a fairy type lol
Just imagine how DUSK would react to Miku~
Miku: Oh! HELLO!
ACTUALLY @Franchska The Fennekin: Dusk hates Miku.
@Skylar101: Why would he hate her?He really likes Sylveon so it really doesn't make sense to me why he wouldn't like her.
@EeveeGirl: Miku is the one Sylveon he doesn't like, he says that there's something about her
WHERE!!!!!! @Silver the Eevee: Where? I never saw ANYTHING about that! WHERE DID IT SAY THAT?!?!?!
@EeveeGirl: a very secret place that I cannot tell you about
Oh @Skylar101: well thanks for telling me
a sylveon whithout bows? xD
I like this character so far
If she gets caught by the trainer, she's gonna say that dusk's her soulmate, isn't she?
Aww thats cu- wait a second...
Love that hat, and the plaza XD
You should have made her say: "A new day, a new start, I hope for a chance to find my soulmate."
"Probably" female? :P
When are you going to reboot the characters file pinkeevee
And that raps up the main characters.....(wink wink) ;)
Well you said you would add a Sylveon to the main comics in 200 but this is 201 close enough but congrats on A SYLVEON :O now back to reading Pokemon Adventures
When i read that miku was crazy WHOOO HOOO I FINALLY FOUND MA SPIRT ANIMAL

Also its kinda sad a Sylveon has better wrighting than i do AND IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE HANDS. -_-
Bruhbruhbruh I love the new sylveon! It's about time you add one!! I'm so happy!
Bruhbruhbruh I love the new sylveon! It's about time you add one!! I'm so happy!
Sorry Oops sorry I posted twice I had lag
Im glad you lied about this being a comedy chapter (srsly though i want the plot and dusk chapter comedy is great and all but plots better unless its rly good comedy
@Guest: lol, it is a comedy chapter (maybe a bit more adult than the others, but, yeaaahhhh)
Another Sylveon! Is it just me or do the neck ribbons look like a scarf?
These comics are very awesome
Soo cute! Hmmm I wonder who her soul mate is...? Dun dun dunnnn
RIP RIP character section. I love these comics even if they are short I really like them!
pokemon fact in the bulbapedia, sylveons are mostly male, females are kinda rare
ugh it should have been miuki from the cat returns # studio ghibli
Who's Miku's soul mate :o
Oh hey an actual Sylveon
I wonder... What if Blizz fell in love with Miku?! JUST IMAGIN! Miku × Blizz! I SHIP THEM NOW
Omg so adorable! Your style has definitly improved from before! Its so creative! I love it!
horray! new character!!!!!
i like her, shes my faverorite character so far, even tho shes a sylveon, and i absolutey refuse to be a girly girl , but i love her name and character!!!!!!
@Silver the Eevee: you know how I react to sylveons...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh yeah, mirderously
@Shaede The Black Eevee: why you say no?
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: <(ù ^ ú)>
I looked at ur last comic u made and she was thinking of Onee-chan
@Pinkeevee222: Wait if Miku is a sylveon than that means it had to loved its trainer to evolve into a sylveon so why is it all alone did its trainer abandon it?
@Bayleafeon: She was kidnapped. It was so sad.
@Pinkeevee222: Are we ever going to get into that backstory?
@Pinkeevee222 Whens the next comic? I cant wait!
"Probably Female" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: So that means that Miku has a chance of being male!!So what if she wasn't female?
@Sun the eevee: idk
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: If I had a male Sylveon I would name it bob :D
@Sun the eevee: XD
I'm new here because I was looking around and saw these funny comments and I been looking for where or who made theses and I found the site and every time you theses comics I love and understand the whole thing and Bolt is my favorite because I feel him in some point of my life alone only doing chores of everyone.... and I'm bad at spelling
It's been forever he/she been hiding also if she/he's is the main character why did it take forever to Miku to appear in ssec(Stupid Short Eevee Comics)(I gave up assuming Miku's gender).
@Black mask person: Because I had to set things up ^^;
OMG!!! Finally my favorite Eeveelution has arrived in SSEC :D
Miku, huh? Nice name and nice hat, also...probably female? Is it a trap? Who knows...?

But more important: who is she/he? Cant wait for the background story :3
Bolt is mikus soulmate because in the character section it said she likes yellow!!!!!
Just notice that
2 things
1 thanks for stopping looking into my live
2 finally a sylveon character besides sora i think
(is sora still a sylveon)
(i need to reread this comic series again)
One comic... It has been one comic with the Sylveon character, and I am already loving her. Also, I just got an Eevee + Eeveelution shirt! So I am extra happy! One more thing, does Miku remind anyone else of Amy Rose? Nobody? Ok...
@TrainerBlueTube: if we're talking amy rose for adventure 1 and 2 and sonic x then yes

Guest.exe has stopped working.
Hey pinkeevee if you don't mind me asking since she/he doesn't have ribbons (or maybe her/his ear ones are tucked in his/her hat) I'd like to know how he/she doesn't have them
@Oki_The_Eevee: it has a scarf that resembles the neck ribbons owo
@Eeveeh: ok t'ank you •^•
._. sylveons are fairy type some fairy types are girly
Genderfluid Sylveon maybe??? Ha, probably not, but I think that'd be fun to see.
I have been thinking that if dusk n others would be vampires ... I mean like diabolik lovers."hehehe"
Ya know... we're all probably overthinking it too much when the answer is right in front of us, but I'm curious to see how long it will take you guys to realize that...
It took me about half an hour staring at the computer LOL
ugh schools starting tomarow, kill meh now!!!!

Ps Tina awesome comic!
Pinkeevee how do u make your comic's ?_?
@Brainless eevee: I'm with you how do you make your comic's pinkeevee.
@Brainless eevee: You just have to think of a good story for your characters, and pour your heart into making them!
@Guest: Yup~
Aww!! Miku is so kawaii!! Also.. Yey a Sylveon character :D
I know where Miku is! In the first few panels, Miku is in one of Lumiose City's Allyways, and in the second to last and last panel, In one of the Plazas. (I forget which one it is) Anyway, sorry for the long reply! d(*u*)b
Oh wow, you're right 0-0
Ok first I'm lazy to even login and two. Pinkeevee are u thinking about fixing the website.
@Brainless eeb: Yee~ I might use a different template soon, cause, lazy
Um excuse me for asking.. @Pinkeevee222 But, what program do you use to draw these comics?
@Neon the nerdy eevee: paint tool sai, MS paint, and paint.net
Je ne pas savez Je ne sais savez, quoi est cette sur pardon. :P
This might be the stupidest comment I've ever posted, but...

I rlly don't like sylveon, I love the art style but, sylveon isn't my favoret. Plz don't kill me. O.O
I'm sowwy if that offended any of u.
Lord plz save me
Its alright. @Violet the leafeon <3: The comment section is for explaining your opinions and thoughts about the comic and characters. You have nothing to hide. If anyone IS offended, then dont worry about it. (I like it when I explain things in detail :P)
@Franchska The Fennekin: oh my gosh thank you so much for not killing me!!! You sent me a boost of back off haters and all dat stuff!
So I'm sending you some love!!! <3<3<3 :3
I've read this comic five times lol also I think Miku's in for a treat 在 (Chinese...or Japanese I dunno) so random
I know this is random, but could you please post the link to the ask blog on the home page again?
@Tracey: Okay~
I'll do it when I am updating things.
@Pinkeevee222: Alright thx
Thanks! Thanks for letting me know! I literally just saw this, lol. (Internet being stupid again. :p) @Pinkeevee222
Can i? Make a youtube account for roleplaying as miku? ;-;
Hoi Hoi I'm new to your sires but your soooo funny and I love your comics and amazingly good draw skills
As a sylveon hater, i am happy to announce this is the only gud sylveon.
* sorry if I spelled it wrong
@Pinkeevee222: wut happened to Sora?
lol @Pinkeevee222: you mean hatsune miku?
OMG! cuteness overload!
@Pinkeevee222: Oftetn, niiice job spelling.
@Guest: haha yep. Man I am oftetn lost in though, aren't you oftetn lost in thought?

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