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September 16th, 2017, 1:38 pm

Does anyone know what
the name Miku means?

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Her Knight, he is her light, he shines bright, all through the night. I am sorry about the condition of the site, it broke, so I'll try to fix it with all my might
Pinkeevee222, September 16th, 2017, 1:38 pm Reply
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The last panel
Luv it
Keep doing what you do best, Pinkeeveee!
@BowtheSylveon: thanks~
@Pinkeevee222: You're welcome
@Pinkeevee222: i search it on google and some how i foun the translaiting from a baby naming site that miku name means beautiful, Sky, Long Time. but when i go on google translate it cannot be translated im confused ( sorry i cant type) \(*~*)/
@faze~chan: Mine too it's only saying miku
@MIku the sylveon: i speak japanese. it means beautiful sky
EDIT: mi means beautiful and combined with ku adds sky
Idea! @Pinkeevee222: I have a idea for your next ( Or whenever ) Panel should be, Make one about the background caricters! That would be such a cool Idea! But you don't have to if you don't want to, ( Can't spell and to lazy to fix it T_T )
@Pinkeevee222: so is it dusk who was miku's soul mate? Or is it night or sora NO NO NOT SORA THEN IT'LL BE GAY
@Miku: well we dont know so lets see!
@MIku: sora MIGHT be male nobody knows
@Pinkeevee222: What if... Miku was given Sora's memories at the lab? When Sora escaped, maybe they wanted to continue the experiments. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN
@BowtheSylveon: Is that NIGHT?!?! My *Bloop* arceus WHY IS NIGHT IN EVERYTHING
I knight thee sir prize

Also nice poem :D
Awwww the glaceon and umbreon family are so cute:3 Thats so cute
@Bayleafeon i know right its just to cute!!!
getting the feel it's Night.

She keeps saying "my knight"
Her Night?

It looks like Dusk without the bell though...
@ArionArts: I think you're right about it being Night/Dusk. Also, Miku as an eevee kind of looks like Sky without his bell. My theory for this is that Sky somehow failed his experiment and somehow split into both Miku and Sora. That's why they both have fuzzy memories and are in love with Night/Dusk. Plus, they both have eyes that can switch between light blue and pink. Also, it was mentioned once that Miku thinks that her soulmate is the only that's keeping her from dying again. It was also mentioned that Sky technically died. Also, both the names Sora and Miku mean "Sky" (Miku's name translates to "beautiful sky") in Japanese so Sky being both Sora and Miku makes sense.
@Sapphire: HOLY GLACEON! Pinkeevee also said that one of the pokemon is supposed to be dead... this makes sense!
Also, at some point in the future, Flame says to Sora (presumably after meeting Miku) "You have beautiful sky blue eyes... a beautiful Sky..." Pinkeevee mentions that this line has great significance so it's probably when some of the characters figure out that Sora and Miku are Sky.
I'm pretty sure Miku means some sort of perfect person, who everyone wishes they could be.
Lol I like how you kept rhyming after the comic.
I wish I had a sword like that...
Valiant Man B)

Also, I wonder if she even had a trainer in the first place.
Howdy @Pinkeevee222: Hey. Remember me? The one with 3 accounts for probably roleplay? Yeah, I'm still here. And I am deeply sorry for all the cringe I've caused. I won't be using this account any longer, so you can find me in the Discord. Thank you for this beautiful comic.
@blueumbreon: 3 accounts that's a lot
@Guest: Indeed it is. I have no idea why I had to make 3.
well this is sed not remembering if you had a trainer or not.
I hate your rhymes, though I will no lie, I was filled with glee, when I saw thee, had uploaded a comic, with.. uh... good job with the comic.
@guest guest? guest: You may hate my rhyme, but you'll love it in time. Can't you see? You can't avoid it, Hee hee~
@Pinkeevee222: I'm a different guest and I actually kinda liked it.
@Pinkeevee222: love the rap
@Pinkeevee222: Pinkeevee, with 2's of the three! Your comic brings glee. Why, it's the bee's knees! So please, continue with that, I love more than cheese.
@cccviper653: With thee I agree
@Pinkeevee222: you sound like Merluvlee from super paper Mario
? This comic is awesome! Keep up the great work!^_^
@Enderstar: Aww man emojis are question marks...
1st post Hi umm I sorta saw your comics on youtube a while back but I only recently found this site so this is my first post eever :)
@Colonel E: HI!!! X3
#best comic series ever, also twist on miku's character
Wonder who @Pinkeevee222: ooh glaceon and sylveon. Wonder who they are lol
Yeah I'm 95% sure who she is now.
Hey @Pinkeevee222, nice improvement of drawing people (Nurse Joy). People now look almost as good as the eeveelutions.

*Thumbs Up*
The Sylveon and glaceon in the background of the fifth panel look like my OCs, Sylva and Glacey
aka sora for you people who still don't know :P
@EEVEES!!!!! wait so miku is sky whos also sora... WHAT?! you confused me so much EEVEES!!!!!
Sigh >:O @yolo4ever: WHEN HAVE THEY EVER SAID SKY IS SORA THAT WAS A GUESS IT'S NOT CANON (Stopped yelling just got annoyed ) Geez okay all I'm saying is she never said that sora is sky THINK about PLEASE just stop your guess and think when did she ever say never sorry if this hurts your feeling it's just it just annoys me people just listing to people or pokes guess and are all like oh this poke said this so it's true and I'm pretty sure that dusk or night said that sky is an Eevee and I'm pretty sure that sora is the eevee/slvyeon/eeveelutions just a Eevee who can turn into it's lutions so THEY ARE NOT THE SOME poke and Miku has a higher chance of being Sky pretty sure everypoke knows that probably evole at the lab b-b-b-b-but it's Just a guess so do not believe until it's CONFIRMED TO BE TRUE OR FALSE (Happily and loudly talking to make a point)
hi; I know it's out there,but my gut says the eevee here is vay before he got depressed
HUH? @Colonel E: Wat how. The vee has a fluff collar @Pinkeevee222 told and show us Vay had no fluff collar and it's possible that that's Vay has no Frill.
but most importantly
@Skylar101: kinda rhymed
@Skylar101: XD
Omg the eevee is dusk and that means she is sky!!!
Wait... do I have to be on the roleplay server to be a *background* character?

Doesn't Miku mean "beautiful sky?"

Mi means beautiful, and ku means sky.

Additionally, the name could also mean "long time"

Another meaning of the name is "beautiful crimson color", which is kinda funny if you think about it.

You know, blushing crimson. Lol idk.

Also, the meaning of "beautiful sky" is intriguing, because we all know that there is a mysterrrious character named Sky. :O

And "long time" also stirs some thoughts. Possibly because its been a "long time" since she saw him?
Website machine B R O K E
WA? Wa how but isn't sky a boi? Oh well so can you please put this two in your next comic There my comic characters but I didn't make them so well names are Cream and Pepper sorry bout I just remembered you have a character named pepper the thing there twins and Cream is kinda crazy one hate almost males cause one once thoght it was ok to touch her not any where inappropriate it was just her tail but for her NO ONE TOUCHS THE TAIL excluding her sister who happens to sleep on her tail thought twins she Pepper is sweeter and smaller just enough to fit in her tail she (pepper) keeps Cream from badly hurting or even killing males only males Cream will not are Oliver,Vay and Dusk reasons why Oli cus he's gay Vay cus she kinda has a crush on em and Dusk because he's like a dumb older brother funny thing the names Pepper and Cream are kinda jokes cus Cream may be soft and smooth but if your male and touch her you dead while Pepper is sweet and cuddly but also dos like being touched will not kill you for it but probably hurt you. To see what cream looks like go to my new starting comic's cover thats her. Her sister Pepper do's not have Mitch match eye her eyes are both green like cream's green eye her fur colors are a backwards version of Cream's color instead Black with Light Light grey fluff and paws it's Light Light grey with black fluff and paws also she ( Pepper) has a greenish turquoise ear patch on the left while Cream's blueish turquoise patch is on the right all done bye. P.S they know Flareon's a perv so they try to be around him also if they come contact with he Cream ten's to attack he. also so they're cheats cus they know almost every attack in the Pc. Derp
P.s Heys guys I wanted to tell you that I'm a Virazvin (tot spell't wrong Double DERP !P) a magic blue one who's the daughter of a Shiny rare white and turquoise Umbreon (Dad) and a also shiny Rayquza (Mom) P.S I don't know if I spell't that wrong or not
So beautiful. Also, I remember reading a comment when someone told you how to draw a pokemon's front legs better. I see that you took that advice! It looks better!
@Franchska The Fennekin: ^^; I remember that comment, but, I forgot about it until you mentioned it. Ha ha haaa *sob*
Hey what about shiny armor
Also, lemme tell you the story Of how I found this comic: I was randomly looking at eevee comics one day when alot of your (older) comics started showing up. I was confused, and so I read them. They were amazing! I couldn't hold it back any longer, I need to find the source of these comics! I followed the link, and found this website. When I learned I could comment, I was filled with joy! However, my comment was a guest. After making an account (I lost it, but it was called LittleLunaTheEevee. I dont think you would remember it), I made a wierd comment. And then, I started from the very beginning and read the WHOLE comic.

That's my story
I have a theroy
Miku is not Sky
Sora is Sky, and Sky's a male, and Dusk loves him and Harmony loves Dusk and Dusk is Night.Dusk turned Harmony down because of her sending Sky/Sora to the lab.
Am I right?
@BowtheSylveon: I though Sora/Sky was a female
@Guest: Sky WAS male, or at least that's what Night seems to remember. That could have changed at the lab.

We don't know about Sora. I think the lab may have changed their gender/sex as well.

This seems to feed the possibility that they are the same 'mon.
@LittleMoons: yeah
That's what I was trying to say
@BowtheSylveon: actually Dusk/Night also got sent to the lab
I think you're right @BowtheSylveon: I've read through the comics and come to the same conclusions you have. Although, I'm not sure who I think Miku is.
@BowtheSylveon: maby miku was 'that' egg
now i am more curious on whats going on here...
also nice comic and rhyme pinkeevee!!!
That styling in the last panel looks fantastic :u
@ShadowIrorriM: adds a lot of flare to the meaning doesn't it? If all the comics were like that then you could have something going there! Personally I find that to be a little more helpful because you don't have to work as hard when trying to find the meaning of something, ya know?

But seriously tho, is it Sky? I MUST KNOW!!!
@LightEclipse: So... I searched it up... Apearebtly Miku is a japanese restaurant in Toronto and Vancouver.
I been watching from the beginning Hey pinkeevee I just wanna say I'm a huuuuge fan of these and I saw your fist comic the day after you posted it. The one with glaceon(I think) asking Jolteon about the sleeping with the spikes on his butt. Lola. Keep those comics comin. P.s. I can't remember the exact date of your first comic. Keep calm and Eevee on.
um it might be one of those guys way earlier on...can't remember the names. It was the three "twin brothers" with eyes that didn't match.
@Ivebeenfromthestart: LKD?... I don't think so... but mkay... I'm not here for a fight.
@Pinkeevee222: oh alright.
I love how the story on Miku is going so far!
How did Miku evolve from Eevee to Sylveon?You need high friendship from a trainer.Or did she get that friendship from a good relationship bond.
Oh my god You brilliant son of a fucking bitch!
He was a knight until he took a arrow in a knee
haha joke :p
lol pinkeevee pls do more eevee acadamy!!!
love it so much!!!
@Pinkeevee222: omg ribbon on sora is at the ear!!!!!??????
On google translate, Miku means friend...In Albanian...

I might have search wrong
I just now realised micha is like a chocolate eevee. Also i was going to translate miku from all the languages for english but i got bored at albanian. im just going to asume that the others ar right, also miku in albanina means frined.
Miku+google tanslate= Albanian:Friend Kannada&Latvian&Lithuanian&Persian&Ukranian:Mike Maltese:Tremors Somali&Tajik wins the award for laziest translation ever of: Micu Tamil:Bumper Telugu:You Turkish: the amount of and in Urdu:Please. the rest Miku is a name and just means Miku.
@Draconic-Wolf: As much as I love your profile pic, I must regrettably inform you that google translate is not a 100% reliable tool for translation. There are many words that it just can't get right and to someone who actually speaks that language, looks like a 5 year old tried to write a novel using only super tiny, or super big words, half of which being misspelled and completely out of place. The only way to truly translate something is to have someone who actually speaks the language, translate it.
@cccviper653: thanks. yours is cool too. And i know that it isn't accurate, that's why i thought it was funny. Especially when so many languages miku is mike for some reason, that made me laugh the most. I just thought that others would think its funny too, so i kicked my butt in gear and went from a-z
@Pinkeevee222: yes please fix it!!!
If you look really closely you can see their both wearing something on their neck
remembering him @Pinkeevee222: wow
We're is Sora? I wonder we're Sora is wasent Sora also a slyveon? And also WHY DID MIKU FORGET HER Trainer or she doesn't have one find out on the next episode of pokemon GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!!
Love what u do I and love the fam in the. ... panel so cute
Has anyone noticed a dark blue speck on the vaporeon(4th panel). Edit:specks on some of the Pokémon.
Oh Oh her knight is night or dusk I get it. I don't get it
Pinkeevee222 Whhhhhyyyy! why the rhyme why no why
Woooo have have a collar like him...

Ps. What DOES Miku mean?
@Pinkeevee222: who the heck is the knight?!?!???! Ive read this 40 times alrady trying to understand
The knight is an Eevee that Miku vaguely remembers. She doesn't remember the trainer, only him. Wonder who he could be... (What if it was really Dusk lol)
@SylveonRulez: i already knew that :P
@Idontknowwhattonamemyself: the knight is miku's soulmate (who we have yet to figure out but if it's Sky or not). If you read a little bit earlier in the line of stories, you will eventually find out that Miku is remembering certain details about her soulmate. I think it's sweet that she loves him, but all hell in Pokemon will go down once his true identity is revealed.
@Pokémonfan #1: ths that helps so freakin much
I love this comic so much :D I've made a random eevee (that I may or may not be planning to do the background eevee thing with) that spilt white paint on themselves and now pretends to be a shiny despite their fluffy brown paws and tail not being painted XD (ps: expect more of this randomness from me. Ps ps: I'm self taught in drawing too! *le awkwardly wait for fistbump* ps ps ps: this is the best comic ever! Ps ps ps ps: nice poem pspspspsps: I've probably added to many pss I'll stop now XD)
Oh my Arceus! I googled it, and "Miku" means "beautiful sky"! So much implications!

*Eclipse fainted!*
I have an idea for a comic :3 Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a comic strip with the lab eevees! Please? *le puppy eyes*
WHATE!!!! but i thought Night Loved Sora, Not Miku!!!! I NEED EXPLEMATIONS RIGHT NOW!!!!
@Guest: And if it's not Night? I'm tellin' ya, I believe it's Dusk.
When the author replies to your comic. At first: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

And then: That's cool.

Finally: Meh. It always happens.
I'm getting a good feeling. If Nurse Joy finds Miku's trainer (which Im assuming is... uhh... what's-her-face), Miku will finally meet everyone!

PLOT TWIST: The human in Miku's guide in step 1 is actually Miku's soulmate!
@Pinkeevee222: Could I borrow thw photo of the crazy shiny evolution and the normal evolutions of eevee for my website Evoli Colors? its a Wip currntly so u probs cant get to it :/
I haven't read this comic in like 2 years and people are still freaking out over Sky omg
The Plush Anyone notice that the plush in pannel 4 looks familiar?
@Draconic-Wolf: no, nobody did.
I ship it :3
Whaaaaat???? I wonder who it is??? What if it is dusk???????????????????????? Who knows. Anyway I kinda felt bad for the injured pokémon in pokémon center. Besides this is getting better and better! Keep up the good work!
Nice! I also like how you drew nurse joy. She is pretty and the glaceon and umbreon with the little eevee they are cute too.
Yeah...(Smiles secretly) it really is good work! Mari, why don't you comment to a few of our responses every now and then? It would make things a little more lively... Just a question.
@Pokémonfan #1: lol, I DID use to do that all the time... and then Discord took over my life.
knight.eevee @Pinkeevee222:

It is definietly Dusk before he escaped the lab. His eyes are YELLOW. Also, new anon eevee profile pictures! So cute. :3
OMG OMG OMG I KNOW THE STORY Go back and read the comics. A sylveon named "Sora" gets her front ribbons chopped off by a leafeon. That syslveon is MIKU. MIKU has NO front ribbons and it even SHOWS MIKU there at the end of one. I SWEAR IM TELLING THE TRUTH
@I_luv_sylveon: comic 42 confirms your theory about Sora is Miku! Look at the header!
question @Pinkeevee222: Do you still do the contest where you put the winners eevee's in the comic? i saw one, and thought it was a good idea.
Hmm? @Spectral Eevee: background eevees can always be submitted
@Pinkeevee222: Oh, i did not know that. I dont know how to submit either, though.
Character page Plz fix the characters page
Character Can you plz fix the character page I want to see it
I love her
She fixed part of the page! #swageevee
He does not have a nose in 2 different panels Wait on panel 11 why is the eevee making that face he looks disgusted. And he doesn't have a nose.
Wait I lied he has no nose on 3 pannels. I'm not saying I hate it I'm just saying he is missing a nose and I know that's how anime goes but it's weird sometimes. Lol
Miko is really lucky
SHE'S WEIRD?Your the one weird miku.Huh?what grammar?
HEY GUYS ITS ME HEY its me, Pokemon Legend: Lerina. anyways I changed my named because I became absolutely obsessed with transformers and It's been a long summer and two months of school and I AM BACK!!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO. Love the update to the webpage by the way :D
HE still does not have a nose I just want to know why he looks disgusted and why he has no nose.... XD I just wanna know like her said he kept her going like I told her she ugly or something because he looks like he just saw a deformed, two headed umbron...
Thank you for the hint in the alt text
Wait wut??.. so night has a different person dusk!! Wait wut??..

Ok here's my point When Night was born he alreasy inherited a gift more like dusk he's other personallity when u say sky does that mean that sky was experimented and split sora and miku from sky's personallity wut?? Too confused O_o
I HAVE A THEORY So in a panel you can see that miku has a collar, you know who else had a collar, Sky did. Also in Miku's introduction their gender says "female?" It isn't 100% sure that Miku is female, that means she might be male and do you know who else is male, sky. I think she might have ask the name changer to change her name but I don't know how miku changed his gender? To cut this theory short I'm saying that miku is sky. Please tell me if I'm close, if I'm not this theory will sound pretty stupid.
theory miku's "knight" is melody's and harmony's brother whats his face
@Pinkeevee222: aw this is so sweet

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