August 27th, 2017, 1:10 am

Sorry for all the shiny pokemon appearing, lol.
I'm actually cameoing people's characters from
an eevee RP group I am on in Discord, this
chapter, so, that's the only reason why, lol

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Sorry this comic was late My dad was like "IF I SEE YOU ON THAT COMPUTER, I'LL BRING HELL DOWN ON YOU! >:[[" Yesterday morning, and, I really didn't feel like getting in trouble at the moment. The comic was up on Discord and Patreon though. So, If I don't upload for a day, usually I wold have quickly uploaded it to Discord, or, if I go missing for the day for some random reason, Patreon usually has the weeks comic page public at 12:00am on Sunday. Anyways, I couldn't think of anything and drew this planned page of the comic so, this chapter might be shorter than usual.... Which is good, lol, since defining Miku's personality was my goal here, and I think I did it well~

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Shiny Eeveelutions Shiny Eeveelutions everywhere!
Hi @Pinkeevee222
And also

I'm on the opposite side of the world as you
@PlantNinja1: I literally stayed up till 12am to read the comic


I cri evry day

Also I'm in Indonesia
sorry i forgot
what i was going to say
...I want a psychic umbrella.
@LittleMoons: same (*☻-☻*)
What was your dad's problem with you being on the computer?
YAY NEW COMIC! but pinkeevee why was your dad so mad at you though?
Does your dad rage you don't need to answer
@Some friendly guest: I based Blizz's anger management problems off of his, lol.
@Pinkeevee222: ._. If Blizz became a father then he would be an utter spitting image of yours.
@Pinkeevee222: Im probably wrong, but if I based a character off of my dad (he has anger managment too) he would be mad, so I think yours would be mad.

Im still probably wrong.
Understandable have a good night/day
late??????? @Pinkeevee222: whoa! it just came?!!
Cool!! She's sick! D:
Miku.. >:(
@Pinkeevee222: lol sora is right
"Wow, this is a pretty good song." Anon states, the song being umbrella from rihanna.
Anon glances at the rain surrounding him, pelting the pavement and the windows of the industrial city, with the smell of metal and pavement getting wet. giving off its entrancing, yet calm smell when you breathed it in. The odd mon also came by, trying to find shelter from the drenching rain. Anon looks around to find that most shops were closed down, "probably due to the lack of sales being made." Anon thought to himself. He has a quick glance up to see the tip of a black fabric circling him.
"it's a good thing i have this umbrella, huh?" The trinkets of water can be heard hitting the top of the umbrella. Anon smiles. "Its just the small things in life that you find amusing." Anon thinks aloud. As anon passes by a shop window containing a brief, watery image of a sylveon. Sitting in the rain. Anon was too occupied in his thoughts that he didn't notice this. He continues to walk down the pavewalk, continuing his day as normal.

Love, Anon.
MIKU I LUV U SO MUCH U LIL' CINNAMON ROLL and pinkeevee, tell your dad there's more important things in life then going out and doing stuff :U
I love this comic Anyone else laugh at the part when Miku said, "Turns out doing that makes you sick?"
@TrainerBlueTube: Fact: Being cold doesn't give you a cold. (But it certainly can give an effect which is when if you get too cold.)
Wow... Im so late XD also lol am I the only one here who checked to see if there was a new comic every hour yesterday or am I alone on that one? :P also Pinkeevee, awesome comic! definitely worth the wait!
Pinkeevee ich finde deine Comics richtig cool mach weiter so
"...but it was worth it..."
@PlantNinja1 Omg same
I didn't notice the shininess
Keep up your great masterpieces!! :3 @Pinkeevee222: I SO LOVE THIS COMIC!
but I'm bad at remembering all the characters, kinda hard to assuming what's happening :')

anyway, I love the last week video! subscribed already ;3
Who is umdrecon
Don't worry, Miku! I've got the perfect soul mate for yo- *Someone kill her with a rock*
:O @Nutella The Eevee: Miku!!! Don't worry! I'll save you! *uses max revives on Miku* All better ^-^
@Cool Beans: *It had no effect!*
@PixelOtter: NUUUUUUUUUU ;-;
@Cool Beans: LOL
Thought Miku was crying for a moment in that first panel. :u
*Grabs dark sunglasses*
*Nabs one of those paint suckers from Super Mario Color Splash*
*Sucks myself*
*Injects the rest of the Jolteon serum that I stole from RainbowRaven (She's (or the character, he's) a really good TFer.)*
*Becomes Anon Jolteon*
Koano Hoi I love your art skills comics every thing but I have few friends all
alone in the darkness in the shadows waiting for someone to find me
@Shodow the umdraon: I found you. :33
Ahh, MIku, so obsessed with finding love. BELIEVE ME, DONT TRY TO GROW UP TOO FAST! I START MIDDLE SCHOOL TOMMOROW AND IM SCARED! Because someone might bully me because im skinny, or because I will get braces, or because my nail polish is painted bad, or, or, OR~~
Miku's so lonely he can make himself wet... :D
@cccviper653: Miku's a girl though, right? Or am I mistaken?
@Silver the Eevee: The character sheet says "girl?" so imma call him, a him, in hopes that it becomes true. What? you thought I was satisfied with just Oliver X Dusk shipping? Noooooohohoooo, no no no no no. Not at all. MUAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!
@cccviper653: But OliverxDusk is best ship
@Silver the Eevee: What about Dusk x Sky?
And besides, it's obviously Miku x Anon Glaceon :)
@Sapphire: i will fight you!
@Silver the Eevee: Okay you wanna go?
@Silver the Eevee: 4 LIFE!!!
@cccviper653: Yeah! *high face*
But Olivers a boy @Silver the Eevee: ....I prefer DuskxSky really...............please don't kill me
@EeveeGirl: Oliver is a boy, he's also gay. Don't worry, I be not mad, everyone has their ships
@cccviper653: there will be no ganking *picks you up and takes you to a chair* none of it
@Silver the Eevee: ALL OF IT! ALLLL OF IT!!! Let me at em, I got a clear shot at his throat!
@Silver the Eevee: Maybe?
@cccviper653: + @Silver the Eevee: HOW MANY TIMES AM I GOING TO HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP SPAMING!? PM EACH OTHER OR USE DISCORD TO DO THAT! (If you reply to each other too many times on the same comments it makes the page look weird)

Also here is some wise advise: don't ever criticize someone's ship even if you don't ship it. (it is you're own falt if they kill you.)
@Skylar101: Oh goodness, look who made the biggest comment in this chain. This is a multi person conversation not compatible with the Smack Jeeves PM system. And clearly we're joking.

So. chill.

Also; *your.
@cccviper653: I am completely chill! And yes I just realized I misspelled your And I know my comment is the longest on this chain. All I want people to do is stop spamming in the comment section because they're not supposed to. (I think i'm just going to stop telling people to stop spamming) and yes I realize this comment is also long.
@Skylar101: once the page is a day old i'm sure most of the people who were going to read the page, already have so it doesn't really matter what goes on in the comments after that initial view because only talking people are coming back to the page.
@cccviper653: never seen anyone argue that quite so well
Why do you threaten me? @cccviper653: 0.0 scare me......a lot*runs away as fast as SHE can and grabs her level 91 espeon*, but if you do wanna fight, I love Pokemon battles!
Thanks! @Silver the Eevee: And thanks for explaining the Oliver thing
@EeveeGirl: S'ok
@EeveeGirl: ;3
Aww so cute!
Anon be everywhere now
So Miku likes Anon glaceon?That means she likes glaceons then?If that's true plz don't find blizz.Because I ship Daisy and Blizz FOR LIFE I SAY!!!!!
NUUUUUU!!! @Sun the eevee: BUT I THOUGHT OliverXDusk AND DaisyXVay WAS FOR LIFE!!!Also, I totally ship MikuXKonix!!!!
no @EeveeGirl: OliverXEve DaisyXVay 8)
Oh and why is anon wearing sunglasses in the rain?I already experienced that if you bring your reading glasses in the rain while the glasses are on your eyes your glasses get wet.But still WHY SUNGLASSES
@Sun the eevee: Because sunglasses are cool U.U
When you realize that a pokémon can write better than you.
@Pastaplayer: great...
Welp. Middle school is not bad. Altho... I don't have lockers...
Also I cant believe no one cared that I was scared of middle school......
@Franchska The Fennekin: I cared, but I forgot to post my comment and accidentally deleted it before I posted it ^^'
@EeveeGirl: it's all right, even though there are some people that don't care, I care!
@PokemonFanNo.1: thanks! (Im still scared of the bigger guys, they probably know curse words...)
@EeveeGirl: thanks! (However, now im one of the youngest people in my school XD)
Youngest is AWESOME!! @Franchska The Fennekin: That's fine! Being youngest has perks! I have 3 grades left* before high school, which means when my sisters have to go to collage, I'll be partying in high school!!!!!!!
*Im in 5th!
@EeveeGirl: When ur in fiftg grade, we are the kings and queens of our school. Im sixth grade, we are the babies...
@Franchska The Fennekin: of course unless you go to k through 12 school.
Little late....but....WHO CARES WHEN ITS THE BEST COMIC EVER?! I could wait weeks lol ^_^
When When is the next comic coming out, I can only read umbrella and nothing farther
When When is the next comic coming out, I can only read umbrella and nothing farther
Yey I'm so happy cuz this was a little birthday feature for me, das my Espeon
Thanks scruffs :3
Nooooo Miku noooooooo *gives Miku full hp Heath and gives here an umbrella.

Here my love let's robe every bank in the world and get high!!!!!! ,
Poor, poor, gal Is she ever going to find a man? I don't think so...
@SweetKirbi: lol Miku be a single Pringle for life
Miku @Sapphire: Ha ha ha. True dat, true dat.
Do you think her dream boy is a Glaceon?
My dad has cancer
@Fansomething: Oh No! I hope he's alright!
@Fansomething: my apologies
@Fansomething: OMG I'm sooooo sorry
Oh I'm so sorry.
is miku stupid or insane?
also is that mikus pokeball?
but still nice work pinkeevee your awesome
Miku ....Don't do that thats why u got sick
I imagine that the anonymous glaceon will be SSEC's guest look, because Eevee Acadamy's is an anonymous eevee
:3 Miku Learned "Use Feelers In Another Way!"
Congrats, Miku.
Im starting to think Miku is in the PC, however the trainer doesn't have any sylveon.

... am I wrong?
@Franchska The Fennekin:
Miku is in Kalos. It said so at the beginning of the chapter.
Also, the trainer does not own any shiny Pokémon, and there is a shiny Espeon in the first panel of this comic. I am well aware that the Espeon as a cameo, but if Miku were in the PC, Pinkeevee could not cameo a shiny Pokémon without countering an already well-established fact.
Outside of the PC, however, she is free to cameo to her heart's content, because I'm sure there are many people who can attest to the fact that there ARE indeed shiny Pokémon in Kalos. :)
@LittleMoons: well, thank you. I pay very little attention to detail. I just thought, "Why are there pokemon walking in a TOWN, with no humans?"
I wonder why i stopped reading the comic here....
@Pinkeevee222: what??????? slveons does not have furry chests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@shadow: or do they? Dun dun ddduuuunnnn!

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