August 12th, 2017, 10:30 am

Cameos everywhere! *throws confetti*

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..... I am sorry ...again
Pinkeevee222, August 12th, 2017, 10:30 am Reply
Advertisement, August 18th, 2019, 12:56 am Reply

Oh gosh someone's gonna have to clean that up

>oh gosh Sylveon why so dirty?
Flesh ribbons.
....... @Shaede The Black Eevee: .....did you just say the F word?...............*runs away*
@Silverwing: that comment was from,,,, two YEARS ago,,,,
And Why Is That Sylveon Talking Like That?
Eh, It's SSEC.
Wait, Is That Miku? Or Some Other Sylveon?
@The Albino Sylveon (Too Lazy To : that Sylveon is from an RP thing, his name is ornata
Cleanup on isle street :3

Also I like sylveon :3
Poor Miku lol
That other Sylveon looks so cool! Shiny Sylveon No.2 has risen!
@Penguin-Eevee: I completely agree. Shinies for days!
@Enderstar: XD
@Penguin-Eevee: Oml after like three weeks, I just realized I TYPED THAT!
The Umbreon's face in the last panel is hilarious!
She suddenly realized she could use her ribbons... Wow. :>
@Guest: Now thats just sad, no offense scruffyeevee222
Miku had a brain overload
Evoli Pinkeevee222 schon gehört es gibt Gerüchte über ein neue eevee Entwicklung in ultra sonne und mond
@Nachtara8: wut
"Evoli Pinkeevee222 already heard there are rumors about a new eevee development in ultra sun and moon" I think that was confirmed fake idk | Ich denke, das wurde gefälscht bestätigt, ich bin mir nicht sicher.
@Nachtara8: Nope
this comic makes no sence but yet agen nothing here realy dose..................
@Guest: I think that's kinda the point
@42Meep: ok then
Stupid hilarity insues
@42Meep: "My Pokepuff rolled down a hill into a fuel depot. I used flame wheel to catch up to it." I saw that image while searching up "Funny Quilava images."
@YellowCat200: found it on pokememes under pokemon shaming list soneone posted.
poor miku i think
Pinkeevee, you have been watching too much anime.
Also, is that Steve?
Miku, IS THAT BLOOD?!?!?!Is her nose bleeding?!
Um @EeveeGirl: yes. It happens to some people if they are in love (or think about love). If you watch Loud House, you would know which character does this. (Miku reminds me of Clyde~)
@Franchska The Fennekin: .........I don't even pay attention to Clyde,I just watch when Lori or Lynn is on it.Plus....It's looks like she was thinking of her feelers,NOT about love.
... Ehh... Im pretty sure she... is... *runs away*
No Miku! No Rule 34 here!
@TheJGamer: Yeah, that site's full of spam anyway. A much better site for this stuff is e- (smacked down by decency police.)
I can only imagine what Miku is thinking about but i ain't gonna say what Keh keh keehh
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And he has a Ditto face LOL
@Skylar101: maby steve is a ditto!!!!
(dun dun dddddduuuuuunnnnnnn)
*claps* Miku, you are amazing. Pat on the back for that one fam. Pinkeevee, you have created an amazing main character and we all know it. High five :P
Oh dear Oh my... Now I worry for Dusk
*looks away hurriedly*
Lol Pinkeevee222 XD mike reminded me of Clyde from the loud house when he looks at Lori
Lol @I_luv_sylveon: me too
Whoops Stupid autocorrect put mike instead of miku. I meant Miku. sorry!
This is just amazing.
Miku, you gotta learn to control those
@Silver the Eevee: Control is no fun though. :3 Let freedom ring!
@cccviper653: yeah...but don't freedom in public
@Silver the Eevee: Are you kidding?! That's the best place for feelers! So many things to feel!!!
@cccviper653: Oh! I thought you were talking about nosebleeds
@Silver the Eevee: Oh yeah, I feel ya there.
@cccviper653: boi, dontchu be feelin' me
@Silver the Eevee: Bish, I do what I want.
@cccviper653: but you're an Umbreon, you don't have feelers
@Pinkeevee222: why must you do this to us? lol my dirty mind is only allowed to be used at school!!!
@Lazy Emojikitten: "My dirty mind is only allowed to be used at school."
WUT That Sylveon Tho....
That Umbreons Face Tho.....
Mikus Nose Tho......
I didn't know she had feelers and does Tina like yaoi?
@Pinkeevee222: I'm not gonna ask...
If this is porn related...
oh ok
@SSEC ROCKS :D: I dunno??? Probably not???
... I am utterly astonished.

{YellowCat200 Vision Unlocked!}

[Demon] (He recovered from before) What the F****** H*** is THAT B*** S***!?!?
[Derp] ...
[Nerd] ...
wait why don't she have feelers p.s. what are feelers lol
justlooked again she has feelers on her head but neck..?
Does she have problems???
What is wrong with this picture Hmmm well their is a disordered pokemon that passed out thinking of (censored) so I think that she is single
Sorry I'm late I don't have my
Much time just came t say your comics are hilarious :3
Also your just plain scary miku
Lol ...just... lol. By the way does her hat say sam or something? In the second to last panel?
Shiny Umbreon!!!!! Me mew mew!!!

I still didn't bother loging in
And what Miku thinks about her feelers is how I think about sylveons and their feelers. My theory is that they don't evolve from love, they evolve from a bad fetish for their trainer, and that's why cute trainers tend to have sylveons.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: Oh dear, someone who thinks like me. Quickly @Pinkeevee222 the fabric of space time may very well be at its end! Our minds, the two of them must not be allowed to converse!
@cccviper653: It's alright, fortunately you're too thick and I'm too impatient for us to work together.
@Shaede The Black Eevee: u's a mean face
@SFXUmbreon!!!!!!!!!!: But when I look at your profile pic, I think of edm, and then there's the Umbreon, and then with this comic page, what's about to happen goes paw in paw! Commence!
@cccviper653: I guess XD
Is that Steve the shiny Umbreon? Who's the sylveon that isn't Miku?
Lol all the censored things she can do with her ribbons
Sylveon's ribbons can be used for many various purposes.
Why is this me
Wait... Did Miku just evolve? Or did she just not live near anyone with a pokedex, a sylveon, or remote knowledge of sylveons?
Did anyone else notice that it's a shiny Umbreon?
@SylveonRulez: um... Im pretty sure that one person noticed... or two... or everyone here...
Look at my USer @SylveonRulez: Look at my Username.
We need a clean up crew dispatched in Totallyrealstreet down totallythere lane
Hey Pinkeevee! This comic made me think of an idea! What if you did that crazy character chart with Miku! Oh, that would be SO interesting! Please reply!
Damn that nosebleeeed! if she really wants some good yaoi hentai, she should watch.

Boku No Pikachu
@Anonymus: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
@Anonymus: pffffffff, lol. Sick reference bro.
What are fealers cus im confused!!!
@Guest: Okay, so here's one of Sylveon's decriptions:
SYLVEON: It sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights. (Pokemon X and Omega Ruby)
@Guest: DON'T, however, look it up on the internet and click "Images." Those are... ... inaccurate.
@SylveonRulez: o-okkk

if your saying that then i wont cus im a 10 year old chiled and i dont wana be scared fer life!
@Pastaplayer: Miku is touching Umbreons in the pixelated scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Skylar101: *screems*
Steve??? Are thought you were crazy! Poor miku lol
i dont have anything this weak so im just going to say hi
You guys don't have to say my full name and more You guys don't have to say my full name just call me vaymegafan i'll get it i'm sure and Pastaplayer they wouldn't be pixelated if she wanted us to know plus it's probably too inappropriate for any of us oh by the way Pastaplayer we all probably don't want to know
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Actually, the pixelated stuff are just blobs. They kinda look like ice cream and hamburgers, actually.
WAAAATTTT?? WAAAATTTT?? this sse comic is so inappropriate it's disturbing and @Pinkeevee222 I want to know is Oliver and the pink eyed eevee with redish pink collar with red heart are Brother and sister

hope I spell't that right
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Inappropriate? Lol, Miku is a disturbing and inappropriate character.
Aaaaand, almost everyone is related! *throws confetti everywhere*
@Pinkeevee222: Tina why do you have most of your charicters based on Anime cus im lost on how other pepole know how sky is lost and other mons are in a lab and-and im CONFUSED (sorry 4 the yelling but my preteen brain can't take it)
@Guest: Most of my characters based on anime? I am confused. I mean, like, Dusk and Wiz likes anime, but, I don't thing the majority of my characters are based off of anime character tropes. The comic is very confusing, some things are not said, but are heavily implied. Sky, for example, has been implied to be lost in the "Dusk is a Dunce" chapter. Don't worry though, everything will be explained in time~
@Pinkeevee222: ok thanks that helps a lot
@Pastaplayer: *is terrified and hids in a corner rocking back and forth in the fitel position*
Seven or eight? @Pastaplayer: Well.........I'm around that......I'm ten. But I absolutely hate bad words!
huh @EeveeGirl: Huh im 11 and i hate bad words too
@Lulueevee11: Same!
??? Did Miku die?
the served heads @Pinkeevee222: in slide 7 i take a guess the dead heads of enimes
THAT IS A HUGE NOSEBLEED Is Miku going to be ok?
I mean, we have flesh feelers too, we just call them hands
Don't Judge an Umbreon by its Cover I have a suggestion! Let's have a female shiny umbreon walk down a street and then an espeon fall in love with her
Don't Judge an Umbreon by its Cover Then, the Umbreon lifts up her hair tuft an says she's female!!! (Don't forget to hide the eyelashes until the umbreon lifts her hair tuft and then show the eyelashes after umbreon lifts her tuft)
Ho my raw

,--. ,--. ,--.| |
| ,---. ,---. ,--,--, ,-' '-. ,--,--.`--'| .'
| .-. || .-. :| \'-. .-'' ,-. |,--.| |
| | | |\ --.| || | | | \ '-' || |`--'
`--' `--' `----'`--''--' `--' `--`--'`--'.--.
#☆# Gold comic but miku is a good character but she is... creepy.
#☆# I ement good
*umm* Did phone is playing up. ...sorry...
Omg This phone is soooo annoying
Eeeeeeeeh... weird
i looked closer onto the blurred images and now lets say i nose bleeded on my laptop
Miku...... is wired
LOOOL I literally just burst out laughing when she fainted of the nose bleed.

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