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September 23rd, 2017, 1:20 pm

2DS XL!!! *fire in eyes*

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........... lol
Miku is a creeper~
Pinkeevee222, September 23rd, 2017, 1:16 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 20th, 2019, 8:02 am Reply

Miku, drop the damn knife and go sit in the corner. Night is reserved strictly for SORA.
@Ember the Torracat: NEVER!!!
@Miku: Dude.....chill
@EeveeGirl: NU-UH I WILL FIND MY DUSKPAI (senpai)
@Miku: ...are you seriously bringing Yandere simulator into this?
@EeveeGirl: maybe....
@Miku: Oki then....*drags Eevee version of Valerie and makes her kiss Duskpai* Now its Yandere simulator!
@EeveeGirl: *you're
@Miku: *pulls out nuke launcher on miku
* do one more kill and you will be mush... you know what screw it *pulls trigger and explodes miku*

ps miku sounds like mimiku
@Umbron: Why are we role playing
@Ember the Torracat: I agree. Miku needs Dusk or Bliz. Sora needs Night.
@SweetKirbi: Sora will push away Night, she loves Dusk! Plus, Miku and Night is actually pretty acuarate!
@EeveeGirl: Oh jeez that's true! But... It's kinda now a Sora (Sky???) and Night...
But I dunno this is just theories ._.
@SweetKirbi: Sora's Sky. A comic agrees with my therory. It's comic right after 79 and right before 80, it's a meanwhile.
@EeveeGirl/ Wait, what about Kokona? Kokona the eevee just LOVES Duskpai.... *stabs her* Eh, that was fun.
@Enderstar: Who's Kokana? Never heard of her. Man, I really should watch other youtubers play Yandere simulator instead of just ItsFunneh...
@EeveeGirl: I know that youtuber named itsfunneh Kokona has purple hair and play yandere simulator
@Enderstar: Who's Kokana? Never heard of her. Man, I really should watch other youtubers play Yandere simulator instead of just ItsFunneh...
Lol, who is itsfunneh? @EeveeGirl: Maybe it's Kokoni, but that purple haired girl that you dump blood on. :3
@Enderstar: Itsfunneh is a youtuber that plays roblox minecraft human fall flat and other games and she plays with her siblings and they play roleplays but her siblings are different she only has one(1)bro and three(3)sisters they are five(5)Thats why they called themselves the krew
@SweetKirbi: I still think Dusk and Night are the same person, Clues point me that way
@Rainbow eevee: yes that is true
@Pie : also they are not people they are Pokémon
@SweetKirbi: Dusk or blizz? Dusk is night tho...
Neh @Ember the Torracat:Neh just no miku is most likely sky and sora is probably dead or replaced with miku.
@VayMegafan@needmoreplease: Why is miku's name keeps on changing into sora???(I'm a fan of miku so don't mind me)
(Speedy from ES) @Ember the Torracat: ITS EEVEELUTION SQUAD PEOPLE!!!)

Ps(Miku you f*cktard faggot)
@Ember the Torracat: well, She IS Sora, so.....
@Miku HATER: Don't be the hater of miku cause miku will kill you
Spoopy movie while reading this best
I always hated sylveons.. - ThePsychicDawn
WHAT?! @Guest: what is WRONG with a Sylveon?

(Other than the fact that all Sylveons should be female~
@Franchska The Fennekin: Agree! All Sylveon should be female! Just look at boy sylveon comics! It must be terrible for them! Also, what DO you have against Sylveons?
@EeveeGirl: well what if the sylveon is gay or something you potato!!!
@Popcorn: Don't call me a potato, you poop!

I can't curse so I just say poop.
bruh @EeveeGirl: what does cursing have to do with this lmao
@some girl: Because NO ONE calls me a potato!
@EeveeGirl: ... wat?
@EeveeGirl: ...

@Ali the espeon: SHUT YOUR FACE!!!! *drives a shadow claw into her stomach!*
@EeveeGirl: *put's sword of Olympus right in front of Ail's throat*one more bad act I dare you
@Guest: ...
Yandere Level: EXPERT!
Wow. This is almost as dark as my fan fiction.
@Nintenduck: pls don't say what my (totally not perv) mind thinks
@T.E.C.H.: What do you mean by that?
@Nintenduck: nuthin :v
Just for saying that now I think I'm a perv
@T.E.C.H.: I'm not even going to question that.
@Nintenduck: you just roasted yourself
@Kratos: I am aware
Notice she said Night two times
Lunatic! night doesn't love you you maniac!
@Colonel E: Don't be rude to the Miku.
@EeveeGirl: Look at the last panel tell
you can tell she is insane
poetic tragity I was not expecting you to go from a heart felt poem to this!
howy cwap
@Franchska The Fennekin: Well, what if Night dumps her? Ohh she's gonna kill him if he dumps her....
@EeveeGirl: lol
@Franchska The Fennekin: Is it just me or is Night and Dusk one of the same :<
Miku seems friendly...
Whuuuuuuuuuuut Checks comic to ask when new comics coming out. Oh look! The new comics up! What a couincidince (is that spelt wrong? XD)
You've gotten a lot better at drawing humans, and drawing in general. This is amazing! If I tried to draw this, I would fail miserably!
Is Miku gonna kill Harmony?!?!
@EeveeMaster21: Miku is going to kill everyone. ;v;

JK, depends on if Miku thinks Harmony is "competition".
well @EeveeMaster21: it depends on if she remembers the fact that harmony WAS the one to send her and night away, separating them up to this point so, yeah, Harmony's dead :P
@PotatoEevee: No, Miku is NOT Sky, Sky has a scar on HIS head, remember? So she never got sent away.
Also people, Sora AKA Sky is a BOY, nota girl!
Night may not be dusk, tbh Dusk is too dumb and Sora saw a leafeon *cough*possibly Daisy*cough* who she said "smelt like night"
@MikuisacreeperO_O: Is Dusk really dumb though?
@Sapphire: No he isn't. He just acts that way to spite Harmony. He is at least as smart as the average mon, if not a little smarter from the rare occasions we see him drop the act.
Jesus You, Ma'am, Need JESUS
Wait, Is Miku That weird or was that weird Eevee with Hearts on her Face? .-.
Not Yandere at all
New things Are here new new new
How many fans do ssec have. Cuz according to the FAQ page it takes 800 fans for the next secret, which might be about UMBREON.
@???: over 930
@BestBuilder101: So close to 1000!
@Skylar101: I know! :D
@???: ^^; I'll... try to find something I can do...
@Pinkeevee222: I have an idea, or 2.
Nice comic, love the psycho Miku at the end.
@BestBuilder101: I counted 5 secrets revealed, or up to the Oliver secret, so is one missing or did I miscount, or has it not been posted?
@???: She could have forgotten, I'm guessing.
How does she know Night?!
@Pinkeevee222: Excuse me, is there a place I can join the RP server?
@BestBuilder101: Join the regular SSEC discord first, and then DM me~
@Pinkeevee222: Where would I join the SSEC discord server?
@BestBuilder101: In discord. Look it up
@Guest: Uh, you need to input a invite link to join a server.
She's the best
Miku is being to desperate and creepy. Get a life man.
@Professor_Sword: lol, he IS her life
@Pinkeevee222: how do change ur profile pic? °^°
One thing, She has noooo child at all
that she will get that eevee for sure
Character Plz fix the character page
Character @Pinkeevee222: plz fix the character page
@Boomdoomg : I will, lol
@Pinkeevee222: *runs down the street and falls down* RUN YOU GUYS SHES A CREEPER!!!!!!!
@Pinkeevee222 how many fans do you have?
@Hi: a lot, lol
Run when u can |_| (Slides Away) {_| (Dashes)
User: Miku
TV trope: Evil Laugh

Guys PLEASE fix carachters
......... I swear to god that was dusk as an Eevee.... wait is mikus trainer Vays trainer and about 100000000000000 x1000000000000000 Eevees
Somebody's gonna have to kill Miku for all these stuffs.
Yes I think I've made a account
Um... Does anyone notice that in the 2nd panel, Dusk's (If it's even him) bell is missing, and then on the 4th panel it's back? Lol This probably is just a mistake lol

@Pinkeevee222 Your comics are the best!
@Lazy Person :3: It's on purpose. Miku slowly remembers that her knight had a bell, lol

and, thanks!!
Ich habe eine Frage kam Harmonie schon mal im comic vor
Oder kommt sie nur als Gesprächs Thema vor
does Miku play Yandere Simulator?
AHHHHHH!! I love the new guest avatar thing! also I love you Miku!
Is this really what Miku think of me??!
Miku Wasn't there a story fanfic about this and there was an eevee named miku in there, or is that someone else? Well, now miku may eventually kill someone, and it won't be pretty.
Time Based on this post this comic was probably made in central America. Look at the time tables.
@?#$%^&?: Vee? Central America? I live in the East coast, lol
Me too! @Pinkeevee222: what else do we have in common?

We both breath air, we both like pokemon, we both are girls, we both live on earth~
*gets slapped*
I think Miku is just lonely on the inside, and is willing to go to desperate measures just to fill that hole.
@Spectral Eevee: Lonely, and completely broken and insane.
:| Ok
Hi! September 24 (today) is my birthday! I'm so excited! Also about the comic.. Miku is kinda creepy sometimes
@I_luv_sylveon: Happy birthday!!! X3
Well miku was always the insane eevee (insert stalker miku emote from discord server here)
Jeez! Chill Miku! Go sit on the couch and eat a pop tart!
This is scarier then that "It" movie.
Yyyup, that's night alright.
that is a yandere right there, syveon are yanderes
@dope: not every Sylveon... Remember Sora? She is completely fine (with a few scars and all)!
@Pokémonfan #1: >.>
Omg Miku is a yandere,RUN EVERY BODY!

(Ghost as in the one from Destiny)
have you fixed the charater page?
I love eevee comics!!!
Congratulations Your Yaoi Fan Girl has evolved into a Psychopath
Just like me when I want someone
First eeveeLuton and only I like now
He he
I copied leaf
Crazy Miku If miku was in this world, she would be in a mental hospital in a white pillow room wearing a straight jacket. Miku, just stop. Okay?
pinkeevee whaat the fuck is this creppy crap you are showing us i am preety sure that night is umbreon and if u did not know that then idk. but who is her find out next time in stupid short eevee comics. i hate spelling not right well the are going to stay that way because i am lazzy. also pinkeevee what happens when the comic series is over whos going to make more comics who who who tell me now.
@Brainlesseevee2: oi no dis only comic of eevee I like don't ruin
U idiot
Don't say bad words
@Brainlesseevee2: lol, Do I have to explain? Sooo, like, I watched an anime with creepy faces, and was like "lol, this is funny". Miku's knight is an umbreon, but, Miku here doesn't know that. When the series is over, I'm probably going to not make anymore Stupid Short Eevee comics, lol, buut, there are a ton of other comics on Smack Jeeves that you can read!
@Pinkeevee222: NOT SO FAST!

I caught your surprise news post, now I will decipher it and broadcast its meaning to the rest of the world!!!!






You use a fake 'Latin-dummy' text, didn't you?
@Pinkeevee222: hey do u like playing roblox does anyone like playing roblox plz im lonyly no my spelling is wrong im not paying an atichon in class i dont loke it. and u said no more eevee comics aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i will explaine something about the comics but firts plz tell me im a pretty insaine person who cant spell because he hates school and that goes for u toeverone i just need one thing saying i am crazy and i will tell u something cool about the comics.
@Brainlesseevee2: Dude!CHILL!no cursing, and use commas!
@Brainlesseevee2: dont say curse words
Uh, EXUSE ME! @Brainlesseevee2: I do not appreciate sailor mouths! (People who curse) Don't you know that there are kids Here? So what if they don't know the word, it does NOT give you the right to say it!
@Franchska The Fennekin: plz don't kill me but ima kid who swears....
ok done.
@Brainlesseevee2: oi...

that was Night (Duuuuuuuussssssskkkkk???) when he was young -_- and dont talk about dah future cuz, ima gonna be sad ;^;
Miku, Miku I think her and Dusk (or Blizz) should be a thing. Sora+Night are a thing Miku. Step aside.
i smell the end of the chapter coming... also QUIT BEING A MID 2000s EDGY TEEN MIKU
oh my glob, that second-to-last panel is hella scary
Miku is only eevee I like
Little does she know, that her knight is with her trainer! And being sought after by two or more other eevees
Shes scares me
What in the name of God did I see there...? .__.

But a really nice effect you did there! Its horrific!
:))))))) WE WILL RULE DA WORLD :D ( not rely )
@BailyThe*EeVEe(Blizzard): wow
D= O GEEZ I missed a whole chapter! and more! i got a LOT of catching up to do...
No! Bad Miku! You don't get to murder Night!
First of all miku said in her guide to remove/kill/murder the compition so she will remove/kill/murder sora/sky because her knight is night/dusk.
Greeeaatt... @Pinkevee222 Just my luck. I can't draw animals, don't have a sketch pad, and don't know where to put the answers in. *sigh* Life is rough.
Talk about yandgre
I had never tried fun dip
@Pinkeevee222: Hey, could I have some advice? I have a art account on a website called myfolio.com and most people don't look at my art AT ALL! Do you have any really good online art websites you can use for drawing without a account that will also work on a iPad?
Geez, that was long^^'.
Jeez Me: Miku, eat a Snickers.

Miku: Why? HEH HEH HEH

Me: Because your not you when you're hungry.

*Small time lapse in which Miku eats a Snickers*

Me: Better?

Miku: Better.
TOO MUCH RHYMES!! *Dies from too much rhymes* *suddenly revives* So Miku wants to find Night.Night is probably hanging out with a different Sylveon.
Uuwaaaahh don't scare us so much, Miku!!! :,,,<
Me when I see chocolate
imagine mrs joy seeing miku lookin all evil and shynx like *wtf*
Plz fix the characters page
@Pinkeevee222 Dang it, i cant digitally draw my eevee, i dont have a good enough computer to run anything like that.
,_, Okay, Le real Miku is here. (I'm just a fan please, don't last me questions that actually refer to the real character, this iz a roleplay-ish thingy.) *Pushes guest Miku aside* >:3
Bad news @MikuFromSSEC: role-playing isnt aloud
Miku.. Wottttt xd and who is her "knight"? Im not the only one who wants to know .,.
How can i be notified when a new comic comes out? >3<
@Guest: I am going to try setting something up, but the comic updates every Saturday.
Nu roleplaying? How do you know?
Miku's knight is Night/Dusk.
@MikuFromSSEC: because Pinkeevee222 mentioned no rolplaying for quite a while.
Ohh... @Pinkeevee222 Thanks for replying tho! Lol Miku
He is mine Why is miku so crazy only because she likes a boy who likes eve but eve likes onee cain witch is dusk witch is umbreun kun
@eevee lover:
Bow likes clef, but clef likes Eve.
@MikuFromSSEC: um let me guess, you like Miku?
@MikuFromSSEC: WUT
@MikuFromSSEC: And Eve likes Dusk,lol
He is mine Why is miku so crazy only because she likes a boy who likes eve but eve likes onee cain witch is dusk witch is umbreun kun
Dusk already has a girlfriend witch is eve and miku is crazy
@E: Well, to be fair, it was stated that she was crazy in the first page of this chapter.
Is that Umbreon?
Ahem first if you haven't looked at the pretty obvious hints and clues you wouldn't know but ummmm I'm pretty sure dusk and night are the same mon
... I am officially terrified to death. *dies* of Miku.
Wait a second... What if Muki IS sora...? I mean the same person. and she for brain washed or something... UHH.. This is prob gonna be wrong but STILL! XD
He is my light,my night,there is no light at night. Not counting stars and the moon.
Guess who's late! Miku is like my dog when I don't play with her LOL ;) that's why she's in my top 5
Is Miku a creeper in the next comic too? XD will you draw her in minecraft form? Will there be a random stevee (Steve + Eevee)? How did miku get to kalos if her trainers in sinnoh? Why am I asking these quiestions? Was blizz an idiot for real at the start of the comic or has he been faking it all along? Will anyone reply to This? Will Miku ever find her soulmate Night, Will night even remember her?
if you read the ask blog more things become clear...

Miku is come'n to the Pc!
Oh, thanks, forgot about that XD

Dusk, I give you my respect, for soon the possibility of you being dragged away by an insane sylveon shall arrive, you will most likely be kept in a small cage until you learn to love her
is this eevee Dusk?..
@Pastaplayer: Hi! Do you know the comic LunaTheEevee's Life? You should check out the most recent comment.
Yeah, I've seen you before.
@Pinkeevee222: HEY IM AM NIT A CREEPER
five bucks says that its vapy
YOUR COMICS ARE AMAZING I'M IN HEAVEN!!!! But sometimes confusing (BUT That's TOTALLY Me

LOL) anyways can sora find dusk please they are a good couple please?? *puppy Dogg eyes*
@Pinkeevee222: sPoKY
@Pinkeevee222: are you japanize
Yandere? She's creepy :0
No one mentions that the trainer of all the other eevees in the PC lives in Sinnoh.Dose that mean that her trainer is that some one? will she be added to one of the clans? IT'S JUST A THEORY, A COMIC THEORY, THANKS FOR WATCHING err- READING! (Don't kill mei MatPat)
@Pinkeevee222: yandere much?
Miku is weird .......
Ummmmmmmm @Pinkeevee222: Is she okay and is she Yandras Pokémon??????
Yikes! *Hides behind Pinkeevee*

100% crazy
*read alt text*

Not to brag, but i got one
*goes pale* C-Creppy
@Pinkeevee222: what the fudge?
I get actually CHILLS by looking at miku in the last panel...
Actually I like Miki (I think that’s her name) in the last panel
Yandere Simulator: the webcomic
DN Shinigami's eyes...
So is Miku Sora? and what about sky?
@Pinkeevee222: ......... why u do dis.........
so she and Sora are both with the same eevee (which is now an umbreon I think) in love?
mikus soulmate welp,dusk is in big trouble
What!!!! Sylveon not crazy is have to be cute becouse she fairy time
And she famele why male?
Wow! Sylveon creepy that not a sylveon becouse she fairy tipe if sylveon cute that mean sylveon and sylveon not crazy!!!
Im the one who crazyyyyyyy!!!!!!
You dont know how to write "type" wow anyway you two miku lover and Difa
The sylveon... Why does the sylveon look odd? The other sylveon you drew (the random sylveon dating the shiny umbreon on the street) looked normal. This one looks like a rabbit... /:/
Shinigami eyes...
The miku girl I like when someone make a comic about a crazy girl like her,its like the man who dont know her will suffer because of her action and that give me a smile on my face.(and yes seeing people like this give me jigle in my tummy wummy).
YANDERE YANDERE!!!! (yandere is a Japanese thing where the person is lovesick and will protect there senpai at all costs)
Epic ... um oh no rip dusk
Wth Umm that's freaky.
@Guest: Very. She's cray
Psychilogical damages?
..... Oh dear
@Pinkeevee222: Creeper? Aw man...

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