Walking sick


September 2nd, 2017, 6:19 pm

Whos that pokemon!?

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Heh heh I need to sleep ^^;
Miku is sick~
Also, cameos galore! All from the roleplay server I am in~
does anyone else remember when your pokemon had poison, and every few steps they lost some HP? And then they are left with like, 1 HP left? Horrible. tssk tssk
Pinkeevee222, September 2nd, 2017, 6:21 pm Reply
Advertisement, September 15th, 2019, 4:16 pm Reply

@Skylar101: yeah well thats how she be!!!
but i agree with u....
Just barely hanging in there!
@ArionArts: YES YOU CAN!!! JUST DO IT!
@Skylar101: *Intense fish flopping*

@ArionArts: *a Espeon named Dawn appeared!* *Dawn helps you get off your butt*
Don't worry Miku, your soul mate shall find you on the ground and bring you soup!
@Raini01: Probably not I don't think she gets a soul mate until the pc P.S may not be canon
@Raini01: Soupppp
@Pinkeevee222: Isn't Miku level 92?
@Skylar101: I'm gonna assume she will level up once the trainer catches her. Just a hunch though :p
Hey Mari, would you be okay if I give you a little bit of advice?

Another great page though! Love the facial expressions.
@ShadowIrorriM: I say no advice- pastaplayer
@ShadowIrorriM: I like advice~ What's it? *curious*
and, thanks! lol
@Pinkeevee222: When you're drawing quadrupeds walking, try to have the forelegs bend the opposite direction you've been drawing them. You can think of their forelegs as being arms, because they're essentially built the same way.

That's all!
@ShadowIrorriM: Hush gurl. Mari is 100% flawless and draws the cutest arts known to this undeserving world.
@cccviper653: I kinda agree with cccviper653, kinda don't.
Relax @cccviper653: Hey relax okay it's @Pinkeevee222 comic can do what ever she wants in HER comics
@ShadowIrorriM: I can confirm, this is correct.
make the next about undertale @Pinkeevee222: make the next about undertale please
well then... Miku, Miku, you just had to push it! :P to be honest i would have done the same... Maybe. Great comic as always! Pinkeevee (and Miku), you both deserve a Potato! :3
Miku Must Live on!
PATATO we all disever PATATOS
YES YOU ALSO GET POTATO *gives everyone a free POTATO*
@ThePotatoEevee: POTATOES?! AUGH! MY BABEES!!!
I mean she said that it was because of the original video, but...
@Pinkeevee222: I remember that! I got really stressed because of the screen effect! I also thought my deerling was sick because it turned green when it went into it's summer form
@Pinkeevee222: I remember that! (I panicked because I thought my DS was glitched at first when it first happened in Emerald)
OH NO!!MIKU!!!It would be awesome if the trainer found her and helped her out, in exchange if she could catch her!!!
1 hp is better than the original outright fainting, at least.
PokemonFanNo.1 You got that right... Though maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea since at least you won't feel sick *hands out farewell letters and free candy in case of death*
*and POTATO*
I Feel so bad about miku....also where is she going anyway?
@JurassicJad: i tink just walking around looking for another fish in the sea just in case her current boy friend doesn't work, smart, you allwhays wana back up plan!!!.
this is what i about dont rest never also i want her so baddddd
What do you mean by Roleplay server?
@Guest64: It's where all the nerds go to be REALLY. FREAKING. NERDY. Like, so nerdy, they make nerds go, "DAYUUUUUM!" Like that.
@cccviper653: I know that, but WHAT server, like where and how....
@Guest64: I'm assuming she's talking about her discord server. I don't much like discord or role playing though so idk specifically.
@Guest64: yeah, it's a Discord server, it's super fun!! X3
@Pinkeevee222: sorry if this sounds dense... but do you mind if I ask what this discord thing is?
@Guest64 : Discord is a magical place with fans and friends of (mostly gaming) communities where everyone can live chat with each other and hang out. As any live chat room, people like to use it for role playing as well. Since RP is weird in a non live chat room and obstructive over the course of the whole page, Mari created her own chat room on there where fans of the comic and RP can do as they please. Works so much nicer than the chat here for stuff like that.
>: ( @Pinkeevee222: Wwwwhhhyyy, where is the new comic I've waited since 8:??, 9:?? something, it's already 1:32 PM where I am. If you aren't gonna make a comic today just say so :n
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Relax! She might just be posting at 6:00 or something!
Hyperventilate @EeveeGirl: Your Right (Crazily talks to self- j-just r-relax clam d-down VayMega it's oo-okay Hyperventilates okay I'm good as I said before I'm weird and kinda enjoy it.
@Pinkeevee222: I love how you included the health Bar! However, are you allowed to submit cameos?
@BestBuilder101: Nope. You have to be in the discord server to get a cameo, sorry.
@Pinkeevee222: Could I possibly have a link?
The hell? Is there a Pokémon in the pokéball on her hat?
@Shaede The Black Eevee: yea, and apparently theres something/someone in it... I wonder who
This comic proves that Miku is a female
@shinyumbreon56: YUS!!
I swear I know that Flareon from somewhere...... Oh it's Darius from discord lol.
*gives Miku some health potions and brings her soup to be nice to the poor girl*
oh poor miku. when will you update eevee acadamy??? pls i love it
pls pinkeevee
@Rainbow Eevee: when I fix the website
What display server?! Can you send a link? I love roleplays!
@Guest: I'll put a link to the regular Discord server in the next comic. To get the link to the Roleplay server, you have to DM me.
Shipping Is it weird that I ship Bolt with Miku?
Who's the umbreon in the first panel???
In order of cameos, Neon, Raputin, Darius, Seika (It's that or Slime), Kicks, and Karma appearing twice
@Eevrua: oh thanks
That eevee in panel 4 looks like a zorua
@CCOMICS6318 : That is Karma, he is a hybrid of Eevee and Zorua, but he's adorable
@pinkeevee222 somehow I've just realized what does SSEC stands for XD

btw, I wonder if Miku and Dusk met :3
Miku!! @Pinkeevee222 So the pokeball can talk?!

We live in a strange world..
@Pinkeevee222: Who's the little Eevee with red paws? so cute
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: That Cutie is Karma
@Pinkeevee222: Okay I know you said guests can't submit new backwards eevees please there's two eevee I have and I want you to please let everyone submit there eevee so pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee p.s do you know where I can find dragons riders of berk and defenders of berk online?
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Ummmmmmmmm...
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Sorry, account only, or else I'd be flooded!
How? @Pinkeevee222: How do I make an account? please let me know at 3:00 or 3:30 PM tomorrow maybe
HOW YOU DRAW LIKE THAT?? @Pinkeevee222: I wish I could draw like you.Too bad I can only draw crappy looking eevees and eeveelutions.And I could also draw fox pokemon but I'm horrible at drawing those.So I can't draw any other pokemon.
Miku Miku is even dumber than dusk
@Umbreonxeve: Dusk is actually really smart lol
Finally! I finally got a smackjeeves account! I don't need to comment as a guest!
@Luklu: You have betrayed us.
@Potatichu:He did betray the guest family.HES A TRAITOR!!!!!
... @Luklu: DIDO made an account
I'm feeling sick, too. My throat hurts, and I have school tommorow. What do I do? I thought eating ice cream would help!
@Franchska The Fennekin: Sorry this late, like after the day of school, but I just eat a banana and some candy and then I feel better.
@Franchska The Fennekin: Rutgers no school yyaayayayayayayayayay ....
How hard is the cement? lol
Wow Now we know that miku is a girl mystrey solved :D
Hey Pinkeevee!
I know why the characters page isn't working; and it's a really quick, easy fix, too!
It's okay if you don't want to do it right now, but I just thought I'd tell you.
It's broken because you must have
accidentally unchecked a box above the code for the characters page.
If you check back again, there should be a box that says "overall layout" next to it, or something. The description below it should read "determines if this page uses the comic's overall layout" or something like that. Just recheck it and it should be good! :3
@WildfireK: Ummm. Actually, if I check that box, all of the bios go missing. That is why it is broken. If I try to put bios, it doesn't work. Thanks for trying to help.
Ah, okay. Welp, it was worth a shot :3
Lony @Pinkeevee222: I have no friends and my mom died and my home burned down and I'm only 13 and I'm adopted and plz read this:'(
@JT: I'm so sorry. +Gives kid a billion dollars+
@JT: I feel so bad for you!!!! I hope your mom is doing well in heaven! Will this make you feel better? * gives him her shiny charizard from Pokemon moon named Inferno*
Pinkeevee222 I really need to know how to make and design your web comic please tell me how because I am confused with all the codes and what not.
Yay I finally got an account :3
poor miku! me: here miku its a tissue. miku: im fine i can keep going! im feeling just fi- ah-AH-ACHOOOO!
uhh i will taake that tisssue now please! me: lol.
Same.... Lol.... same Im sick aswell
I DID IT ALL TODAY, i read every single one from beginning to end today. Now i can comment on the comics that aren't like a year old. YAY
Miku's reaction to finding her soulmate: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nO4J5BlwJ58
@Skylar101: LOL HA HA HA HA HA
@Pinkeevee222: how do I make an a count? please anwer at 3:00 or 3:30
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: sorry for being late but here is how u make your account first.
Click my name on your screen. then at the top right corner it says. log in or sign up click sign up after that make your account. then click continue after that go to your gmail if you dont have a gmail then tthis will not work. but if u do go to it look at your notifications click the one with smackjeevees then click varifie after that close your gmail go to smackjeevees click my name again go to log in the click continue and thats it hope we can be frindes. sorry for speling things wrong this was a lot to write. tank u and come again. :3
@Brainlesseevee2: Thanks found out the hard way haha ha hah ha ah hwah wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaa Laughingturns to crying wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm weird and a bit of a drama queen.
@Pinkeevee222: Ok just when ever your free
What You need to take a break
whos talking to miku
I predict.... The Pokemon who's talking to Miku... Is an EEVEELUTION!
Wait... Isn't Flame in the back right in the 3rd frame?
No @TrainerBlueTube: That's not Flame. That is a cameo Flareon from Discord.
I love eevee lotions
:3 love it :3
love it btw i love your battle scars video :D
@thea: thanks~
Apparently, I had a cold, which is why my throat was hurting. Actually, my mom said it was a cold, but i literally felt like something died inside of me, causing me to die. I hate being sick. Im all better, though. (Also.... everyone will hate me for this but.... i dont eat bananas or candy.......... dont hate me!!)
I do not hate you but @Franchska The Fennekin: WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!?!?!?
Miku Sickness Pokemon Battle Reference *Miku got sickness!*
*Miku has one hp left!*
*Miku finds a potion!*
*Miku throws potion away!*
*Suddenly Anonymous Glaceon appeared!*
*Miku healed to max hp!*
@Sun the eevee: *Suddenly a sludge bomb comes out of nowhere!*
*Anonymous Glaceon freezes it*
*Suddenly a thunderbolt came out of nowhere!*
*Miku has fainted while Anonymous Glaceon has 1 hp!*
Troll Hi I want to translate your comic on Russian but I need your approval to work
@Russhu: Alright! ^^
@Pinkeevee222: ermmmm why did u make miku like yandere from yandere simulator
@Melaine: I think miku's character is more based on Yuno's character.
@Pastaplayer: Shut up! Why would he want attention from Tina! We get attention from her! She gives us a new comic every week!
@EeveeGirl: you've obviously never been on the internet before
Wen new comic
I've waited all day so far...
How bou'it @Pinkeevee222: So can you umm well please put this two in your next comic There my comic characters but I didn't make them so well names are Cream and Pepper sorry bout I just remembered you have a character named pepper the thing there twins and Cream is kinda crazy one hate almost males cause one once thoght it was ok to touch her not any where inappropriate it was just her tail but for her NO ONE TOUCHS THE TAIL excluding her sister who happens to sleep on her tail thought twins she Pepper is sweeter and smaller just enough to fit in her tail she (pepper) keeps Cream from badly hurting or even killing males only males Cream will not are Oliver,Vay and Dusk reasons why Oli cus he's gay Vay cus she kinda has a crush on em and Dusk because he's like a dumb older brother funny thing the names Pepper and Cream are kinda jokes cus Cream may be soft and smooth but if your male and touch her you dead while Pepper is sweet and cuddly but also dos like being touched will not kill you for it but probably hurt you. To see what cream looks like go to my new starting comic's cover thats her. Her sister Pepper do's not have Mitch match eye her eyes are both green like cream's green eye her fur colors are a backwards version of Cream's color instead Black with Light Light grey fluff and paws it's Light Light grey with black fluff and paws also she ( Pepper) has a greenish turquoise ear patch on the left while Cream's blueish turquoise patch is on the right all done bye. P.S they know Flareon's a perv so they try to be around him also if they come contact with he Cream ten's to attack he. also so they're cheats cus they know almost every attack in the Pc. Derp
Trainer: come back miku! You should rest!
Miku: I can keep going!
Ten seconds later.....
Miku fainted!
RP group/ IDk @Pinkeevee222 I've joined the RP group .>. I'm lonely can some1 Rp with meh please? also, Great comic! I think i've based my own story a little 2 much on this. Oops... Any way, Can u link my to the Rp chat? Thanks :) Bai P.s Whats your name on the discord chat thanks :)
It may be That I'm a bit behind on the somewhat new Pokémon games (I only really know up to B&W) but why is the pokeball on Miku's hat talking?
Lmao to be honest when I first got poisoned on Hg I freaked because my dsi is OLD so I thought it broke but then it said the poison weared off! I walked a bit then I realized what happened I’m such an idot TT—TT
@Pinkeevee222: what is the role play server called, cause I would love to join!
wait a minute @Pinkeevee222 Miku is female??
That one Eevee in the background looked like it fused with Zorua. Or was it a Zorua pretending to be an Eevee?! *plays some music that is similar to Illuminate theme cause I hate Illuminati theme and don't want to play it *

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