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August 5th, 2017, 10:51 am

Steven: Hey guys! I'm on vacation! It's sweet!!! kee kee kee!

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I am so sorry ...
I have a poll for you guys to take! My summer break is ending soon, and I still am only half way done with this video I made
So, should I take a week off to finish it?
Also, here are some cute eeveelution comics you guys should check out~
Pinkeevee222, August 5th, 2017, 10:55 am Reply
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This. Is. Perfect

Edit:Am I the first one here?
@.The_Sof.: yep
@.The_Sof.: You're right! I followed this advice and only 73 People had to die.

**slowly develops homicidal, yandere-type Laugh**
@.The_Sof.: before you say frist I'm warning you I've got a blue shell
But what if you can't do step 2?

*eyes my shadow
@WildfireK: by 'my shadow' you better mean me
Who else~?

Oh wait
@WildfireK: *murders Rubystar*
She's already dead, Shadow! XD
@WildfireK: you can kill cats in StarClan/ Darkness Forest! Ask Spottedleaf lol

Also we shouldn't start a conversation here XD
Lol yeah let's go to my art dump XD
@WildfireK: hey don't leave me out of the warrior catness
@RealBoxTheEevee: Hey don't be mean to Pink Eevee she obviously works very hard on this art and I doubt that you can draw better. Even in the best drawings there are some inconsistancies so you can't blame them.
@Fikroyay: wut
@Fikroyay: What are you just saying?
I'm a bit confused...
@ShadowStalker1128: I am too late for the Waca conversation I guess...
@WildfireK: then try you’re best and move on
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THAT in panel 1 of step 2 the Leafeon has no scruff of fur but on panel 2 of step 2 it has a scruff of fur reflecting in Mike's eye's!

EDIT: Hmmm now that i think about it... they kinda look like shoulders instead of a main!
@Skylar101: yep
@Skylar101: I thought it was just shaking because it didn't know what Miku was doing.
im scared, hahahahahaha
YEP! Miku is now my favorite character ^^
Attention we've got a 5150 in the house, officer Vay, please respond ASAP to minimize injuries of others. Over.
@42Meep: (VAY): I don't frickin care if there has been 50 murdurs in the last hour I AM THIS CLOSE to catching LKD.
Miku is just straight up Yandere
oh my
Yep. Whenever it's Valentine's Day and I wanna show my bf how much I love them, I sever the heads of his enemies with my trusty axe! He loves it!
@ArionArts: Who wouldn't love that?
Haha funny Its funny I thought I wouldnt like it but I did
So miku is a yandere?
I fell like Miku and Yandere-chan would get along very well
@Lfraz700: yea probably
Yep, reminds me of Yandere Simulator.
MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE *totally not creeped out at Miku because who USES SEVERED HEADS TO EARN LOVE?*
Lol mikus obsessed with finding her soulmate
Miku's soooooooooooooooo cute!!
Why does this remind me of Yandere Simulator
:3 @Wondermuffin06: Because she is a yandere :3
The eyes in step 2 are just too perfect.
I just want to hug Miku.She's so cute.
Yay. I think I found my new favorite character.
That glaceon is anonymous! That means Miku loves us!!!!!!!
Miku only character now? Will the other Eeveelutions come back soon?
Hopefully @EnderStaffExe: This is a kalos chapter so yes
Miku is Pyscho so now dusk has a friend!
*puts on fake moustache* I am president 'vee and I approve this message
YES @Pinkeevee222: YAS!!!! I love ssec too btw! keep up the good work! <3 -Anomyous
(P.S. XD Idk how to spell
Strawpoll votes @Pinkeevee222: 72% Yes (:D) 28% No
You have no choice lol
Sooo LATE T-T Sooo LATE T-T WHYYYY her yes she's cute but NEGO'S CUTER and NEGO CUTER but VAY'S CUTEST SO @Pinkeevee222 say it with me VAY'S THE CUTE CUTER CUTEST anyway back to the subject but first please hold [hold music] Let's go in the garden you'll find something waiting right then where you left it lying upside down and when you finely found you'll how it's faded the underside is lighter when you turn it around everything stays right where you left it.........WWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY *WHIMPER SNIFF* TOT ToT p.s I'm overreacting *Burst into sad and angry tears*
I think you should :3(minus already my favorite character)
Miku* (stupid auto correct)
Also geez vaymegafan
I'm getting a Yandere feel from Miku here.
@Pinkeevee222: First off love the video your making. Second I never knew Pkm-150 was posting his comic on smackjeeves.

{YellowCat200 Vision Unlocked!}

[Derp] Whaaa? Huh? I dunno wat's goin on, but DERP.
[Nerd] Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
[Nerd's Thoughts] I need to get myself out of this...
[Demon] Well well well, look who's trying to WIMP off.
[Nerd's Thoughts] Wait, WHAT. How can you come into my...
[Demon] Why don't I get myself a new punching bag?
*Note: Nerd with his bad side can get dangerous*
*CRUNCH* (Nerd blew a kick into Demon's stomach)
This is awesome!!! I can't wait to follow these steps!
*holds up knife*
[Demon] Hey! Don't take out all of the fun!
*Takes out sword and stabs SylveonRulez*
[Demon] Maybe THAT was the compet...
[Nerd] *Sigh* Oh well, might as well revive the Sylveon.
*Nerd revives SylveonRulez*
*SylveonRulez stabs Demon as revenge*
[Derp] ... No idea what's going on.
@SylveonRulez: Pffff! A knife?!? HA! No you gotta use a blowtorch! Duh!
Yes pinkeevee now I can destroy the world mwahahahahah.
Pinkeevee how do make your comic's do u draw them or what. =_=
Why would you do such a thing... (step 4 is just COLD)
And... nevermind Miku just plain scares me now...
I can't say I wasn't laughing at this. I was dieing of laughter and not even GameGrumps makes me laugh so much Great job pinkeevee XD
........ Tears of happiness salute to the Eevee world
Ever since I watched that video 2 months ago I've been closer to Eevees than ever seeing it again bring a flower to grow out of me instantly trees burst before the video I will cherish this moment forever
Yandere Sylveon. This keeps getting worse... <(ō - ō)>
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Definitely based off of Yandere simulator too...
@Shaede The Black Eevee: lol i don't think so
@Guest: Ha ha, yeahhhh. Miku's character is based more on Yuno than Yandere chan.
@Pinkeevee222: Like everyone knows Yuno Lol, everyone that watches anime or did before.
I tried this with the guy i like... now i am in jail. :3
@sylveon is cool: wow
Pinkeevee222/scurfyeevee how do you get the curve tool on paint tool sia because i have no clue how to get it. :3
This is a good guide
I will follow this guide
*stalks everybody*
Wait.....WHAT How did you even GET a sword?Also, how the heck did you get the severed heads of his enemies?YOU ARE A MURDER?!?!?!??
@EeveeGirl: The real question isn't wheather she's a murderer, the real question is how many murders will happen because of this guide
pinkeeevee i will be glad if u could tell me because i'm moving to teaxs toarrow literally.
sorry fro bad spelling.

so how do i get the curve tool on paint tool sia.
If somemon gives me a berry I will put my super-cool-and-totally-not-fake jacket on.
I love this Miku *plays insanity music and senpai notice me*
This is sooo the way I feel about sylveon. Very scary and probably all secretly yanderes. All incarnations of my sylveon, Shiibey, are like this. A little more broadly temptressy, though, rather than seeking a specific individual, but same general feel. I'm happy to know I;m not the only one who doesn't trust sylveon. >.<
I luv ur comics
Wait she or he just killed a bunch of pokemon isn't that a little Insane!
@Drackularua: Welcome to the wonderful (terrifying) world of yanderes. Fortunately, generally not a thing in real life.
I feel if I use this guide I'd ruin my relationship.
Well I'm getting to much server out here. But I'm on my way to Texas so guys wish me luck I'm only about 237 miles away.
Well I'm getting to much server out here. But I'm on my way to Texas so guys wish me luck I'm only about 237 miles away. Also I don't really need to log in because it already took so long just to load this up anyway. Wish me luck guys.
@Brainless eevee: GOOD LUCK!!!!
@Brainless eevee: Good luck!!
@Pinkeevee222: when is a new eevee academy comic coming out?
I'm getting some SERIUS I will kill you if you come near my senpai vibes from Miku...

i like miku, but shes too much like me, uncontrolled and crazy! ._.
Reminds me a lot about that one anime that was titled akame ga kill in step number four, I wonder if anyone noticed that

these comics are still amazing, keep workin hard pink ;3
helo everybody im back and im in texas.
@Brainless eevee: Welcome back to the weird,wonderfull,strange,wacky Internet.;)
Wish I could get away with murdering my enemies.
Well that escalated quickly...
lol that disclaimer tho
This is by far the best eevee comic series I have ever read!
No! Summer holiday is almost over I have to go back to the prison referred to as
"High School"
So she looks into the eyes of a leafeon thinking it might be him,but then she switches to liking a glaceon?
so are they a yandare? if so that's cool =)

(i'm sorry if i spelt yandare wrong)
Miku and AnonymousGlaceon, the only ship that matters.
@Pinkeevee222: I just relised Dusk is a living pun. He's less then bright, he's dark. ROFL was this intentional?
omg miku took it a little to far on step 4
I simply do not feel those types of "feelings" probably most antisocial person of my grade.

Also when is the chapter with Blizz and Dawn? I'm kinda excited to see that.
I don't want log in right now Also glaceon is gray he is to be blue oh well and thanks for that support u guys gave me (some of u) also go subscribe to pinkeevees YouTube channel it is called scarfyeevee your welcome.
HAy pink eevee I know you have said no to this question before but what gender is the absol? I only want to know so I know in which "magazine" I can find him/her in.
( :)
@Guest: All absols in this series are male, lol
@Skylar101: YAY!!! *pops confetti*
Ya know, when you said she was crazy, I thought you just meant she was an idiot. BUT know I know she's actually a yandere. Cool. *backs away slowly*
*I can't bother logging in* Anyway, when she said "he is yours. And yours only". I was thinking about Yandere Simulate!

(I can't be bothered to log in)
I'mma be honest, I always like the idea of Sylveon being a yandere-esque character or just being absolutely insane.
I didnt know miku was a yeundere
Is Miku new?
So, how's summer so far?...

it's almost over. ;-;

I cri everytime :'(
Is it bad that I think Miku is still cute even when covered in blood?
Awesome! I'm trying to make/draw my own eevees or eeveeelutions. I hope if I finish some I can give you ideas pinkeevee! By the way this is so cool I love the new sylveon (Miku is so kawaii OMG). Anyway if you want ideas now then here are some of mine... a glitter eevee, a shiny eevee/ eeveelutions and maybe a we've that looks like a fairy or a mermaid. lol those last two sound weird...
Who is Steven?
Is It A Bad Thing That I Really Like This?
Really, Really Like This?
Miku is like Yandere-Chan
Am I the only one who thinks Miku's eyes changed color in step 4? Maybe she has powers from the lab...
First (raises finger) what is up with step 4? Second is miku's eyes in step 2 panel 2.
First (raises finger) what is up with step 4? Second is miku's eyes in step 2 panel 2.
Severed umbreaon and jolteon head anyone(blurs make it look like a severed umbreon and jolteon head).
@Pinkeevee222: step 5 is scary~meow
@Pinkeevee222: i meant 4
Jeez, Yandere much?

A few minutes earlier...

*laughing so hard I can't breathe*
Idk Wut to say I thought on number 4
That the sword came out the ...
Um private parts
*crossed out miku*yandere tips to finding your soulmate
I tried giving flowers to my crush... that didn’t end so well...
SoothingSylveon chan #SylveonYenderere
You can clearly tell that the severed heads are that of umbreon and jolteon. Therefore, this glaceon might not be so anonymous after all...

But good work on the comics! Really like them.
On the "take out the competition, she had a terra blade! (maybe it is just me)
This makes sense. I know several people that follow her advice word for word.
miku is a yandere
Miku I like Miku already... Please notice me.
Omg thanks soooo much! I did these exact steps, and now me and soulmate are together forever!

Lol jk, my crush doesn't even know I like him...
I am the one true miku
(Ears blow in the wind)

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