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October 21st, 2017, 3:23 pm

I'm sorry, Zeon's quest Flareon.
You are no longer my fav
flareon character.

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Dusk is such a tease~ lol
Pinkeevee222, October 21st, 2017, 3:26 pm Reply
Advertisement, October 20th, 2018, 7:46 pm Reply

i want there to be a side story now of juanita's life up until now :3
the last part was funny i like this short
Nooo Not tha cactus it could have been such a great easter egg...... but now Its ded *sobs*
JUANITA NOOOOO! Blizz you butt, how could you. Punch Dusk, he's the actual source of your problems
@Silver the Eevee: No don't punch Dusk! :O

Also: Rebecaaaaa!!!
@cccviper653: I don't WANT Dusk to be punched, it just makes more sense than punching poor innocent Juanita
@cccviper653: that Video made no, yet a lot of sense... but still it was corny, yet very very cute!
best strip so far
Oooh! She finally posted! (Looks at first panel)

(Started laughing uncontrollably)

True story lol (my brother was so confused)
Hey @Pinkeevee222 I sent a pm for the background eevee thing. Is it still going? The pm is on smackjeeves.

Just wondering...
Wait... what?
@Guest64 : why does"Juanita" have X eyes in the last panel when she never had eyes to begin with?...
@Guest64 : Are those even eyes?
@Pinkeevee222: .... what else are they supposed to be? (Is having panic flash backs) (is also panicking that this weeks comic is late...or is it just me?)
@Guest64 : Nooo... it's not just me is it... (Read the following in a deep threatening voice) YOUR LATE... IM STILL WAITING... LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME,YPU HAVE MADE ME DEPENDENT ON YOUR WORK... THEN YOU TOOK IT AWAY... THAT OR YOU GOT KIDNAPED BY THE ILLUMINATE AGAIN... i don't even know any more srry...
@Guest: I'm still here...
@Guest64 : I guess you did get kidnaped... that's the only currently logical explanation...
@Guest64 : *Screaming*
@Guest64 : Exhales heavily
@Pinkeevee222: dumb ass why the hell are you asking if there eyes your the one who makes the comics just say " yes those are eyes " or " no those are not eyes " but no you must always be fucking complicated and u think ur funny when your like ' lol I have no idea what I drew ' or ' lol dat face tho *gets stabbed * ' like how is that funny? Really? " gets stabbed "?? Not funny at all. Are you asking to be stabbed or something?? Holy shit, you really need Jesus.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 1. Blizz didn't get a good computer
2. Blizz punished Dusk's date (a plastic cactus) instead of Dusk
3. There was no bomb within the box ;(
Roast in pie Juanita
Plastic cacti have feelings too.
Now i wish for chapter 22 of Zeon's quest. you left it on such a cliffhanger. i mean, you gave Zeon a show in eevee academy. but by then his stone was three colors instead pure blue!

#deep calming breath#

If there is a way to read the rest of the story feel free to tell me because i couldn't find one
@Anon#3547: Zeon's quest will probably get finished after I finish SSEC.
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for the update on that, i just hope you get onto it before you finish eevee academy.
@Cobait: :c
No why must the good die young!!!!!!
Is the zeon's quest series still going or did it end after ch. 21
Nu NU cactus Bae..............Whyyyyyy
Noooooo Juanita! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? WHY MUST U DRAW THIS PINKEEVEE! I thought this was “kid friendly”
i can see why she called her comics stupid LOL
*Die of laughter*
@9rainbowtails: LE GASP!!!*throws ten revives at you*
Wellp now you have to tell Juanita's family that your buddy murdered her before you could even go on a date

*walks away very fast* have fun with that
so i guess the serious part is over... well the stupid funny strips are better in my opinion
How did Dusk get that computer?Its too old and Blizz can't carry it out of the common area because it's too heavy. (Probably too heavy for Blizz unless he uses his super strength or something)
Top Ten Anime Betrayals
What does Juanita mean pink eevee?
@Fansomething: I'm not Pinkeevee222 but Juanita is the name of the cactus that Blizz just punched.She was such an innocent cactus.JUST PUNCH THE RETRO COMPUTER!YOU'RE NOT GONNA USE IT ANYWAYS!
*cries* SHE WAS JUST A CACTUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! ok get the flamethrower!
There was dusk sitting near a grave. * blizz walked over too dusk* " you should have given me a good computer." * dusk punches Blizz in face* rip ♡
Who IS your favourite Flareon character then?
I love your comics I gotta say your comics are the boss because since 2014 to 2017 I think that all that hard work you've done is the best how the characters are and how th story goes it's the best. p.s my favorite character is dusk
He's probably the most funniest character I've ever seen.
Rip Mexican cactus Juanita it shall be remembered.
Tina can you do just one "season" of comics just on the meanwhiles???? because it's not like I don't like the other Eevee comics, I Do but I'm so sucked into the story about the meanwhiles that I at least want a series on them... is that ok with you, because if not you don't have to.
OMG YAS THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!Also pinkeevee is Mikus trainer everyone elses trainer? (Dusk, Blizz ect.)
(Looks at header) So smexy :0
How dare u harm the cactus! That's rood!
Change the comic banner? WHY DID YOU CHANGE ITTTTTT ;-;
I knew it would be bad but i still think vay is cute i would date him
@Sylveon: No, stop commenting like this
Is that a floppy disk drive?
I think Bliss must be so upset and disapointed
@Pinkeevee222: why is Zeon's quest Flareon no longer your favorite Flareon?
@Skylar101: I made a new flareon character, and she is just great.
@Pinkeevee222: is she in SSEC or a different series?
Blizz was expecting something amazing, Dusk got his hopes up and everything, and then crushed them into pieces. I actually kind of felt sad. But at least we'll be fine as long as no one finds this comic.
@Yoshir10: None of the eevees of course.
So Are Dusk And Blizz Like Enemies Or Something Now Or What? They're Being Mean To Each other.
The expression! I just got my weekly facial expressions and laughs! I am le happy now.
le faq I dunno 'bout chu but that's a better computah than what I got right heer
How come this was so late? Is it just that the time is different where I live? Why must I suffer not seeing these wonderful comics ;-;
I wanna make a background eevee but I don't know what pm ing is...
@RainbowEevee: You need an account.
Did you write Zeons quest rest in peices grammer
when do these get posted?
@bananan man: Every Saturday
hi kailen
hi kailen, whatha doin
kailen de best friend ever and cute kitty
When im going to be on the comics they should have a sylveon now and when is the characters page going to be done
@Sylveon: I have said this already, roleplaying does not get you into the comic. So please, stop filling the comments with posts like "I am sylveon let me in the comic", "when will I be in the comic I am Vays girlfriend sylveon", etc. No one cares about the fact that there's no sylveon in the pc. There can't be a sylveon bc this is a gen 4/5 comic, sylveon was intoduced in gen 6
@Sylveon: Sorry, but you can not be in the comic, and, the character page will be done when I get my lazy self to finish writing the last 3 bios.
Wow! Wow! Such a wonderful comic! It's super fun for kids like me.
Everyone please stop rping T-T it's very annoying and it is not how you get your frickin Mary Sue into the comic. No one appreciates it and it just makes you look like an idiot, loser, etc. So no more rping. Thank you
@Guestpower: Please don't say that people are losers/idiots for RPing in the comments section. That's mean.
@Guestpower: I RP IF I WANT! *throws a computers playing a video of people RPing in his face*
DUSK X JUANITA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( jk, dusk x eve )
plz update eevee acadomy
@God eevee: uhhh could you PLEASE watch your language! Saying Sylveon needs to stop or else you will **** her up and telling people to shut the **** up is NOT very nice and its not appropriate either.
@Skylar101: I totally agree~
Great Comic Great Comic, nicely done.

Braaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ???? Lol it takes you so long to make these but it's definitely worth it because the comedy is great but the art is EPIC too
I like trains Also God eevee stahp cursing it doesn't make you look cool it just makes you look stupid :P
Nope not now Also if ur only in 5th grade why are you cursing you spoiled brat (God eevee)
@Anonymous: Miku is a sylveon
@Anonymous: Ummm....she hasn't been taken back in yet or she would be in the pc
There was an explosion but not the one i thought
No! Not the cactus! That was my favorite character! D:
@Pinkeevee222: ya XD yay for Dusk
rest in peice u poor cactus u will be remembered T-T *whines*
what is happening to this chat with swearing and etc XD i mean im not even a teen XD
@Guest: Eh? Swearing? In the comments section?? =.=;;
Welp, time to delete some comments.
JuanPunchBlizz Well i guess you can call off the date now and return that retro thing xD
Pllls fix the character page this Saturday, @Pinkeevee222
Hmmmm @Guest: Naw. Too lazy~
(That and the comic is delayed, due to reasons) a guest!!!: Suspicious
I adore my 64, my Commodore 64!
Now I’m dead :’( , but don’t worry guys I’ll stay in the coment section, in dusk’s heart :’)
@Juanita the cactus: R.I.P. :’C
@Pinkeevee222: plz update eevee acadomy
No! Not the catuce
Blizz... really... Dusk is the source of your problems... why the cactus???
@SylveonRulez: Dusk has demonstrated that he doesn't care about his own well being but rather suffers mentally to others suffering physically... SCIENCE STUFF
@Guest64 : Okay, but... if that's the case, then... Blizz is actually being smart...
Why Why
... waiting for this week's comic...
When is the next comic coming
I went costume shopping :D And then I realized she must have posted.

I came back.

Where is my Dusk.

@Franchska The Fennekin: Tina is either dealing with a real life problem, watched anime all day (again) or she is fixing the site.
@Skylar101: Well she posted the early Patreon page as usual. Wonder what's up with this page.
@Skylar101: I hope it's the character section! I NEVER ONCE THOUGHT TO READ THEM CAUSE I NEVER SAW THEM AND NOW I RANDOMLY DO!!!
Or she roleplaying at the fourth wall
@SirPopGhost: that is also a possibility! But what if a time came where she couldn't update because something really bad happened? I wouldn't know the situation, witch is another one of the several reasons why I don't spam with hateful comments.
@Skylar101: this happend before I was waiting and she posted it at sunday or of her school lol.
Mari um I will just wait until tomorrow if the comic comes
NOOOOOOOOOO! :( I,ll wait for Sunday morning. Plz come out!
This comic strip in particular triggers me
@Pastaplaye: why's that?
Pinkeevee are you ok? You posting late for a bad reason, or is it your dad again?
she is ok she is rping
Wait a second I think she was fixing the character page so she didn’t get the time to draw the comic
Pls don't be dead pinkeevee222;-; and if you're just rping- I'm doing the same thing buddy, rping can easily drag a person into the abyss of interesting storylines and attempting to teach noobs
It’s sunday Plz don’t be dead
How do I make an account
RIP Juanita R.I.P. Juanita the plastic cactus.
i read retro as retard whoops ;w;
Butts First of all what area are they even in and I don't even think theirs retro computer for sale at all and since when did plastic cactus's have eyes cuz in the last slide the plastic cactus had red x's and how did blizz punch some of the plastic off the plastic cactus cuz usually when you punch a plastic cactus it only bends or maybe I guess blizz is as strong as John cena aND the plastic cactus has no needles which means it's naked don't look for all the children the last slide is only for perves and this is very long but it's my job because this is all the mistakes I tracked down that you could fix because I wanna help you get better please let me know if this helped
My fav character My fav character is Vay please add more of him into the comics
hoho yea blizz I break stuff alot of times
*satanic laughter* Why is this so funny? Holy Arceus, it is so much fun picking on Dusk!
what? ok, one, blizz should remember that he got tangled in a web due to dusk, and dusk could literally just defeat dawn because dawn is weak to dark types and in one of the next comics,(I read them) dawn and blizz go after dusk through he fourth wall after a hyper beam breaking it, so how does this work? not questioning your comic idea's just saying it is dumb and funny that this kind of thing happens, and I guess that is the goal, hence the comic series' name.
That Does It!!!!! Gets sledghammer and chases blizz
What the muk? Cactus? Date? UMBREON?
Dusk! What about sky!?
The funny thing is that I had a computer like that when I was a kid.
@Pinkeevee222: I understand on what Dusk means. She wanted a computer, she never said what kind of computer. It reminds me of the computer I had when I was 10. Dusk is my favorite, I always love his odd personality.
They ask you how are you just have to say that your fine when your not really that fine you just can't get into to it cause they would never understand

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