Extra-Battle Scars PMV


August 19th, 2017, 11:39 am

*Evil, cackling laughter*

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First! Do i need to say it?
Ooooooooo I cant wait to watch.
@SirPopGhost: I give it a 10/10
Yeah OMG :D
10/10 girl @FlowerEspeon: i think it was fun and inspiring, the vid. 10/10
So was Sora the escaped child and not Eve?

It looked like it... also Vay in a hostpital bed?
@ArionArts: I agree ONE HUNDRED percent with the hospital bed!!!!! Plus I think Vay's paw/hand* was bandaged up, so it would make sense!

*I don't know what to call it
@ArionArts: we know Sora escaped, and Oliver was sent ahead with an egg we know hatched into eve
@ArionArts: Vay went into a coma.
@Neonblossoms: most likely self-induced. Somehow
@NegitiveZero: Most likely, lmao.
Towards the end, the helmet sora is wearing is destroyed. Then the next panel, the helmet is back to normal.

This video is literally unwatchable, i don't think i will ever be able to watch this video the same ever again.

Love, anon.
@Anon: *Flips table* I WAS LAZY! IT WAS 6 IN THE MORNING! *Flips another table*
@Pinkeevee222: chill *gives another table*
@JurassicJad: *Flips the table*
@Pinkeevee222: noooooooooo *crying while looking at the table*
@JurassicJad: Rest in peace, table. There were many like it, but it was one of a kind, even though there are probably millions exactly like it.
@Pinkeevee222: *gives pink a chair and table*
@Anon: ur mean!!! *blows raspberry*
@Anon: That seems a little dramatic for something like that
I'm afraid you will not be feasting on my tears, as my heart has an impenetrable shell that hides emotion. I was definitely crying on the inside, though. Great work!




Poor babies but still not.... My Poor babies but still not crying, I don't know if I mentioned this but I like a lot of the charterers but Vay is my baby I care more about him and Nego then most of correction all of the charterers so I cried and I didn't cry I cried hard on the inside for Vay but the rest Nah my noncaring for other charterers >:) and *sniffles* :( ::::::: my tears for Vay. P.S @Pinkeevee222 don't tell him I said This but I like a lot of the charterers but Vay is my baby I care more about him and Nego then most of correction all of the so I cried and I didn't cry I cried hard on the inside for Vay but the rest Nah my noncaring for other charterers >:) and :( ::::::: my tears for Vay He's not actally my baby I just Really really really really really really really really like not werid love like but like best pokemon ever kinda like love but I mean it do not tell but do tell I him he has 30 bags of fishy krackers coming today at 1:30 bye.
Oh. My. Gooooosh!!!!!!
I cant handle....
I gots the feels <3
10/10 I love that song
Y333333333333333333s!!!!!!! 10000000000000000/10!!!
@Pinkeevee222: YASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I love the song it's amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for fininshing it!!!! Dusk and Vay are my FAVORITE SSEC characters!!!!!!!!
Agreed @EeveeGirl: same they are the best
What about sky??
@Anon Umbreon : Sky is the Sylveon and the Eevee that the Jolteon is carrying.Also...is that Jolteon Volt*

*Is his name Volt or Jolt? I CANT REMEBER!!!!!
First time ever clicking on a link, and I was not let down! That was amazing!
This video is amazing!! Also Vay needs a hug
Yay! I remember watching this on YouTube!
I love this! Keep up the good work!

Pretty good. (I can't find my account.)
@Pinkeevee222: yo its the day after my birthday... so ill take this as a present! you shouldn't have~
Well happy one day late birthday.
What is vays fav color because idk what it is. I think it is blue.
Hey pinkeevee222 when you eveole do u remember anything in the past.
@Brainlesseevee2: Hmmmm... I've seen your profile gif from somewhere...


YES!!! It's from Ask SSEC! But then, wouldn't you be the person who was left out from the changing eeveelution anon magic (Steve --> Sylveon, PinkEevee --> Leafeon, Some darkness eeveelution --> Umbreon)?
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Click the link, and you won't be disappointed. (Probably) oh, and, I'm going to have to delete this comment for Spam in a day or two. I would delete it now, but, I have to reply, lol.
Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhh @Pinkeevee222: Yeah I already watched it thanks for replying, and did he enjoy the Karp Krackers?
In the video when it cuts to Bolt saying "you are worth fighting for" in really faint letters you can see "right?" :o
i love it also the stand in the rain speedpaint, the 2011 picture looks alot like my drawing style!!! maby your me from the future!!!
(probly not tho)
*^* Usually, I am not to emotional with sad animation or movies. But this hit the feels... Good job. ^^
@Pinkeevee222: IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!! MEW!

(I still didn't log in)
I see, Jolt is the emotional linchpin of the group, he keeps the others going. Beautiful
WHAT A SEC HOLY MOTHER $&@+ER Night is Umbreon and in comic number 41 meanwhile that is sora.
And in battle scares night (aka Umbreon) lost sora and he can't find her but why doesn't he look for her pinkeevee.
??? This video made me cry. great job.
This made me cry... Oh wait I alredy commented that on YouTube.
But I'm not sure that I understand the story:
That's appened before the first arc, where they tried to carry Sora at home.
In a comics that you made sometimes ago, there was a story about a mother that separate two eevees, and I think they're Sora and Dusk.
I'm right?
I love your comics,thanks for make them.
I subscribed @Pinkeevee222

Who else subscribed besides me?
@PlantNinja13: trust meh i would if my mom let me.......................SORRY TINA!!!
*watches video over and over* THIS IS REVEALING SO MUCH STUFF! I MUST SOLVE IT ALL!

MWAHAHAHAHA--*gets slapped*

Sorry. I'll leave now.
@Franchska The Fennekin: Actully yeah the vid revills stoof and dats cool but i'v goten SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much info about this as well, and pls stop doing the cray laugh i'd apresheate it cus no one should slap u cus of it *makes a dangerus look at the mon who slaped u*
@Guest: Heh heh, I like laughing. *slaps my Aunty Espeon back*
Beautiful :,)
:P i think Vey whent throug depresson...
im very sorry 4 Vey
Annnnnnd TINA why is Knight with the other eevees in the box? does he live with them???, and if he does why hasn't there bean a comic about him???
Omg that was amazing

I love this comic so much

Thanks Pinkeevee!
Battle scares WOW I loved that it was a amazing video it was just wow I have no words. Just WOW
Oh my pinkeevee222 I shed a tear or two or.... You know what my friend u are a true artist I'm going to make comic's just like u.
Legit, has anyone pieced together the lore of this comic yet? Stuff like this makes me want to know so much more than has ever been stated within the comic.
I did it was cool.
I looked at it without my
Sunglass and it hurt I won't do
that again but it was still cool.
@Pastaplayer: i didnt see it... *cries and runs away*
@Franchska The Fennekin:
You're not alone. I didn't see it either.

We're do u think pinkeevee is.
Who could be so heartless as to give it 3 dislikes?!
I never saw the Eclips IM SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Guest: *sings* YOURE NOT ALOOOONE! Lol. I didnt see it either
@Franchska The Fennekin: At leats we can say "I LIVED DURING A SOLER ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!!!"
@Guest: Most of earths population exists on something that happens every 18 months
beautiful This song is my favourite and I love how well it's done. you my eevee friend get a round of applause from all ma oc's ( I have to many to count ) ps the eclipse in England is happening on my birthday . My absol - Ness is paying off ( 26th of august )
I have she is the best I want to be a fan but I don't know how.
Dusk x Eve Dusk x Eve plssssss...
@ProGamer542: Dusk is like 3 times older than her
I wish I could say the same This song can not i aplay to me im alone in a world that doesnt care im just a pond in this game that cant sorvaive im alone and thats the only reson i can say im strong the phrase wubba lubba dub dub is the only phrase that can describe me
Raihani julie Woah!! I love it so much!, I allready see it, and im dying! Xddd, the song was cool too tbh
WOW!!! This is awesome!!!
You forgot to implement the word acoustic.
I know this comment is stupid but does anyone know how to delete a comic page I didn't understand how to
When you go to comics management, select the comic you want to delete and click the button that says "delete" which should be in the top right corner of the comic list :3
*sniffs* This is beautiful...
Touching This was very touching,amazing comic,u couldn't of drawn a eevee or a eeveelution better myself!(bc i don't have a pc..lol im so jellus)
Hey u guys should watch rick and Morty it is funny and so genes. Kids don't watch it.
@Brainlesseevee2: Are the genes dominant or recessive?
@PixelOtter: genes
@Pinkeevee222: WHERE'S DA NEXT COMIC?!?!?
@YellowCat200: I know!!!!
@PlantNinja1: Dat profile picture though XD
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: uhh.. that was kinda rude of you.
So no comic this week? Also it's like a sea down here in the comments...pinpointing me is like finding a grain of sand on the beach, a water droplet in the ocean, a- you get the point(lol ;))
Omg I almost cried watching this! It's just so sad yet inspiring at the same time. Also why is Vay in a hospital? But I love it. Giving it ten stars
Who else noticed that in the end of the video sora/sky is running away and In the first meanwhile sora is running away so everything near the end is what happened before the first meanwhile
THAT PMV!! This is how I found this comic... Spam listening to it while I spam read this comic I am now addicted to this comic LOL
Oma I love thus song and I get the plot great work pink ever but I would love to see more dusk and I memories it all I get it I love your comics to
:3 #LOVE!!!!!!
Lyrics!!! [redacted]
@Lolcat888: I don't even need to look at lyrics or listen to the song to know how to sing it and etc is just imprinted in my head! and is scruffyeevee pinkeevee222's youtube channel? :O
Omg @Pinkeevee222: that made me cry but it was worth it I absolutely loved it!!!!!!
#Respect Wow.This made me love Bolt more.So he was the one who took care of everyone.He was like a father and help to not lose hope.I didn't expect that.And Volt was the one who saved Sora.They are like the same.
@Pinkeevee222: WHY DID U MADE THIS SO SAD??
I NEED MORE COMICS I need more comics!!!
AWESOME (I build a maze in front of my house) THIS IS A-MAZE-ING ( not the most over used pun in the world or anything ;) )
Found You I found this comic through this video. Thanks for sharing. :)
Wait who was that eevee with the soothe bell that shouted at harmony? and wheres dusk and blizz?
https://youtu.be/kRdVxgTgGXU EEEEEEEE
@Pinkeevee222: wut'poker face'
The music is awsome i been listening to it for weeks
It’s so beautiful omg I sang it to mah bestie she said “.......nice?.......”
about battle scars @Pinkeevee222: I LOVE THAT VIDEO ITS SO CUTEI ALMOST CRIDE AFTER WHACHING!!!!!!
That video is totally awesome!!
This vid Is all I watch/listen to I have it on repeat while I read the comic's (I only just this tody so I'll be the first one to coment in a long time ;-;) Anyway LOVE IT nd good job
finally something where bolt is important
the reason why vay is in a hospital bed for all you wondering folks:
pinkeevee has stated if a pokemon looses too much blood in the pc they will go into a coma. so that is what happened to vay.

and i have proof about it: in the alt text where pinkeevee said so she said *looks at vay* *vay scowls* so HA
also on a one to ten scale...

this is a 100
AWESOME I wasn’t able to watch it with sound... but it was awesome!
Battle scars I luv this song and I wanna use it but is it really called battle scars or is there another name for da song cuz I need it with no words to sing it plz answer thx also luv ur comics
Sora has her neck bow tho The song introduced me to the comic and I noticed that sora ( I'm guessing that's who the silveon is ) had her neck bow and it got sliced off by lea. i was just confused
that song makes me cry everytime i listen to it.
i love it!
<3 @Pinkeevee222: This is so good! Ive been reading this comic up to now and its getting to be my favourite thing! And btw my spirit pokemon is an Umbreon (I LIKE CHEESE)
¿Por que Vay esta en el hospital?
I know,
he... he try to kill... him.
@Pinkeevee222: We all have our Battle Scars. You must march on to keep your hope. Giving up is pointless. You can't turn back at any moment. If you want to turn back, others will think you've given up hope. Run Away, either cowardice or hopelessness. Stand your ground, bravery.
Battle scar vid to SSEC This is how i started reading stupid short eevee comics,this made me cry but...by reading the comic,everything is clear from the video that i dont really understood the time,but now im aficialy(bad englush)a SSEC fan!!!
This was the best thing you could do I heard of the comic after I watched the battle scars vid so that Sylveon that was saying she free and stuff close to the first part of this i knew her as soon as I saw here
I watched this it was amazing!! I honestly get it stuck in my head whenever I hear it... =3
Nice For some animations or other and stuff I might get teary eyed, but this one wasn't too sad. THANK GOD.
@Pinkeevee222: i have watched!

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